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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Still don't know how to use the archive I see.
Why are you so retarded that you dumb asses can't learn to use the archive?


Does anyone care about the fucking archive?


Too busy grilling and playing plants Vs zombies.


no, why the fuck would anyone want to look at old archives of this thread from 3 years ago? So you can reminisce about youtube fags youtube posts? chuckle at alaskan yelling about jews? read some old irrelevant news and shitposts? I don't know who's idea it was to start archiving these threads but it's fucktarded


People used to believe in something man.


wizzies wanna remember that time they argue about something they thought was super important and how right they were in their posts


great start to the politics thread, well done


>I personally don't use something so that means no one else should ether


File: 1595990667511-0.png (495.49 KB, 599x647, 599:647, 1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595990667511-1.png (633.32 KB, 1290x890, 129:89, 2f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595990667511-2.png (501.15 KB, 1073x889, 1073:889, 3f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



>the sun
So fake tabloid bullshit then I see.

But what does this oddity have to do with politics?



This time next month, you will be wearing goggles if you want to buy food.


thanks jews



Don't worry this brave black wizard is confronting the nurses who are lying to us and perpetuating this hoax virus




thanks, Obama


The media won't be able to keep the hype up forever. Even now there are exponentially more people calling them out on their bullshit than there were a few months ago. Once the steam peters out they won't be able to just sweep this under the rug like they have with all the other fake news they've pushed. They caused a global economic crash, over nothing. Many peoples' lives were ruined over this. That's going to have repercussions. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the nail in the coffin that finally kills the credibility of MSM TV news for normalfaggots.


How is that still a thing?


Jews against Israel


Retards who read it unironically and people who like it ironically as a edgy neo-nazi themed over hyped tabloid.
You know, the same type of people who hang out on shitchan and think the height of comedy is a surprise ear-rape video blasting nigger over and over again at full volume.


As far as a religious argument goes, Neturei Karta are actually right, Israel as a nation should not exist before the coming of the Messiah. Not that it matters that much, if I'm not mistaken half Israelis don't even believe in God.


File: 1596148427847.mp4 (3.89 MB, 672x848, 42:53, IMG_7600.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

everyday life in 2020


I guess there's a demand out there for news that tells the truth


What is the story behind this?




Wageslave wizzie in the front after working from home for the past 5 months.



all those pathetic white knights and females seething in the comments. priceless.


There's so much going on in this webm.. Is this New York?


Wait are you guys seriously claiming corona is a hoax? Can confirm this shit is real, even in my mid-sized city.

The truth is that America is a broken country ruled by evil morons who won't do the bare minimum things you would expect a state to do, and so are a lot of of the Euro hellholes. In February, the same media were laughing with glee at China's misfortune and trying to sell herd immunity, because it's too much to ask rich international travelers to quarantine for two weeks or do proper fucking testing. Naturally, the people fucked by this the most are the poor, the elderly, and the sick, all targets the people in charge don't give a shit about.


because it's only killing really fucking old geezers (70+) and people with preexisting morbid health conditions, and at numbers far less than those you get from the usual winter flu every year, which are usually caused by a "novel coronavirus" themselves fyi

it's just a very weak flu, the only reason the gooks freaked out is because they had reason to believe it was a biological weapon from a hostile america
>Can confirm this shit is real,
woah, you punctuated that with a cuss word, that makes you so convincing


It can be real for many think this would be a mere conspiracy so these ones were to get really sick and feel like idiots, but at the same time:


And the comments, man. the comments


I don't understand a word you said

I'm not clicking that


Those comments are pretty depressing. Imagine being an old geezer and just abandoned in the hospital, left to die. Definitely makes me feel more comfortable with committing suicide eventually. No way is my wellbeing going to be entirely in the hands of some strangers who neglect me.


Stupid boomers deserve it. Shouldn't have elected FDR.


>it's only killing really fucking old geezers (70+) and people with preexisting morbid health conditions
it's not though, my mom works in a hospital and she has had a couple healthy 30-40 year old nurses die already, it doesn't matter who you are, it's like playing with fire


Strange how the media is willing to portray Japanese WW2 veterans so sympathetically but doing the same thing with German WW2 veterans would be unthinkable.


Are you aware that the hospitals count any death where COVID is in the system as a COVID death regardless of whether or not COVID actually killed the person? A motorcyclist was counted as a COVID death after he died in a crash just because he had the disease, for example.


It's some Spanish-speaking country



The coronavirus is in the process of killing everyone. Millions of people are dying from it every day. Since March, over 1 trillion Americans have died from the virus. The bodies are piling up in the streets. Just yesterday, I had to take a detour in traffic because there were hundreds of thousands of bodies piled up in the street. They were stacking them twenty feet high and burning them with wood, because there was simply no chance they were going to be able to bury that many bodies.

But the stupid, evil, white young people still won’t take it seriously. They’re acting like this is all a big game.




File: 1596231908370.jpg (36.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, despair.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who else has been selling off their possessions because the endless stimulus shitshow? We won't even get anything substantial since this is all just a prelude to rolling out "UBI" Fedcoin in the winter when most people will be too desperate to oppose its implementation.


This is why you keep some money saved.

And it's not like there's zero opportunity to make money. A lot of people made a whole lot reselling toilet paper and masks, for example. Rural areas at least are ignoring the lockdown orders now so opportunities aren't nonexistent.


>A lot of people made a whole lot reselling toilet paper and masks, for example.
lol right


Did you read what I wrote? My mom WORKS in a fucking hospital, a couple nurses caught the virus and died, these are people she worked with every day, they didn’t die in a motorcycle crash you fucking moron


Fake nurse


woah, you emphasized that hearsay with cussing and an all-caps word, I'm totally gonna ignore the facts now and believe you instead

sure, hospitals have been empty during this whole "pandemic" while the bored staff dance for tiktok videos and we're reduced to fraudulently padding the death toll with traffic deaths and people choking on their food but HOL UP YO! THIS SHITS F'REAL!!! source: my mom


Anecdotes don't really mean anything. And there's no real reason why we should trust your mom either. That's the point. Medical professions like your mom said that motorcycle guy caught the virus and died therefore he died of the virus, even though he actually died of crashing his motorcycle. How do we know that your mom isn't pulling the same trick? Can we see the medical reports of these two nurses who died?


