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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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>Necro Monarchy
Could swear I had read that term somewhere in one of those old Warhammer paperbacks but a search for it returns nothing. Maybe I dreamed it.


Politics is fake and gay, all of it is theatre



At one point GW retconned the Necrons from silent terminators to dumbfucked robot egyptians. Necron dynasties.


What do you think of Kanye's platform?


That's right, thanks.


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Turns out that one of the filming locations of that shitty Mulan remake was literally next to a active concentration camp.

Well I am not giving Disney a single dime after this in any form. That is pretty damn low even for them.



I thought the 1997 mulan sucked and the dragon was annoying but that one looks good, might see it in theaters. Who gives an actual fuck what china does with uighurs (whatever those are). Getting your panties in a bunch over atrocity propaganda is so 2002.


File: 1599550788830.jpg (100.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait_efc2b5_5907668.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The Alt-Right never cared about "muh innocent Muslims in camps" until Trump had a geopolitical interest in it


you think I'm insincere when I say I don't give a fuck about uighurs? even assuming that the atrocity lies were true?

am I really alone when I say I don't care what china does in their own backyard?


It's just amusing to see a SJW virtue signaling company like Disney turn around and kiss the boot of an authoritarian dystopia like Communist China. This mirrors the behavior of the boots-on-the-ground hylics as well, they cry about police brutality in the US and then apologize for jackboot murderers because it's politically convenient.


Why are you bringing up the alt-right?
This has nothing to do with them.


>authoritarian dystopia like Communist China
they have more freedoms than we do, and fewer political prisoners

I don't see the point of hammering away at the "communist" part every time, too, you aren't talking to a site of boomers, that word doesn't trigger any pavlovian anti-chinese reaction here, the chinese are actually more capitalistic and on average filthy rich compared to us peons in the "west"

but ooga booga teh commies


>they have more freedoms than we do
lol post source


You are full of shit and I don't believe those are your actual opinions on the matter.
In fact I think you are just being contrarian because you are bored and want to argue regardless of how little sense it does to do so.


Why so many niggers on this gay site do the reddit spacing and can't use capitals and punctuation? HMMMM


alright juan….

Freedom Of Speech

In China, you are compelled not to question:

The Chinese Communist Party

In America, you are compelled not to question:

The intrinsic goodness of the jews
The innocence of black people
Infinite amounts of nonwhite immigrants flooding into your country
Your entire neighborhood being replaced with aliens
Men who masturbate into each other’s anuses
The precise number of jews that died during World War II
The moral superiority of succubi
The superior job performance of succubi
A succubus’s fundamental right to murder her own children
Children being injected with sex hormones
Boys having their penises surgically removed

Ways you will be punished for speech in China:

The government will bring you into court and charge you with specific crimes, telling you exactly what you did wrong and what you are being punished for. You will be permitted to argue your defense.

Ways you will be punished for speech in America:

Private monopolies will collude to shut down all outlets of publishing on the internet, all financial services and your basic ability to buy and sell.
Corporations will fire you and collude with one another to prevent you from being rehired (permanent unemployment as punishment for speech).
You will be sued by billionaire Jewish legal firms with unlimited money for reasons that make no sense but which would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight. You will be ordered by a court to pay millions of dollars to Jews (indentured servitude as punishment for speech).
Domestic terrorists will be sent out on the street to attack you, with the blessing of the federal government. If you defend yourself against them, you will be charged with assault or various other charges.
If your car is attacked by a mob of government-endorsed terrorists, and you crash your car, you will be charged with murder and sentenced to hundreds of years in prison based on your beliefs and jokes you made.

Of course, you could try to look at other measures of freedom, but none are going to be as clear as speech. Furthermore, no freedom is as fundamental as speech. And when you look at speech, you come to the absolute and undeniable conclusion that China is a much, much freer country than the United States of America.


Are you actually mentally handicap Alaskan?
Or do you just pretend to be retarded for attention?

Stop attention whoring and stop roleplaying.


I'm not seeing an argument


Arguing with you would be like picking on a special needs kid.
Besides you only do this shit for attention.
Go circle jerk in your weapons thread or something.
Like guns, you know nothing about politics and hold no principles other then contrarianism.


no argument, that's what I thought
tell us more how merika is #1 freedom democracy in the world


File: 1599638763042.gif (277.04 KB, 400x470, 40:47, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>can't even form proper sentences
>still expects people to take him seriously
>debate me bra


Wuhan Chinese Having Mega Water Park Music Festivals While You are Still Locked Down Forever

authoritarian dystopia commies omg


What's that? Your social score was too low and they took your shift keys as punishment? Damn, bro. It must be hard.


Trump is banning critical race theory bullshit from getting federal funding.


still waiting for that logical rebuttal that china is less free than we are


File: 1599649621237-0.png (211.65 KB, 508x510, 254:255, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1599649621237-1.png (425.88 KB, 600x407, 600:407, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1599649621237-2.png (490.13 KB, 1544x800, 193:100, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1599655491319.jpg (14.15 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1599626713381.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don’t care if you guys are posting these ironically or something, this shit is cancer and you gotta stop.


You're conflating legal consequences with social consequences. There's a huge difference between a group kidnapping and/or killing you for saying something and a group shunning you for saying something.


You don’t just get shunned at this point. You get fired, denied services, and shunned. People have retroactively lost things too, Francis crick was stripped of his titles for saying that blacks might be dumb.


It was actually James Watson, my bad.


Still doesn't compare to getting arrested or killed by the state for saying the wrong thing.


It’s just picking between having your life destroyed by the government or by everyone else. I do agree that China is “less free” than the US, but it’s not by a very large margin.


It's even worse if they're doing it "ironically". "Ironic shitposting" just means "I'm shitposting but I'm aware that I'm shitting up the place and that self-awareness means i'm being cool and funny, somehow".


File: 1599667404523.png (355.54 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


As if the practice of Oscar baiting wasn't bad enough already. Never cared about the awards but I recognize their negative impact on the medium.


I feel like this is going to make the Oscars even more irrelevant than they already are. Most of movie goers go for some escapism, to watch the big action-packed hits like the Marvel movies, and those people already feel alienated and don't give a shit about the Oscars as is. I don't know exactly how these new rules will go but at face value it seems like just making a good film is not going to be good enough anymore, so the Oscar will go from irrevelant to most movie goers to irrelevant to everyone but the voters themselves.

All that said, last year I actually agreed with the Oscars, Parasite was the best everything of 2019.


It should be legal to set up anti-personnel mines and other boobytraps around your property to kill trespassers and home invaders.


Report: A Total of 59 Million People Displaced by Middle Eastern Democracy Wars for Israel
Many alpha males would react to this news by saying, “boy, I don’t give a good gosh darn it about those dang ol’ sandniggers.”
The beta males will say, “it’s so sad oh my god my heart is breaking for these oppressed sandniggers.”

Your emotional reaction however is not the point.

The point is: these Jews told us they were fighting to free these people from oppression or some such thing. We were told that were were launching all these invasions for the purpose of helping them. This is how it turned out, and it’s hard to imagine it was all a big mixup.

It’s not just a turn of phrase to say, “the Jews started these wars.” Literally, all of these people were Jewish.

These two decades of fighting these wars were all a gigantic waste, which only made the world more dangerous and less normal, while costing us trillions of dollars.


You wouldn't be able to afford the liability and such measures aren't even the most effective solution to preventing trespassing and home invasion.
Normal boring old good security along with proper op-sec is more effective and you are infinitely less likely to accident your legs off one day.


I am most interested in defending myself from government, this is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. I should be allowed the ordnance required to hold off a hoard of IRS SWAT niggers indefinitely.


if you were serious about this and not roleplaying you wouldnt post it on the internet



This is like the ending to NGE.


