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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


File: 1595822124166.png (58.08 KB, 1282x894, 641:447, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

My email and password was leaked online from a data breach and now I have chinks around the world trying to log into my hotmail account everyday.

I have to change my password whenever I log into my email now and my password is now 19 characters long



everytime i log into websites with my vpn i get emails about "is this you" its like fucking hell. the worst thing is they dont stop me. if you suspect it isnt me why the fuck are you hust letting it happen


why is that stupid faggot the OP mascot?


>Chester died 3 years ago


Finished Saya no Uta. Interesting plot, good background music. I'd rate it as 7/10. However, I haven't played that much VNs. That's why I don't have a VNDb account. I also don't have an IMDb account, only MAL.

It was the second VN that I forgot about playing. I played as if it was the first time while remembering things this time only after they already happened. I'm even sure that I decided to download it after seeing a post here and also being asked about my opinion here too like 1-2 years ago. Something tells me that I even played thrice and not twice but I might be mistaken.

Me forgeting had nothing to do with the quality of the medium. I experienced similar stuff with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku, movies Inception, The Wrestler and recently The Godfather 1-3.


what next, a kurt cobain edition? I'm so sick of all these different whiny musician bastards being obsessed over as generational idols, especially when their music sucks this bad

in the end, I don't give a fuck about your poor childhood


Why can't these people use capital letters and punctuation?


Stop whining


stop force feeding us your edgy shitband idol, nobody cares


File: 1595849136039.jpg (95.17 KB, 500x667, 500:667, SorcerersApprentice_Poster….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All you have to do to make a proper anti-crawl thread is to add the proper roman number at the title, copy the rest and find a soothing landscape image to go with it. Those are the sacred unwritten rules of the crawl thread and you uninitiated low ranking wizkids fuck it up. Every time you do a crawl thread wrong your powers grow weaker.


It was not me and you're whining too much for something you apparently don't care
>> waa waa there's an mv in the op and i don't like it


>the real whining is your reaction to the whiner
succubus tier response, delete this faggot thread and leave us alone


So you want everything to stay exactly the same huh? No wonder you're always whining about "the golden old days of internet"


>the same
as if your edgelord idol is anything novel? that shithead is all that your kind has talked or thought about for the last 20 years


Learn to use the quote arrow
What's novel is the mv and new title, look at this shit
>All you have to do to make a proper anti-crawl thread is to add the proper roman number at the title, copy the rest


> and find a soothing landscape image to go with it.


>thinks greentext is only for verbatim quotes
so how many weeks has it been already since you first got internet?


File: 1595850205413.jpg (109.41 KB, 998x1500, 499:750, wizkid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can always try to improve it but making a LP crawling joke is not improving. That wasn't funny, and I'm a low IQ retard who finds a lot of unfunny things funny, but that wasn't funny enough even for me and!, like I said, you lose wizard powers when you fuck up a thread that is bound by fate to reach posting limit.

You neophytes should restrain from making the long running threads.


Do you have anything worthwhile to say other than mememing?
It's just a small change, how autistic are you, it doesn't have to be "funny" or "improvement"


medicalize the person you're arguing with when he corners you, you're such a loathsome piece of shit


What? He said it himself
> I'm a low IQ retard who finds a lot of unfunny things funny


File: 1595851272673.jpg (183.11 KB, 870x870, 1:1, AlienWizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>how autistic are you
I'm very wizardly if that's what you're asking. Don't make me call wizlam sharia on your ass, wizkid. Fix your thread or I'll curse you and you'll be stepping on legos and hitting your toes on furniture corners for the next 6 months!


*It seems many oppositions here are based on emotional reactions and not logical


As I said I wasn't the one making this thread


Well he has 5 minutes to redo the thread otherwise I'll curse him through a magical post and it's not going to be pretty. He's been warned.


That's it, you had your change OP. I curse you!

Gradum ad lego, ledo in lectulo pedum tuorum! Vetus quomodo sanies signeficatur Tacita deficta!


be kind and let us know if it worked, thanks!


heard tapping on my window
didnt see anyone outside
as weird as it is im more pissed about having my sleep interrupted


I take it you think logic was the impetus for dedicating one of the big threads on this site to the overlord of edgelorddom?


ow my pedum


File: 1595862643403.jpg (23.34 KB, 569x428, 569:428, cndsrd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lamps in video games use real electricity.


Please go ahead and do it.


File: 1595864021146.jpg (46.81 KB, 647x483, 647:483, sdfgsdfgsdfgg.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


That's blasphemous, what right do they have to use the Lord's name for profit motives?


>Religion and politics

Just drop the issue and report it dude.


can i report you for being extra lame?


There's an alternate universe where the only difference from this one is that i didn't just fart.


I feel like this universe has a lot more character.


At least Gmail allows me to log in from anywhere around the world! … Every time I send more than 5 emails to people that aren't contacts it locks me out and makes me reset my password. … is this you–prove it”? … social media and google websites, though you can easily get around this by setting up a VPN before you go.


Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.


Is that ellen degeneres?


This man is genetically ham


Wands out when witches are around


Turnabout is fair play.


ever since the faggotfornians went nuts years ago and started killing all the public trees in town (they flooded our state and own the local governments) because they're paranoid there's large areas here and there where things don't grow anymore, in my own neighborhood there used to be a park , they murdered all the trees and bushes five years ago and still nothing grows there anymore, not even grass

it's like they literally salted the earth…because I don't see how nothing can grow, even weeds, I swear to god they literally salt the earth like something ancient tyrants would do to punish the vanquished enemy

this is how these evil beasts view the neighboring west coast states they go to infest, hated enemies to conquer and do barbaric ancient forms of collective punishment on

this is one more reason I know there's no god, if he existed he would've dropped faggotfornia into the ocean like 60 years ago



I wish UXWBill would upload more frequently. His videos are comdy and he is wizardly with a jovial good natured country-boy kind of bearing.


Fuck yeah!
Made brownies, and not in the microwave. Actual freshly baked brownies.
Only think bad to say is I wish I bought milk when I was last at walmart.


it doesn't count when you fill them with marijuana


I don't know what makes you associate brownies with mariuana but my post has nothing to do with weed.


Damn, I shouldn't have used canola oil.
Can still taste it in the brownies. If I used veg oil instead I wouldn't have this problem.


