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File: 1599602800831.jpeg (182.91 KB, 800x1058, 400:529, George-W-Bush.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Has anyone else noticed how boomers have started blaming the newer generation for their lack of success because they followed boomer’s directions? The argument I’ve been hearing goes something like this:
>Yup. You abstained from alcohol, just like we asked.
>You abstained from drugs, just like we asked.
>Got into trouble with the law less than we ever did.
>Less partying than we ever did.
>More studying than we ever did.
>And that’s why you’re so fucked up. We were expecting you to be normal human beings and break the rules more, but you never did, and that’s why you’re so fucked up.
>It was all a giant shit-test and you failed it, it's all your fault, not ours at all.


No one noticed it because you're making this shit up.
Where in the fuck would you "hear" that argument? Boomers don't bother giving arguments, no one gives a shit.
Stop making threads about nothing.


Methinks you doth protest too much.


>Where in the fuck would you "hear" that argument?
>>And I wonder how much of the advice I got from when I was younger was actually encoded doublespeak.
>it was a series of shit tests. They tell you that you should not do something to see if you have the courage to break the rules to get shit done.


Humans hate each other. Always have, always will.


That's not a boomer presenting that argument though, that's just some dipshit with a persecution complex trying to rationalize that the entire adult world collaborated in some megamind conspiracy to troll him into screwing up his life for some reason rather than accept that the "boomers" who gave him advice just never knew what the fuck they were talking about in the first place.


and that dopshit just remade his post into a thread


first of all you need to understand that those are shit-tests that society threw at you and you failed them all.
>haha, anon so you really abstained from alcohol and weed? we only told you that because we were legally obliged to do so. When we were your age, we waked up in our own vomit on festivals every year. holy shit woodstock was fucken amazin'

>Got into trouble with the law less than we ever did.

ask yourself who sits in parliament and senates. who sits in governments in this world
it is boomers, not millenials and zoomers. They created all those laws to sabotage competition and maximize their own profits. they did not create the laws to help you un-neet yourself. And since the law has 2000+ pages, with enough effort they will find some instance where you broke the law and fuck you royally for it.
by the way, this is also the reason why we had the corona quarantines. boomers are the ones who dropped like flies from the wu flu.
if millenials and zoomers were the risk group, boomers in government would not care and tell us they cannot sacrifice the economy (their profits) for our health. but hey, we will pay back this shit with taxes, right? so fuck the millenials

>more studying

study is important to "make it". The cost of getting ahead in life has exploded and to have a comfy living today, you need a college degree practically. Unless you want to live in permanent paranoia about missing one paycheck and ending up homeless as if you never had a job to begin with. This is also thanks to boomers who made it legal for companies to outsource their jobs to 3rd world and fill the remaining positions with people from 3rd world. So if you want to make it you need a degree in some high end shit that the 3rd worlders are not yet really good at.

>And that’s why you’re so fucked up. We were expecting you to be normal human beings and break the rules more, but you never did, and that’s why you’re so fucked up.

like I said, it was all a shit test and you failed it. When your mother told you to be home at 10:00 in the evening she actually expected you to stay roaming the streets with your buddies until 2 in the morning. and when she saw you at home at 10 she probably already wrote you off as a faggot

You know the interesting thing is society only starts to make their sons into faggots when times are good. when there is nothing for them to do anyways, so they can spare those few as nobody needs them. when there is abundance of everything. and we grew up in exactly those times. there was enough of everything. every child hat bags of toys, video game consoles and games and everything they could imagine. pokemon cards everything. our parents just wanted us to not nag them anymore and we got all this crap we wanted. we also could eat as many sweets we wanted and became fatasses because of that behaviour. nobody stopped this insanity when they should have and when it is too late, they are mad about it.

