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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Still don't know how to use the archive I see.
Why are you so retarded that you dumb asses can't learn to use the archive?


Does anyone care about the fucking archive?


Too busy grilling and playing plants Vs zombies.


no, why the fuck would anyone want to look at old archives of this thread from 3 years ago? So you can reminisce about youtube fags youtube posts? chuckle at alaskan yelling about jews? read some old irrelevant news and shitposts? I don't know who's idea it was to start archiving these threads but it's fucktarded


People used to believe in something man.


wizzies wanna remember that time they argue about something they thought was super important and how right they were in their posts


great start to the politics thread, well done


>I personally don't use something so that means no one else should ether


File: 1595990667511-0.png (495.49 KB, 599x647, 599:647, 1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595990667511-1.png (633.32 KB, 1290x890, 129:89, 2f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595990667511-2.png (501.15 KB, 1073x889, 1073:889, 3f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



>the sun
So fake tabloid bullshit then I see.

But what does this oddity have to do with politics?



This time next month, you will be wearing goggles if you want to buy food.


thanks jews



Don't worry this brave black wizard is confronting the nurses who are lying to us and perpetuating this hoax virus




thanks, Obama


The media won't be able to keep the hype up forever. Even now there are exponentially more people calling them out on their bullshit than there were a few months ago. Once the steam peters out they won't be able to just sweep this under the rug like they have with all the other fake news they've pushed. They caused a global economic crash, over nothing. Many peoples' lives were ruined over this. That's going to have repercussions. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the nail in the coffin that finally kills the credibility of MSM TV news for normalfaggots.


How is that still a thing?


Jews against Israel


Retards who read it unironically and people who like it ironically as a edgy neo-nazi themed over hyped tabloid.
You know, the same type of people who hang out on shitchan and think the height of comedy is a surprise ear-rape video blasting nigger over and over again at full volume.


As far as a religious argument goes, Neturei Karta are actually right, Israel as a nation should not exist before the coming of the Messiah. Not that it matters that much, if I'm not mistaken half Israelis don't even believe in God.


File: 1596148427847.mp4 (3.89 MB, 672x848, 42:53, IMG_7600.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

everyday life in 2020


I guess there's a demand out there for news that tells the truth


What is the story behind this?




Wageslave wizzie in the front after working from home for the past 5 months.



all those pathetic white knights and females seething in the comments. priceless.


There's so much going on in this webm.. Is this New York?


Wait are you guys seriously claiming corona is a hoax? Can confirm this shit is real, even in my mid-sized city.

The truth is that America is a broken country ruled by evil morons who won't do the bare minimum things you would expect a state to do, and so are a lot of of the Euro hellholes. In February, the same media were laughing with glee at China's misfortune and trying to sell herd immunity, because it's too much to ask rich international travelers to quarantine for two weeks or do proper fucking testing. Naturally, the people fucked by this the most are the poor, the elderly, and the sick, all targets the people in charge don't give a shit about.


because it's only killing really fucking old geezers (70+) and people with preexisting morbid health conditions, and at numbers far less than those you get from the usual winter flu every year, which are usually caused by a "novel coronavirus" themselves fyi

it's just a very weak flu, the only reason the gooks freaked out is because they had reason to believe it was a biological weapon from a hostile america
>Can confirm this shit is real,
woah, you punctuated that with a cuss word, that makes you so convincing


It can be real for many think this would be a mere conspiracy so these ones were to get really sick and feel like idiots, but at the same time:


And the comments, man. the comments


I don't understand a word you said

I'm not clicking that


Those comments are pretty depressing. Imagine being an old geezer and just abandoned in the hospital, left to die. Definitely makes me feel more comfortable with committing suicide eventually. No way is my wellbeing going to be entirely in the hands of some strangers who neglect me.


Stupid boomers deserve it. Shouldn't have elected FDR.


>it's only killing really fucking old geezers (70+) and people with preexisting morbid health conditions
it's not though, my mom works in a hospital and she has had a couple healthy 30-40 year old nurses die already, it doesn't matter who you are, it's like playing with fire


Strange how the media is willing to portray Japanese WW2 veterans so sympathetically but doing the same thing with German WW2 veterans would be unthinkable.


Are you aware that the hospitals count any death where COVID is in the system as a COVID death regardless of whether or not COVID actually killed the person? A motorcyclist was counted as a COVID death after he died in a crash just because he had the disease, for example.


