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As wizzies we can embrace the higher spiritual state of celibacy as long as we abstain from fap.
post prayer routine(this is an anonymoys board,it isnt bragging),share insight,discuss your troubles.
other christians welcome.


i recall at least some posters here wanting to be catholic monks


Some time ago a wiz told he was going to get baptized on the Orthodox church. Just wondering if he's still here and if he's enjoyed his baptism and his life now. He looked really hopeful.


I know. I just found it funny how your thread is right above the hentai thread.


i dont give a shit about religion, but the other aspects of being monk seem nice.


You mean spending most of the day in prayer or reading and writing biblically related text while in deep contemplation of their religion?

The religion make up and takes up the vast majority of their time/life.
If you remove the religious parts you no longer have a monk's life.


thats all religious stuff.
i meant living a small room without fancy bullshit, gardening and growing food, learning trade/practical skills, being isolated from the general population or public


So tell me about what goes on in the Catholic church and why they must insist on their actions??
Not very NoFap of them is it


So like 5% of what monks do day to day.


>monks only spend 5% of the day on gardening so they can eat
Lol no that’s bullshit. And most monks spent probably 60% of their day just copying down books because the printing press hadn’t been invented.


what time period are you even talking about because I am talking about right now and most monks from most times and places where not subsistence farmers who spend the bulk of their time gardening/farming.
Where are you getting your information from and what monks are you referring to?


I always assume when people tall about monk or monastery life they mean the few places that still use the old ways or just straight up 1400s era. Being a modern monk would probably be no different than being a priest, except more meditation.


maybe, i dont know. im probably romanticizing old hermit life, but i thought catholic hermits and hermit monks living loosely together needed to be independent to some extent which requires lots of physical labor


How often do you guys go to confession? I stopped going since one of the conditions of a good confession is "a resolution to improve" which I lack. My main sin is lack of hope, and I don't think it's something I can regain.


it takes a great weight off you,dont be proud of shy and just embrace the repentance offered


Most have their lives financed by the wider church at large and live off their stipends.

This was true of both of most of the past and is even more often the case now.

I have trouble recalling monasteries that were totally self sustained communes. I mean they did exist but they were the exception and not the rule.


Every Catholic wiz should be becoming a Priest or Monk. There is a severe Priest shortage. And you guys are all volcels. Its a match made in heaven.


The pros and cons of each option


-you get to be like a small town mayor. Might rise to Bishop.

-you have to be a social worker listening to sex stories in confession, do marriage counseling





-Academic focused

-the vows of poverty and severe discipline of the monk, AND you still have to deal with normies

Academic Priest

-You get all the pros of the Jesuits, without being bound by discipline, still living on your own

-No guarantee you'll be assigned that if you become a Priest


A year or 2 ago I posted an article about this Carolina monastery that was taking non-catholics to try it out. And this Wizard took up the chance. It sounded pretty serious. He got measurements for his cloak and everything.

We never heard from him again. Hopefully he actually went through with it and is today a monk.


go only when you have a firm resolution to stay in a state of grace. figure out why you are sinning, and work on fixing those areas of your life before going.

a shortage is better than shitty priests


Noone want to answer my question about the perversions of Catholics priests? Ok, block your ears and allow it to continue, Satan dwells in the heart of your most revered leaders


>a shortage is better than shitty priests
This man speaks the truth.


They were shitty about handling bad apples and for too long those bad apples took advantage of the situation. The church has since changed their policies to prevent the problem in the future.

That said imo it is a bit overblown compared to most institutions that deal with children of large size. The US public school system comes to mind as something that puts things in proper perspective.


Its bad for us volcel wizs who want to become Priests, because now they give you a ton of psych tests to make sure you're normie. And they make sure you dont have gay inclinations.


If I say I've never shown interest in succubi, they might think Im a closeted gay


Isn't being a monk better than being a priest? My family is catholic and I was at church up to the age of 11 or so and I remember being a priest is pretty close to being a teacher, talking with people is your primary job. Doesn't seem appealing to me.
If I was still religious I would try becoming a lay brother. I'm already obssessed with organization and cleanliness, I'm sure now they have a shortage of personnel in all fronts I could find my way to help cleaning and maintaining a monastery somewhere.


There are pros and cons to each. I guess the very aspects of Monkhood I romanticize- the asceticism, collectivism and rigid routine structure could be grating to endure for decades.

But I guess the best thing to do is just visit and experience 1st hand


They have active and contemplative monks. Contemplative monks are still pretty isolated except for the lay catholics who visit for "spiritual retreats"


WHAT, are you saying there is such a thing as godbux?


Catholicism is controlled by degenerates now. Enjoy being forced to bend over for the rainbow flag alliance of subhumans.


Uh there is godbux. It’s called tithes and donations.


i mean the church paying ME. tell me morr


The only way the church is gonna pay you is if you work for them like a priest or monk. But if you do then yeah they will pay you, because the church has loads of untaxable money.


>if you work for them like a priest or monk
interesting. if you care to spoon me some more info i'd appreciate it, like the process for becoming those things. i don't know much about religion. i know catholic church has mini territories called dioceces or something though, and to be a hermit recgonized by law or something i'd be under the care of one of those guys


Theres a South Carolina monastery that will let you try it out even if you're not catholic. One Wiz went down and got as far as his robe measurement, but was never heard from again


File: 1598153919538.jpg (175.35 KB, 728x947, 728:947, anime-galaxy-stars-shootin….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>was never heard from again
I thought he posted an update. He said, IIRC, he got kicked out because of some employee's teenaged daughter. The dad thought he was behaving inappropriately with her. Hopefully it was a troll and our wizzie is still there living a nice, peaceful life.


Has anyone here tried joining the knights of columbus?


More like 'Nights of the Column Ass'


monasteries have employees?


It's not that simple, I know a preist and you have to be normie, social and good at giving speeches in front of people, pretty non wiz traits.


you're speaking before God tho and most normies are athiests


> most normies are athiests
Factually incorrect


for me even worse than the public speaking, would having to basically be a marriage therapist to catholic couples


Be a monk


too bad its a heresy to tell all normies to go celibate


Being a priest is definitely not the average wizard's calling. It's very social and community-oriented.


gimme a break. it's you, sometimes not you. where and which and no one fucking knows. gimme a break

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