our entire generation was simply at the wrong time. nobody needed us and we exist to waste oxygen
there was no war to fight, no schools to build, no railroads to engineer.
it is only normal that we waste our lives with mindless internet browsing and pornography. if there was a useful thing for people like us, we would be doing it but the world does not need us. this same world however, refuses to take care of us properly once and for all by lining us up the wall and shooting us

no boomers gave this advise because they were obliged to do so either by law or moral codex
you cannot tell your son to take a baseball bat and crush the knee caps of his bullies in school
unless of course you want CPS to take your kids away.
We are simply fucked for life because boomers told us to be nice and we fell for this crap instead of doing what our instincts would have told us to stab our bullies brains with their nosebones from an uppercut and go to jail if necessary but to stand your ground and never let anyone fuck with you without consequences

the world is ruthless, you either adapt or get eaten by predators
the world is not that disney fantasy world that mommy and daddy have always told us it is


and now for the thing you originally asked:

>Has anyone else noticed how boomers have started blaming the newer generation for their lack of success …

imagine if you were born as boomer:

>WW2 ended

>millions of competitors (males) annihilated in war
>suddenly every beta cuck can get some pussy
>and those who cannot, just import the surplus females from the countries they were sent to war to
>entire of europe in shambles
>japan burnt to the ground
>everything has to be rebuilt
>bridges, roads, factories, houses, everything people have had
>technological revolution happens, everyone needs refrigerators, telephones, televisions
>cars are affordable
>mortgages are affordable
>so much shit you can sell to people
>business oppurtunities are infinite
>meanwhile, 3 billion commies are sitting behind the iron curtain and cannot compete with you on a global market
>and cannot come to your homeland to take your job
>immigration is nearly impossible because plane flights are fucking unpayable
>so you can easily get a job and it will fund your mortgage, car and a family of 2 children
today if you get a job at some gas station, it will barely cover rent and food
and the first time you have some health issue you are financially ruined

boomers literally grew up in a walled garden with infinite oppurtunities to make it big
today all those positions are filled and the boomers refuse to retire and make space for youngfags.
boomers will go down into history as the generation that destroyed their own homelands for their own profits
which is ironic because they were supposed to be the hippie flower power generation


So this is all just a leftover complex because daddy didn't tell you to go murder your bullies?


this is one example, a very extreme that I overstated because I wanted to
if you get bullied in school and daddy tells you to shrug it off people will shit on you forever because you are a spineless faggot who cannot even stand up to his own interests. when every muscle and bone in your body tells you to smash his skull open, by all means do it and enjoy the bloodlust.
because when normalfags see that they cannot fuck with you without expecting consequences, the costs of fucking with you become too high if it is just for some shits and giggles.

my entire life is full of this shit
advise that people give but would never ever follow themselves. I had to find out all this shit by myself
all advise I got was completely useless for the real world. literally everything that came from my parents
everything. from work to getting ahead in life, to personal relations, education and anything you can imagine.

It is the equivalent of starting the formula 1 race from last position while normalfags start from the first ranks simply because they have parents who are not doo-goodies or borderline retarded failed normies with no idea about life or how this shitty planet works.
and now that I am fully developed they don't understand why I am such an abnormal creature


I remember when they told us all to go to college and study anything we want. Even the most esoteric joke degree would assure middle management at some company. Not rich but middle class. What a joke and then they wonder why no one follows their advice. May as well be telling everyone to learn how to ride horses and repair buggies to get their cowboy career or stage coach gig. Their advice is all based on the past a world that has long since died.

Can't shake the hand when I hand in an application because everyone but mom and pops hire online and mom and pops are dying. It doesn't matter how hard I work at my walmart job or burger flipping job because the highest I will ever make is supervisor getting 2 bucks more an hour if im lucky. Typically have to have a degree or be in school for that too not that I think on it.

Oh well fuck em.


Boomers were spoiled by the post-war prosperity they were born into. Their advice is shit because they were sheltered from reality the majority of their lives. Only since about the first decade of the 21st century are they starting to see reality. Even then, they fail to accept it. Any decision they made in their youth, good or bad, they always had an economic bubble to bounce back against.


Yeah, this is my dad even though he ended up unemployable after the non-profits he worked for got funding cut. He just blamed "the economy" after that even though he was effectively done as a person at 38 and basically was reduced to SSDI and dumb business ideas. I really regret listening to him and going to college/university at all. It was also family members advocating it because they were used to being late bloomer nerds and being able to study whatever and end up in a good position.


