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Comfort. What hits the spot for you? What gets you feeling nice and comfy? That sweet relaxed feeling.

For me it's junk food. Particularly when I've had something to drink and am starting to play some fun game or when I've just opened an interesting thread on wizardchan. Nothing beats that feeling of just devouring an absolute mountain of pure sweet goodness, the feeling of ordering and opening a takeaway, making something delicious (pic related is extremely easy to make).


File: 1597077242708.png (1.82 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Comfy.png) ImgOps iqdb

daydreaming about gensokyo gets me comfy


File: 1597077943555.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Metalhead cave interior.png) ImgOps iqdb

A wasteland cave.


a friday night without something nice to eat is terrible, just having something to snack on makes everything so much better. Its as much as the ritual of doing it as eating it. I fit right into you description. I love everything with salt, like potato chips. Its absolut comfy spot.


That's exactly it, the ritual plays a massive role in it. I love just going to the store with an empty stomach and a bit of money and buying a load of food to eat. Nothing beats it. And yeah you're right, without some nice food it just feels empty.


File: 1597459705875.png (11.21 KB, 256x197, 256:197, baste.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597459777830.jpg (285.33 KB, 800x420, 40:21, room.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A large plate of food that I made and an interesting youtube video


Suggestions for comfy video games/TV series?


Try Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, or Stardew valley for a relaxing game experience


nothing really, except I just remembered my slim PS2 and felt an emotional wave of comfy and nostalgia, playing that on my trusty old CRT tv is always a relaxing trip, especially considering its meaning to me, it was my first console mod

I found it donated in a wet box outside a value village at night with a broken disc drive, I gave it a used $5 hard drive and filled it with all the games I could never hope to play back it in the PS2 days, it was also my first time doing tiny smd soldering and was a smashing success

I really should dust it off and plug it back together soon, shitposting on this site is not comfy anymore … watching bad modern anime is not comfy, all my modern games suck

the future sucks


Are there any copes left for us??
And i meant real ones that last


shut up mod-kun


i'm not a mod you emptybrain


File: 1598455637247.jpg (303.79 KB, 1069x1500, 1069:1500, 91H9fkJZ7WL._SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>comfy TV series
I liked Detectorists, it's about a group of guys that like going in English fields with metal detectors searching for old trinkets. there's some romance stuff but that's pretty much unavoidable with tv series.


>there's some romance stuff
Let me guess, racemixing and/or homosex?


Stop talking about racemixing!! You know not the struggles we encounter in life!!


As far as I remember both main characters are straight and their the couples are white.


Amazing. I did not believe that such a thing was possible on the BBC.


being in my room with retrowave music drowning out the normies, getting fried on some instant coffee and reading hobby stuff online, then maybe re-sharpen a knife and smoke a cigarette

basically hanging out in my room I guess


Junk food used to be that for me, but now I feel too guilty about spending money on unnecessary food and feeling sick afterwards. Making pizza is pretty comfy and fills that void, but it takes days of waiting. Playing through dmc1 on higher difficulties for ranks is very nice at night. It makes me remember simpler times and forget about life's work. It's an all-in-one theme park of a time in games that's never coming back. Spending all day on the floor is very comfy, too bad it's already getting too cold for that. Reminds me of playing on consoles on the floor 15 years ago to be as close to the tv as possible. Still the same principle with being close to the monitor for maximum immersion. Comfort is quite rare these days, gotta experiment for new ways to get immersed in a pleasant flow. The darker the room, the easier it is to relax usually.


Just not working is glorious. Whenever I have an extended period of time where I don't have to work, I'm happy.

I would sell my fucking soul if it meant I never had to work again. I'm 24 now, I genuinely, honestly would die at 30 if it meant I didn't ever have to wageslave, and I'm not even depressed. I just hate working THAT much.


> honestly would die at 30 if it meant I didn't ever have to wageslave

30 is too young for me, considering that you went to school, which is like been imprisoned with niggers for 10 or 12 years, depending where you live. That's because you need at least 5 or 6 years to recover from the PTSD caused by been at school and exposed to niggers and nigger brainwashing since you were a kid, so I'd say 40 is a good age to die as a wiz. You get to experience the joy of freedom only possible after you are healthy from nigger memories and nigger influence for 17 years. Hermit reclusive like life with escapism and good hobbies, away from normalniggers, that's the wiz life for me.


Seems like you're traumatized by some niggers and haven't recovered. Poor wizzie


You didnt even mention food but that sounds really nice.

My comfort food is soups, specifically ramen/pho/chicken noodle. I love the way they warm me up and make me want to go to sleep.


