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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


and here we aaaaaaaaare
we're the princees of the univeeeeerse


is it just me or do the lower carbon steels like 1050 suffer pitting way too easily, I mean wtf


It's just you.


File: 1597419033389.png (1.72 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, 13bf7c443cb99e2587bd4bc8e8….png) ImgOps iqdb

needs wizard hats


wish i was like them


Cool photoshop.


i just want to hang out with wiz friends.


I'm here, wiz, hold me.


it's a rhetorical question


a minute after I posted the politics thread thing about the ice cream truck music an ice cream truck playing music rolled by my window … there hasn't been an ice cream man here in years

this is the shit I hate


People are turning to this sort of stuff due to the decline in normal employment so expect that continue


File: 1597509471764.jpg (34.5 KB, 491x395, 491:395, 16e5c834b6a73da4f91695df4a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. And no one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. These are the ones who have not been defiled with succubi, for they are virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes. They have been redeemed from among men as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb. And no lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless.


nice cockpit


File: 1597523997819.mp4 (2.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, burn wizchan down.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1597525239581.mp4 (773.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 'Damn Son Where'd You Find….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


….wtf… i'm crying…


How did he do this??


Thanks for letting us know


Amazing how late I found out about pinterest. I've been browsing their art and illustration tags, it seems everything from renaissance paintings to video game concept art illustration is uploaded to that website. Pretty interesting. Only problem, and it's a big one, it's how awful the quality of most uploaded images are. They make up for with quantity though.


File: 1597596220677.jpg (96.82 KB, 563x724, 563:724, 27834fea80bf00378c4196913b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like I should've uploaded an image to go with this, so here


That place is horrible



Doesn’t Pinterest mostly host pics but also refer back to the original websites they’re from, so the image you see on Pinterest is usually a compressed version? Might be wrong I’ve barely ever used it.

Just bookmark a bunch of reverse image search sites and use them to find higher quality images.


File: 1597642341143-0.mp4 (3.78 MB, 766x430, 383:215, paraplegicwizkid_nightmare….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1597642341143-1.mp4 (2.66 MB, 576x324, 16:9, paraplegicwizkid_nightmare.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Wizard master


Made some hardtack/crackers.

Not worth the amount of effort.
Should have just bought instant pancake mix and oats rather then a big bag of flour for relatively long term storage.
It would take me days of work to convert this flower into crackers for long term storage and easy eating.
Meanwhile I could eat rolled oats as they are or prepare them in minutes with a heat source or a few hours if I just have water and want to cold soke them.
Pancake mix also last awhile in it's dried state if stored correctly and can be prepared easily with water and heat in a number of ways to make anything from hardy biscuits to fluffy breads, to all sorts of pancakes. The resulting bread/cake dependent on cooking method and allowing for amazing flexibility. Though instant mix only last about a year unless frozen or you add still fresh baking powder to it.
Whatever, I ain't stocking up on things to last 5+ years since I keep my food on rotation.


Took like two hours to make 4 large crackers that I already ate.

Yeah, hardtack is some bullshit. I will just buy some pilot bread or something and call it a day.
Going to try to make flat bread and the like to get rid of some of this flower.


File: 1597688203066.mp4 (3.74 MB, 592x336, 37:21, it'swiththewizeldersnow_1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

wizhat added


File: 1597714678144.gif (1.99 MB, 400x310, 40:31, 1486855075787.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Pintrest is fucking garbage. As you stated there is a too many morons uploading thumbnails, sources are hardly ever correct and navigation is terrible.


File: 1597715631936.jpg (995.68 KB, 2222x2222, 1:1, Gérard Trignac.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That is correct. Yeah you end up having to use reverse search images a lot. It's not a real problem though, more of an inconvenience really. Then again, the sheer quantity of uploads they have makes up for everything.
Navigation is good to browse similar images and tags. You get a lot of pics on the screen so you can peruse hundreds of images in minutes. It sucks you can't go through your pins as a list though, like you would with windows photo viewer. Then again, again, have you seen just how much content they have for paintings and illustration? Everyday I find some new artist.

Another problem I noticed is how much resources it uses. I spend 5 minutes on pinterest and my fans start going like I'm running a game.


I made some ginger candy and poured it over some ice cream. It sure tastes great but I probably should eat it only once in a while.


would have appreciated this so much more during my youth. it is a bit like the project gutenberg category archive thing, with a focus on practicality and survival. what i used to do was pick a subject and absorb all common knowledge about it, every day. maybe others still enjoy doing that and might find the site interesting


File: 1597728258187.pdf (1.03 MB, the_wonderful_history_of_v….pdf)



Pretty useful archive.
Thank you very much for posting.

fuck off back to /b/ or the political thread.


File: 1597739292029.png (551.28 KB, 516x484, 129:121, wizchhuckle.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm gonna have so much fun tomorrow.


Made flat bread, came out fine but prep works is such a mess that I still don't think it is worth it.

I am going to see if I can find someone to give away all this flour to. If not then I will just make fireballs with it in a open field somewhere and try not to cause a fire big enough to get arrested.


What adventure awaits?


Why what's happening tomorrow??
Don't be a cuck and tell us!!


Random thought. Are there any Wizards here interested in leading in the creation of something nice? I’m not qualified for this role myself and I have a lot of stuff burdening me right now, but if there’s a Wizard out there who enjoys leading projects… what if you created a devoted thread and put up some basic instructions and an outline/plan for Wizchan to collectively create a nice wizard-themed isometric art? Anyone who wants to could create one section of the artwork or one item to placed in the scene. This would really need some coordination and basic instructions/assistance, but it’s possible right? Make it so that we don’t need specialised software, everyone could draw something small in MS Paint or equivalent and be part of some OC creation together?


