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File: 1596307669930.jpg (2.24 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, 20200801_134537.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else pee in bottles or jugs?



I don't pee in jugs, but I'm interested in the reasoning behind peeing in jugs. Isn't it easier in the long run to just get up and pee in a toilet? What do you do with the jug once it's full? What happens if you accidentally spill it?


I just put it in my garbage


so you just have a big collection of jugs filled with piss?


I currently have 1 arizona tea jug filled, 1 milk jug filled and partially a soda bottle filled.

They're all in my garbage right now.


yeah, but mostly bottles because im too lazy to empty the jug

tossing the cup piss out the window every time i need to go is convenient. the glass doesnt get messed up either


There's like, at least a dozen of piss-filled wine bottles in my room.


I used to. Mostly because I was incredibly depressed and hated my family so wouldn't leave room to go to the restroom. My parents found the piss bottles a few times, to my dismay. They also found the dishes of forks and such that I hid in my closet.


no, that is disgusting


Yeah, i like to collect them and smell them on occasion.
It's a James Bond-like mission disposing them in the trash one a month.
I have a naughty look on my face once it's mission completed and i sleep comfy that night


Yes 2 lazy to go to toilet my parents dont like it at all tho.


yes, too depressed to care
dump it out my window, I dont give a fug
is peeing in a toilet gonna uplift my worldly conditions? no


My mom knows I do hahaha.


That's rookie levels, you need to upgrade to airtight poop containers


>wiz only comes out of his room to eat and take a shit and refill his bottle a dozen times
>why isnt he pissing a dozen times
no one in my family has pointed it out but im sure they all know i piss in bottles or something… the numbers don't add up!


you dont piss when you shit?


File: 1596411196587.jpg (81.78 KB, 797x748, 797:748, 1469808042488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

now whenever I visit lounge I have to minimize this and the damn fap thread


>I deliberately entered a thread about something I hate, and now I am mad
>The website offers a way to hide it without needing to register but I will not let it save cookies to my computer because of how ashamed I am to be on this website

Pissbottles have been a staple of wizardry since before Wizardchan even came to be.
Grow some balls and then empty them in to a jug, outsider.


So we are allowed to bitch and moan about a staple of wizardry now? What's next?


I've been pissing in jugs all my life, it's comfy and conserves energy. I empty it out when parents aren't home and reuse it for a few months. Fermented piss smell isn't bad, it's quite nice actually.



Fuck off, mods can track your browsing history if they really wanted through their spyware cookies. I don't trust them not to do that since they seem to think they have a god-given right to infringe on all their users' privacy so they can profile people and make sure the "wrong types" aren't using this site.


ever thought of just deleting their cookie and blocking the cookie option in your browser?


Yes, that's what I do. But it makes hiding threads pointless.


Only when I'm already in bed, i have this shitty glass door i barricade when i go to sleep because im extremely sensitive to light, when im too tired or sleepy i just can't be assed to deal with that shit again


you can hide threads via an adblocker


the bathroom is at a 15 step distance from my room therefore it'd be stupid to piss in anywhere but the toilet.


I prefer to piss in the bathroom sink for some reason, i like watching it as it goes down.
My secret pleasure is pissing in the kitchen sink at night though, just between you and me.


i'm pretty sure guys from /cow/, kiwi, and/or crystal.cafe come here and post this retarded shit so they can laugh at us. nobody pisses in a fucking jug other than fetishist freaks


I wouldn't mind the thread if it weren't for the disgusting gallon of some random anon's vintage piss assaulting my eyes.


I do both. Retired from using bottles because of risk of spilling. The only downside to piss jugs is if you're bedridden with depression and sleep 20 hours a day and wake up to take a swig of water, but it's the wrong jug.


File: 1596608534727.jpg (49.33 KB, 720x714, 120:119, 1596391860615.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>this thread
I am both impressed and disgusted


your penis reaches that far up?


Enjoying the show kiwi farmers?


Whenever I go to pour the piss to bath and to rinse the jug with water I get told to pour it into the toilet for some reason (if my mother notices). Using the same soap bar is OK but pouring piss into the bath and washing it away from the bath is not?!


Low counter tops
Always pour it into the toilet, what degenerate pours it into the bath? May as well take a urine shower whilst you are at it like the Hindus Du


Piss stains the bath unless you run a tap while pissing in the bath. A large volume from the jug would for sure be noticeable. Even pouring the jug in the toilet still leaves people wondering about the smell. Yeah pissing into the bath is top tier, definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to go about it. My brother used to tell a story about his drunk friend taking a piss in a bathtub and when they walked in on him he jumped into the bath pretending to be taking a shower or some shit. Disgusting drunk retards, but even some of them had the habit of pissing in a bathtub etc. It's great because you can piss accurately and wash hands at the same time, helps with being silent at night to not wake up parents that work in the morning by flushing.


