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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


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Don't want to post at /meta without vpn - can someone make a proposition to make all pictures (OP too) in the fap thread mandatory hidden?


isn't melchior from lord of the rings?


nah, it's from Fallout


File: 1600958888486.gif (192.46 KB, 250x250, 1:1, m9s9.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>go to mc donalds webpage
>deals, coupons, specials
>you need the mc donalds app to get this coupon and deals, it's free through google store and the app store
>dont have a smartphone



>deals, coupons, specials
most of the time not worth the hassle


i only go to McDonald's when im out of options and hungry as fuck and there's one nearby, their app used to have $1 stuff in 2019 but not anymore it's a scam these days

most "coupons" don't need to be shown in person these days you can just ask them at the window if they have the deal you're looking for


Meta doesn't allow VPNs, it's fucking gay.

Nah. It's from Star Trek TNG.


>Meta doesn't allow VPNs, it's fucking gay.

I'm on a VPN and I post on meta all the time


Mine's all blocked out.


How long can people take mid-high-tier painkillers every day (one pill) until some really fucked up side effects pop out?


Forever. As long as you don't stop, or taper off slowly when do decide to stop. I took tramadol everyday for a whole year, it was great.

If you want no dependency or withdrawals at all then maybe 2 weeks or less


>As long as you don't stop
How long is it considered by human body as a "stop"? What if i take it once a week?
Opioid, huh.
The best thing i have here is cheap-ass Ketorolac pills, though they are non-opioid and non-steroid they can fuck up your guts, so far it's been two years eating them once a week without visible damage, but i'm considering taking them more often.

Thank you for your answer.


Ketolorac sounds weird, I have no idea about that. I was only talking about opioids


I think it's mostly popular in slav countries and maybe India where it's made.
Wiki says tramadol is weaker than morphine while ketorolac is almost the same.


>tfw Japan


old feels guys, are you here? I miss you


me here


File: 1601087695900.png (328.86 KB, 1300x920, 65:46, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else drinking themselves to sleep on the first weekend of fall? A hot summer behind us and socialites become ever more strained for opportunities to get out and be a bother to the quiet folk.

Drinking Rolling Rock for the first time. Pretty good.


File: 1601089134108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.45 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, best.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

looking forward to sunday when I will buy three triple cheeseburger and a coca cola in mc donalds god bless america. In the meantime im eating from my local burger shop, it's great but the guy there never puts enough sauce and sometimes the fries are not well cooked. The upside is the prices are half of what they charge you in mc donalds. I see that on sunday the triple cheeseburger will cost me less than this burger I just bought so I have to go. It's gonna be such a great day.


Whaaaaaat why McDonalds? If you're already committed to getting fast food, why not chose a tastier, and even healthier option? Burger King for example has heavier burgers with greaseless meat and much more vegetables on a sweet bun and for a cheaper price than McDonalds. If it's grease you want though you should consider Wendy's or a retro diner's take on the burger. McD's burgers are tiny too. even their Big Mac is a small circumference and the two patties they use are actually just one patty sliced in half. Broaden your scope of first-hand knowledge on fast food chains before you get burnt out on the stuff.

That burger looks good anyhow, nice to see thick patty-veges with a thin bun for a change, all my local places user cartoony buns that are too thick to wrap my jaw around.


Am I the only one that prefers less meat and more veggie/bun? Meat is gross in large amounts unless it's cold.


I did buy like 4 different burgers in burger king last year when there was a deal and it was better than mc donalds but I have to walk like 5 kms to get there while I only have to walk 2km to get to mc donalds. It also brings me bad memories too and one time I saw one of my classmates from high school entering in that burger king and I don't want to meet anyone from high school so fuck burger king.


File: 1601092480311.jpg (120.92 KB, 1660x1292, 415:323, Eiz71E_XcAAqcL_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I see, but wiz
>I have to walk like 5 kms to get there
isn't that a positive? You work off those calories and get some cardio in so when you eat the BK your heart gets the nutrients to become stronger

sorry for bringing back bad memories, i did not know. Also yeah it sucks meeting old classmates, like sheesh, 7.5 billion people on the planet and we gotta run in to people who might want to socialize with us in particular.

enjoy your McD's and post pics please



I am glad I live in a big metro area. The only time I ran into someone from highschool was at the community college.


It's from Chrono Trigger


File: 1601239488667.jpg (45.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 127f-f307-4657-ac69-f3f611….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone feel cursed?

For some reason, whenever I fix a problem, another problem immediately pops up, keeping me in a constant state of stress.

I've been in this state for over a month now and random problems keep replacing the problems I fix.


I have cursed days, certain dates when something went wrong to ruin my day and the original thing or something similar would happen again during attempts at redoing the day the next year, the year after that, so on. The universe of god or what have you just up and decided that given date will be cursed with that fucking thing and no amount of retries on my part will work. Yesterday was another one, another failure. It's so maddening.


Watched Wolverine 2013. Another movie that I've already seen yet I felt as it was the first time watching without knowing what's next and recognizing things after seeing them.


say goodbye to Tyresse tomorrow!


Indefinitely, opiates aren’t inherently bad for you. You could take morphine or percocets everyday for the next 50 years and it would do very little harm to your body. The only negative would be addiction, but its easy to not get addicted. If you want to get high from opiates id recommend just growing your own poppy plants and making tea/pure opium. Its not illegal to grow poppy plants and they are very easy and low maintenance to grow. Years ago you could even buy entire kilos of poppy pods from ebay, that was really great. Be careful if you grow your own though, its very easy to overdose if you make tea.
Is that sequel set in Japan or the first one? I remember the first was uploaded to torrent sites almost a whole year before its theatrical release


Is that the sequel**


how do you even dose the dried poppy sap? I'm not interested in growing any (not him btw) but advising someone to DIY heroin is alarming to me, it seems it would be too easy to overdose, it's not like you can figure out the milligrams you'd be ingesting


Theres no real way to accurately dose it as far as im aware. iirc the general rule of thumb is no more than 2-3 pods per cup of tea brewed. And i didnt mean make tea from the poppy sap (aka opium) you make it from the dried out pods, so its more a mix of codeine and natural morphine. As far as pure opium goes (the poppy sap) you would just smoke it one hit at a time, youll pass out or get nauseous before you overdose. I wouldn’t recommend touching opiates at all, but since that wizzie is seemingly set on taking them i just thought id offer a better alternative, i havent partook in opiates in over a decade.