My dad works for Verizon and he says 5G causes Corona.


unbelievable, you're all a bunch of idiots, I hope you're just pretending to be stupid


well there you go folks, what other proof do you need


Fox news and Trump told me corona is a Democrat hoax made in communist china so that they could rig the election. I'll trust a politician and th TV host over a damn doctor.


Do you actually have any independently verifiable evedence for any of your claims.

Like you are aware this is anonymous on the internet and people can just lie right?
Unless you can prove it no one is actually going to take you seriously.


I trust the doctor who gets a $65,000 kickback for every person he puts on a ventilator or declares a "corona death" without evidence

no conflict of interest there


it’s information directly from my mother who has worked in a hospital setting her entire life, why the heck would she lie to me, and why would I come wizchan of all places to make up some insignificant lie like that? All I’m trying to say, from a direct primary source, is the virus doesn’t just kill old geezers or unhealthy people, it’s basically a dice roll whether it will kill you or not. The chances of any single person dying of the virus are low but the thing is not completely harmless.



look at this dumb faggot playing guard dog for the sites that hate him and ban his supporters en masse, and oh yeah durr hurr teh commies

dumbest president ever


>it’s basically a dice roll whether it will kill you or not
oh wow in other words just like any other flu, except at 1/5th the true casualty rate

better crash the economy and install a police state to save the lives of our fucking statistical outliers


in case you coronafaggots don't remember the 2017-18 winter flu killed like 800,000 people in america, actual flu deaths, not motorcycle accidents or people falling off ladders

where was the mass hysteria then, where was the regime crashing the economy and installing a police state

this whole thing is a hoax to fast-forward the country into tyranny and enrich the 1% more


Exactly. And my primary source, my father, proves that 5G radiation causes Corona. I have no reason to lie and my dad has no reason to lie. He himself installed the Corona radiation capsules and right afterwards half of the people living around the tower came down with the covid. I have no reason to lie to you have to believe me.


fuck off alaskan

non sequitur, try again


you really should learn the difference between mockery and a non sequitur and stop accusing everyone of being from alaska because that shit is bizarre


On a totally unrelated note
I kinda miss having a pet cat.
Not really sure how to make that political so I will just sage.


I just want to impress people because you're my guy.


Why are redditors so scared of "evil right wingers" doxxing them anyway, do they really have no fucking self awareness? Everytime someone gets doxxed and fired its done by leftist, I guess it's just normgroid projection.


I wouldn't say it is completely fake, but it's very fishy, number are being inflated, people who die from car crash get listed as corona death, corona tests that weren't even used were accidently sent to test labs and some came back positive among many other examples, obvious something wierd is going on, the elites want to push this disease probably to ruin the economy for poorer people.


>you really should learn the difference between mockery and a non sequitur
It's non sequitur because saying 5G connections cause corona virus is dubious and would require further evidence and explanation for that to be remotely believable, whereas saying saying a couple nurses in my area have died of corona virus is perfectly reasonable, unless you are a dense idiot that is.

I don't know if the numbers are fake or anything, my understanding is the vast majority of people that catch corona virus just stick it out at home with mild symptoms, but there are a small percentage of people who have an extreme reaction. My mom's hospital is currently treating 50 people that have the virus and require treatment, some of her coworkers have caught the virus and a couple of said coworkers have died, most have recovered.


They know their own tactics work and don't realize that right wingers actually have principles that prevent them from doing even half the shit the left does while thinking they are the good guys.
The left thinks that any tactic is justified if the target is "correct" or it might come closer to the result they want. These are people who can justify doing some of the consistently worst shit you can do on the internet as long as it is in service of the greater good of spiting the "evil right wingers". They just make the assumption that eventually since the other side is so evil the only reason why they don't use the lefts tactics must because the left is just so damn clever and the right are just too dumb to us the big brain tactics the left does. It could never be because of the right having fundamental moral objections to certain kinds of behavor or anything. No, they must be too dumb or something.
That is the thought process that goes through their head.

Remember, these people don't actually know or care how their sworn enemies actually think, they just project all their negative feelings on to them and see what sticks.


Strange how? It's just obvious jews control the media.


What you mean le old "swept away in a war" meme? Fuck off. Japan was blamed for a ton of bullshit massacres (the same as every other axis country) while the "allies" were dindu nuffin good boys incapable of doing anything wrong


Why Rightoids hate masks


File: 1596306442553.png (570.44 KB, 574x882, 41:63, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Why don't you ask shitchan since they never seem to get tired of having that thread over and over again on several boards.



It amazes me to this day that people cant spot sarcasm this blatant



entertaining little read, the lunatics are starting to just come out and say explicitly that facts don't matter, only feelings


File: 1596352467019.png (39.83 KB, 498x497, 498:497, 32.png) ImgOps iqdb

>communist shit hole like Russia


>and the reason we are wizards is. Because of feminism.
Elaborate before you throw everyone into the same bag.


go get a gf, dude


Actually feminism has made it easier to get laid. It's starting a family and getting a loyal wife which is much more difficult.


> crabs are more wizardly than anyone else
> the reason we are wizards is. Because of feminism
polwiz 2020


uhuh, I’m sure you woulda been a total ladies man if you were alive ‘back in the day’


I'm fairly convinced our day and age is the easiest point in time to have sex. Eroded family values, emancipation of succubi, the sexual revolution, etc. If you want to have sex in 2020 and for whatever reason can't, I can't imagine any other period of time where you could. This is it, 2020, if you can't have sex you belong here, it's hardwired into you, might as well accept it.

Coincidently I was reading about the Aegean Bronze age and back then young men were so desperate for succubi they would literally form bands to kidnap some of them. Can you image the blue balls of those people they would band together and risk death just to have sex? Today succubi are not valuable commodities anymore, families don't protect or hide them, nobody gives a shit what they do. There's literally a Hook-up culture in place. This is it, if you want to have sex, get the fuck out of our board and go outside. Your chances are as high as will ever be.




I wonder what this comic is trying to say. Is it that Trump supporters only outlet against the Jews to resist them is hating on masks and hating masks is a way of resisting Jews, or that the Jews are right there in plain sight but they aren't attacking them, they are just attacking masks when they should be attacking the true oppressors?