File: 1599798403653.jpg (66.19 KB, 480x769, 480:769, EhmPg45XcAAf5Oa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This shit is blowing up so hard. I hope everyone involved keeps up the momentum so maybe we can focus back on the topic of Federal and Hollywood child raping that was casually swept under the rug by Corona


This is no secret, you moron. People have been complaining about this since the 80s.


>This shit is blowing up so hard.
why? I just watched it and there's nothing that bad in it. "lawfully defined as pedophilia" lol


I didn't imply it was, BPD schizo.




France has a long history of making such films. Normally no one cares because it is just France being france. The reason this movie is getting so much attention is due to the totally retarded way Netflix marketed it, almost as if they totally missed the point of the film and that it is a uncomfortable critique of modern over sexualized culture and the disturbing and negative effect that it it's having on the children growing up in such a dysfunctional culture.
I have no interest in the film (mostly because it's french) but I am irritated that because of Netflix's fuck up every culture warrior is clutching their pearls and calling for censorship because they think it's pedo bait. Even those that claim to be free speech extremist are whining about it despite knowing so little about the actually context and content within the film or the fact that it deeply critiques the sexualization of children.

Man fuck these people for making defend the artist merits of a fucking french film.



found out the other day American beauty is child porn. the actress playing the daughter is 16 and the scene with her showing her boobahs for like 3 minutes is real. weird!!! millions of Americans seen the teenage honkers


Honk honk! CP rules the day!


Who cares about this so much beyond repressed pedos sweating at seeing it


File: 1599932405633.jpg (129.26 KB, 805x405, 161:81, isreal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone explain, why, if the Zionists are ""so strong"" why they can't even take back Isreal for themselves?
Why have this never-ending war with the Arabs on the border?


few things are more pathetic than the internet justice tough guys pretending to give a shit about human trafficking and "teh children!!!11"
it's just like true crime, it's okay to admit you enjoy reading fucked up shit, no need to make up excuses like "i want to understand criminal psychology" or "i don't want these crimes and victims to be forgotten :'("


good mockery
I hate those crime show watchers


File: 1599942487537.png (1.71 MB, 1814x1021, 1814:1021, lefty.png) ImgOps iqdb




he's one of the guys that Kyle shot in self-defense. He's the one who had a pistol.


You retards better answer me


You didn't really ask an important question it was a generic "If x is z, then how come y?" sort of deal. You don't bring anything new to the table it's just trash my man


Short answer is the Elders serve demons in order to gain power and the demons feed off of conflict an pain, so its in their best interest to keep the wars going instead of actually handing the Jews victory.


>giving him what he wants
congrats. Now he's roped you into his little box where he makes the rules. You can't expect any good conversation with people like that.


Shut up ingrate, you don't own this thread, cry more about how people answer reasonable questions


>abloo bloo you better answer me
>you don't own this thread
I hope the irony isn't lost on you.


That's not in God's will though. The will of God states that the promised land shall be ruled over my Isreal alone, and until this is fulfilled, there will not be peace.
I understand hat you mean from a conflict pov and the control methods though. They are likely two opposing factions near the top.


Go cry more elsewhere, in the time you spent being a bitch you could have answered the question with one sentence, now YOU have nothing to offer here so begone


That is the will of a Jew, not the will of the Omn.



It's art bro! Just like lolita! Definitely not the elites and rich people showing off their disgusting vices



Haven't they just been expanding their power really slowly? Obama was too slow and Netanyahu hated him, so they rigged the next election for Trump who they knew could be bought and work for them faster (he was for palestine/israel fairness then changed his mind when Israel bought him)

That is just the whole story with Democrats vs republicans though, both serve the rich elites but Democrats just do it slower Republicans do it faster and more brutally



I haven't seen it but I heard it actually has anti-pedo and modesty values, Netflix advertising of it made it look like something it wasn't

Hollywood, business and politics is still full of pedos though, but also money is blind and Netflix Mad Men marketing people probably just thought their advertising was provocative/bold and would make them more money, they don't care about politics with their rich marketing salaries and lifestyle, unless they can use politics to advertise their product or brand and make money off it



Its gonna keep happening, Americans are very patriotic and love obeying their government. The Republican party is in a cycle of isolationism which they always traditionally do to sustain themself, but they always return back to neocon. Both media left and right always support war and conflict even now, even the ones that froth at the mouth against Trump like CNN love it, FOX News loves it. America is the bootlicker capital of the world. I'm waiting for when Trump's presidency is over (whether that is next year or in another four years) and he's in retirement and the next Republican starts a war/conflict and Trump is called in by FOX News saying "I LOVE THE BIGLY!!! I SUPPORT THIS CONFLICT AND ISRAEL THERE IS NO BIGGER PATRIOT AND LOVER OF ISRAEL THAN ME!!! BIGLY!" mark my words


War is good.


The only war that is good is the war of me trying to kill as many IRS agents as possible before I die after gangster government tries to kidnap me through the draft.


File: 1600066662584.jpg (73.92 KB, 1095x735, 73:49, Eb8QO0UUEAAiaVy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trump sounds like the gravelly voiced charismatic leader villain in a movie who is all good on camera but evil in private and helps the elites, cause that's exactly who he is

"I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED, I LOVE THE BIGLIES!!!" meanwhile he's talking about grabbing them by the pussy and helping all the most evil people in America in some way or another, like the Israeli lobby, just pure evil can't believe people who respect themselves support this fat clown

Biden is a story for another day, he's obviously having some kind of dementia, I don't feel like he has the cunning of Trump and probably is more of a puppet



Disregarded, yet lovely.


Alex Jones endured only 5 minutes of watching this movie.


Godspeed wizanon


More like take your meds schizo.


No i still don't understand.
You have supposedly the most powerful secret organisation in the world worth trillions of dollars, and they can't even do God's will by taking back their homeland?
If Isreal was fully controlled by the Jews with strong borders and a powerful military, then maybe i could begin to believe this, but when you can't even take back your homeland, which YOUR OWN GOD SAID IS YOUR MISSION IN LIFE, the how am i to believe the rest of it


Illuminati Jews are not religious, the couldn't give less of a fuck about their own people.


>it is a uncomfortable critique of modern over sexualized culture and the disturbing and negative effect that it it's having on the children growing up in such a dysfunctional culture
But people have been criticizing that forever, only to be shot down as "moralists", "misogynists" etc and told to get on with the times.


The journos who shill for it don't seem to be viewing it as a critique. Well, not exactly. They praise it as a supposed critique of obsolete oppressive straight white man's anti sex paedophobic puritanism, or some shit like that. I don't get the entire situation.


Then why do people call them Zionist. The whole point of Zionism is to Jew back the borderlands from the Arabs


Because you get censored very quickly if you just call them Jews.


So you agree that they are using the label incorrectly



You said that if they were strong, not a powerful secret organisation…I don't think they are the latter, I think the world is more chaotic than people think even though there are conspiracies around


File: 1600306561464.jpg (315.12 KB, 600x679, 600:679, tt3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm gonna be devil's advocate for a bit and say if that wasn't a white succubus with white children the original poster wouldn't have a problem, and blacks outperform whites in terms of reproduction by far, I hate people with double standards.


For someone that has had 10 kids she still finds the time and energy to keep herself from looking like garbage.

I wonder what the guy does for a living to afford a family like that.

I also wonder which religion. Now days only reason white people have that many kids is because they think god told them to do it.

Lastly I wonder how the fake ethno-nationalist that hangs out here posting shitchan /pol/ turds feels about this.


I wonder what is like to grow up in a family that big, must be great if you are not poor.


voluntary extinction but only for whites

Jews need their nice obedient herd of nigger cattle


I can't imagine the level of favoritism the males must be suffering

and you know one of them's gonna be the black sheep that mom and dad will encourage all the others to pound on, typical fucking crackers


File: 1600351177240.png (231.72 KB, 307x307, 1:1, 1600263608.png) ImgOps iqdb

Would be doing them a favor tbh.


