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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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So did any burgers here actually vote? I didn't.


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Election day is November 3rd.


>two boys saying they want to get married
>shoe-horning in racism

wew lad. Explains some of the militant left zoomers, I guess.


The animation somehow got even worse and so did the color scheme.
Wait this is the politics thread and not the cartoon thread.
Using children's shows to virtue signal is pretty shitty I guess.
I mean it is par for the course when it comes to SU they usually have been much better about not being so on the nose.
Maybe all the identity politics is making everyone involved dumber.
They should instead just focus on making their show less shit.


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Wow this is so hard.


you can mail in before that.


I tried that, but you need someone else to sign it too, so I just tossed mine away.


The post office union endorsed Joe Biden. No way I trust them with my vote. All they need to do is 'lose' a few ballots in red voting districts.


>caring this much about putting a piece of paper into a box


Your bank account is also just paper in a box. Mind if I have all yours then?


i can trade that paper for goods and services… for now, lol


If this question was about the right to life, I'd agree that it's not a debate, but taking a human life just for fun? It's mass murder. And it's not like they're taking lives to save others, or to prevent a worse fate. No, for every baby they kill, another 2 will be born. So many people claim to believe in "population control" yet are completely against any measures that would actually achieve it.

Think here, folks. No babies are being killed for having sex or whatever other excuse you can come up with. When a mother gets pregnant, the first thing she does is try to kill the child. Because that's what the baby is. A potential life. And banning abortion? Well that's just playing right into their hands. It's like a band-aid; you remove the issue temporarily and they just use another issue and drill it into your head that it's perfectly acceptable to kill children. No one has the right to kill another human being. Before you can even begin to discuss anything else, you must first establish that.

Plus, if everyone had the freedom to choose for themselves, there would be an explosion of population. No one in their right mind would want to live in a world like that.

Sorry if this was a very long answer. I'll try to make it shorter for the next one.


Social Darwinism would fix this. succubi would be a lot less willing to be whores if they knew that there was no daddy government to support them with welfare after they pump out 6 kids. Let the animals starve in the gutter, if you feed them and let them breed they'll overrun every facet of society as we see them doing now.


wtf are you even trying to say? I have no idea.



Weird people only now care about voter fraud cause of mail in ballots, what about all the vote counters and staff and rigged voting machines that Israel can no doubt have the hacking power to hack and probably hack like they do everything (plus china)



Poland is the test pilot for US banning abortion, America is gonna get browned and poverty'd so fast, of course Republicans will happily tell you that the browning of America doesn't exist like Ben Shapiro, and you should be charitable and adopt a black baby like Amy coney barrett, at least we stopped a few border crossers I guess



This will just never ever happen, ever just as it never has. Society is always just a conflict between the poor and the rich and the poor and anyone who supports them will revolt.

Amy Coney Barrett and Trump are gonna brown you with nonabortion whether you like it or not.


>Society is always just a conflict between the poor and the rich
I found commie poster.


Good read: http://textfiles.com/politics/abortion.txt

Abortions are legal for the same reason that beer is legal.



>mail in votes are good for dem
>mail in votes are good for rep
God this is tiring.


>little white boy, taller black kid
>let's get married!

Cartoons are trash, western media should not be allowed.


I found it really strange how they frame it as an advertisement, then pull back the advertisement facade, only for it to play out exactly like the advertisement would have anyway.



No I just read basic Aristotle


>One thing is bad therefore all other things are bad

Let's not get carried away with overly simplistic thinking.



>militant left

I mean, Stalin put gays in re-education camps so…


>Maybe all the identity politics is making everyone involved dumber.

I'm pretty sure that's the intended purpose. Keeping the working class divided and retarded.


>implying this has anything to do with the working class

This is some upper-middle class people who don't have real problems kind of bullshit.


lol it is him!


File: 1604015022006.jpg (357.7 KB, 1932x945, 92:45, 122762033_1016424035671524….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is there an argument against this? Is there a way for me to tell leftists that weak people dying is actually a good thing?


But the places where the poor starve are run by leftist though.

I mean look at Venezuela or the Democratic republic of the Congo. Socialist and the poor starve.

Then look at a country such as the US. The poor have such access to food that the poor of that country suffer a obesity problem. People don't starve in developed nations with modern market driven economies. Meanwhile left ideas regarding resource management always lead to shortage and starvation.


How many people actually die in developed countries from starvation? If all the homeless people were indeed starving, their numbers wouldn't be going up and they sure wouldn't be able to afford drugs and alcohol.


>Is there an argument against this?
Of course, first of, in those countries people also starve to death, the government giving them some food now and then doesn't stop that. Second, I'd bet whatever you want that there's way less poverty in America than in any 3rd world country. I live in Argentina, the government gives handouts like there's no tomorrow, and guess what, people still starve and out poverty percentage is like 50%.
You have to be extremely dumb to think socialism is good after what it has done to every single place where it was implemented.
I don't think Sanders is dumb, though, I just think he's a huge hypocrite. "Eat the rich, but not me though!".


The left is Eugenics in disguise.


On the Cairo Population and Development united nations conference, it was stated that countries had to gradually convert their media to indoctrinate the population in to accepting gender ideology, this was in 1994 and by 2025 EVERY piece of media should have this ideology represented as normal.

Guess what country did not agree, as always Japan is left on its own devices to do what they want.

I dont know the reasons but I can infer that it has something to do with white families leaving a negative environmental and economic impact bigger than an entire African Village, so they must need to be culled.


File: 1604036556282.gif (3.03 KB, 201x233, 201:233, f.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I dont know the reasons


File: 1604061036474.png (1.41 MB, 795x1175, 159:235, 1603997816569.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just voted. Who did wizards vote for?


What the fuck is wrong with Australia and their retarded censorship problems?

They have banned all hentai, in the process of banning most anime and manga, have a long history of banning normal video games, bans fuck tons of books every year, etc.
But they are totally cool with stuff like Cutties.


any americans know when we find out who wins the president seat?



Voting Trump of course.
Haven't done it yet since my state doesn't have in-person early voting.


why don't you vote for the green party or that libertarian succubus? instead of the normie parties?


you aren't gonna find out on november 3rd, they've been talking for months about how the tally won't be final until like late december because of mail-in ballots from millions of people in doomvirus quarantine and the democrats manufacturing "controversy" about a trump win and taking it to the courts


File: 1604108342065.jpg (109.61 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, do-not-reuse-Bad-Bunny-che….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish Cuties II was more risky and cool, and had a bigger budget, like 20 times bigger budget:

The year is 2235, the white race is almost extinct, but not everything is good news, an alien mothership lands over Puerto Rico and from there, shorty big booty aliens challenge earth in a twerking "Perreo intenso" tournament, the price? the whole planet. Only team C.U.T.I.E.S can stop them from conquering earth, an heroic elite Puerto Rican team of elementary and middle school mulatto succubi enhanced by genetic engineering to have the most killer moves will shatter the earth's core with intense booty shakes and non stop action.

Feat Bad Bunny as himself as an Androis and Chester Cheetah as "el Presidente"


What do you see in him?


File: 1604110551611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.27 KB, 600x773, 600:773, with jews you always lose.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Voting is pointless.


It's really sad when you try so hard to be funny.


The problem with most "solutions" to the problem of communist ideology is that, no matter how good they may be, they are bound to be temporary at best.

these temporary solutions range from education programs that attempt to show the people of the true horrors of life under a communist system to crackdowns on major communist organizations that attempt to indoctrinate a new generation of followers to the terrible and brutal nature of the soviet system.

whether these measures work or not is hard to tell, but one thing is certain, and that is if the U.S. or any other country attempts to stop the spread of communist ideology, it will not be with more of the same because history has shown time and time again that it doesn't work.

the only way to truly get rid of this cancer is to cut off the head of the snake, in other words, to get rid of the dictators that currently run the show and allow the people to take power through free elections.

for too long the people of America and the free world as a whole have been at the mercy of ruthless dictators that have no love for this country or anything else for that matter. it's time we change that.

the first step in doing this is to recognize and admit that these dictators do exist, and that they are a threat that needs to be dealt with, not ignored or placated.

next, we need to start supporting and funding media groups and other organizations that are willing to fight against these dictators. there are plenty of organizations that are willing to criticize and fight against these dictatorships. the problem is that most of them are either funded by the west or even run by westerners. the problem is that for whatever reason the west is fond of supporting these dictators, but when it comes to fighting them, they are reluctant to get involved.

it is up to the people of the west to take on this moral obligation to fight against tyranny, for if we don't then who will?

the dictators will continue to spread, leaving a trail of broken, scarred and enslaved nations in their wake.

if this should happen, the repercussions will be far-reaching and could even reach into the western hemisphere. who is to say that some obscure petro-state ideology won't take root?

it is better that the west fights now so that we don't have to fight later.


You are going to need to define your terms due to how much language has been degrade it and it being obvious that you aren't using the standard definition of things in order to be vague.

Stop trying to be clever and just talk straight or I will assume the worst, being that you are just another idiot that wants mass slaughter in the name of some greater good or vision of paradise.


freedom is the common denominator that brings people together. whether it is in the united states or any other western nation, freedom is the very thing that holds us all together and allows people of different walks of life to interact and trade with each other.

even though the U.S. has undergone a massive transformation where political parties not only disagree on certain issues, but now see each other as mortal enemies, the concept of freedom still exists.

however, the freedom that we have in the west is only possible because of our involvement in other parts of the world.

this is an issue that many in the U.S. don't want to address, but it is something we as a nation have to continue to fight for the rest of the world. if we stopped, then who is going to fight for our right to have freedom?


durrhurrr gommunisms BAD, capitalism freemdom democracy gives FREEDOM and everyone knows murika #1 freedom democracy™ *fires you for freedom of speech*
*deplatforms you*
*blocks you from all financial services*
*sends antifa to murder you in the street*

>freedom is the common denominator that brings people together.

A cold war platitude that wasn't true even back then. Btw, why are you trying to resurrect a dead ideological battle here? The "free world"™ is imploding into totalitarianism and chaos and you're talking about the soviet union.


File: 1604176106213.png (122.47 KB, 1050x670, 105:67, jVy7E.png) ImgOps iqdb



doesn't matter, the 1%ers and their useful idiots are just gonna launch the post-election riots they planned and somehow force trump out, they literally "gamed" that scenario in some think tank and it leaked out to the public a while ago but they're gonna run with it anyway and don't give a damn who knows


Anti-commuism is the most important issue of our time. It is a global and existential phenomenon. If we don't stop this poison, the world will become a giant mass grave.


The battle between the ridiculous ideologies of pyschopathic pretend-equality/love/tolerance "marxist" "communism" and pretend-peace/love/tolerance globalist plutocracy. And both are zionist somehow. :^) The very brief bubble of greater overall world happiness will pop and a new era of human suffering will become the permanent fate of humankind.


You sound like one of those reactionaries



are you a normal human being?


I'm an apprentice wizard, make your own guess.


Fascism is bad because it destroys the joy and beauty of art. It requires people to be dull and lifeless. Every single artist I know who is a " TRUE " artist hates fascism.


You wizards ready for the internment camps?


What's this in /pol/ about hunter Biden's dick pictures? Is this another schizo bullshit again?


File: 1604244262740.jpg (44.94 KB, 500x433, 500:433, 1546118351099.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

r/T_D redditors were trolled into looking at pictures of cock for an entire week. /pol/ is truly dead.


Drumpf btfo


All right, so can anyone here explain to me why should social outcasts/outsiders like us care about society and its affairs? In other words, why do you guys care about politics? As a wizard I find it absolutely futile to participate in any kind of it. The only exceptions I can think of are radical ones, like if your government wants to take away your bux or welfare, or it wants to ban anime or other entertainment you enjoy.


I'm a FUCKING loser with no shot at an ok future. But I still have passion about my country. The left wing/right wing divide is a pile of bullshit. It's the same bullshit as religious war. Workers vs. Monopolists, vs. the rich! We all fucking need to get along! If not for love of country, then at least for the love of humanity!