She looks like she's really taking their picking on her to heart. The mom needs to hug her and tell her she's adorable so she feels better.


speaking of opiates I think my mom just left a bag of hydrocodones or something out for me, I hope so, my back hurts like hell

ibuprofen ain't cuttin' it


just had a massive brain shart and couldnt remember the name for 'clothes pins' i just kept thinking 'wooden clip' like an idiot, but that must be a generic name for it too since there were tons of search results


I feel like watching The Sopranos but I'm afraid it will remind me of that one asshole who would keep using the main character to avatarfag. Anyway, is it as good as it's hyped up to be?


it's alright, if you don't mind bed scenes in every single episode, annoying russian prostitutes and strong succubs all over the place. Watched the first few seasons of this and the wire, they're really quite bad. Western media in general is really disappointing, unless it's for 400 iq people or art movies for smart people


i dont remember the russian


that orange ufo is still in the same spot it's been since august 21st, but now it's even brighter than ever

last night it was moving around a little, I wonder what it all means


that freaking orange UFO is so brighter now, it feels like having the eye of sauron leering over me, I almost wonder if I walked far enough toward it if I'd find a land or orcs and goblins

come to think of it, I'd be walking right into america


>average american in 2018 bought 7 pairs of shoes

someone should make a 'shoe index' for measuring the level of one's consumerism. that is unreal


File: 1601410392882.mp4 (2.46 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Tupac _ about rich people.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

what do you suggest, wiz? That people share part of their riches to the less fortunate or to try and be more sensible consumers? 2pac also used to be angry at people buying excessively beyond their needs.


>2pac also used to be angry at people buying excessively beyond their needs.
Is that why that murderous weirdo had a wardrobe of gold jewelry and designer sneakers?


2pac was an artist and that was part of his gangsta apparel necessary in the rap music business.


I found this useful way to ripen up avocados using your wizcave. Thank me later. This site might actually be a funny place to look at, so try to find the funniest one on the site so we can all have a chuckle.



File: 1601428043117.jpg (101.05 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 463a76b1d1e6f6363baa82606b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1601438493465.jpg (117.57 KB, 700x742, 50:53, J1QX12T.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




Do you ever get tired of posting this depcrab MRA propaganda?


Anybody else assign nicknames to commonly seen/known of local strangers you don't know the names of or ever interact with?

The Caveman

What are some of yours?


Fuck you modshits, this faggot deserves to either be banned, or let me shit talk her.


Nah, I'm not a foid.


I can't stop watching anime shitposts and it's gonna destroy me. Just you wait.


what vpn do you guys use?


Can't tell you that, otherwise everyone will start using it to get banned from everywhere on the internet and it will become useless.


I'm fairly certain that poster isn't a succ. I'm almost certain he's one of the nofap shills. "Depcrab" is the insult they always fall back on whenever anyone either calls out their jordan peterson nofap improvebruh shilling or just when someone simply posts something they don't like.

There's also the fact that a lot of nofap shills support circumcision because it makes masturbation almost infinitely less pleasurable. This way of thinking is what originally caused circumcision to be routine in America. John harvey kellogg wanted to stop boys from masturbating and he's a major reason why America starting circumcising.


I fucking hate working


The cheapest one




Just occurred to me that I am made of meat. We are meat, lol


>circumcision makes masturbation almost infinitely less pleasurable


Who is your lord and saviour?


I don't try to be overly nihilistic but pretty much yeah.


What part of no religion in the crawl thread do you people not understand?


Did your hymen grow back? What's a born again wizard?


Oh so you just want to be banned is what you are really saying.


Been waiting two weeks for a modem to be delivered and my ISP just kept stringing me alone.
Come to find out they never even shipped the damn thing.
Today when I called the person on the other end said to fix the fuck up they will "overnight" the modem and give me a credit for all the time I have been without internet.
On the one hand I am pissed but on the other hand I am grateful.

I just want to be online in the comfort of my own home again.
Still better than dealing with Comcast


File: 1601671762120.png (1.86 KB, 605x50, 121:10, 666643.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Once I get my dad's life insurance money (he died recently), I'm going to invest it into crypto.

Or should I invest it into dividend paying utility stocks?


Stocks, they just went down again. XOM looks good.


Lying in my bed now typing this on my smartphone. I will take it easy for about a week or so. Gonna watch movies and read fiction books. Im watching Star Wars movies now, all of them, already watched IV and V. Didnt know that "i am your father" was already in the second movie (ie V). And, I think ill read huxley's point counterpoint, and return to nhk light novel. I made a promise to myself to stay away from Japanese media this year, due to ocd reasons, but decided its not that important. Maybe ill play some games too (i havent been really into games for a long time).

Then a week after that I'll focus on creative hobbies: drawing and music. (which I dont normally/regularly do).

Then perhaps i will return to my more "serious" routine of history books and programming/comouters books, and self-help/psychology books.


I decided to not post on /b/ anymore and even made a thread announcing that (with the cat pic), maybe two weeks ago, but I had temptations, i guess i shouldnt even read it.

Living a neet life, one day at a time. Not really moving anywhere. Uncertain of the future. But, I can cope, more or less, for now, its not always bad, my former wagie life was definitely worse.


Like a dialup modem or? Apparently some people still use dialup. As little as I watch videos online (and only read), I might become a dialup customer again some day myself. Not even joking. I don't do anything with wireless anon


poltergeists suck, I stopped saying anything to/about the one that's been in my house for 30 years and he/she still does things to mess with me, wouldn't be surprised if he/she is reading me type this or can actually read my mind even

if I were rich I would've hired a bunch of different exorcists a long time ago, I don't like waking up finding my 2nd story locked bedroom window flung wide open in the winter


>but since that wizzie is seemingly set on taking them
I guess i misused the word high-tier (meant that it handles strong pain), i won't be able to go to doctors and get prescription for opioids, neither grow anything. Basically i'm asking if i can keep using this shitty Ketorolac no one in the west is aware of.