I despise how librul merican'ts fetishize Europe like we're a landmass of disgustingly happy libertines who tolerate nudity and casually talk about putting benis in bagina while shunning "American puritanism" and "violent entertainment." No idea where these retarded ideas come from. I guess only our most degenerate demoralized cosmopolitans associate with the Americans so they all can make-believe together and act as if they're in contact with "another culture" without ever leaving their echo chamber. Globalist delusions.


Just holding out for AI authoritarianism.


> Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

Here we go again….


Shes dead? oh thank goodness.


I hope the right isn't still so deluded they think this opening is a conservative win, the last 2 (3?) trump picks turned out to be the same old kosher nominal conservatives, whoever he picks this time will guaranteed be another disappointment, nothing changes


What are you talking about she's obviously been dead for several years


It's like the witch timed her death to be in the moment where it would cause the greatest unrest. Seriously amazing.


I think her death will do more to mobilize the Democrats than the Republicans. It's very possible that Republicans will cuck out and not confirm a new judge, and leave it for the Democrats to get elected and then fill the vacancy.



Trump's persuasion is just legendary to me, that he manages to screw over so many of his own supporters while propping up rich liberals and being the most liberal Republican president ever, but he thrives on ambiguity and confusing people among other persuasive tricks.



I guess Trump saved Democrats from an alternate timeline where Ted Cruz became president and was actually what Democrats think Trump is



But they just gotta get a Republican judge in there, so we can stop DEmoncrats from aborting poor wizard babies who just want to live their lifes, life is a beautiful thing, also all the black wizards too, we need black wizard representation


Yeah, unfortunately we can't expect a right wing version of Ginsburg. What will most likely happen is Trump will pick a judge that will sometimes side with liberals in very important questions.


Trump reveals he will announce 'a succubus' as Supreme Court nominee NEXT WEEK, as his supporters chant 'FILL THAT SEAT'


succubi should not be judges. They are too easily influenced by the herd.


that link actually works… lolwtf


Rt is fucking Russian propaganda you tard


Don't think that i forgot my question, wiztards


>Propaganda is bad
All news is propaganda. Literally most things are propaganda.


what does that have to do with trump picking a succubus you fucking nigger moron


China and the Washington Oscars


…People in the US speak of China’s brazen aggressiveness. Chinese aggressiveness? Did China invade Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands? Has China spent almost twenty years butchering Afghans, militarily seized Syria’s oil, supported Saudi Arabia in a murderous war against Yemen, supervised the destruction of Libya, bombed Somalia? Does China try to starve Iran and Venezuela into giving Washington control of their oil? Does China push its (nonexistent) NATO vassals ever closer to Russian border? Yes, China is an international menace. No one can doubt it.

Aggressiveness? True, America has only a piffling few military bases around the world, a mere scattering of about 800, while the aggressive China, always shameless, has one, at Djibouti. Today, the Horn of Africa. Tomorrow, San Francisco. My God, we must gird our loins, send more money to the Pentagon. Next thing we know, the squinty-eyed bastards will be dating our daughters at Harvard….


>50¢ has been deposited into your account


Huh, that is kind of amazing. Now that I think about it, having a website find and fix small errors to links is a brilliant idea.


That's because what matters is the number. Many news sites do that, because it allows them to change the URL while making the old one still work in case they need to change the title.


File: 1600631243060.mp4 (7.41 MB, 640x800, 4:5, thisisunbiased.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

She is a political science major in college so she is unbiased because what she learnt in college is unbiased so listen to her opinion on Trump.


Why did she feel the need to record this while shes getting all tarted up? Also I really hate how literally everyone remotely famous is just pedo this and pedo that, sex this sex that. Even nobody streamers are being accused.


27? I'm betting that's only slightly above average for a public figure these days.


>were gonna talk politics
>even if you dont want to
..i mean, i can just turn off the webm
i think epstein being such a meme kinda, i wouldnt say normalized but "familiarized" pedophilia, i imagine people would look at you bewildered if you went on pedos this pedos that, but now its more commonplace i think


Nah I think it's been longer than epstein. I think since around 2003 this huge moral panic swept the US with all the stranger danger shit. It's only now that people will just listen and believe random succubi on twitter that they got raped that it's really hitting everywhere. What's worse is that all political sides are pulling the same think of the children bullshit, and it's just namecalling people pedos and rapists at this point. They called clinton a pedo, and biden, and trump. It just shows how stupid all this is. They know that no one is gonna change their vote for a real reason like tax or foreign policy, they just need to convince them that the other side is just dirty people who do no no things, cause that's all these retards understand.


yeah we know, children are sexy, get over it already


After Kavanaugh, I don't give a shit about allegations. Call me if he actually gets convicted.


File: 1600709259700.jpg (203.16 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, lavrov.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

US diplomacy is turning into the not-so-subtle art of making demands and ultimatums, Sergey Lavrov has lamented, as the Americans go it alone in restoring anti-Iran sanctions under a 2015 deal that no longer legally applies.

The council clearly stated that there is no legal position or moral reasons for anything close to the snapback and all the statements to the contrary are null and void.


“I can only remind them that they should respect the hierarchy of the American administration, because their boss, President Trump, has personally signed an official decree withdrawing the United States from the JCPOA,” Lavrov added sarcastically.



Why does America hate Iran again? Because some Jews with nukes can't mind their fucking business and are paranoid and don't want Iran to have nuclear energy or self defense?


aipac bribes and epstein blackmail videos on all our politicians


It's to complicated for someone like you to understand.
Maybe you should pick a topic you are able to discuss.


I'm sure the current US stance against iran is really deeeep and entangled in 5,000 years of historical reasons or some shit that requires a scholar to explain, and it's not actually because AIPAC openly runs our foreign policy, I'm sure
>Maybe you should pick a topic you are able to discuss
how about macular degeneration


Iran is a runaway colony.
A big part of the cold war was the West trying to keep its hegemony over the rest of the world.
Post-WW2, many countries in the Middle East broke out of the English and French yolks, as these European powers were too poor after the war to enforce their will.
American intelligence agencies stepped in by disposing Iran's democratically elected leader and put in the Shah.
Rural religious types won out over any secular resistance to the Shah due to the fact that the feds made the seculars their prime target.
When they overthrew the Shah, Iran became enemy number 1 to the West's interests in the region.

Israel is also a constructed state by the British with the same purpose of keeping influence and power.


File: 1600810093887.jpg (206.28 KB, 1242x1149, 414:383, EiiynhmXsAUPXCH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Themed street gangs. The future is here.


The commies are at it again by taking over a chunk of a dem controlled city.

This time they are calling it "The Free State of George Floyd".


semite female genitalist cult march. Behold genital cult! They celebrate a pollyanna who with her every action and decision made life worse for every honest one. The cult of judgement by female hindbrain, because there is no female forebrain. Subjective judgement for the masses: we support only arbitrary government! Filthy semite witch who white-knuckle gripped onto the power through 5 cancers because she greedily sucked on the throat of a nation like a vampire for decades longer than her natural life should have allowed. Now to be replaced by yet another female hindbrain, because female oppression is being guaranteed power without having to earn it through the struggles. I hope the hawks of Kazakhstan and the one true and holy hawk swoop down and decapitate this gentitalist cadre withone pass of steel wing edges! Female judges a tragedy of our time.


doesn't explain the anti-iran extremism of trump, until elected he was a private citizen, wasn't and still isn't part of the deep state, didn't have any ideological or monetary interest in destroying iran

he's only on board with it because his boss sheldon adelson wants it, which is the same as saying AIPAC, all that deep historical reasoning you laid out doesn't apply to him or I suspect most of the zog tools attacking iran


Sure it does, you said it yourself. Trump only parrots and adopts the ideas of those around him. As I said, Israel is the West's little island in the Middle East. They do the bidding of America to the best of their abilities, which is espionage against Iran and any other nations in the region the US has interests with.


you seriously believe when trump signs his daily sanction papers against iran his dumbass is sitting there thinking about cold war history and going "grrrrr…how dare they kick out our shah" ??? maybe he also feels he's getting revenge for the persian wars?



