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Anyone else pee in bottles or jugs?



I don't pee in jugs, but I'm interested in the reasoning behind peeing in jugs. Isn't it easier in the long run to just get up and pee in a toilet? What do you do with the jug once it's full? What happens if you accidentally spill it?


I just put it in my garbage


so you just have a big collection of jugs filled with piss?


I currently have 1 arizona tea jug filled, 1 milk jug filled and partially a soda bottle filled.

They're all in my garbage right now.


yeah, but mostly bottles because im too lazy to empty the jug

tossing the cup piss out the window every time i need to go is convenient. the glass doesnt get messed up either


There's like, at least a dozen of piss-filled wine bottles in my room.


I used to. Mostly because I was incredibly depressed and hated my family so wouldn't leave room to go to the restroom. My parents found the piss bottles a few times, to my dismay. They also found the dishes of forks and such that I hid in my closet.


no, that is disgusting


Yeah, i like to collect them and smell them on occasion.
It's a James Bond-like mission disposing them in the trash one a month.
I have a naughty look on my face once it's mission completed and i sleep comfy that night


Yes 2 lazy to go to toilet my parents dont like it at all tho.


yes, too depressed to care
dump it out my window, I dont give a fug
is peeing in a toilet gonna uplift my worldly conditions? no


My mom knows I do hahaha.


That's rookie levels, you need to upgrade to airtight poop containers


>wiz only comes out of his room to eat and take a shit and refill his bottle a dozen times
>why isnt he pissing a dozen times
no one in my family has pointed it out but im sure they all know i piss in bottles or something… the numbers don't add up!


you dont piss when you shit?


File: 1596411196587.jpg (81.78 KB, 797x748, 797:748, 1469808042488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

now whenever I visit lounge I have to minimize this and the damn fap thread


>I deliberately entered a thread about something I hate, and now I am mad
>The website offers a way to hide it without needing to register but I will not let it save cookies to my computer because of how ashamed I am to be on this website

Pissbottles have been a staple of wizardry since before Wizardchan even came to be.
Grow some balls and then empty them in to a jug, outsider.


So we are allowed to bitch and moan about a staple of wizardry now? What's next?


I've been pissing in jugs all my life, it's comfy and conserves energy. I empty it out when parents aren't home and reuse it for a few months. Fermented piss smell isn't bad, it's quite nice actually.


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