Another bullshit thread by the bushposter.
Will will you leave and never come back?
I am waiting for that day


Spotted normalfag
>adult world
No such thing, normalfags are manchildren


I'm pretty close to the old boy and we're basically on the same page about life. He gave me a pretty decent breakdown of how things were when he was working after high school.

You could get a job pretty piss easy, he doesn't deny that aspect. But workplace bullying was chronic and widespread, well beyond the degree it is now. You had no protection against it and you were stuck working with alcoholic PTSD World war II vets that would fly off the handle and abuse you at the slightest provocation.

One thing he absolutely considers young people weak for is how they'll sink over $60-80 a week on lunch while at work. Nobody in the boomer generation ever bought lunch from work, unless you're at a factory with a cheap canteen. And I can't argue with that one, every second young fella does buy lunch every single day.

There was basically no chance of NEETdom either, it was just hard to do and socially unacceptable unless you were seriously fucked up. If you tried to become a NEET for wizard shit, they'd just make you join the military. To be honest, I think NEETdom is a serious crutch for young people now, and I see how it beelines them towards fucking up their lives. Boomers benefited by not having that option available.

The other thing that boomer criticism misses is that boomers didn't have it good until the 80s really. They all started hitting the job market around the late 60s and early 70s, exactly when the economy experienced stagflation and the OPEC crisis. If you look at boomers lives, you'll see they kinda mulled around until the 80s with high unemployment and shit menial jobs. It was only after then that they started accumulating wealth. The golden economy of the 40s-late 60s wasn't enjoyed by boomers, they were mostly kids during that time.

They had it good, a lot better than we did overall. But I think early Gen X had it even better than them. Early Gen X hit the economy right during the 80s, and from there it was a solid 20+ years of smooth sailing until '08.


File: 1600061109114.jpg (1.74 MB, 2976x3968, 3:4, IMG_20200823_131707.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why the fuck did my own parents do this to me?
Should I kill them for being traitors?


They will eventually suffer tha payback for their blindness. Don't lose your contacts out of pure spite.


>they'll sink over $60-80 a week on lunch while at work
Wait, what the flying fuck? I've lived on that much a week.


That's only 2-3 meals in most developed countries


Proof first worlders are not wizards


>proof that tbbpt thhhhbbpptt tbhht not real state of wiz 2020

Shut up lmao


Haven't had any contact whatsoever in 5+ years now.


I remember one time in school when I was 10, I was being bullied by a few kids, when I told my dad about it he told me to do this stupid fucking corporate 'highfive' thing where you ask the bullys why are you doing this, who, where etc.

Even at 10 I knew how fucking brainded retarded that was, but he was dead serious about it.


old people always blames stuffs on young people we all go there someday it’s stupid anyways old people senile and dementia



None of those things have anything to do with why so many zoomers and millennials aren't anywhere near as successful as their parents. The real reason is lack of economic opportunity compared to when boomers (actual baby boomers, not the meme definition) were growing up. College was much cheaper even compared to the wages of the time, but you didn't even need a college degree to get into the middle class. Just a high school diploma was enough to get a decent job and save up enough to buy a house by the time they were 28.

Our generations got fucked over by sky high tuition costs guaranteeing many years of student loan debts after graduation, outsourcing, mass immigration driving down wages for low skill labor and H1B workers taking a lot of STEM jobs. And boomers are responsible for every one of these problems.

Boomers won't take responsibility of course, they accuse us of being entitled, lazy and fucking around instead of pulling ourselves up from our bootstraps when in reality boomers fucked around during their youths more than we ever did with all their partying, drinking and drug use.


My favorite one of these is blaming "participation trophy culture" as if it had been organized by the kids themselves


People sure love complaining about Boomers but millenials are just as bad, and I don't even wanna think about zoomers. Gen X is irrelevant.


People shit on millennials all the time, including (and perhaps especially) other millennials. But almost nobody says anything negative about zoomers. This is literally the only website I have ever been on where zoomers are shit on and it's allowed. Everywhere else they're praised endlessly. The media and the left praise them for being so woke and progressive and the right and 4chan somehow think gen z is "based and red-pilled" despite them being even further left than millenials and even more supportive of sjw issues.

