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File: 1602979121914.jpg (37.95 KB, 400x300, 4:3, commie block.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Recently ive been thinking poor normies arent really poor;they are mostly fat,they have tvs,cellphones(mostly expensive ones),sneakers,they attend nightclubs and drink alcohol regularly
maybe im going too far into libertarian territory but im thinking slums/ghettos/commieblocks are just a bit poor but no really an structural problem that merits any kind of attention of aid.


That's why they're poor. They spend what little money they get from their min wage jobs or gov assistance on drugs, alcohol, brand name clothing and electronics.
But that's more of an account of poor people in a 1st world nation.


im from third world,and its like that here.
poverty in usa must be a joke,they even have those food stamps


It's maybe a bit easier, but things are more expensive so it's probably mostly the same unless you live in some very poor place where people are starving.

I was thinking about this recently. People will talk about how if you have a few thousand dollars or something like that, you have more money than 99% of people on the earth. Maybe it's true in terms of absolute money, but those people have resources and things to live their lives. I was watching a documentary recently and it showed some people in some villages in Mexico, they probably have almost no money, but they have houses and lots of land to live on. I have $10,000 so compared to them I'm rich, but I could never afford a house with that. I can't even afford to pay rent and I live with my parents. My $10,000 would only pay for a few months of living independent. So am I really that much richer than someone who has a house in some village just because I have higher numbers in an account? All I can really do with my money is buy some electronics or something.


yeah the poor should learn to save and invest what little money they earn to get by then they wouldn't be so poor haha :^)



Yup, as a NEET living with their parents in a city in the US that was in the top 3 rising rent/cost of living in the country i can say it's always going to be relative to where you live. I also have around 10k of NEETbux saved up which i also barley touch but there's nothing really that great i could do with it. Invest it? sure if i had relationships with people besides my parents like a normie and knew how to make the right moves, but even then it would be awhile before i got any returns. Obviously like you said if i was to move out i would basically have enough to live in a shitty studio apartment in the ghetto for five-six months before i would have to get at least one full time job to keep paying bills. For now im holding onto that money just incase shit really starts to go south here in the good ol' USA and i need to get my folks and myself the fuck out of dodge for some reason. But yeah you're still considered poor in this country if you don't make at least 60,000 a year in most places.


Yes, literally. Go on little commie, lash out against the universe because you made yourself poor. Throw another tantrum. See how far that takes you.




File: 1603050513523.jpg (82.7 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, ven1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

venezuelans jails arent THAT bad.
they use facebook all day.


>they are mostly fat
not sure about this one most hobos i see are skinny
>That's why they're poor
imho poor people are happier than the rich so your point makes no sense


Yes. Literally. What else can they do?


What's with the rage? I haven't thrown any tantrum nor have I lashed out against the universe.

Spend their income on daily necessities?


capitalists can't be wizards
they will screw over their fellow neet wizards out of bux


>they have tvs,cellphones(mostly expensive ones),sneakers,they attend nightclubs and drink alcohol regularly
Most poor people think they'll be poor for their entire lives and there's nothing they can do about it. So they just blow their money in shit they don't need because that's all they think they can do to "put up" with life. In reality this indulgence is what keeps people poor a lot of times.
>they are mostly fat
Also this is dumb because the cheapest food is also the one with most carbs (usually stuff made of floor or corn) so it kinda makes sense that poor people would be fat if all they eat is that kind of crap.


everyone is driven to meet the "standard of (decent) living) within their economic class including the poor and underclasses, wasting all their money beyond the subsistence minimum on bling and shit in order to look "reputable" in public and consuming brand name stuff even in the privacy of their homes (or trailers) to feel like they aren't poor, it all a stupid normie thing, there was a good book written about it 100 years ago

it's a lot of the reason nobody has any savings


there's no reason to save unless you plan to live long


>Most poor people think they'll be poor for their entire lives and there's nothing they can do about it.
which is mostly true and not necessarily a bad thing to come to terms with. the infamous "embarassed millionaire" upstart mindset is an anomaly in human history.


>which is mostly true
Statistically yes, but a lot of people could get out of poverty if they'd made wiser choices with their money.


Like what?


