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File: 1595958506605.jpg (384.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jails america.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Jail is a real good motivator not to commit any crimes

Like seriously,
>however if i was in solitary or had a room to myself like in norway/scandinavia jails i'd prob be go for it
USA seems horrible depending on which section you're in, strickt rules, inside politics, fuck that, i'd hate to share a cell

I'm not mentally competent so i might be sectioned in a ward which let me tell you is a nightmare

>I'm european so i'm not familiar with jails except scandinavian one's, does anyone know what it's like ?

Seems to me being a high profile offender get's you a cell alone, tv and a radio according to stuff i read (talking US) like the btk killer
Which seems odd to me, a street punk needs to share cells and buddy up get's no tv, yet a child murderer get's a fuckin tv a cell alone and a radio ?


Just ask the guard for solitary, he'll probably give it to you.


You don't get it. Shared cells are like a reward to these normalfag brutes. It's just like their everyday ghetto, only with everyone in orange pajamas.


Imagine they use solitary as a punishment but i'd rather spend my time in solitary instead of sharing a cell
In fact i've heard stories that suicide rates are high in these luxurious scandinavian 'prison hotels" because they get "lonely"


You know it makes sense why people go crazy or get mad about others being alone
It's because despite them being horrible hateful people they still need eachother they need conflict and they need others misery

The have all these rules and it makes sense it's like high school they make up rules and bounderies they can't live in peace but they can't live dependent either


i meant to say independent not dependent


>All the tough guys in this thread who think sensory deprivation isn't a big deal.

Solitary, at least in prison as a punishment is usually just you in a room with nothing at all else for 23 hours a day. Nothing to do, nothing to distract yourself. Just you, sitting in a room for weeks, months, or even years staring at the blank off white walls as time moves painfully slow.

I don't care how well you do being alone. Shit is still torture that will probably break most here because the real damage it does has very little to do with having no interaction and everything to do with the prolonged sensory deprivation.


It's not a big deal.


Meditation nigga


I have to agree being real. We here have a predilection for being alone but even so we are alone in front of a screen and device capable of all sorts of changing sights an sounds and functions, alone in rooms with books and merchandise and implements of our humanity and identity.

Perhaps if you are adept at it. Would not be an effective long term cope for a novice. I really think people here tend to underestimate this due to being accustomed/liking social isolation in their pet form..


I posted this thread a while ago, but I got zero sympathy for asshole prisoners complaining about solitary confinement. There is no better torture for a gnome.


People here talking about solitary confinement like staying in your room next to your own bed, store bought meals, and internet connection that allows you to post here is somehow the same thing.


Solitary isn't comfy, you just sit there without stimuli.


it's better than being in general population for wiz probably, I haven't been to jail but when I went to a mental ward I got migraine headaches just from the stress of being around other people 24/7, I woulda loved a small isolated room all to myself, your stimuli comes from listening to the other people who are locked up with you, you dont need to personally interact with them though, most will happily yap all their thoughts out loud and keep you mildly entertained


Maybe if you're getting isolated for stabbing another prisoner like a nigger. It's different in high security prisons with default 23h confinement in solitary cells only.


I heard somewhere solitary is basically listening to crazy norms bang on the walls screaming more than peace, they do it all day and night. I would still opt for it but keep it in mind.


Try *one day* without the internet first


>Maybe if you're getting isolated for stabbing another prisoner like a nigger.
The biggest niggers of all, white nationalist skinheads


File: 1596132557226.png (76.97 KB, 400x155, 80:31, white_wizzard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to wizchan, now git out.


I think sometimes they allow you to have a book


euro prisons sound straight up comfy. dont they give you a computer in your cell in norway? now why tf would you wageslave if you could go to prison and neet out for free?


Yeah inmates in Norway get playstation consoles. Even Anders Breivik the mass murderer got his own PS2 in his cell. What kind of punishment is that supposed to be? Doesn't seem like a deterrent to anyone who's poor or already isolated. My life is basically just like that. Being confined to a single room, digital entertainment only, never leaving the house.


>Even Anders Breivik the mass murderer got his own PS2 in his cell
I wonder what games they give you, the cool stuff from america/japan or those funky EU exclusives?