Has anyone here grown more depressed and hopeless about the future after starting to take interest about news or politics? I'm considering just cutting it out and pretending that my country and the world isn't corrupted and cucked beyond saving.


well you just answered yourself


Politics aren't about yourself or what you can get for yourself, it's about your country and what you can do for your country.
The reason countries are so shit today is because the people vote just to get for themselves gibsmedats, reparashuns, money, privileges, ostracization of their enemies, and "rights" to be more degenerate. They don't have a higher vision for their country or the world besides "I want myself and to a lesser extent others to have more arbitrary freedom and free stuff". Their conception of politics is "my vote goes in, money comes out", and they justify this vicious thinking with "I pay taxes so I should recieve that money back!!" Taxes are for the benefit of the State, and then the State uses that money to benefit not the just the people living today, but all future generations of citizens of the country. A vicious people would vote to cut down an apple tree, burn its wood for warmth, and eat its apples for themselves. A virtuous people would vote to leave the tree for the people of the future, they would plant the apples into the ground, and live on grass in the cold. People today are vicious and think not of their country but themselves.


Because socialist/collectivist policies necessitate eliminating the moral legitimacy and sovereignty of the individual, forcing us to come into interaction with and pay tribute to the normalfag horde against our will. Therefore it is in our own best interest to aid in the opposition of hivemind collectivism in all of its forms; and it is currently taking the form of feminized SJW socialism.


>a major health crisis that has caused untold suffering to people directly affected
lol these people are still trying to convince people to be afraid of the flu


yes the reaction has been much worse than the disease tbh


Watched earlier today.

I do agree with the conclusion that many of the things Trump wants to do would be better economically then Joe's plan but it would all come down to the house and Congress composition to determine if any progress on either side would be made.


the cdc admitted they're ordering hospitals to count every death as a doomvirus death if the test shows the thing in the person's system regardless of how he, she or it dies, and 99% of the alleged deaths are from common injuries or pre-existing terminal conditions, they even counted a few suicides iirc, it's all such a fucking hoax, then you have countries like sweden and belarus who didn't take any measures, not one, not even masks or travel restrictions, and nobody died, and the media refuses to even mention them

the whole thing is part of a plot the 1%ers hatched in response to the trend of populism that started in 2016 with things like brexit and trump's election to say fuck you peasants for getting up your hind legs, watch us crash your economies and steal all your capital then accelerate our ultimate plan for neo-feudalism

saw this good article on dailystormer today btw https://dailystormer.su/archbishop-writes-open-letter-to-your-favorite-president-warning-of-great-reset-globalist-plot/


Hmm, you're right.
We should enact laws to prevent all preventable deaths. We should ban casual sex and homosexual sex that transfer diseases, unhealthy foods that may cause heart disease, walking out in the sun which causes melanoma, and perhaps a ban on all human contact would be a good thing too- the flu and other diseases combined still kill millions. If it's easily preventable it should be prevented, no? I think it's time we just banned gluten, carbohydrate, and fat heavy foods. Imagine all the millions of lives that could be saved from heart disease and diabetes.
Freedom doesn't matter. What matters is preventing deaths. We can't let some bozos impose their bad habits of carb-eating on their children, that would be terrible and result in obesity and death. Same with homosexual sex. Yeah yeah, some people may like it but lots of people have died from HIV and we could cut deaths by about 80 or so percent which is quite good. It's not for YOUR sake, it's for the sake of the people that will be affected by your actions.
Freedom is evil. Freedom causes death.


even if you want to believe those hoaxed numbers, there's still the fact that those would be normal flu season numbers and far short of the millions dead your high priest fauci was prophesying, so why are you people so excited? and what about sweden and belarus? according to you people the plague should've wiped them out instead of doing absolutely nothing to them

I wanna hear your weak rationalization for why sweden is still perfectly healthy amidst the "pandemic" because know-it-all fauci sure the hell hasn't provided one


File: 1604306639879.jpg (55.96 KB, 900x600, 3:2, laugh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Complains about drumpf doing nothing about Covid deaths
>hold up you fucking chud psychopath, I didn't say anything about laws.
>I didn't say anything about laws.
I love this place.
Where did you come from by the way? Was it a link from a meme or something?


File: 1604308404227.jpg (156.5 KB, 1369x1183, 1369:1183, da.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The image is only floating on twitter and reddit, with some appearances on random NPC websites. The specific image seems to come from TheMajorityReport or WayOfTheBern reddit subs where that image is posted with reference to "death cult" as is in his file name. This is just too good to be true.
It's okay buddy, just take your anxiety and anti-psychotic meds and go back to reddit. Perhaps post after trauma therapy and deep breathing exercises. Good luck bud!


parroting fauci doesn't make you right, if there were 300,000 "excess deaths" from your shitty mythical virus then all the hospitals would've been packed to the gills, the hospitals that were closed off to everyone except emergencies and (non existent) corona patients, and the complicit mass media would have photographs of it to wave in our faces, instead all we have are tiktok videos of hospital staff goofing off because there's nobody going in there, let alone 300,000 nobodies

no more faith based arguments please,
explain sweden and belarus now


>apparently a libertarian
go home chump


I don't listen to trump or take my news at face value like you, I trust what I see and I don't see the mass deaths you claim. I see empty hospitals and a major country in europe that you refuse to fucking address and none of the liars on bill gates' payroll can explain. >>256242 Another faith based argument. You can call a bunch of bodies "corona deaths" and dump them together but that doesn't prove they died of the disease. Why should anyone believe these liars who are deliberately adding motorcycle accident victims and suicides to their official death toll, won't stage a holohoax-esque mass burial to stoke the propaganda?

please explain why sweden and belarus are magically immune to the doomvirus please


I don't believe it's a hoax. The dead are mostly old and sick and on their way out, that's how it goes. The so-called first world, especially europe, is aging dramatically, such things are to be expected.

The only way this freakout would be justified is if there were suspicions that this thing can be a lot more harmful long term even for healthy people.


>>256244 (me)

and please spare me the sentimentalist spiel "what if your parents got sick???"


>well unlike you and the capitalist ruling class telling you to die for the economy, most normies have old family that they care about and for them freakout is justified.
lol, this crisis is already making the ultra rich even richer. it's mostly small business owners getting fucked, although some of them probably do deserve it, but that's another matter.
nobody's eternal, that's something one has to come to terms with. people back then would have shrugged it off as a fact of life and gone on with their daily lives.
this is politically incorrect, but one of the underlying issues with this "crisis" is the unsustainability of abysmally low birth rates and the fact that such a large proportion of the population in developed countries is so old. I keep seeing morons wondering how come africa is seemingly relatively unaffected by it, although it can't be denied that cases are probably undetected, the fact that most countries over there are significantly younger than in europe might be a reason, no?

>The rate of killing young people is much lower, but 1%'s happen all the time.

the death rate for the young is negligible, you're just fear mongering with that made up number.

>Also Sweden is not fine, they have been one of the worst affected countries because they haven't been doing shit about it

true, but you have to look at the average age of the deceased, which is in the 70s if not 80s. sucks for the families but again: no one lives forever.
as for conformity of the population the same can be said of every other people on earth. there are countries where it's the opposite: discussing the bleeding heart overly moralising discourse is what's going to get you into trouble. for instance in my country whenever sweden is brought up it's with utter disdain, I remember on tv they would show that swedish succubus whose elderly father had passed from covid in a nursing home, and she lamented how he could have been saved had there been a severe lockdown, and that it's the fault of the selfish folks who didn't want to stop going to the pub for a while. disgusting propaganda.


What a load of crap. A country or the State isn't anything holy, it is made up of normals 99% who bully social outcasts and others who aren't like them. Why should I care about the common good? It is nonsense. I take what I can get, I leech as much as I can and let the rest of the world go fuck itself. Future generations can suck my balls, they will be irritating norms too just like their parents.

The right-wing is just as much hivemind collectivism as the left. It is all about who is the biggest normal in my eyes. Your average /pol/poster isn't different a single bit from your average sjw, he isn't an individual, he is a sheep just like leftists who parrots the bullshit that his group thinks is the ultimate truth.


I voted :^)


Shop owners are boarding up their stores in DC because a group is planning to riot in DC if Trump wins. There is a wall being built around the white house as well. This shit is absurd. What the hell has Trump possibly done to motivate people to terrorize the city?


that's so scary, I almost want biden to win just because I don't want to get attacked by crazed lunatics, I don't really care who wins but I've seen some real deranged trump haters out there it's pretty crazy


It's all bullshit fearmongering. Trump claims the left is gonna riot if he wins, and Biden claims that trump supporters will riot if he wins. My mother lives in california and she's afraid that people will riot where she is when trump wins. It's fucking ludicrous.


It isn't fear mongering for DC.


I don't know why the government isn't treating these people like terrorists, because that is what they are.


Top glowpost of the day


>Sweden is not fine, they have been one of the worst affected countries because they haven't been doing shit about it and from what I've read there hasn't been much public coverage of this in Sweden because they have a culture of conformity and anyone speaking up about it has faced harsh condemnation
you're just making shit up
you really hate to be wrong so much, grow up


Quit feeding the retard, he's unironically linked an article that references a study that outright states they aren't including most left-wing attacks like the ICE Center bombings. He's just trying to rile people up.


>What the hell has Trump possibly done to motivate people to terrorize the city?
he beat hillary in 2016
the shitlibs were set to go into end-game mode with clinton as president and kill off what's left of murika for their nigger kike faggot utopia and they view trump as having ruined that


>links to conspiracy neo-nazi website stating conspiracies and obviously fake news
Fuck off shill. Daily stormer is a respected media establishment. They won a Pulitzer prize for their story on Greta Thunbergs sexual development and breasts : https://dailystormer.su/greta-thunberg-is-now-17-years-old-and-still-breastless/


how much is a plane ticket to sweden??? it must cost a million dollars

I don't see why else our COVID CULT mass media are not flying to "the worst affected country" to cover the sprawling graveyard of horror it has become


Oh no a femoid acting scared! I'm ridin' with biden now!

Where do you think you are, shill?


File: 1604362630596.jpg (37.99 KB, 298x390, 149:195, .jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have never seen anyone so upset over other people participating in elections. This time must be very hard for you.


What kind of response is that? Take a look at news sometime - plenty of people are extremely upset that someone would participate in an election, so long as they aren't voting for the side the observer is on.


File: 1604367850794.png (101.3 KB, 229x269, 229:269, .png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh, that's so dirty, what gave him away?


>fuck voting
>voter suppression is the chuds bread and butter

you truly are a master of doublethink


I think he's funny. Definitely doing it for free, can't imagine anyone paying for such a sloppy job.



I don't care what politically motivates a terrorist attack, it shouldn't be allowed. Like seriously, people who intend on protesting by blocking roads should be arrested.



>left side: People just showing off things they love

right side: people literally ready to go out and kill people

Yeah, totally the same, my dude.


This image appears on reddit, imgur and one twitter account. Outsider.
Just stop replying, he's just a troll. He's posting links to articles that run contrary to the posts he's making, he's posting images only found on a single board on reddit, and making absolutely ludicrous comparisons. He's taking the piss out of you guys and I commend him.


How do you reconcile voting conservative as a NEET when conservatives only value you for your labour and reciprocity to society and their end goal is literally to slowly take away your bux and make you rely on "charity" aka family or begging/soup kitchens etc. with maybe a handful of extra bux if you get a job and pay some taxes or do free labour for them, and worst case the fascists take over and put you in workshy camps with the Jews like Hitler did (and I know there are a lot of pro-hitler wizards in this thread who suck his dick) and before anyone says the word immigration, I know how capitalism and right wingers needs and thrives on immigration, and love outsourcing


Not all conservatives are the same. More importantly, the end goal of voting should not be "what can I get from this". A person can knowingly make a vote that will negatively affect their lifestyle but which they believe will benefit to the nation or to others. If you are voting purely based off of what can benefit you, you're no different from rich oligarchs voting for what benefits them personally(which happens to be exploiting the poor in most cases).


Conservatives love bux because their base is old people.

Also American conservatives and fascist couldn't be farther apart. American conservatives probably still jerk off to their granddad's stories of defeating the fascist and securing their ideal American conservative lifestyle.


