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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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I like freedom.


lgbt and the rest of the freakshow members should fully unironically be shot


It is what I base most of my political opinions on.


I actually have a hard time reconciling my desire for freedom with desires for >>251235


There is no way for the Global South to have the same standard of living as the developed world. There is just not enough to go around.


Annnnnnd still too dumb to use archive despite being so simple children and the mentally handicap use it.


What do you have to support your assertion?
What exactly has lead you to that conclusion?


So, how many Americans in this thread have guns anyway?


I have a .22 rifle that I use for killing varmints.


I got a bb gun for killing rats


This video digs too deep and the guy seems to be particularly concerned about the end of nations and a selection of values that goes against current economic forces. I'm quite the history buff if I may say so, so I've read about hundreds of nations, city-states, kindgoms, empires and values appearing and disappearing from human history at this point, and how people living in those days were absolutely certain their particular political unity and values were central to the progress and a decent humanity. Yet here we are. So I look things from that perspective. I'm as concerned about current nations disappearing as much as you probably are about the end of Babylon. Now I'm not saying it's not a relevant thing and it's certainly relevant and a very interesting topic. But my question was more of an immediate thing, like health care. Will political parties stop blaming each other from how fucked up it is and actually implement something decent, or it will be forever this blame game, stuff like that. The video you linked me is more of an overarching thing (and it's an interesting one, thanks). I know that's your point, but that's too long term.


Me too, and so does everyone I guess, but I reject the liberal concept of freedom.


What is the liberal concept of freedom and how does it differ from your concept of freedom?


>This video digs too deep and the guy seems to be particularly concerned about the end of nations and a selection of values that goes against current economic forces.
The video is more descriptive than prescriptive. It's a critique towards modern nationalists that believe that they can reconcile liberal capitalism with their national identities. The conclusion is that that's not possible.

Keith actually put out a video today about "finkel-think", pretty relevant to the subject although more focused to his country of Ireland. I timestamped the most relevant part. In short, and I hope my analogy is somewhat accurate, it's because it's easier to sell your turd sandwich to people when the focus of your campaign is the other guy's nasty turd sandwich.



File: 1597374503533-0.jpg (21.05 KB, 526x322, 263:161, EfWTMM6XgAE2x6C.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1597374503533-1.mp4 (137.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, HeJJj-PmXcqAcsSb.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597375392577.mp4 (11.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1F9MZbh6aE-ivQap.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


how is he wrong? I guess german rape babies aren't polish either, right?


Probably negative liberty vs positive liberty.
Aka not being infringed on vs the freedom to enslave others because of "need".


noone cares about this kind of stuff though


if they are white they can be polish, english, anerican etc.. But only white.


who said that? certainly not the people who actually run these nations


for some reason the majority of posters in politics threads on here are white nationalists so that's who will say it


File: 1597385781916.jpg (59.75 KB, 700x395, 140:79, 9427317632467.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well that's odd, considering that white nationalism is the most normgroid breeder ideology out there


File: 1597385941018.jpg (139.31 KB, 572x859, 572:859, 3f329bd898106b189455a4da77….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine thinking some Sub-Saharan African from the Congo is the same as some blonde white guy from Poland


File: 1597386269364.png (469.95 KB, 627x545, 627:545, 1494667814855.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'd rather have little cute Aryan kiddos running around than little niglets


File: 1597386559163.jpg (315.84 KB, 1200x1821, 400:607, MIGHT_IS_RIGHT_Loompanics_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love how wignats will accuse niggers of being violent while their circles is full of pro-barbarism literature. If anything the african guy is a civilizational model for all the weak and dull wy pipoz


who knows how many are actually intent on remaining wizards


Low IQ impulsive niggers killing people for trivial things is not the same as mass killing for the group collective.

At the end of the day, what matters is destroying your enemy any means necessary. The conqueror decides what is morally right and what is morally wrong.


sometimes I wonder if these people are genuine or if the whole trend of emulating niggers is a sort of white boy's voodoo to invoke the masculinity they inherently lack


You're using the exact same logic and method of action as the postmodernist communists.


At this point you need to fight fire with fire. If your enemy is winning because they stoop to new lows, there are few other options than to follow suit.


You're assuming that perpetrating evil and ignorance is somehow beneficial to the perpetrator, which doesn't make metaphysical sense. If your enemy is stooping to new lows it means that they are descending into Hell. Just let them fall, don't let them drag you down with them.


That’s the thing. They aren’t falling.


Yes they are. You're being led by fear, which is a tool of the demon that is orchestrating this. Interface with it and you can see that it's waning, struggling.


I wish I could possess such optimism.


It's not optimism. I'm simply trusting the evidence of my senses. You need to learn to attain a higher state of perception than the dual back-and-forth demiurge wars that most of humanity is entranced by.


so tired of wignats. Every day it's the same stupid faggots trying to infight with bridging supporters while pretending to be in the flock

Finding a Dissident forum not filled with these faggots is like an ecosystem without predators. Practically impossible, it is a law of nature that wignats ruin everything they touch


lucky kid tbh


How do you define winning because in most objectively measurable ways they are in the processes of losing and getting desperate to do as much damage as they can on the way out.


they're not losing. Every generation in the west has seen left wing parasites entrench themselves institutionally more and more.

First they petiton laws to be rewritten (IE affirmative action, which started it all). Then they use these laws to silence political opponents and promote supporters. Then they claim the reaction is the problem and seek to criminalize it.

The courts, the media, the universities, primary education. All are in the palm of the leftist. Just because everyday whites hate being replaced by an Apparatchik class of entitlements doesn't mean they have power. Unless there is civil disobedience to overturn this corrupytion every succeeding generation will be increasingly controlled and brainwashed by parasites


they'll start losing if the coming economic collapse is severe enough and the zog can't keep things in line, not because le right wing militias or anything would take over, but because the natural tendency of all people to conservatism when you're in a survival situation over a long haul, shitlibbery is a luxury only possible during good times


It'd have to be very severe, or else they can promise gibs and win by a landslide. Even in SHTF they have an army of welfare claiments with nowhere else to go. I can't see it changing unless the population throughly distrusts the left media. Anything less will result in further doubling down with the consequences being gaslit elsewhere


Yeah this. And what’s more is they’re the dominant culture. Everyone must bow down to their rules, everyone must do what they say. You must all be feminists, must all be anti-racists, must all love LGBT. At this point no amount of legislation or hard times will undo these. I see it everywhere and the best I can hope for is that the indoctrination stops, reversal is out of the question.


>Dominant culture

>no amount of legislation or hard times will undo these

Undo what?


It's really a shame we don't have any large right wing media outlets with billions of dollars going into them to peddle talking points on TV, online, etc.


File: 1597432712549.jpg (36.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1593577058014.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Too add on, it's hilarious to me that people who likely sit around listening to fox news, reading /pol/, or some other dogshit have the perception that everyone outside of their bubble is some brainwashed sheep. When you realize this a lot of shit rightwingers say about the left are the most blatant projections ever.


and not the actual left, neoliberal "left"


Even right wing media acknowledges what used to be let wing points. They constantly afraid of being racist, they they assert they aren't homophobic, they accommodate transsexuals. This is what I mean. The right is neutered. Even fox news and a good chunk of /pol/ and other such shitholes go on and on about petty shit like elections and taxes without ever seeing the bigger picture. The neoliberal left is what rules America and western Europe. The only semblance of right wing politics left in these places is really petty shit like universal healthcare.


So you're just upset FOX and other major rightwing media outlets have to hide behind euphemisms to peddle their dumb talking points now? That's hilarious.

>The neoliberal left is what rules America and western Europe

This is rich given what side of the political spectrum most of the leaders there align with.


The fact they have to "hide" is all the proof I need.
>This is rich given what side of the political spectrum most of the leaders there align with.
It's all just neocon lip service. Much like how the left still pretends they like christians.


no amount of hard times? I can imagine after about a generation of eating dogs and gunfights with roving nigger packs there won't be much of the feminized culture left, especially after most of your soyboys and stupid whores will have perished


You mean exactly the same thing the left does only the left does it worse.


Thank you for proving my point.


>ur brainwashed
>no ur brainwashed
It's all so tiring.


> Interface with it
How do you interface with a demon?



All the left can do is project because they provably don't actually know what the right actually believes or why they believe it, so they just make shit up to demonize everyone who doesn't share their world view often with tons of projection.

This is a independently observable fact. You don't have to take my word for it. Observe what the left actually says and does for your self then actually observe what the right says and does for yourself without it being spun or filtered by a political pundit with an agenda.

Do you have any evidence they are actually hiding anything and aren't sincere? Or is it just wishful thinking on your part?


Damn, messed up the quote order.


>I point out how much the right projects
>Every response is just "no u"
God bless.


>use a no u response
>get no u replies
god bless


The Ice Cream Song is Canceled Because It’s Racist

read this fucking unbelievable shit……


Back in June, Good Humor ice cream’s Instagram account made an unusual departure from the normal items about new frozen treats. Instead, viewers saw a post about the racist history of popular ice cream truck jingles. Notably, “Turkey in the Straw,” a melody that — despite a long, racist past — has piped through the speakers of ice cream trucks and into American neighborhoods for decades.

