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File: 1600385015742.jpg (71.23 KB, 750x430, 75:43, recom letter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am going to fake my recommendation letters for graduate studies in another country. I got the letters all set and ready. I don't know signature of professors so i will just randomly sign them. The names and positions will be real but the uni i apply requires e-mail and phone to be on mail as well.

now i got three options and please show me an alternative or pick one option

a) Put professors correct contact info and hope they don't check. This is quite risky.

b) Put professors correct contact info with typos. Mails won't be sent and phones won't go through. If they realize it i will just say prof made a typo. Still risky but not as much.

c) Make my own gmail/outlook with profs name. Problem with that is that mail has no @edu prefix so they could outright reject it.

Show me the correct way please. By the way i am from a third world country applying to another third world one so chances of it getting checked are less than 0.1% however i'd still like to be on safe side.

I am from Pakistan and i am applying to universities in China and South Korea.


use your own non-edu email addresses
if that fails, provide typo versions of the real emails
if that fails, put the real contact info

that seems the proper order to try it


There are countries where you dont need recommendation letters, in case that helps…


File: 1600419656165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.12 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, 1587269817445.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I am from Pakistan and i am applying to universities in China and South Korea.
I got no advice to give, that shit would never fly here. Better ask other immigrants and the chingchongs and sorks about it.
P.S. If you do leave your country don't ever come to the West.


I find it really fucking hard to sympathize given my government gives international students fucktons of benefits just for hopping on a plane and registering as a student at a Chinese university.


A chinese wiz? Now that's a first for me.


You could look into fake reference companies.



Don't worry, I've been the only Chinese in Internet communities a million times.


Are you using a VPN or what? arent worried about surveillance?


ballsy move. I like it.

also if you get your phd or whatever, hop on by to america, that's the type of bold initiative we love.


OP if you go through with this let us know how it works out, I've been seriously considering doing the same.

I'm a student looking for internship work over the summer and because of coronachan it's really fucking hard to get anything these days. Competition is higher now than it ever has been, even in large cities like mine. And I have few, if any, references to use for my applications for work/internships. It feels so degrading not having any, but I've moved so much and had so many different jobs between semesters at school, I don't know…

Maybe we wiz's could band together and create a service for eachother serving as fake references.


If only US gave residence to PHD owners


Absolutely subhuman.


yeah i hate unifags too


Update = It worked i got admission.


Congratulations I guess.

Hope it works out in the end.


Fucking disgusting. Hope you get busted for it and deported back to your shitholestan.




Double posting but which method did you pick?


That's pretty sad dude. I don't think your academic career will go well if you lacked references in the first place and need to cheat your way up.
Sooner or later someone will talk to you and realise you're full of shit.
Here in Canada people are ultra skeptical about brown people already. Good job confirming their biases that muslims and pakis are a bunch of scammers/cheaters.


it's not sad. you don't know what OPs situation is or what circumstances in their life drove them to falsify information.
everyone lies. everyone cheats in some way. get over it.


>it's not sad.
It is sad. He's a lying cheating muslim who brags about scamming foreign nations. Do you think he's going to even take his education seriously when he's there? Then the same kind of people wonder why whites or others are racist against brown people.

>you don't know what OPs situation is or what circumstances in their life drove them to falsify information

He's trying to leave the terrible nation his people created for themselves but since he lacks merit he needs to submit fraudulent information to trick educational institutions into accepting him.

>everyone lies. everyone cheats in some way. get over it.

It will always upset me.


>everyone lies. everyone cheats in some way.
False. Only scum cheat. Fuck off with your cancerous relativism.

Migrants are plague rats.


Paki piece of shit, .co is where you belong with your fellow sandniggers.


I used names of two retired professors.made Gmail's using their names. If they ask (they didn't) I'd say they retired and don't use .edu mails anymore.

Turns out reco letters are just a formality to weed out yards who can't fake it


Go back to pol. You cheated in life by being born in first world I'm just making odds equal lmao


if this is all just a troll to screw with poltards, well played


So China or South Korea? I'm guessing China since it's a hell of a lot easier to get away with that sort of thing compared to South Korea. I lived and worked in both countries and I can tell you South Korea does very detailed background checks whereas China doesn't give a fuck and there were plenty of foreigners there working with fake degrees and didn't get caught. In the off chance it was South Korea, you got extremely lucky because someone didn't do their job.