File: 1597768812185.png (2.16 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Philly cheesesteak hamburger helper

not good, do not recommend

smells weird


how come the only time anyone talks about being creative it's a freaking software project never a handicraft



It’s kinda hard to do communal handicraft over the internet.


I wasn't talking about collaborations


Ok but the wiz who posted the idea was, unless I’m reading it incorrectly.


99% of the time it's not about collaborations


I'm in hospital, surrounded by normals. The food here sucks. Help, wizzas.


File: 1597843009896.jpg (59.06 KB, 457x640, 457:640, 313e9201c1d65497c1fe54ac55….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

for what


if you choke they're gonna call your death a coronavirus death


all the people doing those leather tutorials online are full of shit, I just wasted all day having to learn burnishing by trial and error with all sorts of dumb experiments because they're full of shit…."jus polish the raw leather edge with sandpaper durr hurrr" like it's wood or metal

so I found out if you want that really slick look you gotta smooth down the fuzzy edge of the leather with a soldering iron before applying your beeswax or whatever and then burnishing it

what a tedious 15 hours


That sucks, man. I've heard beautifying leather can almost be as hard as sewing, if you can imagine that.


You should post that in that shtf/survival thread, looks like a good resource.


Oh, so you actually can use youtube but choose to be a braying jackass about it on this site just to annoy people.

As I suspected.


for the tutorials? I looked at regular sites for those, what makes you think I went to youtube? bizarre assumption, and says a lot about you


>braying jackass about it on this site just to annoy people.
another thing, I don't understand where this came from, I know there's a lot of mentally unstable people posting here but sometimes a remark comes so completely out of nowhere like this…if I were your mom I would take your phone and break it, for your own good


Being a cuck was the fun.


I'm still in that hospital wizzies, I feel like shit


> I don't understand where this came from
>it isn't like I act like a compleate jackass all over this site for years on end
>or even get to the point of yelling for people to kill themseves and other toxic behavor
>while going out of my way to make my post idenitfiable to anyone who has used the site for any lenght of time
>why would anyone have anything negative to say about me
>it is just totally out of the blue
>and isn't at all directly due to my own actions and abysmal personality

You go out of your way to be a unlikable cunt.
Lets not pretend you are in any way surprised people don't like you.


goodbye life savings


oh it's you
still convinced yourself I'm the american? get help mate


You are fooling exactly zero people.


stick it in your bag


Whatever kid


Why are there still people who don't use ad blockers?


you realize probably like 1/4 of people don't even know about browser addons/extensions


-Officials in the Florida Keys approved a plan to release over 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes
-The proposal - aimed at eradicating the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito that carries numerous deadly diseases
-Named OX5034, the mosquito has been genetically altered to produce only female offspring which die in the larval stage

let's hope it mutates or something and kills every last one of those little winged jews in the world


Uh it doesn’t have to mutate. The goal is already to eradicate them. If it mutates then we’ll probably have worse mosquitoes.


they will have to keep doing it for it to matter

look into the panama screwworm program the us has been doing. for i dont even know how many years they've been releasing millions of sterile males every week to prevent screwworms from spreading


Movie theaters are finally starting to open again.

It is one of the few places I enjoy going out to and willing to spend money on.
It is one of the three things I missed most during the lockdown.
The other two being open already (bus and all you can eat buffets).

I have always loved the magic of watching films on the big screen. It is a special treat that I was nervous might have gone away forever.
To me few things are better then going for a morning showing and having almost the whole place to myself.
Just losing myself in the sights and sounds that take up the entirety of my senses.
It is hypnotic and therapeutic. Being for a short time transported somewhere else transfixed by the constructed realm of the collective will that went into creating it.
It's so beautiful.
I love movies so much and watching them in the theater is the best way of experiencing them fully.


What movies will you be watching wiz? Any upcoming releases you're interested in?
Right now I'm just waiting for that Dune movie, but that's only in a few months


im worried that there will be bugs after a long time of no use


I hate movie theaters, the loud booming sounds from their bassy speakers triggers my panic attacks, I've walked out crying from too many movies all because they always overuse those stupid booming speakers for no good reason, those sounds and then that terrifying rollercoaster simulation they always play before every movie, it's like they don't want anyone to watch movies without destroying their amygdala


that's pretty pathetic


More like the normgroids who are obsessed with blasting poor quality sound as loud as possible are pathetic, they're so dumb they just think that more volume and bass = better without any limit, I blame rap music for the stupid rampant bass obsession these days


Nah, they had to sterilized the shit out of them to get approval to open.
Really doubt bug would be a problem unless you live in the very shitty part of the hood which would probably have bugs regardless.


at least they don't cry because the volume is too loud


Not sure yet but honestly I am not picky at this point.
Probably watch anything animated, action, or genre fiction they have available at the time even if it would normally be something I would pass on.
I too hope that Dune will be good. I really could use a new sci-fi franchise to get attached to.


it's an natural response to being bombarded with extremely loud sound that rivals that of a jet engine right next to your face


haha no it's not


Mostly technical ignorence.
They ether don't know about them or assume they are complicated and difficult so they don't bother despite it being so simple children and centennials can use them.


there's one of those orange UFOs in the sky over my neighborhood again, I thought it was jupiter or mars until I had a smoke and looked again and it moved a far distance away and was gyrating

I watched for an hour to see something spectacular but all it's doing is raising & lowering its brightness and sometimes changing places in the sky really fast so I quit, well I got my 30x telescope but couldn't see anything below the luminescence, then I quit

aliens….what can ya do


If you aim your asshole directly at it, it might enter


learning shavian 𐑖𐑱𐑝𐑾𐑯
pretty cool alphabet


spirits in the material world

interstellar travel is possible only through mastery of astral projection and dematerialization


And you didn't record it?