Soros orders a dump, better luck next time
>open a business
Fails like the majority of them
Inflation eats it up


Like not shitting out kids out of wedlock.
Not living beyond their means and going into perma debt as a result.
Not wasting money on vices like drugs and alcohol.
Get a job and keep it.
And many many more basic shit that keeps poor people poor.

I spent most of my life living around these people and with even a basic understanding of personal finance and economics you can see that more often then not their situations are the direct result a full lifetime of continued bad decisions.


Ok, you're right. There are literally no ways to spend your money other than in useless crap you don't need.


Some people work two jobs to have just that and can never save then illness or some unforeseen event takes them then they are screwed, but in a way your right that things are better now than ever, to some extent yes the poor do have upward mobility, unless its America and they get done for weed and can't get a job anymore


Life isn't a game where your character is a blank slate and you can just choose to grind and minmax based on some strategy you read online. IRL the RNG is brutal, you can't reroll your stats, there's no guaranteed guide on how to play, in fact sometimes you don't even want to play anymore but you still have to. That's why it's easy to choose small pleasures to keep going.


I understand what you're saying and I'm not saying it's easy. But doing that you change you chances of leaving poverty from slim to non-existent.


post book


The system is designed this way. You can't blame cattle for being oblivious to their demise.


I make close to minimum wage and I've never had a job that paid all that much more than whatever minimum wage was at the time. I work full time and I barely make ends meet.

I can tell you I don't waste money on all this frivolous shit people ITT are accusing poor people of spending their money on and saying that's what keeps them poor. I spend 0 on entertainment. I almost never eat out and the few and far between times I do, it's just Taco Bell and I only usually spend like 6 bucks. Other than that I'm eating mostly rice, pasta, sandwiches with lunch meat, and sometimes low end TV dinners and frozen pizzas when I can get a good deal on them. I only drink tap water and don't smoke or do drugs. I haven't spent anything on clothes in the past 5 years. My shoes are falling apart. I've cycled through the same 4 shirts for the past like 7 years.

>Just get a job that pays more

It's not that easy. I have no degree, no talent, no connections and am significantly below average intellectually.
>But I know a stupid person who has a good paying job.
Chances are, either they had connections, were hired to meet some "diversity" quota, are talented in some area that you're not aware of, or they aren't as dumb as you think they are.
>Just work 2 jobs and spend every waking hour working
Many of us can barely handle one full time job. In the past I worked 2 jobs at once but at my age I wouldn't be able to handle that, but even back then I ended up ultimately getting fired from one of my jobs for screwing up really badly due to fatigue.



>consisteres warfare appart of the so called "Leisure class"
>focused all about class and ultimately pushes a equality agenda
>Seems to have a fetish for industry and labor

Yeah this is just socialist bullshit.


why don't you just be a neet?


thats not how it works wizkids
your adult life will be mainly about managing stress and so poor people usually are born into conditions beyond their control and end up in a high stress environment which needs many copes like drugs/junk food

come back in 5 years when your mom my and daddy stop cooking all your meals and you rent due tommorow and your bank account is 0 and you gotta wash your shit stained underwear yourself before heading to work


everything else he wrote is true though, I read the book three times, it's really good and explains stuff


If I could live off the government or with family, I would. Neither is an option for me though so being a neet would mean being homeless, which is probably the only scenario worse than my current situation. Well, that and prison.


This is an extreme example but yeah, a lot of people seem to have a naive outlook on poverty.
Its not just groceries and rent, you have electricity to pay, something may brake down, phone and internet bills, new clothes, new shoes, your mattress is going to shit so you need a new one, need to rent the transport and pay for waste disposal, glasses broke, need to restock on soap, toiletpaper etc etc etc its a basic misunderstanding; we arent wagecucks, we are paycucks. Seriously, there is always something coming up. Bills, repairs, commodities, its not cheap even if you are by yourself, in fact, especially if you are by yourself because you only have one income. And I havent brought up the car yet, a car is expensive.
Its the same with people who say they will wake up every morning and draw and write do that and that as NEETs and you may do that for a few weeks, but for what? You cant be productive as a NEET, because you never get any feedback on what you do. You may write a story, but nobody will read it, you cant monetize it, you cant discuss it, there is no reaction to your action, this is a basic cause of depression and why bother if it doesnt matter anyway?
And there is a reason homeless people are alcoholics or on drugs. Its a dim, shitty live with no perspective of betterment. Everybody treats you like shit, you get robbed, you have to humiliate yourself for money, so why not drink and do drugs? Doesnt change anything, at least you die sooner and its not as horrible.
But the worst thing are these idiots who want to live out of a van; yeah, until it breaks down. How are you gonna pay for gas? Fill the water sprinkler? Pump up your tires? Pay your tax, pay for a highway ticket? Its not just sitting behind the wheel and driving.

