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If you've recently, or in the past, had a dream which has stuck with you, or perhaps a recurrent dream you cannot unravel, please post it here and I will analyze it.

Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. They reveal our instincts, and show us that which we least want to see when we most need to see it. The symbols they generate are laden with the deepest significance we can conjure as living beings; they are ignored and misunderstood at the dreamers great peril.


I had a short dream this morning after I had woken up but fell back asleep in bed. I was in a vast ocean, underwater, with small floating islands around me. The bottom was not visible. There were these terrifying pink snakelike creatures that had multiple bodies and could enter through small crevices in the rock. Suddenly I started to sink further and further and I could feel the creatures start to turn towards me. I was so scared I forced myself awake.


Water, especially the ocean, is a favored imagistic representation of the unconscious for itself; it is the feminine element; the dark, chaotic, unknowable and unfathomable wellspring from which all life comes and all life returns. To be surrounded by it, underneath the surface, is itself a sign that you are "held" by the unconscious itself; by nature herself, by the chthonic underworld of the psyche.

You are likely gripped by base, immature instincts. Their purpose unknown to you, their significance only insinuated at.

The islands surrounding you, held above the surface, are points of consciousness; pieces of insight into the nature of your being. Explored territory is the domain of the masculine. The islands are pinpricks of consciousness; your potentiality as a man given symbolic form.

> There were these terrifying pink snakelike creatures that had multiple bodies and could enter through small crevices in the rock.

Snakes symbolize a great many things to many cultures. They are ambassadors of the higher self, and of wisdom, transformation, of the conjunction of the unconscious with the consciousness. They embody primordial instincts free of morality, and the will to life. The manner in which they present themselves in your dream is quite peculiar. The reference is clearly to spermatozoa, the pink color indicates a feminine association. Sex is alluded to here. The desire to procreate. The primaility of the flesh.

You are afraid of all the things you would need to be, and know, in order to accomplish the task of attracting sexual gratification at the spiritual level.

>Suddenly I started to sink further and further and I could feel the creatures start to turn towards me.

Snakes are also the favored personified form of the God Mercurius; the messenger of the gods. He would communicate will and form between the Gods and men.

The snakes want to impress upon you something very severe and dangerous; but you cannot run from them. It is an impersonal, archetypal act. A ritualistic initiation into the next phase of life. Into willing maturation through sacrifice of the past self so that there may still be a future self.


OK I shall tell you my dream last night.

There was an enormous and rough-looking snake, this snake plunged under an ocean of water. Then I trust a huge sword into an apple. Finally I shot off a huge shiny black gun.

What does this mean?


That you believe I will mistake your idiocy for insight?


So you can't interpret it?


I'm glad you made this thread, I can't seem to ever figure out my dreams. Two days ago I had a dream of an amazingly tall drop tower, the ones you see in theme parks. I wondered what caused it to move up and down like it does, so I took at look at the motor. When I went close to inspect it, there was a piston moving with extreme speed. The noise it made was strange, not metallic but rather like a "thap" sort of sound. Over and over it kept getting louder and faster, thap thap thap thap. Surely the was the fastest it could get I thought, and I was correct in thinking that. The next second it suddenly broke apart and shot out hydraulic fluid all over the place. Does this mean I'm worried my car engine is going to break if I push it too hard?


I can't interpret lies, no. Something tells me your real dreams would be very interesting.

Are you interested in mechanical engineering? The dream has an overtly sexual tonality, but the first rule of dream analysis is that the dreamer has the final say on all interpretations. What do you personally feel it may be hinting at? What does the circumstance of the dream remind you of?


I'm not interesting in mechanical engineering at all. Why do you see a sexual tone in it? It was just a piston powering a drop tower. Like I said before, I have no idea what it was hinting at besides maybe my car engine. That's why I was hoping you could explain it.


There was a huge crowd of people and I sat there watching them one by one. A man putting his foot into a shoe, a succubi brushing her teeth, a knight sheathing his sword, a female swimmer dripping water, a male runner physically exhausted, a lady howling in fright, A commander telling his troops to open fire, and finally a religious man praising the heavens with a look of pure bliss. I awoke with an air of clarity, very refreshed feeling.


The intensely phallic imagery of the piston, finally bursting from pressure and spraying hydrophilic fluid around you?


Hmmm I see, but what about the drop tower?