It's literally how i live now minus the mandatory social interaction and work


>Anders Breivik the mass murderer got his own PS2 in his cell. What kind of punishment is that supposed to be?
realistically, how long could you play a ps2 before getting bored? a week at max? it sounds nice but it's definitely not long-term fun


most videogames are literally unproductive and boring repetitive tasks done in a way so that monkeys with low iq can solve and feel good about it for a short period.


scandinavians are such morons. this guy's killed how many, 80 or so people? and he's getting to live in what could be described as a very decent hotel room, because of cheesy humanitarian reasons.

oh my, how awful


Entirely depends on the games

Why are you complaining about productivity here? Wizchan is maybe a step or two above whatever you wrote


>scandinavians are such morons. this guy's killed how many, 80 or so people? and he's getting to live in what could be described as a very decent hotel room, because of cheesy humanitarian reasons.
I think prison serves its purpose by separating dangerous people from the rest of the population. No reason to make them miserable. Punishment isnt going to undo the damage they've done, and the deterrent effect is probably negligible


>No reason to make them miserable. Punishment isnt going to undo the damage they've done, and the deterrent effect is probably negligible
that's the kind of bleeding heart humanitarian talk I really cannot stand, a murderer takes a life away, or in the case of someone like breivik, dozens, basically ruins many others, but hey let's not punish them too harshly, it ain't bringing the dead back, and we'd be as bad as them if we were to expect them to suffer because of their actions! let's have white marchs instead :^)


Prison should serve as a type of punishment, separating dangerous individuals isn't enough, prisons should serve as a sort of prevention for bad behaviour
You reward good behaviour you punish bad behaviour it's really simple


Workfields can surely undo or at least consolate many damages


I believe that this thread's purpose is to fearmonger wizards so that they will meekly accept the draft when we declare war.
Don't buy it. Prison is 10x better than being a slave for the military. Just ignore the letters. If they come knocking at the door, just say no. If they try and make you work in prison, just say no. No one can force you to do anything. Avoid slavery no matter the cost.




Both solitary confinement and regular prison woulkd be much worse than your average wizard life, but a regular cell would be basically hell on earth.
A meek sociophobic fat/skinnyfat autist would get ripped apart by your average inmates. Most wizards are too autistic to fit in and become a respected member of the group, but not autistic enough for "don't pick on him, bro, he's retarded" - and that usually leads to disaster.


lol that's already me in most situations from school to work to back when i was in a mental ward,
I rather be alone because i don't mix with people i'm a hermit class


Tell your master that he will never take the good people of wizchan.


Just weird enough to make normals feel uneasy but not fucked up enough for them to have a clear indication of their unease, leading to their actions being subconsciously influenced towards hating you. I fear people.


Wow you just explained half my life.
Ever so often there is a gem of knowledge here


It's genuinely quite scary when you think about some of the victimless bullshit you can get imprisoned for.

>consuming/possessing some powder which makes you happy

>downloading a song because you can't be bothered giving a multimillion dollar record company a ridiculous amount of money
>posting mean things on the internet

Fucking mental.


world is a shit
kill cops
fuck the jews


Treating people well is much more likely to lead to rehabilitation, I think. Most fucked up people had bad lives and painful upbringings


Jail is meant to be a deterrent, but I don't think it serves that purpose well.

Some of these prisonfags are living better than us. It's a shithole, and it brings shame to your entire family if you are there. However, there are some people who choose to be in prison. It's their nest. They may get out from time to time, but they go back, purposely.


>Most fucked up people had bad lives and painful upbringings
So what ? lot's of people have fucked up lives not everyone turns into a criminal. i fuckin hate that excuse
Oh boohoo you had a rough childhood or come from a disadvantaged background, guess what life sucks and isn't fair

Rehabilitation can only do so much, when psychopathy is involved rehabilition doesn't fuckin work and a large percentage of inmates have antisocial personality disorder
In fact Rehabilitation has opposite effect on a large number of inmates because they're opportunistic and manipulative, not all inmates but allot of them.


You have to control for genes. A child which is abused and turns out antisocial as an adult is a confounded example, because heritable traits which cause a parent to treat their child poorly are passed on to the child, such as impulse control problems, sociopathy, etc.


What about children that were raised well, have good genes and still become criminal abusers?


File: 1598390636117.jpg (42.92 KB, 735x426, 245:142, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>spics and niggers in OP's image
The future of the US is dark.


File: 1598391551825.png (40.18 KB, 450x350, 9:7, 208C4848-D332-4A96-A0B6-22….png) ImgOps iqdb

I see what you did there.