File: 1595942380502.jpg (86.96 KB, 721x900, 721:900, 2934076.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This quarantine stuff made me even more reclusive. Before this whole thing started I didn't mind to go out at all to do the groceries and stuff like that. Now it's back to normal and my mom won't be using any delivery services anymore and I fucking dread having to do the chores I almost didn't mind some months ago. You know those people who get locked up for whatever crime they did and they get so used to be behind bars they don't want to get out? I would be one of those guys for sure.

In fact I would the perfect prisoner. I'm so comfortable staying in a cubicle and not going anywhere for months at a time, even more. My sister once told me she would be terrified to not be able to go out, that feeling is alien to me. I would be such a model prisoner. I'm silent as the grave, obedient, keep to myself, abiding to schedules, enjoy cleaning. In fact if every inmate in this country was like me, prisons would be one of the main tourist attractions, along with amusement parks, having a serious revenue behind them. People would be willing to rent cells in jail just to get away from their shitty, filthy, noisy apartments to be neighboors with an inmate for a couple of weeks.


File: 1595945367150.mp4 (1.96 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1595918878344.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I used to think the same way until i saw the last episode of Manhunt:Unabomber, where they put him in that windowless coffin, and it felt really fucking sad.
Yeah, it got so much better for him.


That's a comfy painting, I like it.

Cool ironic shitty edit


>look up if time travel is theoretically possible and find a reddit thread



What they're saying these days? Is it possible or not? I particularly think time is linear and there's no way to go back in it. But what do I know. I read one theory I really liked that traveling back is possible only to the point when the time machine is already invented. Say, we invent a time travel machine in 2020, 2020 is the earliest point you can go back to. I really liked that idea for some reason. Don't know how valid it is though.


It’s theoretically possible but every method breaks physics in its own subtle way. So I’m practicality it is impossible.



Same here. I saw it maybe in 2014 or something. I dunno, a long time ago. It's been mentioned multiple times. I never finished it and I dropped it during the part where my "friends" are searching for me and there was a cabin in a mountain or something. I actually wonder how much farther I had to go before finishing it. I still have the VN on a USB drive too.


File: 1595964149308.gif (922.72 KB, 460x259, 460:259, GiantWhisperedBlackbird-ma….gif) ImgOps iqdb

On a whim I booked an appoinment late last night over the internet with my ophthalmologist and I've seen him this morning. Feels like a weight's been taken off my shoulders.
There were these two ladies in the waiting room whose appoinment was cancelled for some reason. I heard them say that they had traveled 100km or something to be here today blah blah blah. Must have been pissed lol.
Living in the city has its perks, sometimes…


>>look up if time travel is theoretically possible and find a reddit thread

Yeah. That's reddit. You know already how shit it is there, the people it appeals to. It's """the front page of the internet""" in the age where now that it's easy and chic every random cunt is an "internet nerd".

I just ate half of a 12 inch pizza. I did not degrease it. Oh, and they released versions of that Uli/flood documentary some people were working on for a while, on that note. There's a directors cut and an Uli-focused cut besides the snips of footage that was put out years ago. Glad the footage they got was finally released even if their project floundered, I admire Ulillillia (in a sense) and find him interesting.


File: 1595976569974.mp4 (8.04 MB, 550x306, 275:153, wiz_calling_CrystalCafe_so….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


“YoU cAn’T TuRn bAcK tHe ClOcK, JaSoN”

I know I said I’d return in a week.

Whether you’d believe me or not if I told you THAT strip was directed at me at the time is your concern.


File: 1596005344437.png (3.41 MB, 1911x923, 147:71, Nairobi Kenya.png) ImgOps iqdb

Noticed that googlemaps has a lot of Kenya and other African nations to be seen via streetview.
Decided to just stroll through the various neighborhoods and really see how it is.
Kind of reminds me of fallout 3. Thank god I don't live in these conditions.


Yeah, I use google earth vr sometimes.
Visiting 3rd world countries is always a bit depressing and puts things into context.


File: 1596013331098.jpg (4.64 KB, 229x220, 229:220, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else like scratching their butt and then smelling their fingers afterwards? It smells like pure bliss


Is there a skill I can develop by doing it absent mindedly? Like using those grip strength trainers or singing while doing other things.


And imagine, they are still happier than 99% of users here


Yeah, i like to smell my piss-stained underwear as well as huff my ballstench in the morning


Literally thousands, you have to be more specific


I meant things that I can do while doing other activities, like while browsing the internet, watching a video or doing chores.




I think enrive has finally died. I didn't know it would die this quickly. I swear there was only eleven days left five days ago. Or was it a week ago?

It's finally gone though. The absolutely scariest chan is dead for the fourth(?) and final time.

Rest in peace masterchan. The world is better without you for sure, but I will always remember those times back in 2013, when things were more active, more fun. I'll always cherish those times even if you died a slow death from lack of interest.




Nobody used masterchan other than pedos


What kind of stuff can you find there?


I like the look of a good suit. One day I would like to get a custom-fitted suit to wear around all the time. But wouldn't it be presumptuous for a NEET to go around wearing a suit? I feel like I'd need to get a job like a lawyer in order to do that.


I haven't had my own email for years and I've probably compromised my mothers many times already.
I don't know of any good email service that doesn't ask for my phone or address and is accepted by most sites.


Google has already fallen


okay I just bought a square foot of 10oz black leather on ebay for $12, wtf…since when did the prices of leather drop? last (500 times) I looked the stuff was like 3 times that expensive, the tandy leather store in town would charge $30-40 for that

it's sheath making time


>wouldn't it be presumptuous
People would have no idea you're a neet, and if your face looks good, too, they would actually invariably make the assumption that you *are* a lawyer or something upper class. If you were a good enough bullshitter, you might even use it to get into rich people parties and stuff like a movie con man. Normies really do think "the clothes make the man." Never underestimate that.


wondering if the users here have migrated to a better chan as this one is unsalvageable


nope, I've always been one to go down with a sinking ship


File: 1596283700763.jpg (54.9 KB, 564x760, 141:190, b4811e5cdd785b84f0b1168d2a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For the past couple of weeks I found myself spending most of my online time on pinterest browsing and looking at fantasy illustrations like this one. Every time I come here my will to still bother diminishes. I think IBs are dead, I still check hob once in a while but honestly I don't feel like doing even that anymore. Even the reading thread is garbage now, don't know how that happened. Well, fuck it


Yes you're growing old, do you still enjoy your old stuff? but keep blaming it on everything else


Same. Wizchan till I die baby.


So far this is the best of the bunch, which at times is really saying something.
If/when I no longer use wizchan it will be because I no longer use image boards at all.