>go get a gf dude
No you.


Can you expect what is going on in that interview? Why is that succubus attacking the wizard?


>go get a gf, dude
How is this comment allowed, but mods deleted my autist comments?? f u modshits


>israeli investors looked into getting into the anime market right after this happened
Yeah, and I'm sure thats nothing but a big fat coincidence as well. There is no evidence for their claims, they just want to get into the market and censor this from happening because they know damn well that its true


>american left: russia has no freedom of speech! putin is an elected dictator!
>also american left: you are not allowed to say anything we dont approve of on social media or in public
Oh the irony.


Amy Schumer is a "comedian" whore who is famous for making disgusting jokes about her vagina and advocating for maximum sexual debauchery. She admitted to raping her sister.
She's probably just mad that someone is criticizing her unhealthy life choices.


Not him but it is actually a veriety of factors (including feminism). In schools, we are taught to hate being white and being male. We were taught and blamed to feel bad about events in history that we never even took apart in. Almost every single act of "encouragement" by teachers or by family members are hollow and in many cases false. Examples include: you can be what you want to be, anyone can become rich, highschool helps people (in the right direction) for any job, etc. The end result is wizardom or most white men working at dead end jobs. Literally the only language the schooling system even taught was fucking spanish and that was MANDATORY in my state (despite me being up north and with very few mexicans). It would have made FAR more sense to make French mandatory because most Canadians speak it and there are far more french canadians that live near me than there are spanish speaking mexicans. I unironically want a refund for all the countless hours I wasted in the classrooms learning an absolutely worthless language, "social studies", fake history, and a bunch of other shit that is absolutely worthless in the real world.



She also raped 2 men one of whom was a taxi driver.



Robert Dingwall, professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University, points out the following:

Anyone unhealthy enough to die from coronavirus was going to die from something else this year
80% of deaths related to coronavirus in the United Kingdom had life-limiting medical conditions


>professor of sociology
Imagine being a professor in a field that was made up out of thin air


Why is it that people say 5G is harmless? Because it's clearly untrue.


what does this have to do with the facts he stated?


never heard of it, don't even have to click on it to know it's a bunch of bullshit


they promised to tell me how but all I saw is more hogwash that rests on the codewords "studies show"


But why is she attacking sexually aggressive though?
I know the tone, because it's the same that my mother gives me


Too bad it has links to actual studies.


too bad I'm not a member of the "studies" cult knowing how there's always another "study" that says the opposite of the one someone is pushing


Both the us department of the interior and the us department of wild life has stated that electromagnetic waves from radio towers were causing health problems for birds. But you're ignorant and refused to even read the article.
And the issue remains, if them then why not us? Why would it not effect our health? These same psychopaths are even considering operating 5G networks at ABOVE 95 GHz (more than the Active Denial System that the US military uses). The "corona virus" has the same symptoms as radiation sickness: vomiting, burning skin, shortness of breath, coughing, etc.


radiation sickness is from ionizing radiation, dipshit, what you just described are the textbook symptoms of the flu



File: 1596428334239.png (351.34 KB, 420x486, 70:81, 1593310422610.png) ImgOps iqdb


>feeling of burning skin is a common symptom of the flu


>Non-ionizing radiation can produce non-mutagenic effects such as inciting thermal energy in biological tissue that can lead to burns. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) from the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement adding RF electromagnetic fields (including microwave and millimetre waves) to their list of things which are possibly carcinogenic to humans
How interesting.


not sure what that's supposed to do but not clicking your horseshit, non-ionizing radiation doesn't penetrate the body unless it's in the area of microwaves, where it's obvious that you're actually being irradiated and not just fucking imagining it like these people are



didn't say it doesn't penetrate skin, it's a matter of depth, here's another – totally contradicting – study from your same .gov https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6820018/

non-ionizing radiation that stops at the skin can't effect the types of symptoms you 5g conspiratards attribute it, and it's not behind coronavirus because unlike alleged 5g rays you can actually test for that in people going to hospitals with those symptoms and see the virus in their blood sample

I mean, unless you people are claiming that an electromagnetic frequency is magically creating viruses? I admit I don't follow the 5g conspiratardation that deep


You're right actually. Corona virus exists.
Source: your mom.


I mocked the other corona tard with the "source: your mom"

someone pointing out in an argument that the virus exists doesn't mean he believes in the doomvirus stuff


File: 1596450222191.gif (858.87 KB, 2970x2483, 2970:2483, truth about race - racial ….gif) ImgOps iqdb

If you see a /pol/ack then remember him to spread propaganda about that and his stuff. It's a failure to have lurked the imageboards without taking anything useful.

And may be, someone listens. Someone who might be taken more seriously than any of us…


>creating virus

No, but rather they use 5G (even if it not that necessarily harmful) to deliberately damage people and srcew the planet. Like they do with everything.


yeah whatever
btw I thought the 5g poster was tying it into the corona thing, I realize now it wasn't and I should stop making my coffee so strong


File: 1596503336975.png (1.28 MB, 1209x685, 1209:685, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

bidens vp picks, really makes you think doesn't it


definitely he will lose. Why isn't he campaigning yet? What does he think is going to happen?


People are having less sex today. That's mostly related to the decline in marriage. It's easier to have sex when you're married, which sounds obvious.


Keith made a video about the decline of the American hegemony/West/Globalism/Globohomo/Whatever you want to call it. I thought I'd share here since these are times that seem all too bleak, yet we must always look towards a better future, and even the decay of our own societies might eventually lead to something better down the road.

If you want to read it instead:

He also made a video the other day where he interviewed a Russian guy regarding the topic of collapse, which I found interesting.


How do you know so much about sex hmmm??


What can you possibly do to save your precious western civilisation?
How is it not over for you already?


> Why isn't he campaigning yet?
The less he is in public the less likely he is to reveal how bad off mentally he currently is.
I have seen how dementa and the like progress IRL and he has many of the tell tell signs that he is losing it and losing it quickly.
He really shouldn't be running at all, but the dems want a easilly controlled puppet more then they want to actually win, so they are hoping that people just hate trump so much that they will elect literally anyone else, including someone who isn't mentally capable of doing the job anymore.