This is really what made me decide I want to have a Job with good income even if it means working a bit more. At least I am out participating in a power process, with the work I do having an impact on the real world. And most importantly, I dont have to worry about money. I can have a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood with quite, polite neighbors who dont bother me and dont have to deal with underclass trash and their ghetto music, their trash and barking dogs. I can have a nice car, dont have to look at the price too much, always enough gas in the tank, if I want or need something I can get it. If my mother or father need something, new teeth or just money I can give it to them.
Fuck being poor man.


Damn you're dumb.


>At least I am out participating in a power process, with the work I do having an impact on the real world.



How so?


tbh it feels like some people on this site are watching prager u videos or getting these weird canards from somewhere.


yeah, this is accurate. saving is really dumb and investing requires having an initial amount of money that will earn a return.

a lot of the complaints about consumer spending are pretty dumb too given how reliant the economy is on it.


They don't have the money to buy that stuff. Installment plans are heavily marketed to them. They're not paying the $1000 for the latest iphone upfront. TVs have become a lot cheaper and there's stuff like Rent-a-center. Even with clothes now there are things like affirm/quadpay/etc.

I've noticed way more poor people who actually shop at Wal-Mart/Ross/99 cents/Dollar Tree/Dollar General than buying expensive things like top flight sneakers. There's a reason skechers is doing so well now.

With food, unhealthy stuff is super cheap. You can get a huge bag of chips for very little. Unhealthy prepackaged stuff is cheap as hell.


Poverty is relative to the population in a country. Specifically poverty in developed or even developing countries involves the inability to participate in the core culture which is consumerism-based. This is particularly demoralising because everything around you is essentially 'you are a pathetic loser who can never be happy if you don't have x flavour of the week commodity'.

If you're talking about America then yeah, 'poverty' is nothing compared to literally any other country except that there are issues of healthcare and transportation and food quality. Everything is not only more expensive in other countries but the poor have less money.

Poverty is partly a cultural problem in this type but ignoring structural problems on such flimsy basis as 'i suppose all in this class of people do this and that, therefore there's no problem' is retarded.

Aimless saving is a bad idea. You need a plan and, ultimately, good networking to get somewhere. It can be a self-sabotaging or masochistic thing to do because you're poor enough that 'saving' is not building up wealth you're building up basically nothing for no purpose, you will never have a significant amount of money this way and will probably get rekt by some financial crisis before you can retire anyway.


Also, the cultural problem is generational not like something you can just fix in yourself. No matter how intelligent or hardworking someone is if they're born into awful conditions there's only so much that is physically possible. There is absolutely no case of a real poorfag suddenly having some successful business or whatever. It's not possibly because resources and power are accrued generationally and within one's family. It's especially grim if you have no family.


My uncle went from being born as an absolute poor who inherited literally nothing to establishing the leading manufacturer of giant LED displays in my country, all from the ground up.
His sister, my mother, only managed to a start a family of more absolute poors who accumulated nothing but mental illnesses and crippling debts. We're destitute retards but it's our own fault.
I should have known better and done everything in my power to escape this family, to leave them all when I was 16 or something. I wouldn't be a successful "someone" for sure but at least I'd avoid becoming wizard and a mentally crippled worthless NEET at 32.
I was born into awful circumstances but in the end I chose to stick with them, I did this and I hate myself for it.


>author's socialist leanings are vaguely discernible through 300 pages of book


Not sure if you are being sarcastic or you are just diluted.


See that doesn't make sense. You work but you have 0 in the bank before paying rent?
Wasting money on unnecessary things? That's why those poor people stay poor.