File: 1596307713740.jpg (47.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 817933.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nearly 30C/86F in my bedroom. Summer gets shittier every year with these hellish heat waves. There's no avoiding it now.
How do you people in southern US states and countries where it's hot all year long tolerate this, a few days of this purgatory devastate me mentally and physically.


>heat wave
oh man, I'm laughing, it's about about 100F here right now and for the past 7 months


Buy an air conditioner?


>in my bedroom


Is it humid? Humidity is what kills wizards. A dry heat is avoidable just by staying out of the sun but when the air becomes a steamcloud there's no escaping it inside or out
>just buy some cold air bro


Summer in London is getting increasingly suffering as years go on. 35C temps aren't too unusual anymore, plus we have high humidity, so I'm still sweating at my computer when it's 10 in the evening.

At least Americans in the hot states can rely on air conditioning to cool themselves down.


I don't think you know what the word heatwave means.


sounds like England is being terraformed for browns.


Did Britain ban air conditioning or something?


see this post >>250261
it's this hot in my bedroom, meaning it's a lot worse outside. Can't you read?


I found that it's bearable if you have an electric fan pointed at you all the time. Icepacks tied to the head and neck when it gets really bad.


sweating + a boxfan seems to work for me

it's ridiculous how effective evaporation is at cooling you down


it's just a meme bro calm down


I know right, it's getting comfier for us here, you natives will have to move to the Artic, kek


>In most cases, even bananas that appear to be extremely overripe are perfectly edible. Bananas that have turned fully brown may be very soft - even somewhat liquefied - but as long as there are no other problems with the bananas, they are still safe to eat. They may be far too sweet and mushy for most tastes, though.
>Check bananas that have turned black (without having been refrigerated or frozen) carefully, because they may have fermented. Fermented bananas will smell more like alcohol than sugar, and the taste may be surprising or even unpleasant. However, if your black banana does not contain any splits, evidence of mould, or insects, then it is still safe to eat.

interesting. seems super ripe and even black bananas are safe, as long as it's not broke or anything. im gonna see how far i can leave my banana sitting out. it's starting to lose its yellow so i'll check back in a few days i guess


File: 1596337907754.png (36.82 KB, 1206x150, 201:25, 2344.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I notice that some who use this site gravitate towards the works of Thomas Ligotti. I watched the book club's video on him (well, the real criticism was in the description) and found this particular comment quite interesting and part of the reason i've come to despsise the idea that carbohydrates exist


my parents were so drunk after shopping at costco last night, I grabbed the 4lb bag of cheetos, they didn't even notice

haven't had cheetos in like 5 years man


it ain't easy being cheesy


They had a bunch of raunchy sex afterwards and touched all the door handles with their vaginal juice and sperm covered hands.

You're welcome.


actually they watched some news and went to sleep



I should get my shit checked


do you mean your actual shit


The illuminati gov of Europe just doing this all on purpose. You better hide, form groups and buy some big places to live in groups, isolated from the chaos brought by this situation…

hidden bunkers


You think the govt doesnt have a record of your precious bunkers?



Now if I don't have new 2d images I can use this application to choose an old image from the folder randomly without having to look through the folders myself.


Not to be born is, beyond all estimation, best; but when a man has seen the light of day, this is next best by far, that with utmost speed he should go back from where he came.

You can trace philosophical pessimism as far back as we have written records. To be clear, our ancestors have been writing how life is awful since they learned how to write, you don't need a high carb post-industrial diet to be overpowered by the suffering of existence. All you need realy is some time to really think about it.


If live was awful, why did they reproduce?


You would have to ask a pessimist father, I'm neither.


> He began his professional life as a teacher but then switched to the banking and finance sector in various roles, working at Bear Stearns before forming his own firm
He tasted the pleasure of lolis and so set out to become a millionaire for his own paradise loli island
Good motivational story


File: 1596470873673.jpg (24.29 KB, 404x404, 1:1, WtJ_PvGz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got my hair cut and had my neck and head massaged by a succubus


Gross anon




To believe in god and make waifus real, that is my mission.


I have felt somewhat separated from/distant from God ever since I woke up today. I don't know how to explain it better than that.
I'm not sure why.
I already know half of you consider it a foolish thought to begin with but some might be able to relate.

I hope I get my appetite back later so these good sausages I thawed days ago do not end up going to waste.


You sir sound like you got a spot of that accursed DEPRESSION


They just disabled the ability to play sound from two separate windows on chromebooks, or play audio from a website and app at the same time. Damn it I got Googed, should have listened to Stallman!


when the lockdown lifted, my parents went back to acting like there wasn't a pandemic going on. Now they both have a dry cough and I really don't want to be in the same house as them.


They wouldn't be linked to grids of any kind, the water cleanser works with a cyclostatic that generates a minimum amount of energy. Also the tunnels would make them hard to find.

They could be anywhere.


So where are you thinking about building this? Just roughly speaking?


Why are we afraid of small spiders for? We can literally kill it by moving our foot a couple inches.
Big spider, snakes, or coloured striped backs okay, but some small thing, why do we feel natural fear? A chicken would just eat it immediately.


it's instinctive, it includes big spiders, I don't know why you think people aren't scared of big ones

btw it's early august again and in my place this is when all the spiders start leaving their webs and migrating around town for some reason, hanging off tree branches while you walk/ride and smacking you in your face, like huge ass orb weavers

three years ago I looked down on my coat's lapel and there was an absolutely monstrous orb weaver an inch from my mouth, I don't murder spiders and bugs though, it was scary but I collected myself and shook her off on a plant

you should never harm spiders, I can see exceptions like a brown recluse in a house but spiders aren't trying to harm people


Wow, you really drank the MSM kool-aid, huh?


notice the finality of posts like his, here and elsewhere, you never see in them any hint of thought of where they'll be in week from now, i.e. when their or their parents' immune system kills the thing and everything goes back to normal

every single time, the posts always read as if they really believe they're goners, but without saying as much, it makes me wonder if they actually believe they're goners, it's odd to me why their posts aren't completely hysterical if they really believe in the seriousness of the scamdemic propaganda

maybe I'm overthinking things, I bombed myself with thick coffee again today, it happens


I really miss VHS tapes. I know that everyone says that the medium doesn't matter and stuff. But streaming is just too on-demand, it ruins the specialness of the movie. The VHS tape is solid and physical, so the movie watching experience is solid and physical. I never get the urge to just stop half-way through like I always do with streaming.
And yeah DVDs exist but I don't like how there's always a small delay between pressing the remote button and the action happening. VHS is almost instant, very responsive. Plus DVDs play that annoying menu music once they're done while tapes just go black. And when DVDs are damaged they just stop working, but tapes just get fuzzy.