He doesn’t need to campaign because he’s already 50 points ahead without bothering. Who cares about accusations of senility when you win just by staying at home? Useless to subject yourself to crowds and interviews and all that shit just to prove a point.


I think you're misunderstanding, there's nothing worth saving in the current system. It needs to go down so that something better can replace it, and the sooner the collapse comes the less permanent the damage will be.


>replace the system
might as well figure out how to make beehives and ant colonies change their system, whites are morons who will always fuck up their own countries and do what jews tell them, it's their instinct to

also accelerationism is a joke


Dems are scared to death of the debates and don't want it to happen.


>accelerationism is a joke
On that point I will agree with you.


File: 1596563062050.png (251.68 KB, 550x565, 110:113, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why? You think keeping someone on life-support is also the best way?
You think allowing rot to grow through wood is the best way, or should you cut it down before it spreads?


Your analogies are shit.


Accelerationism rests on the assumption that the kine will wake up and turn against their masters if things get shitty enough. The reality is they're more likely to just roll over and accept the tyranny regardless of how stupid or evil their oppressors behave.


I don't even understand how the dems managed to make the runner up for their party the weakest guy ever to run for office, like an actual dementia patient, that's trump competition

you either vote for the asshole or you vote for the senile idiot

I thought bernie had the spot in the bag last year, seemed like a capable smart guy, but somehow joe fucking biden gets the pick, how, I've got no clue, this country is rigged


>y-you can't do that!

I remember when I was younger and watched the apprentice I thought Trump was really cool and tough, he's actually almost as weak as Biden, he's only gotten lucky that no real men have faced him


>real men
Wizchad 2020


Imagine being triggered by out of context key words like a AI programed by male feminist.


I wouldn’t say trump is weak, just in way over his head, biden is a total loon


Out of context bait again. If you actually watch the video you see that he's trying to get the reporter back on track to his point that more people survive the chinese flu in America. There is no way to frame it like he's begging the reporter not to ask him questions or anything like that, that's just dishonest. Almost like the headline writers didn't expect anyone to actually watch the video they linked.

I mean he's kind of inarticulate here but it's obvious that's because he had someone else give him a cursory explanation of the stats and he himself didn't spend much time on it. I don't expect the president to spend that much time combing through graphs, he has other people for that.


We finally got the full Floyd footage. Surprise, it completely exonerates the police officer.



Can you explain more? I don't wish to watch dailymail trash


When I read Floyd's extensive criminal record I had little doubt this guy viciously resisted arrest and caused his own death. This video just reveals what I suspected. It's weird the media would pick this one case in particular, I'm sure there are videos of actual police brutality against black people out there they could've used. Something like this one but with a black victim. Isn't there? This career criminal high as a kike complaining of chest pains before anyone touched was the best video they got? Hard to believe it.

Basically it shows he was high as fuck on something, had chest pains way before ending on the ground, actually asked to be put on the ground and viciously resisted police and wouldn't follow simple instructions. TLDR; if this guy was white nobody would dare say this was police brutality, the cops there actually look fairly pacient. Contrary to the video I'm posting now, which imo actually shows police officers commiting a murder, contrary to Floyd's.


would love another chimpout if he gets exonerated


Aren’t the guys in your vid SWAT, not police?


Yeah I guess they are. Is there a difference? I thought they were the police unit for SHTF situation?


It's just raw police body camera video


File: 1596656049659.png (1.11 MB, 939x671, 939:671, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nope, it's the Mesa Police Department.


my hero, I have failed you


Here is hoping a vigilante hunts him down one day.


yeah wise guy i'm asking what happened in the video that is different from what we already know


I don't understand why you called raw police bodycam footage "dailymail trash" when dailymail didn't make it or edit it.


maybe he doesn't want to visit that site. perfectly understandable tbh.


The video is hosted on youtube, not dailymail.com


It still gives clicks to their channel.




Thanks wiz, good explanation, unlike the other guy


Thanks for detailing the thread with your jackassery and willful ignorence for attention as usual alaskan.


you see the mushroom cloud size explosion in lebanon? the probably thought the jews were nuking them


>mushroom cloud size
Wiz, a mushroom cloud would be way bigger than that. If a nuke did hit them they wouldn’t even have time to ponder that question.


>Horrifying video of the explosion shows an enormous mushroom cloud over the city
>The deadly blast was one of the world's biggest-ever peacetime explosions.
>It's the biggest explosion in an urban area in decades
>A HUGE explosion that rocked Lebanon's capital Beirut in August 2020 created a mammoth mushroom cloud that dwarfed the city.
>Blast a fifth the size of Hiroshima


I broke a computer once at work and felt like shit for a long time. Just imagine how the guy responsible for this must be feeling like, assuming he didn't die because of it and it wasn't on purpose.


afaik it was a welder


This is why Trump is able to get away with so much. If they just said "Trump bungles his statistics explanation" it would be fine. But the fake news can't do that, they have to lie. So they make it seem like Trump is saying that reporters don't have the right to correct him, which is false, and then thanks to fake news lying the story changes from Trump doing something stupid to big MSM companies telling baldface lies about what Trump is doing.
They never learn, it's ridiculous.


File: 1596738889844.mp4 (3.43 MB, 854x480, 427:240, iraq DEW.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

This is absolutely 100 percent a directed energy weapon, video related, a DEW orbital weapon striking in iraq


Judging by the bizarre image stabilization in the footage post blast, it's more likely just a case of the camera or rendering software obfuscating the footage of a normal blast to the point of looking otherworldly in an attempt to keep the footage smooth. Vaseline on lens = hovercraft type stuff, but digital. Yes DEWs exist but this was just an irresponsible company improperly storing valuable nitrogen.

What black magic is Trump getting away with this time?



Why can't some antifa super soldier beat this whiteoid already.


They're cowards.


You know they are constently exelating the level of violece and are already at the level of terrorist right?
And that unless antifa starts getting shot or arrested for their actions they are going to keep on maiming and murdering people in more and more fucked up ways.

It really is only a matter of time before they start using pipe bombs and acid attacks.
I mean they are already using explosives and burning lasers.


Man, Texas really is slowly becoming another California.


A lot of those people are probably bussed in from California.


File: 1596753624227.jpg (93.12 KB, 1140x640, 57:32, new hat.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Look at what came in the mail today.


a meme from 2016?