Communist burning down more minority churches in Philly


File: 1604411727213.png (346.79 KB, 750x608, 375:304, image0 (19).png) ImgOps iqdb

one day before election


biden will win



File: 1604412822930.png (850.12 KB, 750x879, 250:293, unknown (17).png) ImgOps iqdb

trump will win if he wins texas/florida/pennsylvania


doubt he'll winn penn


its also possible for him to win if joe loses one more state


Just got back from voting Trump.

Also I didn't recognize any of the local judges who were on the ballot so I just voted to fire the females and keep the males.


Socialism is collectivist which is antithetical to wizardry and aims to destroy individual sovereignty. Biden is much closer to socialism than Trump and Trump at least supports policies like gun rights, which are necessary for self-ownership, and less government theft and personal regulation (Joe wants a national mask mandate, for example), so Trump is really the obvious choice for people who want to keep their freedom to be outsiders and recluses.


Biden bros I just got back from voting and all I saw was tall muscular Trump chads at the booth. I think we fucking lost


Bong here. Between Trump and Biden, I'd rather have Trump. Biden never looks like he's all there, which is dangerous for a president. Plus I loath left-wing policies like turning kids into trannies and guilty-until-innocent for rape accused, both of which I've seen Biden support. And what starts in America always infects Europe eventually, so I hope Biden doesn't win. Having said that, I know the media and social media hate Trump, but going off them and the polls, it doesn't look like Trump will win.


File: 1604419584387.webm (2.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1598012140324.webm) ImgOps iqdb

biden already lost, you don't see a single liberal voting anymore

trump will remain president in office until Jan 21 irregardless of who wins which might send the country into civil war though


> which might send the country into civil war though
I honestly hope so. Also, webm unrelated?


They can't really reconcile these things with each other and they don't have to, since most of the right-wingers here are cross-posters and tourists, not wizards.

>Not all conservatives are the same.
You could say the same about the followers of any ideology, really. But it remains a fact that most conservatives and right-wingers hate leeches and giving people stuff for free.
And you SHOULD vote for the party that benefits you the most, otherwise you are an idiot. Sorry. Blacks voting for white supremacists, rich people voting for leftists, etc - this is fucking stupid. Voting for the party which is the most beneficial to you doesn't make you selfish, it makes you rational. If you are a NEET or wizard and vote for a party that hates NEETs and wizards then I feel sorry for you.

Bux for old people is different because they worked for it and earned it, according to norms. Conservatives don't want to pay any money to healthy young men.

The obvious choice is to tell everyone to go fuck themselves. Trump is a rich old Chad, no fucking way I would vote for him. (I'm not american.) He is the kind of guy that embodies everything that is anti-wizardly.


>And you SHOULD vote for the party that benefits you the most, otherwise you are an idiot. Sorry. Blacks voting for white supremacists, rich people voting for leftists, etc - this is fucking stupid. Voting for the party which is the most beneficial to you doesn't make you selfish, it makes you rational. If you are a NEET or wizard and vote for a party that hates NEETs and wizards then I feel sorry for you.
You're wrong. People should vote for whatever brings about the best world overall. Murder if you can't get caught is rational if killing them would give you material benefit. Any sort of theft is rational if you know you won't get caught. Rational selfishness is not excusable even in the case of voting.
If a rich person felt that voting for leftist would make him lose his wealth and prosperity but does it anyway to make the lives of others better, he's being virtuous. If a black believed that whites were supreme and voted for a white supremacist because he believed they would be better equipped to run the country, he's being virtuous.
Of course, being ignorant and voting for things that are obviously stupid negates that virtue, as ignorance is a vice.
To make it simple for you, don't use rationality to excuse selfish and pathological behavior. You cannot make arbitrary decisions as to what is an "okay selfish, pathological action" and what isn't. If people should make the most rational decisions then there is no morality.


"irregardless" is not a word


You're supposed to capitalize the first letter in a sentence. You forgot the period at the end of it too.


I'm doing it on purpose, you weren't doing "irregardless" on purpose, fix that if you want people to take you seriously


>Also I didn't recognize any of the local judges who were on the ballot so I just voted to fire the females and keep the males.

Uh, based sexist?


BitChute got deplatformed off the web.
"Just make your own alternatives if you don't like corporate censorship" is no longer an option.


>But totally healthy young anybody that are able to work but choose not to have no reason to get welfare.
Rule 4.


No one cares schizenu.


What are you talking about?
It appears up and totally functional for me on both the web and their smart phone app.


File: 1604442951584.png (12.76 KB, 583x113, 583:113, bc.png) ImgOps iqdb

Still down for me.


What the fuck man?
It is in no way a rule violation to say that healthy people don't need welfare.
Being against welfare for healthy people doesn't in any way disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.
It is just political censorship of a non-rule breaking content.


According to "downforeveryoneorjustme.com" it is up.
I played several videos as well as logged in just fine. I am not seeing any problems.


File: 1604444767586.jpg (69.45 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, donald_trump_victory_speec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If he tweeted this would it get you to vote, wizzies?
"If CD Projekt Red delays Cyberpunk 2077 one more time I will immediately send troops to occupy Poland until we figure out what the hell is going on."


CDProjekt games are pleb garbage.


I would wonder why he changed his mind about video games from his original stance that they were potentially a net negative to society.
He isn't a fan of video games and has been on the whole "muh violent video games" thing before.
Thankfully he has had his mind on other more important issues and hasn't felt the need to actually do something related to his views on video games.


This. I will never see the appeal. It's so much worse than any competent jrpg. In trails in the sky you can talk to every npc and read 800 pages of wonderful dialog. In the witcher games there aren't even any dialogs on npcs. Same appeal as the disco elisyum, garbage creative writing student literature.


Pretty sure that fast-food dude is just memeing.
Also don't McEmployees have to wear a uniform anyway, so I am guessing it's a edit.


The elite do not consume entertainment and generally view the consumer masses with disdain.


I wouldn't say that they don't consume entertainment, but the forms of entertainment they consume tend to be diffrent from the avrage person.

Like going to the theater and other higher class kinds of stuff rather then watching sitcoms on tv or playing the latest video game to come out.


File: 1604447374418.jpg (5.23 KB, 200x200, 1:1, shig dig.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>implying the saudi crown prince isn't playing dota 2 thousands of hours a year
>implying some of the wealthiest people on earth aren't fans of Seinfeld


halfway through my ballet i got tired so i just put straight ticket democrat and left the rest blank like a retard. i hope they still count it.


They will still count what you voted on if you leave stuff blank.
No need to worry.



Give Me Your Meme Magic


File: 1604453707923.png (52.06 KB, 248x346, 124:173, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Unabomber eventually came to support Obama after Hillary was eliminated in 2008. Crazy!


So who's winning? Americanese elections jargon is foreign language to me.



Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

British dude just bet $5 million dollars on Trump to win.
Also stocks are looking up as investers bet that Trumps wins in their own way.

93% of wagers have been for Trump to win according to several bookmakers.

This could mean ether a lot of people are about to lose money or people who read odds for a living are sure trump is going to win.

Only time will tell. We will see.


Looks like Florida is in the bag for Trump.
Lets see what PA will do.


File: 1604460431831.jpg (40.77 KB, 714x960, 119:160, 1604406820237.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bidens from Scranton that'll be an oofer


File: 1604463613421.gif (91.11 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ezgif-4-2d0e4273fa1b.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Trump 2020


File: 1604466885970.jpg (194.71 KB, 850x446, 425:223, 1534279790735.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

seems like the libtards are too quiet instead of cheering like they should

the loss of hilary still brings up bad memories in their minds


Bidenbros I think we got too cocky, there's no way trump can lose at this point


Dems delaying the election to manufacture new votes in PA. Also VA was leaning Trump until a magical 300k votes were found for Biden in Fairfax. Then they realized that was too much and threw away 100k of those votes. How the fuck are they allowed to get away with this bullshit? A wiole 100k votes were "mistakenly" added to the total? Come the fuck on.


Yeah, he has it in the bag. Now there are magic ballot boxes of Biden votes being found and the three states Trump needs to seal the deal are "holding off" their counts. The national guard was even called because of voting issues in WI.
They're trying hard to prevent a Trump win.


They know the Republicans are too much of pussies to do anything about it.
They just have to leave enough doubt that normal people don't pitch a fit and actually do something.


Trump just declared victory and said Democrats are trying to steal the election.


Seems a bit early, though he ain't wrong.


The biggest take away from this is how demographic changes are quickly changing the electoral landscape. Arizona, a state that was once a solid red state, has gone blue, and it will almost certainly never go red again. It also looks like Trump will win Texas by a thinner margin compared to 2016, where he won by a thinner margin than Romney did in 2012, etc. Eventually it's going to follow the same trajectory as Arizona, at which point it will become mathematically impossible for a republican to ever win the white house again. Also Trump is on track to lose the popular vote just like he did in 2016. Republicans haven't won the popular vote in 16 years, and in all likelihood they'll never win it again. For that matter, it's possible that Trump will be the last republican president we ever have. There's a shot they win in 2024, but from 2028 onward the united states will become a one party state.

Delusional republicans keep going on about muh blexit, muh based legal hispanics, and muh based gen z, but voting data shows that the overwhelming majority of blacks, asians, hispanics (with the exception of Cubans) and millennials and gen z are voting democrat. Realistically speaking, the idea of ever voting Republican is simply a non-starter for said age and race demographics and they're not going to suddenly change their mind at any point in the future.

Also bank on AOC absolutely crushing whoever the republicans put up against her in either 2028 or 2032.




This is facebook boomer conspiracy meme shit or at best a delusion like the Cuban sound weapon aka Havana syndrome or Russiagate



It only seems early because they stopped counting votes in the vital states that he was obviously going to win.


File: 1604486198630.mp4 (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ysw6--K1Ag_DOSh2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

DemocRATS rigging the vote


I don’t project a victory for the United States regardless of who wins. I’ve seen the popular opinions change from that of western values to cultural Marxist values. The voting is so split for the president already even if trump does win I fear it’s just delaying the inevitable. I don’t even think if Biden is elected that much will really change for me or even for policy. I don’t like where we’re headed though.


if you don't publicly support biden you're just a trump shill


Ah must have some outsiders attracted here for the election. Unfortunate.


the only "outsiders" here are coward centrists like you and if you live in America that means you must be okay with Trump doing 4 more years

oh and btw both Biden and Trump are two centrists just like you as well so it makes no sense for you not to be supporting them but enjoy thinking your opinion matters when you need to copy phrases from Nick fuentes


In EU the mainstream media assure us Biden will win when the votes are counted 'properly'. True?


File: 1604497166374-0.jpg (62.37 KB, 1195x1200, 239:240, El-4hR3XIAACf_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604497166374-1.jpg (68.45 KB, 898x1024, 449:512, El-4hR1X0AE6mE0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like they are magically "finding" Biden votes in the 100,000's of thousands


File: 1604497495260.jpg (94.09 KB, 1467x472, 1467:472, El-dWm3WMAAiODs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is totally normal doods.

Just 100% of mail in ballots going to Biden


yea, Biden should easily win Michigan when the votes are finished. Even if Trump holds on to NC and GA (which he should) there's still no real chance for him.


If be easily you mean by a slim and suspicious margin then sure.


File: 1604498538706.png (318.41 KB, 1074x1100, 537:550, 1604497826356.png) ImgOps iqdb

you forgot to use the word chud


File: 1604499321839.webm (3.87 MB, 636x360, 53:30, eeffc120b3d16cb17e7d5c19b….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Michigan just went blue. oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


I couldn’t care less who wins and I think I’ve made that pretty clear. I do care if my environment is ruined due to a obnoxiously degenerate society. Keep acting like you’re a wizard though. There’s a reason normans don’t stay here. It’s boring to them.