I feel similarly about how all television if a person even has it now has that menu, where you look, see the title of a show, and get basic info. You know what is on at any given channel at all times..and yeah that sounds great on surface, but I have found, when I visit a family member who still has TV and I watch it, its not like it used to be. When you had to channel surf to see what's on, you stumbled upon things that captivated you and discovered new shows to watch or neat movies or docs that way. Just reading a title and then a short, bland description doesn't provide this, it too easily leads to "eh that doesn't sound like its worth checking out", channel after channel..you end up looking only at a blocky menu screen, sighing, then feeling like nothing is on. When you had to surf, or maybe sit and wait for the scrolling TV guide channel, it felt like there was more to discover. I really wonder how much this low-key plays into the cable-cutting phenomenon.

Was browsing around Wikipedia articles a little bit following this link and that, and this stuck out to me as I perused them:

>Family members became desperate to dissuade Thomas, who remained determined to join the Dominicans. At one point, two of his brothers resorted to the measure of hiring a prostitute to seduce him. According to legend, Thomas drove her away wielding a fire iron and two angels appeared to him as he slept and strengthened his determination to remain celibate.

What a wizardly legend, Thomas Aquinas is fascinating.


No i was saying that big spiders ARE scary.
Yes, for some reason these spiders are coming out and running across the floor scare the shit out of me. But i know logically they are non venomous so why is my brain freaking out, i should be able to control my own brain no?


> What a wizardly legend, Thomas Aquinas is fascinating.
Can you give some more wiz stories please? These are comfy


try exposure therapy, I used to freak out about spiders any size until I kept one as a pet, an orb weaver set up shop in my filthy room one day, I fed him, he grew humongous, for a year there was always a monster spider perched a couple feet from my face at the computer

ever since that year I don't get the least bit scared by little spiders getting on me … big ass ones are still a little unnerving


VHS is the worse medium for film, sort of like cassette tapes were the worst for audio.


File: 1596515469377.png (270.92 KB, 509x337, 509:337, src_1335438753728.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1596518314006.png (69.41 KB, 728x690, 364:345, chester.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just became aware of the joke OP intended by embedding Linkin park's Crawling music video to the anti crawl thread.

Last month a bandmate of Chester shed some light on what he thought contributed to his tragic demise.


>"I'm gonna say a few things here. It may not be very popular, but it's the truth," Sean admits. "And not that I wanna bring the Linkin Park guys into the conversation, but I think they would agree with this. When they did the 'One More Light' album, it wasn't received the way they thought it was gonna be received, or at least the way Chester thought it was gonna be received, and he got a lot of negativity from fans, and it really bothered him."

>"We talked about that a lot. He would just be so bummed out and he would blast people on Twitter, and he would get upset. And I would tell him: 'Dude, don't let these people bring you down. It's not worth it. The music is good, man. Don't worry about this kind of crap.'"

>"For those guys, they worked so hard on putting those records together, and they're so used to having these accolades and this adulation from their fanbase," he says about the group. "And then when they put out an album like 'One More Light', and still 95 percent of the people like the music." It was the remaining five percent that got under the singer's skin. "These losers in their basement, I like to call 'em, where all they have is just time to sit there and write on a keyboard about what a loser you are."

>"I don't understand what makes somebody be a fan of Chester's, and you love everything he did, or most everything he did, and then he does a song that you don't like, that you feel like you have to badmouth him or tell him he sucks and all this kind of crap," Sean added about the feedback. "That stuff really weighed on him. So, I think that really contributed to part of his head spot."

>"He had this emptiness inside that I don't think he could really explain to a lot of people. I got to know this side of him quite well. He could have a thousand people, after a show, wanting to meet him and tell him how great he is and how much he touched their life in a profoundly emotionally positive way, gave them an outlet for their own pain and their own distress, and internally, Chester would not hear that. He would say, 'Thank you,' and he would still feel like he wasn't enough. We'd have this conversation, and he'd be, like, 'I just don't feel like I'm smart enough. I don't feel like I'm good enough.' And I'd go, 'Chester, you are such a good person. Forget the singing. I don't care about you as a singer; I care about you as a human being. I don't care that you are a great singer. I care that you are such a good person.'"

Poor Chester. I wonder what retards like pic related feel like now that he's dead.


Well, I don't have any more direct legends about named people just on hand in my head, but there's the Zen parable of the two monks and the river that carries the moral of not dwelling on things, but via example given could be illustrative of "wiz vs crab" thought.

>A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful succubus also attempting to cross. The young succubus asked if they could help her cross to the other side.

>The two monks glanced at one another because they had taken vows not to touch a succubus.

>Then, without a word, the older monk picked up the succubus, carried her across the river, placed her gently on the other side, and carried on his journey.

>The younger monk couldn’t believe what had just happened. After rejoining his companion, he was speechless, and an hour passed without a word between them.

>Two more hours passed, then three, finally the younger monk could not contain himself any longer, and blurted out “As monks, we are not permitted a succubus, how could you then carry that succubus on your shoulders?”

>The older monk looked at him and replied, “Brother, I set her down on the other side of the river, why are you still carrying her?”


My cat is dying and my mom won't let it die. Cat is 16 and her kidneys are failing pretty hard now. The nausea is constant, the cat can't eat anything and is sleeping in very weird positions because of how uncomfortable she must be feeling.
We're already spent thousands threating this her hyperthyroidism, but of course nothing actually improved, only the veterinarian's bank account. So now the cat won't eat, doesn't matter what you offer her. Vet's solution? Put a fucking tube directly into the cat's stomach and force feed. Mom thinks this is a wonderful idea, "Just until she's feeling better enough to eat by herself." The fucking moron. There's not going to be a time when this cat will be feeling better ever again, this fucking tube is going to be there for good now, making the cat even more miserable for god knows how long just so the vet scum can get more money and my mom feels she's doing everything she can to "save" the cat, except the right thing to do, letting it die.

Mark my words, this tube will eventually cause more problems, like an infection, and we'll spend even more money treating that, making the cat even more miserable in the process. And somehow I'm the bad guy for bringing up euthanasia. I'm living in fucking crazy land over here. Cats don't have plans and expectations, it doesn't want to stick around to read a book or watch a film, all it wants is to eat and sleep comfortably and she obviously can't do neither anymore, but somehow everyone but me thinks it's OK to do every possible to prolong this suffering indefinitely.