Postmodernism truly is insanity.

When you take away logic and reason all that is left is madness.


How much did you spend on it anyway?
Is it official first party merch or a knock off?


$30. Got it from the Trump website so it's essentially a campaign donation. You could probably find one cheaper on amazon or something.


>being a walking advertisement


File: 1596758803364.jpg (142.07 KB, 1080x767, 1080:767, EevA_FTWkAA8n0l.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're coming for Poland. This was taken in the Polish parliament.

If you do not physically remove these people and put them in prison, they will win.


why do succubi always want to destroy society?


They are a cosmic force of chaos.


File: 1596762672769.mp4 (4.26 MB, 576x720, 4:5, liberian_anthem.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Some cultists got separated from their herd and their programming got stuck in an infinite loop.


succubi's suffrage has become men's suffering


They are pure instinct, they want only the mighty to rule the weaklings.


most of them probably moved from there and call themselves "texans" now

the place is a cancer that metastasizes everywhere


File: 1596778545792.jpg (47.56 KB, 480x572, 120:143, EevF29uXkAAgUFg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why are normgroids who work shit jobs surprised when their shit jobs don't pay enough, why don't they just get a better job or be smart with their money and invest (you can learn how to on the fucking internet in minutes), sell your vacation house or one of your cars, borrow from family. There are always ways to make money if you have a few brain cells.


Bps has a video on it that can't be posted here because the thumbnail has a succubus in a swimsuit.
It more or less explains why womem destroy nations.


You underestimate how expensive can be to treat an aggressive form of cancer in the US. You can easily end up spending 500k in a 2 years treatment. For starters. I'm guessing you're young and never got really sick really fast, so you don't know any better. It's not people working shit jobs that end up in debt over health care bills, it's pretty much everyone.

>just get a better job or be smart with their money and invest

That's how I know your dad is footing all your bills and you don't know what you're talking about. I envy you.


Unless you are a multi-millionaire you can get your savings wiped by a bad illness.
That said the real way of avoiding this is not having a wife.
That way you don't have to worry about her getting sick, spending up all your savings, then dying in a few years anyway thus rendering all that sacrifice futile.


>That's because you haven't been taking care of yourself brah you only have yourself to blame brah


Nice strawman retard.


we're living in the matrix. Everything is fake. I only believe what my cult leader says is true. all hail trump.


I have a couple of tenants who exemplify this. They are constantly talking about buying new luxury shit even though they are thousands of dollars in debt, constantly struggling to pay their bills. They just pretend that they're rich. I've been trying to help them by giving them work since if they have 0 money they can't pay me their rent but of course they still are always asking me for handouts. Because they decided to buy a new lawn gnome instead of paying off some of their debt or paying their bills. It's like the part of the brain that lets people plan for the future just didn't develop in these people.


Government regulation killed affordable healthcare.

Remember that gangster government murdered Wilhelm Reich for healing people the "wrong" way.


Never seen this channel before.
Liking a lot of their older content.


Hiding Biden accidentally insults the niggers again.


I love watching politicians fumble and make asses of themselves. Really shows what scumsuckers they all are.


There are studies that show that police is actually more reluctant to shoot Blacks and will wait a little more to pull the trigger and will therefore commit less mistakes when using lethal force against Blacks than against Whites.


AmRen did a video some time ago where they could name and comment every single unarmed black person that was shot by the police in 2018 (I think), and that was including those that attacked cops while unarmed. It wasn't a long video either.


File: 1596837475209.png (1.15 MB, 1079x1866, 1079:1866, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



You wouldn't legislate a paranoid schizophrenic person's delusions, the delusions of people with gender dysphoria/autogynophilia shouldn't be legislated (or respected) either.


>he uses a active rather then giving that propaganda site the clicks
I am proud of you.

As for the issue, in context it makes sense even for those who are Pro trans or whatever, but you know full well that the first thing out the window is context when it concerns Trump so he will probably get called transphobic or some other nonsense over this.


Innocent man gets murdered by cops for answering door with gun in hand. Which is completely legal. Even threw down the gun as soon as he saw what was happening but police still killed him.


It is hard to find the words for how little I care anymore.

I know you are just trying to push a agenda using emotion and propaganda because your shit ideas don't stand up to rational scrutiny.
I see what you are doing, you will probably deny it, but I see it all the same.
Leading me to not care about the stuff you post over and over again.


>emotion and propaganda
lol what? This is something that actually happened. It's not some spun out-of-context edited lie. You can see the video there.
I don't think the state has the right to murder people. I think that the event depicted in the video is a travesty of justice. If you feel otherwise feel free to present your argument.


File: 1596840990800.jpg (28.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 167646.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Whatever happened to her and climate change?

A negro overdoses on fentanyl, now the whole world stops to mourn a criminal and drug addict?

Who's pulling the strings     


The content of the video is immaterial to my objections. What is being objected to is your agenda and reasons for posting such videos as a substitute for rational argumentation of your ideology.
Which in turn falls under the classical definition of propaganda.

The function of your non-argument is objectionable as is form dishonest.
I am so tired of your ongoing campaign of bullshit.
Why can't you ever be rational. Why can't you be honest to truthful about anything.

You aren't clever, you aren't going to trick anyone into agreeing with your insane nonsense.
I don't care about what you post because I know you post it in service to your radical illogical and irrational agenda.


She was sidelined by the Chinese flu, not the riots.
Besides the lockdown has been great for the environment so there is a lot less to bitch about atm when it comes to environmentalism.


File: 1596848709205.png (44.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1573607306845.png) ImgOps iqdb

huh i wonder (((who))) is spinning things


I mean it doesn't matter what she does, its too late to stop climate change now. If we can't even handle a fucking flu then how do you expect people to deal with a crisis that will threaten the extinction of most life on the planet, and a catastrophe that we've known about since the fucking 70's. It's just not going to happen. Even if the ruling class did start giving a shit about it, they won't do enough to stop it other than delay it further on, because the core issue is industrialism, and ending that will mean ending this way of life and to stop artificially exceeding the planets carrying capacity through the use of oil based technologies and advanced technology in general, which not even these so-called "climate" activists are willing to talk about other than a reformation through "green" technologies. These "climate activists" have managed to hijack the entire ecological movement by turning it into a mainstream lobby for the alternative renewable energies industries, something never before seen in history and it says a lot to how serious they are about achieving their ends. Since they refuse to challenge or even critique human supremacy over the biosphere, which is the core reason for climate change, then don't be surprised when and if their plans are even acted on that nothing significant changes other then a delay of the inevitable death of most life on the planet. Thought even if they started getting at the real issues and not the surplus, it is likely that not only would the ruling class not just ignore them but also actively try to demonize them and violently suppress them, but any hope of even convincing the masses would seem utopian since they would have to give up the only way of life that they know, having to live closer to their so-called ancestral "savages" that they naively look down on.

