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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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Leave school, employment, and go live in the wild.


Based and Kaczynski pilled.


File: 1604183219545.png (58.74 KB, 503x153, 503:153, Leon Eisenberg.png) ImgOps iqdb

ADD/ADHD is a made up mental disorder so there's nothing that needs to be cured.


weird claim

i have the inattentive variant and i go unmedicated, but all i need is caffeine if i actually want to temporarily cure myself




for me the only problem is that if i don’t have meds any external sounds or noises fuck me up and make me go insane to the point where i can’t focus. If i am in a quiet room i’m a monster if not i can’t focus at all


smartphones for like $20 online, is it possible to build a cluster out of them? i wish we could just plug old tech together to combine their power



-3 spoonfuls of cocoa powder
-chili powder
-coconut oil (extra virgin or processed)
-soy milk (or plain milk if you're fine with the animal products
-sugar or honey
-boiling water

The most important thing to make the best of your cocoa time is to choose the proper jug
It's best if you can use the same container every time, because you will likely adjust ingredients' amounts to your liking, and that way it's easier to memorize optimal doses.

From the first three seconds of the video


I'm getting pain in the right side of my groin area and my right testicle seems to throb on and off.

Could this be a kidney stone? It's been 5 days since the symptoms started to appear. I've never had a kidney stone before, but I have been eating tums for heart burn recently.


This site is the only one that makes the not safe warning appear from time to time.


Some asshole stole the rack off my bike.
Like they sat there with a hex wrench for 15 minutes unscrewing that shit, then they loosened my brakes as a extra fuck you and tried to steal my fenders but couldn't figure out how to detach them.

I have been parking my bike there for 2 years without ever having a problem.
Must be the new batch of homeless that came in town lately.
If I see someone riding around with my rack I am going to smash the shit out of them. Ain't even going to explain anything. Just smash and run.


>Must be the new batch of homeless
Might be a fellow wizzie. Ask first.


Thieves get their shit kicked in regardless of if they get laid or not.
The rack has a distinctive design and identifying stickers on it. Their ain't any need for words when I see the person who stole it.


Doing NTB this month (No Tooth Brushing)


>If I see someone riding around with my rack I am going to smash the shit out of them.


brushing teeth is not a real necessity if you dont eat extremely processed and sugary foods.


Does anyone have recommendations for free online learning platforms? I want to learn some stuff, mostly history, economics and finance.


Eddie Hassell, Surface and The Kids Are All Right actor, killed in Texas shooting


not him but I sympathize and would "smash" them, there aren't many things that prompt someone to violence as easily as finding the thief who stole your shit and he's using it


I don't know who that is and haven't seen those things but it still sucks getting violently killed regardless.
RIP random dude.


I am getting a major sinking feeling that I just lost a fuck ton of money due to shipping issues.

UPS says that they shipped a item way before I was expecting it and let it at the front door.
There is nothing there.
It is a item worth over $1000 dollars and weighs over 50 pounds.
No note or anything and I didn't hear them knock.
It is just gone. Possible forever.
If they really did just leave it by the front door then some body probably stole it hours ago since I am on a main street and it would be just sitting their on the middle of the side walk.

I should have gotten it delivered to someone else's house. I didn't have any idea they would deliver it early. God that is so much fucking money and poof it is fucking gone.
It is always fucking shipping problems. I can never, ever get things delivered directly to my address without there being some major problem happening, but so many shippers refuse to ship to my PO box.

I can't take shit like this to keep happening. Last month I had problems getting my modem in, this month it is this bullshit.
I am so fucked. Why can't this shit ever go my way. Why do I have to be at the mercy of incompetent shipping companies.
I just can't bear this loss. It's too much, and I can't seem to call anyone directly to get a straight answer.


I should never have ordered from amazon.
I should have orderd from aliexpress since they always ship to my PO box no matter what.
I thought I was saving money. Instead I lost everything.

Fuck my life.


Since the order was never delivered, can't you just ask them to reship it or get a refund?


According to the almighty computer they delivered it.


I'm sure Bezos the Merciful is gonna give back his thousand bucks


don’t you live in a shop or somewhere you’re not supposed to be living? you deserve it for being a jewrat penny pincher


You know you can get it delivered to an amazon locker, right?



The closes one to me is 90 miles away.


Some dude obviously high on something was hanging round the front of my place at 4 in the morning.
When I looked at them giving him the stink eye he said someone was following him.
Streets were dead. Nobody out there at all. And the sheriff station is a very short walk up the road.
Gave him more stink eye then locked the doors unlocked the fun safe.
He pissed off a half an hour later.


File: 1604496124220.webm (2.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ASpecialSongForSpecialPeo….webm) ImgOps iqdb


According to Amazon's chat person or whatever the fuck you call it, said that it was a scan error or some other bullshit, and that it will be delivered today around 4.

I hope dude wasn't just blowing smoke up my ass for stars.
I am panicking more about this delivery then about[redacted current year drama].

My last van cost less then this package. I really don't want it to just walk off or be lost in the mail.


For anyone who wants to get an account in a private tracker, torrentleech is accepting users with the invite LETMEIN


Thanks, wiz!


it's just a fancy sex doll isn't it


It is a 3d printer.


Why would you try to 3d print your own sex doll? Wouldn't that take a long time?


Fuck off


Oh come on that was pretty funny.


It was not.
Not even a little.
Your not funny.


Maybe he's printing a custom dildo.


He's hilarious and you're a faggot for falling for the 3D printing meme. Go print yourself a pacifier.


Go fuck yourself retard.


Those phallic shaped figures are a little rough around the edges, eh?



>you're fucking asshole

Yeah, that's exactly what I've been saying!


File: 1604611372174.png (320 B, 600x600, 1:1, thumb_crop.png) ImgOps iqdb

you can fuck your vision with this, it works.



Printer is in
I realized I am going to need to move some things around in my workshop and might even need a new table.
Still glad that I can relax again.


File: 1604768188319.jpg (22.27 KB, 504x360, 7:5, 482a310a8dd2d_50128b[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Popcorn + flavacol + melted ghee is the perfect way to make popcorn. Reminds me of movie theater popcorn when I was a kid. Movie theater popcorn now tastes like ass.


Does anyone actually eat swiss cheese? It is the worst type of cheese.


I actually eat swiss cheese. It is the best type of cheese.

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