He doesn't. His handlers probably do and just feed him simplified information.
He killed that general literally just because he got mad at some protests happening in Iraq and thought he was behind it. He has literal subhuman IQ and I hope he kills us faster.


you implied he does
I doubt he's even given a bite-size version of that cold war history about iran, in all reality it's probably as simple as money bags adelson telling him to hound iran because "I said so" and him going yes sir, and with lesser people like congressmen it certainly plays out just like that

who even hates iran for the reasons you gave? some old CIA man somewhere who put his life into that shit? it's all jews and white goyim on their payroll/epstein tapes


>you implied he does
I'm not him. I just butted in.
>in all reality it's probably as simple as money bags adelson telling him to hound iran because "I said so" and him going yes sir, and with lesser people like congressmen it certainly plays out just like that
This is what I've said.
>it's all jews and white goyim on their payroll/epstein tapes
I guess you're retarded. I hope you at least don't forget Trump is a coke sniffing pedophile too


>you're retarded
uh oh, forgot you're not supposed to point out the jewish elephant in the room, now I'm retarded


What do you want to do with Jewish people?


Looks like I called it when it came to dude being unable to actually discuss the subject.


File: 1600955178257.webm (2.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, baseballbat.webm) ImgOps iqdb


zero awareness of surroundings


File: 1600977880279.jpg (354.13 KB, 1242x1855, 1242:1855, Eir50rBWsAAAVsO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How far back do the lies go?


wow it's a yellow picture, must be really old and genuine


File: 1600978973007.png (115.13 KB, 219x237, 73:79, 44f3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>wow it's a yellow picture, must be really old and genuine

The cartoon, drawn by Charles Brooks and originally published by the Birmingham News in 1967, shows King standing near a burning car and a collapsed building, telling a reporter, “I plan to lead another non-violent march tomorrow”

Get spanked, kiddo


fuck, i hate succubi.


File: 1600980471861.jpg (120.81 KB, 531x800, 531:800, Susan-Rosenberg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Susan Rosenberg was part of the Weathermen revolutionary Marxist group. In the 60s and 70s, she and her fellow comrades committed various terrorist activities, including bombings on federal buildings, jailbreaks, and riots.

At one of their meetings, they debated about killing all newborn white babies to prevent them of becoming part of an oppressive racial establishment.

She was pardoned by President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, on his last day of office.


I remember that. The conservatards only acted outraged a couple days on TV, then they got too busy making love to their bushit to pretend caring anymore.



Morgoth made a video where he talks about the situation of his friend, who was one of those working class people who would deride anyone taking welfare and believed that if there's any sort of work then you don't have any excuse not to work, and if you don't work it's because you're a bum and a parasite and etc. Then he loses his industrial job and starts working in service, and reality hits him hard because he decides to quit and live on the dole. This is a guy that used to work in a shipyard doing hard work, and he lived an entire life like that, but he couldn't work in a supermarket without losing his will to live.

I think it's a very good video. Our society is fundamentally feminine, oversocialized. The qualities that evolution created in men are increasingly less needed, in fact at this point it might be the case that they're a detriment for one's life in society. Men just aren't needed at this point. Your choices are increasingly limited to swallowing your pride and "becoming a succubus" in the sense of what you do and how you behave even if it kills you inside, or just quitting altogether. Not only that, but there's just no reward in the end. Work in a bygone age was part of one's identity inside a society, there was no separation between a man's work and his life, but it's increasingly just the capitalist ideal of exchanging your labor for money (that's why the question of having "hobbies" is so prevalent today as something separate from what you actually work with, it's another sign of work being so detached from one's existence, as if you can be the man-worker and then come home to be the man who actually lives), and at some point it's just not worth it anymore.

Keith made a follow up called "the growth delusion" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL_e43wVbqw

Too political for the wageslave thread I guess.


File: 1601057400008.mp4 (12.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, IT'S HAPPENING.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Ron Paul just had a stroke in the middle of a stream.



File: 1601057599102.png (514.08 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1601056877.png) ImgOps iqdb

damn, it might be over


File: 1601057996247.jpg (143.12 KB, 1242x1295, 1242:1295, EixsJ36UcAE5sVB.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The final boss an apprentice has to beat to become a wizard


thats sad


There's also just less work over time that is necessary but we cling to puritanical ideals about it so you're still required to work 8+ hours despite it ultimately being redundant. I dont think being post-labor is necessarily bad, but when it's accompanied by social ills brought on by capitalist alienation and the cultural unacceptance to changing its mindset about work, you will get more malaise and broken spirits that are already rampant today.


is that mgs5 decoy octopus cosplay?


File: 1601061061273.jpg (151.16 KB, 801x900, 89:100, EiyET8qWkAEBKHM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a heart condition that lead to a stroke when I was 24. If it's a stroke from a blood clot coming from somewhere else the chances of recovery are better. If it is a blood vessel bursting inside the brain the chances of full recovery are way lower. Apparenly his was a blood clot and not a full-on blood vessel burst. Eitherway, once you have one of those the fear of having another one never goes away, ever. You'll be taking blood thinners like it's candy for the rest of your anxiety ridden life.


Make everyone the same! Diversity is our strength!


Yeah strokes are serious and always a worry after the first.

I wish him well and hope he recovers but realistically he is super old so I doubt he will get back to the way he was before.
One of the very few politicians with at least a little integrity.


File: 1601106228760.jpg (100.23 KB, 812x682, 406:341, 1601076739834.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone upset that trump just announced giving blacks 500 billions dollars?



better than giving it to israel I guess


Why, does it upset your racist tendencies?

>complains that blacks are uneducated and criminal

>complains when blacks get funding that will increase education and reduce crime


>throwing money at blacks will educate them
wasn't it ten years ago there was an official number released that we spent 1 trillion of black education alone since the 60s? look where that got us


File: 1601118484475.png (47.02 KB, 1656x192, 69:8, 1601116866867.png) ImgOps iqdb

all humans are racist. conditions won't automatically improve for these "people" after decades of multibillion dollar programs (that isn't to say welfare and social security by themselves are bad things at all however) the issue is 100% race. moral of the story don't import subhuman slaves to do your field work and then turn them loose so a jewish/satanic NWO media complex can agitate them into killing whitey and generally being nuisance creatures over the course of several decades. end result: south africa!


Your fault for 'importing' us in the first place.

Now you have to look after us :))


Lol, turns out Trump is an antinatalist



File: 1601143105620.mp4 (10.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mc4W2j_e2svKlaBo.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Ultimate Catholic conservative with her Haitian adopted children

#maga #based


Lol do you really trust the American government to actually improve anyone's life? Most projects like this past the 1950s are giant jerkoffs where the money goes right back to rich people and helps no one or improves nothing.


are you implying that the money didn't go to classrooms, and that if it had then blacks wouldn't have an average IQ of 85?


File: 1601157987110.webm (2.68 MB, 406x320, 203:160, racist water, racist whit….webm) ImgOps iqdb

I honestly hate how the welfare of foreigners in general are prioritized over the native american tribes and people across the americas; Who have been terrorized, displaced, culture in tatters and in disarray across the Americas.