File: 1598123803430.png (96.31 KB, 1167x523, 1167:523, Screenshot_2020-08-22 Pard….png) ImgOps iqdb

And I simply wanted to know what Froot Loops Jumbo means…


even assuming I owned a camera…why? UFO videos are a dime per dozen


>wont let us track you????
>let's annoy the shit out of him
these stupid fucking websites


Brothers phone wouldn't charge
Replaced the charging port
2 months later the battery discharges quicker than it can charge
Battery is fine
I assume it's hardware
Buy a new phone
Decide to mess with custom ROMs again
It was software
It's fixed now
It was software
Been google punked again!


it's forced obsolescence, apple and others sent a patch to their jewphones to make the batteries drain fast so you go buy a newer model, I wonder if there was a class action lawsuit

they were caught and actually defended their action, anyway serves people right, fucking hell with phones and everything they stand for


the big orange UFO is back in the same general area, I was watching it on a pedestrian bridge an hour ago, there was some succubus hanging out on the other end of the bridge

for a while the orb was just dimming & brightening, but then it got very bright and started gyrating in broad sweeps and stuff, without trying to get anyone's attention, I spontaneously yelled "HOLY SHIT IT'S MOVING" … the succubus playing with her phone took notice of my line of sight and saw it, too … she stared a minute then seemed to freak out because she fled into the adjacent slum

I guess that's something she doesn't see every day



Take some video for your fellow Wizards.

Are you in New Zealand?


I guess I can take a picture if it's still out there, my camera is from 2008, its video function is basically useless at that distance and it'd need a tripod or something anyway right

maybe I'll take a boring pic in a bit
>Are you in New Zealand?
nowhere so gay, I'm up north



Okay, I've had some orange orb experiences in NZ so I was wondering. Yours is silent? How large would you say it is? Basketball size? Larger?


its called the sun


File: 1598179811882.jpg (1.28 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0476.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

alright that's the best my shit can do
those other spots are image artifacts not stars, the only stars in the same area of the sky tonight are scorpio in the upper left (not pictured)
it's as large and bright as venus



Thanks so much. Can you give us a rundown? How long have you been seeing it? Do you know when to expect it? Does it act 'intelligent' and is it seems to follow people? Does it reverse direction? How low does it spend up there, the whole night?


Download stellarium (https://stellarium.org/)

Then calibrate it to your region and timezone. See if anything shows up there.


>Can you give us a rundown
it's not important, there've always been UFOs of some sort here every night, I've seen crazier ones that flare their lights so much it leaves a coronal afterimage on my eyesight, or small "satellite" looking ones going Warp 9 after casually flying by
I'm not downloading crap
if that's supposed to show me that I'm really looking at a celestial body, those things don't play with their lights and do somersaults



Ok sure dude. And bigfoot and the lochness monster are real too. Take your meds and go to bed senpai


yeah see, you're so easy to read
>hurr hurr a current skymap is gonna show him it's really mars!
and mars likes to fly circles around people's towns now huh

did you honestly believe you were going to second guess me with that? grow the fuck up kid


>listen to my outrageous claims where the only evidence I hold is a tiny orange dot in my blurry camera photo
>but hey its totally happening bro, im just the only one who sees it


1/10 forgot your smug anime succubus reaction pic
>im just the only one who sees it

lol suck it


I am somewhat upset that the flea market is closing near the end of next month. It is where I did most of my shopping and was a becon of free market activity. Now after 35 years it is gone and was bought by a car dealer and baptist care facility for like 90 something million dollars. Most of the bigger vendors are scrambling to sort themselves out because it was sprung on them last week.
When they are gone my only commerce options will be giga huge corporations and inconveniently scattered and difficult to get to dying small business miles out of the way with operating times that make things even harder. Most of those small business already closed for good thanks to the lock down which decimated everything except the gigacorps.

I morn the loss and it hasn't even happened yet.
Guess I will do even more shopping online.



how is this not a regular fucking cup lol. this description smells so fucking pompous


i think it's more about the purpose than its construction. Also
>wiki article about dishes in french cooking is pompous
Not sure what else you expected.


yeah but i mean come on
>a small, thick-walled glass container with no base, whose purpose is to hold a solid or liquid
just say a verrine is a fucking cup meant for food not liquid. no, let's instead describe what a cup is


That's the joke. It's just a fucking cup but it's played absolutely deadpan. I love it.


not sure what you two are talking about but it sounds french, wtf, something that faggy and affected can only be from france, and I bet the wiki was written by by one of those so-called "foodies"

oh look at me I eat my faggy soo-flay from a bowl with the bottom sliced off it now I
m so sophisticated

I hate people


>not sure what you two are talking about
Wiz, the wiki article is right there.


