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I am thinking of applying but I probably won't as I have a great deal of social anxiety and I don't think I could handle making regular reports and being scrutinized by the mods. I'm also a bit worried about the review process being through voice chat or if that might be a regular thing. Even starting and then backing out is quite nervewracking for me (though i'm still considering it)

Does anyone have any experience being a janny on 4chan or other sites? What was it like?


>doing it for free
Why would you ever?


get a real job ya hippie


you go to 4chan in 2020? not even that, but want to slave away for them?

god damn. 4chan died to me so long ago i have long since moved on.


Do those retards still insist on doing all communication through irc?


Janitor are volunteer positions, why would you apply? Moderators are also volunteer positions, so it's not like you can begin as a janitor and eventually get an invite to a paid position that way. Complete waste of time OP.


I was looking for recently uploaded m00t pictures on twitter because they're amusing and one of the reply threads to m00t in a suit looking suave was a janitor lamenting wasting his time, think he said something about encouraging baneposting.


Why on earth do you want to be a 4chan mod? Just to give yourself something to do? It's a horrible task; the posters you'll be cleaning up for and the mods you'll be sucking up to aren't worth the trouble. The paradox of 4chan moderation is that the janitors often will try to do their jobs properly when they start out, but quickly get spanked by the mods who have their own warped views of what content should be allowed on the boards. It's just an exercise in power.
They use Discord now.


What imageboards/websites do you use for socialization besides Wizchan?


Zero niggah. We loyal purists out here.


haven't been to any other imageboard since probably 2016


Used to use 4chan up until yesterday. Finally had enough of their idiocy, so I blocked it. I use a couple small forums, and I occasionally use Reddit.


I'm a moderator on another forum. Won't tell you which, because I don't want to dox myself. Most of my time is spent moving/deleting spam, and banning spammers. Pretty boring shit.

I had to ban one guy because he was stirring up shit for no reason, harassing me and the other regulars, etc. I have him a couple warnings to cool it, but he doubled down on being a prick. He found a way to contact me outside of the forum, and started sending me messages there. He eventually stopped, and I haven't heard from him in about two years. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone


The fuck? Current year never fails to disgust me.


What do you call interacting with people on image boards?


I use others for porn and troubleshooting stuff I am working on.


Their janitorial positions mandate that they communicate frequently over Discord, of all programs. Beyond Discord being antithetical to all values an imageboard should hold in both theory and practice, this stifles consistent moderation and relegates them to a completely unrelated circlejerk on an entirely different platform. Janitor activities are already monitored and any major info or actions from moderation could be conveyed over email, as they should be infrequent. It's a shame too, because there are many boards there that would be at least useable if you could actively cleanse most of the insipid, rehashed refuse (in the forms of people, threads and posts) from the place.

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