Aren't poltergeists lile little children, or just really dumb? I doubt it can read what you post


Ghosts don't exist.


That's what they want you to believe


File: 1601770026615.png (1.67 MB, 1150x575, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I ain't fraid of no poltergeists.


The ghosts?


I love you


File: 1601815882801.mp4 (1.83 MB, 480x360, 4:3, wizardchan_candy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

going to get some candy


Another neet day behind me. Watched attack of the clones, read some useless stuff about gender relations on the net (i know crabish).
Tomorrow am gonna watch the last movie of the prequels, and i dont think ill watch any other star wars media after it. My memory is pretty bad because i forget things that happened in these movies i just watched or it all blurrs together, hell i even forget the titles.
Wonder if i should play the star wars rpg games, i heard they were good. But, i dont like star wars very much, it seems, after all.


My penis feels them much more clearly after abstaining from hand masturbation.


I just realized how much the default green Monster energy tastes like Greek yoghurt.

What do wizards have to say about energy drinks?


Most taste horrible and have way too much caffeine and sugar for me. Makes me feel like I am going to die.


The Knights of the Old Republic games are really good, they have nothing to do with the movies. I've seen people who claim to hate the movies but love the games.


my sister recently said she had drunk a can of monster and it caused her heart to act up and hurt afterwards or something. was she being over dramatic or is it an actual side effect? i find it hard to believe to be honest


Same thing happens to me.
If you have really low caffeine tolerance or a pre-existing condition then the amount of caffeine they pack into those things causes problems.
If it happens again tell her to drink water to flush it out of her system.


I'll check them out then.


Just emailed me professor about late work assignments and looks like everything's gonna be daijoubu.

Everything's going to be fine wizzas!!!


Spent an hour today rubbing the bathroom floor with a sponge. It's looking pretty good now. Good exercise, too. There were so many layers of dirt in some areas it felt like I was destroying an archeological site at times.


File: 1602020849855.jpg (3.98 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20200922_174226.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1602021152844.jpg (7.1 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20201006_173521.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

after new backlights

this was really good for only $12 for my 32" monitor, the difference is incredible, even the color of the light is better, more white and not blue


Nice work wiz, glad it turned out well.


Got haircut. Heard a story how one man died of Covid. However, he was a police detective and retired at 35 with pension and everything.

Prime minister of my country said that it will be impossible to pay pension in 15 years so the saving system is to be expected. According to experts, pension reform will fail if economics is bad. Chances of bankruptcy, stealing money by institutions and other things. Not that it means anything to proud NEETs either way.


File: 1602126534062.jpg (41.91 KB, 400x524, 100:131, 0242baae6bed1ae5495107b132….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That time of the existence again where I need to sell all my belongings to pay rent. This happened in 2016, and again in 2018. First was because my mother passed away and I had to fly to coop but his wife wouldn't let me in because my dad had her believe I was a serial killer. Worked things out eventually. Second was because my dad and I decided to split the rent on a place after his divorce, but he started doing drugs and moved his methhead prostitute in and expected me to pay for its comfort while I worked 7 days/week. Worked things out again. This time it's my dad again, we got a place together last year but he borrowed over $10,000 from me while I was working and then again tried to move his prostitute in. Not going to work things out out this time because he's stolen from the whole family and we're moving to have him arrested.

I've got a current-gen camera+lens+gear that I payed $4,450 for plus 15% tax, my PC which cost about $1,600, and some rifles that shot up in price recently valued at around $1,500. $500 pen display. A couple air conditioners valued at $300 each. Might sell some manga too. Already sold a barely used quadcopter for $1,500, 65% of what I payed.

If I can get even 5k for it all (moving out Decembre 1st, gotta sell fast), cash out the 5k in crypto I have, and maybe get on this supposed EI benefit that the liberals are rolling out, I'm going to snag a rent-to-own house in the midwest somewhere and just exist away from this family of mine. That was the plan last time but my dad promised this time would be different. Before anyone suggests i'm a richfag, all of this was bought with wageslavery and the Covidbux that damn near any Canadian neet could have claimed. The richneet life was good but karma kicked my ass in the form of my father and now it's back to squeezing in to society for hopefully the last time.

during a shouting match him and I had, be brought up my sex doll. I went all "Gollum oogling the wriggling fish mode" and told him that I love my wizarding doll's taste. I'm not sorry

Pensions were a failed experiment. They rely on everyone in the country paying in to the master pot, which empties when too many old people begin collecting and not enough young people are working. Additionally they don't adjust for inflation. The payout is a flat number but the expenditure is a percentage. If someone begun paying 5% of their wages in to a pension 35 years ago with the promise of being able to collect $1,000/month upon retirement, that was a pretty sweet deal. $1,000/month was a living wage 35 years ago and 5% was just 5%. But then throughout those 35 years, the value of the dollar goes down and living costs go up, so now $1,000/month isn't enough to rent a basement but 5% of the wage is still 5% of all money earned. So what old people are doing is selling their houses (which went up in price) just to afford life after work in a elder's community or RV lifestyle, leaving their kids and grandkids to scramble and suffer to afford a place to live, the family home having been pawned off to some other sad sacks.


> my dad had her believe I was a serial killer
Are you?


Look at this rich boy thinking he's poor.


It's not karma wizzie, you spend too much money on shit you don't need. Seems like you have your priorities straight now. Good luck.


cool <|:^)


>Aren't poltergeists like little children
Yes, unfortunately they're the kind that you can't rape. Otherwise I'd have just invited someone from wizchan to come take her from my house.


Yes, truth is, ghosts that make themselves known are a very vocal minority. Most ghosts just want to hang around at your place and not be bothered, that's why it's best for them if you think they aren't really there.


File: 1602625456194.jpg (298.39 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample-64bc039487fe1744e4d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sprained my foot again as I was about to cross the street. I'm sure it happened at the exact same location. Male child in the distance told his father look his foot hurts while I was sitting on the ground covered in dead leaves trying to wait some time for the pain to go away.

I guess I'll use my chair as a crutch to move around to eat in the kitchen and dispose of the piss from my piss jug.