Also sexual. The word plunge is literally associated with it.

Plunge tower.

The fact is that it's likely an imagistic representation of your libido in the Jungian sense; which is the life energy of the psyche, the masculine essence of power and will and drive and passion. The inner workings of the tower being somewhat unfamiliar to you, and operating haphazardly to the point of breaking point could indicate you are a creative individual with no outlet.


Ah now I understand, the tower is my cock, the piston my bodily thrusting, and the hydraulic fluid is my coom. Thank you anon, very cool.


Is it disconcerting to you that you're such a mediocre intellect it took you roughly three attempts to halfway convince me that your imagination wasn't profoundly mediocre to the point of dismissing it as worthless?


File: 1604521412709.jpg (41.96 KB, 512x512, 1:1, the good life.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Still fell for it and interpreted my dream cock.


phallic imagery is not necessarily related to the phallus itself. It typically has an unconscious association with a very sophisticated psychoanalytic concept called sublimation.

Your presence on this website is detrimental to the developmental intelligence of only yourself.


File: 1604522227933.jpg (58.67 KB, 456x567, 152:189, sit on this and spin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>very sophisticated
Well you must be quite the intellect to understand such things, tell me more about the phallus. If I am to ever master the hyper refined and difficult challenge of Freud and Jung phallic interpretations I should need to know more about cocks. You seem to be well-knowledged about such things, so please explain in depth.

Firstly how does one know if something is phallus-like or not?


In your case, observe a mirror.


File: 1604523455128.jpg (41.28 KB, 240x314, 120:157, really makes you think.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But that only shows my own massive and thobbing wizwand, not the abstract idea of the phallus.
Truly I could not possibly come to possess this knowledge of capital Cocks myself, since if I take what you said to be truth - that I have mediocre intellect, how could I know it? Clearly according to you I could not possibly understand this phallistic theory of the subconcious via my own means, thus I require that you show me the knowledge that only a sophisticated man such as yourself would know, so that I would understand phallic imagery.


I was accosted by a group of military-dressed men, who began berating me. I pulled out a pistol and pointed the barrel into my mouth. I then started repeatedly pulling the trigger, trying to kill myself. But the gun didn't fire, it just started heating up. Eventually the gun exploded in my mouth, and then I woke up. What does this mean?


File: 1604525780371.jpg (62.52 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Freud.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hmm I've seen these recurring themes in dreams before. I think the only logical explanation is you secretly want to have sex with your own mother.


Why don't you explain sublimation for us?


You wish to give other men fellatio in an exhibitionist fashion, many such cases.


Yes, I have a recurrent theme in my dreams of going somewhere but not quite getting there. Sometimes there's some reason that makes it likely I won't be getting there (such as likelihood of rain). But the general feature of the dreams is the journey. The journey is filled with twists and turns, and other challenges. Sometimes it's the subway, and I have to switch routes and often end up going in the wrong direction; there is one specific dream I had long ago (perhaps even more than once) when the journey was the city at night. And I had to walk a somewhat long distance, going through some specific landmarks. And there was always the dangerous part of town, which was usually the most 'stressful' (for lack of a better word) part of the journey.
Sometimes I also have just enough money in my pocket to buy me some food, perhaps I have more than enough but not too much, and keep it in the back of my mind thinking I'll be needing it for something. Sometimes I am looking for a place to spend it, maybe have a coffee and a bite. Either way, spending a bit of money is sometimes part of a journey, or a stop therein.
I would appreciate your thoughts on it.


Had a dream where I was tortured. I was semi-lucid, aware that it was a dream but not in total control. I remember perceiving my character almost in third person, like I was an invisible ghost sharing strong empathy with him. He was either a cartel member or a tourist in Mexico. He got kidnapped by the cartel. I remember before the torture started making a conscious decision to stay in the dream because I was curious as to what it felt like to be subjected to torture. They burnt my (his) hands and feet. The pain was secondary, the worst part was his feeling of helplessness, of being victimized and dominated by another being. I could have easily sat through the pain alone without batting an eye but the feeling of being rendered impotent was unbearable.


I dreamt my IQ was 106.


Is it lower or higher?


2 nights ago I had a dream where I thought I had a cancerous growth around my inner thigh. It developed a handful of big fleshy sausage type growths. They did look like penises, but in the dream I noticed they looked like them but were not. I went to the doctor and they’d gone, instead I had red muscles showing at the area with the skin turned to some spider web type thing of gooey skin so you could see muscle underneath. I pulled off the three skin web things. End of dream.

