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File: 1599262766975.png (21.3 KB, 602x171, 602:171, cleanitup.png) ImgOps iqdb


I am thinking of applying but I probably won't as I have a great deal of social anxiety and I don't think I could handle making regular reports and being scrutinized by the mods. I'm also a bit worried about the review process being through voice chat or if that might be a regular thing. Even starting and then backing out is quite nervewracking for me (though i'm still considering it)

Does anyone have any experience being a janny on 4chan or other sites? What was it like?


>doing it for free
Why would you ever?


get a real job ya hippie


you go to 4chan in 2020? not even that, but want to slave away for them?

god damn. 4chan died to me so long ago i have long since moved on.


Do those retards still insist on doing all communication through irc?


Janitor are volunteer positions, why would you apply? Moderators are also volunteer positions, so it's not like you can begin as a janitor and eventually get an invite to a paid position that way. Complete waste of time OP.


I was looking for recently uploaded m00t pictures on twitter because they're amusing and one of the reply threads to m00t in a suit looking suave was a janitor lamenting wasting his time, think he said something about encouraging baneposting.


Why on earth do you want to be a 4chan mod? Just to give yourself something to do? It's a horrible task; the posters you'll be cleaning up for and the mods you'll be sucking up to aren't worth the trouble. The paradox of 4chan moderation is that the janitors often will try to do their jobs properly when they start out, but quickly get spanked by the mods who have their own warped views of what content should be allowed on the boards. It's just an exercise in power.
They use Discord now.


What imageboards/websites do you use for socialization besides Wizchan?


Zero niggah. We loyal purists out here.


haven't been to any other imageboard since probably 2016


Used to use 4chan up until yesterday. Finally had enough of their idiocy, so I blocked it. I use a couple small forums, and I occasionally use Reddit.


I'm a moderator on another forum. Won't tell you which, because I don't want to dox myself. Most of my time is spent moving/deleting spam, and banning spammers. Pretty boring shit.

I had to ban one guy because he was stirring up shit for no reason, harassing me and the other regulars, etc. I have him a couple warnings to cool it, but he doubled down on being a prick. He found a way to contact me outside of the forum, and started sending me messages there. He eventually stopped, and I haven't heard from him in about two years. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone


The fuck? Current year never fails to disgust me.


What do you call interacting with people on image boards?


I use others for porn and troubleshooting stuff I am working on.


Their janitorial positions mandate that they communicate frequently over Discord, of all programs. Beyond Discord being antithetical to all values an imageboard should hold in both theory and practice, this stifles consistent moderation and relegates them to a completely unrelated circlejerk on an entirely different platform. Janitor activities are already monitored and any major info or actions from moderation could be conveyed over email, as they should be infrequent. It's a shame too, because there are many boards there that would be at least useable if you could actively cleanse most of the insipid, rehashed refuse (in the forms of people, threads and posts) from the place.


File: 1604866047221.jpg (8.49 KB, 672x378, 16:9, sort.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i just got banned from 4chan for like a month for violation of US law, it was bullshit and i fucking hate the site and the people who manage it. you can't post shit on there anymore


What did you do? Did you post CP?


>using discord
Why am I not surprised?


Let's conspire together to become jannies and persecute sex-havers.


why would you want to babysit a bunch of edgy teenagers for free?




File: 1604910069635.jpg (117.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shot0029.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

what do you think wizchan mods use?


>new thing bad, old good
Well, at least you kids don't cry about IRC anymore.


They all frequent the same night club.


8chan is dead, let it go friend.


you mean gay club, right?


>state of retards2020



Wow, you're such a winner. Bet you get all the grills. All of wizchan admires you.


Stop socializing with me


There's still enough altchans that going back to 4chan is unnecessary.


File: 1605019018121.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reimu.png) ImgOps iqdb

She's in.


Do kids even know what IRC is nowadays? Discord seems to have taken its place, and few under 27ish even know what IRC is


One can only hope. IRC is/was pretty shit and I am glad it is mostly dead.


I'm 24 and only got into IRC ~4 years ago. It serves its niche well, but is pretty much dead for all other purposes. Between those, BBSes, and gopherspace, I'm often in the (virtual) company of those much older than me. IRC makes me feel young and Discord old. Come to think of it, I almost never interact w/ other 20-somethings. No one in my family is close to my age, the few other 20-somethings at work have little in common with me…how do people in this cohort even talk anyway? Zoomers saying "sus" and "oof" every other sentence and boomers talking in proverbs and figures of speech…then there's always the people who start every other sentence with "I feel like…"

Why is everyone else so weird?