Yea I heard that too, it's really confusing.
Even hearing that, it isnt good but not as bad as being in a cell with others, I heard many [bad] stories about prison, all involving at least robbery, fighting or rape. Maybe to the average person a cell would be fine but to a genetical pissbucket like me, I would be absolutely fucked in prison. Also in solitary confinement you can read books and do exercises so it isnt that bad

That Andrew guy wasnt raised in a bad household, some people are just born evil. All these shitty politicians were never treated badly yet they kill innocent people in foreign countries and do other cruel things


File: 1604947881749.png (443.43 KB, 480x497, 480:497, 55_years_old_cat.png) ImgOps iqdb

future of white race is dark


>and it brings shame to your entire family
Nobody asked you for your normalfag opinion.


This is mediveval tier savagery


They were spawns of bureaucrats, not people.
And thoose silly humunanitarian reasons are called human rights.
Posts like this really makes me think normalfags don't really deserve their rights that were given to them by series of mistakes.


And i cannot stand your normalfag hypocrisy and blind, fanatical worship of life like some holy cow.
Believing that your life has value is humanitarian to its core, retard.


>i have never tried to think out of my tiny box the post
Are you some inbred white trash or just some histrionic "pretending" for attention?



>but not autistic enough for "don't pick on him, bro, he's retarded"
>thinking in prison they don't pick on retards
wew kid you obviously know little.
Being obviously mentally ill and appearing apathetic is probably the best thing in prison.
>people walk into your cell
>holding a shank
>anon i'm gunna cut your tendons because (made up bs)
>they walk away saying how you would probably enjoy getting hurt because obvious lunatic

>guys say they want to rape you

>get warned not to leave cell
>leave cell anyway saying you don't care and hope it makes you CTB
>people respect your "courage"


It's not. People will always commit crimes in the heat of the moment and once the shit is done they're too late to repent or hide evidence. The simplest form of avoiding crime is to have a culture of solidarity and to report grave offenders without fail. Otherwise antisocials will start lumping together to create gangs and eventually cryptofeudalism.


Snitching is unwizardly, its thing soyboys and zealots do.
You are on antisocial website


> report grave offenders without fail
I bet you are also a janny on /r9gay/
I have never reported a crime and given info to the police to catch the criminals even when I was a victim.
>imagine unironically being a janny for the cops
Cops can use their detective skills if they want to catch criminals.
No one should help them by using their gay ass report feature.
>see a crime?
Just hide the thread if it upsets you by looking another direction you soycuck.
>You are on antisocial website
To be fair he means ASPD like sociopathy and psychopathic but to be honest he is so retarded he probably has no idea.


No wizchan is asocial not antisocial, for the most part, as warlocks are rare and suppressed on this site.
Anti means active actions not ldar in your basement. And more likely than not an antisocial is a chad who has the power to oppose it. Pop psy for you https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/open-gently/201811/dont-say-youre-anti-social
I can contend that wizzies are avoidant due to social fear, anxieties. Look at dep for a clear viewpoint.


>I can contend that wizzies are avoidant due to social fear, anxieties.
What would you call a wiz that sees through the gimmick and cannot actually enjoy being physically near others because of this?
You can communicate far better online than offline.


does anyone else get a chuckle thinking about how normies consider solitary confinement to be this insane medieval torture method? they'd rather be in general population getting raped or beaten by niggers than be alone and safe, ohh

the horror


t.never been in jail


t.not american


You realize you get no TV no manga no books no paper no pens.
Guess what you get to do for fun for possibly years?
count the bricks in the walls.
Being alone is not an issue anon.
My brother did time and said the worst thing about cellmates aside from the obvious is needing to share what you watch on TV.
These people in prison are peak normalfag and retarded and sit there watching car shows all day while smoking cigarettes as thick as a toothpick.
Like cooking shows? tough luck unless you are huge people will fuck you up.
Take meds? tough luck you will be forced to give them to other prisoners who stand over you and get punished if caught not swallowing.


>You realize you get no TV no manga no books no paper no pens.


So what would you do for even a day or week or year or decades?
Do you not get how much that will mess with you?
You can also only have normie music in jail.


>Do you not get how much that will mess with you?
I get that it would mess with you
I get that we're running on an assumption that everyone is as mentally fragile as you


>I get that it would mess with you
Do you deny it would? do just a week of no /nothing/ with your thoughts and time going 100x slower
>I get that we're running on an assumption that everyone is as mentally fragile as you
You have no clue.
nice bait


>do just a week of no /nothing/ with your thoughts and time going 100x slower
like I haven't done that, it's not much different from the usual flow of things


No pc no nothing?