Analysis please.


Considering what I want to do in life, 106 iq would be insufficient


What exactly do you want to do that 106 is not enough? Cause I really doubt that.


I want to do research in biotechnology. I'm finishing up my education.




it's a precognitive dream warning you not to take the corona "vaccine"


I dreamt I was kidnapped and taken into some middle eastern country, then tortured and forced to jump off the roof of a building (at least 5 stories tall). When I landed I didn't die but broke both legs and I couldn't feel anything from the waist down…I dragged myself to the street and found a guy who was pretending to host a radio program, he was talking about some quiz and apparently I was participating in it, he asked me some question I don't remember to which I replied "get me out of here" or something… And, despite my answer being completely unrelated to the question, he said I had won a helicopter trip, and that I could choose between a few destinations, among which was Uruguay (I live in Argentina so it was the closest), I get on the helicopter and there was a suspicious guy, I thought it was someone following me since I survived, to finish the job… Then the memories get kinda foggy. I know I was going to appear on tv to talk about the kidnapping, I was watching tv and a local singer was doing an interview, there there was a video clip for some folk song, and then I woke up.

I see some of you also dreamt about being tortured, but it's my first time. I wonder what it all means. I've read somewhere that the people on your dreams are always people you know from somewhere, that you never completely make up anyone, but I don't remember any of them. I know the guy that helped me was kinda fat, brown skinned and had long hair, and I think the suspicious guy was thin and bald, but other than that no idea.


It sounds like you feel unsafe or unsecure in your living arrangements and are seeking out a state of security.


Not really unsafe, I do wanna move the fuck out of here as soon as possible


I had a dream just yesterday where I was trying to crush something like a zombie's head with a rock. Then, the head transformed into myself as a toddler. For some reason, I wished to squash my baby self, too. But then, I held it up, looked in my baby self's innocent and scared expression and hugged it. Synchronicities have been in overdrive today around this event and of things I've been awaiting to be revealed. Let's see where the rabbit hole leads.


I had a dream where I was with some movie execs and I basically just ranted about Will Smith's performance in the new Aladdin. It irritated me so much that they made him recreate those old performances instead of changing the songs better to fit Will Smith. I mean, goddamn, the dude is a musician and has a career in Rap. Let the fucking man rap! Those songs worked well for Robin Williams, but they were written for his character. The movie would've been so much better if Will Smith was able to do his own thing in the musical realm he is most familiar with.

I think it is fairly obvious what this dream is about but I feel so strongly about this shit that I feel like I need to post that I felt so strongly about it that I had a dream about that bullshit.


That sounds pretty funny man, are you the hip-hop wizard?


You are completely wrong. Rap is a trash genre, for apes. All rap music is trash, no exceptions. Will Smith was a bad pick not because he couldn't sing but because he is a nigger. The movie should not have been remade at all.


File: 1607201671747.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, 151:85, cdc[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh boy


If he doesn't respond with "fo sho, my wizza", I'd be slightly sad


I'm not a fan of rap but you post is big cringe.


Live near black people for half a year, and then come back with your opinion.


how can I sleep at night knowing that a discord zoomer thinks my post is 'big cringe'??


You'll have to drink yourself into oblivion weeping for that fateful day the zoomer called you the big cringe!


>live near
man's has never lived in an inner-city southern ghetto and it shows




I dreamt I was in some place full of normans, they were all gathered around one of them and that person was cutting his penis with a knife in some sort of ritualistic fashion. I imagine this is what they do in parties



even white people are niggers in the south, probably more mexicans than anything else though


File: 1607654690206.png (1.69 MB, 1045x1518, 95:138, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am in a bathtub (dry, clothes on) and I look up and see a huge green stinkbug. About as big as my head. It was pale and kind of pink and it looked sickly and was moving slowly. I was very scared that it would jump on my face, I slowly creeped out of the bathtub. I forget what happened then but I came back to the bathtub and the stinkbug had grown to encompass half the width of the inside of the bathtub, and its abdomen had grown to fill up the entire length of the tub. The abdomen was squirming and I thought it might be getting ready to lay eggs. I was extremely disgusted at this point and contemplating getting some bug spray to kill it. Next thing I know the stinkbug has split into two, one green still half the width of the tub but with normal proportions and one brown about half the size of the green one. My mother came in and picked up the new brown stinkbug. It wasn't moving, because it had just been born and was still recovering. She kind of picked at the brown bug's abdomen and it fell apart, and revealed a sparkling gold piece of something. Looking at it I knew that the green bug had transferred its consciousness into the brown bug and the sparkling gold thing was the bug's consciousness materialized. Then I woke up, and I felt very disgusted.