I know

I'm not clicking that piece of shit site


File: 1598232482548.png (12 KB, 1861x68, 1861:68, AAAAA.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do I really need to say it again? It's literally a joke. It's a fucking dessert in a fucking cup, described in a comically roundabout way. Homopedia has to deal with it because it's technically correct and no one else will ever care to write anything about desserts in cups.


File: 1598256553309.gif (788.63 KB, 500x375, 4:3, huc1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ugly people shouldn't be allowed to breed and produce more ugly people

Sick of seeing ugly people and being disgusted and repulsed on a daily basis.


so you like beautiful people then? Do you consider urself ugly?


I wish something could happen that would force all uglies to wear masks.
Oh wait.


I'm finally home and not in hospital but I still can't breath through my nose


Jackasses like you are why I hate people.


why is homer an example of an ugly people?


I think homer is supposed to represent his feeling of disgust, not an ugly person. Do you not k LW what a reaction image is?


Right, but Homer himself was also happens to be a character who is acknowledged as ugly in his own world.


Ugly people are not the problem, fat people are the problem. A fat person is 10x uglier than an ugly person, because you know that the fat person chose to be fat but the ugly person didn't choose to be ugly. We should get rid of welfare and food stamps and socialized healthcare so as to let the fat people die.


Breed human beings in collective artificial wombs and practice generational euthanasia so a percentage of each year brood is culled. Probably 70-80% of humans don't have the capacity for self control.


File: 1598283510427.png (6.5 KB, 423x257, 423:257, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

how do you fix this? this has always happened to me. it's like some remote font or something that websites frequently use for symbols such as home icons, refresh, arrows, etc, but even with everything disabled addon-wise and with security settings off it continues looking like this. i'm on the latest firefox


I have only ever had that problem in Jap games that have a unofficial translation patch.
I have never seen a browser do it before.


maybe you have javascript disabled somehow? i never get this on firefox


it looks like that in safe mode with addons disabled though, so i'm not sure how javascript would be disabled. i feel like there are certain fonts that are just not installed on my computer or something. it was like this when emojis became popular, i couldn't see them until i fucked up and win10 updated itself


I have a revolutionary idea.
BOTH are a problem.


File: 1598286090350.png (8.04 KB, 1895x178, 1895:178, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

well shit i finally fixed it after all these years. i had this config flag set to 0. setting it back to 1 shows the symbols
so many websites were basically unsusable for me because of this and that's all it took to break/fix it. holy hell


File: 1598302542837.jpg (19.21 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8-u-t0zD_400x400.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

let me find out where you live, wizkid.


My garbage disposal died yesterday and now my AC died today. To a peek behind the panel and saw there was a huge block of ice on the coils. Now I am sitting here, in my underwear, sweaty as all fuck, waiting for the ice to melt on the condenser coils, hoping that is all I have to do to fix it.


you know you could just refrigerate a gallon of water and chug it when it's all icy cold (with a little salt)

that'd take the heat off a couple hours


Keep the fan on high to prevent this in the future.


Maybe those are signs from the universe that something else will die. Be careful that suicidal thoughts don't creep in.


That would be amusing. Imagine the universe taking its time to ruin garbage disposals and frying fan relays on ac units. It must be as bored as I am.


Some boomer bastard down my street is running a pothouse now. The familiar stench of month-old piss combined with pepperoni pizza vomit of a marijuana farm stretches for 5 houses in every direction, the miasma is simply nauseating. The piece of shit even replaced the porch lights with green lightbulbs.

I'm going to write a bunch of letters to the DEA and the local pigs. Hopefully that will result in a raid or something. I find it noteworthy that no one else in the neighborhood has cared. They're all drug addicts themselves.

This whole city is such a hive of coastal scum.


You should ask him for some.


No, I think I'll just try to get him imprisoned for a long time.


ye olde predictable "u shudd ask him for some" reply to a teetotaler, yawn

who the fuck needs comedy movies when there's wizchan.org


Alternatively, blackmail him for 5% of his operation.


For the longest time I've had a vivid memory from my childhood of watching an old 1930s Goldilocks cartoon where Goldilocks was killed by the bears and blood starting coming out from under a door. I just found out that it wasn't an old cartoon at all, it was from a Simpson's episode. And the cartoon I thought it was in actually does exist, only no one gets killed in it. Funny how the memory gets mixed up like that.


That is a good way to get tortured to death by the cartel.


this isn't mexico
not everywhere is mexico you oaf


Are you anywhere in the Americas?
Then the result would be the same regardless.


And snitching isn't?


You have a very warped view of the "drug scene".


>literally anywhere in america
oh right, because telling the cops on my neighbor wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the fuck up in Whitetown USA is gonna get me dragged away by el chapo

makes you wonder why we even have the NSA when we can just outsource to the omniscient and omnipresent mexicans


Why you even telling the cops on anyone in the first place? Punk ass bitch


I'm sure that marijuana's month-old-bum-piss-pizza-vomit stench from hell smells like the motherfucking food of the gods to you, but it does not to me.


I don't do drugs either but I have no respect for wannabe cops like you. The police ruin peoples lives every single day


Pig vomit marijuana miasma ruins my life every single day.



Didn't these same exact posts happen before?


you may be thinking of the anon whose fan broke in may


Marijuana itself smells fine, it's just a plant. I don't know what you're talking about. If it's some filthy trash house then it makes some sense


I'm not talking about the "bowl" you buy from tyrone. A pothouse has a different odor, which you've obviously never smelled. So much packed into one little space concentrates marijuana's natural malodorousness into a miasma of sheer putrescence and pure evil.

