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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Trump 2020


File: 1598354131766.gif (442.33 KB, 467x480, 467:480, CB6D057A-791D-4E53-BE22-57….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The two candidates everyone already hates are the ones who got the nominations
Love me some democracy.


I don't think the U.S. can be considered a democracy.


Retards still don't know how to create these threads correctly


That’s kinda the point I’m making here.


It is a democratic republic.
Though oddly enough the party that calls themselves democrats seem to be the most averse to the actual democratic possess by far.


Ronald Reagan warned us about the Democrats
But I guess people forgot or didn't listen.



Democrat voters are just retarded, Trump just got in because the people who hate him don't vote and he's in the pockets of more big business, Israel lobby and everything than any other president in history and he's proud to admit it


The incumbent almost always gets the nomination, so Trump didn’t surprise me that much. But Biden did. I get he’s the “safest” choice for them but I still find it hard to believe that all the young democrats looked at him and thought “yeah, this guy is who I like”.


It's incredible how the level of discourse has degraded so much. Speeches from politicians in all countries these days in comparison seem incoherent and or at least extremely simple.


Nick Fuentes: Black lives matter, white lives don't


love the flow


Pmurt is funny, I don't hate him.



File: 1598392666415.gif (1.94 MB, 500x375, 4:3, oh shit.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>mfw North Korea fires a missile toward US carrier groups


File: 1598395230705.png (306.39 KB, 415x511, 415:511, abe popcorn excitement.png) ImgOps iqdb


Biden is for the boomers young people were never excited about him because he wasn't going to do anything to fix the environment,student loan debt or atrocious housing market. He is a boomer 401k president to protect boomer assets including housing values so boomers can borrow more money to go on another degenerate cruise. as A democrat when I told my parents this they basically said I/we have to vote Biden or its just more of evil Trump. They also freely admit Biden is old as fuck and will be a one term president and do not understand that if he is it basically means giving 2024 to the conservatives. Got the old boomer speech which was basically you young people need to do what we the wise old fuck up boomers say. So yeah fuck them and their bullshit. I haven't fully committed to voting Trump yet but I may vote Kanye or not even bother at all. I don't believe in or like Trump either but the democratic party and these stupid boomers need to be taught a fucking lesson. You think they would of learned after Hillary but apparently they need to be beaten over the head with this lesson.

meanwhile BLM is rioting like a bunch of chimps in a swing state like Wisconsin. Truly brilliant.

Anyway despite my current political affiliation the reality is I have no representation in either party.


File: 1598425934431.jpg (45.18 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1500710084999.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rioter in Kenosha, WI shot in the head


Kenosha, WI Man shoots peaceful protestors attacking him



watch, here we go with the "charged with murdering peaceful protestors" literally just what places like dailystormer have been warning about


But he was just protesting with his AR peacefully. God I love watching these scum bags die. It beats video games or porn or anything else really.


Complain to the dev about the dumb limit on links then.

Over a certain amount of links the post gets auto flagged as spam and you can't post it.


you are basically electing Kamala Harris. It was funny watching the Democrats ninja her past Bernie through Biden. Either they really didn't want Bernie to win or they plan to fail this election so they can renominated Hillary in 2024. As much as I dislike Kamal being a careerist, I would love to see her fuck up Hillary's dreams of going down in history as the first succubus president. Then I hope we get a native american jewish trannie as President and maybe we can finally start focusing on social policies.


Unironically, uses of the 2nd amendment like this is what has made America great.


>they can renominated Hillary in 2024
do you seriously think that diseased old hag is even gonna still be functional then

they had to lift her into a van in 2016 from a seizure


Sure, Biden has late stage dementia and still running


Two antifas fucked around and found out. I love it.


Doesn't mean they won't arrest him for something. Power isn't on his side.


>It is a democratic republic.
So is most of the world.


That bitch said she would give Congress 100 days to do something about guns before she did something herself. Another wannabe dictator.



Is it justice if you crossed state lines with an illegal gun doing something risky and pointless that could easily lead to deaths, and end lives of people who may not deserve it* or haven't reached their potential/redemption in life, seems like the second lot of people just thought they were disarming a mass shooter, at the very least we don't know if they were trying to kill him and I doubt that they were, it seems like a stupid situation all around and needless pain to satisfy some immature kid's idea of justice and naivety of reality, like Kurt Vonnegut said 'The truth is, we know so little about life, we don't really know what the good news is and what the bad news is'

*Mind you some wiz may argue however that every life deserves to be ended and that is true justice


Sources suggest that Ghislaine Maxwell was trying to remove SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman in an attempt to stall & derail their investigation into her. trump fired Berman after Berman refused to accept the promotion/relocation offer from AG William Barr. Trump wanted to install Jay Clayton, a trump loyalist, as the SDNY attorney but Berman secured his deputy Audrey Strauss, an apparent Berman loyalist, as Acting-Attorney before leaving.

She arrested Ghislaine Maxwell in July 2020! Sometimes not even the president can save you.


>Is it justice


If someone physically attacks you you have the right to kill them in self-defence. Simple.


Same if out of control mob decides to randomly destroy your livelihood. One guy wanted to act all restrained and measured, tried to disperse the rioters with a fire extinguisher. They put him in ER and got away with destroying his livelihood.
Fuck that. When the looting starts, the shooting starts.


In theory, but almost never in practice.


the one whose head he blew off was a kike, lmao


Eh no, that depends on the degree of the attack, you can't murder someone for slapping you


Yes you can. I'm not going to assume that his intent is just to peeve me. A well-placed slap with all your strength behind it can knock a man out. And then what? I'm at the mercy of whatever the people surrounding me want to do. Once you cross the line of attempting to lay waste to my body, all bets are off. You walk up to a guy with a gun while pulling back for a punch or a slap, you get shot. Shouldn't have acted like an animal.


He clearly violated the NAP.


In the context of a violent mob during a riot that has killed people you sure as shit can.
Context is everything when it comes to justified self defense and the use of lethal force.

In that situation it is reasonable to fear for one's life and believe that such a attack will not stop at just a slap but will escalate until grave injury or death as it already has time and time again in the course of the violent riots.


> Context is everything when it comes to justified self defense and the use of lethal force.
You actually agreed with me


You might question the legitimacy of him being there, but his presence certainly wasn't less legitimate than that of a riotous mob. I'm not sure about what happened preceding the video that I watched, but it's clear to me that he was being chased and then he shot those people in self defense.


Ha, gotemm!!


But no-one was throwing punches or kicks.
It looked like he fell down and then panicked and started shooting


>Videos indicate he spent hours on Tuesday patrolling the streets before turning his weapon on demonstrators. He told journalists it was "his job" to guard buildings and even offer medical assistance to protestors.

>Later a video appears to show him shooting a man in the head. He then appears to be chased by a crowd before falling to the ground, and firing his gun at them.

Unbiased BBC reporting there. You really can't trust any of their descriptions of events. They're either grossly incompetent or purposely misrepresentative.


They try to push him over causing him to stumble, then he falls properly shortly after. A man jump kicks him in the face while on the floor, the man with a skateboard grabs his gun straight after and gets shot during it, the last man seems to draw his own gun and approach the dude on the floor who's warning him ( as others are retreating ) and gets shot. You can see the last guy holding his own gun in the gore picture.

I still don't know the context of the first headshot thing he was involved.


>Sources say…
>Doesn't link to sources
classic 2020 journalism


Surprise, Vaush said something stupid again.


Compilation of footage of the first shooting, again he was being chased and the dude seems to grab him / try to take his gun and got shot. He doubles around to check on the guy, starts calling the police saying he shot a guy, but then runs when he sees a big group coming.


Snoopers snooped and it turns out the 3 guys who got shot were all criminals. A molester, a wife beater and a burglar. You've got to be shitting me, what are the chances? God himself guided those bullets.