Then we have the rise of the far right anti-intellectuals again that just thinks that everyone against the status-quo are evil jews like the comment above me. This world is fucked (and good, since I hate civilization).


"Any Inbound Missile Will Be Seen As Nuclear" - Russia's Military Warns Amid Arms Treaty Talks

Though all eyes have been focused on the emerging 'new Cold war' scenario between the US and China, Russia's military has just issued a rare and eye-opening statement which represents perhaps the most severe threat to come out of ongoing New START extension negotiations thus far.

"Russia will perceive any ballistic missile launched at its territory as a nuclear attack that warrants a nuclear retaliation, the military warned in an article published Friday," AP writes.

"The harsh warning in the official military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) is directed at the United States, which has worked to develop long-range non-nuclear weapons," the report continues.

In the article some of Russia's top generals, including senior officer of the Russian military's General Staff, Maj.-Gen. Andrei Sterlin, claimed that in the event of an attack, radar and anti-air systems will have no way of knowing if a ballistic missile has a nuclear warhead or not.

“Any attacking missile will be perceived as carrying a nuclear warhead,” the Russian military publication said. “The information about the missile launch will be automatically relayed to the Russian military-political leadership, which will determine the scope of retaliatory action by nuclear forces depending on the evolving situation.”


you still rambling on about muh climate shit?? when is it this time? I'm tired of the end of the world being postponed again and again, we were supposed to be under water at least 16 different times the last 20 years


File: 1596857326981.jpeg (106.94 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 2CD85A4F-DD31-45D9-8CA7-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If I didn’t know anybody I’d think you were both the same person playing the the opposite side.


The earth has literally been getting hotter and hotter and recently we've experienced some of the hottest summers in a very long time. Go ahead and deny it though like you deny the coronavirus exists. This is why right wing ideology is not sustainable. You deny and deny reality, but eventually a crisis will come so big that you can't deny and it will be to late to act.

On the bright side, while in some parts of the world people are witnessing the hottest summers ever recorded in modern times, these will probably be the coolest summers we will experience compared to the coming decades. Enjoy it while it lasts you capitalist death cult motherfuckers.





>recently we've experienced some of the hottest summers
amurika is not the entire world you lump of provincial shit, if I were to use your language "we" have been experiencing some of the coldest summers in recent years, followed by more freezing winters than usual

your climate cult has no explanation for that just pseudo science, meanwhile we know the real connection of the climate(s) to sun activity and the fact the sun is misbehaving recently, but go and deny that


>some of the coldest summers
>followed by more freezing than usual
Climate around the world is not universally the same at the same times, but given that the weather is behaving strangely in your area, how do you not see that as a sign of climate change from a laymens perspective? Do you also notice less insects? Because we've been killing off most of those too.


oh crap, I forgot that it's no longer global warming, it's general climate shit now that takes everything religion-like as a sign or proof of the faith

not in the mood for this kook shit anymore…
>Do you also notice less insects?
No. I do not notice fucking fewer insects. They're as numerous as ever.


File: 1596900079533.jpg (273.19 KB, 500x578, 250:289, jdujkmgug7f51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

human capital. We are human "resources" to be moulded, rented, exploited, and discarded more than we are human beings in the capitalist economic system. Mere commodities.


That show made me realize what normies probably do all day. They have this designated "study time" but all they do is chat and get drunk or whatever


>in the capitalist economic system
I don't know of any other system that recognizes man's natural right of self-ownership and ownership over his own labour. Communism and socialism definitely doesn't do it.


File: 1596906103243.mp4 (2.99 MB, 136x240, 17:30, ripsave - Trump’s wall on ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Thats a weird slogan for current presidential incumbent. Wasn't he supposed to make america great his first term? Or do you just not want to admit you got played and he didn't accomplish shit but running the biggest deficit in history (so much for "fiscal" conservatives), and sliding us deeper into fascism (which I'm sure you have on problem with).

Even the wall failed.


See, this is what I have a problem with. You abandon moral principals because of intense lust for material results. You try to justify making people slaves because you don't like what might happen if you treat them as humans. That's the path towards evil. I don't want that.


States of being are not evil. Actions are evil. You residing in a negative state of being does not justify you perpetrating evil against others. What you are arguing for is stealing peoples' labour. Actually literally stealing it, coming to their houses with guns and shooting them dead if they do not comply with your demands. That is slavery.

Is wage labour conducive to self-actualization? Usually not. Does wage labour being a thing give you justification to murder and enslave people? Absolutely not.


File: 1596907625787.jpg (20.65 KB, 311x375, 311:375, marian ran.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>complains that under capitalism others own him and his time
>you can't own yourself


Because the guy who made it is a ban evader.


If you see his posts in the future go ahead and report them.


Yeah dude, go and spam the whole site. That'll really show everyone what a level headed and totally not butthurt person you are.


Why do some people seem to foam at the mouth with the mere mention of Trump. Like literally what has he done to make people so mad? Are people THAT easily influenced by the media?


He derailed the "plan", and is also somewhat rude.

I no longer seek to understand their irrational level of hate. People are dead over this bullshit. More people will die over it. It isn't funny anymore and it was never acceptable.


who cares that people die?


People used to call Obama hitler and during the tea party stuff the media and congressmen were talking about how he was building his forces to enact a socialist dictatorship of America, all their rallies had pictures of him as hitler and with brownshirts. Internet used to be full of boomers raging about Obama and focusing on his wife and kids. While the lying media stuff has got hotter there was always loads of people who raged about this shit on every side, it isn't that new.