This is not the first pothouse I've had to live with.


File: 1598349194299.png (39.01 KB, 516x277, 516:277, blue_line.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good, they deserve it.

Do it wiz. You're in the right. Pay no attention to the piss drenched commie who's trying to scare you. The cops are actually a wizard's friend in the struggle against out of control normalshits.


And it won't be your last, say hi to Tyrone for me!


Fuck your blue line, defund the police!!


Stay mad normalfags.


Who do you think suplies the whites with all the meth they seem to love so much?
Or the Cocaine?

All that is suplied by the cartels now.

If there is a weed house in their territory they likely know about it and ether getting a cut, run it, or the gang running it has enough muscle/firepower of their own to make it not worth their time.

You ain't safe in small towns or suburbs from the deadly reach of drug violence. Even if it ain't directly the cartel the black market is a brutal industry and most involved have no problem killing those that get in their way.

So no, it is retarded to try and black mail drug dealers. You will die, most likely painfully, and probably at the hands of the cartels even if you are in "Whitetown USA".

What you don't know can hurt you.


Could be good.

Still seems early in production since they don't have a proper trailer though so who knows when it will actually come out. Black Adam is pretty interesting so I do think he can carry a film on his own, and casting The Rock is a good choice.


>t. watched Breaking Bad and knows many stuffs about cartels


Weed isn’t even illegal in a fair amount of states now you know.


It's illegal in the state narc dude is in so your point is totally irrelevant in context.


Piece of shit normie entertainment, you just outed yourself


I grew my own plants and it was pretty pleasant i thought. No idea what it's like if people smoke inside all the time, i guess that would be disgusting.


The point is that the “cartels” don’t have a monopoly on weed in the US. And if you don’t have a monopoly, being a violent thug is a quick way to lose customers.


File: 1598358567583.jpg (62.22 KB, 298x400, 149:200, chimp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

average marijuana user


You one of those retards that has to be the contrarian that hates anything and everything that some hypotheical person you don't like enjoys?

I don't give normies free rent in my mind and I don't let them dictate what I enjoy or my behavor.

I like what I like and don't like what I don't like. Normies don't play a single factor in ether.
Quit letting normies control you dude. Become free. Free to enjoy whatever you want on your own terms.


>if you don’t have a monopoly, being a violent thug is a quick way to lose customers
You couldn't be more wrong about that.


File: 1598361089552.png (111.2 KB, 224x224, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

avarage non-marijuana user



As soon as you see that Marvel or DC logo spin across the screen your brain is operating at the same level as normtrash consumers.
You can cope and say you don't care, but it is pigfeed for the workslaves and you cannot dispute that


I wish we are all apes again without consciousness or sentience in that we can know we are alive.
Simpler times.


File: 1598374562901.png (3.38 MB, 1300x1290, 130:129, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



fuck off, cigarettes smell 1000% worse and we don't see you bitching constantly about it.


You know why? Because tobacco does not smell worse. And second hand cigarette smoke doesn't ruin your memory and corrupt your soul.


Your hate has stricken you dumb.
It is a chain that renders you a slave to that which you hate. For who controls you with such a Pavlovian response but the one ringing the bell.

Break the chain of hatred and set yourself free.


Why the fuck is Directory Opus still the best file manager by far? You'd think that at this point someone would've made something better, considering that DOpus costs a lot for a single license and only works on Windows. But no, everything else is crap compared to DOpus.

It has been years of me trying to get used to other stuff, but it's all shit. It's all shit. And the shit file managers make linux desktop experience shit, at least once you have experienced how great DOpus is.


File: 1598385643722.jpeg (10.3 KB, 138x166, 69:83, CC249DFF-247A-48E4-B545-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> And second hand cigarette smoke doesn't ruin your memory and corrupt your soul.
Top bait my dude.


I have never needed a file manager other then the one that came with the OS, no matter what that OS happens to be.

What do you use it for?
What makes it good?


Yeah dude is just a troll about weed for some reason.
Maybe he thinks it is funny or is just mentally ill. I don't know. I don't use anything myself so I don't have a dog in it, but his rants occasionally are annoying regardless.


Every once and a while I get a burst of motivation and energy and can do something productive, but these bursts are few and far between. I want to build up a routine where I do things every day even if I don't feel like it. So far I have managed to add eating lunch and brushing my teeth to my routine which is good, but I want to go further. What sorts of things have you added to your routine and how do you get yourself to stick to it?


return to monke


I built my self discipline to where I can do anything and I'm usually hammering away at this or that project… for a couple hours… then my mom starts maliciously harassing-attacking me over something and the depression collapses my mood until the next day

there's no way to stick to it when that happens


File: 1598414531882.mp4 (1.29 MB, 360x360, 1:1, that's why your momma dead….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

that's why yo shoes raggedy
that's why yo momma dead
what shoes she got in her casket?
that's why yo baby got a glass eye and when she cry you gotta clean it with windex, bitch!


y island :)))))



File: 1598452913529.mp4 (413.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, aha.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Looks like it's done


Yeah thats the real struggle of living with family. Mood can swing depending on what bullshit they want to put you through. I just try to detach myself from it as much as possible. Lately theyve been leaving me alone more.


every time i think about doing laundry someone else has a full ass load going and im like AH FUCK IT, what is x more days. i don't think i've done laundry this whole year, so 1, 7, 30 more days without doing laundry seems like nothing


File: 1598517480987-0.png (103.03 KB, 663x307, 663:307, saudi prince 20k hours dot….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598517480987-1.png (85.35 KB, 806x613, 806:613, battle pass top level.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598517480987-2.png (284.25 KB, 867x901, 51:53, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Today I found out that Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia (son of the king), plays DotA 2 nonstop.
His account has over 20,000+ hours played in DotA 2 alone and he's spent over $30,000 on dota just this year alone. He's also a weeb and owns 2317 Steam games.