>I couldn’t care less who wins and I think I’ve made that pretty clear
why should anyone care what you have to say then? just shut the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking about retard


File: 1604503094791.jpg (89.2 KB, 737x548, 737:548, 1604502813047.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dumb trump shill kys


File: 1604503231260.jpg (95.9 KB, 1080x985, 216:197, 1587491000008.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hope you have a solid exit strategy ready, amerifags. Racial-ideological riots are becoming the new normal even in urop now. Since grandpa Joe won it's international open season on undesirable whitey.
Remember, the actual fascists aren't going to suffer at all. They're extreme normalfags, they will be fine in any environment. Also there's an abnormal amount of socially proficient, strength cultivating, self-confident, proactive go getters among them. People are naturally and hopelessly attracted to them, even the leftists.
But you? Let's drop our delusions of superiority for a second. Face it wizzie. 90% of you are here because you're like me. Short, ugly, weak, awkward, ageing, you have no power or authority or reputation, you're not irreplaceable to anyone, you never fit anywhere and no one ever liked you. The +10 IQ you may have over the average guy is not enough to outsmart a crowd.
Who do you think will be getting the old struggle sessions and the occasional lynching? The hard targets, the highly valued macho men who make friends anywhere they go? Please.


Nice voter fraud Joe, 140k votes with 99% being Biden just came from Michigan




File: 1604503865429.jpg (589.56 KB, 2467x1594, 2467:1594, chill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>no wall
>no action on daca
>no immigration reform
>no action on censorship of his own supporters
>replaced cabinet with zionists
>impotent in the face of blm and antifa
>only "victories" claimed were low black unemployment, a tax cut, and a couple of supreme justices (both of whom are cucks)
Tired of conservatism yet?


Tired but it's the least bad of available options.


after clinton bush and obama raped the country it's a good change of pace i personally have had a better life during Trump's office than the past 20 years of democrats


>it's the least bad of available options.
I disagree.

This I can agree on.

Honestly, both parties are so backwards in some ways, and this is why I hate party systems. If I support gun rights then I should vote for republican, but if I don't think corporations should pay no taxes then I should vote dem, but if I don't think trannies and immigrants should be the dominant voice in the country I should vote rep, but if I don't think christians should dictate my life then I should vote dem.

And fucking no one votes third party, so people think it's just a wasted vote, and so no one votes third party. Surely there must be a better way.


File: 1604505017552.jpg (136.48 KB, 1024x637, 1024:637, 1604502389781.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hopefully the recounts will catch the fraud.


>I disagree.
I disagree.


File: 1604505915766.jpg (98.27 KB, 828x1307, 828:1307, El_W_yFW0Agrl8q.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wisconsin has more votes than there are registered voters


File: 1604506733295.webm (1.55 MB, 720x720, 1:1, happy chinchilla.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Glad we can disagree.

On the one hand I'm not inclined to believe shit posted on twitter, on the other hand this seems like such obvious shit. This election really isn't gonna go quietly is it?


File: 1604507335973.jpg (1015.38 KB, 961x1167, 961:1167, regio esercito.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not enough just to choose the least worst option or hope for a better life, at some point you must embrace struggle. What our people have wasn't a gift: they built it themselves.


File: 1604507561993.png (132.66 KB, 828x670, 414:335, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1604507717348.jpg (47.25 KB, 850x400, 17:8, evola on amerimutts.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Face reality, America is literally a mutt nation that hates itself. The only way it or Europe have a chance of survival is if the global economy collapses, causing real suffering to come back. Without suffering the population is just a bunch of doughboy subservient cattle.


At this point whoever wins will be so contested that faith in democratic institutions will surely drop yet again to record low levels.


Every nation is a mutt nation you faggot. Human populations change and shift all the time. Britain was colonized by the romans, spain got raped by the moors, russia and the norse countries got raped by the mongols, it goes on and on. That's not even the point.

America's problem like you've said is that it's a superficial nation of retards, and it's had that problem since the fucking 1880s. America is just the rich kid that can afford to buy all the talent it needs to compete in the global arena. America will only die once another nation becomes rich enough to attract people and become the other "land of opportunity". But as it stands, America still attracts all the smart asians and strong niggers to play basketball and do science. That's the only reason America is still ahead, and why it can afford to have a stupid huge military.


File: 1604509410544.jpg (85.99 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 1528624444571.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Every nation is a mutt nation
Your brain on Americanism.


File: 1604509746454.jpg (534 KB, 855x615, 57:41, alpini.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's no reason to tie survival to whether something else collapses or not, particularly when that something is controlled by your enemies. Survival is action, and action is instant. This idea, of making victory contingent on anything else, is another mental obstacle to demolish. All that exists is power.


It is true faggot. Your stupid unsourced little graph doesn't disprove that. Wait 200 years and America would have its own little haplogroup of mixed mexican, asian, and black.


File: 1604510841462.jpg (46.33 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-neither-pleasure-nor….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you actually think the modern man will die for a cause, or even risk his career for a cause you are delusional. The normalcattle will hand over every aspect of his life so long as he is given beard and circus. This modern man is so comfy and content that he has turned into mental mush. The words fight and struggle mean nothing to him, he doesn't understand them. The second he is forced to confront his mortality he shall cower in fear of his own death.

Utilitarianism, which is just a repackaged version of hedonism has ruined the European man's spirit. There is nothing good left in his, only suffering shall shine light where none exists.

>mixed mexican, asian, and black.
The absolute state of the eternal Amerimutt


would be relevant if this board wasn't full of normalfaggots and late bloomers


You underestimate the strength of the wizard soul. They can destroy my body but no one can touch my will.


Making victory contingent on the democratic state of man, whether they are strong or weak, inhibits action like waiting for an economic apocalypse does. Christians have been waiting 2,000 years for theirs, suffering all the while, with similar complaints about the Epicureans of their time. There's no reason to crucify yourself, deny yourself, or expect yourself to die: power is expecting victory. Survival means exactly that.


>tfw sardinian
is it over for me?


File: 1604516357449.png (39.74 KB, 594x325, 594:325, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


You are the most borderline group of people able to call themselves European possible. However, I only mean modern Germanic or Slavic Europeans; Sardinia, Basque, and some balkan states have a unique grouping that is very old Europe. Personally I see no problem with any of those three I listed, all seem European enough to me; maybe not Germanic or Slavic, but not some turkroach anyways.



"Thank you for electing Biden/Harris for us, white people. Please face the wall now. Ooga booga keel da nazee."
Wow, who would have expected.


Even if he wins somehow, he should resign there would be no way that anyone would accept him as president anymore.


You mean Biden?


Trump, Pence would replace him and it would take heat off republicans, besides he is not politician, i genuinely think it would come to this if he wins.


File: 1604519955777.png (24.18 KB, 598x228, 299:114, 4ba4e6bb128f4812a3f70d85c3….png) ImgOps iqdb

not so fast…a challenger approaches


>i'm on your side
Fool has no idea what he's talking to.


>besides he is not politician
good ol' politicians, they are the only ones worthy of holding office


It all boils down to times are too good. I recognize the irony in saying that as a wizard. I think I’m literal trash and am probably not worth the air I breath, unfortunately I think everyone else is in the same boat. We’re fucking weak and shy away from discipline and greatness in favor of ease and convenience. However, I definitely think you can rise from your predicament and become something better than you were yesterday.

My only message to wizards in western nations is this:
Ready yourself now, even if you only become more disciplined by a sliver. Hard times are coming, I’m still not sure how soon but they will be upon us. Sacrifice a modicum of comfort to keep your existence going because I don’t think we will be able to maintain our lifestyle peacefully. Or I guess if you’re into it, roll over and die. I just don’t want to be helpless when the die is cast.


>whatever brings about the best world overall
For who? For the majority? If you can't enjoy "the best world" or you have no place in it then it doesn't matter. Plus "the best world" differs from individual to individual.
At the end of the day you can preach to me about morals and virtues but it won't change the fact that there isn't any reason to help those who don't care about you. Your logic rests on the basis that you are only good if you benefit others or do others good which is bullshit in itself. Personal benefit always comes first, at least if you are a healthy and emotionally stable person. You sound like you value yourself very little or none at all. You lack the healthy amount self-love that makes people humans actually. You lack self-respect, pride and a spine, so to speak. You cling to "big" ideals like country or community yet what is the country/community? Just a collection of individuals. It isn't anything sacred and if you believe it is then you think like normals do, in herd mentality.

So again, I feel sorry for you. You want to help people who hate you or don't care about you, instead of focusing on taking care of those people who directly contribute to your happiness or focusing on yourself. You won't gain anything by helping the retard down your street, you only betray yourself. The stoic knowledge of knowing that you did the "virtuous" thing or that you are a good person won't matter when you will be stabbed in the back by exactly the same community you wanted to help.


> I think I’m literal trash and am probably not worth the air I breath
Average /pol/wiz turns out to be a self-hating wiz? I'm not surprised.


>Personal benefit always comes first, at least if you are a healthy and emotionally stable person.
Don't think so. That's an insanely fucked opinion by the way.

>So again, I feel sorry for you.

Don't flatter yourself. I don't think the likes of you are capable of feeling anything.


File: 1604527335229.jpg (3.5 MB, 3809x3057, 3809:3057, caspar david friedrich two….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>ready yourself
Even though I mentioned a global economic collapse, there is most likely never going to be a "one moment" that is coming to crash everything, technology gives the parasites at the top far too much control over the economy already and it's only going to get worse. Populations are being split to such a degree that people segregate themselves based on useless pleasantries like art, games, theater, etc.The psychologists have been enacting this since Freud's cousin Edward Bernays (you do know him right?) began the idea of "lifestyles" and mass marketing.

Honestly I think we are due for a slow poisonous death rather than a bullet to the head. European people are likely to end up like the Basque, pockets of us surviving scattered around different countries. A small hope remains for the Slavic people… maybe. Likely as the heat on the stove of this pot is slowly turned up, they will give in so to keep their pleasantries.

So what if you are weak, if you can see that you weak then you are already stronger than most. Which means you are not trash to be discarded as you think.


The modern world in its present state of civilization is actually an exceptionally optimistic landscape.

>So what if you are weak, if you can see that you weak then you are already stronger than most.

Recognition of weakness is not the same as developing a compensatory strategy for the weakness in question; integration of the terms of the conditions of your limited being through humility, honesty, and ritual sacrifice of the lesser man within is the only manner in which you may claim weakness is strength.


Don't you have cock to be interpreting in your thread? Or are you to busy avatarfagging right now?


So, you've gained wizardly powers through involuntary celibacy and you choose to utilize them to talk about penises?

Very strange.


Hey, who is this? I was speaking to that guy who posts the same kind of pictures in every post. Where did he go? Very rude to interrupt our conversation like that.


So what do you do for a living, aggressively sexually frustrated anon?

That's what I'm calling you, if you don't mind. It's quite clear your sexual frustration is causing your testosterone to flare up in the presence of a superior male. Even through text.


Yes, its true you see, I want to fuck my mother because I don't know what sublimation is. That much should be clear to anyone who is sophisticated enough to read Jung's and Freud's wikipedia articles once. That very, very sophisticated man would then show all the classic traits of a narcissist despite pretending to have understood psychology. The cock whisperer is what I shall call you, for despite being a superior being you were fooled by a lower.


You dodged my question. Are you ashamed of something?


There’s a difference between self hatred and recognized weakness. You conveniently choose to ignore the rest of my sentence because it goes against the narrative you portray.


Oh, you came back! I was just in the middle of a conversation with someone else, thankfully you posted that image so we can tell who you are.


What makes it necessary to reject the path of redemption of ones weaknesses through sacrifice and suffering? Are you making that decision consciously?


Money manager Edward Dowd suggests it's 'mathematically impossible' for the nearly all of the overnight votes in Wisconsin to have been for Biden.

"Basically in Wisconsin they dumped 138k votes at 4:00 AM that broke almost 100% Biden. This is mathematically impossible."


Its 2000 all over again.
Looks like the courts will have to decide the election with there being uncertainty and confusion until late December on who won.