>You might question the legitimacy of him being there, but his presence certainly wasn't less legitimate than that of a riotous mob.
Two of the guys shot weren't locals either. Tons of outrage gibbons act like going out of one's way to help someone else protect their shit from bandits is reprehensible. I think it's admirable.
Whenever something like this happens they say staying back and minding your own damn business is the most right thing to ever do. However the same people claim that "silence is violence" and they act in accordance with this slogan.
A recent example is the roaming groups of BLM cultists who hound random bystanders, expecting everyone to join in their rituals. They demand neutrality when it benefits them and punish it when it doesn't. Bunch of clowns.


Did the shot go into his skull or did it just graze his head? Where was the blood?


It went in and out of the skull. Head shots like that one don't bleed much unless the head is blown apart. The temporary cavity collapses on itself and skull keeps everything together, sealing the wound somewhat.
At such close range the bullet punches a clean hole through the bone and keeps going straight through without yawing. Because the skull acts like a container you don't see much external damage.
You can compare with what it did to soft tissue when it went through a bicep at point blank. Skin is not strong enough to contain the shockwave which goes through the muscle so it gets ripped apart into tiny pieces.


So his brain is pretty much mush from the shock wave?


Probably not all of it was disintegrated but the portion surrounding the bullet's path must be pulp.


I don't think someone coming to a entirely different conclusion to you in any way counts as them actually agreeing with you.




I enjoyed the never ending fireworks at Trump's speech. Observing Americans is amusing. Funny creatures.


is that where they had a token black making a speech or the republican convention??? mom had that crap on today and it was so cringy

hey everyone look we have a nigger on our side, that gives us moral legitimacy!vote for us we're not rayciss!



Let us also not miss the irony; that the same people who think that borders don't really exist and that anyone should be free to move from the other side of the planet into US are making big deal of someone crossing a state line that isn't far from where they live. The people who will post an image of Earth and ask you where are the borders are pretending that crossing 15 miles inside their own country is what they care about.



>According to the police, civil unrest with stone-throwing against police originated in the Malmö-suburb of Rosengård in 2004.[106] Youth gangs calling in false alarms with the goal of ambushing the arriving police officers with stone-throwing, a phenomenon known as "police fishing", has since become increasingly prevalent in Swedish suburbs.[99][105]

>Economist and anti-immigration pundit Tino Sanandaji linked the situation to poor integration of immigrants in Sweden and criticised the failure to publicly address problems linked to immigration by labeling all criticism as racism.[99] Soheila Fors, founder of the Khatoon-foundation for immigrant succubi, described the stone-throwing youths as an increasingly more ideological "border defence", behind which ethnic enclaves are established where Sharia becomes law, enforced by radical Salafi Islamists.[107]

Why do they let in so many hostile immigrants lmao


the scandinavian races are genetic garbage driving their own self-extinction movement out of an idiotic altruism instinct they're so childlike and un-self reflecting (i.e. stupid) that they don't even notice it exists, you think the cuck germanic races have it bad but scandinavians are10x worse

I could barf when white preservationists talk about saving them and excuse their suicidal altruism as an inherently good thing that was hijacked by evil…it's a joke, the retards are flooding themselves with niggers of their own choice

in the not distant future when swedes go extinct it's just natural selection weeding out the trash


No their genes are quite good, they’re just stupid.


they are stupid because of their genes


No, they’re quite smart when only genetics is factored in. They’ve made themselves stupid.


One thing you have got to give the swedes credit for is that they haven't freaked out over the pandemic unlike other states in europe (and beyond). Ironically it made some progressives, centrists and liberals mad over here, "how dare they not lock down their country, the monsters!"


I'm having an existential crisis over this shooting. On one hand two agents of the globohomo agenda are dead. On the other, a zoomer survived.


The zoomer will eventually transmorph into a boomer so it's okay in my book.


Seems as though utilitarianism is the root of all destructive philosophies. Once you start acting as though doing evil is justified so long as results are good anything resembling virtue goes out the window and the sociopaths have free reign to manipulate and murder under the guise of the serving the "greater good".


The proper response to seeing everyone lying despite having access to all the information may be to say social media has destroyed society but equally, it could be this is how it's always been and our entire history is lies constructed in the same mob form.


> could be this is how it's always been and our entire history is lies constructed in the same mob form.
This is most definitely the case. The problem arises from our knowledge of that. Before, discourse was able to occur based on viewpoints, morality, politics, etc of the same event, but now discourse has been lowered as one needs to only claim a certain event is a lie, rather than discuss the implications of said event. Ignorance was bliss.


I like to be optimistic about this and see it as indication that our society at large now realizes more and more that there are forces at work that uses lies and manipulation for their own purposes.

I hope the fact we can easily check and crosscheck information now will eventually lead to a less double-faced society.


The thing is, we can’t easily cross check. We know now that everything is a lie, but equally know nothing is the truth. So it leaves us at a moot point. Information sources need to somehow verify they’re telling the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt.


I don't think it's moot wiz. If we're entering an era of great suspicion and skepticism towards what the media tries to shove down people's throats, it's better than people not suspecting anything at all.
Maybe you're right and this will lead nowhere, but like I said, I prefer to be optimistic about it.


File: 1598645235959.mp4 (11.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔈𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔭𝔢𝔞𝔫 - Bret lettin….mp4) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1598646696641-0.jpg (84.55 KB, 602x702, 301:351, EgIFoEAUEAEBl0D.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598646696641-1.jpg (160.09 KB, 480x600, 4:5, EgfF8IBU4AA7kmv.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598646696641-2.jpg (238.51 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, EgZUYm1VAAAUsyL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>wizchan is the right place to judge people by their looks


Most wizchan users aren't ugly


The person you replied too is an outsider/crab who has great contempt for anyone who is a virgin and probably does not believe in the concept of voluntary celibacy.


You made a public photo gallery with a rating system or something?


are you a moron?


Skepticism is all well and good if it leads to the truth, but Fromm my perspective all it’s done is reduce discourse to a matter of who is lying, not who is right . If you foresee a solution to this I’d like to know it.


I have no idea what you're talking about. It sounds like you believe in blank slate theory and that their stupidity in these matters was just taught to them rather than coming from an inborn tendency. Well good luck with that.


History would indicate as much, unless you think there’s been a genetic shift of sorts among them in the past 200 years.


History doesn't indicate that. There's an equivalent degree of deracination and divershitty propaganda, and bleeding heart shit in general, currently throughout europe as there is in sweden without an equivalent degree of success. That difference is racial and genetic.


File: 1598652749238.jpg (302.63 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 1598646696641-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel bad for the guy who looks like his photo was taken with fish eye lens. He has pretty eyes though.
All of his facial features are completely ordinary, only his eyes seem to be set farther apart than usual. Even crudely editing the picture to move them a little closer makes the face appear completely average. I wonder if he looks better in real life with natural lighting, when the face is seen in natural motion and from different angles.

A lot of them look average, mugshots make everyone look like shit. I don't feel anything about mediocre faces or uglies being ugly if they don't do anything stupid to needlessly emphasize the ugliness.
But I can feel nothing but hatred for those who for some fucked up reason actively try to make themselves look as disgusting as possible.
There aren't even that many of them in the article. The bald she-ghoul and the rainbow haired pokemon are examples. These faces make me sick and angry.
They're going out of their way to aggressively shove their unoriginal, uncreative, spiteful individualism in other people's faces.
For fuck's sake it's not expressing their innards or whatever, they're being nothing but an obnoxious eyesore just because they can. It's one of the worst types of attention whoring. If that wasn't enough they push it further by adopting these forced creepy expressions and crazy eyes.
To me it's like a visual equivalent of going outside and screaming. Imagine being in public and just going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the whole time because technically no one can stop you from doing so. I can't stand it.



This is a fact, there are many beautiful volcels here


Japan's longest-serving prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is stepping down due to health reasons.

I wonder who will step up in his place.


Time for Japan to become overrun with niggers and arabs.


