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I have never been a fan of social media websites. The entire premise of social media exists just to appeal to narcissists while they share so much private info about their lives to make tech companies billions of dollars in the process.
I especially hate the "newer" social media sites: TikTok, Instagram and also Twitter although it's been out since 2006.

I never understood TikTok. Seems like a dumbed down version of YouTube with significantly less functionality and usefulness.
The videos lack proper playback control and don't have an interface to forward or rewind vids. You can only watch in 1 direction from start to finish.
The max video length used to be 15 seconds, but now it's changed so videos can be up to 1 minute long.
Yet for some reason it is getting so popular. I guess it's because it appeals to the lowest common denominator: the ADD generation and attention whore zoomers that want to zip through everything quickly without taking the time to watch a long video or read a long post.

Same problem with Instagram. You just post photos of yourself and that's it. It's like Facebook Lite. The narcissists and attention whores felt like facebook has too much clutter and not enough emphasis on the photos of a certain individual.
Along comes Instagram. No focus on anything other than your stupid fucking face. "Hey everyone pay attention to me. Haha look at me in my yoga pants. Pay attention to my ass. I have a boyfriend/husband but I still need strangers online to focus on my body."

Similar situation with Twitter. With such a short character limit, users can only type out a few sentences before needing to make an entirely new tweet. Sad how people don't have the attention span to read a paragraph or more.
Instead they would rather type out low effort one liners. A single full post on wizchan would take 8 or more tweets to write out.
They think they are witty for copy and pasting the same remark a million times over or posting some dumb meme someone else made instead of being original.

Humanity is terrible. They've made this awful society and with it, websites that get progressively worse to cater to this scumbag species.


>while posting on a social media site


>while posting on a social media site designed for virgins where posting pictures of yourself is forbidden
It's an entirely different ball park my friend.


honestly I have no idea how social media works, I never used anything but chans and some bbs forums like a decade ago, I don't know if I would hate it but I'm not interested in using it


do you hate sports as well?


I hate almost everything about humanity and am horrified knowing I am one of them


it killed the internet


Social media is definitely harming society. People can now quantify "social approval" through a system of points. Humans seek validation, and in order to get validation they say things they think people will like that will reward them with these "points". This leads to an echo-chamber of mass conformity whereby people may not necessarily believe what they are saying, but they will repeat it for all the world to see so that they can be validated by their peers. In time, they will come to "half-believe" the absurd things they think they must say. Unfortunately, not only is this disastrous for the human race, it's also gamed by the businesses and organizations that own these systems. Organizations now reduce the visibility of opinions that they don't like in order to reduce the amount of social validation points a person will get, or increase visibility to reward that person. On the whole, people will be guided through a Skinner-box designed to condition them into accepting a certain political and philosophical ideology that is arbitrated by whatever happens to be the ruling class.

I believe that this is far worse than anything humanity has yet encountered. When kings(as an example) wished to control speech and thought, they had no method of not only being able to entirely silence a person, but also make them believe that every single one of his peers held some belief by hiding or silencing those that shared his belief. Today, that ruling class can make a person whose belief is shared by the vast majority feel as though he is some wacky outsider with insanely divergent beliefs, thereby making him fear to speak or act. Through the media and social media the ruling class can now arbitrate truth can control peer review respectively.


most people are having their first ever or second life as humans, look at them, most people are just being re-incarnated from dogs and herd cattle and shit

give these creatures networking technology and they completely lose their minds


I hate people, this world, and being alive. All I want is to ascend to oneness with Monad.


I was fine with social media as long as it didn't invade places I frequent. But then discord launched in 2015 and /pol/groids popularized politics in 2016 and everything went to shit. Now everybody is a part of at least 10 communities and is eager to invade more in order to win the biggest socialite normalfag contest. And before trump candidacy nobody cared about politics on the internet. But then /pol/ had to fuck everything up and now you have to be on team blue or team red, even if you're not in US. "What, you're not interested in politics? That's terrible! Because of people like you who don't vote and don't participate in this mindless game where only the elites decide the winner, the country/world has gone to shit. I'm a proud member of team blue/red and if you're not a dumbass you should be on my team."


tiktok is popular because kids. similar to how myspace got popular years ago


I never used twitter, instagram, or snapchat or tiktok.

But what my interpretation of them is that they exist purely for the succubi to seek reassurance for simply being a hole.


Instagram sucks the most. Only elite people(read:hot succubi and male chads) get all followers there and the rest just fawn over them. Oh, and the term ' Instagram influencers' has to be one of the cringiest in the last decade. Instagram also has given rise to so many Instathots who think they are special just because boys fawn over them.

The comments section there is honestly very bad. I also hate it because they have made their mobile website purposefully unusable to force people to use their app.

Twitter is slightly better, IMO. It doesn't make for good discussions due to the character limit (which they doubled some time before) but it's still okayish.

TikTok is full of cringey videos. In either case, it's getting banned in multiple countries.


Are you a regular user of 4chan? How is the community there now compared to before?


Snapchat is only popular in first world countries, right? Their founder also remarked some time ago that he doesn't want poor people using his app.


Go back to 4chan normalgroid, you don't belong here.


You accuse others of making everything about politics yet you were the first one who brings up the subject ITT.