File: 1605101510942.gif (756.14 KB, 500x283, 500:283, 1603531980526.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Anything that helps me escape into a world of fantasy and not remind me of real life and stupid people. World-building, pre-2008 games, pre-2008 movies, classic books, manga, etc, especially fantasy and isekai. I prefer older stuff as I find most modern stuff is just too vulgar and degenerate. With world-building, I can spend hours in pure bliss just in my own little fantasy world, creating new stories or researching things to add to my world. I usually cycle through different media, so I'm not bored of one thing and can constantly stay comfy. Right now, I'm going through a manga binge. I do have comfy days or routines for different times of the year. For example, I have a LotR EE marathon every Christmas, I find myself playing strategy games like Anno 1404 a lot more during winter as well.

I also love gardening, it helps me feel like I at least have a little bit of control over something and mould a little part of the real world to my liking. Plus, it is so rewarding to actually put effort into something and actually gain from it, not like the drudgery of a dead-end job. I know it's cliche, but there is honestly something about sitting down in the garden on a quiet hot summers day, putting on some classic music (imagine Joe Hisaishi's One Summer's Day), glass of cold juice in hand, and being surrounded by your growing flowers and vegetables, with butterflies fluttering around and the scent of cut grass. I am already planning next year's garden, building raised beds to make it easier to weed and harvest, as well as planting a dwarf sweet cherry tree so I can have free fresh fruit in a few years.

I love walking, going through country and forest parks, or up into the mountains, or along quiet coastal paths. Especially during weekdays when there are hardly anyone about. Get a good day, even in winter, with fresh air and a comfortable pace, just re-energises me and helps me snap out of any spiral I'm going though. It also allows me to immerse in my own little world, like "here I am, a medieval monk going on my pilgrimage to the top of this Holy Mountain". Gives me ideas for my world-building and helps me put some parts of it into perspective to make it a bit more realistic. I'm not particularly fussed about my health, but another good thing about spending a day walking is I've exercised! Like gardening, after a long day walking, sitting down on an isolated bench with some picnic or takeaway fish and chips and watching the sun set over the harbour and beach is very comfy and rewarding.

Food is indeed another great comfort. I've found that an all-greasy/sweet meal just makes me feel worse after a while, so I like to have a nice balanced meal. And by balanced, I don't mean nutritionally balanced, I'm still going to enjoy "unhealthy" food, but it's going to be a bit more varied than just processed fat and sugar. Like having a good mash and steak, or a cheeseburger and fries, or spaghetti and meatballs smothered in cheese, followed by brownie and ice cream or cheesecake or apple tart, rather than just stuffing myself full of doritos and mountain dew. I don't drink alcohol, too poor and too afraid of becoming an alcoholic, but I do indulge in flavourful drinks like a malt milkshakes and fruit smoothies. Takeaway is fine once in a while, but I prefer to make my own food. Not only does it reassure me of the ingredients, but I think putting a little bit of effort in makes the food all the more satisfying.

So I do a lot of comfy things. I need a lot of comfy things to get me through this life. Best thing about these hobbies is that they are relatively cheap and you can spend hours on them at a time if you want.



what can i spend my bux on to make my life comfier?


Unironically buy a dakimakura of your waifu if you have one but aside from that and art of your waifu you should only spend money on drugs or a method of suicide.


i don’t have a waifu but i do have a plain daki
i was thinking about buying a better, memory foam body pillow


You need to do a bit of research before buying a dakimakura to make sure you get a good one and cheap as possible.
Ask an otaku.
>buying memory foam body pillow
>not importing the best dakimakura pillow from japan
It is simply nice to have a daki with animoo gurl on it.
I have a cute anime succubus right next to me right now I can cuddle.



Last time I had brownies was when I got my ice cream maker. Make some vanilla ice cream and fudge brownies. It was so comfy.

I think I am going to make some chocolate cookies and drink it with some milk.


Nice post, I enjoyed reading it. I can relate to the daydreaming and fantasy world stuff.


What I'm having right now: comfy warm fire, comfy twinkling Christmas tree, comfy brownie in custard and comfy lord of the rings on TV.

Merry Christmas gentlemen.


Bout 8 shots of vodka gets me feeling nice and comfy


I envy you.


Sitting in bed watching media and snacking on chocolates or lollies while also browsing image boards in alt tab.


>What hits the spot for you?
Cold weather, laying in bed watching anime on a tablet, coffee. Having a drink on a Saturday after a shitty week.


I hate most new stuff with a hot burning passion, especially music. 80s cartoons and the like does it for me, especially commentary from the people who made it.

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