I was in a cinema, watching a movie, where a man was morphing into an alien creature. Previously, I had been that man, but now I was watching him as in a movie. A man from the audience started walking up the aisle in my direction. At that point I realized I was stoned, so I closed my eyes to hide their redness from him, that he could not notice my intoxication. With my eyes closed I began to feel exalted and started pushing 'upwards' through various vortices. As I went through different levels, the style of the visuals changed. I don't remember the visual details, but it was kind of like travelling through hyperspace with a feeling of moving upwards at incredible speed. Eventually I stopped in a zone of pure pitch blackness and silence and floated there a while, but I mustered the strength to push upwards even farther, and at this point this experience felt no longer like a dream. I pushed through until I was floating in a nebula in deep space. I knew I had been dreaming, I was lucid but this felt like waking. Then a thundering male voice spoke to me. All I remember are his parting words before I woke up: "Thy affinity is with fire. " *unintelligible because I stupidly spoke over him* "Photograph fire and you will be wealthy."

Only 2 other times in my life have I heard a voice like this, which felt so outside of myself, but it had been female never male. In those times the communication seemed to come out of the blue, but in this instance it was like I had to expend the energy myself to move to an alien level. After I woke up I searched for fire photography and it is apparently a real profession, entailing a photographer who follows firemen around and photographs the fires they quench. Does not seem like a profession that would make anybody wealthy or be around much longer.


I die a lot in my dreams.
The most common means are drowning and suffocating, after that comes falling. Sometimes monsters kill me.
One time, I dreamed I was laying on the floor in my room and dogs were eating me alive. I couldn't move, couldn't even scream. Made this weird "UuuuuUUUuuu" sound like a zombie instead.



What if the way dreams work is that we can't figure them out or else they wouldn't become dreams like they are about things that are in our blind spot, I dunno that sounds retarded, its probably more we don't know the language they use or how to interpet it. I've thought about reading Freud's and Carl Jung writings/books about this stuff. Often though when I do have dreams I can tell there is some meaning to it and its on the tip of my tongue but I just can't explain it fully but I know the meaning is there, it's like a David Lynch film which is some of the closest art to dreams, I don't find his movies pretentious at all


I had a dream that a doctor gave me some sort of shot, but he made a mistake and instead of injecting me with medicine he injected me with heroin and it made me sleep for 37 hours. After I woke up in the dream I was very mad and wanted to sue the doctor, and when I woke up for real I was still very mad. I hate doctors and I'm not going to let any doctor give me a shot from here on out.


Medical malpractice is the leading cause of death.


but we destroy everything over a mild flu


We destroy nothing. The elitists oppress us with their lies.


I had a dream about THAT game. It's a game based on the game Warcraft 3 in which there's a hill. This time though, it's a small hill that requires skill traveling up. It has small platforms that span across the whole mountain which usually isn't the case. The "purpose" of this game is to get gear to equip your hero with that changes your hero into a special hero with different abilities. Think a bow for an archer hero that has archer-related abilities. On top of the mountain is equipment that changes your hero into a fist fighter hero. I was the first one up there, but let an Warcraft 3 friend (friends list) take it. We were the type to conspire and cause havoc on this game. It was more of a Fantasy Life game if that's familiar to you. If not, Fantasy Life is a game similar in concept, but there is no mountain but a small world that you're supposed to live in as roleplay. This would have been a long time ago since I don't play that game any more. Google Fantasy Life Warcraft 3 for more context. Also, the equipment is like Fantasy Life in which it's only one item you click with your hero to change it.

The entire game was quite simple. A few people were playing. I go up onto the mountain, my WC3 friend goes up too. I let him have the equipment. I go down in the middle, it rains, and another player is with me in the rain. We are in the middle of the mid bottom of the mountain. Most likely, there's one or two other players walking/jumping around. You cannot actually jump in WC3 but that's just how my dream was. I probably go back up again and for some reason there's a nether portal in the middle of the top of the mountain. I go in and my I don't see those people again in my dream. The nether portal is never there in my other "mountain dream games".