How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020

Trump's comments come after several key states mysteriously stopped counting ballots on election night for the first time in perhaps ever, after which large batches of votes - seemingly all, or mostly all for Biden - tipped the race towards the former Vice President in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Oh they just found a bunch of Biden ballots chillin in the attic overnight no big.
— The Reactionary Imperative (@theeternalright) November 4, 2020

Hmm… Biden gets an infusion of 138,339 votes, but nobody else gets one?
— Anticipating Possible Unrest Platts🧯🧯🧯 (@WarrenPlatts) November 4, 2020

The Democrats are attempting a coup.
— RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) November 4, 2020

….I was assured that election fraud is physically impossible…


>What makes it necessary to reject the path of redemption of ones weaknesses through sacrifice and suffering?
Necessary as in why is this the reality we see? Otherwise nothing makes it necessary, inaction may still be an action but it does not qualify it as a necessity. Our minds are not innately conquered by ourselves, and even if they were we will still do things outside of reasons like necessity.

The reasons that make up why we in our predicament are too numerous. I’d love to effort-post a little about it but I’m held up by another task currently. Even if I did, I wouldn’t get to the bottom of everything anyways.

>Are you making that decision consciously?

Not always. As I said before the machinations of the human mind are not one-tract. There’s certainly instances where one will make the decision consciously, I’m sure, but I don’t think that’s really my problem. I think the struggle is more than just effort and non-effort. It’s a hill you climb just to fall, but continue to climb to reach a greater height. You won’t ever forget your lowest point in your life, even if you reach the pinnacle of your goals, you may even fall back to that point but the climb certainly becomes easier the longer you spend. I guess I’ll end my ramble here for now.


File: 1604530832143.jpg (666.4 KB, 1552x1118, 776:559, christian europe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Even though I mentioned a global economic collapse, there is most likely never going to be a "one moment" that is coming to crash everything, technology gives the parasites at the top far too much control over the economy already and it's only going to get worse.
Technological progress isn't inevitable, it's already in a state of devolution. The industrial revolution won't magically continue for another 200 years: not only aren't there resources for it, there won't be the people to continue it either. Mass industry requires stable societies and long supply chains to function, both are increasingly intractable.

>Honestly I think we are due for a slow poisonous death rather than a bullet to the head. European people are likely to end up like the Basque, pockets of us surviving scattered around different countries. A small hope remains for the Slavic people… maybe. Likely as the heat on the stove of this pot is slowly turned up, they will give in so to keep their pleasantries.

Europeans are already cornered because they used to be cast across all of Eurasia and the Middle East. Europe is just a peninsula in comparison: and even then the Moors took Spain and the Ottomans had all of the Balkans and more relatively recently. How far east did you think the last European crusade was going to go under the Third Reich? It wasn't going to stop until it reached Manchuria: that's why the swastika was its banner. People always revert to type: Europeans are naturalists who organize in warrior clans, and once they are no longer smothered by Christian or liberal morality it's inevitable they will strike out again.


File: 1604531842287.jpg (48.2 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1513318192693.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I certainly wouldn't state that technology is in a state of devolution. As for your theory that there won't be enough resources for it, I doubt that seriously. If it does happen it must happen in the next 100 years or else European people will be gone from any real power for a LONG time. Not only is the population shrinking, but immigration is expanding every year exponentially. Even if it does come say 80 years later, the chimp outs are going to devastate our populations.

>Europeans are already cornered

This is far, far worse. Europeans don't even realize they are being conquered, there is no "oh shit most of Spain has been taken over" moment. Even worse is not even that they don't realize they are being conquered, but actually WELCOME their conquerors in with open arms. This is not a war, but rather suicide. I do mean that in complete honesty, Europeans as a whole have become suicidal. The only future I can see is some isolated pockets of rural European communities surviving after the whole of Europe and North America is tarnished.


Is it possible that you are incorrect about the nature of existence?

>Otherwise nothing makes it necessary

It appears necessary for the living of a good life. Which may be defined as the achieving ones potential.


File: 1604533535311.jpg (49.67 KB, 446x413, 446:413, 1599700451524.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>that image
>that low iq opinion
You do realize that (white) Christians reconquered Europe and then pretty much conquered the world, right?


and then the world conquered them in turn because europeans did not have the balls to kill everyone else (this is probably a good thing)


At that point Europeans had already abandoned Christianity and embraced secularism and atheism.


Inevitably when you use the phrase ‘necessary’ you must ask,’Why is this necessary? Who defines what is necessary?’

I find myself going down the question of free will and the nature of the human ‘soul’ which ends up being less than productive as you could imagine.


wizchan 2020


lmao, fucking teleology
nature doesn't define or intend anyone to do anything, it's not a conscious being, it's not even a thing, it's a collection of junk in a category people termed nature, not him btw
why don't you people just make a new religion already where you worship "nature" like the vaguely anthropomorphic divinity you invoke it as


Europeans abandoned Christianity in the 30 years war. You cannot have a synthesis of two contradictory visions. After the 30 years war Europeans decided to stop giving a fuck about Christianity and have secularism and the enlightenment become the culture defining things. Muslims still have religion as a factor in 'wars' like Saudi Arabia being aligned against Iran. Arabic civilization is still based on religion.

Europe's alignment to enlightenment ideas resulted in industrialization, technology, and science. The fall of Europe started either during the Russo-Japanese war or WWI where a white (semi)european power was defeated by an asian country or when the then heavily populated European youth was sent to kill each other. That was when the decline started for real, but European civilization is still approaching its highest point – technology is being developed. The West has been falling for a century but that does not preclude us from reaching transcendent achievements.


blah blah blah my desire for meaningful relationships, love, kids, family is really NatTUre's fault, im not really a failed normie in cel guys


File: 1604542717882.gif (1.26 MB, 334x251, 334:251, DeadlyGlaringAracari-small.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Good you never belonged here in the first place.


Life is too short to live most of it doing something you do not enjoy. Ergo, do what you want. I don't like this site, too many sad sack /dep/ kids and rejects from other chans, but I don't get enough social interaction and because of that I want to post here.


File: 1604546807763-0.png (575.36 KB, 650x977, 650:977, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604546807763-1.png (536.14 KB, 650x977, 650:977, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1604553857156.jpg (65.11 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-happiness-and-freedo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I never noticed you replied here, sorry about that.

It is nice to think in ideal terms, such that we merely need to altogether turn about and fight. One must learn to accept truth and reality before they can effect or predict it. Sometimes reality truly is out of control, that previous results and actions have power over the now. The result of WW2 was the death rattle of European people as a whole, perhaps a change could still have occurred afterwards, but I do no think so. The direction headed to after that turn of events, the subjugation of Fascism, the confirmation of liberal democratic "strength", of placing world power into such a young country like America. To turn back that wave, truly would have required a man that would make even Julius Caesar envious.

Do not take me for a pessimist, many people simply believe Europeans will die or be mixed into oblivion, I do not. Many people including Evola whom I quote hates Christianity, yet they always forget the most powerful part of it; that it does in fact deny hedonism, it denies that life itself has any value at all, and also accepts natural hierarchy as being God given. All three traits that grant people the strength to do what should be done. Unfortunately Christians (and Europeans in general) have become rather neutered versions of themselves, they seem to follow a sort of hedonistic Christianity that takes the worst parts of both and results in utilitarianism; which has corrupted the spirit of every European man with its poisonous soul.


The decline is a process. The abandonment of tradition for modernity resulted in material wealth but so will it result in demise as we can clearly see. Modernity consumes like a cancer, and just like a cancer it can grow exponentially until it can't because the body has died. Technological progress masks the rot like perfume masks stench, but the decay is there to be noticed by those who closely.


Not him but is there any sources you can recommend me on the concept of hedonism & utilitarianism you speak of? I’m pretty intrigued.


File: 1604558525700.jpg (46.24 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-man-does-not-strive-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "concept of hedonism & utilitarianism", is it that you mean how they relate to each other, that they prevent men from acting as they should, or how they came to be? If you wish for a critique of hedonism then any Stoic writer should do, although mostly they were more interested in fighting Epicureanism (part of hedonism) since that is a far stronger philosophy during a time when men still suffered at all. Plato's Philebus rips into the basic and pure form of hedonism with little remorse, in typical Plato fashion that turns the reasonable into unreasonable. Ironically despite Nietzsche's hate for Socrates and the like, he also attacks it without pity in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Speaking of Nietzsche he also noticed the beginning of the dangers of utilitarianism, which is what I believe to be his ultimate mission to be against. For instance it is ironic that while Christianity teaches so much to be at peace and to welcome others, majority christian counties are actually far less welcoming and more likely to war with others. See Serbians if you should need any proof of that. The reason I bring this up is it is really the blending of hedonism/epicureanism/Christianity that defines what Nietzsche would hate the absolute most, for it embraces pleasure for the sake of pleasure, the denial of pain or suffering, and to bring the same as to thy neighbor. The true cancer of the world is that Christians do not believe in Christianity anymore ("God is Dead"), yet keep this morality of Christianity and attempt to meld it with science and secular thought.

If you wish to understand utilitarian's relation with Christianity, then look no further than John Stuart Mill: "In the golden rule of Jesus of Nazareth, we read the complete spirit of the ethics of utility.". If one were to summarize utilitarianism, it would be secular Christianity. This is also why Marx and other socialists also valued it so highly, since they wish to create secular heaven.

If this doesn't answer what you mean to ask then again me again and I shall attempt to provide another answer.


Not true. The achievements of Europe in the form of paintings and culture and art do not have as much transformative value as science and technology and industrialization because those are the most significant things any civilization has created.

Yes it came with a rot, people who had previously farmed their own food and contributed to their survival directly found themselves assembling refrigerators in factories and today stocking shelves in walmart. Moving from the first to the second and to the third sector killed meaning by making a lot of people's livelihoods not contribute to their continued survival. But I set my life up to become a scientist. There is no way that I will think that modernity is worthless, I've invested too much.


I am a Trump supporter, but no one trusts a single thing Giuliani says anymore. The guy hypes shit up and then nothing happens.


they're stealing the election in broad dayight and don't give a damn who knows


good analogy.


This succubus is probably posting in this thread right now.



File: 1604578917200.png (907.52 KB, 798x720, 133:120, b263f0c002f4ea8c68d7baeb6f….png) ImgOps iqdb

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You can go back to nigger posting in /b/ now.


Interesting video, but so far it is just her word and not much more.
So not strong evidence but interesting none the less.


File: 1604587905976.png (91.27 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bait6.png) ImgOps iqdb



Countries are weak. Nations are strong.


File: 1604590151846.png (478.64 KB, 749x662, 749:662, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


ah, the prestigious treeofliberty.me


Hate to say it but sums up this thread pretty well more often then not.


It would be nice if someone was punished for all this fraud but we all know that isn't going to happen.


You expect me to watch 10 minutes of this jew shit?


oh my goodness, it's not CNN

it must be fake news


No Mr.Bond
I expect you to die.



This is just a guy complaining about internet arguments.


You mean to say "this video sums up whatever side I dislike very well".


It doesn't take sides.
It just points out absurdly common facilities and argument tactics in a sarcastic/parody way.
Yes, yes it is.


File: 1604594539211.jpg (382.36 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, fallacyMan3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it doesn't take sides
Ah yes, the unbiased, supreme third party being whom is composed of pure logical analysis. He can never commit a fallacy since he is a part of no discussion! If only we could become such a being, which is to say a non-being. Thus we must kill ourselves so as to prevent any fallacious thought from uttering from our mouths.

Tell me lad have you ever used one of these fallacies? http://utminers.utep.edu/omwilliamson/ENGL1311/fallacies.html I hope you have a good memory to remember them all.


This was exactly what I was looking for and then some. Thanks for allowing me to pick your brain for a moment fellow wizard.


File: 1604597957619.jpg (99.52 KB, 465x640, 93:128, pikachu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I think you're link is broken. Can you post the other fallacy man images? they're funny


I added the L at the end thinking it was html but turns out it was just htm. This is not even a full list, I'm sure there are many, many more that I could not care to look through.
> post the other fallacy man images?
I'm not going to dump images here in the politics thread if they are not relating to the point I am making. You can find the other two here https://existentialcomics.com/comic/9




Ableism is not a fallacy.