I despise people like this. I despise people who fear death and love suffering, and how they impose this stupidity onto others. I can't even begin to image the anger and frustration of people who want to die but end up in doctors'clutches instead, having to put up with pain and suffering just so everyone around it can feel better about themselves. It's fucking disgusting. I can't believe people are this god damn stupid and evil. Appalling.


I had 2 cats. One was 20 yrs old and became blind last year. My pops spoiled her with wet food and she developed tartar that steamrolled into a mouth infection. My mum went to the vet with her and he managed to clean the wound, but then she stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. I told my mum to just put her down, but she refused. For 3 weeks the poor thing was fed via IV with vitamins and shit.

I still remember her gasping for air and those cold bright blue eyes when she died.

Some people can't let go.


Well that's it. I just dropped the cat by the vet's clinic, she'll be coming home with a god damn fucking tube at her back. Unfuckingbelievable how people can look at a suffering, kidneys beyond fucked, senile 16yo cat and not consider doing this is nothing more than pure TORTURE.

These procedures are useful for young cats who are sick but have a good prognosis, they shouldn't do this with cats with half a dozen organs not working anymore. It's ridiculous.


Seriously considering getting a leather jacket.
I remember one my dad gave me a few years ago and loved it, but I had to leave it behind when I moved down south.
I probably could only wear it 3 or 4 months out of the year though since it is so hot down here most of the time. Still I have the money and it is a item I know I wouldn't regret owning even if I don't necessarily need it.
That and a really nice pair of leather gloves would be nice too.


>considering getting a leather jacket
so you want to look like an out of touch old man or an overcompensating dweeb
>leather gloves
>down south

I don't know what "down south" means to you, but if I saw anyone wearing a leather jacket AND leather gloves here in florida, any day of the year, I'd think they were a total jackwad, you've got to be up to at least virgina before you even consider that type of gear


I'm asking YOU wizzie to THINK.
Why would millions of people who suffer reproduce?
It has to go beyond sexual desire, there has to be more to it.
Personally i think it's memetic cultural warfare that pushes the breeding agenda, but i wish to hear your THOUGHTS


This is the way


This should be a bannable offence


There is a theory that the timeline has split since yesterday, and if you are feeling separate form G-d, then, we might not have made it to the other side


>I just became aware of the joke OP intended by embedding Linkin park's Crawling music video to the anti crawl thread.
It took you this long? You need someone to wipe your drool also?


Wow, you sound like a normie that is trying his hardest to troll in the hope of making someone else feel bad for not behaving within the norm and making you feel better for enforcing the in group out group boundaries.

Good thing I am not a normie and don't care about what you/normies think, otherwise I might be slightly bothered by your obvious but weak attempt at bullying.

No, leather is for me and how it makes me feel. It is not about scoring some sort of ill defined normie points or social credits or whatever the fuck you people care about.


>I am not a normie and don't care about what you/normies think
>wants to wear a leather jacket and gloves "down south" where it would be incredibly impractical
to me it sounds like you're just trying to look cool, you can go sweat your ass off clad head to toe in leather in 40C heat but I'm just saying you're not gonna look cool, people are gonna think you're an idiot


I think people really like to have sex. Also >>>/wiz/171428 is very revealing, people draw much of their happiness from family and constituting family, so I think in part they reproduce to be happy, ironically. Also family is your first line of defence against the world, so part of it is the instinct of self-protection. It's like that saying, misery loves company.


No one cares what you think normie.


Doesn't that go to show how empty 99% of people's lives are? It's like watching a cooking show and thinking you are being fed, it has no substance.


>family is your first line of defence against the world
this isn't true


File: 1596573637473.jpg (99.62 KB, 425x482, 425:482, tcatj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Where you see emptiness others see fulfillment. I wound't presume on what should be a source of happiness to other people. Happiness is a rather vague idea, you can see almost anything in it.


Dark themes are stupid.


if muh family fulfilled the dumb beasts like they say then they wouldn't be doing all these million others things they do to fill the void, they'd just hang out with their fucking mini-me's and relatives and soak in the fulfillment vibes, instead they do everything else but

their behavior speaks louder than their stupid shit about muh fambly


You noticed. People are never satisfied with what they have. I guess it's one of the curses humans have to live with.
>they'd just hang out with their fucking mini-me's and relatives and soak in the fulfillment vibes
To be honest I think a lot of people do exactly that. I get to hear their terrible taste in music every weekend, god forbid anyone do anything quietly in this neighborhood.


>a lot of people do that
then eventually they start feeling unfulfilled with that and go find something else to do


All of man's problems stem from not being able to sit in a room quietly by himself


you mean all of man's problems are because he's not a w0man


crab mentality


it has nothing to do with "crab"


File: 1596689969146.png (320.26 KB, 375x473, 375:473, fakewiz.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1596701830627.webm (1.72 MB, 640x480, 4:3, stoppissingmeoff.webm) ImgOps iqdb

who puts shit like this in a bathroom?


I found a NIB minolta dash cam outside a thrift store last night, it looks like a 2017 model, I don't know what people think they need these things for, I was going to give it to my mom but then she started abusing me again and said I don't give a fuck about your gifts

don't know what I'll do with it now then


File: 1596715666579.png (4.81 KB, 285x248, 285:248, Electron-scattering.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey, so how do carrier particles work? I have this picture in my head of two people on skateboards, one throws a baseball to the other and the other catches it. Both skateboards move apart slightly. In that example, the 'baseball' is like the carrier particle. However, if this is similar to how carrier particles work, then how can a force ever be attractive between two particles?


how is that female standing up to pee?


Carrier particles are just virtual, they don’t really “exist”. They’re there to make the equations easy to perform. In the case of an attractive force, you could have an anti particle with negative energy, so the particle that emits it gains momentum while the receiving particle loses momentum. In this way an attractive force is simulated.


Shes pissing thru a straw


MAL is down again. They also have only 3 manga mods so the queue of newly added manga is about 6,000 titles. And it's been that way for years. AniDB doesn't have manga and doesn't treat omake as separate titles (although they also have more inclusive criteria for author's works by notable professionals). AniList unlike MAL has webtoons (if they fall under some criteria), but doesn't count prologues and midseries recap episodes as separate titles. Having one database with adequately inclusive approach for notable titles seems like a challenge which is yet to be completed in this world.