I arrive in hell where there are sirens. I won't go into much more detail. One attacks me, I strangle it. The other one does, bites my arm, I strangle it. I did this because I wanted to. I go up some stairs? I see some demons who are quite human like. I punch one in the face, it says "ow!" and seems quite human like so I apologize. I do this a few more times with other different demons after socializing with the demons. I tell them what I've come here to do and tells me where I need to go. I follow another demon, a janitor, up on pipes and other common janitorial things in a parkour-like setting. We're pretty high up and there's probably solid ground only below up. The pipes are probably suspended in the air, naked or something. I go up, see a manager from a job I used to have who was on business to hell. Alarms go off saying I'm not supposed to be here (probably not in hell but with the janitor) and I wake up.

This dream was similar to my other Mountain dreams. I've had mountain dreams in which is was all ASCII and the point was to just get up the mountain and probably other dreams about the mountain that I can't remember. All I know is that it's just me and a Warcraft 3 friend who play it since nobody else would ever play it. It's one of those games where you just talk and hangout. You feel like you've wasted a bunch of time playing it. I don't do that in real life as much and I don't have a Warcraft 3 friend to do that with. I would hate to waste my time like that.


I had quite a few dreams last night, but the one that sticks most in my head involved me being near a church. A Nun took me inside to read some text or an organ and said "Those who have been abandoned by God are unable to read this." I started to read it and it looked liek complete gibberish to me. I said "This looks like nothing to me." She told me I was a child of Satan and I was banished from the place. I started crying and left the building. I remember waking up in a sleep paralysis state thinking that I was a child of hate and all love has abandoned me. I am not even religious.


I will pray for you my wiz


I was with my family, climbing down a wooden ladder leading underground. It was very deep, I remember passing the 100 ft mark and I remember the air pressure changing and making my ears pop. I was very excited because I like deep underground areas. We kept climbing down, somehow I knew that this was the deepest man-made structure on earth. We reached the bottom and it was set up like a normal basement, even with windows, but the windows were covered with dirt outside so you couldn't see out of them. I was very excited to be so deep underground, I remember saying 'we're so deep we must be in Hell'. We then started collecting rocks in the basement area and putting them in plastic buckets, which each of us had.


I had some fucked up sexual dreams last night. I went back to sleep after waking up twice, and the second time was the weirdest.

I saw in the dream four or five men with futanari style genitalia; their dicks were the thickness of their calves, of varying length, and they were fucking each other's hermaphrodite vaginas. Two of them were fucking peacefully off to the side, while two other were engaged in a dispute and fucking intermittently. One of them was retarded, but he had the largest cock, with which he could have reached up to his own head. His body was contorted in a strange position, and when the other tried to go for his vagina, he would start grunting restlessly to let him know that he only wanted to be the one doing the fucking. I was the disembodied observer of all this and I saw it from multiple angles. They all looked like drawings of people from medieval Japanese art, but they were entirely yellow (a little more washed-out than the color of Simpsons characters). The background was pure white.


I was in something like a cross between a Buddhist monastery and a school. One of the students told me a teacher had a book filled with mystic secrets, but I had to steal it. I tried to sneak it off his desk without him noticing but he caught me.

Afterwards I met up with this demon who was kidnapping students from the school and enslaving them. The demon looked like a fat human, but somehow I knew it was a demon. Anyway I was play-acting as though I was one of the demon's slaves, even though it didn't feel like he had any power over me, more like I was a tourist or something. The demon seemed to take a liking to me, and I felt like I could join up with him to help him enslave people if I wanted. After this, one of the slaves noticed some sort of lotion or slime I had on my skin that I hadn't noticed before, and started freaking out trying to get the slaver's attention, as though I was breaking the rules or carrying contraband or something. After that I decided to wake up.


