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What are your religious views? Do you follow a religion strongly and/or are agnostic/atheist?




I agree with lots of basic taoist principles after I spent hours researching everything from islam to buddhism. However in the end I concluded there is no meaning I could find so ill just enjoy it. Definitely gained more respect for religions I previously thought were backwards.


they're stupid, contain no truth and the followers are maximum goyim

cultists say they're all about "truth" and "finding the answers to life," pffft… the only reason they're X or Y is because it's the dominant cult in their region at the time they were growing up and they were raised in it, so much for truth, it's just the ol' "get em before they're 5" rule

you could literally create a successful religion about worshiping a lump of dog shit


Agnostic. I don't know if a deity exists. However, I would hope one would, since that would legitimise an afterlife, thus the potential for that afterlife to grant me my own personal universe to mould to my liking.


File: 1603663285238.gif (2.58 MB, 300x212, 75:53, 1534024014986.gif) ImgOps iqdb



a lot of atheist think religions are backwards and have only brought harm but the truth is its the most important thing that has happened to humanity if not the thing that "started" humanity as we know it, it gave humans meaning and made them think they were something else than animals among animals roaming the earth. it's the ultimate cope that permitted to humans to arrive were they are today.
religion is way more than just believing in an imaginary guy that judges you, it shaped the world we're living in today (especially christianity since we live in a westernised world).
in my personal view, paranormal stuff apart i admire and respect the diciplined aspect of religions (especially islam), it's something worth looking forward in my opinion.


go back to /b/, you're so dumb you think everyone who questions muh anthropomorphic divinity is an atheist, is that your new big word or something? everything is atheist this and atheist that

we're so impressed by your big vocabulary


go back to /b/, you're so dumb you think everyone who questions muh anthropomorphic divinity is an atheist and been calling people that all week, is that your new big word or something? everything is atheist this and atheist that

we're so impressed by your big vocabulary


my apologize i agree i missused that word and should have simply said "non religious people".
why are you so angry tho? it's just a word brah, calm down.


it's not just a word, it's a smear used by smug, hateful chrustains like you on the level of "pagan," you called someone atheist because he said descartes' "meditations" book was logically flawed, there's just no pleasing you people


Atheist is a word atheist use to describe themself though. It’s not a smear.


why are you so low IQ


File: 1603688901644.jpg (202.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, e47.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Religion is just goofy. I don't even think I need to explain it.
But people can do what they want. I don't care.


Amongst all the religions that you studied, which one was the closest to your heart and which one sucked the most? For eg, I consider Buddhism to be a much superior religion than to let's say, Islam.


i dont care whether or not god/s exist, religion and atheism are the like the left/right wings of politics, they have more in common than they want to admit, and i would like no part in it


Religion and god in general never really interested me, always been indifferent, even as a kid. Not sure I would call myself an atheist though. Maybe just irreligious


I have certainly being going through a crisis of faith in recent years.

I have become disgusted with religion, especially since the current pope has come to power and with progressive protestant faiths before that, the way they have either twisted or abandoned their religious texts in favour of modern virtue signalling.

I have also become disillusioned that God is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good. If He is all-knowing, then why doesn't He know so many people are suffering and abandoning Him and do something about it? If He is all-powerful, then why can't He do anything about the suffering in this world/life? How can the Devil exist if he is a mere angel and God is all-powerful? So if the Devil is not a treat, then were does all this evil come from? Granted most of it come from fellow humans, but there is also pointless pain, suffering and death in nature. If He is all-good, then why won't he do something about the suffering in this world? He is after all, all-powerful. Unless, the suffering is at the very least is being allowed by Him and at most, being done by Him as the Devil is a non-threat.

I still fully believe there is a God, but He is an evil, malicious bastard. I am certainly not the first to think so, the ancient Greeks for example, often thought of their Gods as cruel, petty and vindictive.


incredibly shallow opinion.

Man if you have a problem with the popes now, you should look up the previous ones.
>If He is all-knowing, then why doesn't He know so many people are suffering and abandoning Him and do something about it?
I'm sure tons of theologians have an answer for you.


File: 1603893274706.jpg (61.81 KB, 209x277, 209:277, Might_is_right.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My religious views are what is described in the book "Might Is Right", which is social darwinism and that morality is entirely subjective and malleable.