And, Good Humor said, it wanted to do something about it.

That “something” has taken the form of a collaboration between Good Humor and Wu-Tang Clan’s singer, musician and producer RZA to create a new jingle. The brand, owned by Unilever, made the announcement on Thursday that it’s helping drivers learn about the racist roots of “Turkey in the Straw” and how to replace the music box in the truck that plays it.


Thank you for doing it again.


Demonstrate how the right project then.
Support your claim with links and citations of cases where the right project.


>he keeps going


It is unbelievable shit which is why I am not going to read your tabloid garbage.


>And getting upset over people wanting to change a song with a shitty past
Why is the aireend race so fragile?

Oh, yah got me there. I can't! Now I'd like to ask you to do the same for leftists.


>upset that a song has "racist" origins that literally no one knows nor cares about
>calls others fragile
I'll give you the daily stormer part. That place is cancer.


No one cared or knew about it, evident by people knowing and caring enough about the origins of the song to have it replaced.


>one faggot from HR is representative of "everyone"


Are you replying to the wrong post? The word your quoting isn't in there.


Are you really pulling a "who are you quoting?"?


This is the second time in a row you've shown you haven't understood what I said.


yeah ok.


why? are you a jew? we usually reserve "cancer" for things that actually taint the internet, like 4chan or youtube

I don't see dailystormer over there in their .su hole influencing the internet


Who the fuck is "we"? i call them cancer cause they post the same fake outrage shit as every other news outlet.


we on this site…except you I guess, you seem to think "cancer" is a general epithet
>same fake outrage shit as every other news outlet.
yeaaah…I don't see you jewish mass media reporting on a 1/10th of what's over there

who do you think you're kidding


God you really are insufferable. Have fun playing in the ball pit.


wow it was easy to make you back off


This is the worst politics thread of all time


There have been significantly worse.


Move your consciousness as close as possible to your spiritual fountainhead and then descend towards the manifestation of the demon (the communo-fascist propaganda war) instead of your own body.
You can also use traditional evocation techniques if you prefer.


It's bad when you can only pick a handful of posts that might've been created by someone with a 3 digit IQ.


File: 1597513845414.mp4 (427.7 KB, 320x240, 4:3, interfaced.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597517546556.mp4 (137.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ben shapiro laugh.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Raid Shadow Legends is bankrolling far-right Nazi Youtubers like Count Dankula and JonTron, and that's a bad thing.


File: 1597525562719.webm (88.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, damnson.webm) ImgOps iqdb


If you must understand my political ideology, read this book: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Might_Is_Right


Okay, but making a habit talking in lies is still objectively psychologically damaging, and if you don't care about forming a logically cohesive foundation for your beliefs you will inevitably be forced to defend them using shallow fabrications and emotional cues. You can't always respond to argument by simply murdering the other guy.


File: 1597582420655.jpg (25.82 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 05edcb2f4fc80763b3243acd7b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What did you post two separate links?



I had no idea who this guy was until several threads ago when someone posted of video of him claiming fascism and socialism and he used shit like fucking 8values and false/ooc historical quotes to try and support his point. Surely there's far better rightoids who can come up with bullshit that isn't debunked with a quick google search or glance at the source being quoted.


Post an actual rebuttal of his arguments then.


File: 1597588286087-0.png (197.79 KB, 1235x913, 1235:913, Screenshot_2020-08-16 Poli….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1597588286087-1.png (4.34 KB, 803x66, 73:6, Screenshot_2020-08-16 Poli….png) ImgOps iqdb

I did, several threads ago to the video I mentioned in that last post.

Also didn't know a mod posted this in that thread. Hilarious. People said a politics general would've been a shitfest when it cropped up years ago and dumbasses didn't listen because "If it's isolated it can't do any damage!"


Do you have zero reading comprehension? We are talking about the video that was posted in this thread.


I would like to know however why you believe that socialists are liberty > authority when socialism necessitates that individuals have no right of ownership over their body or their labour. Are you just referring to the "liberty" to receive government handouts or something?


Sorry, I had no idea that in my original reply I was talking about anything other than the fact I thought the guy was a complete fucking moron based on a video I watched and wasted my time writing about because of how fucking dumb it was. "Y-yeah he has no understanding of the political theories and ideologies he was talking about and outright lies b-but debunk this one it's different!" Move the goals somewhere else.


File: 1597590317159.png (878.8 KB, 1073x805, 1073:805, 1521438470944.png) ImgOps iqdb

>socialism necessitates that individuals have no right of ownership over their body or their labour

Please cite where Marx or Engels said this.

>Are you just referring to the "liberty" to receive government handouts or something?

Same as the above, especially considering one of Marx's most notable works (and considered entry level reading in leftists circles) is him shitting on someone who advocated the SPD settle for this. "Socialuzum is when the gubbment does stuff" I'm sure you heard the meme before.


His point in the first video was that the methods and behaviour of communists and fascists are almost identical. Something you seem to have completely ignored, despite the fact that he stated multiple times that there are in fact numerous ideological differences between fascism and communism. Attitude towards liberty and authority not being one of them.


So you would, as a socialist, support my right to freely sell my labour and the products of my labour on the market with no government restriction?


I literally pointed out in the screenshot of my post that he fails to substantiate the thesis (that gommienism = fascism) of his video with claims that have zero evidence and when he does try to provide evidence it's either completely false (the hitler quote) or removed from historical context. Something you seemed to have ignored, despite me saying that multiple times.

Seems wizchan ate your answers to my question. Can you repost them?


File: 1597591137714.png (82.41 KB, 474x223, 474:223, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>he fails to substantiate the thesis (that gommienism = fascism)
That is not his thesis.


Clear it up for me.


That fascism and socialism are closely linked, and that from a western classical liberal viewpoint they are more similar than they are different. You seem to think that he was trying to argue that fascism and socialism are the same thing. He was not. He states on multiple occasions that fascism and socialism have many notable differences. They also have many notable similarities.

Now, do you actually have any legitimate rebuttals to the evidence that was presented regarding Antifa being a terrorist organization or not?


File: 1597594670057.png (325.05 KB, 681x432, 227:144, 1571343939514.png) ImgOps iqdb

And as I pointed out, nothing he said was true. I could care less that you don't like that I didn't present the main point of his video as some nuanced perspective. Especially when he literally did the "nazi stands for national socialist!" retard card around the time he brought up the fake hitler quote.

>Now, do you actually have any legitimate rebuttals to the evidence that was presented regarding Antifa being a terrorist organization or not?

Got a laugh out of me. >>251470 I already addressed this and you completely ignored it in your reply after. I don't give a shit what a retard who's intellectually dishonest has to say on any other subject. If you want to pivot from this subject (for whatever reason) then you're welcome to parrot his talking points ITT.


Poisoning the well
Ad hominem

Not arguments. You should know this.


Fallacy fallacy.

Not arguments. You should know this.


Actually that's not what the fallacy fallacy is. I never claimed that your position is false because you are using fallacious logic. I am simply pointing out that you are using fallacious logic. Responding to someone's argument by calling them names is not rational. I tried to refocus you more subtly before but it seems as though you didn't understand. If you don't want to watch the video fine, but that precludes you from contributing any sort of meaningful commentary on it.


> I never claimed that your position is false because you are using fallacious logic. I am simply pointing out that you are using fallacious logic.
So what stopped you from actually addressing what I said? That's why I replied with your snarky nonsense with the same garbage. You claimed fallacies without relaying how they affect what I said. You could've slobbered all over your keyboard and hit send and it would've relayed the same meaning: an empty non-response that hardly addresses what it's responding to.

>Responding to someone's argument by calling them names is not rational.

What argument was I responding to? Like I said for the 500th time I called the guy a retard based on how intellectually dishonest he was in another video that was posted in these threads. Never said anything about that video specifically, I was speaking about him in general based on my experience with his work. Funny how before you tried to "refocus" me you spent your time trying to argue against what I said about the video I was talking about specifically. Which goes back to the first part of this post, the fact that you pointed out so-called fallacies without addressing what I said in >>251479 particularly. You want to pivot from the subject because you're, on some level, aware that you can't play defense for someone being an outright liar and you desperately want me to respond to an unrelated video because you believe you'll fare better.

>B-but why won't you respond to me video?

Addressed in the last portion of the wall of text screencap I posted earlier >>251467

But again, if you want to talk about that video so bad you're more than welcome to post his arguments here.


I'm not going to have an argument on whether or not some guy I don't care about is a bad man or not. I thought the ideas he expressed in the video that I actually posted in this thread were interesting, so I posted it. You don't get to barge in, start throwing around adhom mudslinging, and then declare that any deviation from your namecalling match is "moving the goalposts". Look at the post that started this reply chain, you're the one who's hellbent on disrupting the original argument. It makes it seem like you know that Antifa can't be defended but you also don't want people to criticize them for some reason.