dreamed i was in an anime highschool and the rich kids randomly produced a theatrical play, they were all starring on it. the entire school day was basically cancelled so everyone could sit in the gym and watch this thing

so i had to sit through some dumb ass play that mustve went on for 4 hrs. it was about rich people having to date poor housemaids to satisfy a condition in their fathers will or sonething that effect. in reality the housemaids were animals that were transformed. after the trial was over, the 'housemaids' gave reports and only one person genuinely fulfilled the task so he got to keep all the money to himself. he ended up getting together with the housemaid he was partnered with, who happened to be a mouse, and so it goes they lived happily ever after

it's not that it was boring, it was more a feeling of 'yeah yeah ive seen this already' throughout the entire thing. like my brain knew what was coming next, or in the dream this play happens every year maybe, something that would make me uninterested


Sometimes I get moves from different timelines in my dreams. Once I got an alternative series finale for the Flapjack cartoon. It involved dolphins. Last night I got a black and white mobster movie starring Robert DeNiro. Wasn't that good.


wtf man


I have no idea, I don't even whack off to futanari.


This is a dream from a while back, but it stuck in my memory.

It started like a lot of my dreams do – me walking around a dream version of my hometown, with one of the guys from my class in elementary school (their grown-up selves), the two of us having inane conversations and enjoying the scenery. The dream version of this town is pretty consistent in how it differs from reality, and it's looked the same in all my dreams about it stretching across my years of sleeping. Some features of the way it's distorted are common to other locations in my dreams, but a lot of them are unique – so I can't tell if it's like this for everyone. The features of the landscape are always exaggerated; the town is built on some relatively steep hills, but they're taller and steeper in a dream. It's usually twilight, but really it feels more like it's simultaneously day and night, and sometimes the time of day changes depending on the mood of the dream. The mood of every location is brought out and embellished: dingy alleys become reminiscent of a film noir if it were made by a surrealist, the grander architecture of the town hall and church turns monolithic, the streets become their true selves as they would be shown in an impressionist painting, with beautifully glowing streetlights, and the islands of green grass become the meeting places of all joy and sunshine. This dream-town is the center of a larger dream-world, with other specific locations I visit scattered around it, but I won't go into those.

In this particular dream, I was walking with the biggest delinquent type in the class, with whom I was never friends, but with whom I got along well enough. The streets we walked down were mostly made-up, but I knew we were still in the same town. The buildings were all yellow and orange, and the sky was made to match them. We entered multiple convenience stores on the way, to finally end up in one on the corner of a tall building; that one had a strangely ominous atmosphere which the other ones didn't, with people shuffling in and out of it furtively. It was very tiny, cramped, and poorly lit, with sad-looking shelves of cheap snacks. Some other friends of the guy I was with came along, and suddenly we were invited upstairs to the first floor. We sat on single chairs, our backs facing the walls of white wooden panels between three or four windows, and no one said much aside from quick, practical small-talk. It felt like a waiting room at a clinic, and I felt uncomfortable, but I chose to go along with it and not ask any questions. At this point in the dream, it seems like my unconscious had run out of ideas and was stalling for time, but it was all building up to something in the end. Many different people, alone or in pairs, started gathering at the place and coming up the same narrow staircase we had used – coming into the white room and out another door in the corner, which had another narrow staircase going all the way up to the attic. When everyone had gone, the people I was with went up and followed the rest – a couple of them encouraging me to come with them, with which I complied reluctantly. The attic had the same white paneled walls, a grey carpeted floor, and a tiny window that let in little light. The window was soon covered up and candles were lit, and everyone sat in a circle around a small altar with a small, ornate-looking statue of some demon god. Several people in the circle lit up joints and started passing them in both directions, and I knew that they were astral projecting and communing with spirits. I smoked a joint when one was passed to me, and it worked immediately, though usually when I smoke in a dream it doesn't do anything. I saw a colorful static; my vision became distorted as if I took a stronger psychedelic, and I began to hallucinate until everything dissipated and the dream broke down. The last thing I heard, which turned into my own stream of thought as I woke up, was someone asking, "are you ready to be transported?"