Those who impose their will determine what is moral and what is non-moral.


That's less religion and more politics/philosophy.


I used to call myself atheist, then I saw the kind of people who were calling themselves atheists in the internet, so I stopped doing that. Now I just say "I don't really believe in anything" when asked.


I am agnostic/deist depending on my mood. I do feel like it would be illogical if the world simply appeared out of nothing and there was nothing superior to humans in this world but at the same time, I of course have never received proof of such a thing's existence. I do strongly believe that if something like a god exists, that he would not be like the Abrahamic God who is very much concerned with human affairs but would rather be more something akin to an emotionless force of nature (such as gravity) that keeps the universe running in the background, so to speak. Some religions, like Shinto and certain sects of Hinduism, have such a view of God as well.

I do not practice any religion but the basic principles of Buddhism have always intrigued me because it resonates with my personal view on life. I have read books on various religions in the last 2 years after having been an atheist for my of life but then deciding that maybe there was more to life after all and Buddhism was the closest thing I got to finding something that clicked with me. Orthodox Buddhism is the only major religion that doesn't revolve around submitting to some evil deity and it acknowledges that human existence is pretty miserable and not some sort of gift.

I do think my past atheism was, just like for many other people, my younger self's attempt at rebelling against normalfag society but I kind of woke up from that illusion after seeing that most retarded normalfags nowadays are atheists as well.

You might want to read about Gnosticism.
That's very relatable.


File: 1603901159124.gif (1.21 MB, 300x214, 150:107, real tired of your shit Bl….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I won't describe myself as atheist, even though that's exactly what I am, because people I don't like also are atheist
For someone that thinks they have grown out of their rebellious juvenile self, you seem awfully contrarian.

Why is it so hard for people to be honest? I mean I get it, I've been like that too. But it's still just conforming to how others perceive you rather than being true to yourself.


File: 1603901378473.jpg (167.55 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, ClGxNJAVEAEDa5o.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>For someone that thinks they have grown out of their rebellious juvenile self
That has nothing to do with that, I just don't want to be associated with this kind of people.
Also I'm not even sure I'm an atheist, I'm probably closer to an agnostic.


We live inside God's computer


>I won't describe myself as atheist, even though that's exactly what I am, because people I don't like also are atheist
I literally am not atheist since I do not deny the possible existence of a god, thus I do not fit the definition.


>incredibly shallow opinion.
what do you expect? the entire thing is a non-issue perpetuated by the lot of you. the subject doesn't interest me and i don't feel the need to cling to any dogmas


No one forced you to come in here then. If the thread topic doesn't interest you, then why come in here and declare yourself so above it all?


it's my religious views. i just answered op and then defended my reasoning from someone. that's what everyone else is doing here, it shouldn't matter to you that it doesn't actually interest me


Taoism I agreed with the most, none of them really touched me in anyway though. Although I would be quite happy to become a monk or a hermit.

I do agree abrahamic religions tend to be less agreeable with people like me. But muslims are generally nice people despite what people say about them in my country. So I would say Islam sucked the most and eastern philosophy was the best although surprisingly compatible with christianity.


Taoism seems more like a philosophy than a religion. There's not really a higher power, but rather an intrinsic force of the universe, at least from my understanding.


File: 1603938195070.jpg (47.07 KB, 626x626, 1:1, 1603333047160.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on the interpretation, you could argue the "way" is a form of God. But yeah unless its the version where chinese people try to eat rhino horns and have spirit dragons its more a philosophy. Once I read Tao Te Ching and researched a couple stuff and heard some videos on it I became much less anxious and so seekful. I am yet to spend my time practicing many of the things I learnt in real life though. To me trying to live the Tao is almost living like you did in childhood. Im also less anxious about politics(my loser passtime I had, trying to quit), along with moderating some of my more unhealthy habits. I think Ill try learn drawing my instrument which I never play and live a bit simpler from now on. Mindfog is heavy at the moment.


I'm aware there are far worse popes, but the current one has highlighted the drift to me with all the headlines he's been getting.
>I'm sure tons of theologians have an answer for you.
I'm sure they do, but they are as often as infuriating as the non-answers in the Book of Job with their "Surely He is?".

That does seem interesting, better than the Deism I've been looking at. Any book recommendations?