The only social medie i had is twitter but i leeve it because i thinks it is bored,


I really hate this type of future, it seems like history as a whole has halted, the super powers have now been decided forever. I wish smart phones (and other 'smart' gadgets) were never made, I wish the internet was just for information (science, maths, etc) and maybe forums (like fitness, science, chat forums), but thats it, nothing else


I dislike those videos where people just film others in public. The future of not being able to go outside without being harvested for the entertainment of the mob seems unpleasant.


>/pol/groids popularized politics in 2016


>And before trump candidacy nobody cared about politics on the internet.
That's not true. I was already getting into constant political debates when I was a teen in 2006. If anything I argue a lot less about politics today, not because I became apolitical though.


Tiktok is just vine 2.0 with chink money behind it. It mostly got popular because the media shilled dancing medical whores when covid stuff kicked off.

Instagram is fine if you make sure your feed is only people posting suitable content you want to view. I don't use it but I used to for hobby stuff and I never saw any one's face on my feed because I only followed hobby content.

What you're missing is that these websites just refined what people already did. 95% of them never posted on social media, they just browsed it all day long. By cutting down on all the content they can let people consume endlessly with no interruptions.

Social media didn't change that people act in ways others will approve of and then convince themselves they believed it.

The soviets did the same thing google and friends are doing today. Deep down no one believes it but can't speak up. Which makes you feel weak and a coward for not standing up. It's a form of ego destruction to control you. If they can make you hate yourself for your inaction you will continue to behave as the system demands or refuse to act at all, which is better than you fighting it.

Snapchat got popular because it didn't allow users to save photos sent to them. succubi could whore themselves out and not leave evidence. There's ways round it but that was the original perk of snapchat.

Third worlders fill up the comment section of any attractive succubus's content. Endlessly lusting for white succubi because their cousin is ugly and forced to marry him

I remember when you couldn't move for George Bush Jr. jokes.


>And before trump candidacy nobody cared about politics on the internet.
You're either very young or you have an abysmal memory

Anyone who was on the internet in 2008 would remember the sheer amount of Ron Paul shilling that infected every corner of the internet no matter how apolitical it was. Even fucking youtube poops had comments sections full of ron paul shilling.

Then there was all the Tumblr sjw bullshit of the early 2010s that ended up infecting most of the internet. A lot of forums ended up changing the rules to appease them. An obscure anime forum I was on from 2005 to 2011 banned me for arguing with a feminist that was literally only there to complain about "misogynistic fan service" and the "fedora nice guy neckbeards" who liked hentai. All I did was call her a cunt after she repeatedly called me a "Nice Guy" and "neckbeard" and I was instantly permabanned. A mod unironically replied to me with "check your privilege" after banning me. Mods also deleted the one thread for hentai pics because she complained it "contributed to rape culture". This wasn't one random isolated incident because every forum I was on ended up getting flooded with SJWs and in every case they successfully got the mods to change rules to appease them or just ban people they didn't like despite breaking no rules.

And this is to say nothing of the 9/11 truther shilling of the mid 2000s and the pro-war super patriotic sentiment that dominated the internet of the early 2000s.

And this is coming from someone who has always largely avoided politics and never even voted despite having been legally able to since 2004.


you sound like a crab. why else would you be so defensive of pointlessly oversexualized scenes in anime and even worse, hentai, hmmmm?


check your volcel privilege


So she got a crab(you) banned and go mods to remove a degenerate thread? Sounds based af. Sex negative feminists are the most wizardly group besides the true wizards here. You crabs wouldn't understand.
Crabs BTFOd again. Another W for the Wizards.


Second warning: check your truewiz volcel privilege before I report you.


It's hilarious seeing you /pol/groids praising radical feminists and pushing this "based radfem" meme. Radfems are still on the extreme cultural left and agree with standard SJWs on 95% of issues. Not only do they support censorship of anyone even vaguely right wing, but if they ran the world you people would be up against the wall too. Thinking a group of far leftist succubi who openly have an intense hatred if men would accept you because you both happen to hate trannies is so retarded I'm legitimately baffled that anyone could unironically think like this.


radfems and terfs are very much communists who simply don't like trannies but still base their entire philosophy on very far left shit and critical theory. Anyone thinking they are good is a retard, i would even prefer a non-communist tranny than the average radfem cunt but communists as a whole should burn


I'm an ancom you braindead crab. I just like appropriating /pol/ terms because it really pisses them off. I don't care about trannies at all so i don't know why youre bringing them up. They must be on your mind a lot. How embarrassing.


File: 1608149279170.gif (3.37 MB, 540x304, 135:76, gmansmile2.gif) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1608163320858.gif (3.02 MB, 540x304, 135:76, gmansmile1.gif) ImgOps iqdb



i don't give a shit about people doing whatever or being whatever because i am not a poltard or an antifag crab that can only think in normgroid identity politics. trannies ,succubi and fags only become hateful due to those same identity politics, because otherwise i really don't give a shit either way, neither to be upseet about it or support them, that is for idiots activists to waste time on useless shit.

and if i had to choose trannies, being that most of them are autistic as fuck and rejects would probably be more relatable than normgroids and failed normalfags who roleplay as chads


They are way more wizardly than crabs. I would happily welcome radical feminists on this site if it would get you crabs to leave.


>welcoming female, but not male crabs
Failed normalfag or fanatic.
Not wizard, thats for sure.
The state of this site in 2020.


>I would happily welcome radical feminists on this site if it would get you crabs to leave
Yeah let's welcome succubi to our site. Fuck off, reddit infiltrate


Its opposite, why do you fags seek to smear everything with your shit, what compels you to do so?

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