File: 1598658271294.jpg (228.08 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, Eurangutang.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

and eurangutangs, don't forget about the eurangutangs, they LOVE Japan.


if you're not attractive you can't be volcel therefore not a wizard makes sense



Social Security Administration = Same Sex Attraction

I knew it, I'm only afraid to dig deeper


>who will step up
another little old man who parrot amurika's foreign policy and say nothing about their brutal infestation of japan


They're having immigrant problems too?


i think he meant cultural


America was the best thing that ever happens to japan.


lol, what? I meant their series of orc nests like in okinawa where american "service members" rape and murder the locals who keep telling the government to kick them out

those aren't words you use for cultural influence


are you japanese?


Yeah lol, that totally happens.


google it shithead


Beta uprising: The Androgynes Attack


i just googled it, couldn't find anything


>I can feel nothing but hatred for those who for some fucked up reason actively try to make themselves look as disgusting as possible
Well sucks for you.


Kind of glad it is not direct democracy otherwise we would get a devout cult of personality type. But I do agree that Democracy has a lot of weaknesses. I would rather have an A.I run Congress and the presidency than anything else. There is way too much nepotism and favoritism of the human species that unfortunately supersedes all else that causes vast amounts of trouble.


How will this end?


So sad to see all the White American outrage being directed into reelecting republicans and the orange buffoon again. As if the second time will be any different than the first one. This is all a good example of how democracy is about selling your shit sandwich by focusing on how bad the other guy's shit sandwich is. How is a Trump second term is going to be any different than the first? Retarded White people are going to vote republicans and then go back to grilling, feeling like they have done their job and everything they could. Nothing substantial will change, right wing speech will be continue to be increasingly censored in the internet by corporations, Whites are still going to become a minority, Kushner will continue to release criminals into the streets, etc. And all for what? So that Democrats win in 2024 instead of 2020? It's all so tiring.


That's the problem with parties and pluralities. No one dare vote against the main stream lest their vote "not matter".


You do realize that this isn't a site where people generally care about the continuation of their prefered race.

If you care about white people being minority or the health of white people as a race what the hell are you doing on this site? Shouldn't you be out doing your best to raise up a big white family according to your retarded values?
Get a job, have sex, breed, and build both family and community. That is what you should be doing if you actually believed even half the shit you spouted off (you probably don't and just want to stir shit but whatever). You shouldn't be wasting your time complaining about the election on a obscure image board for celibate virgins.


First off, what thread do you think you're in? Second off, its perfectly reasonable to want your race to stick around. If I'm gonna have to deal with the existence of normgroids I'd rather they be white than latino or black.


>First off, what thread do you think you're in?
This being the political thread doesn't mean it is a mini version of 4shit's /pol/ so the same talking points don't exactly apply nor will they be taken the same way.

>Second off, its perfectly reasonable to want your race to stick around.

Explain it in a strictly reasonable manner.
Preferably using logic statements.

>If I'm gonna have to deal with the existence of normgroids I'd rather they be white than latino or black.

You overestimate your control of the outside world.
Beside if you actually care about such things then again you should be out in the real world forming up your white community and building a family rather then wasting time spouting shitchan talking points blindly.
So again, why are you here and not out there building a white community to raise up little white children?
Any change must first happen on the micro scale of the individual. Why are you not living your beliefs?


>This being the political thread doesn't mean it is a mini version of 4shit's /pol/ so the same talking points don't exactly apply nor will they be taken the same way.
Nah you can fuck right off. You aren't the arbiter of what kind of politics can be posted in this thread.
>Explain it in a strictly reasonable manner.
I am white. I feel an implicit in group connection to other whites. Social interaction is off putting enough as it is, having the additional stress of racial barriers is a bad time.
>You overestimate your control of the outside world.
Just stating a preference. And I don't have to personally have white kids to simply want whites to exist, or aid in the prolonged existence of them. Using that logic, men shouldn't be allowed to be feminists, and only blacks should've been for abolitionism.

But do keep being butthurt just cause I think it's ok to be white. :^)


You're conflating virginity with antinatalism. Rather, my question is, why do YOU care about anything? If you're a materialist antinatalist and you don't believe that anything that doesn't get you material gains matter, why do you care about politics at all? I mean, you said this is just an "obscure site for virgins", so you don't believe anything posted here, so why? Why do you care about anything?


I do not want the sort of "change" that radical rioting communists like you are seeking to implement.


How can you possibly read that post and think I'm a "rioting communist"?


Weapon of war used to provoke, protesters with standard self-defense hand-gun, not to defend property rights, he gave up his rights to play maverick, disgraceful.


Probably the identity politics and collectivism.

Also the commie poster has been known and outed to use racial and rightwing talking points to stir up shit like was the goal of your post.


Ah yes I'm sure you also believe that it's wrong for a black man to walk around armed in a sundown town since it might provoke a mob of klansmen to try and lynch him.


>Nah you can fuck right off
Go back to shitchan
This isn't shitchan, you would be more comfortable there where you belong.
>I am white. I feel an implicit in group connection to other whites.

>Just stating a preference

Technically incorrect. You were not just stating a preference. Not that "just stating a preference is a rational rebuttable to begin with.

>And I don't have to personally have white kids to simply want whites to exist, or aid in the prolonged existence of them

So you are personally unwilling to take action or live your life according to the beliefs you espouse. Unwilling to do anything tangible towards such beliefs.
I think your inaction is a indication of what you really believe rather then the shitpost you give lip service to from lines you ripped off of shitchan. Actions speak louder the words after all.

>Using that logic…

You have yet to display you are capable of logic and your examples do not logically follow.

>hurp durp butthurt

Not a argument and of exactly the caliber I would expect of a 4shitter

And since samefag
>You're conflating virginity with antinatalism.
Quote exactly where I did that.
If anything I told you the total opposite, which is if you want something to happen towards the birth rate of white people you should go and have kids yourself.
A antinatalist generally speaking is against breeding in general and would never recommend someone to have a bunch of them as I have. So your claim is totally off base.
> Rather, my question is,
Irrelivent and based on erronious assumptions pulled form thin air.
You have yet to explain why you don't practice what you preach. Why are you not building your white community you desire?
Why are you doing nothing about the declining white birth rate?
Why are you even here?

> If you're a materialist antinatalist

Well I am not nor did I give any indication of such so the rest of your post is as I pointed out totally irrelevant to me.

Next time you try a gotcha you should base it on my actual position rather then a strawman. Might actually work then rather then be comically off the mark.


File: 1598723934210.mp4 (15.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, godhand butthurt.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>Go back to shitchan
Make me faggot.
You saying thus doesn't it make it so.
>this whole screed post, and claiming samefag
You can try and hide your butthurt through cold words, but it shines through anyway.


first three search pages shithead




What exactly is the rationale of America not having a ranked voting system? In Australia you can pick a third party as your 1st preference vote then do other preferences so you aren't wasting your vote if the third party loses


You are just a troll who says things you don't actually believe.


>reddit spacing


I wonder, has commie spammer ever made any argument that wasn't a desperate strawman?


>Born too late to witness 90's LA riots
>Born just in time to watch countrywide rise of the apes on my 4k TV in my comfy couch.
For once it feels good to be European.
Ps. With this level of quality in this thread, I think you guys should just gtfo to /Pol/


price of tortillas here just went up by 60 more cents

feels bad being hostage to amurika's shitty jew economy, why won't they all die


it's only been a year since that "novichok" crap and the incorrigible media kikes are already rerunning the "russian poison" lies because someone had an allergy attack, who has since recovered

you gotta keep believing the russians are so dumb they can't even administer a lethal dose of "military grade" poison to someone, not once but twice in a row

wouldn't be surprised if the people believe this one, too


Can you post the best videos of the last couple months? I've been out of the loop, has anything happened since the George Floyd thing?


They are. They're stupid, sloppy and poor. Just like you.


Different outcomes of antifa attacks in Portland and Kenosha illustrate why nonlethal weapons like mace are useless. The guy with a gun lived. The one who tried to defended himself with spray is dead.


