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File: 1595788529959.png (105.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, c10.png) ImgOps iqdb


>"anon, X is so great"
>"yeah, I agree. X is good because of [things]"
>"well said, anon"

>"anon, Y is the best thing"

>"actually I think is kinda weak"
>"no one cares"

This especific phase gets on my nerves so good. "No one cares" Yes there I people who cares about this, me included and what power are on you to be the voice of everyone to say this? This phase is so rude that puts me down instantly if I am engadged on the topic.

Even online people do this, people RIGHT HERE do this. I try to be respectiful and not condensenting on manifesting discordance online, but is so stupid how people rejects certains opinions (on banal topics) as invalid without giving the benefit of doubt. Makes me close my computer, throw out and stare at the wall or doodleling something on my notebook until my last days.


Usually when I see this, I'll give the exact opposite reaction–more out of spite than anything else, because it also pisses me off as well.


No one cares.


Well said, anon.


I want to know what other people feel and think. It's so off puting because it's an wasted opportunity to make an good conversation.
And always leave me with the feeling "what I should done different?".


never had that problem when talking with people…


File: 1595793181605.jpg (322.1 KB, 995x773, 995:773, 1587078923891.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Even if you consider debating more interesting (I do as well), the vast majority of people dislike this stuff and find it arrogant, rude etc. which is why there's the common advice to never talk about religion and politics, the most divisive topics out there.

If you want to be popular and well liked, just be extremely agreeable without looking like you're being disingenuous. If someone mentions a band you dislike or think little of, you don't immediately start shitting on it or debating its quality. You either mention something positive or move on to something else. People get put off when they have to defend something they like and generally have an aversion to even productive discussion (especially succubi). The purpose of conversation is rarely to get to the truth of the matter, but really just about building rapport and common ground. Normies really enjoy hours of saying "oh, me too" and comparing aspects of their lives with glee.

I had only one friend in high school that I enjoyed talking to and we had completely opposing political and philosophical view points, often getting into heated debates. Such relationships are rare because people are so sensitive to any kind of disapproval. Even if professional settings, you have to dress up criticism with fluffy language so the cunt doesn't feel personally attacked and acts with passive-aggression towards you. When a member of your friend group starts complaining about something, you're supposed to support them and not question them. "Oh this police guy was a complete asshole to me today" "Uh, did you do something wrong?" "Oh c'mon anon, of course not, how could you even ask that, all cops are pigs". Your natural inclination might be to get to the bottom of some truth, to figure out the rational behind the situation, but to most people you're communicating animosity and not just curiosity.


Wow that image is hillarious.


Anytime people say "no one cares" just punch back with "you cared enough to defend your gay hobby" or something like "lmao cope harder ya fag". It's that easy dude. Just punch back with phrase that is even more gay than what they threw at you first.


File: 1595834822119.jpeg (16.74 KB, 519x415, 519:415, images (7).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I tried to apply this on my life in my first job. I become an Yes guy with an nervous smile. I hated it, I wasn't been true to myself.
And every once in a while my mask end up falling and I comes out as "arrogant".


Well the key is to think about what you're communicating, not specifically what you say but how you say it and how it can be interpreted. Someone's that good at socializing can feel out a person/group intuitively and understand how they should conduct themselves. Being overly agreeable can be interpreted as weakness, especially when it looks like you're not being genuine and just trying to score points or scared of having an opposing opinion. You generally want to avoid debating the person because it's rarely the case that someone will think "oh what a unique and interesting individual with controversial opinions" but it's usually something like "what's wrong with this guy?". Sometimes it's OK to be disagreeable as long as you mask it as banter or being playful or happen to feel that the person won't take it personally.

Like with all social skills, there's nuance and subtlety involved and acting one way in every possible situation is bound to fail. There's some statistical data that people that score high in agreeableness are usually more well-liked, but I'm guessing with a male and introverted person, the mileage might significantly vary.




I am sickened by this bad faith sentiment as well, and also at the apologist for it.


This happens quite often in the workplace for me, I try to input a relevant opinion, only to get shot down with "No one asked anon stfu"


be attractive.


Normalfags don't talk with each other to gain new insights or expand their worldview, they talk with each other to satisfy their social urges and create some "good vibes".
Your critique of a movie might be interesting on a literary level, but the guy you're talking with doesn't really care about that. It disturbes the serene consensus, that's it.


And buy more money.


Argumentum ad populum (appealing to popular opinion) is one of the most normalfag tactics in the book, and using it to put down others (which "NO ONE cares" is an attempt to do) is as normalfaggy as it gets.

The message they're trying to convey is that not only do they personally have disdain for you, but that everyone is united with them in their disdain for you.
I'm sure you mean you do it online, not in real life. It's easy to be contrarian online, but doing so in real life can have a lot of consequences, like getting fired or possibly assaulted.
Yeah, normalfags don't respond well to dissenting opinions. I'm a "yes guy" in the workplace as well. It can be hard since my coworkers are all SJWs and constantly go on rants about how men are privileged, how whites are all racist (note, most of them are white males themselves) and how great BLM and antifa are but I always go along with everything they say. They seem to buy it, although on one occasion someone subtly cast suspicion on me for not having any social media.


File: 1596152340306.png (51.73 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thumb_just-fuck-brendan-fr….png) ImgOps iqdb

normalfaggots can just fuck off. They even bother me here, for fuck's sake! Where is my solace?! Where is my bastion from these normalfuckers??


See such thing as it is: mindhive transmissions. They are merely telling you where the mainstream is…

I wouldn't agree nor disagree, always found great to disturb normgroids with muh silence


>no one cares
>neither do i faggot
just make sure you dont get recorded and canceled


It's always pissed me off too. I also fucking despise zero-effort responses like "idc" or "didn't ask", literally makes me want to punch the poster in the face. I'm sure some comedian will reply to this post with one of those phrases.

They're just mouthbreathing retards.

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