>an intrinsic force of the universe
How is that not the same as a higher power exactly? I already said this in >>255972 but God doesn't have to be some sort of creature with a personality and emotions, which is what the Abrahamic faiths wants us to believe.
I haven't read much on it yet but I guess you could read the Gnostic texts that have survived into the modern age, like the Pistis Sophia.
This video is also a good summary of its doctrine.


I would rather God doesn't exist. That would explain so much suffering in the world. Otherwise if God exists and he created such an inbalanced and corrupt world, I feel scared. Maybe God is a programming dev and this universe is a beta buggy version of some sorts.


There are certain sects of Hinduism which don't believe or worship any deity and their feelings overlap a lot with that of atheists.


Ah, yes the universe being a mere simulation is a theory that has gained significant traction recently.


I know little about Taoism. Guess I should give some reading towards it. I haven't met any Taoist follower till now, hence was ignorant.


Taoists revere obedience to worldly authority, especially the State. If you want to try to practice Taoism correctly, keep that in mind.


I wouldn't describe myself as a taoist follower, I just take what I like from philosophies, and add my own experience and thoughts like open source. The idea that you have to follow a specific idea/philosophy is most of the time counter productive, like how some extreme communists and nationalists happily ignore genocide and their own weak points.

Personally I dont see whether the universe is a simulation or not really matters, Id prob take the blue pill/no pill in the matrix.


>Taoists revere obedience to worldly authority, especially the State
That really isn't the conclusion anyone who read the Tao Te Ching or the Zhuangzi text could come to.

I think you are confusing it with Confucian philosophy.


i’m an agnostic atheist though i suspect this is some type of simulation or lengthy dream within another and so on

thanks for asking


It absolutely is a horrifying thought, but all my life experiences and what I've read seems to point towards that. One belief from Deism is that God created the universe and then left it alone to go its natural course, so at best this evil, even if He is not directly involved, can be the result of God's apathy.

But this all being a simulation can be reassuring, as it could mean that this fake life is merely a test, that it is meant to be difficult so we can survive it and "win" whatever the prize is in the real life, i.e. Heaven/Paradise/etc.


I follow Jesus Christ but the Christian church is evil


>the Christian church
Which one?


he clearly means all organized churches


Did anyone else here have an Islamic upbringing?





Conservative christians can be a real pain in the butt but christianity as a religion has evolved for the better. It used to suck a lot in the middle ages what with all the wars done in its name but gladly it has largely reformed now.

That being said, I absolutely hate those Christian missionaries who go to third world countries to convert people from other religions to Christianity. Jesus would be ashamed of such cucks.


I am curious about your experience. Were you born in an Islamic household? If yes, could you share with use some of your experiences?


>but gladly it has largely reformed now.

Are you kidding? This new "roll over and die" form of christianity is responsible for half the problems the west is facing right now. christianity has become a weak religion for weak people, which stronger people will gladly use to their advantage.

And the fact you say something like "Jesus would be ashamed of such cucks" goes to show how ignorant you are of the bible. In fact, I'm beginning to suspect you are wanting christians to be weak and cucked.


Atheist, I accept consciousness is a mystery but anyone making claims about afterlife are full of shit. No one knows the answer.


Sounds more like agnostic if you accept that no one knows, cause that implicitly sounds like you accept that anyone could be right.


I was born in an Islamic household, but in a western country. So I kind of got raised in-between two different cultures/worldviews. Fortunately, my parents were a bit more westernized and less religious than most of their peers so I have spent most of my life never really practicing the faith without it causing too much tension. Although I do get criticized by my relatives in my parents' homeland for it.

I am not one of those people who got fed up with the religion because of extremism or whatever, I actually am a very conservative person and agree with many of the religion's views on social issues like feminism or homosexuality. I simply do not believe in it, it never gave me any sort of spiritual satisfaction nor did it give me the idea that I had found the meaning for human existence. In fact, for the short period of my life when I did believe in it, I felt more scared and depressed than anything else, since the god of the Quran is described as even more hateful and merciless than that of the old testament. I think genuinely believing in Islam would mean living in a constant state of intense fear of eternal hellfire. There's also the massive amount of stupid obligations like praying 5 times a day and fasting for a month. When I finally managed to leave it behind for good (I mean mentally), it felt like I was relieved of a heavy burden.