>Are people THAT easily influenced by the media?
Yes, absolutely yes, which I find it amazing. The media has proven to be over and over and over and over and over again to be nothing but a propaganda machine for those who can afford it, it blows my mint how people continue to believe their bullshit.

It's just a war of disinformation at this point. I think people are very, very slowly realizing this though. At least they have an idea that the media is biased. My dad is in his late 60s and when I have dinner with him sometimes he starts talking about a particular news source he loves and when I say the media lies on purpose he still has a hard time believing it. He even commented once that if a journalist would do that on purpose and all the time he would probably ended up arrested lol. I don't think any 20 year old today would doubt for a second that any media outlet has an agenda. So I'm hopeful.


The Trump hate is a lot more intense. People weren't afraid to admit that they voted for Obama. People weren't assaulted on the street for wearing Obama apparel. The notion that Obama is an actual fascist seems incredibly fringe. Contrast that with the fairly mainstream leftist belief that Trump is a fascist.


File: 1596935547612.png (314.59 KB, 598x467, 598:467, yy4.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

We're definitely in the Matrix because this shit is too gay to be real


What's weird is the double standards people hold. So an ideology surrounding gender-swap is perfectly fine, but an ideology surrounding homophobia is not? They're both ideologies, idiots. Am I wrong?


Like I could superimpose my supposed homophobia onto the matrix and call it an "anti-gay allegory"? IT'S STILL A FUCKING IDEOLOGY


No the fuck the matrix isn't a fucking trans movie.
That shit never came up in any form not even in analogy, metaphor, or theme.
This is some bullshit they are saying well after the fact and expect people to unquestionably believe it.

It is just like when JK Rowling saying Hermione is black and Dumbledore is gay despite the first being explicitly incorrect and the second having no evidence in the book or movies of that be the case.

I am sorry but unless you actually put it in the movie, book, or whatever, then it doesn't actually count.


Is not even "people" is just part of Academia and Media that hold that narrative.

Lisa Simpson is the best example of this, the narrative is that "progressive" people are good and smart and conservatives are automatically dumb and evil.

Therefore being gay or trans or worshiping black cocks means you are a good person and very intelligent, but if you are openly christian it means you are a bad person and extremely stupid.

That's their narrative. But is not the over all opinion if most people in the country, much less the world.



He's counter to the middle and lower classes which make up most of the country, he just said he wants to cut social security and medicare, you can look up on the Google all the things he's done to betray the working and middle class for the rich "Karen" and "Ken" upper middle class/upper class golfer mcmansion HOA and corporate wealth hoarders


Most of the middle class hates socialism. Which makes sense because socialism does nothing but hurt the middle class. The lower class as a whole doesn't really care about socialism ideologically but generally has no problem turning off its sense of morality if the politics man promises gibs to them. But they don't really get energized on this point unless they've really been indoctrinated to have a bones-deep victim complex.


The working class and the working lower class also usually dislike socialism, at least most forms of it.


Who Profits from the Beirut Blast?
Making the case that the explosion resulted from an attack



The working class are temporarily embarrassed billionaires


Does anyone actually believe this? I know I never had any hope of great wealth, but normalfags have such grand delusions.


Maybe they just prefer not being enslaved by the government.


this site claims the jews dropped a 6 kiloton tactical nuke on beirut's port, snuck it in through the smoke of the initial fire, and they seem to have proof

what do you all think of the photos? this is very scary to me



>muh taxes are enslavement!
>honey, has the Trump check come yet??


Is the fall of Civilisation due to men letting the frog boil or were succubi secretly in charge the whole time from an evo-bio standpoint?


>glorifying work
>disparaging welfare recipients

Pay more taxes wageslave, my bux ain't gonna pay itself.



I don't take antifa seriously anymore because the right keeps calling anyone even if they're just BLM protesters or climate change protesters or want to raise the minimum wage, antifa. Not that I took antifa themselves seriously either when they used to call anyone to the right of them nazis.


They are kinda all the same radical marxist, and they all use black block tactics, so it doesn't really matter what group they call themselves since it is all the same people using the same tactics with the same end goal at the end of the day despite whatever bullshit name they are using for media optics reasons.

Sort of like now they are larping as a moms group for photo ops, but they are still the same violent radical marxist rioters who are seen smashing, burning, and looting when the news crews pack up.


Shit is payed for with inflation, aka the flat tax for stupid people like yourself.
So you are just playing yourself in the long run while anyone that knows anything about money and how it works puts their money in assets.


Why would I give a shit lol. As if I had lots of cash to hide or invest somewhere, and it sure beats being a wageslave.
The working class you love to defend when it's convenient for you politically can't really afford the costs of these sorts of schemes either. (please spare us the /biz/ tier advices and the youtube videos by chadxXx420 the upper middle class 'burger flipper' who became a millionaire at age twenty)


File: 1597071231003.png (530.57 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here he is trying to argue that socialism is best for the working class >>250933
And here he is admitting that he wants to make the working class his slaves >>250953

This is why working class people typically don't like communism or socialism.

And even if you are a sociopath, the notion that the normalfag politicans that you place so much faith in to run the socialist state will actually give a shit about subsidizing your life of luxury once the "revolution" happens and they no longer need to pander to poor people to get votes is laughable.


Dude is just a retarded troll.
He isn't trying to make a point. He is just trying to stir shit.


>Why would I give a shit lol
People like you are why I am favor of keeping central banking and fiat currency around.


It doesn't really make sense, not anymore. The future, if things keep going the way they are going, is for a bunch of ultra rich to rule over the unwashed masses that only get enough to consoom. Bezos and his descendants will have a mostly automated space mining corporation and rule every aspect of the world's economic life from space while you along with everyone else try to dig worms with your Apple tablet to complement your grasshopper mush-based diet. And that's the material aspect, by that point people will have been completely torn from any sort of spiritual or cultural identity and they'll only be able to communicate through motivational corporate ads and identify with brands.


Do you think the economic fallout resulting from the covid restrictions will ultimately be worth it?


It seems to me that basically every country that isn’t China or America no longer cares about COVID cause they dealt with it appropriately. So to those countries sure, but no to America. I’m sure China doesn’t give a shit about anything.


Fuck no.
In hindsight there should have never been lockdowns.