It's some Spanish-speaking country



The coronavirus is in the process of killing everyone. Millions of people are dying from it every day. Since March, over 1 trillion Americans have died from the virus. The bodies are piling up in the streets. Just yesterday, I had to take a detour in traffic because there were hundreds of thousands of bodies piled up in the street. They were stacking them twenty feet high and burning them with wood, because there was simply no chance they were going to be able to bury that many bodies.

But the stupid, evil, white young people still won’t take it seriously. They’re acting like this is all a big game.




File: 1596231908370.jpg (36.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, despair.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who else has been selling off their possessions because the endless stimulus shitshow? We won't even get anything substantial since this is all just a prelude to rolling out "UBI" Fedcoin in the winter when most people will be too desperate to oppose its implementation.


This is why you keep some money saved.

And it's not like there's zero opportunity to make money. A lot of people made a whole lot reselling toilet paper and masks, for example. Rural areas at least are ignoring the lockdown orders now so opportunities aren't nonexistent.


>A lot of people made a whole lot reselling toilet paper and masks, for example.
lol right


Did you read what I wrote? My mom WORKS in a fucking hospital, a couple nurses caught the virus and died, these are people she worked with every day, they didn’t die in a motorcycle crash you fucking moron


Fake nurse


woah, you emphasized that hearsay with cussing and an all-caps word, I'm totally gonna ignore the facts now and believe you instead

sure, hospitals have been empty during this whole "pandemic" while the bored staff dance for tiktok videos and we're reduced to fraudulently padding the death toll with traffic deaths and people choking on their food but HOL UP YO! THIS SHITS F'REAL!!! source: my mom


Anecdotes don't really mean anything. And there's no real reason why we should trust your mom either. That's the point. Medical professions like your mom said that motorcycle guy caught the virus and died therefore he died of the virus, even though he actually died of crashing his motorcycle. How do we know that your mom isn't pulling the same trick? Can we see the medical reports of these two nurses who died?


My dad works for Verizon and he says 5G causes Corona.


unbelievable, you're all a bunch of idiots, I hope you're just pretending to be stupid


well there you go folks, what other proof do you need


Fox news and Trump told me corona is a Democrat hoax made in communist china so that they could rig the election. I'll trust a politician and th TV host over a damn doctor.


Do you actually have any independently verifiable evedence for any of your claims.

Like you are aware this is anonymous on the internet and people can just lie right?
Unless you can prove it no one is actually going to take you seriously.


I trust the doctor who gets a $65,000 kickback for every person he puts on a ventilator or declares a "corona death" without evidence

no conflict of interest there


it’s information directly from my mother who has worked in a hospital setting her entire life, why the heck would she lie to me, and why would I come wizchan of all places to make up some insignificant lie like that? All I’m trying to say, from a direct primary source, is the virus doesn’t just kill old geezers or unhealthy people, it’s basically a dice roll whether it will kill you or not. The chances of any single person dying of the virus are low but the thing is not completely harmless.



look at this dumb faggot playing guard dog for the sites that hate him and ban his supporters en masse, and oh yeah durr hurr teh commies

dumbest president ever


>it’s basically a dice roll whether it will kill you or not
oh wow in other words just like any other flu, except at 1/5th the true casualty rate

better crash the economy and install a police state to save the lives of our fucking statistical outliers


in case you coronafaggots don't remember the 2017-18 winter flu killed like 800,000 people in america, actual flu deaths, not motorcycle accidents or people falling off ladders

where was the mass hysteria then, where was the regime crashing the economy and installing a police state

this whole thing is a hoax to fast-forward the country into tyranny and enrich the 1% more


Exactly. And my primary source, my father, proves that 5G radiation causes Corona. I have no reason to lie and my dad has no reason to lie. He himself installed the Corona radiation capsules and right afterwards half of the people living around the tower came down with the covid. I have no reason to lie to you have to believe me.


fuck off alaskan

non sequitur, try again


you really should learn the difference between mockery and a non sequitur and stop accusing everyone of being from alaska because that shit is bizarre


On a totally unrelated note
I kinda miss having a pet cat.
Not really sure how to make that political so I will just sage.


I just want to impress people because you're my guy.


Why are redditors so scared of "evil right wingers" doxxing them anyway, do they really have no fucking self awareness? Everytime someone gets doxxed and fired its done by leftist, I guess it's just normgroid projection.