I do not care about your past beef with the guy who made that video. I do not care about your reasons for not wanting to watch the video. It's not relevant. If you do not have anything relevant to say about the video, then don't reply to it.


File: 1597599873910.jpeg (232.05 KB, 2136x1586, 1068:793, 1553103549820.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh woe is me. Someone replied to my post (a random video with nothing said about it) on a public imageboard, and I didn't get the response I wanted. The person I'm arguing with even said a million times I could just present points from the video I want to talk about so bad but I refuse to do so while I cry about being unable to do so abloblblbobobobo


Trump's selling point to me was he was tough on China (even though the trade war seemed ambiguous and theatrical like it may or may not ever pay off) but now I think Biden might actually be better on that front https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2020/08/16/analysts-say-if-biden-wins-hell-likely-unite-allies-against-china-and-thats-good-for-canada.html

My biggest problem with Trump is he seems more marketing and making himself look good than actually doing anything, but I guess you could say the same with most politicians, Trump is just better at it though


grrrrr damn commies

*gets tough*
*gets entire navy sunk by dong feng missiles*


>China being anything other than a paper tiger


hahaha, they have enough intermediate range missiles to sink every one of murka's boats 100 times over, on top of being a nuclear power

why do you think china hasn't been Iraq'ed yet?


Not really and they aren't dumb enough to pick a hot war with the US because it would be sucide and everyone knows it.

>why do you think china hasn't been Iraq'ed yet?

Trade and they still use the US petrodollar.
If they tried to swich to trading petrolume products with gold or gold backed currency you would hear a lot more about how their human rights abuses are require US intervention because we swore that never again shall such atrocities take place under the US's moral authority.

And on that day China will know that hundred years of national humiliation were nothing compared to what would be in store for them after angering a country with a military force that could take on the entirety of the rest of the world.

I mean for fuck sake, when was the last time china ever won a war against another country?



Hey remember I’m the Cold War America thought Russia had way more nukes than them? Yeah funny how that turned out.


Not the guy you're arguing with but I don't think it's about military power at all. China has seen the rise and fall of all modern Western empires. The Us on the other hand is this confused kid with a big identity crisis and a huge shift on its demographics and values coming up fast. I wouldn't be surprised to see China but not the US still here in 200 years, not because of any military reasons, but because of internal shifts.

That's just the 2 cents of a guy who really likes history but don't care about current politics.

There's another country China saw the beginning and end of, USSR. Though that was a short show, less than a 100 years.


nobody is saying china has more missiles than america, idiot, the point is that they have enough to prevent uncle scum from "getting tough" on them beyond tariff wars and petty harassment like banning tiktok


They don’t need missiles for that. America’s whole economy is basically underpinned by cheap Chinese manufacturing, and likewise China is dependent on American companies bringing business to them. Things will never get hot between the two.


Oh, you are into history.
Can you say the last time china won a war against another country?
Or explain how the past few hundred years have been going for them compared to the western world.
Should I bring up the century of humiliation again?

>There's another country China saw the beginning and end of, USSR. Though that was a short show, less than a 100 years

You are strongly implying something to the effect of the state/government of china being the same for all that time which is pretty disingenuous.
It would be like saying Egypt oversaw the last 8000 years
Or better yet that Britain is over 800,000 years old.


Not him but
> Can you say the last time china won a war against another country?
They did manage to push America back pretty hard in Korea.


better question, when was the last amerika won a war


better question, when was the last time amerika won a war


I’d have to ask you to define a war then, cause countries kinda stopped declaring war.


They really don't. I think you are vastly underestimating how absurdly over powered and huge the US military actually is and how vast the resources they have at their disposal compared to everyone else on the planet.
They could quite literally within minutes of the order being given wipe china off the face of the earth without even touching a nuke.
Fast mobilization of overwhelming force anywhere on the earth is something that no country currently can do other then the US.

China doesn't even have a tested and functional deep water navy.
Their Air-force is weaker then Russia's, and both of them put together still don't match the US aerial superiority.

A total war of US against any other country wouldn't last long at all.


amerika isn't a country so…


File: 1597677930984.jpeg (15.18 KB, 250x217, 250:217, E56DF381-2D27-4CCB-8A82-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be. Well I tried.


burgerland wouldn't get a single tomahawk past china's S-400s before their massive iRBM based zone of denial sinks all those billion dollar aircraft carriers and shatters your smug myth of "overwhelming force"


>50¢ has been deposited into your account


>Can you say the last time china won a war against another country?
You can look that up on wikipedia, wiz, but my point was that it doesn't matter because of internal shifts in the US, etc, you know the context, we were just having this conversation.
>explain how the past few hundred years have been going for them compared to the western world.
All Asian countries got in pretty late with industrialisation and the past 100 years for them has been catch-up effect, again this is stuff you can easily look it up. Right now China/S. Korea/Japan and a few others have the same Western standards of living for most of its population and they're first world countries, in fact with really good numbers. China is a wild beast. It has a bunch of people in pretty bad living conditions but also has a 500+ million middle class population living western middle class lives. That's more people than the entire population of the US. That's a lot of people doing ok if you ask me.
Now, catch-up is over for them, they're pretty much western countries now, but with asian people in it. What will happen remains to be seen, but they seem more stable than the West, at least on the surface. I won't get into this because of how much I would have to research and write shit here nobody would read so I won't.
>It would be like saying Egypt oversaw the last 8000 years
Well, no it's not the same. Ancient Egypt is in the same place as Egypt now but everything else is different, including language and religion. Now China is way more cohesive of an unit as far as culture and people goes, specially for the past 500 years, which I implied by saying modern western empires. But whatever, it wasn't my point so please don't focus on it.

Are you the same guy I just responded in this post? My comment about the US not being here in 200 years while China will was not about the result of a military conflict, but internal struggles in the US. I don't see American hegemony going away for the next several decades but anyone who is not completely dense about history knows there are downfalls to all powers and surprinsingly, war don't have that much of an effect than people usually believe. I'm assuming you're American and has more faith than most in warmongering. Some other wiz makes a comment about China and you guys start counting how many missiles each country has. That is of some consequence and I'm not denying the importance of war and military but if you read my post to this point, let me tell you a little story about where I live, Brazil. This ties in with my previous point so if you read this far, keep going, can't promise you it's good, but I'm putting an effort here to make the thread at least semi-decent.

If you ever came to stay with me for like a month, you would be surprised how much US there is over here. If you ever traveled outside the US, you'll see everybody is pretty much copying the US, from traffic signs to marketing, and everything else really. You might think this happens because of how much missiles the US has but it's not that at all. China is not copying the US because of its bombs, either. And I mean it has NOTHING to do with it. The US hegemony is cultural, meaning they achieved a better system, came up with ways to organize their cities better, increase trade, make people into compulsive consumers which boosts economy and so forth. People willingly want to live the american life style. you can grow fat and watch TV and browse the web, who wouldn't what that? They want to watch the shitty marvel movies, eat fast food and listen to Lady Gaga. They want to learn English because they want those things. In other words people want the American Dream and they believe in it, even when they don't. That's where the actual strength of American imperialism. You would be surprised to know that was the exact same strength of Rome, too. People wanted to be Romans, there was just too many advantages that came with it. The moment Roman culture became stagnant and something better came along, no Roman legion would suffice to keep the empire afloat as an hegemonic power. It's somehow a mystery how a culture falls out of favor but it happens, it always happens and that has a much bigger impact than war. War and the missiles is the loud bang at the end and that's why people tend to consider them as more decisive than they really are. I mean there's a lot to this and I would have to write a whole essay about it to really explain my point but I doubt you even bothered to read this far into my post, I feel like you suspect I'm antagonizing you because I said China will be here and the Us don't, but I really not antagonizing anyone. So to sum things up, you can count missiles with the other guy but it matters way less than what you think it does. I would wager the US is a bigger threat to itself than China, but again that's another thing.


Every single one of your responses is weaselly sophistry that blatantly avoid and spin away from everything brought up only for you to pull up a red herring.

Do you have any shame in behaving like this?
Whatever, go bullshit someone else, that level of disingenuousness is far beyond what I can civilly tolerate.


lol. Can someone else read my post >>251557 and tell me how that guy can assume I'm just some sleazy sophist out to get him? I honestly thought it's a well rounded response. Now I know why people itt won't bother to go beyond ironic one liners. Oh well


If it’s any consolation I thought it was a good post even if I didn’t agree with it 100%. And yeah, that’s why most people don’t go above memes here.


Maybe it's not a good post, maybe it's even shit, but what got a chuckle out of me is the guy thinking I'm some chaos agent and even berates my "behavior". Fucking hell. Anyway, enough off-topic.
Thanks wiz.


juan is only good at talking shit about china, not talking about china


File: 1597698174689.png (545.45 KB, 474x632, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597719795390.jpg (38.18 KB, 470x254, 235:127, 1596903320535.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Eagerly awaiting for corporate dem moderate#5363249 to end up losing like they all do and for neolibs to find some way to blame leftism for the failure of their drone being unable to inspire a base beyond "we gotta beat bad man"


The crazy thing is they seem to be actively hiding when both should be campaigning and trying to be omnipresent in the media.