I wish I could wake up tomorrow back in 1986 with all my knowledge and memories intact and redo everything right

among other things, I sure the hell wouldn't waste a dime on games or have anything to do with "friends" or "relatives"


I was having a pretty great night and was going to cap it off with some delicious oven bake pizza only to find out that my desktop oven is totally dead.
While it has not spoiled the night I am a bit disappointed. Microwave pizza just isn't anywhere near as good.

I only had the thing for about 5 or 6 months too. Maybe I should have got that warranty. Oh well, holidays are upcoming so I am sure I will eventually find another one on sell. That way I can go back to enjoying properly baked pizza goodness before years end.


I have two canker sores in my mouth and the roof of my mouth is cut open from cereal.



File: 1602690594399.jpg (13.17 KB, 151x333, 151:333, 1616070415_shokolad-alpine….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Polish milk chocolate Alpinella ✅


I used to like milk chocolate when young but I don't like it so much now.
Dark chocolate all the way for me.


Why are so many people here so young? I am nearing my 34th birthday and I am probably one of the older users on this site.


I'm only a 23 year old wizkid



So young and supple.


5 minutes ago I looked out my window, there was a bright orange light over the mountains, easily 5x brighter than venus, if you've seen venus you know how bright that is, it was alarmingly luminous and not an airplane at the distance (not moving + orange)

I ran out the take a picture, even my crappy old camera could've photographed something that bright at night, but then it was gone, the other, currently two-month old bright orange UFO is still in it's usual place on the other side of the sky and wobbling around, that's when I thought I saw movement in my peripheral vision and strained my eyes to see what was a Y shaped formation of 5 dim white lights moving silently toward the mountains

that's a significant amount of UFO activity in the course of a couple minutes

something is going on around here, and I don't like it


You know there are such things as classified government projects, right?



tell us your area 51 conspiracy theories and how the CIA bugged your teeth, idiot


Area 51 is the designated hatching zone for the 51st president, codenamed "Messiah". When he hatches, he will bring about the One-World Government that is prophesied in the True Book of Templars. The conspiracies of it being a military technology testing site is a cover-up to keep people from realizing that the fact that it's an alien technology testing site is a cover-up to keep people from realizing that it's the Prophesied hatching zone for the 51st President of the United States of America.


loved having this with baguette as a lad, sometimes i'd microwave it but it wasn't as good.


Just weather balloons, wiz. Nothing to see, here


i could be starving to death, but as long as other people are upstairs, particularly strangers and family friends, etc, i'd rather starve in my room in isolation

other people around just completely kills my interest in food


Feeling more alienated and intransigent than usual.

In other news I'm starting a company, a single member llc. It's not that complicated you guys shouldn't be intimidated out of doing this. A SMLLC is barely different than just doing business by yourself without forming a separate legal entity. I don't want to say what I'll be doing but I'm having lots of fun learning business stuff and I have tons of ideas I'm ready to engage. I've already started doing my own accounting and taken care of my out of control finances. It's actually fun. Maybe it's just cause I found out I have a few hundred more dollars than I thought.

wiz biz!


I brought a $250 bidet. I got it to replace my $30 bidet that is collecting shit particles because it is hard to clean. This new one has a telescoping ass squirter that hides away when it isn't squirting into your ass. It also has a remote, heated seat, heated water, a water filter for clean butthole water, and a dryer. There is also a function that moves the nozzle around to clean your butthole. It also has a night light, which I thought I wouldn't care about but it works well for when I have to take a piss in the middle of the night and I don't want to be blinded by the bathroom light.

It is pretty nice but the only thing I dislike about it is how narrow the stream is. Increase the pressure and it is a pinpointed stream right into your butthole. Other than that it is worth the price.

Thank you for reading my blog.


>collecting shit particles
not as bad as the faint fecal residue still clung to your unshowered ass


I bought a $5.69 sanding attachment for the angle grinder in my house, 80 grit, hopefully it lets me blast through the grinder and file marks on things I make. There's no fun in trying to sand out deep grinder marks on steel by hand. Let me tell you.

It takes all day.


>It takes all day.
Not if you do it correctly with the correct hand tools.


File: 1603024128841.jpg (130.67 KB, 564x871, 564:871, 547687680t98.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm about to quit wizchan for good. I'm not saying this out of disappointment for current wizchan, it's always been more or less the same. I've been coming here since wizardchan days but it seems the time finally came where I really can't give a shit about any of it, not even hob anymore. Not even a year ago I would read all new posts made while I was asleep. Coming here was the first thing I did when waking up. Then I began to peruse quickly, now I don't even glance at anything anymore because for whatever reason I don't care. Even posts that people put effort into it I can't bring myself to actually read it anymore.

It has become a thing similar to real life where I don't care about people and what they have to say, and now I don't care what wizzies have to say, either. I posted a lot on several hob, jp and games but now when I finish a game or an anime I just post on an anonymous blog I made to keep up with the stuff I'm doing. I don't know why exactly I feel this way. I've been trying to visit other IBs but IB culture is pretty much dead at this point, most of them don't get more than a half a dozen posts in a whole week and most of it is shit posting anyway. I made a discord account to see what's up with that but all the servers I would post (NEET and Hiki focused communities) either don't have anyone saying anything or it has the same 2 kiddies talking about university life. Kinda pathetic really.

I don't know what will become of my "social" internet life now without wizchan, the only place I came for social interaction for the past 6 years. I'll be floating in internet limbo more and more, eventually going completely silent..


>I'll be floating in internet limbo more and more, eventually going completely silent.
That's the goal of a lot of people here. Cutting out social needs and time-wasters is good. If you have no desire to partake in social interactions and don't feel bad/lonely because of it - more power to you.


there are no such 'correct' hand tools, the only thing out there is sanding blocks and those have limited application


Ignorant as usual.


show us these 'correct' hand tools that let you adapt ordinary sheets of sandpaper to all different shapes and sizes of things, that aren't common sanding blocks and reduce the work time to practically nothing

they don't exist


Alaskan Pantshitter, Who Doesn't Deny Allegations That He On Multiple Occasions Admitted To Having Sex With A Dog, Attempts To Ruin Yet Another Crawl Thread With His Militant Faggotry


I called your bluff and you spazzed out. Now everyone knows you're a shitposting /b/utthole. Stay out of topics above your IQ level little boy.