Do you mean bath tub, or bath sink?
Has anyone ever pissed into their face while having a bath?


I mean you could, and I’m sure someone somewhere has, just not sure why you would unless it’s your fetish.


wizchan 2020


I don't understand how people can drink piss, it's such a sharp taste and very unpleasant and makes your stomach turn


isn't drinking pee supposed to be dangerous? I heard it'll fuck you up good

there was a survival programme on tv I remember the instructor man told some idiot noob that people who drink their pee (in survival scenario) survive in spite of it, not because of it


Piss bottles have always been an essential pillar of wizard culture, newfag.


Plenty of people abuse people with downssyndrome or laugh at people in wheelchairs. Kiwi farms etc are those people, any community that is on the fringe with actually strange people will also attract attention of those who laugh at the disabled, not much you can do about it but treat posters as authentic when they share their experiences. Now when they are trying to convince you of something or put forward claims one should be more suspicious. Those on the fringe must deal with the socially exploitative behaviours more often.


Tastes pretty bland honestly, nothing revolting. i had half a cup of 2 week old piss by accident the other day and it didn't phase me, swallowed it and drank some fresh water. Depends on how much water you drink. I remember drinking 4 litres of soda back in the day and my piss tasting about the same as the drink, strange times.
It just crystallizes in the bath tub making a large slimy line, so you can slip on it. The sink never needs to be cleaned because you just run some water, while pissing.


A tiny bit isn't bad, though my pee is mostly clear.

haha how did you accidentally drink it


woke up with a dry mouth half braindead and chugged a swig because there were 2 identical jugs right beside the bed. Unlucky



>wizard select

Very nice


I do when I'm very drunk and the pissery starts but I'm too lazy and retarded because of the alcohol.


File: 1596874971512.jpg (1.89 MB, 2191x2872, 2191:2872, 20200808_041310.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nightly ritual of piss in bottles > sleep till noon > empty in toilet. Family is psychotic and their meds give them insomnia so flushing the toilet past dark is enough to send them over the edge.

A vitamin-rich diet will yield vitamin-rich urine. In scenarios where clean fresh water is obtainable, drinking pee is not ideal, but as long as it is fresh, there is hydration and nutrition to be gained from drinking golden wiznectar.


Didn't the Hindus say it can cure cancer also?


The Hindus say many things


I've been pissing in bottles or jugs for almost 15 years now. Its comfy and clearly the right move.


How is your collection? Any mishaps?


eat shit troll


Feed me, feed me!


File: 1597545871828.jpg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1593342003656.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I never really let it get out of hand when I'm neet. Maybe 8 gallons is the most I have ever had before.

When I was working as an over the road trucker, I would save up three or four piss jugs. Write "Piss Bandito" on them and throw them out the window in Texas and only Texas. Fuck you Texas.


tell me something man

are you from faggotfornia by any chance?



HAHA that's hilarious
Got anymore stories, any accidents or spills?


File: 1597570931875.gif (39.57 KB, 620x388, 155:97, jugsofpee2.gif) ImgOps iqdb


sorry, but no. Making pepe in bottles is the industry standard when it comes to trucking. That is why all truck stops parking lots smell like piss. Every one will pour their bottles out the window or just throw them out then driving.


Can someone explain to me why people piss in bottles when they aren't severely crippled or have absolutely no access to a bathroom? I'm not trying to be mean here, I just don't understand why people piss in a bottle instead of a toilet.


if you're awake at night and parents have to work, it's usually to not disturb their sleep. Plus I prefer to not see human beings if I can avoid it. My parents seeing me might ruin their day, so i eat/grab water and piss when they're out. There's legit no downsides to pissing in jugs, but if you mean bottles, they are tricky and prone to spillage, plus stacking and emptying dozens of bottles is too much work.


- Strong focus on task at hand that could be broken by a trip to the bathroom
- Playing online game / watching stream / listnan radio, might miss
- The long trip might prevent the sleepy wizard from getting back to snooze
- Don't wanna wake other residents
- Unsavoury family, roommates, animals would engage the wizard
- Same members might also leave the bathroom a wreck
- Bathroom might be occupied, pepsi bottle is private executive for wizard
- Spiting the family with rotten piss stunk
- Wizard bladder might small, so many long trips could add up to hours
- Anime succubi do it too sometimes, brings wizard closer to her
- Derpression
- Assessment of quality of piss
- Aiming for a bottlecount high score

Nobleman used to use chamber pots even though they had plumbing. It's just easier.