Yet, for some twisted reason the welfare of blacks, jews (the second most powerful group of people in the US after whites), muslims, christians, morons, catholics, indians (aka pajeets) are much more important. Fuck, I hate white people. You can even see this afrocentic propaganda infecting Latin America, East asia and certain parts of the middle east. Another thing that pisses me off is that these pubehaired africans are okay with this type of shit IF IT SUITS THEM but if it does not suit them it's "racist".

"Don't judge me for the color of my skin but please adopt black chillins for being black"


Fixing just the classrooms alone won't solve that issue.
The US government has a long track record of keeping black people as an underclass post-slavery. Things like red lining, forced sterilization, crack and countless other methods to undermine any potential upward mobility. Even from just a selfish perspective, keeping anyone who is a part of your society as a criminalized underclass has a negative effect that ripples outward and effects you personally to some degree.

However, it probably won't matter in a decade or so when we get full corporatization of America. The cops still largely target black people because they're a very old institution that was born out of slavery. However, since slavery is no longer, the feds and the police have slowly widened their scope to the population at large. Unless you are a capitalist, you are their target. That's why ultimately it's pointless to just focus on blacks at this point, as the cops main job is to protect the interests of capital. The post-slavery market doesn't give a shit about your skin color as long as it can extract something from you. It's why BLM is a big jerkoff as well. They pose no threat to capital and it's why you see corporations even join in with them. It's just more alienating identity politics that ultimately achieve nothing for their supposed beneficiaries. MAGA vs. BLM is one of the same, just another pointless cultural distraction to further divide the population at the benefit of those who control the Market. They love watching us kill each other over skin color.


>the cia invented crack
stopped reading there, your head is up your ass, you probably also believe in blank slate hypothesis

no amount of gibs and equality dictates from the ZOG is going to result in blacks becoming middle class whites and inventing computers n' shit, the "issue" is their genes, stupidity and barbarism is in their genes


He is wrong about some things but you are wrong about everything
Your position is far weaker then his flawed position.


Why don't you two move to wakanda.


Ah yes, the magical cabal of wizards who control your every move. I'll admit, it's an appealing fantasy to subscribe to, but it's just that. Yes there are some Jews in power, and yes Israel has a large role in the suffering of many, but the machine itself is much larger and denser than that.

I'm actually curious as to what you think I got wrong. I'd like to hear it if you'd be willing to share.


Top NASA Official Unveils $28 Billion Plan To Land First succubus On Moon

wasting 28 billion just to make a gesture to progressivism, this is what flat ass broke amerika considers a priority


>The cops still largely target black people because they're a very old institution that was born out of slavery
No it wasnt, it was born out of older european policing traditions


Really excellent article laying out the state of American politics right now.



Interesting. In many ways I agree with many of the points, but it seems to understate by a large margin the ruling class' power. In fact, it skirts entirely the globalist and international component.
I will say that I believe this was intentional, as it's likely propaganda to at least invigorate people into fighting back(without touching on shakier and far more controversial topics).


Why don't you move your head out of your ass?


>I'm actually curious as to what you think I got wrong. I'd like to hear it if you'd be willing to share.

Yeah… no one is dumb enough to fall for that again.


File: 1601221265243.png (184.54 KB, 641x477, 641:477, 1597364252371.png) ImgOps iqdb


Or maybe it has to do with blacks committing more crimes, rather than some bias by the police. Have you ever checked "the color of crime"? It has a wealth of statistics.



File: 1601224617733.gif (2.9 MB, 250x243, 250:243, 1599668221012.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You know those things about the universe to scale, where they start from something like an atom and end up with galactic superclusters and stuff? I found this thing where they make wealth to scale, and they start with a pixel being a thousand USD and you scroll with the right key through the wealth of Jeff Bezos and then through the wealth of the richest 400 people, the latter one being so long you probably won't have the patience to do that.

It does a good job to show how absolutely mind boggling that amount of wealth is.



Not that I doubt the vastness of wealth that jeff bezos and others like him have, but is this just shit they have in the bank or is this like his net worth, or assets or something?


Net worth. If the stock market crashed bezos would only have a net worth of about 5 or so billion, maybe less.


I was being serious, but suit yourself.



You should be careful when you go on your social protests then, norman.



It's more important than you think for America (that is the elites) to do this. They pander to progressivism because that is the only thing stopping those "flat ass broke' Americans from realising their class consciousness/unity and upsetting the power and wealth of the elites. They have to divide Americans into categories of race, gender and sexuality, and a lot of people fall for it and either join antifa/BLM or like on wizchan become Trump cocksuckers. Very weak minds.


Go back to 4chan/reddit/alt-right website and spam your maymays there.



I don't go to social protests, but it doesn't matter cause plain clothes police officers can bust into my house and slaughter me for using my god given right to self defense


Well no shit you dumbass. Do you think any celebrity in their right mind would stream themselves watching the whole thing?



Capitalism is based though, just like based Trump #MIGA


File: 1601252028281.gif (749.53 KB, 280x205, 56:41, 1447786394423.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Sad how people get on their moral wooden ad get so outraged crates when when a male african POS (who had the cops called on him because he was dealing counterfeit money and resisted arrest) is killed by a cop.
Reminds me of that jew who raped and murdered a white child back in the early 1900s and now there is a statue "honoring" the jewish man for being killed by a white mob.
Then there whites doing the same shit throwing tantrums about some white blond being kidnapped by two "short brown succubi who spoke spanish" and miraculously she turns up with a few scratches and bruises just in time for Thanksgiving, its a miracle!
Misinformation everywhere humans are horrible tribal people.


Forgot to include, the police never found the two "short brown spanish speaking succubi" and the white bitch had a history of metal issues for over a decade. It all was just conveniently forgotten to avoid further embarrassment of the family.



Q train..it's like Q anon, the truth. It's revealing something deep about the universe or simulation we're in, like maybe covid is a fucking hoax and this succubus is getting harassed for trying to be free.


>plain clothes police officers can bust into my house and slaughter me
That would be great.


People are already divided along those lines, its inherent in the case of gender. It's not in the interest of vaginocapitalists to empower men anyways.


I have to say, the succubus hysteria over ginsberg and her replacement has been an amusing spectacle to behold.



>Let there be no doubt: the ruling class’s focus on Donald Trump has been incidental. America’s potentates do not fear one pudgy orange-haired septuagenarian. They fear the millions of Americans whom they loathe, who voted for Trump, who gave his party control of House and Senate, and who will surely vote for folks these potentates really should fear.

This is something that has been in the back of my mind, the elites don't really care about Trump or the things he does, Trump has more or less done what they want, they just don't like the supporters and how the average person is just fed up, they don't like Bernie bros either. You'll often see them just attack Trump for superficial or pointless things but not his policies which they actually enjoy.



I remember too when Democrats were for border walls and stuff, and the Obama cages


How did that debate thing go? I tuned out after 5 minutes or so when I noticed Grandpa was allowed to interrupt Orange Man while the Orange Man was reprimanded for interrupting Grandpa.


Biden resembled Jeb





sometime I wonder
is it even possible to have a pol discussion without the need of o=posting sargon or any other yt shit


File: 1601497118985.png (36.16 KB, 158x200, 79:100, laughing_merchant.png) ImgOps iqdb

Worked obese marks


If you ask for a summary of the debate don't be mad when someone posts a summary of the debate.


it's impossible with retards like youtube spammer that can't formulate their own opinions and sentences

trump was loud a brash as usual, biden was a low energy beta, not really interesting, biden can't compete with trumps bravado


trumps constantly interrupting was seriously annoying, insufferable faggot



god I hate betas, thank god this website has none


stop reading into things that aren't there, I never said being beta is bad, only that it didn't make for any interesting discussion, you have one loud guy and one beta guy that lets the loud guy walk all over him, that isn't compatible for a good discussion, the debates are pointless if this keeps up


All lefties are scum, but nationalist chinese communists are more right wing than American globalist liberal capitalists.


maybe a beta guy who lets people walk all over him isn't suited to be the commander in chief


File: 1601553763299.jpg (151.97 KB, 1200x735, 80:49, 454078d9f925620ea47f43bdea….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Western communists are so pathetic and fake compared to the CCP. CCP is pretty based actually for putting minorities in concentration camps.