You are thinking of the problem and solution totally incorrectly.
I am also not going to waste my time trying to educate you as you are consistently willfully ignorant.


SHow us those 'correct' hand tools that turn ordinary sandpaper super effective so it doesn't take all day to polish out grinder marks and let you sand on small things and odd shaped things. I'll just keep asking for a source or a pic of these imaginary tools while you keep posing as too civilized to provide them to me.
>you are consistently willfully ignorant.
I don't know who you think you're talking to. You aren't as smart as you think you are.


File: 1603065519966.jpg (61.2 KB, 500x480, 25:24, brown-donkey-eating-hay-50….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't know who you think you're talking to
I think I am talking to pic related.


please show me the special hand tools that make my sandpaper equal to a power tool so I can go buy them


Today I crawled on the floor all day, it's the only thing that's kinda cold in my house. It's like summer hits and I instantly become a reptile.


>It's like summer hits and I instantly become a reptile.
back to lizchan


Why would anyone here ever want to do anything for you?
You can't even go a week without telling people to killing themselves for disagreeing with you.


it's not for me, it's for you
you can post an example of 'correct hand tools' that make sandpaper super effective on steel and prove you aren't just blabbering ignorantly

oh wait you can't because they don't exist



There was literally a layer of shit under the bidet. I have no idea how it got under there but my not surprising given my constant alcoholic diarrhea shits.


Not even the dude you were arguing with.
It's obvious who you are and how much you are generally disliked site wide for your toxicity.

Why would anyone tell you shit?
No one certainly has anything to prove to you. Mostly because any time proof is shoved in your face you ignore it rendering trying to teach you anything pointless.


I have never heard of such place, wizzie.


>I'm not samefagging
uh huh
>It's obvious who you
obviously, because there's only one person in the world who asks for proof of things
>your toxicity.
ack, this proof thing is poisoning me
>yadda yadda yadda let me sidestep the question and make it about his character
god that's so annoying and stupid, where do people learn to do this??? get off your moral high horse and answer the question or admit that you simply shitposted >>255506 to get a rise out of someone


>80 grit
Oh my God. LEL just LEL.


For one thing you are asking the incorrect question.
For another thing no one wants to give you the answer due to you being you.


>you are asking the incorrect question.
Asking for a pic or a name of the alleged 'correct hand tools' is the only question you simpleton. The answer is they don't exist. Trying to make this about me, or rather the person you think I am, doesn't change that fact.


The thread can easily be read.
That isn't what you asked.

Also it is absurdly obvious who you are.


Yes, it can. Anyone can easily read >>255501 where I bemoaned how long it takes to remove deep marks in steel sanding by hand. Everyone knows what sanding by hand means. Then they can easily read >>255506 where you attempt to show me up for some weird reason by bluffing knowledge of manual tools that make the same sandpaper so effective that sanding out deep steel marks by hand doesn't take all day.

I called your bluff and asked to see those magic tools, but they don't exist, and all you can do is wiffle waffle and pretend you know but won't lower yourself to say it.

All that can be easily read.


post the tools man


please stop


Nether of those post are the questions you asked.
Again you asked the wrong questions as can be seen in the thread.

I will cut to the chase.
The correct question to ask is how to best remove tool marks from steel with hand tools.
That question opens up more possibilities then you limited yourself to in your misframing with the incorrect question.


I'm just going to assume you're implying using files to wear down grinder marks instead of sanding them out, but if you knew what you're talking about you know that's not any more efficient when you're talking about steel. Especially if you mean hardened steel or chromium alloyed ones. There's only two ways to file it: push filing and draw filing. Push filing takes all day, and it doesn't matter how your file is cut, it leaves nasty scratches that still need to be sanded out starting at a sub-100 grit level…taking all day if you only have sandpaper. Draw filing is fast but replaces the grinder gouges with file gouges that are deeper than just scratches and need to be sanded out starting at a sub-100 grit level.

There are no specialty files or other 'correct' non-powered tools that both quickly level out grinder marks and leave your steel with a degree of surface finish that allows you to progress to the finer grits of sandpaper where the work is truly fast and easy. No such files or other manual tools and no such 'correct' technique that does those things. If there were you'd just post them and score your little point, rather than playing this dumb game where you flip between "no i hate u" and being some enlightened master on a hilltop expecting me to win access to your profound truth by asking "the right question."


You guys are shitting up the thread.


Most of what you just said is also incorrect.
Where in the world did you even learn such missinformation?


>still posturing as knowing things
okay zoomer


>shitty 4chan normie memes
Go back


Can't go back to a place I've never been, o master of baiting.
Show us those tools now.


You the borg now?


Yes. We are legion.


i just realized pillow sheets are basically rectangles of cloth that are just sewed along the edges, then turned inside out so the seams dont show. this is how most sewing stuff is done. it seems pretty straight forward, i wonder how difficult it would be to make my own clothing. just a random thought but for a moment in my head it seemed cool to be able to make my own clothing


I've been repairing my own clothes and stuff for years because I'm poor. I don't have experience with machines, but I can tell you sewing anything big by hand takes forever. At least, if you want strong clothes and aren't doing a simple running stitch (google it), but using something firm like a back stitch, doing all your seams by hand is gonna take many days of full-time work, not counting all the stuff like measuring, cutting/shaping raw material etc.

inb4 not if you do it correctly with the correct hand tools, lol


I experimented with makin clothes a few years ago. The sewing part is easy and can be quite theareputic. Once you get the motion down it's all just about following the rythm. What you absolutely need though is space to maneuver the material and especially your arms. You don't want to sew for many minutes only to realize you got tangled up a foot back because there wasn't enough space to allow the fabric to lie flat.


I wish I could be in my own little world like Terry A. Davis. What an absolute legend. He lived and breathed computers. I don't have the passion and concentration for that.

Also Cocoawiz are you still there? Did you an hero or are you still drinking that sweet sweet cocoa? I still have your video, so please respond. I never forgot you!


I love to scratch my dirty ass and then smell my fingers afterwards.

