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I'm not working nor studying have no friends and family is virtually inexistent.
I am running out of things to do at home… Help anon


watch anime


Is there anything else?


I got bored of anime in 2010


another thread with no possible solution, you gotta figure that shit out for yourself, what you're basically asking is SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE MY LIFE MEANING

that's not how it works


(ー_ー゛) hmm guess my life is now shitposting then thanks


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Play with your wand :^)


fuck off


You weren't ever?


>and family is virtually inexistent
Blessed you are. At least no control freaks around you, who want to tell you what to do.

Do nothing until it gets boring, then do something else. It comes around someday. Boring is good, boring means no problems. Embrace it.


study but my family is too noisy (they got a new dog).

I got mnoise cancelling headphones which help but they hurt my ears after long use. So I try to do some reading as well.

If I get too stressed I try to watch anime or south park, currently watching gochuumon season 3


File: 1603062509438.jpg (187.22 KB, 960x700, 48:35, FaceApp_1603057535125.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Browse internet, shitpost, play videogames, watch movies/TV/anime, read books/manga, draw, practice piano, do calisthenics or yoga, meditate, write stories, go for walks, listen to podcasts, practice lockpicking, watch martial arts fights or instructionals, sometimes take photos with the cheap camera I bought. These are what I do but you can basically choose any hobbies you’re interested in at random and fill up the day.


File: 1603073162077.jpg (10.78 KB, 307x300, 307:300, --a19.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sleep all day, eat a bit, listen to the same music you listened thousand times because you're autistic. Browse a bit wizchan, fap, sleep.


>I'm not working nor studying
If this is your problem get a job or start studying something, there's plenty of stuff you can do from home.
>have no friends and family is virtually inexistent
If you want tips on how to make friends you're asking in the wrong place.


NEET here too and with the covid-19 and living with my aging parents I'm doing 888 burpees 3 times a week to keep fit and my rest days involved physically (meals) and mentally preparing for that workout. Other times I listen to music and masturbate to lolis.


gym and/or fasting. I haven't found any better path for the evils that now surround your stance


gym and fasting makes no fucking sense, and the latter isn't even something you actively do.

the bullshit you tryhards will make up is quite something


This is why I turned to drinking. The day zooms by when you are drunk.


i'm learning japanese and korean


Is it true it only takes like a month to learn the writing system of Korean?


I think it takes like 2 days. It's pretty simple, just look at the pictures until you get used to them, then start learning the sounds. I'm sure you'll pick it up pretty quickly.


Do you find it hard to study two languages at once?


File: 1605838225320.jpg (23.83 KB, 1000x714, 500:357, best-slime-recipe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

diy slime. i just taught myself how to make a successful cloud slime and it is amazing



What does it do? What is it for?


i'd like to reply to this thread seriously, but Pokemon makes me very angry. the games are for 4 year olds. Polish people would import them when I was a kid, and they would beat the game without even knowing how to read English.
so… despite being a text-based RPG, reading isn't a requirement to succeed.

I have always hated Pokemon very much since then, and I use it as a shit test. Pokemon people are just like an instant "no" to me.


learn to program. if you use the pc for 8+ hours each day, i'm confident you run into weird situations and bottlenecks and annoyances that can easily be solved by writing little scripts. eventually you run out of problems so you just look for shit to solve like a crazy person and it occup[ies your time really nicely

the thing i loved most about pokemon as a kid was exploring everywhere and talking to people and finding the secrets. because i grew up with the cards and the games and the shows and movies were all related and it was interesting having this interconnected universe i could explore. but i fucking hated the gameplay, even before i knew what 'grinding' was, if you asked me as a kid i'd probably have said it takes forever and is repetitive and boring


Get a professional video editing program, a professional audio editing program, two good monitors, good headphones, good speakers, and then do whatever you want creatively. To add you could think about if you'd like to learn to draw, learn an instrument, get into singing, do some audio recordings.


like anyone here is gonna drop everything and invest the billion years it'll take him to learn coding


If he's not working he probably doesn't have the money to get all that stuff you're listing, wiz.


>programming hard
lul. kids used to learn to program for fun. I guess if you're a zoomer that grew up with a phone instead of a PC it makes sense


File: 1608492994226.png (1.25 MB, 953x717, 953:717, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Right now?
Watching all of precure in release order.


Read what? Novels, magazines or just stuff on the web?


I started getting into Japanese LN but after I exhausted that (because the update schedules are atrocious) I got into Chinese webnovels.
But after reading many of them my standards have increased, I recognize so many of the tropes and bad clichés that I can't stomach 90% of them anymore.
I'm running out of things to read and now I need something else to occupy my time with.


>I'm running out of things to read
If you're into chinese novels, things like Romance of the 3 Kingdoms and Journey to the West are absolute behemoths in size and scope and will take you many months to finish each one.
And then if you're really, realy into those, then you're set for life because you would probably want to learn Chinese to read all the untranslated stuff and that will take you a lot of years.


Worldbuilding. There's a thread about it somewhere on wizchan, I spend hours a day just dreaming.



sleep 12+ hours
lurk on forums and imageboards
play videogames
watch youtube videos
read emails
listen to my eternal monologue


Do you guys ever consider the triviality of all our lives? Don't you think the sum of all our lives could mean something more? Fuck. Just seeing people lounge about, you know what it reminds me of? My dog. You guys are reminding me, hell, I am just like, a domesticated animal.

There has to be something more.


Yeah sometimes I feel that way too, everything feels so pointless. Just try to have the best time possible, I guess.


>There has to be something more.
There isn't. We're all stuck here on this god forsaken rock. Stuck with nothing but cold darkness and each other. So accept that existence is inherently trite, and enjoy being trite together.


i believe in aliens so im basically just waiting for them to reveal themselves. cant wait to visit outer space and shit and be a dumb space tourist in the future


humans literally are domesticated animals so this isn't exactly a revelation

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