File: 1605070106409.png (529.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, What am I reading.png) ImgOps iqdb

>be OP
>become a janny
>thinks he is special
>gets told he has to promote tranny bs
>agrees for a sense of purpose in his "life"
Why would you ever want to be a janny?


We're glad you're gone. Fuck you, I bet you use Freenode as well.


File: 1605130890894.png (76.56 KB, 200x200, 1:1, John_Morris.png) ImgOps iqdb


I have this job it is nice because I can see every IP and every user tied to that IP, I have access to their full user history, if a user is misbehaving illegally I have to report their IP to their ISP for an investigation. You'd be surprised how much of 4chan is written by the same 23 or so people.


what do you mean 'written by the same 23 or so people', is it all guys on proxies?


the majority of people are lurking right?


Not that guy, but I think it was moot who revealed that something like 95% of all chan browsers never bother to post anything at all. Among that 5% there are large differences as well, the majority of posters post only a few things a day. There is a VERY small population of posters who dominate all threads with untold amounts of posts. The place I first noticed this was on 4chad /a/, and I don't mean just people like accelspammer although he is included. There are hyper obsessed posters who will post in the same threads, saying the same thing day and day, night after night. I remember for a year straight there was some Madokafag who shat up every single Eva thread in an unending fashion. Every day it was >t. pissed eva fanboy or >eva fans stopped watching anime or some calling card you could spot a mile away.

I could totally believe that even massive boards like 4chad /pol/ are dominated by 100-200 posters despite having thousands of ip's posting every day.


Sounds about right. It gets to the point where you’re so demoralized you don’t even bother posting. Even here I barely post.


Actually I post here alot, you bump into the same people over and over so it is rather boring sometimes. Also tend to butt heads with the same people which is even more boring. Yet you don't need to post that often to have an effect on smaller boards like wizchan which is nice. On 4chad you are competing with the most diehard obsessed shitposters imaginable, there is no way to compete at all with their influence on board culture. I remember one time there was some guy who samefagged like 200 posts in a single thread in a single day, that is true demoralization.


>There are hyper obsessed posters
Oh god damn do I wish they would ban them. I view /trash/ a lot, and there's a guy called 'bumpfag' and he spams all of the threads either manually or with a bot to make the threads sink to page 10 in about 20 minutes, then he rapid fires off 3 shitpost threads about politics and that kills the threads he doesn't like.

This is the thing I hate the most about internet culture —- it's dictated by the people who spam the most. It also looks like memes are often created by a small and organized group who spam them absolutely everywhere.


>ban them
Impossible with dynamic ip's, the only solution is to give them contaminate zones where they stay and shitpost away away from the other posters. If you ban them too much they will learn to change their calling cards, making the problem even worse if you can't find them and ignore right away. Generally these types stay away from smaller boards, they feed off (you)'s and the traffic here is too low for that sort of thing. They might spam for a bit, but eventually leave. Although 4chad moderation is the worst I've ever seen, I almost wonder if they even bother moderating anything other than CP at times. Range banning phone ip's is a possible good answer, but Hiro doesn't want to do that since phone posters are the main source of income for 4chad.

Shitposting is always going to be there, but the spammers have dedication to ruining things for months or even years. Even I admit to have ruined threads before when I used to find that fun, especially on /a/ monogatari or eva threads just for laughs. The real problem is that it isn't once or twice with these posters, but a never ending stream of shitposting, bait, and trolling. Even now on /a/ there is some Steins Gate fan called Kurisufag who manages to shitpost every haruhi, eva, lain, and madoka thread at the same time. Months he's been at it, it's insane really.


The 'bumpfag' guy has been nuking threads for 4 years


>4 years
That is exactly what I mean, the dedication is astounding. At my own "shitposting height" I could last maybe like 1-3 threads in a week before slowing down for a while. It gets old and tiresome rather quickly unless you are coming up with fresh new ideas to make it more fun. These obsessed posters can just repeat the same thing over and over and over forever. I wish I could speak with them 1 on 1 and pick their brains honestly, what drives them to such lengths and why they bother at all in the endless cancer.