It would be fallacious to say that someone's argument is incorrect just because they are stupid or weak, but that's not what the person here is talking about. He's attempting to label a thesis as fallacious. That's not how it works. Certain argumentative techniques are fallacious, not certain positions. The author of your website has proven that he's willing to be deceitful in order to advance his agenda so I will not be using his website as any sort of reference.


Jesus Christ you fucking autist, this is why no one bothers to speak with you ebin ben shapiro debate faggots. Yes this is an insult to you, that of an ad hom and ableism, that you are stupid and autistic, thus deserve to be treated as such.


I realized you probably would not have gotten the irony in my last post. Ableism IS a fallacy in a pure logical sense, such that one may "be" anything but still bring up a proper point or have something to offer. It is actually you that has made it some sort of thesis rather than what was being suggested, if you read his words you would see that. Just look at what else he relates it to, mostly of conning other people. Such that one would say a person of lesser intellect deserves to be tricked or lied to because he is of lesser intellect. In that way I suggest that because you are an idiot, you would not be able to understand and thus deserve being insulted and ignored.

Lets ignore that, since you have in fact created a fallacy of faulty generalizations or rather fallacy of composition in which you declare that since this one part of more than 140 explanations is wrong that it is all wrong. One might even state you have merely attacked his character, that he is a liar and thus everything he says is wrong and unworthy of consideration. There are many fallacies within just a small paragraph you wrote.

If you are still emotionally charged over this website then would https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies be fine? I counted 110 of the major bullet points, probably 150~ if you had the minor ones into account.


Social Darwinianism is a perfectly logically consistent ethos, when viewed independently. You will notice that the author makes no actual attempt to refute the thesis that he is mocking, he simply frames it in a way that he knows will evoke an emotional response.

>such that one may "be" anything but still bring up a proper point or have something to offer.

>In that way I suggest that because you are an idiot, you would not be able to understand and thus deserve being insulted and ignored.
I myself stated that that logic would be fallacious, but the author did not address that logic in his description of ableism. His definition was
"…that because someone is intellectually slower, physically or emotionally less capable, less ambitious, less aggressive, older or less healthy (or simply more trusting or less lucky) than others, s/he "naturally" deserves less in life and may be freely victimized by those who are luckier, quicker, younger, stronger, healthier, greedier, more powerful, less moral or more gifted (or who simply have more immediate felt need for money, often involving some form of addiction)."
Which is, in fact, a legitimate thesis, despite being deliberately framed in a way that will cause an emotional response.

>composition in which you declare that since this one part of more than 140 explanations is wrong that it is all wrong.

Nowhere did I make that claim. I said that I distrust the author, not that every single one of his definitions was wrong. I distrust the author because the very first definition I read when I navigate to his article is incorrect. That is a logical conclusion to make, I am not obligated to spend an hour reading through and picking apart everything a person has said before I make a personal judgement on them.

>If you are still emotionally charged

Why do you think I'm emotionally charged? All I did was point out that the author you linked to was very blatantly incorrect and therefore not a good source of reference.


I keep seeing twitter accounts from random succubi who have their own news websites, are white house correspondents, and just retweet trump stuff. Are they real human beings?


>Social Darwinianism is a perfectly logically consistent ethos, when viewed independently.
Firstly that assumes people have perfect objective measures of other humans, if they don't (we don't) then it is not logical what so ever. One could also argue over how much "lesser intellect" another has to be in order to dismiss them. It has a massive problem with fallacies to nature, such that just because evolution is natural that the results are the best. There are nearly infinite arguments showing that "social Darwinianism" is not "perfectly logical". Why social darwinianism either refutes your take on ableism, or refutes itself since the dominant and most powerful view is that of ableism over Darwinianism. Yet still, this is not even what we are talking about anyways.

Your problem is that you equate ableism as a loaded term filled with emotional biases, instead of addressing what the man himself stated. You quoted him and it said exactly what I said it did, the only thing you proved is that you are projecting your own emotional response to the word "ableism" instead of accepting what is written down as it is. Your only point is that you strap on many other "thesis" onto his definition and then judge it within that subjective interpretation. If the word was anything other than "ableism" you no doubt would have no problem with it.

>I am not obligated to spend an hour reading through and picking apart everything a person has said before I make a personal judgement on them.

Then you prove my point. Faulty generalization. In this case you merely dismiss it as personal laziness but it still is faulty generalization. Thus could I judge you as an intellectual lazy person and then dismiss your claims and judgement.

>you linked to was very blatantly incorrect

Then how can I argue for it if it was so blatant? Ah of course I would be non intelligent and thus simply could not understand? Or is it that I am biased to this source that I provided, despite offering a new one? Certainly it could not be the problem of subjective interpretations, humans are purely logical without room for fallacies. As are fallacies themselves impossible to twist into anything one wants, and clearly debate is a logical thing that could not be merely that of attempting to convince another. Should one just memorize and protect themselves from the list of fallacies, they will be free from them forever.


>that assumes people have perfect objective measures of other humans
Incorrect. Your own personal estimate of other peoples' abilities is completely irrelevant to the ethos of ableism that this author is describing.
>One could also argue over how much "lesser intellect" another has to be in order to dismiss them
As I stated before, the situation that your author is describing is not someone dismissing another's argument simply because they are weak in some faculty. It is someone asserting that it is just to exploit or "victimize" others. In this framework the mere act of victimizing another proves that the subject is superior in some faculty, intrinsic or extrinsic, to the object.
You're free to disagree with that thesis but it's not logically inconsistent.

>It has a massive problem with fallacies to nature, such that just because evolution is natural that the results are the best.

That's just an argument that can potentially be used to defend ableism. Other arguments can be used as well. As you know, declaring that a specific belief is fallacious because you associate certain fallacious arguments with it is itself a guilt by association fallacy.

>Your problem is that you equate ableism as a loaded term filled with emotional biases, instead of addressing what the man himself stated. You quoted him and it said exactly what I said it did, the only thing you proved is that you are projecting your own emotional response to the word "ableism" instead of accepting what is written down as it is.

What did he write down that I am missing or misconstruing? Please quote it for me.

>Your only point is that you strap on many other "thesis" onto his definition

Completely false. The only modification that I made was use the term social Darwinism instead of ableism, and that's just semantics; I quoted his own definition to use for the term.
Please, what theses did I strap on to his definition?

>Then you prove my point. Faulty generalization.

I did not generalize. I did not say that the rest of his definitions were incorrect. What I did was make a judgement about the author's character based on his words. That's a completely legitimate thing to do. Personally, I prefer not to use reference material written by someone whose character I distrust. That's just me though, maybe you're different.


>Your own personal estimate
I said objective, not subjective.
>not someone dismissing another's argument simply because they are weak in some faculty
Yet it is, for to dismiss someone simply because they are weak in some faculty is to justify your victimization or exploitation of them. You step out of bounds of rational discussion when you then jump that this person is superior in one way, for again you are just trying to push a superior vs inferior argument. So you are stepping into might makes right logic which by it's own principle has failed which refutes itself.
>That's just an argument that can potentially be used to defend ableism.
No, thats a very direct argument towards social Darwinianism which is so ingrained with evolution, and why it has the name it does. I have not memorized all fallacies, nor do I plan to search for which one you just used, but surely you did use one there.
>Please quote it for me.
Anon I literally said it was the quote you used, if you can't understand then you must be well… unableist I suppose
>The only modification was use the term social Darwinism instead of ableism
Yet that's just it anon, you have now irreversible admitted to what I accused you of, that you do indeed not take "ableism" to be what the author wrote, but instead as ableism in what others say is what that term means. The semantics are where you are failing, for instead of simply reading what IS and making judgements, you interpret the words by what ableism is defined by from others. You let your own heavy biases and emotional reaction guide you.
>I did not generalize
But you did, for you assume there nothing of worth to read in that list because of your emotional judgements of the author. Indeed you even generalize the author by assuming that he has an agenda of lies instead of perhaps merely just making a mistake. You are blinded by emotion to the point that you think your literal judgements are objective reality.


>Yet it is, for to dismiss someone simply because they are weak in some faculty is to justify your victimization or exploitation of them
You are incorrect. Committing an act is different from forming an argument to justify the ethical value of the act. Namely, forming an argument involves the use of syllogistic logic and therefore is subject to the possibility of fallacies, whereas the performance of an act by itself is completely divorced from the possibility of being fallacious; only its justification may be fallacious, and the justification and the act are two different things.

>So you are stepping into might makes right logic

No, it is might makes right ethics. It doesn't touch the rules of logic. The rules of logic are supported by the might of reality and thus do not contradict in any way the ideas of ableism that your author makes an attempt at portraying.

>nor do I plan to search for which one you just used, but surely you did use one there.

I did not, you are incorrect again.

>Anon I literally said it was the quote you used

Well the quote I used does not contradict what I have said in any way whatsoever. If you are incapable of explaining how it contradicts me there is no reason for me or anyone else to accept your claim that it does.

>Yet that's just it anon, you have now irreversible admitted to what I accused you of

No I have not, using a very similar term while explicitly stating that it is being used to have the exact same definition that the author outlined for his term is no way modifies the meaning or logic of what I am saying.

>for you assume there nothing of worth to read in that list

I did not assume that nor did I claim it. Read my posts again.


>Committing an act is different from forming an argument
Well this is truly a pedantic statement. As if the dismissal of someones entire argument on the idea that they are lesser in some form is not in any fashion fallacious.
>No, it is might makes right ethics.
You must explain this more in depth for as of now it just sounds completely incoherent.
>you are incorrect
you are incorrect
> If you are incapable of explaining how it contradicts me there is no reason for me or anyone else to accept your claim that it does.
I already did, you just ignore it. Ironic that the man who asks for explanations merely answers "you are incorrect" or merely to "read again" to things. Also who is this "anyone else" you speak of, are we speaking to an audience of some sort? More importantly is your goal to have this audience cheer for you or, to simply believe you won, or to have a proper debate to lead to understanding? I already know your answer but for laughs you could answer anyways.
>No I have not
But you admitted to as much, either you can be honest and accept that or you can not.
>Read my posts again.
I did and only came back again doubly as convinced of what I thought.


>As if the dismissal of someones entire argument on the idea that they are lesser in some form is not in any fashion fallacious.
I have stated multiple times that that is fallacious. It is also plainly different from the ethos of ableism, for the reasons that I have already outlines and that you have failed to address.

>You must explain this more in depth for as of now it just sounds completely incoherent.

Logic and ethics are two different things. When you say "might makes right logic" I assume you are referring to the belief that the strongest person or organization decides what logic is true, a la postmodernism. The position that the author is describing does not relate to logic, it relates to ethics; "right" referring to ethically just, not factually correct.

>you are incorrect

Maybe you could actually tell me how what I said is fallacious then. If you can't then you have no argument and there's no reason for anyone to accept what you say as true.

>I already did, you just ignore it

You are referring to your attempts to equate an ad hom claim that one's argument is incorrect with the ethical stance that victimizing others is just?

>Ironic that the man who asks for explanations merely answers "you are incorrect" or merely to "read again" to things

I told you that you were incorrect because you did not present me with any argument. You told me that you were 'sure' that I had commited a fallacy but that you were too ignorant to tell me where I committed the fallacy, the nature of the fallacy, or anything substantial regarding the fallacy. That's not an argument.
And it is factually true, supported by my own posts, that I did not ever make the claim that there was 'nothing of worth to read in that list'. What else am I supposed to say when you say that I said something which I never said?

>Also who is this "anyone else" you speak of, are we speaking to an audience of some sort

You do know that we are having this discussion on a public forum, yes?

>But you admitted to as much

You claimed that I strapped on other theses to your authors' definition. Changing a single word while explicitly stating that the definition is identical to the author's definition is not strapping on theses.