If it's China like i think it is, prepare for massive disappointment. I lived in China for 2 years and at least 98% of what I have to say about the country is extremely negative. Everyone (who isn't chinese) who lives there long enough ends up hating the place. It's backwards in so many ways I could write a 400 page book about it.

South Korea was more of a mixed bag. Mostly loved living there, but hated working there.

Also I don't know what you plan on doing with a degree from a Chinese university, but if you're doing this solely for resume enhancement, again you're likely going to end up disappointed.

I'm hoping you'll keep us updated on your adventures.


wizchan, the site for young successful professionals.


Please tell me America is next on your list, we need your kind of go-getters around here :)


I am neither young nor successful. I'm in my mid 30s and teach english, which is pretty much the most shit tier job you can have with a degree. And it's a quickly dying field due to too many overeducated young westerners going overseas, more remote learning, foreign english teachers being replaced with locals, less interest in learning English compared to previous decades and fewer students due to lower birth rates in countries that once had a high demand for foreign english teachers. I just barely scrape by at my current job. I'm also quickly reaching an age where I'm going to face heavy age discrimination. The only reason I'm still in this dead field is there are no other jobs I can reliably get overseas and my home country is becoming an increasingly violent shithole and people like me are heavily discriminated against.


awesome illegalist wizzie
i hope you succeded


How about I make you equal with the worms in the ground, thieving nigger.





>waaaa someone took a shortcut in life I'm gonna call him a nigger that'll make me look real big and internettough


It's anti-meritocratic corruption that shits up the very 3rd world OP is trying to escape from. At this rate Russia may be a nicer place to live than the West someday


>He's proud to be a scam artist
Hope you're happy with yourself.


Okay, I don't know where in China you have been working, but as a westerner working in China myself (as an English teacher) I can say that this isn't even vaguely representative of my experience.

There is huge demand for English teachers and not nearly enough native speakers to fill the positions. I work for a university now and am doing to part time at a second one. I get offers pretty regularly asking me to work for other schools.

The demand for foreigners to work here in China isn't declining, its increasing. Education is becoming increasingly competitive in china and parents are desperate to make their children more marketable. They have even started teaching English in kindergartens.

Pay is low, but so are your expenses. Most uni jobs are comfy; they supply you free living space and you only work 16 hours a week. I highly recommend this occupation to any wizard who has a uni degree and wants a low pressure job.

The only issue is that with the coronavirus thing going on its hard to get here.


It's hard to get a job with no job experience. But you cant get job experience without a job. I faked my references and work experience to get my first serious job after getting out of uni. After working for a while I cut the fake shit from my resume. Who the fuck didn't do something like this at least once? Embellishing on resumes is a time honored tradition.

Scamming makes my dick hard the way low-level trolling makes yours hard. Feels good, right?


>"wizard" teachers

what a joke this site has become.


>I highly recommend this occupation to any wizard who has a uni degree and wants a low pressure job
In what way is a job where you constantly have to speak with other people 'low pressure'? You are insane


>Who the fuck didn't do something like this at least once?
No one does it except for lying cheating lowlifes. Stop trying to construct an excuse for yourself.
>Embellishing on resumes is a time honored tradition.
Only in third world shitholes.


Fuck cheaters, liars, and thieves whatever the color of their skin.


I dont want to live in fucking filthy China.


You do what you must. I'm the computer guy in a small school.


Imagine believing in meritocracy as a wizard.


Do you mean "believing in meritocracy" as in believing it exists or believing it's a good thing?


You want fair?

You come to my country, get graduate "stipends" from taxpayer money, and expect me to greet you with open arms?

Do you even know you're being had, I wonder. Do you even know that you'll only be let in and treated generously because many university rankings depend on percentage of international students, and when the rankings change, you'll be sent away like the lying cheater you are?

Many of our poor parents have had to scrimp and save just to send their brilliant children to college. Others can't afford it altogether. When we want to go abroad, unlike you, we have to worry and fret over being accepted, and pay for everything with our money. No such thing as the "living allowances" you people get: there are scholarships, but they only reduce the tuition.

If you want to talk fair, why not give the Afghan refugees in your country fairness. Why not give the Sikhs you drove out of the Punjab fairness. Neither of these problems is your fault, to be sure, but when you justify your immorality by claiming to be a vengeful victim, these are what I think of.



How do you get that job in China?