Many of my coworkers are zoomers (i work a dead end job despite being over 30 due to having no degree, talent, skills or aptitude) and I can tell you everything that's wrong with millennials is wrong with zoomers but 10 times worse. The narcissism, the obsession with social media, the virtue signaling, and sjw bullshit, it's all there but even more heavily concentrated.

And of course there's the issue of them ruining the internet with their meme spamming, shitposting and generally low quality posting due to the fact that they grew up with smartphones, buzzfeed and social media thus giving them much shorter attention spans, more interest in images than text, and more interest in "clout" (likes, retweets, follower count, updoots et al.)

And if you point this all out anywhere else you'll either be censored or you'll get dog-piled with replies like "ok boomer" "lol hahha didn't read" or image only replies with smug reaction gifs.


there's nothing else to say of such pointless generational talk. you take that crap way too seriously


>despite them being even further left than millenials
That would be a good thing if they were actually left and not just dog-fucking liberals.


It's worse on 4chan


inb4 zoomers get drafted in a future war


imagine those wimps getting flung onto the front lines against a neolithic horde of russians, lol


Yeah I suppose "left" is a bit of a misnomer in this context.

My zoomer coworkers always go on about how great BLM is, "white privilege" "male privilege" and all that intersectional woke feminist crap but I have never once heard them talk about any of the good leftist stuff like a higher minimum wage, UBI or single payer healthcare even though they themselves would benefit from all of these things since they're all working the same dead end slave wage job I am.

The rich have done a great job keeping liberals distracted with identity politics bullshit. It also doesn't help that zoomers spend all day on social media and supporting sjw stuff is the easiest way to get lots of likes, retweets and followers. Economic issues just don't excite normalfags for whatever reason.

But this is all another topic altogether.


Half of them would be exempt because they're trannies


>Economic issues just don't excite normalfags for whatever reason.
You just explained it economics shows that inequality of outcome is due to group differences not oppression


I have to endure working with them too. They're embarrassing, stupid and weak, and they're incapable of noticing it.


how stupid and weak?


No war if Trump wins, since he'll likely continue accelerating the death of the American empire. If Biden wins, you bet your ass they'll try to start up another Operation Bombsand. Either option tho we get increased domestic policing.


Kill them if you hate them that much.


File: 1600480227998.gif (1.8 MB, 450x338, 225:169, yacht.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Boomers are the Ur Wizzies.
They NEET'd off the backs of the Greatest Generation and squandered that accumulated wealth on pointless bullshit. And then when it was time for them to cede to the younger generation, they decided to horde all that for themselves. Even in their twilight years as the world around them burns, and multiple generations have been denied a chance to change things, they would rather use up what's left to stay comfortable than give anyone else an inch of breathing room.


Being a wizard doesn't begin and end with being a selfish short sighted cunt.


Perhaps, but no wizard is ever going to be selfless and help the hiveslaves in any capacity unless it's an unfortunate side effect. Or are you suggesting that they deserve anything but scorn and ignominy?


I feel sorry for boomers, they have very asbestos and lead addled brains, they got a huge windfall in terms of prosperity and squandered it because money doesn't buy happiness, now they are responsible for the horrors of the new generations, but that's why I feel sorry for them because they are just victims of their own parents as well


I don't know about you but no matter how much I hate people I would never feel right about exploiting others for my own gain, (if they didn't deserve it).


you’re a nice person


File: 1600568601842.jpg (65.95 KB, 600x719, 600:719, Cy2YMk4VQAAJjrr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just glad that despite being unhealthy chainsmoking, drunk slobs boomers are being kept alive by heroic medical intervention to live in the hard times they created.


are the times supposed to be hard right now?


My tendies were slightly overdone today, hard times indeed


Declining but still decades, perhaps even over a century, away from anything resembling hard times. You can tell because clearly we still have resources but most people are not very happy or living directionless/meaningless lives.

A great indicator of hard times would be when you begin to see succubi take on a more submissive and supportive rle (Hard times = Unsafe = might get hurt or die; Stay at home with the children = Safe). The men become more dominant and take lead to face uncertainty and change it to certainty; Look at Americas, Africa, SEA, China, Russia, Europe, ME, etc. both history and modern events.


Maybe I'm just a weak person.


Lol what is this Jordan Peterson bullshit

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