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Anyone else in university but really behind?

I did good in my first semester of university, but got really depressed the next semester and ended up dropping all my courses to watch anime and play WoW 24/7.

This ended up continuing to my next semester, and one more semester later because I forgot how to concentrate. Ended up getting diagnosed with ADHD and was present since I was a kid but parents didn't want to do anything about it.

My dad pays for my rent and food and he pity's me now, not even angry that I waste his money to do nothing because he sees that I have nothing or no one. It is kind of sad, because my dad has to sometimes go out of his way to get me to do stuff. He tried to reach out to my cousin to ask him to help me get an internship, and I just ignored my cousin because I dislike conversing with him (he is a successful engineer and is rich).

I am $25k in debt right now, and will probably be ~$55k in debt when I finish my college degree.

I enjoy learning for the most part, but hate online learning and a lot of the professors (50-60 middle eastern guys who don't know how to use technology despite their career being based on it).

I consider dropping out a lot because I get a lot of stress from thinking about how I am so behind and how employers will question my empty job experience (i only worked one job as a technical support person, but ended up quitting after a month and a half because I couldn't handle dealing with other people).


I completely understand how you feel. I am also in Univ studying a major I actively dislike(don't ask why) with significant worth of backlogs and a brain that only consistently creates problems. Life, often, seems to be a terrible nightmare for me.


I was in your position. I did good on my first semester, worse on my second semester and in sophomore year I almost failed out of college. I got like 2 pity passes that year. To fix myself I got a job in order to kickstart some kind of discipline and self-care, stopped browsing wizchan and did some classes during summer semester. My second year was really quite crap and I could have graduated in 3 years.

3rd year went fine, passed all classes except a grad school level one I took. It was PDEs in biological systems, a fucking mental class that used math developed in the 21st century! I'm graduating in spring 2021. I may still fail a class and have to take it during the summer class but it looks like I passed the most difficult part.

I'm stubborn so my learning skills are in the bottom 1/2 of math students in college, and I was depressed for a bit. I partially dealt with these problems (but not completely, how are you supposed to stop being stubborn?) so I partially succeeded in university. What motivated me was that I didn't want to live a life where I'm not college educated and in which I am not pursuing a particular thing. If you do not have a motivation or a desire for something that college can give you, then you should reconsider what you want in life. Half=assing college and fooling yourself will make your life regretful. Boldly commit to what you want.


Doing a math degree is top 1 life mistake. Good luck


Just curious what are you graduating in? Math?


Had similar issues when I was a uni student. Got hit with clinical depression in my third year. Life fell apart, I fucked up in all my classes, and got put on academic probation. Managed to hold things together by a fucking thread and got through school. After graduation I spend two years as a NEET just wading around in the wreckage of my life. My dad helped my embellish my super limited and shit work experience on my resume and I managed to land an okay starter job.

Don't drop out, even if you are literally just doing the minimum to graduate its fine. That's what I did. A uni degree is the prerequisite to the work world. You can explain away why you didn't work while in school (oh, I was super focused on my studies, particularly a series of extra classes called…blablalba) plus you can do some work in a shit job and embellish your resume a bit to jump into a better job.

Seriously, don't drop out. I hated my life and hated school and hated myself but I did the minimum to survive school and get my degree, and am really glad I did.


I am at a somewhat prestigious business school to study law, I just started and in the first year they require every student to do the same subjects so I am stuck with crap like Marketing and Bookkeeping. I cant follow and I am lagging behind, I am worried I will fail this year or maybe even the semester.
I consider this my last chance after fucking up everything for the last five years, needless to say failing again would be a disaster.
I would probably wagecuck a while and then kill myself, its funny because I might just get what I wanted all these years; hopelessness. See the only reason not more people kill themselves and the suicide thread is so silly, is because people still have hope, still an ever so slight chance by which they can cling to their dreams however unrealistic it might be and thats what keeps us going.
It really never gets better.


I'm going to community college right now and it's awful, it's really hard because I'm afraid to leave the house and I'm doing poorly because of the corona virus we don't have lectures anymore and I'm really bad at studying on my own. I got into a regular college when I was 18 but I didn't go cause I was scared to leave the house, now my mom says at 25 this is my last chance to do anything so I have to do it without dropping out


That sucks, if it doesnt work out you will have to start wageslaving.
Its not all bad, maybe some boss will offer you training so you dont have to be an unskilled cuck for the rest of your lifd.


I worked at an intern place for 2 weeks and then I blocked the bosses phone number and stopped showing up and I still have nightmares about it, I'm mostly just delaying things I don't think it's possible for me to hold a job


I dropped out and I deeply regret it. My advice to you is to just try to power through.


I dropped out and I'm glad I did. I was already working part-time and decided money and experience was worth more than a half-assed degree. Luckily, as a programmer, most places are pretty lenient towards not having one if you can demonstrate knowledge and skill in other ways (github, whiteboard interview etc.)


Same thing happened to me. I did fine in online classes but when I had no choice but to do in-person classes I fucked up. I started missing lectures and fell really behind and eventually had to drop out entirely.


Its too late for your cheesy motivational speeches.


I'm getting a math bachelors with a minor in computational biology.
I thought you replied to my post here >>255491 but you replied to >>255502 and they look similar. If you want to live a comfortable neet life and then kill yourself that's fine if you will not have regrets about it. Reading whining posts all day is nasty. That's why I blocked /dep/.


>normgroid with his "half assed" Bachelors doesnt want to hear your "complaints"


File: 1603037900757.jpg (188.36 KB, 555x369, 185:123, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this thread


This. Also bitches about /dep/. Bet it's one of those "true wizard" cretins who go around kvetching about negativity and inncells all the time. Top normalcunt.


I wanted to share my experiences with OP because the problem I got out of is similar to the one he's in. In the OP he practically asks for advice. At the root, he has a motivation problem. And that wont be fixed by complaining, because if he's complaining about failing out of college that means he doesn't want to go to college.
I shared my advice about motivation and I'm done. I aint gonna sit here and take insults from anyone. Not even you.


File: 1603040125539.mp4 (6.4 MB, 576x360, 8:5, it's death.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I made the retarded decision to go to grad school. Now I'm stuck in a place I hate doing stuff I don't feel remotely qualified to do, and torturing myself thinking about how I will imminently fail 24/7. If any of you ever are thinking about grad school, NEVER just take the first offer, make dead sure that your professor is someone you can handle talking to and that you feel 100% comfortable doing whatever it is they want you to.


I dropped out in summer of 2017 because for me it didn't make sense to carry on faking to study to appease my parents and at the same time not giving a fuck about what I was supposed to study.

It was for the better, luckily my parents between being mad and bitching about it actually managed to recommend me to a job which I got and still have. Got really lucky on this one.

My advice to you is to quit if you have someone that got you back otherwise stick to it and if you can try to make something out of it. If you can't homelessness is the way to go I guess.


well now I am 3 years behind and probably going to graduate with $65k debt. Just had to drop a course because I slept through the midterm because of the fucking sleep insomnia and shitty sleep conditions I have at home. I hate this. FUCK! FUCK!!!!!


We are definitely living in a decadent time. The cost of a student loan is significantly higher than it was a few decades ago. My parents view me as a disappointment because I have never been to university and they have been to university. But what is the point of going to university when the only jobs available are shit-tier minimum wage jobs and office jobs?


Computational biology,huh. Is it like a more numerical/problem oriented branch of biology? Because I always correlated biology with medicine and math and biology are considered two separate streams here.


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