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File: 1604613489015.jpg (37.12 KB, 428x420, 107:105, atta boy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why do guys always have to talk about sex in public like on the job or shit? Why can't they just keep that shit to themselves?
also why are we the most perverted gender?


Because for men sex is a hardwired craving. For succubi it is a tool.


because we live in the end times and it's normal to be degenerate


succubi seem to crave sex too, but they seem more private about it.


In my experience, succubi tend to be much more open about their degenerate fetishes and sexual cravings


idk ive noticed that a vast majority of the perverted succubus blogs turn out to actually be written by sissies and trannies who wish they were succubi.


succubi can be pretty perverted if they cant be slut shamed by other succubi, plus decency doesnt seem to matter to them when it can take almost less than a day to feel better and continue doing what they want. they even help each other with getting simps like its a dirty job but fun. you must be mostly around normgroid men if you havent seen what the opposite side is like


File: 1604638320722.png (519.45 KB, 376x587, 376:587, femaleCANCER.png) ImgOps iqdb

What the fuck do you want male normalfags to talk about?
Wizard, it's sports, politics, sex, parties, succubi, relationships, and family. Those are the topics for the majority of irl conversations.

succubi are just as cancer, what do you think they talk with each other when it's not things related to their jobs? Never consumed any movies or series with succubi in it? Fiction is not always a misrepresentation.
I've seen succubi IN REAL LIFE talk about the smell of cum, succubi talking about male genitalia, succubi joking about losing their virginity, succubi making jokes about bbc, etc.

Don't forget succubi read PORN in public unashamed and recommend PORN to their friends and normalize PORN and push the belief that being a slut is something to be proud of and you say we are the perverted freaks? Fuck off you faggot.


Normalfags were always degenerates, in public or hidden.
Its in their essense to be disgusting subhumans and inhumans.


That reminds me of 9th grade biology, the topic of the size of horse penises came out, and succubi were laughing about a horse coming up from behind in a dark alley to rape them


File: 1604691131226.gif (1.86 MB, 228x170, 114:85, sweaty ren.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Once I was sitting at a park bench and some guy sat beside me and began talking about the asses of succubi passing by. It was pretty interesting actually, I realized that's how people bond. They just talk about shit they believe is simple enough anyone can just jump in. He went on for 10 minutes then got up said it was getting too breezy for him and left.


I heard that happens at gyms a lot




They are, because there are far less restrictions for them than with men who are seen as perverts at best and harassers at worst for publicly carrying on like that. Even in normal political discussions succubi can't help but bring sex into everything.

The funny thing is, there's no excuse for succubi to be like this. They don't even have real sex drives .



i still refuse to believe any succubus would browse an imageboard like that but i guess they do.
the boring threads prove so i guess


hmm, I don't know if they are actually females, I'm gay and I relate a lot with their fetish thread, or maybe females actually are just like males that like males


why do bitches always have to talk about sex?


Jesus Christ. So vile and devoid of humanity. No wonder all men hate them so much.


most internet succubi are trans


*Most internet men who want people to call them succubi are men with mental illness

"trans succubi" are not succubi.


but there's really detailed threads regarding the vagina on lolcow, they have to be succubi


>They're all men because "no succubi on the internet".
This isn't the 2000s anymore. That meme was a reflection of reality, at least to a certain extent, before normalfags all had smartphones and used social media. Now even obscure internet communities have a good share of succubi who found them because they were discussed in some article or someone posted about it on twitter or whatever.

A lot of my coworkers are succubi and they talk about reddit, memes and other internet shit all the time.
>They're all trannies and somehow you can't tell

Face facts wizard, the internet you grew up with where almost everyone you interacted with was a nerdy male social outcast is long gone.


>This isn't the 2000s anymore

Since the 2000s they re-invented themselves as trans.


I don't like trannies anymore than you do, but you're sounding like the really delusional /pol/ users who think literally every post they don't like was written by a jew.

I guess my female coworkers that talk about internet shit all the time are all trannies too? Amazing how they all look completely female despite 99.9% of trannies being instantly identifiable even from a distance.


they probably are trans. seriously
between hormones and plastic surgery you cant really tell a lot of the time and a lot of troons are flying under your radar.
close to half of the "female" population in a lot of countries are trans and autistic in cels like yourself and using their actions to justify misogyny


succubi only post in social media sites where they can show their faces


what's the point in calling masculinized females trans? there have always been high t succubi (congenital adrenal hyperplasia for example), but they are not trans just because they were exposed to more testosterone than usual in the womb: they still have a second x chromosome (so less variability, as male's single X causes all sorts of things in the brain), produce eggs instead of sperm and therefore inherit a reproductive strategy of coy choosiness, menustrate, etc. it's very different from MTFs


jesus christ they're so much more pathetic xD
Like a bargain bin r9k with no soul


Imagine confidently making a statement as delusional as
>close to half of the "female" population in a lot of countries are trans"
and calling someone autistic in the very same sentence.