In China, I would probably be part of the CCP and be a based communist putting all the leftists and minorities in concentration camps to be reeducated.


this is so surreal to see, a modern day communists in 2020…living in a capitalistic first world country
mind boggling.



Many people in ma often hold Russia in high regard due to so many top-notch ma athletes coming from there.


Colonizing is kinda cool


why is Cardi B itch interviewing Joe Biden, one of the two presidential candidates? For what? America never ceases to surprise me.


No bigger cope than accelerationism.
Ideological equivalent of standing in front of a moving train and pretending in your mind that you're the conductor.


Would be pretty fun if Trump died from chinkflu.


it couldnt even kill that piece of shit berlusconi whos ten years older than he is


yeah thatd be pretty cool, but he's probably getting super high class care from the fbi and cia so they wont let him die


That's the worst analogy i have heard all year


Not happening, 0.04% mortality. It's less dangerous than flu.

Ah yes, the world famous healthcare providers FBI and CIA. Neck yourself.


> Ah yes, the world famous healthcare providers FBI and CIA.
I chuckled


File: 1601674463535.jpg (16.38 KB, 541x555, 541:555, smugrenge.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>inb4 el cheeto dies of coronavirus


>Ah yes, the world famous healthcare providers FBI and CIA. Neck yourself.
you know what I mean, he's the top dog, they're not gonna let him die and if he does they'll reanimate his corpse somehow or hire an exact body double


Ginsburg's cursed soul is dragging Trump to where she is.


File: 1601676750152.jpg (73.84 KB, 621x654, 207:218, 1600993586306.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Trump stating that the coronavirus is a hoax is 100% false
>Is rated "mixture"
>Joe Biden said that 120 million people died of the coronavirus
>Is 100% true
>Is rated mostly false
>Joe Biden said half the population of america died from gun violence since 2007
>Has no choice but to say it's correct


>if he does they'll reanimate his corpse somehow
I, for one, can't wait to worship the God Emperor of Mankind.


Based president taking one for the country in an attempt to show that this virus is not deadly.


I think a more apt analogy would be accelerationism is the ideological equivalent of deliberately living as unhealthy of a lifestyle as possible to shorten your lifespan because your life sucks and you think you'll be reincarnated and have it better next life.

But even that isn't a perfect analogy because it sort of implies that accelerationists actually have the power to influence how soon a collapse happens. Don't get me wrong, long term a collapse is inevitable. It's just a matter of how soon, how long it takes to rebuild, and if what is built in the current system's place will actually be better.

The current system is obviously unsustainable in the long term, but those in power are going to make sure things don't collapse while they're alive. So you're looking at 2 or 3 decades at least. It will also take decades for a new, stable and functional society to be in place. So you're already talking about something that will be likely outside of our lifetimes.

But if a collapse does happen after the boomers are all dead, those who would be rebuilding society will be millennials and zoomers. Take a good look at sites dominated by these generations (twitter, reddit) and imagine what a hypothetical government would look like if they were to build it from scratch. If that doesn't put you off from accelerationism, I don't know what would.


Why do Americans have so many old cunts running for president, neither Trump or Biden should be running, this is evidence why, I think this is the boomers last gasp


>28 billion dollars on a cgi hoax
Getting to the moon and back (especially) back in the 60s and 70s was a ridiculous thought even for today. They claim that they were smart enough to get there and back but at the same time claim they were dumb enough to lose the schematics for the space shuttles after the countless times they have supposedly been there. Yet, they still (somehow) have diagrams of where everything is located in those shuttles. All we really have is flimsy films that only proves how silly and ridiculous the whole thing really is. It's literally the perfect hoax. The only real evidence they even have is the space crafts (supposedly on the moon) that you can't even view with a telescope. Nope. Ya gotta just blindly trust jewgle for that.


I wish the government would just hand me 28 billion dollars. What makes that fucking bitch so special that she gets more money wasted on her cellulite ass than most countries GDP.


>that you can't even view with a telescope
You can.


File: 1601694205697.jpg (5.75 KB, 176x286, 8:13, Pol-Pot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Doctors are fucking con artists and sleaze balls. Most of them are only in it for the money and they literally view you as a walking ATM machine. Fuck you pricks. I am of the firm conviction that many, many illnesses will never be cured because of patent laws on medical equipment and medication and future lost assets. And on a more personal level, countless lives could have been improved or saved if only doctors really cared about their patients and not the bottom line. I sincerely hate the majority of medical professionals. To the minority of good, caring doctors out there, who actually believe their patients, please don't become so jaded by the legal atmosphere and the few shirkers and drug addicts out there that you become like just the rest of all medical professionals. Also you can mostly thank the DOCTORS for moving covid patients into facilities like nursing homes and killing hundreds of thousands of people in this country. You doctors are no better than most mechanics. Crooks.


Whore thot jigaboo bitch interviews senile old white man who will be elected and cancelled before he even sees two years in office. America has jumped the shark, Anon


yeah, that has been the new term for violent coup huh



Its the cultural revolution of our century


Really? Where?
>Inb4 muh dots on the moon totally proving it happened


>inb4 muh satellite images
Literally what I was talking about when it came to blindly trusting jewgle. The fact is, you are literally at the mercy of the government by believing these images are authentic


I agree to some extent. Many doctors today are misdiagnosing their patients or are giving them the wrong treatments to essentially milk every nickel and dime they can get out of their patients. The only thing you can trust doctors with almost 100% certainty is injuries. If a doctor fucks up, it is much much easier for a patient to tell and a lot easier to prove in court if said person wants to do so.


that debate pretty much convinced me this country is screwed. Neither candidate seemed like an adult or intelligent. fucking boomers and their bullshit. No one over 60 should be allowed to run.


I wonder what is the psychological drive that leads to this sort of denying the moon landing. I can't think of a purely ideological reason for that, so I can only assume it's from the same type of schizo that would go about how the earth is flat and that sort of stuff.


So who's appropriate? Generation X? Millenials? Zoomers? One worse than the other. The truth is that there is no debate to be had at this point.


>anyone skeptical of moon shit is mentally diseased
why don't you just call them moon deniers, too? shithead, creatures like you are why it's impossible to have an adult conversation about anything any longer, take one step off the reservation and instantly get medicalized

go to hell


Do you actually believe that the earth is round? If so, why?



I'm not him but if you have a car or the money for a train ride you can literally do your own experiment to tell if the earth is round, and approximate the size of the earth as well.


Right, but he likely didn't do that. The point is that he's a brainlet that pretends to be "skeptical". If he was actually intelligent he could actually calculate what it would take to put a rocket on the moon, but you can tell that's not the case. The case is that he falls in the mount stupid, a case study of the Dunning–Kruger effect, thinking too highly of himself, so sure about everything even though he probably barely grasps basic math and couldn't possibly even do the experiments that you're suggesting.


File: 1601704620552.jpeg (58.46 KB, 680x487, 680:487, 567.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

wizchan 2020


>thinking too highly of himself, so sure about everything
that actually describes yourself, idiot, you apparently think everyone should believe the moon shit based on nothing more than a calculation of rocket thrust, if that's all it takes to demand belief in something then there's a lot of dumb and unscientific shit out there demanding belief in because they have math behind them, too

unless you're ready to support kook shit like time travel and psionics you better raise the proof bar a little higher than a fucking calculation


No, you're misunderstanding me, not surprisingly so. If it was the case that you didn't believe simply because you didn't care, I wouldn't care either. Even better, I'd respect you for being honest if you said that you don't have an opinion because you don't know enough about the subject. But that is not the case. The problem here is that you are sure about a matter that you're not intellectually equipped to even understand, let alone question. You positively said that the moon landing is a hoax, and what bothers me is precisely the fact that you have a pea of a brain yet you are so sure about everything that comes out of your mouth, or your fingers in this case.