Also the economy would be better off if we let old and sick almost dead people die from the wuhan flu. They are the main ones fucking up things anyway. Removing a few boomers and morbidly obese folk would probably save more people in the long run.



No we don't. Keep believing the lie LOL.



New Change My Mind


If the claims of climate change proponents hold any water then the only action that will make any difference is killing 90% of humanity. That can't be legislates, so grouping it in with politics is kind of stupid. Even if it could be legislated, it wouldn't change the actions of huge polluters like China and India.



Wow, that video is nothing but strawmaning and non-arguments.


File: 1597231292830.jpg (1.63 MB, 586x5438, 293:2719, 5553.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thread about how Jordan Peterson's daughter destroyed his life, almost killing him multiple times.

He hasn't spoken to the media since 2019 and hasn't posted since. Everything he is supposedly saying is filtered through his daughter.


And anyone in the political thread would care because?

Fucking cuntry is burning down, riots in the streets, politicians trying to ban anime titties.
We got real problems to discus and you just want to dunk of some shill you don't like from a year ago that no one cares about now.


getting stuck watching msnbc and cnn, at least in soviet russia you didn't have to watch commercials between the state propaganda broadcasts


File: 1597245713376.jpg (40.27 KB, 467x433, 467:433, 1581893008287.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rightwing dipshits claiming Biden and Kamala are far-left extremists is the funniest shit when all their dumbfuck supporters claimed that's the talking points they'd use against Bernie. It's also hilarious because those are the fucking opposite of what the left wants.


Biden supports free healthcare for illegal immigrants. That's pretty extreme.


Do you think left and right will ever shift into working towards things they both agree on instead reducing all societal problems into weapons of disinformation and slander?


Citation on that. All I remember him saying something about that was when he dodged someone asking him about it with a vague: "If they REALLY need it than that's good, I guess." Considering Biden's track record as a senator and how immigration was handled when he was Bama's VP I highly doubt he'd carry through on that (among a lot of other shit he says).

And if undocumented immigrants can be dragged over to the states to do labor for richshits who deliberately underpay and exploit them then I'd have no problem with them being able to have healthcare.


No, because even if both sides see the same problem the reasons for them between the two and how to solve them are completely opposed to one another.


I was recently reading about ancient Greece and it's really interesting how they disagreed about anything amongst themselves but as soon as they had to face a possible invasion from Persia they immediately became an extremely cooperative an well oiled machine. So cooperation was possible all along but an external event had to trigger it. I was just wondering if this is possible at all without an external threat.


Democratic VP was announced and I can't stop laughing.

Probably the worse possible choice if they actually wanted to win.


That's why George W and Israel bombed the World Trade Center, don't you know.



his entire vp lineup was garbage anyway, it's like he was trying way too hard to pander to some group by choosing a bunch of female minorities


Orwell would be proud :)



File: 1597282334512.png (458.91 KB, 1080x959, 1080:959, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Biden admits that he's going to resign immediately after being elected.


1. I don't think that is what he meant
2. He doesn't actually run his own Twitter account.


Let me guess, "You aren't taking into account the context?"



Technically it was Israel, how everyone still ignores the Dancing Israelis is beyond me, I guess we're talking about a country that is beyond criticism because of the Holocaust


Chicago is a total loss.
Gun fights between rioters and police. All riots, including the murderers and looters are released.
City is being destroyed.
They actually pulled up the draw bridges to trap the people in.

Needless to say, things are getting even worse as things escalate.


>Gun fights between rioters and police. All riots, including the murderers and looters are released.
City is being destroyed.
They actually pulled up the draw bridges to trap the people in.



I love watching this. It’s like new age colosseum.



It is all fun and games until it spreads and shows up in your neck of the woods.


none of those are reputable sources


How about you stop wasting my time jackass.


fox news, the daily mail and "the rights coon", whoever that is, surely know what's going on, I trust them fully


It won’t. It’s clearly not sustainable. They’ve locked all the loons in the funhouse and the rest of America gets to sit back and watch the show.


Prove it.


They're literally all conservative tabloid news, I don't need to prove anything else because anyone with a brain wouldn't trust that shit


So what you are really saying is you have no proof, so it is just your opinion, and thus should be disregarded.


It's bizarre that there's genuine anxiety that people are going to invade their residential neighborhoods instead of just sticking to dense parts of major cities.


Maybe it is because they have/are invading residential neighborhoods and suburbs already.
Have you not been keeping up with the news?


>they have/are invading residential neighborhoods and suburbs already
I don't see anyone in my neighborhood, stop being such an alarmist


You are intentionally being dense.


It's not a strawman when the description is accurate. The alt-lite is composed of braindead morons.


That begs the question, what do you even mean by left and right, and what do you mean by working together? Because if you mean some centrist liberal consensus, then you're just deluding yourself. The liberal consensus is already the regime, if you're bothered by people being angry and think this is extremism you just don't realize that it's all misdirection. Things like BLM and MAGAtards are all the release valve of our neoliberal regime.

If you're actually interested in going beyond the paradigm of left and right and working something out you should look into third position. I mean, watch this video and tell me it doesn't hit the nail on the head? You would never get this type of analysis from some brainlet who believes in the liberal paradigm.



as opposed to republicans who want free healthcare for no one but those in congress.


Covid is turning Trump into a Republican Jimmy Carter. Yeah Bush Sr. as a one termer, but that's because he was actually trying to be fiscally conservative at went against his own party who turned their back on him. Trump is just straight up fucking up and getting humiliated. If only Republicans are qualified to fight terrorism, they have proven themselves incapable of fighting a pandemic, which laughably has caused the equivalent of 10 9/11s.


so when is the anointed white supremacist wizmod going to make a new politics thread?


Dumb pet names and insults are also not a argument.


That isn't true and you know it.


He put his hand up like he didn't know where he was, starts off giving the typical neolib response for immigration (immigration good because they boost our GDP, not because it's the humane thing to do), and then in typical Biden fashion starts incoherently babbling the talking points his camp tries to drill into him.


File: 1597429185718.png (3.95 MB, 2538x1800, 141:100, 1573285854590.png) ImgOps iqdb

Correct, republicans want healthcare privatized as much as possible to profit off the average person who can't even afford a $400 emergency. They're wealthy and influential and don't have to worry about how much a hospital bill will be.

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