>finally end up in one on the corner of a tall building; that one had a strangely ominous atmosphere which the other ones didn't, with people shuffling in and out of it furtively. It was very tiny, cramped, and poorly lit, with sad-looking shelves of cheap snacks. Some other friends of the guy I was with came along, and suddenly we were invited upstairs to the first floor. We sat on single chairs, our backs facing the walls of white wooden panels between three or four windows, and no one said much aside from quick, practical small-talk. It felt like a waiting room at a clinic, and I felt uncomfortable, but I chose to go along with it and not ask any questions. At this point in the dream, it seems like my unconscious had run out of ideas and was stalling for time, but it was all building up to something in the end. Many different people, alone or in pairs, started gathering at the place and coming up the same narrow staircase we had used – coming into the white room and out another door in the corner, which had another narrow staircase going all the way up to the attic

If I were to give a half assed interpretation then it sounds to me as if this represents some sort of work scenario that you're trying to avoid subconsciously but relent in the end because of both peer pressure and because you think it will bring you salvation. Perhaps the delinquent you were walking with at first represent the last loosely held sense of rebelliousness in your spirit because you mention that he's not your friend even though you know him and after you enter the building he seems to dissapear.


I think that's a pretty good stab – however, I'm a NEET, and I don't work out of laziness, not rebelliousness. Good insight about the guy representing my rebelliousness though, I didn't even notice that. My interpretation was that the satanic ritual represents the general involvement with worldly things, which I want to think I'm above, but which really have me just as entangled as any normalfag. For example, I'd like to say I'm celibate, but I still masturbate because I'm too weak to stop. So I participate in their ritual and smoke because I like smoking and feeling good, even though I know it's wrong. My rebellion against nature and society ends where my actual lack of virtue begins. The guy leading me to the ritual, even though he's my rebellious spirit, shows how ineffective my rejection of the world is – leading only to other ways to indulge because I lack commitment.

I did have another dream around that time, which I remembered just now, along with my own interpretation, because it was that other dream that clued me in. In that dream, I was at a party in some palatial mansion; after investigating, I realized that the party was really a trap – all of the guests were going to be sacrificed and cannibalized at the end by the secret satanic coven. I was the only one who realized it, and I tried explaining it to other people at the party, but no one would listen to me. In the end, I couldn't escape either. It all reflects how I see the world as evil and depraved, can't ever succeed at explaining it to others, and really fall for its illusions as much as anyone. The dreams warn me against being a fraud – the classic hypocritical prude.


Cleaned out my wallet today and found a piece of paper that I used to write down some dreams in January of 2019. Figured I'll post them here for the hell of it before I toss it out.

> There was a very hyperactive kid who made Youtube videos. I was visiting his family's lavish apartment, met him, and viewed his insane method. Later, I visited the museum of hyperactive kids who make Youtube videos, which was ran by Jews and decorated in the gaudy, dated, wood + metal style of the mid-00s. Two children were featured at a soiree in this penthouse museum. I suspected them of being Jewish as well.

> I remember some horror about a goat's diarrhea ass. There were other animals too and my mother and father at a funhouse-horror version of my childhood home.


For some additional perspective, In Latin languages, (and in Greek mythology), the Ocean is male and the Land is female. “El Mar”, “La Tierra”.


That first one made me LOL


I just woke up from an interesting one. I was with Sam Kinison, who I knew is supposed to be dead. He was making me clean up an old upper floor/attic of my grandparents' house, but we ended up watching a bunch of stupid old B movies, some of which he was in. My mother was also there with us, but she was off to the side and not much of a presence in the dream.

Obviously, it's something to do with memories and my relationship with the past, but I can't see what exactly it's supposed to mean at this moment, so I'll let you have a go at it.


I was outside going to school and saw few hip-hop bootleg/mixtape CDs. At first it was CDs I didn't own, but then I stumbled on those I had including one heavy metal CD. After few seconds I noticed dust on them as if they were the ones I had in my box at home. I immediately phoned my mother. She said she looked and my CDs were at home.

Later phone blue display showed something like how to conduct an interview (not a job interview). This Chekhov's gun never appeared again.

As a hikikomori and not a student I was at home slightly opening the door to the hallway observing neighbors talking. Retired female neighbor to the left scolded me. I said something about looking out of anxiety. One young male neighbor to the right attacked me. He entered my flat. I got information that those CDs was in fact mine. Another neighbors (one young man and his similar age gf) from the same flat as the attacker intrudered as well. Succubus was especially angered. Suddenly little boy same age as me in the dream appeared with two axes.

We clicked those axes as if we were drinking and decided to click glasses saying "Cheers". Saying it might be more than self-defense, but we are ready to burn in hell, the response to physical beating from the three ensued. Bodies were chopped with bloody gore scenes sometimes hidden by furniture or sfx as if censored by my brain. One of the axes was smaller and shorter than the other.


I Dream of Jeanie

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