Leaving behind religion for good is more difficult when you are from an Islamic household than a Christian one, with the main reason of course being that Islam does not allow you to leave/deny it and many Muslims can get aggressive when one does become an ex-Muslim. I don't think you'd have to worry about getting killed or anything in a western country but I have read stories from others online who were beaten up or threatened with violence. However, I don't really care about telling Muslims my true views on religion since I don't feel that strongly about it so they just assume I am one of them.


the OTG would just as soon that ALL of you hominids are gone.
there is no life after this this is all that you get.
the bullshit of a soul and an afterlife has been used by control freaks/power mongers for 60,000 + years.
this is all that you get.
it is the most terrible lie and con job ever created.


Agnostic. No one knows what's behind reality as I/we see it. I'm willing to admit something is behind it, whether it be God, Allah, Zeus or some other god(s). I haven't had any huge personal spiritual awakening.

I know, I know, it's basically a "lol dunno" non-answer.


File: 1604544600143.jpg (33.25 KB, 773x613, 773:613, image0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I believe humanity
will realize individuality is futile and merge into one.
Like a legion.
It will happen in a way that is unexpected and it will happen fast.


Some will. Some will split off and become other things.


File: 1604546139045.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1467174684014.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you guys mean transhumanism and/or genetic editing? Would you get an "upgrade" that let you do normalfag tasks without any effort? If everyone got this upgrade then in that regard everyone has merged into one correct? Eventually the best "upgrades" would be found and then everyone would in fact be the same.

Or do you mean Evangelion style after man creates his own god?


I am ignorant of the Bible simply because i haven't read it. I was merely stating opinion which i will admit is moulded in a lot of ways by the mainstream society. I don't personally know any conservative Christians(they are a minority here),so I am unaware of their retardness.



I am glad that you shared your experience. The azaan thing is an issue, especially since they play it on a loudspeaker here :p. Leaving Islam is essentially a death sentence in many Muslim Majority countries.


Yeah, when I visit my parents' homeland, I absolutely despise hearing it. Actually, the horrible sound of everything related to Islam may have played a major role in me wanting nothing to do with it. At least Christians have actual music and church bells, which sound pleasant to the ear. Azaan sounds like a demon calling its soldiers to battle.

It sucks that you have to live over there but on the other hand, it's not like living in the west doesn't have any downsides either. At least people in Islamic countries aren't completely obsessed with sex (based on my own experiences).


Catholic. Not particularly good at it though, as I keep fapping and considering suicide. I haven't bothered arguing about religion on the internet for years, as at this point it seems like there are no more talking points left that I haven't refuted at least to my own satisfaction, which makes debate threads feel extremely repetitive and boring.


File: 1605028957667.jpg (13.19 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Used to be an atheist antinatalist Inmendham devotee, but the Holy Spirit comforted my soul and revealed to me my lowly condition in relation to the extreme rectitude of God. I posted about the experience on /wiz/ about a year ago, but at that point it had just happened and I had not researched anything yet to make sense of it. Wizzies told me that it was a phantasmagoria, but I have never before or since hallucinated as far as I can remember. My experience is proof to me that the Christian doctrine of Grace is pretty accurate. If you are honestly and open-mindedly seeking truth over pleasure, regardless of the dark realms of thought your quest leads you to, like it or not, the Holy Spirit may be sent your way to whisper in your ear as you sleep and turn your worldview upside-down.

I'm a gnostic (as in knowing, not the demiurge kind) panentheist now and still trying to figure out much.


Yes each country has its downsides just like all religions have had their share of low points. However sadly most religions improved to a certain extent but Islam(especially in Islamic countries) didn't.


i feel like spirituality without religion is the way to go but its such an impossible concept for normies they immediatly think you're christian


spirituality without religion is what is commonly called new age and it is very popular among 'normies'


i'm catholic and i enjoy it. granted religion isn't for everyone.


Well what else are you supposed to call yourself when you realize that spirits and gods are real but don't want to devote your soul to any of them?




christians call it being prideful


I am agnostic currently but i used to be christian.


Superstitious, probably. Spirituality is a meme term used by normals anyway, no reason to waste time with it.




How is it that God has an extreme rectitude?