Yet they will still blame everything else but their own party for not getting their way. Willing to even tear the country apart because of it to play petty political games.


I'm kinda confused now about what they are doing, but as far as I can tell they dislike the idea of Bernie being President more than the possibility of Kamala being first-lady president over Hillary.


Kamala is the perfect puppet. She's responsible for winning a lawsuit for the Vatican priests that were found diddling kids and sweeping it under the rug. She's a fucking psychopath that has no problem speaking lies in public to keep appearances which is all a President has been since WW2


Oh how things have changed.

Good thing the left are total hypocrites about this kind of thing and will just ignore it.


>Ignore it
Leftists have been shitting on Biden since forever to the point people are arguing if it's even worth voting for him over Trump. Neolibs are the ones who're acting as if he's some super progressive return to form.


Donald Trump has been campaigning, it's just that the media doesn't report on it very much.


Great rundown on the mail-in voting narrative that MSM and the Democrats are pushing now.


>Dim Tool
Give the cliff notes.


The cliff notes are you are a faggot



'Something's Not Right With Biden' According To Former White House Physician

"These aren't gaffes anymore. He can't form sentences."


They're just using this tard as a trojan horse for camel-uh and they know it.


Pretty sure Biden even openly said he was only doing 1 term.


he wouldn't do one week, he'd step down over "health concerns" to no one's shock


Masks are just trump's wall for your face


cute, what twitter moron did you copy and paste that from?

trump didn't start the scamdemic and isn't the one ramming cuck muzzles down our throats, it's your billionaire shitlib idols like bill gates, btw isn't it funny how it started only three days after their long ass russia hoax against fell through? remember goyim, losing your job and your house is all trump's fault when you go to vote, pffffftt





He said it's patriotic to wear a mask


Still taking the bait? Come on, he isn't even trying.


File: 1597840650209.jpg (13.78 KB, 451x648, 451:648, 0e20f6087ae46bd34bc88e53b6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

take the beanie off plz.
stop being a hat prisoner ffs
there's no shame in rocking a horseshoe or being bald you nazi cuckmaster.


It's refreshing at least to see that the commie spammer has completely given up trying to argue his delusions and has accepted that all he can do is try and derail the thread.




holy autism


File: 1597843171679.jpg (166.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1539411284538.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Come to these threads to have fun
>Get into one argument


trump says a lot of things his handlers tell him
he also said there shouldn't be a mask law and is actually opposing it




You have to wonder if who is being elected really matters to the DNC.

There whole campaign and policy position is just orange man bad at this point.


I had to look up a Joe Biden speech because I'm constantly seeing people call it elder abuse. He might not be doing many but I watched him be pretty cogent and normal in like 3 X 20+ minute speeches from the last few months. He even got interrupted by protesters and didn't fall apart. Not some great speaker but nowhere near brain-dead.

I watched trump's recent ones and he was struggling reading the teleprompter so I can't see how Biden is worse. American politics online is just nonsense and repeating catchphrases.


Can you post the Biden speeches you are referring to as well as the Trump gaffes you are referring to?


These Dudes are low iq.

Biden asked about the cocaine because the insinuation is is an insult to ask him to the the test, as would be asking someone to take a cocaine test insinuating you suspect they are a junkie (Biden considers cocaine users junkies). Hardly some random comment.

Skipped through the second and he is pretending to be a retard not understanding how that tweet implied the endorsement was meant to be for Biden and wasn't.

Are these people pretending?


Yes anon we all know that calling someone a junkie is an insult. The point is that the insult was in no way warranted. The reporter was very respectful, he framed the question so as to not call Biden senile, just stating that Biden's mental health is a talking point among the right, which it is. That's not justification to fly into a rage and call the reporter a junkie.


Biden ones
They are the three I watched, I don't care about the content just wanted to see how he talked.

I didn't call it a gaffe I just said he struggles and isn't much different from biden. https://youtu.be/mXD4zPY4Ai0?t=749

He said it's like if he asked that, as he was being specifically asked if he'd taken a cognitive test he took offence I guess. Then I looked up the full clip and Biden laughs right after asking if he's a junkie. then he answers the following question about trump talking about his tests. I thought this kind of stuff people liked about trump?


>I thought this kind of stuff people liked about trump?
You clearly don't understand why people like Trump. Trump would only have insulted the reporter if it was actually the reporter who was calling him senile. If the reporter said that one of his political opponents called him senile, like this reporter did, he would just insult the political opponent. And he'd probably have a better insult than calling him a cocaine addict. Seriously, were do you get that? Drug addiction and senility are in no way comparable.
>he took offence I guess
yeah he shouldn't have taken offence. This was a softball question and the reporter was in no way being confrontational about it.



lmao why is this guy "debating" 15 year olds?


He didn't insult the reporter?
I will rewrite Bidens response for you to being asked specifically if he'd taken a test to see if he had cognitive issues.
>Why would I?
>Come on.
>Asking me that is an insult
>I'm not cognitively impaired
>it's an insult to ask if I'd test for it
>It's like me asking you something insulting
>like are you a junkie
>ive demonstrated why its stupid
He doesn't insult him. He's saying the question is an insult and loaded assuming he has a reason to test for it which he doesn't so he won't entertain it, and tries to demonstrate why with the cocaine example. Possibly because the interviewer doesn't respond after he makes his first response of "No why would I, cmon" he felt he needed to make the response clearer and failed. Then he does continue to insult trump saying the tests only test if you can tell the difference between an elephant and a lion, so there's nothing to brag about.

Its maybe not the best way to respond to the question but its no way "bizarre" or mental incompetence like that video and article shown in the video were making out, and it wasn't him flying in to a rage because he laughs to indicate it was meant to be an amusing absurd example. If anything that interview has convinced me this stuff is mostly nonsense.


He had no idea he was 15 until the kid said it somewhere later on. Regardless, it's interesting to see someone so young spouting /pol/ rhetoric (except for the bits where slavs aren't considered white, funny enough) with this amount of arrogance.


>15 year old
>acting arrogant
No that makes complete sense.


The fact that you need to reword what Biden said in order for it to appear acceptable just proves my point.


Really don't want to watch an hour of a guy who constructs rhetoric for a living pubstomp a teenager.

So does this guy deny the differences between racial groups altogether or does he accept them and just make the argument that we should judge individuals as individuals?
And does he examine the extreme negative impact that the welfare (an ongoing problem, not a 50+ yrs extinct one) has on the culture of black americans or does he just heap the entire blame on Jim Crow and slavery?


I'm rewording it for you to include information that should have been inferred not to change what he said. To me it's very clear what he said and intended, maybe him and I were raised in a similar intellectual culture because I consider that normal conversation. Luckily I don't have to live in the US so now I can safely ignore all the politics.


Do you have a rationalization for "lying dog-faced pony soldier" as well?


Can't really summarize his position on the first question (I'd have to dig through his debates on the subject for that) but from what I understand he thinks racial differences as race realists like the kid in the video puts it are unscientific and academically bunk with the studies supporting it either being misinterpreted or coming from some fringe far-right figure who put their thumb on the scale and can't even get their work properly peer reviewed. You'll have to watch his stuff related to it if you want a better understanding of his position.

With welfare, I think he said it's a bandaid to solve a problem (wealth inequality) caused by slavery/JC among other systemic disenfranchisement from the past and now.


That sounds rather strange. Do you know if he has any studies that put the average IQ of Africans as a group on par with the average IQ of other populations? Or is he one of those radicals who tries to argue that IQ isn't even real?

>it's a bandaid to solve a problem

This is really surprising because it asserts that welfare actually benefits black culture. Personally I don't think that encouraging single mothers to reproduce and raise children out of wedlock is very good for the childrens' mental health and financial future.


He doesn't deny that black people have a lower IQ than other groups. He disagrees that the IQ is caused by the reasons race realists and such claim and that the way they treat IQ as a metric is absurd. Again, you'll get a better idea of his positions from the debate or any of his others on the subject.


I have done the research on that event and I will now share it with you.

The first instance of him using the phrase is 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQFtkEN6Sds
>"As my brother, who loves to use lines from movies, a John Wayne movie, there’s a good line in a movie, a John Wayne movie where the Indian chief turns to John Wayne and says ‘this is a lying dog-faced pony soldier,' Well let me tell you these guys are amazing, they stand up and say things which are mind boggling"

Although people seem to be unable to source the direct quote I have found multiple John Wayne films where Pony Soldier is used by an indian chief and John Wayne calls himself a Pony Soldier (Calvary trilogy, Hondo & She wore a yellow ribbon) and DogFaced is used to describe infantrymen here ( https://www.scripts.com/script.php?id=she_wore_a_yellow_ribbon_17961&p=19). So even if Biden has joined some John Wayne scenes together in his memory or his brother combined funny terms the phrases Pony Soldier and Dog-Faced are from western films.

