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Is there any. And I mean any possible way to clear all discord messages from servers automatically? Including ones I'm banned from. I've posted some edgy, overly angsty and shocking images/messages in my absolute rock bottom, apathetic point in life that I regret/feel deeply ashamed about (and is even traceable to my real name/identity) - plus the chances of it being blackmailed towards me or getting me cancelled.

I'm attempting to essentially 'return' to the state I was prior to my mental health crisis and to my true and more stable and presentable self again; and wanting to clear as much trace of my online footprint as possible.




Why in the hell would you be using Discord to begin with?

>getting me cancelled.

Cancelled from what?!?!?

All net addicts eventually get a lesson in why it's important not to act like a douchebag behind a username. Sorry it took you all the way into the age of social media backlash and "cancellation" to get yours.


You'll have to learn to stand up against the cultural revolution.


You failed the first rule of the internet, so no.


>is even traceable to my real name/identity


I think you vastly overestimate how much people care about the shit you said on discord.



You sure?

Even if I can just shrug it off as 'a bad, embarrassing and inhumane past part of me' and apologize for the shit I did if anyone finds out - this shit will still get me fired or barred socially and in terms of careers I'd assume.


Do you really expect the people in those chats to hunt you down and find out what jobs you're applying to and then tell the interviewer or something? It's just nonsensical.


These things like OP is describing aren't a constant threat, but they are ammunition. If he ever steps out of line, they will use this against him. So he just has to hope he can avoid anyone getting sufficiently pissed at him to look him up.


tommorow im calling your interviewer and showing him our convos


delete your discord and you'll be forgotten in a week max. if nothing has happened to you now it wont happen in the future either


File: 1598414405991.jpg (244.74 KB, 900x1167, 300:389, untitled_tg_comic_by_darks….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Get a little warlock to turn you into a succubus so you do not have to worry about your online footprint.


Why can't you just delete your account/change your username? If people in the future try to say it's you, just deny it; they can't prove it's you.


>clear all discord messages
>apathetic point in life
what are you? 18?



>muh tranny discord gunna cancel meee :( cuz i was edgy!!!
go back to whatever 4chan board you came from


Dumbfuck zoomer shit. Serves you right.



piece of shit thread as always
probably just normie bait
why do you bother..


>I've posted some edgy, overly angsty and shocking images/messages in my absolute rock bottom, apathetic point in life
>getting me cancelled
>my mental health crisis
I'm sorry OP you sound like every other 16 year old in youtube comments.
Shit like this only happen to people who become somewhat famous or piss off boards like pol. Just delete your discord and in the future try to stay anonymous when posting stuff you feel could get you in trouble.


i would try to find and delete anything that has your real name, then delete your account.

if you can't, contact discord and ask them to do it for you. if you say you were really young they will usually do it even if it's really edgy. 99.9% chance nothing will happen to an average joe anyway


Christ, I thought we were already swamped when I started seeing vapid twitter lingo like "-oomer", "seethe" and "cope" crop up. Now it turns out that there are people here who not only use Discord, but they use it to socialise as well.


And 'other things' that we are not allowed to talk about :))

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