You seems not to even know what that means.


It's not that they are useless. It's that there is a proper time and place for certain tools. Dude with the spray had the wrong tool for the situation he got in, dude with the gun not only had the right tool but knew how to use it to a high degree.


Check the archived threads if you want to catch up.

Otherwise I don't think anyone wants to spoon feed you the news of the past few months to catch you up in a conversation you clearly don't care about.


They are hunting down and killing trump supporters now. Literally gunned down a random dude for no other reason then him existing and having a different political opinion.
They also put a hit out on that 17 year old kid that defended himself a few days ago.

I am so glad I got my guns and ammo before things went to shit.


>killing trump supporters now


File: 1598802181268.jpg (88.44 KB, 699x1009, 699:1009, 4d8efafebad886e885155296bd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


oh come on, i like seeing commies get shot, im not gonna act outrage when they like seeing people like me shot, stop bitching


>Maybe if we violently attack people, we'll get more popular support!
Aren't these people supposed to have useless polsci degrees?


I would like to know who is going to profit from a new civil war? Because is seems the media is really eager to have one. I'm curious who's to gain from that.


there's a difference between killing someone in self-defence and murdering someone unprovoked just because you disagree with their politics. If right-wing death squads were roaming around executing people they thought were commies I'd be just as outraged.


i doubt it


China. It's a classic Thucydides Trap, China is on the up, and all these riots are being sponsored by the Chinese to destabilize and overthrow the U.S. dominance on the world stage so that they can take over the world instead.




*refuses to prosecute one single rioter*
*pulls back own police forces*
*mum on statues getting destroyed*
*violence outside the white house*
*throws 1st degree murder charge at self–defense shooter*


China? Maybe. Let's see if we can get more candidates to the "profiting from a civil war" trophy.
Who do you think profits from a civil war wiz? You obviously don't think it's China. I'm genuinely curious what other wizards have to say about that one.
Who profits from a civil war wiz?


Chinese bot.


>Quote exactly where I did that.
Your point was that wishing for the continued existence of Whites is incompatible with this site because it implies in reproduction. Therefore, your point is that only ideologies that are anti-natalist are compatible with wizchan. I disagree with that, because it's possible to wish for Whites to continue existing, and still remain a virgin.

>If anything I told you the total opposite, which is if you want something to happen towards the birth rate of white people you should go and have kids yourself.

See, this is you accusing me of misconstruing you while you introduce a point that I never made. My problem isn't necessarily birth rates, but ethnic replacement. Even greater than that is the problem of spiritual decay in White people, which is the principle cause of all the other.

>Well I am not nor did I give any indication of such so the rest of your post is as I pointed out totally irrelevant to me.

You're a materialist because you don't believe there is any transcendental value. You ask "why do you care about your race", because you don't really believe there is any value outside of yourself.


Wrong, this is America decaying naturally. The Chinese government doesn't need to interfere, any interfere would be merely accelerating the inevitable.


Everything that America is going through is self-inflicted. You let it happen to yourself, because you believed that free trade and profits and graphs with lines that go up is what a country should be about. Now you don't live in a nation, but in a large trading hub.


File: 1598820038836.png (914.94 KB, 1285x2981, 1285:2981, ancap.png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone have the Aladdin NAP parody?


First off it's not a "civil war," dumbass neocon shill. There's no armed insurrection against the federal government for control of the country. As far as who profits from societal breakdown they've been up front and public since day fucking 1 to anyone with eyes to see, it's not teh commies making every anti-trump mayor and governor and william barr and the FBI refuse to do anything about violent criminals burning down cities and causing billions in damage, your stupid shit conspiracy theory doesn't pass the smell test, it doesn't merit anything but a mocking dismissal. Just kill yourself.


Don't try to argue with the retard. You're not going to get anywhere.


This is what white officers deal with

Police officer in Daytona, Florida, gets shot and still manages to get up and kill a murder suspect. As you may have guessed, BLM is protesting in Daytona.



Not seeing a argument.
Just blanket denial insults and then telling the person you disagree with to kill themselves which is just proof you are unable to civilly discus the topic.


Look at you acting high and mighty. The onus is not on me to substantiate anything unlike your "teh commies did it" horseshit conspiratard theory, moron. Where's your argument?


The onus is on you to behave civilly and like a adult and decent human being.
Things which you clearly refuse to do.
I am not arguing the points, I am arguing that you shouldn't tell people to kill themselves and or use insults as substitutions for arguments.
If you want to behave like that then this thread just isn't for you and you are incapable of discussing the subject of politics so you should leave.


That's not what you meant by "not seeing an argument." We all know what you meant, neocon shill, don't try to turn the tables on me for your own absence of an argument and then resort to singling me out over ye olde civility. The politics threads stopped being civil a year ago.


The fact of the matter is you are unable or unwilling to actually discuss matters and just want to use the thread as a pretense to be abusive.
That isn't appropriate for this thread or this site in general.


Toonami gets woke, supports blm, implies all their white viewers are racist, then goes on to play anime that has no black people in it.

I am glad I got rid of tv in my life a few years ago. I can still watch shows I like but I don't get dumbass corporate virtue signaling or annoying ad breaks for shit I don't want nor need.


the fact of the matter is china is not "sponsoring" the riots or otherwise running them as you implied, and the fact is you have nothing to back up that claim, the fact is all you can do is distract from that with whining about civility


I am not the one that made that argument.
I am the one saying it is crossing the line to tell people to kill themselves and do nothing but spew abuse because you don't agree with them.

I am sick and tired of people thinking they can use this thread just to be abusive in ways that would result in a ban anywhere else on the site.
It got way out of hand especially with the commmie poster, and it will not be tolerated anymore.

If you can't be civil then this isn't the thread for you. You crossed way over the line and made it clear that you need to leave.


>I am not the one that made that argument.
whatever you say juan


Fuck off Alaskan.


>Toonami gets woke, supports blm, implies all their white viewers are racist, then goes on to play anime that has no black people in it.

As much as I hate woke culture and how ubiquitous it is, this is a pretty weak accusation. Very few anime have black characters in them. Toonami doesn't produce anime, they just air them. Limiting themselves to anime with black characters would mean ruling out like 98 percent of anime as even most of the darker skinned characters in anime aren't black. Now that I think about it, I've seen a lot of anime and Durarara is the only anime I can think of off the top of my head that has a legitimately black character, though I'm sure I'm forgetting a few others.

I'm just sick of these arguments that basically boil down to "woke person/corporation is bad because they're hypocrites, they're not TRULY woke". Would you honestly prefer it if they doubled down even more than they already do?



They didn't hunt him down he pepper sprayed them first which you can see in the video he gets dropped, and he was part of a group MAGA people going around in trucks and instigating fights, beating people up and pepper spraying and macing people and hitting things with their vehicles.

You can see in another video here: https://twitter.com/MrOlmos/status/1299908083674537985

Some weak guy films their license plates, and one of the MAGA people slaps his camera out of his hand and he retaliates, so the MAGA guy beats him up, then another MAGA guy comes and beats the shit out of him, probably giving him a traumatic brain injury judging by the arms



He didn't slap it out of his hand, he slapped it out of his hand then kicked it, he violated the NAP right there


haha, write another conspiracy theory then go "DINDU NUFFIN" when called out

that's why politics thread should have poster IDs, you're such a weasel


I wouldn't be mad if they put on afro samurai uncut or made a new season of boondocks.

That said corporate virtue signaling is and will always be totally disingenuous. Including when Cartoon Network does it.
They need to stop playing politics, stop calling their viewers racist for not bowing down to trained Marxist, and just play fucking cartoons/anime.

All corporations need to shut the fuck up and just do their job selling shit.



A question of particular interest to me is why Europe, and Europeans, put up with America.

For example, European countries seem to be almost entirely subservient to the US, vassals, protectorates held in quiet contempt by America. Do not you in Europe obey almost every wish of the Americans? Do you not do everything for their benefit, not your own? How could they not scorn you?