Now as seen in the first clip he associates the phrase with an absurdity and a joke, that it's related to the "mind-boggling" claims of his opponents. So the situation I presume you're referring to when the student asks him about his bad result in Iowa. He says its a good question and later asks if she's ever been to a democratic caucus, he doesn't believe her when she says yes ( she was actually lying she said in a later interview ) and jokingly used the term while laughing as he did before when using it as an amusing phrase for someone lying. He then proceeds to explain that the Iowa caucus doesn't determine how well one will do in more important states ( which I guess is his claim for why she hadn't been to a caucus because she'd know that?)

I don't know enough about American caucas stuff to comment but the phrase is related to where he said it is from. It was meant as a silly amusing phrase in both instances, and the crowd seemed to take it that way despite it sounding harsh. So yes the rationalization is that it's a phrase from his childhood he thinks is funny and he really isn't a great speaker, not evidence of some crazy breakdown throwing together random words. I don't find it amusing but this is the final piece of research I'm doing on this man.


Is she right?


No, the economy was doing great before MSM convinced the Democrats to shut everything down for the flu.


>biden wins
>anarcho-communist/ niggers keep burning shit

>trump wins

>anarcho-communist/ niggers keep burning shit


Lead Singer of TRAPT Joins Me to Discuss Trump and Victim Mentality

Headstrong against the anti-white narrative


She looks high and I strongly doubt she knows anything at all about anything to do with the current political situation.

Being famous for making music doesn't mean their opinion on other topics unrelated to their craft matter.


>celebrity #3516 sez "vote clinton!"
what a successful tactic


I thought she was famous for having the biggest jugs in the music industry?


How an entirely voluntary society would work


Biden loses the big Union vote by endorsing the Green New Deal.


Bit late to the party on that one.
Old news


Apparently Snopes is rating the claim that Biden stated that 120 million have died of COVID as "mostly false"… because he later issued a correction. Are these people serious?


Not a chance that is even remotely true.
Also straying farther and farther away from the topic of politics.


Yeah, they can been lying propagandist for the progressives/dems for a few years now.
It is actually a pretty big pain in the ass to fact check things now unless you can find original footage or other such primary sources.

I don't know if shit has always been this bad and it wasn't as easy to spot back then but yeah. All mainstream places are totally full of shit about just about everything now.
For fuck sake even the local news can't get the weather right any more.



Youtube waves the link in your face if you search for Biden 120 million covid


>It is actually a pretty big pain in the ass to fact check things now unless you can find original footage or other such primary sources.


>For fuck sake even the local news can't get the weather right any more.
that's the most boomer-ish thing I have ever read lol


I don't see what's wrong about the "mostly false" rating? He just accidentally said the wrong word and immediately corrected himself. I'm not for Joe or anything but you guys are really grasping at straws.


>t. kamala nigris


It's obvious you consider yourself unbiased, so when an actual unbiased source disagrees with you it causes cognitive dissonance and you get angry


File: 1597944584483.mp4 (12.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Romy Rome 🇺🇲 - It's the Ru….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Jewish oligarchs own Russia


>tim pool


I mean, it's not like that's a real problem that actually affects anyone though. Maybe focus on things that actually matter.


File: 1597948959190.mp4 (636.72 KB, 360x448, 45:56, niggercaught.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Trump has stated that he'd send in national guard as soon as the local politicans ask for it. He also called the rioters out as terrorists. Biden has openly pandered to the rioters, on the other hand, plus he wants to disarm the American people.

Right now the riots are contained entirely to libshit cities with mayors who openly praise the destruction and violence. The only way they can actually harm white armed America is if the traitor politicians capitulate to their demands.


Snopes isn't unbiased by any stretch of the imagination, and that is a problem.


Is this sarcasm?


>an actual unbiased source disagrees with you
No, it doesn't disagree. The claim is that Biden said that 120 million people died of COVID. He did. If Snopes wants to talk about how it's missing context, they can go ahead. But labeling the claim as false when it is not false is dishonest. That's how these biased fact check sites work. They take a claim that damages their narrative, label it as "false" or "mostly false" and then go on to not prove that the claim is false but that it's missing some context or that some authority figure has a different opinion.


Not the fist time he's done something like this.


if his political opponents weren't so desperate they wouldn't need to label it as mostly false maybe. the problem here is that an inconsequential slip is used as a political argument. you would be foaming at the mouth if the opposite side did something similar with trump


Is there anyone keeping track of how many murders the peaceful protesters have really committed? We all know the phony protests are only a tool to keep the police occupied defending few spots while the rest of the 'activists' gain freedom to do crime unopposed elsewhere.

Jesus Christ I don't even want to imagine what some 40 year old noname youtube libshit must feel like when they get humiliated by a literal 15 year old memer. No wonder it needed a 55 minute cope video to bring its vagina bleeding under control.


It was around 30 or so directly attributed to violence of the rioters last I checked.

Pretty bad but there is still lots of room for it to get much worse.


As I said, directly means nothing. The real numbers are hidden in all the violent crime they do out of sight while their friends keep police occupied downtown with protests.


I enjoyed that, even if i did spend an hour listening to autistic psuedointellectualism.


So you enjoyed it ironically?


No i enjoyed it unironically, it was sadcringe seeing that kid implode under his own bullshittery


Or maybe i enjoyed it ironically, my brainfog is causing me trouble right now


With daily 50k+ new cases and 1k+ deaths - it's supposed that US hospitals would be all critically fucked already, but they are somehow not?


Deaths are being inflated and most people who get it are not in danger.


That number sounds a bit high

Anyway the vast majority of cases are mild or even asymptomatic. Blanket testing and absurdly lax standards on what counts as a covid death is specifically designed to over inflate the numbers.


Daily reminder that the corona virus is just an exome and this virus has never been isolated in a lab thus debunking itself.




do you even know what exosomes are


Judging by the link he posted, no he does not.


>qualified md in america
>no he does not
are you implying that a doctor doesnt know what an exosome even is?


You aren't a doctor and you can't get someone to understand something for you by proxy.


So first they claimed orks are supported to be black people and therefor racist.

Now they are whining that Alien and Predator are racist representations of black people.
Both funny and a bit sad how far these race obsessed grifters are going.


then tell us why so many doctors and scientists are going along with this despite there not being a single study that has isolated the virus free from other particles. could it be that you and they are just sheep bowing down to authority figures based on faulty evidence? exosomes are caused in the body naturally. the supposed virus that the media is showing us is nothing but a an exosome. and thats all the scientists in china did too, they took only 7 out of over 100 people sick after being at a seafood place, took a swab from there lungs, and found exosomes in them and falsely claimed that it was a corona virus that caused it when it was likely ingesting food that was no good that actually caused the release of excessive exosomes to eliminate toxins in the body. doctors are literally jumping the gun and allowing patients to die over other diseases and cancers


You seem to be missing the point that others were saying YOU don't understand.

Some doctor understanding doesn't mean YOU understand. They can't understand something for you.


my point was your little argument about understanding something by proxy. show me a single study of scientists or doctors removing the corona virus from other bodily fluids. an exosome is exactly identical to the corona virus


Well, are YOU an md? Are people not allowed to debate about the corona virus without a license first?


All of the beast-man subtype of monsters are representations of black people, because black people are real-life beastmen.


>literally proving why those testing procedures are all wrong
You literally cant make this shit up:


If Hillary had been elected her Syria no-fly zone would have started WW3 and many wizards here would have been drafted. Say what you want about Trump but he's one of the most anti-war presidents we've had in a long time.


Can we just get this over with and have the race war already?


The entire world is living in cognitive dissonance. Everyone was trained to believe only what we were taught to believe since kindergarten. Before school, our own parents taught us what they were trained to believe. So this has always been a vicious circle. For thousands of years. Now people are finding out that all that we think we know was only based on assumptions, not facts. A lot of our "science" is based on assumptions. And when contradictory information comes along, we reject or deny it and shame the provider of said information. When we were children, we had our parents take care of our lives, safety, and health. Later, as we grew into adults, we are being taught to make our safety and basic needs the job of authority. We are trained to believe what the authority knows is best for us and has our best interests at heart, perish the thought of ill intentions. It appears to me that humans are taught to be lazy, especially in thinking - most people would rather comply to someone else's information than to question the "information" we have been fed all our lives and take the responsibility for our own lives and welfare. I think I finally understand that we are given only the information convenient to the masters handed down by puppet governments. At one point in my life, I "knew" only what I was supposed to know, according to the information providers - the six corporations that own 90% of all media in America - the "official" versions of supposed facts are presented to us by MSM and provided by the authorities. You can't make any real discoveries, you can't make any breakthroughs unless you can realize that all you think you know was only taught by other people, not experienced by yourself. When you finally realize it, you'll finally start thinking outside of the ever constricting information prison being built around us, you'll be truely open and receptive for new information, because you won't be taking anything of what you were taught as the absolute truth.


Its a never ending spiral of stupidity. Go read about how leftists are talking about scooby doo being racist.