The smell is absolutely heavenly and highly addictive.


what else did he put in with it, i cant remember. that was the whole point of the video though, his special additions


I just made my first french style omelette. I mixed in some green peppers, red peppers, red chili flakes, and some cheddar cheese. Worked out very well for a first try, but I fucked up the rolling due to the cheddar cheese making everything more creamy. Still turned out pretty good, I think. This shit is far superior to an american style omelette. It is slightly harder to make, but it really isn't that hard considering I nearly nailed it my first try while adding in extra shit. Next time I think I'll add the cheese to the top since the omelette still cooks a bit while on the plate and the heat should melt the finely shredded cheese.


+2 to Gastromancy
Very good wiz


do you fully digest the peppers? I can never digest chili or bell peppers, even with a stomach full of habaneros that turns everything else to liquid in 3 hours

I stopped using peppers, they're nice but if they can't be digested it's the same as starving


Been having fun accounting my money, looking into accounting and budgeting my time instead of having no plan and letting life take me for a ride.


NordVPN is great and cheap


it's probably packed to gills with permabans from the shitheads using it to post 3d porn here



Yes. I guess I have the genes that digest spicy food like peppers. I never had the burning butthole problem. Then again I am not white. I think white people are the ones who have problems with eating spicy food.


I used to be able to digest that stuff just fine but then I had to take antibiotics for a month and my digestive system has never been quite the same since.
Now certain peppers and spices give me lava backside blast and others don't effect me at all.


On the flip side, consider this means that the average american is so wealthy that they can afford to buy that many shoes. For those of us that aren't beholden to the consumerist craze but hold investments in the shoe industry it's a big positive.


high mortality rate brings down the average


>Why are so many people here so young?
Probably wizard being a meme from a Chinese teen cartoon tends to attract uh… teens?


And probably some other older got desperate and married off some prostitutes.


Do flipflops count?
Because I tend to run through those pretty quickly since they break and that bumps up the number. They are basically disposable shoes.


I slept for almost 4+ hours when I intended to only sleep for 1 hour. It's crazy. I wanna go back to sleep but I have homework that's due today. Also homework from last chapter. I won't be able to finish it today. I hope to catch up tomorrow and finally be done with it.


File: 1603446273007.png (98.06 KB, 1783x943, 1783:943, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



my wizards have you heard of house sitting

apparently people will pay you to live in their house while they go away

anyone done this. this sounds awesome, getting paid to stay inside a house


it's probably housekeeping, too
I doubt anyone in the housesitter market is just thinking "let's pay a stranger to eat our food and sleep in our bed, yay"



House sitting is such a stupid thing in [current year]. Just get an alarm system that calls the cops.


Is there any imageboard out there that isn't filled with coomers? Or is that just the nature of most men?


>Shitty outsider memes
Go back


and? most people are stupid. also it seems there are insurance reasons for getting a house sitter, like in "In Canada, some insurance claims will not be paid out if they occur in a home left empty for more than four days."


Alarm systems don't feed pets, water plants, and clean the house.


ordered a plasma lighter
it has 3 tesla coil arcs and will be coming in tommorow

no more butane taste for my flower


I hope it explodes


Seeing porn when I don't feel like fapping is the weirdest feeling. I don't want to feel lust right now dude. No wonder there are so many anti-porn people around here. If I start looking at it, it feels awkward.


Don't really get what you mean.
When I see it when not horny my mind is more or less like "meh" and I move on.
Sometimes I might linger a second to enjoy it because it is still ascetically beautiful to me but otherwise it is just visual noise.


>find something that will make me cum
>found it
>okay let's see if we can find anything better
>just to be sure we're havign the ultimate fap
>6 hours later finally nut
>so dehydrated and exhausted it doens't even feel good


Voted at local elections. Very few people, temperature screening, letting inside the building by small groups only. Turns out only about 37% of people actually voted in the whole country (Ukraine). Staff with the documents wore masks yet they didn't cover their noses. One box was for ballots of people with high temperature only.


I've been doing Spanish lessons on duolingo for a week now and it says I've already learned 477 words. It's kind of fun and so far very easy because most of the words are recognizable from English. I wonder why English is categorized as a Germanic language and not a Romance language considering just how close they are so far. I looked it up and apparently Spanish is the number one easiest language to learn as an English speaker. I have to say I'm not surprised from what I've seen so far. Apparently if I keep up this pace it should only take about 6 months to become proficient. I always assumed it would take much longer to learn even an easy language like Spanish so that news was enheartening.


tesla coils are safer than lighters lol


I hope it melts your filthy drug pipe


>Turns out only about 37% of people actually voted in the whole country
Damn I wish voting wasn't mandatory qhere I live.
>I wonder why English is categorized as a Germanic language and not a Romance language considering just how close they are so far
As a Spanish speaker who has studied some German, it has a lot more in common with English than Spanish.


Niggers are always hypocrites, if they see a rich white person, they say they should give all their money to niggers starving in Africa, the most resource rich continent on the planet, yet when niggers get rich they spend it all on Gucci, Jordans and bling bling.


It's because they don't have an obligation to repay africans for slavery 'n shiiet. Gucci is their rightful reparation.


no but id love to get drunk :( i promised myself to not drink since late September until the end of next year


File: 1603708968136.png (1.73 MB, 692x920, 173:230, yty5.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



Everyone is generous with other people's money, damn there's an entire ideology based around that.


File: 1603731322469.jpg (111.26 KB, 828x828, 1:1, ElQ0-LjWoAIysCO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Raccoons have a better memory than me



I wish my place had raccoons, I would feed them every day and hang out


File: 1603809188719.jpg (114.09 KB, 666x577, 666:577, wiafufags.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's a fantasy, you can turn into whatever you want it to be like. The image seems to ignore how a fantasy works on a fundamental level.


your post seems to ignore how humor works on a fundamental level.


It does, yeah. It's just that I'm really bored.


>link to some information
>it's reddit
>info isn't clear enough, check comments
>nothing but insufferable reddit humor

what the hell is with reddit, they are like a hivemind of lame jokes. is it the upvoting system that encourages and perpetuates this culture? are the niche subreddits supposed to be free of this stuff, and this is only a problem for 'surface reddit'?