Here's his steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Abdullah_Al_Saud


Very amusing. Nice find, wiz.


looks like a not-so-subtle form of pr for saudi arabia


So you are telling me a literal billionaire spend time doing exactly what i do, just worst?


So he spent over 2 years in-game, that's pretty insane


Have you tried going in on very unusual hours? I live in a high density area but the majority of people perform similar tasks like shopping and doing laundry at similar hours, all you have to do is going in outside rush hour. It works when doing groceries, I'm sure it will for laundry too.


Did you know the prince is jailed?
Technically the Dota 2 prince and his father have been jailed since 2018 when tensions in the KSA started rising. What’s the reason though? Prince Abdullah bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is seen as a potential threat despite never having any particular interest in politics. Jailed is certainly a wide term here but Saudi Arabia has been under a lot of international pressure to release the jailed prince and his father. This explains his high Dota 2 activity.


So he's only doing this to pass the time being jailed


By jailed do you mean under house arrest? Or do they let him play DOTA in prison?


Wish I was jailed like that.


MBS isn't in jail though, he was the one who ordered everyone arrested.


Turns out the only way to get a high school equivalency diploma in my country is to spend 4 years in a "part time" school. That means I'd be in my late 20s by the time I get my high school education holy fuck.


File: 1598559395439.jpg (41.46 KB, 959x525, 137:75, dfghfgh.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


>do things every day even if I don't feel like it
why the fuck would you do that


To get the results you desire in the long term.


That sucks. Here in Canada you can just get your General Educational Development (GED) which consists of successfully passing 4 tests. The topics are in math, science, social science and English language.
The cost of the test is about $100 and you need to be atleast 18 to attempt it.
The passing grade is 450/800 (56%).
Hell you can get an equivalent of a highschool diploma in a single week instead of spending 4 years wasting away.
Although officially it has the same standing as an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) some employers may not recognize that and would treat you as being inferior/uneducated.

Where are you from?


What can I spend my hard-earned wagebux on to make my life more comfortable?



So you were mindlessly breaking your back for bux with no goal in mind? That sucks.


File: 1598641488848.png (74.53 KB, 996x454, 498:227, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Making those wizbucks


Good luck wiz, hope your sales go well.


File: 1598645624738.gif (136.58 KB, 500x345, 100:69, 1593551056527.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>comfy gaming PC (lag is stressful)
>comfy large monitor (less eye strain, doubles as a TV)
>comfy fiber Internet connection (no more waiting for things to download)
>comfy mouse, keyboard (wireless, ergonomic shape, fast scroll, extra buttons)
>comfy speakers (no matter the headphones, they eventually become uncomfy)
>comfy chair (you're spending 8h+ hours here, this one is a no-brainer)
>comfy bed and pillows, optional: daki (another 8h+)
>comfy portable devices: phone, laptop, e-ink reader for manga (when you don't feel like getting out of bed)
>comfy appliances for zero effort home cooked meals (for wizzies living alone with no mommy)
>comfy AC for hot summer days
>comfy blankets, clothes and slippers for cold winter days
>comfy pet for cuddles, like a cat (dogs need to walked)
>comfy mini-fridge for refreshments, alternative: big mug, water bottle (gotta stay hydrated)
>comfy mic/webcam for communicating with your discord wizbuds (i'm kidding, don't ban me :DDDD)
>comfy sex toy (for the wank addict/connoisseur)
>comfy drug(s) to make the pain go away (alcohol/weed as a daily driver, xanax for mandatory work-related events, MDMA to feel like a normie, psychedelics when you're feeling playful)
>bonus: comfy fentanyl for suicide (when you credit card debt catches up to you)


Great neets think alike.


File: 1598675030999.jpg (27.59 KB, 755x640, 151:128, cs6zbzhwldrmcm4hn5it6zargs….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Go back to /r9k/


Save up for retirement.


File: 1598685980870.png (9.2 KB, 519x212, 519:212, WIZmethods.png) ImgOps iqdb

proof there were wizards in the military.


chadwick boseman is fucking dead.


File: 1598700511983.png (221.72 KB, 1447x712, 1447:712, aylmao.png) ImgOps iqdb

>google name
>WTFF it's this black dude who is the protagonist of the movie I'M WATCHING right now

wtf I just had downloaded Black Panther and I'm watching it rn.



he died because of digital piracy


He literally died of butt hurt


Every fucking time you wizlets needs to cry and moan about your precious celebrities. EVERY TIME!!
Do you get satisfactions from being the first one to post it on the general??


He's probably only doing it at this point because you're so eager to show your discontent every time.


You really shouldn't get so angry over this.

Is it because you feel bad that no one will care when you die and you will be forgotten the second you are gone?


File: 1598708736763.gif (5.13 MB, 640x640, 1:1, oohh.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Is it because you feel bad that no one will care when you die and you will be forgotten the second you are gone?


Does anyone know which part of Africa this was filmed in?