>It is also plainly different
Yes and I stated multiple times that that is in fact what it is saying.
>it relates to ethics
No, see this is again where we fall apart, for as you admit you do in fact "not take ableism to be what the author wrote, but instead as ableism in what others say is what that term means".
>Maybe you could actually tell me how what I said is fallacious then
Maybe you could actually tell me how what I said is incorrect then
>ethical stance
Wrong, see above. Let us combine a few of these petty nitpick green text lines into one, since they are all the same thing at this point.
>present me with any argument.
But I did, I only left out an any proof of what you did as being a fallacy. The argument is right there in the beginning, but I won't search through 100+ fallacies to go find what exactly the name of what you did was, nor do I need to really. Evolution is core to social Darwinianism, there is no fallacy in that attack of the foundations of social Darwinianism; but certainly there is one in attempting to state to opposite.
You made the claim that there is nothing of worth when you dismissed the entire thing on the grounds of one description. You can be pedantic as you have been and demand a literal quote of you saying this directly, or accept reality.
>public form
So of course you do admit that you are not here for any truth, but rather to win over some audience through rhetoric. That is of course the end goal of all people whom tend to waste themselves away with debate tactics and fallacy memorization. I was hoping you would pretend the opposite so I might have a short laugh, but at least you are honest. This is perhaps the part of the conversation where I must judge your "agenda" as being unfit.
>you claimed that I strapped on other theses to your authors' definition
Yes I did, as proven by your own will to equate it with outside terms as you do.


You seem a bit butthurt over a funny video making light of political shit flinging.


>u mad
no u


Look at what your author defines ableism as again:

"A corrupt argument from ethos, arguing that because someone is intellectually slower, physically or emotionally less capable, less ambitious, less aggressive, older or less healthy (or simply more trusting or less lucky) than others, s/he "naturally" deserves less in life and may be freely victimized by those who are luckier, quicker, younger, stronger, healthier, greedier, more powerful, less moral or more gifted (or who simply have more immediate felt need for money, often involving some form of addiction). "

Does he define ableism here as the assertion that someone's argument is incorrect because they are inferior in some way? No, he does not.
The position that he is claiming is fallacious is:
"s/he "naturally" deserves less in life"
This is an statement regarding what is and is not just. It does not relate to the validity of the person's arguments.
"and may be freely victimized by those who are luckier, quicker, younger, stronger, healthier, greedier, more powerful, less moral or more gifted (or who simply have more immediate felt need for money, often involving some form of addiction)."
This is a statement regarding what is and is not just. It does not relate to the validity of the person's arguments.

So no, there is nothing in this author's words that indicates that his "ableism fallacy" is a form of ad hom as you are trying to claim.

>Maybe you could actually tell me how what I said is incorrect then

If you make a claim you need to support that claim. You told me that my response to you trying to tie appeal to nature intrinsically to the ethos of ableism was fallacious and you refused to elaborate. That's not an argument, it's a bald claim made without substantiation.

>Evolution is core to social Darwinianism, there is no fallacy in that attack of the foundations of social Darwinianism

Saying "weak people deserve bad lives" is is no way an appeal to nature. You are trying to make it one through guilt by association. There are other arguments you can make in defense of the thesis that "weak people deserve bad lives" or "it's okay to victimize people who can't defend themselves" besides just saying "well it happens in nature".

>So of course you do admit that you are not here for any truth, but rather to win over some audience through rhetoric.

What? Please stop trying to strawman. I am acknowledging that we are in a public forum, and therefore we should frame our arguments in the context of a public forum. If you do not want to have a public discussion you should not have started defending your author in a public space.

>Yes I did, as proven by your own will to equate it with outside terms as you do.

A term is different from a thesis. You do know what a thesis is, right?


> I am acknowledging that we are in a public forum, and therefore we should frame our arguments in the context of a public forum. If you do not want to have a public discussion you should not have started defending your author in a public space
So the rhetorician shows his true colors! While I suspected and estimated you to be as such, I was still hesitant to assume so much on so little information about you; so I did indeed attempt to converse in good faith. Now you truly and utterly have admitted you are here for a "public form" which does in fact mean that you are just looking to convince onlookers rather than any proper conversation. My "strawman" might not have had enough proof before, but now it certainly does.

Which of course means this conversation is to no real end purpose, only leading to even more and more pedantic with ever increasing and decreasing green text nitpicking. This proven by your lack of even considering the possibility of what I say, you truly believe that your subjective judgments are a objective truth reaching nearly God-like knowledge, or at least act that way for the purpose of debate.

I should leave you with this, reflect on this conversation and ask if this was any better than anything that the video you posted was speaking of. If you can answer no, then perhaps one day you might be able to move past the rhetoric style that is used for the very same "propaganda" that you pretend to dislike. Otherwise you may claim this victory to your follower and audience, hear their cheers! Well not that there will be any, for you see on the outside looking in, this conversation is very much the same as any other internet debate. Which was my agenda to show you to begin with.



The storm is coming anons, I've been seeing some BIG redpills reported incoming from Q sources and pages, just wait, Trump has had this planned out


*Shrugs like Atlas*
*Continues counting coins in background*


I'm not the person who posted that video but okay.


Well that is unfortunate as I have wasted my time, for I had hope for the other man. Yet all my efforts have all gone to waste now, I put up with a rhetorical debate for nothing! A shame really.


>Several of Walden’s friends jumped to his defense and his wife, Tara Walden, argued that “it will only get worse.”
>“It will be like the days of Hitler,” she wrote. “(You) will be censored on every word you utter.”
>"like the days of Hitler”
Everytime without fail, American politics is just both sides endlessly calling each other nazi.


>kanye drops out and gives all votes to trump to tip it into his favor by 0.01%
>redeems black people and they team up with whites and start murdering libtards and trannies
who's ready for some based kino


The storm is finally coming…just have faith..darkest before the dawn




so much for the "based" generation…


Among 18-29yr olds, Biden is estimated to have secured a 27% lead versus 19% for Clinton 4 years ago and Kerry’s 9% in

This means that if only those 29-and-over voted, based on Reid's back of the envelope calculations, Trump would have been ‘only’ 2% behind in the popular vote and would possibly have had enough to have won the electoral college. In other words, if the soon to be 78 year old Joe Biden does win, he will have the zoomers to thank.


>People unironically voted for that ugly rat faced Libertarian bitch


File: 1604643189146.jpg (43.3 KB, 671x667, 671:667, trumpwon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

we did it trumpchads


The whole "based gen z" meme is the most retarded cope I've ever seen. Voting data has consistently proven that gen z is even further left than millennials and polling shows they support SJW shit like BLM and feminism more than any other generation. It's not just in america, this data holds true in every county in the west, and even a lot of non-western countries.

Meanwhile, only "evidence" I've ever seen about gen z being "conservative" are a few articles that just say things like gen z is less likely to do drugs and more likely to be frugal with their money and use things like that as evidence they're "conservative". No, they're just more adverse to taking risks. Voting data and polling on political issues is a much bigger indication of where they are politically than a few things about lifestyle that are vaguely associated with being conservative.

I'm guessing that the whole "based gen z" meme is just the result of gen z narcissism, which transcends political boundaries. Also notice how both left wing and right wing zoomers use "boomer" as an insult against anyone they disagree with.

But even you were completely ignorant of all the voting data and polling, you'd have to be completely retarded to think a generation that grew up with Buzzfeed, Twitter and Tumblr would be even remotely right wing.

At this point pretty much everyone who still identifies as "libertarian" agrees with SJWs on every single issue except muh free markets. They support open borders, support antifa, support BLM. About a year ago I saw a post on a libertarian subreddit that argued that hate speech laws were justified because "hate speech isn't free speech" and "hate speech violates NAP". What a joke.


Anyone who thought a generation raised on facebook, rap music, vidya, youtube, twitter, instragram, and memes was going to be "based" was simply delusional. Even though "boomers" (actual boomers not 30 year old """"boomers""") did allow the western world to be ruined and are in fact a bunch of ignorant fools, you can't blame them for that. It is far more enjoyable to speak with them rather than any generation after, you can hardly blame them for their political views seeing as how they were the first generation introduced to mass propaganda of the modern age. They had no alternative media like we did, and still they ended up better off than the current generations.

Old white boomer males who worked in trades are in my opinion one of the very few groups of honest or decent people I've ever met. Yet this """"based""" generation can't stand talking to them at all. I will admit that management boomers who work office jobs are rather insufferable, but the trade workers are a joy to speak with if you are a wizzie and find most people to be insufferable. Mind you they are normalfags, but they have a heart to them that doesn't exist in the current population of western men.



We now have video of people working at ballot counting facilities filling out ballots and stamping them.


File: 1604660382157.mp4 (4.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, newt gingrich voter fraud.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1604667332759.jpg (92.37 KB, 750x1120, 75:112, 1604536984549.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All this stuff about "voter fraud" really is just a cope. But even more than a cope, it shows the extent in which people are the hostages of democratic (as in democracy) illusions. Even if Trump had won this time, he'd be out in 4 years. Would Trumpists allow the Democrats to be in the government then without crying foul? Doubtful. This is people being unable to understand how they can be "right" and still lose the democratic vote. If you're feeling dread then realize that it isn't because you "lost" anything (you never "won" anything to begin with), this is the feeling of being knocked back into reality from a pacifying dream. Pacification is the main role of the democratic process. The good thing is that I fully expect this to further undermine trust in democracy in US.

Now that Biden is going to get into the government you'll see how ephemeral any of Trump's accomplishments really were. In a few months he might've as well not even ever been president.


You can see in this very thread that both dem and rep were crying foul about voter fraud before the election.


Trump's role now is to wind down his base so Biden can get on with bombing the Middle East. If a leader actually thought they were being stripped of power they wouldn't make whispering speeches and talk about drawn out legal processes. Trump had 2 years to address voter rolls and did nothing, so it was fake and gay from the start.


The only way US survives this is if Biden is a lying spineless puppet who will never do any of the retarded catastrophic shit he promised.


He tried to play by the rules.
His opponents weren't bound by such a restriction.
And the voter fraud couldn't be more blatant, but the whole system in the areas it is taking place is corrupt so until the supreme court gets involved nothing can nor will be done about it.
I mean they can literally use men with guns to throw out monitors and election integrity officers.

One thing I will say is that hoping for the accelerated collapse of western civilization will not get you the outcome you want.


not voting is the same as voting for trump


Biden wouldn't last a year. They will just put that succubus in his place a few months in.
And she would totally do all the crazy shit as long as it increased her personal power and authority.


The destination is set regardless of whether you want to get there fast or slow. Someone like Trump will never get elected again so don't even start hoping to correct things in the next election (you probably will though). By the end of Kamala's first term there will be 4 years worth of dead white republican boomers and many millions more nonwhite zoomers and citizens.


What are the chances the chans get deplatformed with Biden on the chair?



shouldve picked your own cotton whitey


Possible. It's a perfect opportunity. A dramatic act that's easy and cheap to execute. Of course the imageboards are completely irrelevant so going after them has no practical purpose at all but that isn't what matters, the point would be to score cheap optics and placate the twitter left somewhat.
Also there's the spite angle. Punishing us undesirables just for the hell of it will feel good for them regardless of how few and insignificant we are.


Is there any gambling website where I can still bet on Trump? I have a feeling he'll pull through but all the sites I've checked have closed betting for the election winner.


File: 1604681141517.gif (1.19 MB, 612x640, 153:160, yawn.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>He tried to play by the rules.



Zero. The only websites that are in danger of being classified as a publisher are places that actively curates their content, like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The chans basically just remove anything that is illegal or violates their simple rules.

Even then these big websites getting deplatformed will only happen under a republican presidency. They are a propaganda machine for democrats, no way they are going to ruin that.


In my country we did. We had no slaves or colonies. We were the ones who "picked cotton" for numerous empires that colonized us.
Now that the Democrats will control Murica and the fate of the western world I expect them to pressure us into fully internalizing the progressive agenda.
We were the "cotton picking" slaves, but now we're going to be shamed and replaced just like the supposedly slave-owning Americans.
White non-leftist males are by far the most oppressed group in the west. Especially if you're not well adjusted, oh boy the normies will work overtime to label you as a pedo rapist literally Hitler behind your back.

They aren't in any danger at all. Accurate automated censorship of all content at all times is possible now. Soon they will flip the switches and willingly start identifying as publishers.