Crab/failed normgroid detected. A true wiz doesn't cares about society, because society pretty much rejects wizards


why do poltards get so triggered at people lying on their resumes? it's what 99% of the people worldwide do. at this point is basically a must and a given. companies don't even care about it, it's a way to sell yourself, which is what the capitalism they love so much encourages. if I didn't lie on my resume I'd still be without a job, if you're that stupid to not do it when it's the norm then you deserve being unemployed. you're just mad because even for a wizard you're worse than low tier

btw I am italian and living in Italy, in case you ask. not even an immigrant


would this work for fake job experience


Shitaly is a corrupt nation of liars and cheaters, you are just fitting right in.


capitalism is a corrupt system of liars and cheaters


>oh no, he said he worked 1 year doing something reasonable and related to the job position for which genuinely speaking no experience should be need and he got the job while I'm an absolute retard who thinks gonna get hired with 5 years of doing nothing! worse than hitler think about the children!
who would a company hire? somebody who knows what to do and can convince you he's the right choice or a crybaby who says to your face "I'm a retard and I don't hide it"?


All social, political, religious, and economic systems can be accurately described the same way.


The commie nigger is samefagging again.


tbh this is pretty much all the polfags in here concerned about saving their precious society


File: 1603520483723.gif (2.99 MB, 360x270, 4:3, congratulations.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1603554776800.jpg (16.15 KB, 383x474, 383:474, 1603340821031.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP;do you think I could get an online job using deceit,false info,and my own savant-like skill at doing whatever task?

how do i go about this? do i create an internet persona with a forged past and start charging for a given service?


any veterans here wanna give some advice to a college wizkid looking to get some internships? ive got no friends, no previous work experience i can reference, nothing i can call on to distinguish myself. need to find a way in


I would've felt too nervous doing this.


Sorry for doubleposting, but did you have an interview? Did it never even come up at all? How did you keep your cool?


Yes i did have an interview. No they just asked questions about why i chose their country, university, department. then they asked about my research proposal and some technical questions.

recommendation letters in my opinion are just a tool to weed people out. if you can't get it from your profs it means you are not an asskisser or "teamplayer". the problem was my professors were just assholes and they were too proud to admit their english sucked(thats why they didnt write reco letters lol).

you can do anything. if you got friends,relatives or can change your voice just buy some simcards and make up people as references. they don't really check unless they are suspicious of something,even then you can just answer the call and confirm.

just make stuff up like you are the captain of x team, participated in y project. lie as much as possible about stuff that couldn't be confirmed, and fake documents that can't be verified. make sure verifiable documents arent fake(degrees,criminal record,tax slips etc).


>doesn't name the countries


>a) Put professors correct contact info and hope they don't check. This is quite risky.
I really don't think this is risky. Let's run down some things. (1) The professor has better things to do with their time (like write grants) and will probably just ignore any call by your perspective employer. (2) If they do answer and mention you, they will probably have forgotten your name or will not care. (3) He might be a decent guy and try to put in a good word for you by making up bullshit, but if he is like this it is best to contact him directly and inform him what you are applying for and that you want to use him as a reference. It most cases they will probably say yes, and may even be enthusiastic if they remember you (so long as you weren't a blatant asshole in class). (4) A lot of colleges are cash strapped as it is and it is in their interest to see their students employed, particularly if they ever want to see any donations. So more often than not a former professor will want to help you regardless. (5) If it does get really bad and it has be a while since you talked to your professor, it might be worth enrolling in some local college course, do well, then ask you new professor if they can be a reference. (6) But honestly if you don't care otherwise just throw their contact information on there. Pretty much every application these days wants the recommendors contact information up front, when in reality you should only give it up when you know they are going to interview you. Just assume anyone who wants recommendation contact info upfront is just a collection bot looking to spam some address, but then again the whole internet and phone system is going this way so just go ahead.


Unironically because they're crabs and think that "hurr durr I do everything like the system tells me I must do, I'm so redpilled, I deserve muh trad gf who looks like an instagram porn model why doesn't jesus hear me". And now they come here ans ruin this site


mega based
Lie, cheat, and steal, wiz. If you're not cheating, you're not trying. lol at those who still care about looking like a good sheep in normalshit society and do everything by the book.


File: 1610083205772.gif (1.54 MB, 320x184, 40:23, 1610038013965.gif) ImgOps iqdb


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