I wouldn't say it is completely fake, but it's very fishy, number are being inflated, people who die from car crash get listed as corona death, corona tests that weren't even used were accidently sent to test labs and some came back positive among many other examples, obvious something wierd is going on, the elites want to push this disease probably to ruin the economy for poorer people.


>you really should learn the difference between mockery and a non sequitur
It's non sequitur because saying 5G connections cause corona virus is dubious and would require further evidence and explanation for that to be remotely believable, whereas saying saying a couple nurses in my area have died of corona virus is perfectly reasonable, unless you are a dense idiot that is.

I don't know if the numbers are fake or anything, my understanding is the vast majority of people that catch corona virus just stick it out at home with mild symptoms, but there are a small percentage of people who have an extreme reaction. My mom's hospital is currently treating 50 people that have the virus and require treatment, some of her coworkers have caught the virus and a couple of said coworkers have died, most have recovered.


They know their own tactics work and don't realize that right wingers actually have principles that prevent them from doing even half the shit the left does while thinking they are the good guys.
The left thinks that any tactic is justified if the target is "correct" or it might come closer to the result they want. These are people who can justify doing some of the consistently worst shit you can do on the internet as long as it is in service of the greater good of spiting the "evil right wingers". They just make the assumption that eventually since the other side is so evil the only reason why they don't use the lefts tactics must because the left is just so damn clever and the right are just too dumb to us the big brain tactics the left does. It could never be because of the right having fundamental moral objections to certain kinds of behavor or anything. No, they must be too dumb or something.
That is the thought process that goes through their head.

Remember, these people don't actually know or care how their sworn enemies actually think, they just project all their negative feelings on to them and see what sticks.


Strange how? It's just obvious jews control the media.


What you mean le old "swept away in a war" meme? Fuck off. Japan was blamed for a ton of bullshit massacres (the same as every other axis country) while the "allies" were dindu nuffin good boys incapable of doing anything wrong


Why Rightoids hate masks


File: 1596306442553.png (570.44 KB, 574x882, 41:63, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Why don't you ask shitchan since they never seem to get tired of having that thread over and over again on several boards.



It amazes me to this day that people cant spot sarcasm this blatant



entertaining little read, the lunatics are starting to just come out and say explicitly that facts don't matter, only feelings


File: 1596352467019.png (39.83 KB, 498x497, 498:497, 32.png) ImgOps iqdb

>communist shit hole like Russia


>and the reason we are wizards is. Because of feminism.
Elaborate before you throw everyone into the same bag.


go get a gf, dude


Actually feminism has made it easier to get laid. It's starting a family and getting a loyal wife which is much more difficult.


> crabs are more wizardly than anyone else
> the reason we are wizards is. Because of feminism
polwiz 2020


uhuh, I’m sure you woulda been a total ladies man if you were alive ‘back in the day’


I'm fairly convinced our day and age is the easiest point in time to have sex. Eroded family values, emancipation of succubi, the sexual revolution, etc. If you want to have sex in 2020 and for whatever reason can't, I can't imagine any other period of time where you could. This is it, 2020, if you can't have sex you belong here, it's hardwired into you, might as well accept it.

Coincidently I was reading about the Aegean Bronze age and back then young men were so desperate for succubi they would literally form bands to kidnap some of them. Can you image the blue balls of those people they would band together and risk death just to have sex? Today succubi are not valuable commodities anymore, families don't protect or hide them, nobody gives a shit what they do. There's literally a Hook-up culture in place. This is it, if you want to have sex, get the fuck out of our board and go outside. Your chances are as high as will ever be.




I wonder what this comic is trying to say. Is it that Trump supporters only outlet against the Jews to resist them is hating on masks and hating masks is a way of resisting Jews, or that the Jews are right there in plain sight but they aren't attacking them, they are just attacking masks when they should be attacking the true oppressors?


>go get a gf dude
No you.


Can you expect what is going on in that interview? Why is that succubus attacking the wizard?


>go get a gf, dude
How is this comment allowed, but mods deleted my autist comments?? f u modshits


>israeli investors looked into getting into the anime market right after this happened
Yeah, and I'm sure thats nothing but a big fat coincidence as well. There is no evidence for their claims, they just want to get into the market and censor this from happening because they know damn well that its true


>american left: russia has no freedom of speech! putin is an elected dictator!
>also american left: you are not allowed to say anything we dont approve of on social media or in public
Oh the irony.


