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Anyone here getting affected by the bobcat fires? I was just getting comfortable in a new house and now I have to pack up my whole PC setup just to move it to my aunt's house IF the government says to leave (still live with my parents so i kinda need to do what they do and they're retards that kiss ass to gov't)and I fucking feel like shit. Whether I end up having to leave or not, I fucking hate this. Wish I had a family with brains who didn't move to fucking commiefornia


this whole state sucks
everything is too expensive and theres too many bums


you live near any of the fires lad? having the evacuation issues im having or just evacuation orders at all?


central valley here, I think the closest evacuations are in Auberry


fuck man i really wish i had irl friends right now. i only have internet friends and none of them live in this area so none of them can relate to me on this, so i can't talk to anyone about this it fucking sucks


I'd raise up a stink about this post but who gives a damn.


Apparently stating that someone has agency over their own life and must deal with the consequences of their choices is now interpreted as against the rules.

Fine, pretend that you have no agency and instead are victim of fate and a slave of your parents who do apparently have agency.


I dont have money retard. My only choices are my parents and the street, and im not picking the one full of niggers and spics.


If you need money then get a job.

You choose the to not have money, so you need to learn to accept the consequence of your choices.
You must accept your situation if you are unwilling to do what is necessary to change your situation.
Ether way you are a adult and must take responsibility and agency over your life to ever know peace.

If you are discontent with your situation then change it.
Otherwise you made your bed and now must lay in it. In other words you must learn to accept your situation and accept that you are in such a situation do to your choices. That it is the result of your preferences and where you are now is the natural conclusion of all the events in your life leading up to it.
But if you hate where you life has lead, hate where you currently are, and can't accept your situation, then it is up to you to change that situation by taking control of the only thing you really do have control of, yourself.


Well like I said nigger the only thing I can do myself is go to the fucking street. I'm already trying to get money to move out, and I'm not getting any luck with that because they dont want to fucking respond, theyre just sitting on their asses


There's been an awful lot of muh bootstraps type posts these past couple days…

Guess it's just this one guy who feels the need to get on his high horse and talk down to someone, and he's getting his fix here.


There's a difference between pulling yourself up by bootstraps and just pulling yourself up. You're lying on the ground like a vegetable and complaining that someone isn't picking you up and carrying you.


If you truly can't do anything to change your situation (which I doubt) then you need to learn to accept your situation.
No one is coming to your rescue.


Tell us about how much it sucks

I'm trying to picture the situation you guys are in over there, but i live on a rainy island and have never experienced such a thing, i can't imagine it


That read like it was pulled straight out of the last chapter of NHK, good job, i enjoyed.
Anymore other thoughts for us?


It's not one person. It's just part of the normification of wizchan especially as some people get richer than others.

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