It's true that first world slums don't really live in poverty, not compared to their third world counterparts at least.

They still have pretty miserable lives, they're surrounded by pollution and grey concrete, everyone is addicted to drugs, alcohol and fast food, they're exposed violence often, have to go to shitty schools and come from horrible dysfunctional families, having your basic food and shelter needs covered doesn't fix these problems. It's a cultural rot that goes on for generations and if the west continues to decline these people will experience more absolute poverty.

Never thought I'd see genuine bootstraps posting on wizchan, awful posts.


>Wasting money on unnecessary things?
No, things break and need to be fixed or replaced, there are always unexpected expenses. You'd understand this if you had life experience.


File: 1606646877384.jpg (100.74 KB, 790x445, 158:89, 221.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Never thought I'd see genuine bootstraps posting on wizchan, awful posts
How new are you? I don't mean this in an offensive way, this mentality is almost as widespread here as anywhere else.

>they're surrounded by pollution and grey concrete

Yeah, when you're poor you're screwed from that perspective. Even the middle class in their samey suburbs live and work in pretty soul-crushing environments. One thing I noticed as I took walks around my hometown is how depressing and ugly 99% of it looks, and it keeps getting worse.

Look at this pic, how come people don't go postal spending like ten hours a day commuting and working in places like this. And it's not just the poor; the brand new districts for white collar workers that pop up everywhere make me die inside everytime I walk there.


god france is a shithole


>Never thought I'd see genuine bootstraps posting on wizchan, awful posts.
I posted a true story and this is your response? Really?


Cigarettes are insanely expensive here and yet every poorfag i see is a chainsmoker and an acoholic, they blow half of their fucking paychecks on these shit so yes, they are retarded


They believe all of the rubbish that the rich people tell them, and they pay no attention to anything that doesn't fit in with their prejudices.

They can see and feel, but they can't think.


>They believe all of the rubbish that the rich people tell them
Cigarette packs have pictures of gore and cancer patients taking up 90% of the sleeve. The only thing rich people tell poorfags about smoking is it's going to kill them.

You can see and feel, but you can't think.


>I posted a true story and this is your response?
It's an anecdotal story. The facts are if you're born into a crappy poor family in a shitty area filled with crime and went to a bad school that never taught you anything you're very likely to have a shit life and stay low class forever. A few success story don't change the numbers, poverty goes through generations.


Being doom and gloom to the point of delusion isn't a requirement to use this site.
/dep/ isn't the whole site dude.


There's nothing depressing or delusional about that post, it's just the reality of living in the slums.


i live in a communist country and literally no one gives me gibs or food stamps. First worlder get free money just for being alive while having autism and that shit doesn't even devaluate. They pay literal niggers to be unemployed, wtf


>First worlder get free money just for being alive while having autism and that shit doesn't even devaluate. They pay literal niggers to be unemployed, wtf

Nope, it's not that easy to recieve money from the government. I knew some people that were on some kind of welfare, but even they were forced to work part time in shitty jobs. They will always try and force you to work.


a literal underage kid working part time can make more money and would have more spending money than an engineer here. Poverty in the first world, specially for burguers is a myth, people are just mad other are more priviledge than them but even tards don't go hungry or lack much of anything essential.


Sure, but you're exaggerating. The job market is dying in the west, I read in the local newspaper not long ago that 300 or so people applied to some shitty burger-flipping job at a new fast-food restaurant. If you want to scam the government for welfare you would really need to work the system.


USA unemployment rate was 3% and is now on 6% due to covid, thats nothing. I think is someone else who is exageratting, and even in those burguer flipping jobs you´d have more income and more purchasing power than a third world in a professional field…


Despite continuously increasing living standards, being a social crab, humans prefer lower standards but with a lower relative poverty rate (eg. be poor like me you filthy riches, give me your money).


You're right. First-worlders have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Even the bottom rungs of the first world are like aristocratic nobility of the third world.


Not having much money isn't so bad in the first-world, it's all the other shit about being poor that makes it difficult to deal with. In my case, living in an overcrowded home with damp on the walls and no real escape from any of it (except the internet).

Still, I suffer less than I would have done 150 years ago, and hopefully that trend continues well into the future.

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