Well I actually do. That statement of biden saying that 120 million died of corona virus is 100% true. It frankly doesn't matter that he corrected himself some time later and doesnt errase that fact. Pure cognitive dissonance is what this is. All they have to do on snopes is state TRUE and directly afterwords say BUT he corrected himself later in his speech


>scooby doo being racist.
lol wtf? I don't think I wanna know any more than that


File: 1598169953479.mp4 (1.47 MB, 352x640, 11:20, HeL8taoV.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Radford told Vox that his biggest fear related to the current clown panic is not the clowns but ordinary people. “Rumors can have real consequences,” he said. “My concern is that people will start overreacting to what is essentially a hoax and an urban legend.” Given that the overreactions have already begun — police are having to warn the public not to shoot people dressed as clowns — it can’t be overstated that the clowns are a figment of the public imagination.

The best thing to do if clown hysteria comes to your town is be reasonable and skeptical. In other words, don’t panic. There’s no reason to assume that people dressed as clowns in your area are acting out of anything other than a wish to perpetuate the hoax. Likewise, there’s no reason to assume that clown threats being directed at your local schools are coming from anyone other than kids who want to get out of class for a day or two. Remember that a lack of photographic evidence or other physical evidence usually makes it implausible that a real clown has shown up in your area — and if someone is dressed as a clown, the likelihood that they have done so with genuine evil intent is very low.


I would be glad to be drafted, i can't wait to hug a grenade, unironically :)


File: 1598172537159.jpg (155.61 KB, 990x709, 990:709, letthemin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, you wanna come outside and start it whyte boy?
I'm waiting for you :)


Where do you get information from except from outside of yourself?
Are you hearing voices again Kevin?


What is that video for?



I am suggesting that the corona hysteria is pretty much like the clown panic. When the Wuhan thing was getting started, people were circulating out of context videos of people having seizures and people fainting or collapsing randomly in public and claiming that the virus was causing this, spreading fear. These videos and the fear spread internationally. The video I've attached was a major one that I know was circulating online in February or so at least, the one that was circulated was blurred and it was claimed to be footage from Wuhan. The video was actually of a 'bomb' exercise at a highschool in South Africa. Kids in white coats and other kids pretending to be victims of a bomb or attack or something.


>didnt even read his post


His whole point was that most people are lazy thinkers (while simply parroting others) and that for the most part you can only think you know something. Imagine being the meme that you replied to lol.


I would agree, except it seems to me that every country that successfully quarantined has gone back to complete normalcy. If America had just done the right thing the first time we’d all be back to normal by now. But BLM protesters and stupid boomers refused to.




Quarantining doesn't kill the virus though. It's still going to be out circulating amongst people, only slower. The moment you end the lockdown it's going to spread to the people that were previously isolated. Quarantining the uninfected was always a silly idea, once they found out that COVID was basically the flu for anyone who isn't geriatric or dying they should have just let herd immunity develop.


So, my mom had corona for a couple weeks, she had a cough which I was kinda concerned about, but she didn't feel sick at all, then it just went away, as far as I know I didn't catch it even though I live with her and she cooks all my meals. Why did we close the entire country over this crap? I'm convinced now that this was all just some over-the-top election-related bullshit. I just want to go out and not have to wear these stupid suffocating masks, I want to be able to go to the store to buy bleach without it being sold out so I can clean my fucking bathroom properly, I want to sit inside mcdonalds and get infinite free soda again.


>as far as I know I didn't catch it
oh you caught it, you're just one of the asymptomatic people, i.e. the vast majority of people filling the DOOMVIRUS toll

if you died in a car wreck today they'd test your blood and tomorrow's newspaper headline would be screaming about the newest DOOMVIRUS casualty, it's all such a hoax


No, it wouldn't have. It would have saved a lot of Europeans from dirty syrian immigrants tho.


File: 1598254840049.jpg (102.8 KB, 501x332, 501:332, 206_550x550_Front_Color-NA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Nigs burning down kenosha wisconsin because cops killed a serial rapist.



Cops do not have the right to execute criminals no matter what the crime. What the fuck is wrong with people like you. Do you not believe in the rule of law?


oh my god it's a genocide against teh blacks


Since when is twitch a news site or place of politics?

I refuse to click unless you tell where the link leads and why it is on twitch.


File: 1598277786162.png (878.8 KB, 1073x805, 1073:805, 1521438470944.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is typical clockwork for rightoids. A black person or some other minority gets murdered by cops in the most blatant way and they'll try and find something/lie about them to justify what the pigs did.

>H-he used to sell weed 10 decades ago he was practically asking for it!

Have to keep up the delusion that the police would never do something wrong and that the person did something that made them react the way they did. Even instances of white people being murdered like Daniel Shaver these people will bootlick for the piece of shit that clearly wanted to murder him.


>Go read about how leftists are talking about scooby doo being racist.

My sides hurt. The stupid… it burns!


Where are the leftists in this situation? It's a teacher's union posting a meme about a mayor being a cop supporter and said mayor getting asshurt over it. Do you think leftists support Lightfoot?

>The stupid…it burns!

The irony is palatable.


Your kind demanded the police stop restraining criminals. So they stopped.
Now you see where it leads. A rapist refuses to comply with verbal commands, resists arrest and goes digging in his car for a weapon.

Oh no!
How could this happen?
Police OBVIOUSLY wanted to murder him!

You retarded fucking piece of shit.


>Your kind demanded the police stop restraining criminals.

Crazy, I thought we were demanding that the cops stop escalating situations to lethal force when there's other non-lethal means they could've used.

And then we have the typical rightoid mental gymnastics I mentioned before. No argument to support their already incoherent point, just a peek into their delusion of reality.


You are conflating two posters together for one.
Secondly that mayor is a far leftist her self and her race baiting because someone made in no way racist joke at her expense is fucking hilarious and absurd. That there are people who jumped on the narrative and agreed they saw racism and ran to the defense of the shitty mayor funnier still.
Why do you seek quarrel with me for finding humor in the humorous? Do you think anything about the whole situation isn't stupid, silly, daft?
No, it is the height of stupidity.


Holy shit you're literally retarded.


> I thought we were demanding that the cops stop escalating situations to lethal force when there's other non-lethal means they could've used.
No, your kind have been demanding the abolishment of all police and that all cops should be punished for doing their jobs and usually acting with totally reasonable justification regardless of context.



File: 1598280560393.jpg (32.77 KB, 680x634, 340:317, 1556296292653.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Conflating what exactly? I responded to someone who agreed with someone else about "far leftists saying scooby doo is racist" and then posting a video that doesn't showcase that at all. How is Lightfoot "far left"? Please show me her far left policies. Explain to me why the "far left" support cops over protestors. I'm calling you a retard because it's obvious you have no idea what a leftist is and think a center right neolib is some kind of radical because she's playing idpol to deflect from the criticisms of her deepthroating pigs.

>No argument to support their already incoherent point

Now you're pivoting from what you originally said. We were against cops restraining criminals now we're somehow at abolishing police? Incoherence is the tongue of the right.


Too bad for you it was all recorded. Unfortunately reality doesn't match the fantasy of oppression you made up in your sick little head. The suspect was responsible for all events recorded. Cops are discouraged and afraid of using physical restraints, gas and tasers. All non-lethal means of compulsion were unavailable, because you people asked for it. Only the suspect had the power to defuse the situation or escalate it further, and he consciously chose to bring it to the point where he presented a credible threat of a acquiring a deadly weapon. Open and close case.

Once again the commie spammer proves unable of forming any logical argumentation, refuses to address any points raised, remains hell bent on staying detached from with reality. Relies on fantasy to justify the continuation of his spam.


Look at this outsider trying to 'win' by posting smug anime pictures. Kids from 4shit like you should be banned on sight.


>The suspect was responsible for all events recorded
>Cops are discouraged and afraid of using physical restraints, gas and tasers.
> All non-lethal means of compulsion were unavailable, because you people asked for it.
>Only the suspect had the power to defuse the situation or escalate it further
[Citation Needed]

I've been posting on this website since sadmin owned it, /meta/ was a serious board, and /b/ wasn't an open secret. Oh, but don't worry.


*I'm sure there's someone on the mod team waiting for some minor infraction to delete my posts or ban me


You the borg or something?
For whom do you pretend to speak for?


Can you read? The poster referred to "your kind"(leftists) and I said we. Do you understand how context in english works?


Squirm all you want libcuck. It's all caught on video. Maybe if you shriek and wail loud enough the facts will do a 180 and conform to your feelings?


So you can't prove the dumbass points you made, gotcha. It's funny how rightoids always speak like a chatbot when you reach the end of their dialogue trees.


Keep denying the evidence.


Define your group affiliation rather then use it as a phantasm veil to invoke Argumentum ad populum in your non-arguments and unsupported assertions.


>Define your group affiliation
I openly said what it was like three times now, twice explicit once implicit.

> use it as a phantasm veil to invoke Argumentum ad populum in your non-arguments and unsupported assertions.



Just stating "the left" while playing no true scotsman with anything and anyone that is momentarily incontinent to your retorts is the opposite of defining anything.