It's caused by excess censorship. Lame jokes is all they allow. If they were more open like 4chan then you would see more right wing memes and people calling each other niggers.


that's the sort of content you get when you censor a website so heavily


The State of Reddit

Everything on reddit is curated by the reddit admins. There is a reason there is no right-wing consensus and no right-wing centered subreddits because they are just outright banned for any subjective reason the reddit admins give.

Not only are all right-wing subreddits banned (except /r/conservative), but all the default subreddits are moderated by left-wingers that will ban and moderate all submissions and comments posted by right-wingers, so everything is curated in such a way as though it seems like left-wing views are the default worldview, therefore shifting the consensus and opinions of redditors as a whole to the default leftist worldview.

Reddit is basically a place for the reddit admins to propagate their ideology through curating all political content and through this curated political content, convert and radicalize all non-political and neutral reddit users drawn in through entertainment centered subreddits.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Quotes

“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections,” Huffman told reporter Andrew Marantz.

“We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.”


>link to some information
>it's reddit
>*post deleted*
>check comments
>*post deleted* *post deleted* *post deleted* *post deleted* *post deleted*


Haha, apparently Reddit went on lockdown after Rittenhouse because they had to delete thousands of comments and posts all over the place where people were posting videos of him getting threatened and assaulted prior to opening fire. Mass post deletions are a staple of reddit.


>find bad food in the fridge
>remember there are no fuzzy wuzzy raccoons in your country to feed it to and hang out with
why even live


Your not funny, quirky, or unique.
You are a basic bitch and it is really getting old.


>basic bitch
what? sorry, I don't speak the new wigger teen slang


>basic bitch
stop hanging out with teenage succubi


Why does anybody even use Netflix?

All the shows and movies on there suck ass. I think it's just because most normies are too stupid to know how to torrent movies and shows.

I tried to watch some of the shit on there and nothing of it was interesting and it was all very bad garbage.


People pay for convenience. Same thing with music services like spotify. I even once talked to my sister about it and she just couldn't wrap her head around why I'd rather download my music than need some stupid app.


>it's just because most normies are too stupid to know how to torrent movies and shows
Yes, that's why. As bad as it is, it's a step up from regular tv, I guess. And marketing plays a big part, I've seen a lot of people saying "I'm watching netflix", not "I'm watching X thing on netflix", no, they watch 'netflix' as if that makes them part of something bigger.


I finally started to cut back on my drinking. Not because I want to change my life around or anything, just that I have finally gotten old enough for my health to be affected by my heavy drinking. I am finally getting regular hangovers, and end up feeling like complete ass for a day or two after drinking.

I am feeling a lot better now and have little desire to drink. This seems to back up my theory that the main thing that separates alcoholics from non-alcoholics/social drinkers is the fact that non-alcoholics get hangovers.


Fuck that, with a single web search you can stream damn near anything you want for free with the same ease as using netflix.


i've had a netflix subscription for like 10 years or something now

in the very beginning when i first moved out, i had a tv but no cable or anything, just an xbox 360, but there was a netflix app on that. so i used signed up for netflix to have something to watch on tv while in bed. i knew i could hook up my computer and watch stuff that way but at a certain point you are just lazy and dont care

i don't use it anymore, but i still pay for it so my parents can watch it. my mom and dad have netflix profiles and watch it all the time. they are old, not tech savvy, and not exactly rich, so without netflix they would probably buy cable and get ripped off on a price and that wouldn't help their situation


Downloading takes time and extra steps, it kills the flow when you just want to watch random things. Illegality is also an issue some might not want to risk.
That if you're living in first worlds where the price isn't that high.


File: 1603913294035.jpg (38.89 KB, 638x431, 638:431, 8a6bafe1c2b9606c18b03e3221….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wuhan Flu is mostly harmless if you're not already dying and face masks do nothing. Quit being a sheep.


I've seen a father and his son with a mask on yesterday. The boy couldn't have been more than three years old. Insanity.



19 views… how do you find these channels?


They’re his channels :^)


it's at the point where it's more like who haven't you seen with a cuck muzzle on


not because of the flu, but i went out last week and for a second was confused why people were wearing masks. i remembered wearing masks suddenly became normal, but i havent even seen anyone wear them before. even after knowing about the pandemic and stuff and being aware of it, i was still taken aback


I wish something interesting would happen in my life. It won't, though. Nothing interesting ever happens.


"Interesting" things are often bad things, I'd be glad if nothing interesting happened to me. I can handle monotony.


same, would rather make my own interestingness than have it "happen," the latter is always bad
all this doomvirus shit is an example of what "interesting things happening" is like


re enabled play store on my old phone to get something, forgot to immediately disable it after. that mother fucker updated all the old apps i use, they are different now and it pisses me off that everything has changed


Who else is doing NNN? If you fap during November you have to change your Twitter pfp to the coomer.


File: 1604117077597-0.jpg (359.08 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, BY7aBGGz_5Q.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604117077597-1.jpg (234.9 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tBfRHLrllqw.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm doing nothing but black metal november. Only one of these things at the time.


november's gonna be a shit month, I sealed my window with some of that weather stripping stuff and it's icing over anyway already


Sean Connery has died at the age of 90.

RIP cool old dude.


Eastern Europe? Russia? Over here I often see fancy vehicles in so-called poor neighbourhoods, but nothing so garish.

Go away.


>died in his sleep
Some people have it all


This is a video from 2017 of an almost fully automated Amazon warehouse.

While it does depict a few humans who work as pickers, that role can also be fulfilled by a robot but for the moment it's still cheaper or more effective than having a machine everywhere.

What will happen when most jobs are taken away by machines?
Will the elite be generous enough to give us UBI or we will be mass genocided?


>elite be generous
>generous … UBI

come on now


can you believe mel fucking brooks is still breathing


jobs bad
robots good

my actual thoughts, without turning this political


Ah yes, back to celebrityposting as always, feels good to celebritypost right?


how do you cure adhd naturally?


bullet directly through the skull


Leave school, employment, and go live in the wild.


Based and Kaczynski pilled.