The whole world sees this. England wanted to use Huawei in its Five G installation, but Mommy Washington said no. Boris Johnson wriggled and squirmed like a trained seal hoping to be given a fish…and then obeyed. Europe almost always obeys. Huawei wanted to build a research center in England, but Mr. Trump cracked the whip. England appears poised to obey. As usual.

“Yass, Bwana. Yassuh. What you say, boss.”

This is the England of Nelson and Churchill and the Battle of Britain? “Yass, Bwana”? How do you stand it?


Really earned that 50¢.


>probably giving him a traumatic brain injury judging by the arms


>I am so glad I got my guns and ammo before things went to shit.
Yeah, but can you pull the trigger in someone's face?


>On July 5 at one of the demonstrations, Reinoehl was cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police
>He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. The documents don’t indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Reinoehl spent no time behind bars.


>A question of particular interest to me is why Europe, and Europeans, put up with America.
a better example is why do you put up with our copyright laws? The answer is if it wasn't for the US, Europe would be a soviet shithole by now.


Time to join China, everyone!
Or why the world puts up with bullshit copyright laws, in general.


File: 1598880822410.png (414.79 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1598882907933.png (759.93 KB, 852x480, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am going to plead the 5th on that one bub.


China did it. The communist chinese own all our prosecutors and made them drop the charges.



You MAGAtards have such a whiny victim complex. He was a member of a far right agitator group and instigating by advertising his fascist views around people he knew hated fascism. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Literally every example the right points to and goes "HAH peaceful protesters my ass KEK!" involve a right wing asshole who was looking for trouble. Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines to "protect" property he didn't own in another state. The truck driver that got kicked exited his vehicle and got involved with a dispute he knew nothing about with complete strangers. Stupid games played, stupid prizes won.

If you are minding your own business and aren't looking for trouble, the protesters pose zero threat to you, that's just a FACT. However, if you decide to go out looking for trouble don't be surprised when trouble finds you.


>leftist accuses others of having victim complex
El em ay oh


That heavy makeup gets instant useless opinion conclusion


>Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines


>This is the England of Nelson and Churchill and the Battle of Britain? “Yass, Bwana”? How do you stand it?
Actually yes. They fought that war because they'd rather die than allow Germany to become the leading European power, such was the irrational hatred that they had for the germans. And they got what they wished for, they destroyed Germany at the cost of destroying Europe and themselves.


File: 1598907191179.jpg (9.84 KB, 240x285, 16:19, image-w240.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How has he been able to be still be relevant?

This dude has a weird cult following



I don't want to live in the dystopian shithole that you are describing where it's considered acceptable to execute people on the street for their political views. Most of America doesn't want to live in it either. You people are acting like rabid dogs, it's disgusting.


only the commie poster can be this deluded.


Wrong. Your simple lib minds try to make sense of the world by labeling everything you don't like as fascism. You overuse it every day to justify your terrorist views, therefore your squirming and whinging is rendered meaningless and irrelevant. Good job fucking yourself over.
>crossed state lines baaaw waaaaw
Nope. He literally had a job in Kenosha.
>got involved with a dispute he knew nothing about with complete strangers
Virtuous people will not stand idle when evil happens around them. I don't expect someone like you to ever understand though.
>the protesters pose zero threat to you
Your buddies have been going out of their way to destroy other people's lives for 100 days now. Even those who don't get their businesses, cars and homes burned will pay for your manchildish outburst of petty violence in taxes and skyrocketing insurance costs. Underpoliced neighborhoods will be brutalized by crime. Businesses and people are leaving riot cities in droves, these places are going to shrivel and die. All money, talent and able workers are running the fuck away. Your kind is always going on about the common good of communities but your stunts are turning their mediocre living into a world of shit.
You're just too stupid to understand that.
Everyone hates you.



File: 1598920105302.png (327.61 KB, 613x688, 613:688, EgxAKSWX0AQ6SWQ.png) ImgOps iqdb

Herman Cain is posting from the grave that coronavirus isn't actually that bad


I bet that the coronavirus will be irrelevant next year.


>infirm old man dies of the flu
And this is supposed to prove what exactly?


If Biden wins (lol) media will immediately drop it and use this as evidence that Joe cured covid somehow
If Trump wins they'll be some token tantrums about how he's killing people by not making masks mandatory but they'll quickly run out of energy and switch to some other manufactured controversy as there's no longer an election to motivate them.



It turns out that after all of the attacks on Trump supporters — after all of the people censored, fired, beaten and shot in the street for supporting their president — people may be reluctant to say they support Trump.

This shocking finding worries a team of Jewish researchers, because it would mean that Big Bad Orange could, theoretically, pull a [strike]Never Again[/strike] 2016 again.


Wait why wouldn't they want it? Israel got some major symbolic victories thanks to orange man. Jerusalem, West Bank, Golan, peace treaties, so on.


israeli jews are a little different from diaspora jews, they're all jewish supremacists but the latter are the more unhinged and sometimes doing things at odds with israeli interests, there's plenty of internecine jewish squabbling about that difference of policy

who knows if israeli jews want trump another term though, they probably do, but diaspora ones definitely don't


File: 1598946632296.jpg (44.75 KB, 843x960, 281:320, 6Per.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hindsight is a bitch.


they are making masks mandatory outside over here. like, out in the street where it is pointless. and most people are complying and fine with it.
I found the term cuck muzzle ridiculous, but i see where they are coming from now. and just like so-called anti-terrorism legislation, the point of no-return has been crossed from the very beginning, there is no going back now.

all for the sake of a disease that might have gone unnoticed some decades ago. I don't get it.


What can be done in the future to make sure society does not overact to the fear campaigns of the media? We've seen this with Covid, with 9/11 in the past–is this going to just keep happening? Or is there a better way?


Can you post source material?



And of course the usual media and tech companies are banning people for bringing up this hate fact as well as playing semantics to spin this away from the obvious.


It's a post-truth world and the media love it.


better video than the beanie retardation


File: 1598971277850.png (366.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Really.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Some stuff that isn't even in English and has OMG in the title


reading hard :(


Which country?


It is when it is tiny text on top of text with other text scrolling around, all with subpar context that isn't worth the time or effort.


If it wasn't for the US the soviets wouldn't have won the war to begin with.



What? The U.S. and allies hardly helped the soviets. Hitler made poor decisions after poor decision and handed them the victory.


No that's not true. Firstly the united states supplied the ussr with vast amounts of supplies in what is called the Lend-Lease. About 92.7% of the wartime production of railroad equipment by the USSR was supplied by the Lend-Lease from the united states and they also supplied hundreds of thousands of U.S.-made trucks which at the end of 1945 nearly a third of the truck strength of the Red Army was U.S.-built. Not to mention the united states actions in north africa, italy and finally d-day. Stalin did far worse mistakes then hitler ever did and there's just no way they would have been able to fight germany alone.


They released the dude who hunted down and murdered the trump supporter without explanation after his own sister turns him in.


Damn chinese commies in the kenosha prosecutor's office letting murderers go.


A economics department of a University is apparently run by Marxist and thus exclusively criticize capitalism and censor the one guy left who wants to speak the truth about marxism's track record.

Yet every time I bring up how collage is mostly a scam people get butthurt and becoming ultra defensive due to the sunk cost fallacy. It is nothing but expensive propaganda and critical theory based brain washing.



parental esotericism



This is an interview Jared Taylor had with an Israeli reporter. It's not particularly different from any other interview he had. I think what's interesting is precisely what is constant throughout this and other interviews, which it is morally justifiable for White people to have their own countries. By the latter half of this debate the matter of Israel's own ethnic policy came into question when Jared Taylor reminded the journalist that Israel is a country founded on ethnic nationalist principles, to which the journalist insisted that "it's different" for them. In fact, it becomes clear that it's different for everyone that isn't European, because the fundamental question is always that of the consequences of ethnic nationalism in Whites, and the possible evils that will come out of that. Not surprisingly, even the holocaust was cited at some point as a reasoning for Europeans not to engage in ethnic nationalism. This type of argument was made multiple times, over and over again, during the interview, and Taylor astutely pointed out that it is only ever leveled against White people and the implication is that Whites are uniquely capable of some evil.