How is /trash/ by the way? I don't think I've ever bothered to browse it for longer than 5 minutes. Isn't that where the lowest quality threads and not board related threads are sent?


Just checked /trash/, by god that is alot of furfaggotry. I can see why it would attract such a poster.


/trash/ does receive bad threads from the site, but that's never more than like 2 threads out of the 150 on the board. The board is laissez-faire so furry porn is allowed to be posted there (because of a 15 year old meme, posting furry porn is under unique restrictions) and to be honest I think bumpfag exists because there is very little moderator oversight.
Hey its flawed but it's the best board on 4chan. If there were no western cartoon pedophiles, gookers, and discord-esque generals, and no homosexuals, it would be a paradise online, at least for me.


>mentions /a/
>doesn't mention ACK
If you want to see true insanity, look no further than that guy.


4chad in general seems to lack any quality moderation, maybe it's just the speed of the boards make it uncontrollable who knows. One board I always wanted to get into is one similar to /trash/ except without the massive amounts of porn, is /bant/. I feel like I missed the train on that one though, there are so many inside jokes and it seems like it is one of those "peaked at a certain point and is now a shell of itself, you had to be there" boards. Same thing with /s4s/. Maybe I just don't fit in on shitpost boards like that though, I feel lost since there is no structure of discussion or even proper discussion at all. I suppose you are just suppose to add to the shitpost pile, but I don't really understand why I would.

I'll be honest I'm not a tru /a/ oldfag veteran and don't know all the culture there. I generally find pockets of boards I enjoy and never leave them. Such as on /mu/ I don't think I've ever posted or really browsed outside of /metal/.


To be honest, porn, socialization (the first two can be combined by talking about and sharing porn) and hobbies are all the reasons why anyone would browse 4chan or imageboards. Some comfy very slow boards like /3dcg/ might be fun if I was learning how to 3d model. Reading the blender documentation takes a long time when you've got some responsibilities you need to do.


I can't find any decent conversation anywhere else, I think I can honestly say I am only on imageboards because of the anon factor. Forums and namefag places always turn into clique bullshit where your name matters more than the merit of your post. Piss off one of the holy priests and suddenly the entire board dismisses every single one of your posts because the clergyman called you a heretic. That or you have to "earn" their trust/honor for thousands of posts, perhaps even being required to gain some kind of rank in a rep system.

Even worse is when you do join their clique and become "one" of them, you suddenly have people who take your side or support you because of the posts you had previously made. It becomes so bad that you can end up abusing this power by accident, or in a moment of strong emotion you use it intentionally to silence others. I just want to have a conversation where that is all that matters, not as someone who is known for such and such or has some kind of reputation of goodness or wrongness, but a conversation where only the conversation matters. So I just stick to imageboards despite the fact that it isn't exactly made for proper discussion.


4chan seems like anarchy tyranny now. Where you get banned for saying nigger but have no reprise to faggots who run ruin derailing threads the mods don't personally post in. Some threads will ban you for talking bad about an eceleb while others you can have porn all over a SFW board and no one removes it for days.


>muh resbonsibilitis normie excuse meme on wizchan
Really guys? Really?


Even neets have other shit they have to do sometime.
Pull the wand out of your ass with that nonsense because everyone can't/doesn't just sit on image boards all day every day.


People who are born around 1994-1996 are truly the middle generation, neither fully millennial nor fully zoomer. You will forever have this anxiety.

I'm saying this as a "core" millenial.


It would be funny to lock the obvious normgroid threads (especially the ones about girlfriends),and ban the posters responsible for them.


That's how you get fired. Even jannies have to answer to someone.


>piss off normgroids
>piss off 4tards admin team
>potentially get blocked from the site
I see no downsides. outside of the fact I'm unable to think of a way to piss off the average 4chan user in the process.


It's not like every 4chan troll ever didn't have the same idea? They probably have a process in place that filters people like you and they probably take your real info just in case you cause any real damage.


One drop rule. They're filthy zoomzooms. There's no fixing someone who gets overwhelmed by fucking figures of speech and sentences starting with the words "I feel like."


Yeah. It's the reason I never applied for 4chan janitor - a good many would have the same idea I had, or some "if I were king for a day…" scenario. Amusing to think about, but not much use otherwise.

I wouldn't want 4kids (or any other site) to take my info, or take as little of it as it can.

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