>Carrier particles are just virtual, they don’t really “exist”.
Aren't photons carrier particles?


anything can be a carrier particle. Again, they exist for the purposes of math. In reality the interactions are different. And this isn't to say carrier particles necessarily don't exist, even the example I gave of an antiparticle with negative energy is a real thing, it's just they are usually so short lived that they don't really matter, and in the case of these interactions can be treated as entirely virtual.


>Even the reading thread is garbage now
And it keeps getting worse.


if I were female I'd wear a pad-like strapon with a tube to pee through anytime anywhere instead of needing to find a toilet, screw that, I don't know why they don't think of this stuff


So you could better aim into the piss jugs?


Why are normies so fucking stupid and ruin everything? I remember reading about normies who refused to have sex because they were on nofap, which kinda defeats the entire purpose of it to begin with.

Now normies are doing shit such as abstaining from normal enjoyable things, such as long walks or even a nice conversation with someone they now because they are on a "dopamine fast" fucking stupid.



You will constantly have pee all over your coochie if you use that.


The coochie is already filled with pee, isn't that how it works?


I think it's great, they are memeing themselves into becoming more wizardly


don't laugh, we've got many here falling for these dumb fads.


>we've got many here
yes, we've got many little kids here


w0men too!


>exclamation point
getting this excited over old news


Few things infuriate me as much as asking something like "how to do X" in any forum and getting replies like "you shouldn't do X, because Y or Z". I didn't ask for advice, either tell me what I'm asking or don't reply at all, why would you reply to someone just to waste their time?



it's either that or mock or patronize you like a dumb little kid for not being as skilled as them, as their clique friends look on


File: 1596858487965.jpg (266.17 KB, 736x1250, 368:625, The Dog - Goya.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not a huge advocate of euthanasia but I can confirm that vets don't care about the well being of animals. They're used to prolonging animals lives just so they can earn more cash from the owners.
By the way, today I buried a stray cat. A family member was taking care of it but unfortunately there wasn't hope for him, the vermin were already eating him alive. Sometimes death is a divine gift and we should accept it.


Succz exploiting animals for views should be murdered


no uuuu!


So beautiful and soft though…
the dog


You shouldn't belittle people because you don't understand their motives or perhaps misinterpret what they are saying



I am not really doing nofap but I am trying to cut porn out of my life. I haven't masturbated in about 4 days but woke up in the middle of the night, horny as all fuck. I masturbate, came into a sock and then slept like a baby for the first time in months. Was also the first time in a while where I didn't feel bad afterwards.

Nofap is fucking stupid but maintenance masturbation is quite wizardly.


i had a problem which was so very specific and strange that i managed to solve yesterday. you see, when hair grows back, it can be quite itchy, especially when it is short and stiff. it's like a million needles stabbing anything it touches. most areas aren't really affected by this because they aren't in constant contact with any other body parts. your ballsack though? that stabs your dick, thighs, and even the ballsack itself. complete hell. the quick fix is to just quickly run a razor over it, in 30 seconds the problem will be solved for a day or two. but after a decade of doing this, i was tired, i wanted to just have my ballsack hair back, i didn't want to shave anymore. i want this problem truly fixed. i found a lighter and ran the flame over my sack. it can quickly singe and slightly burn the hair tips without even feeling hot. so the hair tips are now rounded like ) from being melted away, if you look at this under a microscope. it was really as simple as burning the ends. i can't believe it. i feel like i've stumbled upon some forbidden knowledge, how isn't this known to the world? looking up my problem, it seems 'manscaping' websites even have a name for it, called 'pineapple dick', but the flame treatment is nowhere to be seen. i hereby dedicate this most beneficial knowledge of burning your ballsack to the benefit of all wizardkind


I woke up to the sound of my dad's prostitute doing some hippie rain dance or something. On my walk to the store today, some dudes in a truck pulled over, called me a faggot, then drove off. On the way back, one of my beers got a pinhole leak and sprayed all over my bag. On the doorstep to the house, my phone fell and the screen smashed

Someone jealous he-slut must be cursing virgins again


why shave balls to begin with? good fucking question. i guess after puberty the physical changes were still revolting to me and i didnt want the physical proof of aging. i said i found the 'manscaping' thing from googling for a solution. i dont care about whatever the hell 'manscaping' is. if you don't need this information that's fine, but have spent over a decade in minor agony over this bullshit and have sensory problems or sensitivity issues whatever they are called with touch. i would have liked to know the solution was a simple lighter


I once nearly got killed in a ghetto liquor store by someone trying to sneak up behind me, the owner ran him out of the store


How are your balls not burnt? Can you send a picture?




i put the lighter directly against my sack and moved it quickly back and forth. i dont know the science but if you ever played with a lighter you know what i mean

that seems too painful but it would probably regrow without being sharp. fire seems better in every way





Making a fire in my back yard right now 🔥
Will jump over it, when it will be a full moon at mid night
Completely naked, to trip the hair on my ballsack 🧙‍♂️


Only gay faggots do shit like that.
Normal men don't do that shit to impress succubi.


Maybe it is karma for being such a bad person.


I think you're projecting, and maybe YOU are the closet faggot here.

Look up any straight porn, male actors almost always shave their balls, no big deal


Since you responded I'll give a small update on the situation. They never did the tube procedure in the end, what they did was retaking several expensive blood tests, confirming the cat has kidney failure and there's nothing they can do about it. It's amazing they had to take all those tests again when I never went to vet school and could easily tell this was the case just by looking at the cat and, I shit you not, reading about the symptons for it. This cat is the poster child for kidney failure. We had the blood tests from a month ago that clearly showed the kidneys awful, too. Why new blood tests and special urea tests or whatever? So they could charge an extra 400, that's why.

Long story short, the vet now agrees with me euthanasia is the best choice and we'll be taking her back to the clinic tomorrow to get this done with. Mom cried for the entire day yesterday. At least now she's convinced there's no other way now. The vet helped me out by explaining when the kidney stops your blood becomes toxic and can give the cat nasty convulsions. I sensed this was the argumented that settled for my mom.

I'm not happy about the cat dying, but this cat had a better life than, I dare say, 99.999% of all creatures who have ever lived on this planet. 16 years of absolute luxury. I can't imagine a better life to be honest. She's getting really weak now so I made a small pair of stairs so she can still reach her favorite spot.


you watch porn?


what's worse: he checks the male actor's balls




Cleanly shaven balls do feel comfy, though.


while touching himself haha




I read about some succubi cream that upon using on the balls and waiting for 10-15 minutes would help to remove hair without shaving. Although it would tingle in one sensitive area.


if I pilled that off, will it reap off the balls?
Or just be extremely painful


you guys think you could beat this guy? He's a wrestler with no legs.


wtf are you a mod???


here's a vid of him wrestling.