This reminded me of what I've heard a few times already, that all of our modern politics is centered around the question of how to prevent Whites from committing genocide, or preventing another Hitler or to stop Whites from enslaving nonwhites. Whether it's left wingers or right wingers, that's always the subtext. How do we stop White people from killing and enslaving everyone else, that's fundamental to our zeitgeist.


translation: whites can't have their own countries because they'll somehow go nazi and do another holocaust© so we gotta flood them with fucking niggers


why don't you have more kids then fellow wizzie?


because I ran out of space after the 12th one




if you cut them in pieces they're stored way easier


You forget that they will try and get people to take the vaccine, by force if necessary


The media over here is already talking about herd immunity, I'm not sure if they'll be able to sell a vaccine if it takes another year to come up with something. We'll see.


there's no herd immuniy, you can get sick again two months after recovering


Herd immunity do exist and is well documented. I'm not a microbiologist but based on what I read herd immunity greatly diminishes infection rates and increase overall resistence of a population against virus and/or bacteria. Yes you can get sick again like you said, but with herd immunity in place, it's not as fast and as bad as it is at the beginning of the spread. It may well happen that the sense of urgency will be gone in a year, it's what I mean.


Actually scratch that, even now there's not a sense of urgency anymore. Every single business here reopened recently. People don't nearly care about COVID-19 as much as they did 2 months ago.


Why has Covid suddenly dropped from the news?
What's the latest most newsworthy things now??
I can't keep up…


It's funny how people calm down seeing low numbers in the news. Yeah, who cares about 10-20 cases. Exept when you are gonna be that 1% experiencing agony and probably scarring your lungs for life - then you wouldn't give a shit about how well did your neiborhood/state/country.


I think it would be good if elephants continued to exist, doesn't mean I'm obliged to take it upon myself to breed elephants for a living.


Okay, so why aren't you freaking out over every other rare disease and condition that you hypothetically could get?


They're priming the pump for election fraud.


File: 1599062457502-0.jpg (49.65 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1589052760358.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1599062457502-1.png (271.54 KB, 901x868, 901:868, 1596303975346.png) ImgOps iqdb

If the populace has been psyopped into wearing masks, social distancing (6.66 meters, just a coincidence im sure) and shutting down their businesses then they will happily accept a forced vaccine, in the US at least. Anything short of unwavering compliance with increasingly punitive laws and regulations like what we've been seeing for the past year will result in forced anal sex. Think they won't? You'll see



I meant that to be 6.66 feet, my mistake


Very credible, unbias sources you have there


Anything that's third party is automatically more truthful than any mainstream news media in the West


They have already practiced on the small scale.
If they get their way with mail in voting it will be fraud on levels never seen in a western country before.


CDC “Tells Officials to be Ready” for (Experimental, Dangerous, DNA-Altering) Coronavirus Vaccine by November


New York Times:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified public health officials in all 50 states and five large cities to prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine to health care workers and other high-risk groups as soon as late October or early November.

Criticism of this vaccine is not generalized criticism of vaccines.

"These are not normal vaccines. This isn’t what you learned about in high school, where they take a small amount of a virus and expose your immune system to it so it learns how to build antibodies.

It is a completely different and actually unrelated technique.

"The Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, also fundamentally altering your biology by programming your cells to produce proteins."

"They are literally going to do a mass experiment on the population…"

"We are effectively already in hell. This vaccine could end up being Cronenberg-tier body horror.
David Cronenberg’s son, Brandon, actually made a body horror film about injecting pathogens that cause mutations and psychosis. It’s called 'Antiviral.'”

"It is truly an incredible truth that anyone has any faith at all in this system. The fact that a significant portion of the population have more faith in it than they used to is staggering.

They trust the government to inject them with things in the same way a 2-year-old trusts her father to give them a piggyback ride. They don’t even think about it. Of course you can trust the government to permanently alter your DNA."


Could you please never post anything from dailyshitstormer please? Thank you.



The entire preset of your post is wrong.

It's just another delivery system. you make human cells produce the viral (or similar) proteins that would otherwise be injected through the vaccine. The upside is this cycle will only happen a few times, be limited by the lifespan of a target cell, and offer far more exposure to the proteins which will hopefully lead to cheaper vaccines with greater efficacy since the human body does most of the work, instead of giant vats of gene edited human cells.

As for it's safety, this is why there's multiple phases of trials. We need this vaccine which is why a ton of experimental stuff is greenlit and funded. Otherwise we're looking at a lockdown situation for years to come.


>We need this vaccine which is why a ton of experimental stuff is greenlit and funded. Otherwise we're looking at a lockdown situation for years to come.
Or we could have none of these and keep on living as usual.
Why do people assume lockdowns are inevitable? It gets fucking ridiculous how the idiots make individuals around them bear the responsibility of these fascistic laws. "waaaaah how dare you not wear a mask, they are going to enforce a lockdown now!!!" How is it anyone's fault but the passive, credulous morons' that overreacting governments make such dangerous decisions?


None of them even have the decency to link archived copies.


Remember, death is preferable to slavery.


what infuriates me is that conspiracy kooks like >>253070 and >>253021 greatly diminish any semblance of credibility the skeptics might have, because no one in their right mind want to be associated with extreme right wing nutjobs and new age cultists like the antroposophists/steinerites.


worked, stop being a mark ya pinhead.


Cultural engineers designed the negative-connotation 'conspiracy theorist' concept exactly for this reason


File: 1599148311280.png (454.47 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Normalcattle gub gub mentality, i bet you also still believe 9/11 wasn't an inside job


I don't get this comic.


Yes, the real conspiracy is how and why conspiracy theories are created, and for what purpose. Unfortunately there is no shortage of credulous retards who will take at face value hoaxes like the protocols or that albert pike's letter to name two famous examples.


Sandy Hook was absoltely 100% real and not a staged event which is why you'll get sued for publicly claiming it didn't happen



>being such a shitlib you'll let ZOG pump you full of mutagens just to prove you ain't no right wing conspiracy nut
you get what you deserve I guess


This. you have to be either having ill intent or just retarded if you want to shill for the status quo of ZOG system


anti-conspiracy wiz takes the corona "vaccine"


Nice binary thinking retard, and thanks for proving my point.


you can call it binary thinking, but you can't claim that it's safe to mass infect a billion people with a DNA altering "vaccine" that hasn't gone through at least 10 years of clinical trials like everything else is required to

the only binary here is the yes or no answer to "is it safe to forcibly infect everyone in the west with DNA altering mad scientist potions," and I think we know the answer to that


>you can't claim that it's safe to mass infect a billion people with a DNA altering "vaccine" that hasn't gone through at least 10 years of clinical trials like everything else is required to
I never did.


yeah I know, you're just worried about the public image of "skeptics" (as if we're a community or organization) from guilt by association with "right wing nutjobs," and think there should be a calm, "rational" skepticism of the mutagen the elites are rushing out the door to forcibly infect everyone with next fucking month

try having your calm rational discussion with the soldiers who will have their knee and a needle on your neck soon


Normgroid tier logic


Politics is all about public image, normgroid logic is the only logic that applies.


True, very true, same reason why i suck at picking stocks, need a lower iq to match the herd mentality


File: 1599232381041.jpg (142.1 KB, 800x1145, 160:229, human-implantable-quantum-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you know there is such a thing as the infamous useful idiots and the type of folks I've called out are just that.

when you post something like
>(6.66 feet, just a coincidence im sure)
you can expect that a lot of people are going to roll their eyes and walk away

>One last thing you might find interesting. A sharp-eyed NTEB’er named Matt took our phrase ‘Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System‘, and removed the word ‘human’ and guess what? The numerical value of that phrase adds up to 666, see for yourself



File: 1599238879635.png (2.85 MB, 1388x1102, 694:551, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

We know that the elite are way into the occult. They're bad at it because they're so consumed with materialism, so they have to resort to evoking demons and blood sacrifice, but it works. Just look at the Freemasons, look at Skull and Crossbones, look at Bohemian Grove. You don't have to believe it yourself, the elite believes it and that's all that matters.