>Daniel Shaver
For those who don't know and fall for this kind of shit argument it was the guy who got the cops called on him for drunkenly brandishing a varmint gun on a balcony. He scared the neighbors shitless there was a mass killing about to happen. Then while being arrested he reached into his pants for no reason. While being aimed at by the goddamn SWAT. Yeah that idiot 100% earned the bullets he got. And so did the recently shot sex offender. And here's a reminder for you. There were no riots about Shaver or other whites who died playing suicidal stunts while being arrested. Just fuck off dude.


That is quite the reframing.
Lets see
Varmit gun = low powered air gun that couldn't even be used for rabbet hunting.
and as for everything else I am sure we have all seen the video and your refraining of the situation is pretty bullshit and you know it.

Nah you fuck off dude.


It happened exactly as described.


The cop in question was giving him conflicting demands. He told him to crawl towards him, right after ordering him to keep his hands above his head. He also flipped out after he uncrossed his legs, and told him that if he uncrossed his legs again he'd be shot. FYI, it is physically impossible to "crawl" towards someone while keeping your hands above your head and your legs crossed. It is pretty obvious that the cop was intentionally trying to get the kid to break down. He could have just walked up to him and restrained him, he was lying face-down on the floor. No cause for all that psychological terrorizing.

The reason he reached for his pants is because they were falling down while he was attempting to crawl towards the officer. This is understandable as he was basically having a nervous breakdown due to the guy repeatedly yelling at him and threatening to kill him even though he was complying to the best of his ability. The officer had a plain view of him as he lied face-down on the ground, he could see that there was no firearm or anything in his pants.


File: 1598283949313.jpg (43.84 KB, 515x593, 515:593, 1582508527880.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How was I playing no true scottsman? They claimed Lightfoot was "far-left" and I asked them what far-left policies she had, especially considering her open support of police which is anything but "far-left". Still waiting on that reply.

It's funny to see rightoids now saying Shaver deserved to die after years of trying to use it as some gotcha only for it to blow back in their face. The swat fuck was deliberately giving him nonsensical instructions, him "reaching into his pants" was him pulling up his fucking pants after being asked to do stupid shit like crawl towards him without using your legs.

And here's a reminder for your, BLM marched for Daniel Shaver (and other white victims of police brutality) while fucks like this deride them to protect a group of people that would easily execute them if they were in a similar situation.


It did not and you are full of shit. Watched the video frame by frame in full.
Why do you play this farcical game?


It happened exactly as described. It was recorded. Nothing will change it.


stop samefagging libshit


>And here's a reminder for your, BLM marched for Daniel Shaver (and other white victims of police brutality)
Yeah I bet the KKK does as well. Doesn't change the fact that they're a terrorist organization.

Destroying the western nuclear family as BLM wants to do will do more damage to black Americans than any police department ever could.


>Still waiting on that reply
define your terms and explain your position, your group, your "we".
Otherwise such replies are utterly futile as you and simply play the not real leftist game, like left or right even mean anything without agreed definition.


It was indeed recorded and it did not happen as you described it.
You saying it did doesn't change it.


And behold, a response that has nothing to do with what was said other then trying to shift the conversation to some other nonsense. This is how the right operates. When presented with facts that go against their nonsensical claims they'll just pull out more lies or jump to their next equally dumb talking point.

You called them far left. I asked what her "far left" policies/positions were. It's funny you're trying to tell me to define these positions when this started with me asking you to do it. Of course, you know you're full of shit and can't which is why you're dodging the original question.


You made the claim that BLM marched for white victims. Explain why BLM murdered a succubus for saying 'all lives matter'.

And yes, BLM murdered her. If someone marching in a KKK rally and chanting KKK slogans murdered someone for saying 'black lives matter' it would be open-and-shut that this was a KKK murder. BLM should be held to the same standard.


Keep dodging and living in your desperately deluded fantasy land.


>Of course, you know you're full of shit and can't which is why you're dodging the original question.
Now you are projecting.
You claim to be "we" and that "we" being "leftist" but refused to define what you mean by any of that.
Because you refuse to define what you will agree to "left" meaning it is impossible to define what far left positions are that you couldn't then say doesn't count post hoc. As I have already explained.


>You made the claim that BLM marched for white victims. Explain why BLM murdered a succubus for saying 'all lives matter'.

Notice how these two statements have nothing to do with one another yet they're presented as some contradiction, also notice how the second statement wasn't brought up before yet it's being presented as some irrefutable point that was glanced over, and finally how said 2nd point isn't even accurate to what actually happened (it didn't happen at a BLM protest, she wasn't shot for saying all lives matter)

"When presented with facts that go against their nonsensical claims they'll just pull out more lies or jump to their next equally dumb talking point."

So you actually can't answer what "far-left" policies/positions Lightfoot supports, as was originally asked, and now you're latching onto me saying "we" in my response (to someone else in a different conversation at that) is my deliberate attempt at obfuscating a term you yourself had used prior and implied to know the meaning of. It just writes itself.


Oh, and since we are coming close to the bump limit
I will be fixing some of archive links for the next thread so there is no need to rush to create a new thread.
I will create a fresh similarly neutral political thread the moment this current one falls off page 1 after bump limit.


>neutral political thread
Explain what that means.


He just means the picture for the thread won't be some meme one side is pushing, so it'll be sonic the hedgehog drinking a mojito at the UN.


You couldn't be more disingenuous.
Similar to the OP of this thread or some of the others.
A generic OP pic that isn't meant to be inflammatory or a shot against the bow of any particular political side and the standard text.
Main difference is that the archive links with actually be properly made is all.

Doesn't effect the content of the thread.


>You couldn't be more disingenuous.
I'm not seeing any sort of arguments as to why so thank you for proving my point.


I already explained myself. You refuse to explain yourself and I have already told you that until you do the discussion can't continue.
You knowing that it cant continue until you define terms refuse to define terms and use the fact that the discussion can't continue as some sort of gotcha despite this not being a argument.

I will repeat. You take issue with the mayor being called far left
implying that the mayor isn't a leftist
You refuse to define what you consider to be left or what a leftist is


>I already explained myself
Quote the post where you answered my original question of the far left polices/positions Lightfoot holds.


Why are mods allowing a dimwit outsider to spam our board?


>w-why won't the mods ban the guy who keeps disagreeing with my worldviews?
Go to /pol/ if you want that.


I have already explained I can't until the terms are defined and why.
Several times actually.
How many times do you plan to circle this Argumentum ad nauseam.


Quote the post.


Ban the spamming bitch.



Define left or begone.


Lightfoot's policies/positions aren't mentioned in any of those posts. You do realize you can stop responding, right? It's amazing how you've managed to drag this out because you're well aware that you couldn't answer my question and you're full of shit. Don't worry though, at least the thread's at bump limit.


Says the person who tries to hide behind a group while doing everything possible to actually define such group.

But as I said before you couldn't be more disingenuous.
So blatant and shameless is your sophistry. Using every trick and fallacy to avoid actual discussion of anything of substance.


File: 1598288690792.png (171.48 KB, 358x360, 179:180, do_they_now.png) ImgOps iqdb

"But I'm on your side!"


If legit that is kinda funny too.


Schizenu is an actual outsider from ernst


File: 1598289426649.jpg (80.92 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2c87a48eb942ab6c0891b18fac….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He can't do it. He can't answer the question.

Businesses will claim to support social movements because it's profitable while doing little to actually aid them. It's a neat little byproduct of neoliberalism.


File: 1598289562088.jpg (748.47 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, b36c1ed992f32d6f7127045684….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

reminds me of that white leftard faggot that got beaten with a hammer by blacks at those freddy gray protests or whatever.
its always funny watching these idiots eat their own.


Do you have reading comprehension issues or do you think a church is a for profit business?
Read the top of the sign.


Even better.


>He can't do it. He can't answer the question.
>I have already explained I can't until the terms are defined and why.

Still avoiding defining your terms I see.


And yes, churches are for profit in everything except name. Not having to pay taxes is a nice when you rake in money from the "offerings" of people looking for hope.


File: 1598289967912.png (2.47 MB, 1920x2363, 1920:2363, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


>yes, I think churches are for profit business
Ok, prove that unitarian universalist church was a for profit business that did little to actually aid the community.


>How is Lightfoot "far left"?
One one thing she is against the second amendment and gun rights.


I can't, you got me. I've been slain.

>“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary”

Karl Marx said this.


And thus the mask slips any your finally reveal what monster you really are and what you actually mean by "leftist".
Something which you know full well that absolutely no one would agree with you on.


Socialist have already lost


>Karl Marx said this.
But it wasn't real Socialism!


>Mask slips
Is this your first time in these threads? I've literally argued the distinction between liberals and leftist since I started posting in here a few months ago. You're a fucking retard if you thought I was hiding anything.

>Something which you know full well that absolutely no one would agree with you on.

No shit, this thread leans right. Why would anyone here agree with me? I only post here when I'm bored and want to see what dumb shit rightoids say on current issues.


Shame he bitched out of his debate against Vaush.


>this thread leans right.
You think everything right of Stalin is ultra far right and thus exactly the same as nazi which you also somehow see as right.