On wrestling? No. Any other type of fight where I can run around him and kick his head from a distance? Yes. Having legs just gives you too much range and maneuvering advantage.

I never had a fight in my life, so this is all speculation of course.


File: 1597018730764.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, mustresist.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Resisting the fap urge. It's been 6 days and it's getting intense.


august 18 is when I kicked the habit for good


But it's only august 10


1 more day before i am letting myself have a master wanking session.
This usually involves my favourite lubricant, 5 top videos (usually takes about 2 hours of research to find), Hand stimulation for 10 mins then onahole for 5 min


I don't even know if i can wait 24 hours tbh, i am already thinking of categories and scenes i want to be in my session
Yes i have a problem



I'm not trying to belittle anyone, I know sometimes their intentions must be good, but when I ask a question I generally want an answer. The other day I was getting sick of windows asking me every time I wanted to open any program if I really wanted to run it, so I looked up how to disable this and I found a thread in which a guy was asking the exact same thing and all the replies were: "You shouldn't do that because you could accidentally run a malicious program". Now, I'm pretty sure anyone who regularly uses a computer understands that, but still. At least tell the guy how to do it and add your piece of advice afterwards. It feels really patronizing


Never said the faggot was in the closet.
Also who else but a gay faggot would be looking at the dude's balls that closely.
The assertion of projection doesn't even make sense in context because I ain't the one trying to do gay shit like shave my balls.


With great ease.

What would be hard would be resisting making Geodude jokes.


I think that society has been lying to me about breakfast being "the most important meal of the day". A couple months ago I stopped eating breakfast since I didn't like making food in the morning and I wasn't really hungry in the morning. Didn't feel any worse for it, in fact felt better. Plus now I'm actually hungry for lunch which makes it taste better. And I lost some weight too.
This must be a propaganda campaign by big breakfast companies.



I just had yesterday's lunch for breakfast and it was great. White rice, and a spicy chicken soup, apple pie and 1 banana, and vanilla crackers. But I agree, if you are not feeling angry it's better not to eat and wait until you do. I think that maybe the breakfast thing has to do with teh fact taht people leave their homes early to work and need those calories to function properly.




File: 1597076215642.jpg (2.96 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20200810_121313590.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even bother to put labels on meals anymore.

When I am hungry I eat, when I am not hungry I don't eat.

I will say that I do find certain breakfast food "magical".


File: 1597076701570.mp4 (6.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2Pac's hologram-Wizchan Fe….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597076966471.jpg (171.09 KB, 441x498, 147:166, Fhfjdh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Life's so hard for a nigga when you living like a G.


talcum powder


is this russland?


Ukraine. He later relocated to the flowerbed. Area behind the tires.


Can you post more drunkniks?



one of the worst things about being a poor neet is needing to make your own tools and/or improvise everything


does anyone have experience burnishing leather? tips? I need to finish a sheath soon, I have beeswax and I'm going to make one of those wooden burnishers for a power drill

I don't wanna fuck it up on my first try


I do but I am not helping you because I don't like you.


the only experience you have with leather is the hard-worn bag you used to call your butthole



Shut up Alaskan
Go larp as a blacksmith in your circle jerk thread you no guns loser.


>how dare someone mention leather
>he must be the alaskan!
imagine being this schizo


Dude it ain't even a question.
No one else is even close to the level of jackass as you.
Every regular knows it's you Alaskan. Even your response when called out is typical.

Again, go larp somewhere else.


alaskan is a real blacksmith, dont make fun of him


I'm in southampton uk you numpty prat


No you aren't.


some days I wish I weren't


Prove it.
What park is next to Andrews park?


lol, he is googling it right now


you are so obsessed with the alaskan, get your head checked boy


And there you go again calling people children and the like as usual.

Why do you try to deny your obvious posting style?

I actually almost forgot that you gimped your browser so you can't even look up most maps to keep your lie straight, lol.


Not the guy you're arguing with but trying to establish that guy's location with a question that can be easily googled, and you know it yourself it can be easily googled, shows a fault in your question, not his answer.
If he responds, you'll say he googled, if he doesn't, you'll say >>251031. So basically, completely pointless, and to be honest a little stupid, no offense.

I can't imagine a good question to help establish where some rando anon lives. If you asked me stuff about where I live I would have to google it even actually living here.


File: 1597156263329.gif (669.62 KB, 500x281, 500:281, b.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My parents keep opening the windows and shutters even though it's like 35C / 95F outside. It's driving me up the wall.


boomers are dumb and think they're "airing out the house", when they're really just letting hot air inside, the proper way to cool a house with no ac is to keep the windows closed during the day and open them at night


I hate this shit
>driving with family
>have the AC on
>some retard opens a window


lol my mom does this, she always complains the car ac isnt working well, when she has the window open, so I always tell her to close the window but she never does, she'll complain about how hot it is until eventually she'll close the window and say something like "oh I think the air is starting to work now"


I swear "average intelligence" legitimately means barely smarter than a monkey. They can learn to drive through pattern recognition and muscle memory but they sure lack basic critical thinking.


It does work, but only if you do it properly. It's how poor countries cool their houses, for example by opening the upper floor windows on the south side and the lower windows on the north side to draw the cooler north side air in to the house with simple air circulation. Of course, it's stupid if you have AC on though.


File: 1597195638289.png (667.17 KB, 664x948, 166:237, 645688.png) ImgOps iqdb

What if I'm the True Wiz but I don't know it yet? It will be like Harry Potter when he didn't know he was a wizard, right?




I wouldn't be surprised if my mom was reincarnated from a monkey


Damn, I really should have got honey when I was at the flea market last weekend. I didn't know I was so low.
I barely have enough for another cup of tea.
I could by the store stuff, but I prefer the local raw honey from the guy with a farm I can visit. Like I can literally meet the bees that make my honey if I wanted to. There is just something cool about that.


File: 1597215097006.png (36.71 KB, 283x334, 283:334, eat-my-vomit.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah and pollen is basically plant jizz and everything is gross if you look at it a certain way.
It is the way of life.


wtf I love pollen now


Comparing yourself to Jesus?
The schizo path has begun..