>implying people aren't going to forget about black panther man in a week


He would stoop that low just to innervate me for a brief moment?
No, he wants more attention than that obviously.
It's most typical groid behaviour that i cannot stand, it is like the worst blend of gossiping and virtue signalling possible in a single sentence.
My anger is justified, no your reasoning has nothing to do with it, especially given the only reason i am alive is because people would care, so that has nothing to do with it, my reasons have already been outlined
Go back to high school kid, noone cares for your reacts here


That's exactly why i'm doing it, and this faggot probably has some sort of amnesia.


Look, i gat it and am not being unreasonable. Robin Williams, Micheal Jackson, Kobe Bryant, fair enough. These people had cultural impact and may be worth discussing for a time, but these unnamed directors, obscure photographers, flavour of the day actors, it's all fraudulent water-cooleresque clucking about other people's business. Why not post which celebs have gotten the latest dick implants while you are at it?
Because they know no-one will give a shit about that, so they toe the fine line of what is acceptable to post about celebrities, and this just happens to be that line, so that ingrate imbecile can post a single line everytime some celebrity turns into wormfood for a brief dopamine hit of getting similar fraud replies ad nauseam.

Excuse me while i go break some plates


So, read carefully, nigger.
The only_fucking_reason i'm going to continue posting this stuff is because you lost your shit over that litttle post about Bilbo, you retarded cocksucker.


Yeah, i'll see you here next time you p.o.s, the battle never ceases against retardation and groidshittery


Yeah, what a convenient excuse, take it up with someone who cares.

No doubt now we will be experience copy-cat celebirtyposters, so you just shitted it up for yourself, well-done

Anymore retarded talking points you wish to discuss?

Maybe you should set up notifications for whenver someone dies on planet earth and post about it.

Better yet, build an app!!

You freak of sub-humanity, spending your time trying to innervate me just because you can, p.o.s ingrate


File: 1598710189741.gif (284.96 KB, 220x182, 110:91, ertwert.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1598710465652.png (91.73 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, ufff.png) ImgOps iqdb


cut it out boys or get a room. That's enough of you two shitting up my anti crawl thread.


the average temperature plummeted a couple days ago after being burning hot all august, dunno what happened, but it shocked my system or something *freezing*

what the hell, we usually get 3 three weeks to acclimate through september, it's now BAM as cold as mid/late september, day and night dropped 25 degrees!d

can't even sleep right…




the first hot showers when it gets real cold in fall are pure bliss


I stepped outside, it's so cold the level of condensation this morning is as soaking thick as it only ever gets starting right around september 20th, which is bullshit, days later the local news haven't even said anything about it yet

I guess they;re all so fucked up on their free marijuana nowadays even the so-called scientists don't notice the season fast forwarded 4 weeks overnight


I take a shit once a week and its 16 inches long.


Robelifting wizards of color - all of you!


Same. My shit goes all the down the toilet hole until you can't see the end anymore and it's like a foot and a half long.


You need to cut it wiz, or it wont be easy flushing it down.


Had a dream Obi-Wan Kenobi came to my house, cut mouth and baby holes in to my dakimakura with his lightsaber, and then had sex with it.


File: 1598792788367.jpeg (27.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 53745040_2016501718398666….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

WWE toaster and waffle maker.


File: 1598793145869.gif (1.43 MB, 540x240, 9:4, 3e21d11a_540.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>baby holes


man i wish cicadas weren't so damn loud. they are fine as a white noise when they are all far away it's kind of pleasant, but if just a single one of those bastards is close enough the sound us deafening


That does not look like a waffle to me.


It identifies as one you fucking bigot.


i believe the "see also" section of countless wikipedia articles is being covertly controlled by various organizations. just a hunch that crawled into my head today, i'll pay more attention to it from now on


I just went to upload something to deviantart after a year and found out they made it a paid membership site if you want to show people your stuff. They won't let you upload to any community or genre sections without handing over whatever it was…20 shekels per month, and no one in the world is going to see your stuff. Fuck that.

Fuck them.

There goes another good old site down the shitty corporate toilet of Web 2.0


Damn, sad to hear that, had some good memories with that one years ago.
Was a fun community, even if you were shit at drawing… guess that goes down the drain now.
Well, at least it fits the shiny new design of the site just perfectly.


I don't think that is generally what is meant by web 2.0
web 2.0 was about the rise of social media
we are on 3.5 or some shit.


>about social media
it's connected as far as I see it, it didn't start there, they started changing the site design into a mess to accommodate jewphone users for more of a "social media" look and feel, everything else naturally followed


on top of it they had some retard indian or someone recode that site, simply opening a page, without animations or videos, and very few, small pics, makes my dual-core laptop soar to 80c, that's worse than when I try playing super high definition videos on youtube on full screen mode

what a nightmare


It's so feature rich and customizable. Perhaps it's something you don't miss until you're realize how much better things can be.


File: 1598854137529.jpg (104.87 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, CpiwxwqWAAATyf_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My hatred for humans is becoming more aggressive. I didn't ask for this. I feel like a drama queen bitching about people for no reason and I can't help it


once experience teaches you that all humans are pieces of shit, the natural progression is hating and avoiding them

no one ever went wrong by avoiding people


To think about it, somehow such a website (social network for art) is not needed nowadays.
Ofcourse Artstation is popular (is it still?) but as far as i know it has pretty basic "social network" features, and most people use it as digital portfolio to show employers.
Is Pixiv still popular? Well its for asians, which is like a separate world.
And it comes to the fucking Instagram where everyone went. Mobile-centered app, how the fuck do they even enjoy looking at those little pics?


they are not pieces of shit, they just use complex ways to survive while animals use simple ones. Also niggers


Literally who.

