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I got stoned to listen to music recently
And since I was on YouTube annoying as fuck adds played before every video
An add came on for audible that said
"The average time a parent spends with their child a year is 146 hours"
And that just got me thinking like what the fuck i play videogames on steam like 10 Times more hour's then that per year is this really true?
How is that not neglect at that point?
Is this a problem that society creates
Or are modern parents just dogshit?
I guess this post is just me venting bc I don't talk to anyone
I have probably spent about 146 hour's just on the computer in the last week or two.


You smoke weed, think society is problematic, and that modern parents are dogshit? Go blog on R/RickAndMorty


>How is that not neglect at that point?

Because you get most of your socialization from your peers anyway. Chances are, the more time you spend with your boomer parents, the more brainwashed you'll get by their personal ideology, religion, not to mention psychological habits and tendencies. The best parents are the ones that provide for you but also encourage you to spend time on your own and to venture out into the world freely. Your parents don't need to do anything special in order for you to develop, they just need to get the fuck out of the way in most cases. More harm has been done by helicopter moms than by leaving kids to be independent.

Also, who doesn't use an ad blocker these days? I can't believe someone spends that much time on the Internet without basic tools.


Yeah probably shouldn't have even mentioned that I don't think weed is cool or edgy or some shit
It's just that it makes me think about things more.
Valid opinion I guess
I don't use Adblock because I'm lazy mostly and don't use YouTube often enough to really mind adds but they do become annoying and I probably should get one.


Don’t apologize to the troll.


>I don't use Adblock because I'm lazy
It literally takes less time to install it than watch one youtube ad
Just click here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/


And a lot of that time is probably with the kid/toddler using a tablet or something. It really weirds me out when some mom at the grocery store has their kid in the cart with a tablet watching cartoons or playing games.


I think I can understand. It's easy to say "don't have kids if you're gonna stick them in front of the tv/phone/tablet/console" but realistically what can you do? The real world is going to catch up to you sooner or later, even if parents go live in a farm in the middle of nowhere and have their children wander about the wild or help with the chores or whatever idyllic nonsense you might think of.


Not to mention, even before quarantine a lot of kids haven't been allowed to go outside on their own since like the 2000's because of irrational "pedo panic". While true that the streets are full of criminals, it's just horrifying how much kids get sheltered these days.

I blame boomer news and media like TCAP extending this shit out of proportion.

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