>You positively said that the moon landing is a hoax,
I'm not >>254833 and even he didn't make that claim. Go read what positively means in the dictionary, imbecile.


You're awfully keen on speaking on his behalf. I'd say it's a stretch on good will to say that he didn't precisely deny that much. In that case, would he (or perhaps you, on his behalf), simply say "the moon landing could've happened, I simply don't know one way or another"?


The schizo is literally retarded.


>no argument
So we're supposed to believe bunch of ignorant hillbillies made it to da moon amirite guise?


It's easily shown that Apollo 11 astronauts are lying about the issue of them not being able to see stars from the lunar and cislunar surface. buzz aldrin's 2009 memoir magnificent desolation, the former astronaut said clearly that he saw millions upon millions of stars from cislunar space. edwin mitchell in his book states the same. The astronauts tried (and are trying) to change their original ridiculous story to fit a narrative that makes more sense while contradicting previous statments. I call this a switch and bait tactic for many obvious reasons.

Mitchells and aldrins statements making my point with regard to cislunar concerns. As to the lunar surface issues, I refer to the deke slayton/alan shepard book, moon shot. In this account, the authors claim stars were easily visible from the moon's surface, and please check the book for yourselves. The authors quite intentionally use the word "easily" to emphasize a very much contradictory position to that of the apollo 11 astronauts armstrong/collins/aldrin as they presented that position to the world during the post 11 press conference. Once upon a time the astronauts said no stars. Now that the lie has served them and the lie is acknowledged as so absurd, they are now trying to say something else. No intelligent person will buy this bullshit any more. 


When did you realize that this movie was reality?


When I see the retarded black commie schizo spammer desperately trying to shill for a moon landing conspiracy.

Anyway, what is it with niggers constantly shooting up haunted houses?


>CCP is pretty based actually for putting minorities in concentration camps.
This is not a communist thing. It is not even a Chinese government thing. Governments take such measures to assure stability because most humans do not know how to communicate with people who are different than them.

Capitalists are also known to persecute, terrorize and genocide minorities and like China genocide kind and pacifist natives (Native Americans and Buddists/Tibetians). The fact that you see any "humanitarian" efforts in capitalist countries is due to the wealth and certain socialist/communist ideologies being implemented; Such as voting rights, civil rights, anti-discrimination laws, the regulations to prevent the abuse and exploitation of humans and natural resources. By the same regard you see China adopting certain capitalist values to grow both socially and economically.


File: 1601737823266.jpg (208.82 KB, 1783x1192, 1783:1192, 1601591123314.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Of course. And yet only the communist countries are running death camps and ethnic cleansing. How strange, my fellow comrade. It certainly is the work of capitalist white supremacist CIA-FBI spies evilly subverting our glorious people's republics.


When a capitalist country does something they like, they claim it's a communist policy, ergo an example of communism working. When a communist country is oppressive, somehow capitalism is to blame.

Also hilarious that you're claiming voting rights as part of communist ideology. Because the USSR, China, North Korea, Cambodia under pol pot, and Cuba were known for their robust voting rights and fair elections. But none of that was real communism right?


>start a war with india
God yes, I want to see that.


It already happened, you missed by a few decades. China won.


>you missed by a few decades


Pretty big projection there, black commie schizo. You are in reality the biggest government bootlicker here. You conveniently believe everything the government is teaching people while at the same time claiming that you are totally against them and their teachings. Name a single thing you unironically believe that is not taught by institutionalized education (that is completely regulated by the government). But that's right, you're a contrarian. You just pretend to be a rebel just for the sake of looking cool or different. Not because there may be some serious flaws in some of the supposedly infallible things were were taught back in school.


Confused again eh? What an unsightly brainfart.


Everyone can tell you're the commie in this "conversation", nice try though. "Official" science is your idol.


File: 1601780769281.gif (3.23 MB, 445x247, 445:247, 1564922886143.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Trump losing the election and being a 1 term president would be so demoralizing for the right, but ultimately it might be a good thing. People need to lose faith in the democratic process for real change to take place, otherwise they'll just be pacified by it.


People losing faith in the democratic process is why Trump got elected in the first place, you idiot.


>le ebin based pol pot guys!!!! xdlmoa

Do you guys ever get tired of this "controversial figure of the week" bullshit? I'd wager 90% of people don't actually have original thoughts.


I'm at a point in my life where I've completely immersed myself in political activism in order to escape the feeling of hopelessness. Do any of you anons have any advice on how to build a political movement from scratch? Especially in a country that is far, far less developed than America? I'd really appreciate it.


Don't you love how the left (supposedly very against "racism") are the very thing they criticize? What a bunch of dumb clowns. There is literally nothing trump has ever said that would ever indicate him as such either. Just "muh illegal immagrasun" while he himself has used illegal immigrants from all over for underpaid labor



Will he lose though?


Right wing trash feigning any concern for minorities. You're only fooling yourselves.


wtf I love Joe Biden now


File: 1601831978994-0.png (355.1 KB, 1000x1050, 20:21, 7fde5ce1221e847872701ee7d8….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601831978994-1.png (134.25 KB, 500x678, 250:339, 224c3957676abb8ee39ebba4f6….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Lastly I wonder how the fake ethno-nationalist that hangs out here posting shitchan /pol/ turds feels about this.
They're likely raging because they don't have a blond wife let alone the capabilities to support such a family.

>voluntary extinction but only for whites
You're so desperate to be a victim. Extermination just for nazis/white extremists.


I don't blame the wealthy for hoarding the wealth they have. The majority of humans are lazy, arrogant, entitled and proudly ignorant in many ways. They do not deserve the wealth for they will only use it to terrorize and abuse eachother. Yes, I can be the usual ignorant left who screeches kill the rich, take their wealth so I party all the time and the conservative who is fooled to believe that one day he too shall have all this wealth at his disposal at some point in their lives.

I love how this shit graph spouts the same garbage normies shout "think about the babies and chillins who die every year due to x/Malaria" WHO THE FUCK CARES. What is the goddam point of mindlessly spouting mindless offspring who will take more than they give? Who will contribute to exacerbate the issues humans face today? What is the point of creating another Beyonce? To keep the masses further entertained in their own mediocrity while complaining about how there are too many human but not enough resources and "muh planet" yet spend most of their time """"protesting"""" and consuming media?
Make no mistake those who are wealthy probably do help people; Albeit handfuls. Unlike white guilt tripped diarrhea bois* who just want more poor people alive (mostly africans because whites are mentally ill like that). The wealthy hoarders select individuals to invest in.

In Japan you do not see these exaggerated wealth inequalities for good reason; The majority of them understand at a greater level that they are all in it together. Which is why you see most Japanese work ethic is one of the highest worldwide. They all invest in eachother and for the most part, know they will get a return in that investment. In the west that is significantly more complex due to the variety of people, racial ideologies (nazis and afrocentic whites for instance) and religious (abrahamic cultists and american religions).




File: 1601846578519.jpg (82.07 KB, 1318x523, 1318:523, fuckoff.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone tell me why this website still exists (kiwi)? Why hasn't someone really based disabled it somehow?. Im not endorsing anything illegal of course. Just uh. The server maybe having some kind of problem in the future. The same thing that happened to all of those nasty CP sites. This site needs to go too. Branson's son or somebody is suing it for like 5 million… Thats not enough. This site needs to disappear, and disappear like today. They're literally advocating violence against us at this point.