Normalfag meme that only happens in their primitive movies.


Fuck off Alaskan


>Literally who.
Exactly. Don't worry, it's just celebritywiz trying to get attention from me again, just ignore ignore IGNORE


>a portfolio
this is part of the problem with deviantart becoming useless, every other site they call a deviantart alternative is either focused entirely on graphic art or it's a shitphone-based social media thing…or it's just a place to whore your "portfolio" for a job somewhere

no, there can't be a site where you just upload anything with millions of other people for fun, creative criticism and smalltalk without it being part of the rat race…and on a PC not a goddamn phone

I really hate how much phones ruined the internet


>how dare artist make a living and not just give me the fruits of their labor for free
The level of entitlement you have over this is comical. Grow up dude.


did you ever use deviantart? it has been a decade since i went there, but i know exactly what he's talking about. instead of just uploading you art and having fun, people were treating it like a marketplace and business


>people were treating it like a marketplace and business


That is not what I was talking about you stupid piece of shit. I am an artist talking about sharing MY shit for free.


If you refuse to adapt to the times then they will leave you behind.
Change is inevitable.


Gibberish. We're talking about a site throwing up a paywall to people who would freely contribute to it. What you just said has absolutely no application to that, no matter how many different ways to interpret it.


File: 1598912698242.mp4 (2.92 MB, 192x144, 4:3, A_aa_aaaa_aa_a_a__aa__aaa.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


you are so fucking soulless, seriously, fuck you


Souls don't exist. What next you going to threaten to punch me in my aura?
What is your excuse for being brainless?


I hate females. I also hate homosexuals. I can tell by a person's posting style if they are a female/homosexual, but I can't tell which. Homosexuals have feminine words and feminine minds. What I smell is an inferior normalfag soul, reeking of filth and blood. Homosexuals and females have the same rot, that rot is sodomy and adultery.


So what do you think of trannies?


Male trannies are 100% sexual deviants. They're disgusting.
Female trannies are victims of Marxist indoctrination making them think that if they have socially male interests it makes them a man, but they're still females so I hate them like all females.


File: 1598943408549-0.png (5.52 KB, 886x66, 443:33, Screenshot_2020-09-01 IT'S….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598943408549-1.png (126.67 KB, 1345x361, 1345:361, Screenshot_2020-09-01 a -….png) ImgOps iqdb

November 25. Atezuppo Numbers entry already on MAL and Nanafushigi Overtime (unapproved, I added it there back in Spring with other Haruhi titles unrelated to the future 12th volume) would prolly be merged just as one-shots get merged into tankobon editions.


Obscure forums still exist with their little Napoleon moderators and inside jokes. Just like you've always remembered them.


anybody wanna see a mucous cyst? I just got one.


pop it on video then reverse the video


Fuck your anti-crawl thread, you don't own it biatch


Why not cultivate your hatred into a force of total destruction?


Noone want's to see that shit! You WILL be banned!!


Opening wizchan feels like Gandalf coming to Isengard.


File: 1598989614241.jpg (42.22 KB, 793x864, 793:864, 1000toys_synthetic_human_s….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really like the idea of having toys but then I remember you have to pay for them and have display or storage space. Like for a long time I would spend hours browsing Gundam model kits just fantasizing which ones I would like to build and display.
I don't do that anymore but toys still hold a fascination with me.


pic related, the one I came closest to buying.


So bored I tried to kill a random person for fun.


That's a lie and you know it


>coughed on someone in the line to Domino's


those alien bastards in the orange orb changed their spaceship or something maybe, now they're colored white and look like venus but the current skymap says venus isn't there and viewing it through my 30x scope…it's composed of two lights

I looked again a couple hours later and it hasn't moved one degree

the gyrating orange UFO was in that spot for like 10 days now this, wtf, what is this some sort of omen




oy vey he knows too much kill the schmuck


>I can tell by a person's posting style
You can't tell shit, detective Retardo.


File: 1599045094696.jpg (119.93 KB, 1018x766, 509:383, oliji.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

r u telling me people pay to be able to post this crap?

I remember Drawcrowd was kinda cool, but then they made real shitty design changes and now i found they're dead for good.


I can't imagine many people actually paying to upload shitty fanart. Deviantart was always about the community, 99% of users there don't have any artistic skills, they just want to post their paint doodle and have a laugh. I myself posted shitty fanart there 10 years ago.

I imagine the only people that will be left now are talented users actually making money out of their art. The problem is if I want to see actually decent illustration and drawings there are way better places to browse at, deviantart was about finding weird stuff. Guess that will be gone now.


It's Doritos dust on your lens


doritos are not white


Your reading comprehension levels are really shit-tier


File: 1599154777335.jpg (108.34 KB, 601x601, 1:1, anythingiwant.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Should I focus on walking or being comfy?


Walking becomes really comfy after you do it a few times. Especially in the winter when you can bundle up.


if it's not hot outside or you you're carrying literally anything, walking fucking sucks. aside from those cases yeah i guess it's pretty nice


>I can't think of a comeback to this so I'll cite "reading comprehension"
your whole mind is shit-tier, little boy


Walking is comfy. I hate walking when it's really hot or really cold. Winter walking sucks in my city, for a number of reasons. It's icy, lots of snow, no sidewalks, the city does a shitty job cleaning the snow, etc. Late spring and early fall is best

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