How could possibly anyone think like that with sincerity without being a sadistic masochist?


apatheism probably


For every action an equal and opposite reaction throughout the whole electromagnetic spectrum and all the life, size, and time scales of the universe. Universal cause and effect, also known as karma, extreme rectitude, or the manifest, righteous judgement of God.
>How could possibly anyone think like that with sincerity without being a sadistic masochist?
When you suffer, God suffers with you. God feels all the pains and pleasures of this universe via our deepest selves: our uniform spirits or perceptors. I think this ties into the old mystery of the crucifixion. God is nailed onto material reality, suffering more than any one of us can imagine, yet also feeling all the love in the universe in all its forms, plus all the weird sensations and everybody's thoughts. S&M? I don't know; I guess you can project sexual stuff onto it if you want. From my current understanding, which I happily admit is not fully baked, God's mind would encapsulate all the sadists and sexual perverts, but would that make him one?


Life is an unjustifiable suffering but only the concept of God provides a potential to make it something other than it seems. Man deduces the necessity of God and the possibility of it. I don't have true faith or trust in any story of God, my relationship is contingent on his revealing a majesty that transforms reality so suffering is no longer coherent. I don't submit my aversion to the trust it is necessary or instrumental in human terms, it must be justified to me. The other theology is secondary. Knowing he would be a being of my same nature against suffering creates a psychological connection sometimes. I don't believe him to be a constant force in human experience.


There is no term for the dogma but these are the beliefs. I tried posting a thread about it but there was a issue with the server.

Cosomology: God, the first creator of the universe manifested spirits into existence. They physically augmented, experienced metaphysical phenomena which became archetypal. The first spirit he created was there to protect God; he would also act on the word of God until the first spirit created destroyed God and entered the process of a universal cleansing. To all other spirits, the first male and female spirits created (Arae and Lily) are the eldest brother and sister to all other spirits. When Arae became aware of God's crimes against creation, he destroyed him. The reason God/The first creator could be destroyed by his creation is because his creation has more value than God himself.

The Tenets;
Do not be aversive
Do not criticise unfairly
Do not be arrogant
Do not abuse
Do not respect punishment
Be compassionate
Be truthful

One I spoke to mentioned the similarity between Arae and Mahavishnu, and this is because they share the same spirit: Arae is the reincarnation of Mahavishnu. However, he is also the reincarnation of countless others including Napoleon Bonaparte, Ghandi, Budai, and so on.


Suffering is unjust and wrong regardless of existence of god


So you are just normalfag


why would you adhere to a thought system where you would be irremediably at the bottom off. Literally every normalfag would be more moral according to you simply because they can impose their normalfagotry, and i am even giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are even a wizard to begin with


That is why there's a need of a god concept. God does not justify suffering in our experience of time, nor in our language or minds. Suffering to us is unjust and wrong. He must show the world as something other than it is. The concept of a god outside of time, as a force outside creation, allows the impossible.

'God will not unite all of history’s many strands in one great synthesis, but will judge much of history false and damnable; that he will not simply reveal the sublime logic of fallen nature but will strike off the fetters in which creation languishes; and that, rather than showing us how the tears of a small succubus suffering in the dark were necessary for the building of the Kingdom, he will instead raise her up and wipe away all tears from her eyes – and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor any more pain, for the former things will have passed away and he that sits upon the throne will say, ‘Behold, I make all things new.”'


I hate most religions. They are literally mind-control garbage, they were designed for the exact purpose of brainwashing people into peaceful and harmless sheep who can live together in society. People shill Buddhism usually here and I remember I looked up some buddhist text online and the first lines that hit me in the face were something like this: "The man who thinks "these people treated me badly, robbed me, wronged me, etc" is a fool"…yeah, fuck off. I instantly closed my browser in that instant. I don't need some collectivist brainwashing, thank you very much.
"Don't hate others!"
"Don't fight back!"
"Accept society and its rules and norms, even if they are total bullshit!"
"Share what you have with others!"
"Value the community more than yourself!"
I don't need this shit. I have fixed ideas about what I value and no religious or esoteric mumbojumbo will change that. I value my freedom, well-being and individuality above everything else.

The only characters I can sympathize with in the lore and stories of religions are usually the "villains", the selfish demons, gods or humans. The heroes, like Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad usually come off as smug little pretentious assholes. The Devil, Mara, Loki, the trickster or morally questionable characters are much more realistic to me.
I like the ancient, dyonisian type of pagan religions and the witches, wizards and satanists of the middle age the most.