File: 1604691915863.png (194.77 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, trump-monitoring-the-situa….png) ImgOps iqdb

With Democrats in power there's zero chances that these corporations will be forced to make the distinction between publisher or platform. The corporations will do the censorship for Democrats and they know that. It's perfect for them, they won't need to even make any laws to suppress the dissent. We were already living under a suppression of right wingers under a Republican president, now this will only get several orders of magnitude worse.


Maybe now the murican'ts will stop preaching about rules, values and democracy. The moment democracy doesn't work like they want it to they do a 180 and go full Belarus. Very cool, America. Now that this shitshow is done I'm going to be so much more upset whenever murica directs another moralizing sermon at my country. Shut the fuck up and take a look in the mirror, United States of Venezuela.


File: 1604710196395.jpg (59.74 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1604637340377m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Saying that the wisconin vote wasnt fraudulent is rediculous when trump had the lead before the mail in ballots started being counted. Dont even @ me


You think you're laughing now but once when it gets to the republican majority highest supreme court, you wont be laughing anymore. They will reject every ballot count that we were denied to see. Just like with Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, you will be btfo


I kinda wanted Trump to win just to see the shitstorm but I'm sort of relieved he lost because I was getting tired about everything being about Trump one way or the other.

What do you guys think? You think there was fraud? I know that wholr computer glitch thing is pretty suspicious but still


i wanted biden to win but trump won so fuck it all


Trump finally built the wall, around the white house to protect him when they have to drag him out kicking and screaming "BIGLY!!!!"


They clearly used the hammer and scorecard. If you think Nevada and Goergia can go to Biden with record turnout for republicans, then you are fucking insane. You misewell have said that Biden could have flipped kentucky


File: 1604757053023.jpg (299.11 KB, 2048x1462, 1024:731, 6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's excellent, I've been impressed with the coherent ideological response from fascists. It's like a huge weight has been taken off everyone. You can see those same historical conditions developing again: where reactionary conservatism and democracy are both discredited in the minds of the people.


There's definitely fraud going on. The media keeps saying "hoax video" "false whistleblower" "online hoax" but the arrests, verifiable videos, and police statements indicate it's anything but a hoax. The PTB did a pretty good job with the election fraud this time, although I have the feeling may have been able to win the election legally if they'd put more effort into it.
That being said if the Republicans were competent enough to rig the election, they would have. It just so happens that the DNC is the party with by far the greatest corporate, NGO, and foreign support at this time.

There's no helping it anyway, either the drumpf team manages to competently use their resources to get the election fraud investigated and prosecuted and America gets another 4 years of literally nothing except the media going batshit, or America gets 4+ years of draconian, unconstitutional laws and collusion with corporate propaganda. Well, we know the one thing Trump can hardly do is be competent so the outcome is fairly obvious.


Bidenbros its really over now, we came so close but now that Trumpchads know we tried to rig the election we're going to be impeached. It wasn't supposed to end like this.


Be very afraid, bidenbro. Trump will be monitoring you very closely until January.


File: 1604759213819-0.jpg (300.22 KB, 1353x1056, 41:32, 1604619321370.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604759213819-1.png (356.4 KB, 1050x800, 21:16, 1604615727482.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604759213819-2.jpg (83.2 KB, 907x911, 907:911, 1604696030878.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think that Trump is going to lose.

There definitely was fraud and Trump has shown that he's willing to go to the Supreme Court over this. This definitely was not what the PTB was expecting, most politicians would have rolled over in a heartbeat to avoid the initial burst of bad press.


File: 1604761254308.jpg (94 KB, 750x1067, 750:1067, EmM1C44VcAw7KtQ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought about voting Trump but remembered he didn't pardon Snowden


I doubt there was enough fraud to make a difference, I think Trump is just seen as a loser by most Americans and he could only beat someone as terrible as Hillary which sleepy Joe just had to not be, but most people got sick of him, also most of his voters were old boomers who died of covid which they thought wasn't a big deal which swinged things a lot, anyway I'd hate to be a Trump worshiper right now but especially Trump himself, I think he'll neck himself when Obama goes to the next white house dinner with Biden and has the final laugh at one term Trump




So what do you think is going to happen if Trump's legal team successfully proves in a court of law that there was widespread election fraud, all done to Biden's benefit? What happens if they actually prove somehow that the Biden campaign was complicit?



Human error, computer error and just boomers not understanding software/hardware often get mixed up and cause mass hysteria, software has an on/off solvable problem, it's a glitch, people call it russian hacking


Why were 100% of the glitches in Biden's favor then?


You expect me to believe in people who spent 4 years claiming Trump was illegitimately elected by Russian spies, without a single shred of proof to back it up. 4 years, every day.


File: 1604763032174.jpg (21.2 KB, 852x480, 71:40, really makes you thinkk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

pure cohenincidence


File: 1604764220164.jpg (80.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, haaaahaha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>russian hacking narrative was just a cope for american/indian soydev incompetence


This thread hit the bump limit a while ago.


File: 1604776674212-0.png (38.18 KB, 603x344, 603:344, hh44.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604776674212-1.jpg (42.59 KB, 602x421, 602:421, EmPggWuU4AAEuua.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1604777059587.png (45.67 KB, 648x333, 72:37, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1604777393495.jpg (80.33 KB, 797x372, 797:372, bellwhether.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. The most powerful trend predictor, the bellwether districts show that Trump won.

2. One of the most powerful fraud predictors, Benford's law shows fraud in the suspected democratic districts.


3. Most if not all of the fraud signs listed by the BBC have been meet, especially the delay in announcement.




File: 1604777523010.png (806.69 KB, 1200x1624, 150:203, 1604771788850.png) ImgOps iqdb



I truly do hope the fraud is exposed.


>do nothing to stop those ostensibly on your side from ending up in jail
>suddenly demand mobilization

>dey byoke da law
Your enemies don't care, and your enemies include the legal system you're appealing to. Get a grip.



The vote difference in the contested states was ~500 votes then. Not thousands.

Trumps legal claims so far are pretty toothless and poor. The PA stuff is being misrepresented, the "poll watchers" have the same rights as the general public at the vote count ( canvass ). There are a second subset of 2 authorized representatives for each candidate/party who can contest absentee ballots and they have, and I believe had, access to the counting area. The arguments about how the people at the back of the enclosed observing areas couldn't see properly because of social distancing may be upheld but it wouldn't invalidate an election as the parties had access.

For the other elections the parties have a month or two before an election to challenge the electoral roll and absentee ballots to find people who they claim aren't allowed to vote and challenge them to prove they are. The claims of mass fraud would need evidence, which may appear but it hasn't so far apart from isolated claims.

The trump campaign this afternoon had a press conference with poll watchers who were complaining that they couldn't use their phones in the ballot count or could only report concerns to one person. They were unaware they were the legal rules. The pictures of people blocking the windows is because it's against the rules to film the ballot count. It's so weak.


>against the rules to film the ballot count

If this is true that is an absurd rule. I can understand not taking a photo of your vote, but not being able to film the counting is sketch as all fuck.


File: 1604782998933.png (582.79 KB, 860x892, 215:223, 622-6225086_dank-meme-lase….png) ImgOps iqdb

Fucking chud

Biden won, fuck trump, can't wait for him to die off


From research it's to protect the secret ballot, so you can't film the identity and ballot being separated and so on. No zoom from cameras allowed etc. This is the reason the general public observers are to be far enough away not to read the information, and the public webcams filming are far away no to see information. News media aren't allowed within the counting area either.

You can't make phone calls either and stuff, I guess it's a bit extreme.


What about the proven instances of dead people voting?


File: 1604785035567.pdf (145.58 KB, Comment on Benford’s Law a….pdf)

Sorry but that article has been debunked.


There have been official reports apparently investigating this situation as people have accused candidates of having the dead vote for them in mass fraud since Kennedy.

Here's one with a bit of detail on page 27
>In other words, the Commission, which assigned nearly half its staff of fifteen
>full-time employees for four weeks to comb through archived paper files, found
>strong, positive evidence that the allegedly dead voters mostly were not dead. In
>ninety-five percent of all cases of so-called “cemetery voting” alleged in the 2010
>midterm election in South Carolina, human error accounts for nearly all of what
>the state’s highest law enforcement official had informed the U.S. Department of
>Justice was fraud.
- https://b.3cdn.net/advancement/a33f491f2099720f4c_btm6b8ln2.pdf

The ways people are identifying dead voters through comparing electoral rolls apparently is very inaccurate in identifying dead voters. There are apparently other studies mentioned in this on page 14 you could research the veracity of https://www.brennancenter.org/sites/default/files/legacy/The%2520Truth%2520About%2520Voter%2520Fraud.pdf


the best argument i ever heard against abortion was that, if you can kill your own baby, i can kill other peoples baby. if we suppose it was possible to kill babies in a way other than kicking a pregnant womans stomach (which would become assault), it would be completely legal to go around killing all the babies you wanted.


Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004. Violent charges are doubled if the victim is a pregnant succubus, which should show pretty convincingly that the government considers a fetus a child. Why that logic isn't applied for abortion is pretty beyond me but, hey whatever.

The other wizards here have the same sentiments as me on the subject. It's just a circus going on while bigger issues brew by the wayside. I really do question if a lot of these 'political strifes' like BLM or pro-choice/pro-abortion or whatever is in controversy at a given time are just intentional time-sinks to get normal cattle to pre-occupy themselves with issues that do no greatly affect them.


>which should show pretty convincingly that the government considers a fetus a child. Why that logic isn't applied for abortion is pretty beyond me but, hey whatever.
I think Roe prohibits this logic from being applied to abortion, but I'm not american so I'm not sure
And apparently pro-choicers were opposed to this act:
>The Unborn Victims of Violence Act was strongly opposed by most pro-choice organizations, on grounds that the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision said that the human fetus is not a "person" under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and that if the fetus were a Fourteenth Amendment "person," then they would have a constitutional right to life


>Is a person when it applies to crime charges.
>Isn’t when it applies to being allowed to live.
I understand the meaning of precedent, however the logic is still completely inconsistent.


I wonder how many people will notice that places where republicans won the local/state elections and house and senate seats somehow have Trump lose by a few thousand votes.

Meaning that ether people on mass voted split ticket which is super unlikely or that something fishy was going on for the presidential election that didn't effect the other elections.

Whatever happens it is certain what side the media will take in the up coming legal battle.


Yeah it's inconsistent in practice but Roe doesn't really affirm or deny whether the unborn is a person, it just prohibits states from outlawing abortion because it's a matter of "privacy" or something like that. So yeah it generates this conflict where one law says that the unborn is a person and the Supreme Court decision says that prohibiting abortion is not allowed


Some here have brought up that they think demographics are destiny and that people vote based on race.

The results of this election show something different.



Yeah, all it takes is for some jurisdiction to charge someone for murder if they abort a child. No state seems to have the balls to do that, though.


Trump isn't right wing, when will you dumb civic nationalists realize that? He's literally a liberal LARPing as a right winger, the reason he gained in nonwhite votes is because he sucks their cock. Releasing thousands of blacks from jail, allowing the highest amount of legal immigration in history, and then offering them 500 billion dollars. The price he paid for that was losing white votes. Demographics ARE destiny, so much so that even """right""" wingers have to dance to their tune at this point. At this point there is no right wing party, just two liberals voting on if all white people should be replaced by 2080 or 2100.


File: 1604798746368.jpeg (190.33 KB, 500x333, 500:333, literally_you.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>you must vote for trump because he's right wing


File: 1604801410614.jpg (6.77 KB, 225x225, 1:1, downs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>reading comprehension


File: 1604802499666.jpg (35.33 KB, 1150x375, 46:15, meteor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cool. Fascism has been defeated.
Now I can go back to ignoring politics >:)


File: 1604819036933.jpg (24.57 KB, 625x400, 25:16, 1386718958840.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to lose $600 because dems used CIA NIGGER Hammer&Scorecard programs on Dominion voting machines to hack the election.



Even the king/apex of the normies gets in the end, too bad about his admirers and enabler normies though but let it be a lesson to them


File: 1604841660627.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>fucking dick cheney is going to be biden's foreign policy advisor
It's time for WAR goyim.


Trump won.

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