>Anime succubi do it too sometimes, brings wizard closer to her
wait wa


File: 1599769247921.mp4 (548.38 KB, 184x240, 23:30, wizard in cybercafe.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

take the shitinabucketgamerwizpill


Waking up in the middle of the night and being lazy, avoiding parents, additional distance to the toilet. I also pissed myself on numerous occasions in the toilet after waking up even though I hold it firmly in my hand. Happened only once with piss jug.


>Waking up in the middle of the night and being lazy, avoiding parents, additional distance to the toilet.
there's so much crap involved to go pee in the bathroom in the middle of sleeping, why bother? lemme just use the big fountain soda jug on my shelf instead, I don't care if it's "wrong" or "weird" or "not normal"

since when have I been normal


>Assessment of quality of piss
>Aiming for a bottlecount high score

This is likely the real reason. Something about collecting bodily fluids gets you off, either sexually or emotionally, and the rest of these reasons are just convenient excuses to do it.

I understand doing it once in a while, when you really can't go to the bathroom, but there's no excuse for storing it in your room and not dumping it on the same day.


if you have a big supply of bottles, they just add up. emptying them all becomes a hassle. it reaches a point where it's like fuck it, it's just another bottle when you have a hoard already

i doubt you really understand what it means to be lazy


Nah, I used to do it when I had crippling social anxiety and my mom would bring her friends, but nowadays I would piss on their faces if it wasn't a crime.


File: 1600508561444.png (916.18 KB, 1095x730, 3:2, sniper__almighty_piss_lord….png) ImgOps iqdb


I had to piss in an empty soda can once because I had to access the living room to reach the bathroom, and my mum decided to sleep on the couch. Of course, this meant I had to sneak around and she complained if I did so anyway, so it was easier to just use a soda can.
Never done it again though, using the bathroom is insanely easy otherwise and not nearly as vile, while I don't have to worry about the piss accidentally hitting off the can or overflowing and dirtying the room.


Spares me crossing paths with my roomates if they're around. I empty my ONE bottle later in the evening tho. I'm not collecting or drinking shit, lol.


I just climb a chair and do it in the sink now, bottles were a hassle


I pee into paper cups I get from coffee shops, but only at night time when getting up would disturb my mother while she sleeps. She's off/on a light sleeper and sleeps in a room without a door right next to the bathroom (also the floors squeak and the toilet runs a long time after flushing and the whole process is extremely noisy).

Then I keep the full cups in my room until everyone is out of the house or distracted, so I can dump the cups in the toilet and then throw them out.

Once I tried peeing in a bag, but it started leaking everywhere and I panicked and had to run out with the leaking piss bag to throw it in the outdoor dumpster and then clean my (thankfully non-carpet) floor.


I don't know, "golden wiznector" gave me a laugh


thought that bottle said WIZZER on the thumbnail, that would have been incredible


File: 1602217449436.jpg (56.49 KB, 900x550, 18:11, 050918-DanH-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Both elemental phosphorus and potassium nitrate can be refined from human urine.




I pissed in a jug when I lived with my parents and didn't want to have to interact with anyone. It also saves water if you care about such a thing.


Don't let the warlocks find out.


my bitch mommy and me are fighting and our place is small so rather than going out to face her I'm peeing in cups in my room.


Too late! I love chemistry. Been reading a textbook cause I hated school and didn't pay attention then.


Never tried it, but my bathroom is right next to my room, so there's not much point. I've peed in the sink before though.
I sit down when I pee, usually too lazy / tired to stand up and pee


Look up phossy jaw. That's what you'll get if you do this without care/adherence to safety.


>Affected bones glowed a greenish-white colour in the dark.
Wait that's cool, how can we do this to our entire skeleton


> Wait that's cool, how can we do this to our entire skeleton
Tetraphosphorus is bio-converted to bisphosphonates, which act to inhibit osteoclasts, resulting in loss of bone. You really don't want this, regardless of how awesome it might be to have a phosphorescent skeleton.


If a suicidal wiz was to, say, kill himself swiftly while in a bath of phosphor, would his skeleton be glowing by the time he was discovered from the smell of decomposition? Or would his living body need to perform the chemistry which causes glowbones?


It's actually the unbound tetraphosphorus (P4) that glows, or phosphoresces, so to speak. Uptake and any subsequent translocation to bones are both rate-limited processes. A massive dose will kill via other mechanisms long before causing any phosphorescent bone effects.

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