Not him, but please don't think that everyone here is a pathetic cuck with no self-respect whatsoever.
You are at the bottom in moral societies, wizzies. Wake up. Wizards can't live in society. We are too individualistic to conform to the ethics, morals and laws of the normal community. In an anarchy, where might makes right, at least I could fight back and if I lost it would be because of my own weakness, not because I'm morally or otherwise considered improper by the community.

Social darwinism is actually pretty wizardly. It just means anything goes. Free-play.


no it isnt. if a father beats his son until he has good values and then he doesnt go to hell, then that was a just thing and good.


Suffering is the result of Evil. Evil is not the result of Suffering. If you experience Suffering it simply means that there is Evil in your life that must be excised.


Your example stinks. If you beat someone until he has "good values" then he most likely will just end up pretending to accept your values and secretly hating you and your values even more. You can't make people accept values with violence. You only reinforce the "might makes right" concept by this.


Might makes right is legitimate though.


We do live in a might-makes-right world though and there is no escape.


What makes might though?


I've been irreligious ever since I got to hear what the other side had to say, so a couple of years after I got to use the internet. There is no mistaking, religion is a superimposed mental illness on otherwise perfectly sane and normal people and it cannot survive without institutional oppression of irreligious views.

Though it would be unfair to say I see no merits in it, of course it has some, virtues and absension from vices for example but it shouldn't go beyond that. Nobody should be ostracized for apostacy or burned for "witchery" but there is no middle road with religious people, they will launch a systematic oppression on you the moment they are the majority and will go as far as dictating what you should and shouldn't do in your private life.


Causality, which is a function of God.


Then there is no point in the father trying to give "good values" to the son in our example. After all, if the son can beat up his dad then he is right, not his father.

Might makes right is legitimate for animals and stupid people at most.


might makes right was the argument of Trasimacus in Plato's republic and he got absolutely btfo by Socrates


Socrates's inane babby's first big thinks are getting absolutely BTFO by reality every day.


There are universal truths and morals. Life is a battleground where we are put in order to practice self-denial, charity and kindness on others. Wake up.


I'm an athiest.
Not spiritual in the least.
I think if there's a universal truth and humanity matters in the cosmic grand scheme of things, it's going to be something self-evident. Religion that relies on revelation from an outside sources that can't be independently and internally verified is a product of hucksters and conmen. My reasoning being that such a method of providing humanity with the truth about the nature of existence is way too inefficient a method to employ and extremely vulnerable to distortion and/or outright lies. A super intelligent, cosmic, and supernatural being would have to be incredibly limited in their means if they resorted to such a method.


File: 1608661424446.png (37.02 KB, 758x544, 379:272, orcus.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm thinking about starting a new religion. I know how that sounds but listen. It's called 'cult of the immured little brothers' and it's centered around social isolation and escapism. The most religious idea of this new religion or cult, is its eschatological premise. It proposes that the end times are ever present and in fact it already happened and will continue to happen. We're always at the end times, the world already ended and continues to end. This is more of an after fact explanation for the feelings of wanting to have nothing to do with the world and the feeling of desolation, despodency and melancholy. This eschatology propose that those feelings of repulsion about the world is because the world is already a rotting corpse so to speak, and keeping away from it is the only healthy option left.

There are no gods but there are personifications of a few key ideas, just to illustrate and make things easier to understand. Emotions like solitude, apathy, anhedonia, concepts like emptiness and fantasy, attitudes like detachment and escapism all would have personifications and imagery. If you want to worship some of those key figures, you can but it's not necessary of course.

Maybe I would turn into one of those mystery religions where you only get the full eschatological tenets of the immured little brothers after some odd initiation. That would be a nice time waster I guess.


People will generally only believe something if there is a historic basis for it, or if you're a charismatic cult figure.
You're proposing a larp. Maybe you should find an existing religion and reinterpret it for your own goals like all the other prophets and religious leaders.


File: 1608663010296.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1700x3650, 34:73, Erik_Satie_-_BNF1_(croppe….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>You're proposing a larp.
I was dreading it would look like that. Clearly I'm not a charismatic cult figure so my only way out is to find a historical figure and work those ideas around it.