>You think everyone right of a literal authoritarian is the same as a nazi


After all, Stalin wasn't a REAL Communist!


Socialism can't exist with truth.

It can only thrive in lies.


You act like left wing authoritarianism isn't a super common thing.


I didn't say nor imply that. I pointed out that it isn't fucking neocons that are to the right of an authoritarian like that other wiz was implying.


New communist argumentation tactic: instead of actually defending your points, just repeatedly claim that your opponent is wrong without any further explanation. Eventually he will get tired and leave, thereby making you the winner by default.


That and intentionally run the thread to bump limit then shitpost openly once at the limit.


>fucking commiefag keeps asking me to prove the claims I make instead of arguing my attempts to jump to another subject


More like
>commie avoids actual discussion
>uses sophistry and deception in lieu of discussion or rational argumentation


It's not an argumentation tactic. It's a delaying strategy. Remember they live in a fictional world. They think they only need to hold their positions and maintain the current level of support on social media until the libs win politically. Once that happens they believe they will be granted a cultural domination and a truth monopoly, which will eliminate the need for argumentation anyway.

Case in point.


I wouldn't call it sophistry or deception. It's much cruder. More like an online equivalent of plugging his ears and screaming to drown out the reality.


File: 1598299482442.png (107.92 KB, 507x463, 507:463, 50f20b350b4891195f062f932b….png) ImgOps iqdb

I asked you a simple question and you couldn't answer it. Then you jumped to me having to prove something else when I was replying to another person on a different subject.

>Remember they live in a fictional world
Rightoids saying this to anyone is rich.

>They think they only need to hold their positions and maintain the current level of support on social media until the libs win politically

Marx said the revolution doesn't start until moderate Biden gets into office via people shitposting about communism on twitter.

And how was that post "case in point"? I already know you all are asshurt everytime I show up ITT I pop the bubble of delusion you retards have created over the years but you can't be this blatant about the asshurt.


Marx wasn't a real socialist.
Jahy is a far-right symbol.


File: 1598302848200.png (483.89 KB, 808x746, 404:373, boots kiss.png) ImgOps iqdb

imagine being a white male leftard
i cant even picture a more pathetic creature


Imagine being a wizard and adhering to an ideology that promotes everything we complain about modern society. Have fun having to pump out 10 kids for your state mandated white succubus before you go wageslave for 12 hours a day.


Yeah I agree, leftism is the worst.




You seems to be forgetting that the long line of looping back and forth is due to you getting pissy about someone laughing at leftist and then becoming super focused on a red herring as you dodged any real discussion of any issues and avoided for most of the thread revealing your actual position on the subject.


"God I hate working so much and being paid so little, why are things like this?"

>The economic system we live under necessitates that there's a class of people who are dependent on wage labor from those-

No that's dumb.
Ahh makes sense.

I know I'm not going to convince anyone ITT but it's genuinely hilarious how many people on this website are far-right. Even if you aren't savvy with politics it should be common sense that a society built on shit like "protecting the beauty of the white children and succubi" is antithetical to what you want as a wizard.

Can you name positions/policies of Lightfoot that are far left?


How about her commitments to "social justice" and "equity".
That her last job was
>Lori served as the co-chair of the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

source is her old campaign site.

As for her definitive positions she is a democrat in Chicago. She doesn't actually need them as you can see from the lack of them on her campaign site.


>Democrats are far-left
You also named 0 policies/positions.


Have you ever lived in a communist country?


All forms of socialism is "antithetical to what [I] want as a wizard".
That includs both national socialism and international socialism and all the veriations and versions of socialism including marxist, pre-marxist socialism, and post marxist socialism.
Socialism in all it's forms is unwizardly no matter how you try and frame it.

someone who's job it was to enforce critical theory (aka cultural marxism to use the most heated version of the term for what critical theory actually is) is by definition far left despite you predictably playing no true scotsman.


He has not, and refuses to live on a commune based on his shitty ideas for even a week despite preaching them for others so hard.

You can tell how full of shit someone is when they are unwilling to even try to live by their "believe".


Ah yes lets surrender our right of self-ownership to a grotesque centralized state because they promise to give us free stuff. I'm sure they can be trusted not to abuse this unlimited power once we give it to them.


>All forms of socialism is "antithetical to what [I] want as a wizard".

>He's doing the nazis were socialist meme

Tell me how socialist Hitler and his pals were when they killed all the socialists and considered Marxism to be a jewish trick again?

>someone who's job it was to enforce critical theory

Comrade Lightfoot pushing marxist values by refusing to do anything about the police and operating as any moderate democrat (republican lites) would.


> our right of self-ownership to a grotesque centralized state because they promise to give us free stuff

Quote me where Marx or Engels said anything related to this.


File: 1598306468831.jpg (80.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NoTrue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lame and predictable.
Wake me when you have a rational argument that isn't built on a fallacy for once.


File: 1598306558432.jpeg (39.88 KB, 354x442, 177:221, 143546789.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The thread has gone beyond its bump limit and he still can't answer the question proposed to him from several hours ago.


"The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property"
-The Communist Manifesto


Private property can't exist without a state retard. It's sad you googled and sniped the first quote you got off goodreads without even knowing you just disproved your own point. God this thread is fucking hilarious.


>Private property can't exist without a state retard
Prove it.


Here's a simple question: when private property owners have their "rights" violated who steps in to ensure that it's corrected and that they're compensated?

Another question, are you an ancap? Because the typical rightoid would've replied with some shit like "That's why we need the gubbment to ensure gommies don't take my toothbrush"


The question of private property is not political, it is moral. You have a natural moral right to the products of your labor, this includes the right to transfer those rights if you so choose.

As for who defends those rights, that is left up to the person in question to decide. They can arm themselves, they can hire protection, they can ask for protection. It's not really relevant when it comes to determining what moral rights someone has. For example, if I were to walk up to an infant and blow his brains out with a gun, that action is immoral regardless of whether the infant was currently being defended by his parents or not.

Communists such as Marx make the claim that you do not in fact have a moral right to your body or the products of your body. Some claim that the collective has a right to it (usually supported by purely pragmatic, not moral, arguments; no good Communist would evoke Divine Right to Rule, after all) and some postmodernist communists even claim that morality itself doesn't even exist. Now we have exited the realm of political philosophy and entered the realm of some group doing whatever it takes to materialize its goals. It's evil.


>The question of private property is not political, it is moral

Already off to a stupid start. Politics and morals are not mutually exclusive.

>You have a natural moral right to the products of your labor

Private property is not the product of any labor; it's the product of how much capital you had to be able to obtain it. It's hilarious you'd even mention someone having the right to the products of their labor when most of of the product of the working class go straight to the private property owners they have to work for.

>As for who defends those rights, that is left up to the person in question to decide. They can arm themselves, they can hire protection, they can ask for protection. It's not really relevant when it comes to determining what moral rights someone has

Again are you an ancap? I was expecting you to mention the NAP at any moment in that tangent. Regardless, when I proposed the question I asked it under the current framework that the private property exists. Not in an even more dystopic shithole where McDonalds has its own military to protect its restaurants and resources that get from undeveloped nations.

>Communists such as Marx make the claim that you do not in fact have a moral right to your body or the products of your body.

Marx literally says the opposites. Have you read any of his works? The exploitation of working people comes up a lot in them.

And no morality doesn't exist, in the same way money has no inherent value. Not even sure what that tangent at the end was even about.


>Politics and morals are not mutually exclusive.
>And no morality doesn't exist
Seems you have some cognitive dissonance there.

Anyway, could you explain to me how exactly private property is differentiated from other types of property? You see many different types of explanations among communists depending on who is speaking. I was under the impression that private property is just property that is used to create profit, but you mentioned method of attainment being a factor.


I literally explained what I meant. Morality is entirely human constructed and doesn't "exist" outside of us. I'm not saying that morality itself is a bad thing.

> I was under the impression that private property is just property that is used to create profit, but you mentioned method of attainment being a factor

You implied private property is the product of labor. I pointed out the arguable most common means it's acquired. Now, speaking of private property on its own how it's acquired is irrelevant to how it functions.




>Morality … doesn't "exist" outside of us.
The same could be said of every object that exists in our perception. The inside/outside distinction is arbitrary and not really important. I believe that some actions are immoral regardless of which government is in control. But that's just me.

>Now, speaking of private property on its own how it's acquired is irrelevant to how it functions

Okay. So, if I construct a bucket with my own labour with the intent of using that bucket to produce more wealth, under Marxism I would have no claim of ownership over the bucket since it is private property, correct? I just don't think that's right.


i doubt you're a wizard and i couldnt give flying fuck about whatever white vagina worshipping walmart nationalist shit you're thinking of


He already did several times.
You just refuse to accept any answer by using the no true scoctsman fallacy.
That isn't his error it is yours.
You haven't answered his questions from what I seen ether.


That doesn't look like proof to me.

That looks like a absurdly shitty hypothetical based on faulty premises and erroneous assumptions.


Literally [citation needed] for literally every single word.

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