File: 1604183219545.png (58.74 KB, 503x153, 503:153, Leon Eisenberg.png) ImgOps iqdb

ADD/ADHD is a made up mental disorder so there's nothing that needs to be cured.


weird claim

i have the inattentive variant and i go unmedicated, but all i need is caffeine if i actually want to temporarily cure myself




for me the only problem is that if i don’t have meds any external sounds or noises fuck me up and make me go insane to the point where i can’t focus. If i am in a quiet room i’m a monster if not i can’t focus at all


smartphones for like $20 online, is it possible to build a cluster out of them? i wish we could just plug old tech together to combine their power



-3 spoonfuls of cocoa powder
-chili powder
-coconut oil (extra virgin or processed)
-soy milk (or plain milk if you're fine with the animal products
-sugar or honey
-boiling water

The most important thing to make the best of your cocoa time is to choose the proper jug
It's best if you can use the same container every time, because you will likely adjust ingredients' amounts to your liking, and that way it's easier to memorize optimal doses.

From the first three seconds of the video


I'm getting pain in the right side of my groin area and my right testicle seems to throb on and off.

Could this be a kidney stone? It's been 5 days since the symptoms started to appear. I've never had a kidney stone before, but I have been eating tums for heart burn recently.


This site is the only one that makes the not safe warning appear from time to time.


Some asshole stole the rack off my bike.
Like they sat there with a hex wrench for 15 minutes unscrewing that shit, then they loosened my brakes as a extra fuck you and tried to steal my fenders but couldn't figure out how to detach them.

I have been parking my bike there for 2 years without ever having a problem.
Must be the new batch of homeless that came in town lately.
If I see someone riding around with my rack I am going to smash the shit out of them. Ain't even going to explain anything. Just smash and run.


>Must be the new batch of homeless
Might be a fellow wizzie. Ask first.


Thieves get their shit kicked in regardless of if they get laid or not.
The rack has a distinctive design and identifying stickers on it. Their ain't any need for words when I see the person who stole it.


Doing NTB this month (No Tooth Brushing)


>If I see someone riding around with my rack I am going to smash the shit out of them.


brushing teeth is not a real necessity if you dont eat extremely processed and sugary foods.


Does anyone have recommendations for free online learning platforms? I want to learn some stuff, mostly history, economics and finance.


Eddie Hassell, Surface and The Kids Are All Right actor, killed in Texas shooting


not him but I sympathize and would "smash" them, there aren't many things that prompt someone to violence as easily as finding the thief who stole your shit and he's using it


I don't know who that is and haven't seen those things but it still sucks getting violently killed regardless.
RIP random dude.


I am getting a major sinking feeling that I just lost a fuck ton of money due to shipping issues.

UPS says that they shipped a item way before I was expecting it and let it at the front door.
There is nothing there.
It is a item worth over $1000 dollars and weighs over 50 pounds.
No note or anything and I didn't hear them knock.
It is just gone. Possible forever.
If they really did just leave it by the front door then some body probably stole it hours ago since I am on a main street and it would be just sitting their on the middle of the side walk.

I should have gotten it delivered to someone else's house. I didn't have any idea they would deliver it early. God that is so much fucking money and poof it is fucking gone.
It is always fucking shipping problems. I can never, ever get things delivered directly to my address without there being some major problem happening, but so many shippers refuse to ship to my PO box.

I can't take shit like this to keep happening. Last month I had problems getting my modem in, this month it is this bullshit.
I am so fucked. Why can't this shit ever go my way. Why do I have to be at the mercy of incompetent shipping companies.
I just can't bear this loss. It's too much, and I can't seem to call anyone directly to get a straight answer.


I should never have ordered from amazon.
I should have orderd from aliexpress since they always ship to my PO box no matter what.
I thought I was saving money. Instead I lost everything.

Fuck my life.


Since the order was never delivered, can't you just ask them to reship it or get a refund?


According to the almighty computer they delivered it.


I'm sure Bezos the Merciful is gonna give back his thousand bucks


don’t you live in a shop or somewhere you’re not supposed to be living? you deserve it for being a jewrat penny pincher


You know you can get it delivered to an amazon locker, right?



The closes one to me is 90 miles away.


Some dude obviously high on something was hanging round the front of my place at 4 in the morning.
When I looked at them giving him the stink eye he said someone was following him.
Streets were dead. Nobody out there at all. And the sheriff station is a very short walk up the road.
Gave him more stink eye then locked the doors unlocked the fun safe.
He pissed off a half an hour later.


File: 1604496124220.webm (2.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ASpecialSongForSpecialPeo….webm) ImgOps iqdb


According to Amazon's chat person or whatever the fuck you call it, said that it was a scan error or some other bullshit, and that it will be delivered today around 4.

I hope dude wasn't just blowing smoke up my ass for stars.
I am panicking more about this delivery then about[redacted current year drama].

My last van cost less then this package. I really don't want it to just walk off or be lost in the mail.


For anyone who wants to get an account in a private tracker, torrentleech is accepting users with the invite LETMEIN


Thanks, wiz!


it's just a fancy sex doll isn't it


It is a 3d printer.


Why would you try to 3d print your own sex doll? Wouldn't that take a long time?


Fuck off


Oh come on that was pretty funny.


It was not.
Not even a little.
Your not funny.


Maybe he's printing a custom dildo.


He's hilarious and you're a faggot for falling for the 3D printing meme. Go print yourself a pacifier.


Go fuck yourself retard.


Those phallic shaped figures are a little rough around the edges, eh?



>you're fucking asshole

Yeah, that's exactly what I've been saying!


File: 1604611372174.png (320 B, 600x600, 1:1, thumb_crop.png) ImgOps iqdb

you can fuck your vision with this, it works.



Printer is in
I realized I am going to need to move some things around in my workshop and might even need a new table.
Still glad that I can relax again.


File: 1604768188319.jpg (22.27 KB, 504x360, 7:5, 482a310a8dd2d_50128b[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Popcorn + flavacol + melted ghee is the perfect way to make popcorn. Reminds me of movie theater popcorn when I was a kid. Movie theater popcorn now tastes like ass.


Does anyone actually eat swiss cheese? It is the worst type of cheese.


I actually eat swiss cheese. It is the best type of cheese.

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