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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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Literally thousands, you have to be more specific


I meant things that I can do while doing other activities, like while browsing the internet, watching a video or doing chores.




I think enrive has finally died. I didn't know it would die this quickly. I swear there was only eleven days left five days ago. Or was it a week ago?

It's finally gone though. The absolutely scariest chan is dead for the fourth(?) and final time.

Rest in peace masterchan. The world is better without you for sure, but I will always remember those times back in 2013, when things were more active, more fun. I'll always cherish those times even if you died a slow death from lack of interest.




Nobody used masterchan other than pedos


What kind of stuff can you find there?


I like the look of a good suit. One day I would like to get a custom-fitted suit to wear around all the time. But wouldn't it be presumptuous for a NEET to go around wearing a suit? I feel like I'd need to get a job like a lawyer in order to do that.


I haven't had my own email for years and I've probably compromised my mothers many times already.
I don't know of any good email service that doesn't ask for my phone or address and is accepted by most sites.


Google has already fallen


okay I just bought a square foot of 10oz black leather on ebay for $12, wtf…since when did the prices of leather drop? last (500 times) I looked the stuff was like 3 times that expensive, the tandy leather store in town would charge $30-40 for that

it's sheath making time


>wouldn't it be presumptuous
People would have no idea you're a neet, and if your face looks good, too, they would actually invariably make the assumption that you *are* a lawyer or something upper class. If you were a good enough bullshitter, you might even use it to get into rich people parties and stuff like a movie con man. Normies really do think "the clothes make the man." Never underestimate that.


wondering if the users here have migrated to a better chan as this one is unsalvageable


nope, I've always been one to go down with a sinking ship


File: 1596283700763.jpg (54.9 KB, 564x760, 141:190, b4811e5cdd785b84f0b1168d2a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For the past couple of weeks I found myself spending most of my online time on pinterest browsing and looking at fantasy illustrations like this one. Every time I come here my will to still bother diminishes. I think IBs are dead, I still check hob once in a while but honestly I don't feel like doing even that anymore. Even the reading thread is garbage now, don't know how that happened. Well, fuck it


Yes you're growing old, do you still enjoy your old stuff? but keep blaming it on everything else


Same. Wizchan till I die baby.


So far this is the best of the bunch, which at times is really saying something.
If/when I no longer use wizchan it will be because I no longer use image boards at all.


File: 1596307713740.jpg (47.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 817933.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nearly 30C/86F in my bedroom. Summer gets shittier every year with these hellish heat waves. There's no avoiding it now.
How do you people in southern US states and countries where it's hot all year long tolerate this, a few days of this purgatory devastate me mentally and physically.


>heat wave
oh man, I'm laughing, it's about about 100F here right now and for the past 7 months


Buy an air conditioner?


>in my bedroom


Is it humid? Humidity is what kills wizards. A dry heat is avoidable just by staying out of the sun but when the air becomes a steamcloud there's no escaping it inside or out
>just buy some cold air bro


Summer in London is getting increasingly suffering as years go on. 35C temps aren't too unusual anymore, plus we have high humidity, so I'm still sweating at my computer when it's 10 in the evening.

At least Americans in the hot states can rely on air conditioning to cool themselves down.


I don't think you know what the word heatwave means.


sounds like England is being terraformed for browns.


Did Britain ban air conditioning or something?


see this post >>250261
it's this hot in my bedroom, meaning it's a lot worse outside. Can't you read?


I found that it's bearable if you have an electric fan pointed at you all the time. Icepacks tied to the head and neck when it gets really bad.


sweating + a boxfan seems to work for me

it's ridiculous how effective evaporation is at cooling you down


it's just a meme bro calm down


I know right, it's getting comfier for us here, you natives will have to move to the Artic, kek


>In most cases, even bananas that appear to be extremely overripe are perfectly edible. Bananas that have turned fully brown may be very soft - even somewhat liquefied - but as long as there are no other problems with the bananas, they are still safe to eat. They may be far too sweet and mushy for most tastes, though.
>Check bananas that have turned black (without having been refrigerated or frozen) carefully, because they may have fermented. Fermented bananas will smell more like alcohol than sugar, and the taste may be surprising or even unpleasant. However, if your black banana does not contain any splits, evidence of mould, or insects, then it is still safe to eat.

interesting. seems super ripe and even black bananas are safe, as long as it's not broke or anything. im gonna see how far i can leave my banana sitting out. it's starting to lose its yellow so i'll check back in a few days i guess


File: 1596337907754.png (36.82 KB, 1206x150, 201:25, 2344.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I notice that some who use this site gravitate towards the works of Thomas Ligotti. I watched the book club's video on him (well, the real criticism was in the description) and found this particular comment quite interesting and part of the reason i've come to despsise the idea that carbohydrates exist


my parents were so drunk after shopping at costco last night, I grabbed the 4lb bag of cheetos, they didn't even notice

haven't had cheetos in like 5 years man


it ain't easy being cheesy


They had a bunch of raunchy sex afterwards and touched all the door handles with their vaginal juice and sperm covered hands.

You're welcome.


actually they watched some news and went to sleep



I should get my shit checked


do you mean your actual shit


The illuminati gov of Europe just doing this all on purpose. You better hide, form groups and buy some big places to live in groups, isolated from the chaos brought by this situation…

hidden bunkers


You think the govt doesnt have a record of your precious bunkers?



Now if I don't have new 2d images I can use this application to choose an old image from the folder randomly without having to look through the folders myself.


Not to be born is, beyond all estimation, best; but when a man has seen the light of day, this is next best by far, that with utmost speed he should go back from where he came.

You can trace philosophical pessimism as far back as we have written records. To be clear, our ancestors have been writing how life is awful since they learned how to write, you don't need a high carb post-industrial diet to be overpowered by the suffering of existence. All you need realy is some time to really think about it.


If live was awful, why did they reproduce?


You would have to ask a pessimist father, I'm neither.


> He began his professional life as a teacher but then switched to the banking and finance sector in various roles, working at Bear Stearns before forming his own firm
He tasted the pleasure of lolis and so set out to become a millionaire for his own paradise loli island
Good motivational story


File: 1596470873673.jpg (24.29 KB, 404x404, 1:1, WtJ_PvGz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got my hair cut and had my neck and head massaged by a succubus


Gross anon

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