>No pc no nothing?
yes, it was called 2003 to 2011


But what did you do? You did not just sit in your room rocking like an autist did you.
You drew or had books surly.
Respct on being an early hikikimori.
My point is that solitary in jail is different than being in your room with anything.
The psychological feeling of knowing you cannot leave would be bad.


not answering this
either talk like an adult without the denigrating kike psychiatric labels or don't talk to me at all


>psychiatric label
Only if you are normalfag
Where do you think you are?




American prison wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the niggers, wiggers and beans who shit the place up for everyone else.


I can't imagine being such a cuck that you don't even want to punish criminals that rob you, this is some next level liberal bullshit, like claiming its good the nigger stole your bike from you, because he needs it more than you do.


NTA but reporting crimes to law enforcement is the same as being a janny irl.


niggers and spics shits fucked


If I had the choice between being homeless and being in jail I would probably choose jail. I live in Germany so it can't be that bad. I'm also a good fighter so I think I could hold my own. At least I then have a roof over my head and get some food even if it's shitty.


No ones a good fighter when they get ambushed by a guy with a shiv or 6 guys walk into the shower and ask if you have any lube.


It does not matter how big or good you are at fighting in jail a huge man will be fresh and get raped because you do just get attacked by the group and no one can defend against a gang of people.
The person you replied to forgets that the thing that makes jail so bad is being around other people and the others are retarded meathead types that you cannot reason with.


I'm so scared of prison or a criminal record, that I don't even think about doing any kind of petty crime.


File: 1613581866450.jpg (88.64 KB, 657x800, 657:800, 243.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ahh, I see, the punishment isn't prison itself, but sexual assault at the hands of other prisoners. What do you think about that?


Only in the movies.


>Previous research suggested an unexplained difference in the patterns of offending behaviors among deaf people when compared to hearing people.
>Sixty-four percent of deaf prisoners were incarcerated for violent offenses in comparison to 49% of the overall state prison offender population. This finding is consistent with previous research. The most significant difference between the populations was found in the category of sexual assault, which represented 32.3% of deaf offenders in contrast to 12.3% of hearing state prison inmates overall. Factors potentially impacting violent offending by deaf persons are their vulnerability to child sexual abuse, use of chemicals, educational histories, and development of language and communication skills. Additionally, there is a widespread lack of accessible intervention and treatment services available to deaf sex offenders across the nation.
If only it weren't for the deaf.


The true punishment of prison is just simply boredom and given that most prisoners cannot read it is even more boring for them.
All you have is a shitty TV in your cell that you share with another man and he likely is some midwit who only wants to watch car shows or fishing shows and good luck being able to watch anime because if it is not shouen besides pokemon and sailor moon and the occasional movie.
But do not think you will get the chance to watch the anime because it is on in the morning or at night and you likely have a prison job so miss out on your anime and the actual good anime movies are hard to watch as your cellie does not know how to read so it is a hard sell to get to watch it.

Remember that ideally you split programming 50/50 and try to keep good relations with your cellie so watching some jap shit with subs on a TINY TV screen is not going to happen all to often and that is even if you can actually get a good cellie.

The worst thing about prison is the other people and being unable to watch whatever you want although you can buy a game console if you want and all that sort of stuff but get ready for some nigger to steal it off you.
Being unable to listen to anything that is not extremely popular as far as music goes is another bad thing or so I heard.

I imagine prison would be very boring but as long as there is no violence it is not that bad.
Basically you get stuck among a bunch of animals who either want to rape you or bash you for fun and the ones that do not will probably steal off you.
People in prison are either VERY smart or very stupid there is not really any inbetween.


>someone creates suffering
>wew that's awful
>let's create more suffering by punishing them
This is pretty basic stuff. Punishment is incoherent ethically. Practically it sometimes might have to be used with very unruly children when there's no other alternative, but it has very little to no effect on deterring people from doing things on the state level, statistically. Even the death penalty (being murdered by the State) doesn't. Prisoners shouldn't be given special treatment, but they should be given the basic necessities which are provided for everyone else by the state (which I think should include relative comfort, food, electricity, and entertainment), as long as there are enough resources.


>relative comfort, food, electricity, and entertainment
Should have also mentioned education, which would include television and monitored access to the internet. Also, I'd consider as much privacy as possible to be included in "relative comfort"


Larry King Interview with Mike Tyson in prison


File: 1614220646976-0.png (470.78 KB, 752x1110, 376:555, m1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1614220646976-1.png (186.95 KB, 738x600, 123:100, m2.png) ImgOps iqdb

From his autobiographical book, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

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