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Why USA is evil and why i hate it.

1. The invasion of a lot of countries around the world.

2. The rudest and most vile people on Earth – Americans are by far the most ill willed “people” on this Earth. They will spit on you, berate you, condemn you and then act like you are the evil one. Trying to gain forgiveness from an American is like trying to get water from the desert, not gonna happen. The “Our government is evil, not us” excuse doesn’t fly by.

3. The destruction of other cultures like, for example, associating Arabs with orientalism and terrorism, destroying Japan’s old culture completely and suffocating them until they are no longer alive, trying to influence China’s culture with their fast food chains, etc.

4. The only country that doesn’t have a free healthcare system among developed and even developing countries. Pretty dumb for a so called “superpower”.

5. Social media and the creation of the internet, which probably was the biggest mistake ever made. It created and increased depression and a lot of mental illnesses, chronic pain and delayed the productivity of people and social interaction.

6. Degeneracy – Everything that is degenerate and cringeworthy comes from them. From furries to pedophiles, it all came from their roots.

7. Delusion – Thinking that they are the good guys when they are the dirtiest people on Earth. The typical racist white boy from America also thinks everything good came from the white boy, well you can tell that to the creators of paper, pots, algebra, science, geology and a lot of other inventions which weren’t made by your edgy twat of a white man.

8. The creation of mental illnesses – Mental illnesses wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for American influence on the world. They created mental illnesses and they increased it tenfold with their modern creation.

9. The divide of nations – American influence divides nations and destroys them. If half a country believes in America’s lies about “democracy” and “freedom” and another half knows the truth, then of course the country will forever be divided.

10. Demonizing everything that isn’t white and “pure”.

11. Playing the biggest role by far in the porn industry,. that industry was entirely made by America. Porn has the same effects on the brain as drugs, and who created and mass advertised porn worldwide? Murica.

12. Shitty education system where you don't have to study your ass off and you'd still make a lot of fucking money. Courses are not obligatory and tests are multiple choice. They pretty much get handed everything on a silver plate.

13. Indirect creation of Isis.

14. A culture run on mass consumerism, drugs, whoring and mental illnesses. A culture which has created the terms simp, thots and many other shitty acts today. I definitely prefer to milk a cow like the good old days rather than sitting here and being told to buy the newest iphone X20, all the while developing various fats and chronic illnesses.

14. Constant propaganda and the support of zionism.

15. Shite celebrity worship and making stupid people famous all the time.


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