Amy Schumer is a "comedian" whore who is famous for making disgusting jokes about her vagina and advocating for maximum sexual debauchery. She admitted to raping her sister.
She's probably just mad that someone is criticizing her unhealthy life choices.


Not him but it is actually a veriety of factors (including feminism). In schools, we are taught to hate being white and being male. We were taught and blamed to feel bad about events in history that we never even took apart in. Almost every single act of "encouragement" by teachers or by family members are hollow and in many cases false. Examples include: you can be what you want to be, anyone can become rich, highschool helps people (in the right direction) for any job, etc. The end result is wizardom or most white men working at dead end jobs. Literally the only language the schooling system even taught was fucking spanish and that was MANDATORY in my state (despite me being up north and with very few mexicans). It would have made FAR more sense to make French mandatory because most Canadians speak it and there are far more french canadians that live near me than there are spanish speaking mexicans. I unironically want a refund for all the countless hours I wasted in the classrooms learning an absolutely worthless language, "social studies", fake history, and a bunch of other shit that is absolutely worthless in the real world.



She also raped 2 men one of whom was a taxi driver.



Robert Dingwall, professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University, points out the following:

Anyone unhealthy enough to die from coronavirus was going to die from something else this year
80% of deaths related to coronavirus in the United Kingdom had life-limiting medical conditions


>professor of sociology
Imagine being a professor in a field that was made up out of thin air


Why is it that people say 5G is harmless? Because it's clearly untrue.


what does this have to do with the facts he stated?


never heard of it, don't even have to click on it to know it's a bunch of bullshit


they promised to tell me how but all I saw is more hogwash that rests on the codewords "studies show"


But why is she attacking sexually aggressive though?
I know the tone, because it's the same that my mother gives me


Too bad it has links to actual studies.


too bad I'm not a member of the "studies" cult knowing how there's always another "study" that says the opposite of the one someone is pushing


Both the us department of the interior and the us department of wild life has stated that electromagnetic waves from radio towers were causing health problems for birds. But you're ignorant and refused to even read the article.
And the issue remains, if them then why not us? Why would it not effect our health? These same psychopaths are even considering operating 5G networks at ABOVE 95 GHz (more than the Active Denial System that the US military uses). The "corona virus" has the same symptoms as radiation sickness: vomiting, burning skin, shortness of breath, coughing, etc.


radiation sickness is from ionizing radiation, dipshit, what you just described are the textbook symptoms of the flu



File: 1596428334239.png (351.34 KB, 420x486, 70:81, 1593310422610.png) ImgOps iqdb


>feeling of burning skin is a common symptom of the flu


>Non-ionizing radiation can produce non-mutagenic effects such as inciting thermal energy in biological tissue that can lead to burns. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) from the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement adding RF electromagnetic fields (including microwave and millimetre waves) to their list of things which are possibly carcinogenic to humans
How interesting.


not sure what that's supposed to do but not clicking your horseshit, non-ionizing radiation doesn't penetrate the body unless it's in the area of microwaves, where it's obvious that you're actually being irradiated and not just fucking imagining it like these people are



didn't say it doesn't penetrate skin, it's a matter of depth, here's another – totally contradicting – study from your same .gov https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6820018/

non-ionizing radiation that stops at the skin can't effect the types of symptoms you 5g conspiratards attribute it, and it's not behind coronavirus because unlike alleged 5g rays you can actually test for that in people going to hospitals with those symptoms and see the virus in their blood sample

I mean, unless you people are claiming that an electromagnetic frequency is magically creating viruses? I admit I don't follow the 5g conspiratardation that deep


You're right actually. Corona virus exists.
Source: your mom.


I mocked the other corona tard with the "source: your mom"

someone pointing out in an argument that the virus exists doesn't mean he believes in the doomvirus stuff


File: 1596450222191.gif (858.87 KB, 2970x2483, 2970:2483, truth about race - racial ….gif) ImgOps iqdb

If you see a /pol/ack then remember him to spread propaganda about that and his stuff. It's a failure to have lurked the imageboards without taking anything useful.

And may be, someone listens. Someone who might be taken more seriously than any of us…


>creating virus

No, but rather they use 5G (even if it not that necessarily harmful) to deliberately damage people and srcew the planet. Like they do with everything.


yeah whatever
btw I thought the 5g poster was tying it into the corona thing, I realize now it wasn't and I should stop making my coffee so strong

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