File: 1597235016694.png (27.65 KB, 1365x756, 65:36, fsgw.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I decided to change full screen background in PotPlayer from black to red, so that upon moving zoomed out video to the edges I wouldn't miss the boundaries and thus the image won't be shown in full. Of course I'll change it back to black after the setup while watching.


Try enforcing "gilderoy" as a local meme for outsiders.


People say that is stupid to stop liking something because the normalfags like it too or is popular among normalfags. But let me ask you a question, if your sister, niece, and her friends, and the succubi from your high school, college, etc. started to like your hobbies and invest their time in it, how would you feel? I assure you that you will feel at least a bit of annoyance and yes, you will feel that is not cool anymore now that literally succubus.S are doing it. More so if part of the reason you did those things is because you wanted a safe place for yourself.

The coolness factor is gone. The people you disliked are now all over it like moths to a flame. Sure, you still like the thing, but it definitely won't feel the same.
Even if, Objectively, your hobby or pastime is still unadulterated, it can at times feel like is not.

I sometimes feel that way with anime.


I do not share you feelings at all.
For example I intentially got my sister into anime and she likewise made fellow otaku friends.
It didn't do anything to the hobby. It just was something that we both enjoyed.
Anime was relatively popular at my school, which was already a fairly nerdy and study focused school to begin with, so it made it much easier to blend in and avoid attention because I didn't have to try so hard to keep my powerlevel hidden.
Same with collage, anime was popular in most departments so again it make it much easier to blend in and fade into the background.

Other people legitimately and unironically enjoying a hobby I also enjoy as it is has never caused a problem or made the hobby less enjoyable.
It is only when posers and Hollywood main stream media folks come in thinking they should smash the hobby as it is so that it will conform to their preestablished shit standards and fucked up agendas that problems happen. They are people who don't actually enjoy the hobby. They just see it as a means to a end. Ether yet another way to put money in some dumbass executives pocket, or as yet another vector to power for the power hungry collectivist agenda.


Such a comfy song.
"Up at dawn to greet the sun
I've forgotten what a care or worry means
Head for home when day is done
With my pocket money jinglin' in my jeans"


File: 1597244559687.gif (688.28 KB, 211x199, 211:199, 76d8b77cfc71ae2f0ee38a4e04….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I intentially got my sister into anime and she likewise made fellow otaku friends.
>It didn't do anything to the hobby. It just was something that we both enjoyed.


File: 1597251278942.jpg (39.98 KB, 1038x609, 346:203, sdffff.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

What the hell, i was so excited for a true feminist lesbian game, and what i get is clean shaven armpits in a zombie apocalypse, FUCK THIS SHIT 0/10.


What do you want? Smellovision of crusty coochie too?


Why not? They already have a game about a dyke and her jewish girlfriend exploring synagogues and brutally murdering people.


Thomas Edison is an interesting study. He came up with some pretty neat shit, including the archaic prototype of audio itself, the "Phonograph"


File: 1597277082491.jpg (1.34 MB, 2352x1218, 56:29, 6712438642316724731.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What annoys me about succubi and normgroids getting into my hobbies is that they can't grasp the concept of hiding powerlevels. They won't do something for its own sake, they need to create identities and social circles around. That's why things like band t-shirts are so popular, they're a way normies use to signal their tastes to other people.
And this process affects the things you like, as the creators now have to appeal to a wider and ignorant audience. My solution to this problem is to avoid passive media consumption and to get into creative activities.


File: 1597288121509.jpg (527.89 KB, 2012x2048, 503:512, 1577853852677.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck this hit me unexpectedly hard.
All that stood out in this video is that this family and dogs had a home of their own. I'm fucking need to know what to do so I can get enough money to buy a home of my own without waiting until I'm in my fucking 40s.


I used to wear a band t-shirt
I couldn't care less about other people seeing it, I just liked how I looked in it and moonspell shirts had badass art back then


File: 1597344615829.jpg (23.86 KB, 711x140, 711:140, dfgdfgdf.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Do you think mozilla gonna die/selloff anytime soon?


Wouldn't surprise me if they got bought by some big company like oracle


File: 1597357379818.jpg (38.91 KB, 314x475, 314:475, trustme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, but imagine if you could weaponize normgriodery, we could be very wealthy on the backs of their retardation, i just have to figure out how to make this work


The thing is that it takes even more powerful normgroidery to defeat normgroids. It's why billionaires, conmen, and politicians are all the most groid people on earth with few exceptions.


>I assure you
Oh really, you know so much about me, wizkid.


>imagine if you could weaponize normgriodery
What do you think stuff like blm is?


Damn, that is upsetting to hear, so i have to become the very thing i hate most in the world? Not worth it, i spit on that outcome.
Yes, i know, doesn't take a genius to see that, i'm talking about if some white wizzie started selling 'official' BLM merchandise that would be very funny and pleasing to me. Get it now??


File: 1597385405725.jpg (46.68 KB, 743x907, 743:907, j9c48dzdjug51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Text from my witch sister


Ask her how to get out of the brother zone


Tell her that you're actually a volcel and that you have no respect for crustaceans either.


you shouldve unassociated herself regardless


I'd go with this
Your sister sounds like she took the NPC pill.


Why is your sister worried about how often you get laid?

Does she ask about your wank habits too?

Just make fun of her for being weird and asking about your sex life.


she is probably thinking of him being crab as someone harboring misogynist views not just being a virgin


Yeah, I thought so too. It's weird to hate someone only for being a virgin.

Modern trends and cultures are retarded in that regard.


because sex life = status

also no such thing as a witch


it's not really to do with misogyny in itself. succubi often like misogynistic guys. it's if you're an adult virgin there's something inherently wrong with you as it's an expected of males to have had sex. the idea is your socialization was stunted and you don't fit the norms of society meaning you're unrelatable/creepy.


> no such thing as a witch
There are, at the very least go to crystal coffee


I like the idea of being able to read a female only ib to see how opinions and takes differs from a male only ib. Crystal however is another male only ib. It's so easy to tell most of posters are just retard male channers pretending to be succubi. It's been a year since I stopped lurking there because there's no point. If I want to read shitty larping might as well read wizchan posts.


>If I want to read shitty larping might as well read wizchan posts.
sad but true


Those succubi for ,the most part, get laid. The only reason you might see some female virgins is because they do not like the men they attract. Despite receiving a lot of natural attention (from men they do not like) simply by being a female they want someone clearly out of their league.

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