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Does anyone have any advice on consuming media?

I just can't do it anymore. I'm just completely distracted by real life thoughts or ideas.

I want to step away from life and get lost, but it's not working. It never really did work very well, but it's only gotten worse over time.


i just wait while in pain and anhedonia for a week or so and then i can finally have the motivation to consume more until I get depressed and anhedonic again and the cycle repeats.


internet addiction ruins media for me, could try quitting also


your brain is telling you you shouldn't so don't lol


meditation is needed


fuck off. I already take breaks every hour and do exercises and have a healthy diet and still fall into that depressive shit state no matter what.


That is not meditaion.


>fuck off.
Be polite sir.


oriental mind-wiping will only make things worse



>Ancient Order of Druids in America
Why do witchy people larp so hard about how old their newage nonsense mixed with misunderstood stuff dug up by proper occultist and researchers?
So called druids are literally just as bad as wiccans in this regard.



read this then
its literally the same thing also by the same author but without the druid flair lol


also what makes someone a proper vs improper occultist?


Actually reading source books and doing research rather then making shit up and larping.


in that case he is probably more of a proper occultist than you are


>proper occultist
you can't be this dumb, there's no such thing as a 'proper occultist', it's literally all made up shit, you're just being elitist about what fake bullshit you think other people ought to believe


very nice the meditation meme rediscussed for the billionth time again
some of you are broken records, although i suspect >>251140 was trolling.


Proper occultists do magic, improper occultists theorize about doing magic.


>how do you lose weight
>eat less calories
oh yes, the calories meme rediscussed for the billionth time. some of you guys are broken records.


calories ARE a meme though



he probably read it in some secret diet book doctors don't want you to know about


one weird trick?


these things have nothing in common you twat, you tout your new age mindfulness crap as if it were a cure for everything, while it's mostly placebo
it's not that different from these ridiculous so-called yoga sessions so popular among wine moms. wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of you kumbaya tards actually partake in these kinds of activities to be honest


>distracted by real life thoughts or ideas.
Like what?


anxiety of the future, embarrassment from the past, or even something simple like "how long is left". all distractions that don't let me get absorbed.


try some soft booze


no i'm not a drug addict



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