Butthurt nigger at it again.


People have tried serving court orders, but it keeps coming back up.


It's like every hour there's a new conspiracy theory invented. They try really hard to keep themselves believing orange is about to die. It's incredible. Anyone else observing this phenomenon?

They pushed so many theories in just 3 days I can't even keep track of what's the current state of the left. Just off the top of my head:
-"anonymous sources confirm" anything and everything
-it's a body double
-motorcade vs helicopter
-suspiciously didn't stop for questions
-face not orange enough
-Trump faked flu to get votes
-Trump spread real flu to get votes
-treatment doesn't check out
-spooks are producing fakes while Trump's in critical condition or dead already
-videos could be real but spooks are editing out whooping cough and death rattle
-he's not in the hospital but in a secret bunker somewhere
-Walter Reed center doesn't exist
-suspiciously no mask in the hospital
-blank paper
-last ditch insanity steroids, transfer of power must happen even if orange not dead

Brought to you by people who proudly trust the journalists, obey the experts and fucking love science.



>In Japan you do not see these exaggerated wealth inequalities for good reason; The majority of them understand at a greater level that they are all in it together. Which is why you see most Japanese work ethic is one of the highest worldwide. They all invest in eachother and for the most part, know they will get a return in that investment. In the west that is significantly more complex due to the variety of people, racial ideologies (nazis and afrocentic whites for instance) and religious (abrahamic cultists and american religions).

This is part of the reason why Japanese live so long, because the health of the people around them including the lowest affects them mentally as well.


I wish I was one of the people in the Trump/republican sphere who got the secret coronavirus briefing in January and got rich in the stock market off it


File: 1601964183197.png (119.11 KB, 1050x670, 105:67, nGJVv.png) ImgOps iqdb

Screencap this post.


You think he stands a chance?


Absolutely, yes. In the electoral college of course, not the popular vote.

also maybe swap wisconsin and NC in the image I posted


File: 1602013566321.png (119.14 KB, 1050x670, 105:67, 7Wz8W.png) ImgOps iqdb

Actually, after thinking more about it today, I think this is more likely.



I'm getting deja vu of when Obama took the recession from Bush then crushed it, only I don't remember Bush getting himself sick like a retard and getting Medicare For One


File: 1602026818250.jpg (61.95 KB, 780x960, 13:16, EjqYjnCXYAMJFsY.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Das rite. You thought we'd let you enjoy your little make believe adventures in peace, cracker?


Bush failed butt inspection day


lol butthurt

>Obama then crushed it


Imagine thinking that COVID-19 is anything other than a manufactured Chinese bioweapon. Its so fucking obvious. The CDC just admitted its airborne. They said its from residual air particles from coughing/breathing in tight spaces. Never trust the government and never trust a communist


99.98% survival rate


A good weapon doesnt destroy everything, it cripples the enemy, making them vulnerable. China doesnt want to dismantle the US, it wants to control the US. The US is full of good, paying customers.


And there were people who thought orcposting was just a joke.


And even by those standards the virus is a failure that doesn't give china any greater control over anyone after all is said and done.


The United States is now completely crippled because of the virus. Take a look around. The country is broken. Its almost a failed state.


File: 1602048429487.png (600.76 KB, 648x864, 3:4, lqDFDXXvfqMs7kyQ9y1FrGcQzd….png) ImgOps iqdb

Also it had to be above the level of comprehension for normies to be able to figure out that its not a natural event. India is also crippled. Hong Kong was crippled and they moved in. They're moving in on Taiwan. They're moving in on the entire Asian region. They have the largest and most powerful military in the world now. Ask anyone who lives over there. China is stronger because of the virus while the rest of the world is in total chaos and disrepair. If it was totally obviously a biowarfare attack, the US would have struck China back, and "won". Winning in modern head-to-head warfare is total shit, though, so the US still would have lost. Anyway, the point is, the Chinese clearly have the upper hand. They've also got a pawn going into the White House, and removed one of the biggest thorns in their side that they've ever had, Orange man. That moment when you realize that communism is actually prevailing at the end. The US loses the cold war 27 years after it declared "victory".


>The US loses the cold war 27 years after it declared "victory"
Where in history has anyone declared the winners of the cold war retard.
>inb4 the fall of the Berlin wall
It's not.


Moreso the fall of the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall was just a precursor event


It hurt China's reputation and in EU it provided a cheap excuse to dump many unpopular, dangerous but lucrative deals the politicians made with CCP.
I don't see much impact IRL. The panic only exposed which jobs are real and which are full time LARP. Their loss seems staggering on paper but means little in reality.

> the largest and most powerful military in the world
Only if you consume propaganda. Very far from it actually.


If you can't see how tremendously bad this whole thing has been for the West and how it has advantaged China, you are absorbing some very odd propaganda yourself man. Anyway, guys like us seldom understand the economy and the way the world works because we usually don't participate in anything. I was a high functioning autist until about 6 years ago man. Jobs are jobs. We all use play money anyway that's not really worth anything. But it's about keeping the whole facade and system moving to keep the us on top. Now the us is no longer on top at all or anywhere close. The Chinese are showing clear superiority right now in the world and the makings of creating one of the largest evil empires the world has ever seen, all thanks to a virus that kills off society's most vulnerable. The West always valued every single life way more than totalitarian regimes do. China knew that and used that knowledge to cripple us. Anyway, who are you voting for if you are in America? You don't have to vote but it would say a lot about you and why you think the way you do. Both of our opinions on this, I might add, are not mainstream. You have an interesting way of looking at things, I just don't agree. Take care I gotta get some rest. I'm neet but I just don't sleep enough. Later fellow wizzie


>if you are in America
I'm not.


I wish I could be this optimistic. To me it looks like he's going to lose. Too many people want to believe Biden winning will make things normal again.


Ironic that Trump's corona cocktail was made with aborted fetuses, and it was medicare for one as well, rich people privilege, not the aborted biglies!!


i normally don't care for politics, but why does everyone want me to vote? would they still want me to vote if i held different values?


They just assume you hold what they think are reasonable values. (which is just what their values)


Is that the current dem tinfoil? Outsider.


Man, I can't wait until November.


Who's going to win?


Hopefully Trump takes the EC again. The Lefties will likely pitch quite a fit over it, but all the better.



>rich parents can pay thousands to remove it from their records

>judge goes soft because "affluenza" and muh kids with potential
>black kids can't afford it, ruin their social mobility and lives
>its rap music and demoncrats soft on crime fault, vote the law and order BIGLIES, I worship the fat orange man's cock and get sexual pleasure from voting for him it makes me feel so BIGLY!!!


Shhh. Take the L nigger.


File: 1602474318256.png (439.61 KB, 1290x1014, 215:169, gn4Xor9.png) ImgOps iqdb

This pic seems to me to encapsulate politics in a nutshell, unfortunately a lot of people side with the trolley company, and have a weird orange smear on their mouths


It's nothing like it, retard. This flood of brainfarts you leave all over Wizchan reminds me of a hobo who gets on a bus only to piss and shit himself in public.


File: 1602764788198.jpg (137.44 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, ebtcasino.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did you watch the vice presidential debate? What did you think?


I can't believe the Americans want some paki with downs to rule them. They have no dignity left and have embraced full masochism. It's sad to watch.


She's half indian, not pakistani. Big difference.

In any case her personality is like nails on a chalkboard.


File: 1603337345400.jpg (45.9 KB, 900x500, 9:5, 57c5985ac46188c75f8b469a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So is anyone actually planning on voting? Assuming you're american that is.


Already mailed my ballot.


ACB was confirmed yesterday, and now dems are talking about "expanding" the court.

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