Originally I was thinking more on the lines of Erik Satie's invented religion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Church_of_Art_of_Jesus_the_Conductor and how I'm already following the ideas I expressed on my previous post. Maybe pretending it's a mystery religion is too ridiculous and larpy, more than the rest of it I mean.

Maybe I should appeal to waifuists, those guys know how to take escapism to a ridiculous extreme.


I would say agnostic, one of the few goals I have in life is to discover a philosophy and religious system that I can agree with completely. But I'm not there yet.


Ignosticist or maybe apatheist.

I was raised as a Catholic, went to a Catholic highschool. Learnt absolutely nothing meaningful to my life from it.

I'd rather read philosophy or literature than religious-ish books, with few exceptions. Music and literature taught me way more about life, existence, morals, meaning etc than Catholicism.


me too really, learning history also lets you in on how hipocritical and bullshit the whole church tradition is and how it has been more of a force of harm than good. Protestants are an even bigger joke and is impossible for me to take that stuff seriously in any way.

I am really tipping my fedora or insulting people but i never found any comfort or anything i seek in religion , i don't see it as particularly enlightening or inspiring to read religious authors, and i have tried, i see it more like a social control mechanism whose excuses make it easier for normal people to conform with, i would prefer people not bludgeoning others witht their faith or lack off and not to dehumanize people for not conforming to their particular belief system, same with politics, i am also very agnostic when it comes to that, i think politics and religion are normalfag obssesions


File: 1609712777171.png (164.96 KB, 504x743, 504:743, nnht.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


>especially christianity since we live in a westernised world
thats the source of most problems now days
regardless, being a hardhat atheist is just resentment
the funniest thing is when they all against religion and they get asked
"k, and what are YOU living for mate?"
"um, my own personal goals and happiness"
and they think thats somehow more rational
i belive in no gods, but i accept that clinging into life by the skin on my teeth is a sort of religion
>"meditations" book was logically flawed
yeah, you gotta realize that at the level of belives logic is not base ground cause logic cannot logically justify it self, eh?
not yet friend, i dont know when the end is, but its coming fast
>muh neither do we, but for some reason we find great pleasure attacking anything that suggests there could be one
would say every "sceptic" ever
cause wizzy likes every question he gets asked asshole
i doubt so
answare this one tho; is there anything wrong with being full of shit?; and no, not objectively, i wanna hear your feelings
correct you megajew
thats not how god works
good to see someone this enlighted
i dont think bionic updating will get far before the singularity
>spirituality without religion
>every action an equal and opposite reaction
pure cope really
technically correct
how the fuck do you make a group thats main goal is independence of people?
thats like the jewish kinship paradox


Pretty reasonable, it's great to see an atheist that isn't reddit-brand like most.
>thats the source of most problems now days
The Christian counter-argument to this is that the fall of modern western society was due to post-Enlightenment values that destroyed the "spiritual" basis for mankind and civilization.


File: 1609723387697.pdf (669.44 KB, 1909arcaneteaching.pdf)

I agree with most of what Atkinson wrote, except I don't believe in moralistic karma.


youre not wrong. it is a form of control. you enforce some moral code on others regardless of if you personally follow it. just one more way for monkeys to maintain a hierarchy.
that being said, most christians around me are timid. quiet and non- confrontational. definitely not all, plenty of posers who only wax about it for masturbatory purposes. i find that is a problem with any form of spirituality, even incoherent new-age hippie-types.


yeah, not realising that christian values are a direct result of christianity, which is a direct result of judaism


*modern values are a direct result of christianity
sorry, i had too much to drink


Another Christianity = Judaism post. I hate the fact that "Judeo-christianity" became a word. It originally refered to the lore of the intersection and interactions between early Jews and Christians(which was always oppositional) and now erroneously equates judaism and christianity.
Here's a comment chain in another thread where wizards argue over that topic.
If you want to know why Christianity and Judaism are not even close to similar you have to read. The only intersection between the two is that they're monotheistic and they share what Xtians call the "Old Testament" and see as an archaic book of stories and guideline on what God views as good or evil, and the other views it as a meticulous historical record and book of unquestionable law.


Unbroken link


File: 1609875427364.jpg (26.76 KB, 300x300, 1:1, shimako.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Instead of boring people at some point it's easier, and probably more truthful, to say I'm just an Anglican. There's no use trying to escape it.

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