File: 1599240705241-0.png (621.75 KB, 1920x1513, 1920:1513, 1529203267321.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1599240705241-1.pdf (7.24 MB, The Most Dangerous Book in….pdf)


This occult shit is beyond retarded. It’s like listening about the 27 genders, but instead it’s satan.


There are no coincidences


File: 1599242718916.pdf (845.19 KB, TheKybalion.pdf)


Of course there won’t be when you go looking for them, and also predefined the rules.


MSM freaked out over tiki torch white nationalists despite them being benign
MSM condones and defends city-burning, murdering rioters despite them being a lot worse than the tiki torch lads


If it were right wingers burning stuff Trump would've probably ordered the military to stop/kill them.


You don't even need to look for them to know they're there, they can be right in your face but people still won't care


When you’ve reached the point that you’re saying wearing a face mask and standing “6.66” feet apart is a satanic summoning ritual, you may be stretching a bit. Why would some satanic cult drop you little hints like this anyway? None of this shit makes any sense when faced with the smallest bit of scrutiny.


Research Event 201, thank me later. Oh i guess that was also a coincidence!


I should have mentioned that the whole idea of "viral pandemic" is purely (((Hollywood))) fiction.


New York Times: 90% of Covid-19 PCR Test Diagnoses are False Positives


It’s late enough into the game now that the media can just admit that basically the whole thing has been a scam, and most people won’t believe them.

They believed the original scam, so they’re not going to believe being told that the scam was a scam.


It's embarrassing to even read their pathetic ramblings. Schizos should be eradicated. All schizos, not just those who believe in magic. Because it's only matter of time until a non-tinfoil schizo finds a suitable conspiracy theory to desperately latch on to. Once he finds it he will spend the rest of his useless life pestering others with his retarded delusions. It's so tiresome.


Do you even believe that viruses exist?


Yor're a confirmed outsider, fucking leave.


File: 1599255709837.jpg (31.11 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 3103c712f5bcdf4e29370b9a50….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not surprised.


>calling for the death of people just because they don't accept a mainstream narrative
very normalfag of you


File: 1599292513190.png (365.37 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3nvXJrQsPLYFX0ctXmkTF8-3_Z….png) ImgOps iqdb


At this point I agree with this sentiment 100%. However, I would extend that to everyone who becomes obsessed with a certain topic (conspiracy theory or otherwise) and dedicates their pathetic lives to spamming it all over the internet. One guy spending 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year shitting in a couple dozen sites about the same topic can ruin large sections of the internet. They're impossible to get rid of because they use VPNs and if a site tries to ban all VPNs they'll find more obscure ones that can't be automatically detected or just keep changing their own IP address and continue the spamming. They can churn out very large quantities of posts per day since they're just repeating the same shit over and over thus don't need to put any thought into their posts. For whatever reason, eventually a few others start joining in and it becomes a pandemic. I'm talking about things like bbc, nofap and greta spam.

The internet would be a lot more tolerable if people like that were just eradicated. Not only would that improve the quality of the entire internet, but you would probably be doing them a favor. That has to be a miserable existence.


thanks for the virus


now these are people you can trust with a rushed-out-the-door corona "vaccine" …. it totally won't be unsafe

Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa


"The United Nations has been forced to admit that a major international vaccine initiative is actually causing the outbreak of the very disease it was supposed to wipe-out."

"…health officials are beginning to admit that their plan to stop ‘wild’ polio is backfiring, as scores children are being paralyzed a deadly strain of the pathogen derived from a live vaccine – causing a virulent of polio to spread".
"This latest pharma-induced pandemic has broken out in the African countries of Chad and Sudan, and the culprit has been identified: a vaccine-derived polio virus type 2. Officials now fear this new dangerous strain could soon ‘jump continents,’ causing further deadly outbreaks around the world."

Currently, the first experimental COVID-19 vaccine is being tested on the African population through GAVI Vaccine Alliance, another organization funded by the Gates Foundation. A large round of human trials will take place in South Africa, locally managed by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg—yet another Gates-funded institution."

"This latest revelation from Africa should prompt media and health advocates to ask hard questions about the efficacy and safety of the much-hyped COVID ‘miracle’ vaccine."


>what is described in the protocols wound up happening so it's a genuine document!!
not a very good argument, especially considering how generic and obvious most of it is anyhow

>Protocol No. 2 tells of a plan to establish puppets, under the control of the real rulers, as presidents or prime ministers. They will be chosen for their inability to lead and their capacity for obedience, and will be told what to do by their "advisers".

ironically that could very well apply to the prominent jewish tycoons, bankers, press magnates etc themselves. what if they are being manipulated and scapegoated, by secret conspirators that know better than to put themselves in the spotlight like the rotschilds or whatever.
the far right tards would rather believe the ebil jews are so retarded as to leave behind such a document, and so devilish that they would cynically lay out their plans to be so conveniently discovered and publicized by their enemies. they'd rather fall hook line and sinker for such a basic trap, and base their propaganda around it with the sole purpose of drawing more like-minded retards to their cause.


This can be traced back to a hapa crab by the name of Tenda Spencer aka eurasiantiger. Remember those crab red pill comics? He's the one who made them. He's been all over the internet for like a decade and fits your description of an aspie spammer perfectly.


lockdowns are inevitable, unless you want a repeat of march/april.

Actually, it depends on your definition of lockdown, it differs greatly from country to country. If you're talking about not leaving the house except for groceries: yeah that's obscene in the current state in my country. Are we talking about self-isolation after a high-risk contact? - i'm all for that.

Fascist laws? You have governments tapping into each and every communication channel. A lockdown because of a virus is different. I argue the opposite - keeping the economy rolling full steam at the expense of people is worse.


He also spammed on Feels under the name Mel Hapa


>lockdowns are inevitable
No they are not. Most people don't experience any symptoms at all from the chinese flu, the next bracket down just gets regular flu symptoms. The only people who are at risk are those who are already in mortal peril and geriatrics. They can isolate themselves, they don't need society to be shut down for them.


>self-isolation after a high-risk contact? - i'm all for that
guess herd immunity doesn't exist anymore it's been deleted from existence along with everyone's immune system. LoL!


Tell me what you think herd immunity is, cause I don't think you know what it is.


Society being shut down is great.


What is wikipedia? webmd? I can't use those right now my mommy took away my computer privilege for looking at naughty things :(


let's say you're right in that only old / ill people get symptomatic covid (you're not) there's no way a part of society can fully isolate themselves. Countless case reports of elderly homes where 1 employee is sick and everyone gets the 'rona. If it's allowed to freely spread among the general population, an enormous percentage of people will be infectious to those susceptible groups and healthcare will be overloaded. And trust me, younger seemingly healthy people DO get it. the fact you're on here means you're either a crab or a wiz which in turn means you've probably got some underlying mental health issue and might be obese etc which puts you at a significantly higher risk of getting a bad case. just some food for thought, although the real story is much more complex.

to the brainlet claiming herd immunity. even if that was the case, just look at seasonal flu. we're all immune but the it travels the world and mutates every year. same will hapen with 'rona. Also re-infections have been confirmed, possible there isn't long-term immunity or the virus mutated.

And to those claiming corona isn't that bad. 20% will be severely ill and 5% critically ill requiring ICU treatment. There's also unknown long-term effects after we've gotten rid of a relatively minor infection.


File: 1599333025059.png (786.45 KB, 863x901, 863:901, gYnbZJdxE4fl164mQc1IU_Ezj1….png) ImgOps iqdb

Aight lets say chink flu is real, all you need is to take hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C (ESPECIALLY VITAMIN C, Megadoses). The amount of shilling and damage control the media did against this stuff tells you it works.

>healthcare will be overloaded

fake and gay. all the hospitals are fuckin empty lol. Go to literally any hospital and ask to see the dead chinkflu bodies they will tell you to fuck off

>mental health issue puts you at risk for chinkflu

Ok this doesn't even need comment beyond acknowledging you are an absolute good goy niggercattle


You lie and strawman in your first sentence, I never claimed that only old/ill people get symptoms. Read my post again.
>b-but overloaded hospitals!
We have flu season every year and don't suffer a hospital breakdown. In any case most of the population already have gotten covid even if they don't know it, making the entire hospital overcrowding argument completely moot.
People wouldn't freak out about getting the chinese flu so much if people like you and MSM didn't insist so on pretending that this is a humanity-ending plague. It's not. It's a flu that can affect those with preexisting conditions severely. Most people have nothing to worry about regarding corona.


Only if you think societies destruction is great.


> We have flu season every year and don't suffer a hospital breakdown. In any case most of the population already have gotten covid even if they don't know it, making the entire hospital overcrowding argument completely moot.
This isn't flu. Only a minority of people have gotten it because of said measures. Hospitals aren't overcrowded because of said measures.

>People wouldn't freak out about getting the chinese flu so much if people like you and MSM didn't insist so on pretending that this is a humanity-ending plague. It's not. It's a flu that can affect those with preexisting conditions severely. Most people have nothing to worry about regarding corona.

Never said it was humanity ending. it also affects "healthy" people (although almost nobody except the rich is healthy). That's right 80+% will have absolutely no fucking symptoms. a hospital with 500 beds will be filled to the brim if non-major cases will all spread it to the suscepble 5+% who need to be hospitalized.


>true corona hasn't been tried

where are your "said measures" in those mass riots we've been having non-stop since may? they aren't being enforced there and muh doomvirus has had full opportunity and time to kill everyone in them and spread to the whole country but it hasn't killed anyone in the riots, it hasn't crippled anyone in those non-masked non-social distanced riots

they disprove the doomvirus hoax and your "said measures"



>>what is described in the protocols wound up happening so it's a genuine document!!
He never said that retard.
>would rather believe the ebil jews are so retarded as to leave behind such a document
However, if paragraphs where the plagiarism is strikingly obvious are taken out, that still leaves about 95% of the Protocols. Another source that's been plagiarised is a chapter of a book by Hermann Goedsche, but after allowing for that, along with copying where the paraphrasing is more creative, there is still much original material in the Protocols. Rather than a simple plagiarism job, as the Jews love to pretend it is, it's mostly a superb blueprint for world conquest, but padded with some blindingly obvious plagiarism, the purpose of which was to allow the Jews to cry "forgery" in the event of discovery. Thus, their blueprint for world domination could be documented, and could exist in plain sight, yet anyone who pointed out the reality would be denounced as an "anti-Semite" or a "conspiracy theorist" who was citing nothing more than a "proven" "forgery".


plagiarizing something to make the jews look bad doesnt make any sense either retard. what however makes more is >>253288 where jews purposefully plagiarized material in case of discovery of said documents. but keep going. the link you're replying to debunks every single claim made by protocol deniers such as yourself. go on your ""official"" wiki information and prove you didnt even read the article


Proponents of the "forgery" theory have an argument that runs like this: 1) Several passages within the Protocols of Zion were plagiarised from a previous work: Maurice Joly's The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. 2) Only evil, racist, hate-filled anti-Semites could have resorted to plagiarism, since Jews are as innocent as newborn lambs. 3) This proves that evil, racist, hate-filled anti-Semites fabricated the Protocols of Zion, and the work is a fraud, a forgery and a hoax.

The forgery theorists will frequently not even bother to include part 2). By going from their premise 1) directly to their conclusion 3), their argument becomes a non sequitur. The conclusion does not follow from the premise. In order to get from 1) to 3), they must include other postulates such as 2). Although premise 1) is true, premise 2) and conclusion 3) are both false. Clearly, the hypothetical "anti-Semites", alleged by Jews to have authored the Protocols with the help of a bit of plagiarism, do not have a monopoly on copying other people's work. Jewish supremacists who were plotting world conquest had more motives for plagiarism than the alleged "anti-Semites". Both would have saved time and effort. Jewish supremacists also had a powerful motive in that if the Protocols was discovered, they would be able to blame "anti-Semites", citing the "forgery" charge as their 'proof'.


Traps are the best thing that has ever been on this planet holy shit


they are fake and one does not need to look any further than the fact that a secret cabal of conspirators would not leave behind a fucking written document, lest they were incredibly stupid, and thus relatively harmless. again, why would such a group, if they were serious about achieving their goals, would do such a thing to begin with.

>hurr they can claim its a forgery if its discovered

how about don't write down your blueprint for world domination and run the risk of being found out. that sounds like a much more reasonable idea. but just like I said the retards that this document was produced for will make up some bullshit argument about the jews being so evil and cynical that they don't care whether or not it is made public.


>the fact you're on here means you're either a crab or a wiz which in turn means you've probably got some underlying mental health issue and might be obese etc which puts you at a significantly higher risk of getting a bad case
you sound like an outsider normalfaggot. You're not even considering the fact that since we're 'either crabs or wiz' we're less likely to get it as we're less social, although I doubt it's true for a significant amount of posters here but that is not the place to discuss this I guess.

>there's no way a part of society can fully isolate themselves.

Yet you are arguing for lockdowns, as if it were a better option. Keep in mind that lockdown in some retarded countries (spain, italy, france, australia…) has meant not being allowed to leave your house unless you absolutely have to. And the population has generally consented to and welcomed such measures. This is scary in itself as this is setting up a very dangerous precedent, but nobody seems to care, gotta save these ninety years old!


>not being allowed to leave your house unless you absolutely have to
Just wait until the times you will need a day pass just to leave your house
or else you get a bullet in the head. I see this happening in Europe and Ausland more than America though if Eurocucks will take it up the ass from Kalergian Zionist EU


But they aren't real.


File: 1599419120258.mp4 (4.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1599353340696.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Giving succubi the vote has to be the dumbest mistake in history.


for me the biggest disappointment was that corona-chan did not wipe out a billion or 2 of us. All that hype and drama over nothing. For a fucking flu virus

Unless this shit becomes the new airborne aids I don't see this ever getting serious at all


>jews being so evil and cynical that they don't care whether or not it is made public
Who said they didnt care you liar?
>would not leave behind a fucking written document,
Who says they left anything behind retard? My argument is that they were discovered documents, not left behind documents. The fact is, verbally passing things down obscures the original material (even if the message is very small) to the point that the original meaning is lost or the obscured message itself is wormholed into oblivion. The whole point of written messages is to pass down these messages to future generations with very little to no mistake on its meaning. But, this conversation is pointless because obviously you will never be convinced no matter what anyone says, evidence be damned. Even if the star witness of the forgery theory, Princess Catherine Radziwill was a convicted fraud, liar, and forger herself (even before and after the accusation). What else is funny is that she literally blamed a jew in having a hand in "forging" these documents yet at the same time said that it was "anti-semetism" that fueled it. Or how the documents were forged from 1904-1905 despite the french original copy being found in the year 1985 and it being printed publicly in 1903.




have you read assemblywomen by old ancient greeks? They knew succubi in politics and public discourse would lead to the end of civilisation.
The knew this thousands of years ago and wrote a satire/comedy to warn and have fun with the crazy concept.

When people say society keeps getting better I just talk about greeks or romans.


the debate of wether its fake or not is pointless anyways
the document is interesting and we can see jewish people doing a lot of whats in there with our very eyes so why would the book need to be original anyway? It's true (more or less) and thats what matters no?


They had a lot of stuff wrong but they were great thinkers.
It is such a shame so much of their writings were lost. We only have a fraction of what wisdom those two great civilizations left behind.

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