Even with high t succubi, it's still obvious that they're biologically succubi. Same goes for low t men, very rarely would you mistake them for succubi. This is true even if they're trying hard to appear androgynous. Maybe in specific pics they will look like the other gender, but in real life it's clear as day 99.9% of the time. Same goes for more trannies. He mentions hormones and feminization surgeries but there are a lot of sexually dimorphic variables those things can't change.

But more then likely he's an ironybro troll who thinks pretending to be retarded makes him an ebin troll or he's a basement dweller who spends a lot of time on /r9k/ and thinks the spamming about the topic reflects actual demographics. But even on places like /r9k/ where the topic is shilled constantly, trannies are most likely well under 10% of the users and it's just a couple dozen dedicated shills.


Literally what.
Even if you counted all the faggots, transvestites, pedos and the rest of the alphabet fuckups together they're still less than 1% of all people.
Vast majority of those who flaunt their deviancy suffer from completely different mental illnesses but they pretend to be faggots to get attention and protected status.


he didnt say high t

he said this

>between hormones and plastic surgery you cant really tell a lot of the time and a lot of troons are flying under your radar.

as in actual trans


Im very perverted cumbrian and I like to read tumblr porn blogs. And if you would think one place where theres actually a lot of cis succubi it would be tumblr.

But I'm telling you that a vast number of pervert succubus blogs turn out to actually be trans and sissies.


I need shit like that


I thought tumblr banned porn?


nah, succutards are just genuinely that disgusting and if it weren't for the high male sex drive you probably would've been largely killed off or locked in facilities and only used as breeding slaves.


did that bring up unpleasant wizmemories?


File: 1604779693397.jpg (37.93 KB, 298x390, 149:195, 1604362630596.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Just think about the type of succubi that would associate with lolcow, now think about the type of succubi you were thinking about when you read this thread's OP.

Even if those lolcow females are biological, they are so masculine that they might as well be dudes.


that must be some shizo tranny talking to himself
I refuse to believe those are real succubi talking there


right, people are surprised that there are outlier succubi, lol. selection effects for the sort of females who end up on a lolcow site are huge and they are abnormal biologically. average succubi is a vaguely asexual passive, complaining lump who gets horny about once a week, but only for a 6 foot tall guy with money and high status, that's about it…


it seems as if most of them have a boyfriend and gets alot of sex.
This is why i fucking hate succubi, i also just got banned for being a male despite never mentioning the fact that im a male


Radical feminists are right about men. 99.99 percent of men are coomers and even this site is infested with them. Just look at how much "wizards" defend hentai and how many fap threads /lounge/ alone has had. We're already on number 60.

If you want to know what radical feminists think about this degeneracy check out /r/mendrawingwomen

Radical feminism is easily the most pro-wizard ideology that exists. In cel if you don't support them.


I support feminism because we need more succubi in the workplace spending the majority of their waking life at shit jobs so they can pay taxes to sustain my comfy NEET life.


File: 1604827452170.gif (2.21 MB, 356x296, 89:74, 1562961841719.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I strongly agree with this.


Even if you agree with (radical) feminists on banning porn including drawn porn, feminists are some of the most pro-censorship people that exist. I'm not talking about just banning porn, they support political censorship, mass deplatforming, big tech censorship, cancel culture and hate speech laws.


Feminism isn't about succubi entering the workplace now. succubi working is already a given and not going to go away since doubling your workforce is powerful for the economy even if half of it is generally less competent than the other half. Countries won't get rid of this in order to stay competitive, feminist or not.


File: 1604833169375.jpg (221.72 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 3ce462bf0f8a779ff2c69d2e02….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

but modern day feminism is about "empowering" succubi, it also argues for sexual "liberation" so succubi are free to do as they want.
It's not at all about banning porn. No clue what femenists you are talking about with "radical feminism". As far as I'm concerned they see it as "empowering" the more slutty a succ is


File: 1604842950382.jpg (340.25 KB, 800x807, 800:807, 1508440991436.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Men will be like "that succubus has a hot ass", and the other guy will be like "yes"

succubi will spend quite a lot of time going on about looks, relationship garbage, etc.

I work with lots of succubi and they often make me much more uncomfortable with their invasive sexual topics.


just jerked off in the shower with a dick that couldn't become erect. I think im losing my horny permanently


It's pretty common knowledge, even among normalfags that succubi talk about sex, a lot. Guys might boast about their recent exploits and get a high five, but succubi go into intimate details and pretty much all their girlfriends will know about their bf's penis size, the positions he likes, unusual fetishes, how he compares to other people they've slept with etc.


I guess it's bragging. Like "look how many bitches I fucked and how big stud i am".
Fucking degenerates.


coomers are not a threat to irl succubi


File: 1604865879366.png (333.55 KB, 739x603, 739:603, rape_horse.png) ImgOps iqdb

Literally berserk


Rad dykes are just typical entitled foids that want to have their cake and eat it too. Their dislike of porn is just part of their anti-male butthurt mentality, despite the fact they're repulsive degenerates themselves.


You've never listened in on a conversation between succubi, have you? The stuff they talk about would horrify you, especially the level of detail they would openly talk about, everything from their partner's size, to how long they last, to anal, to who they are cheating with.

If anything, you should stop shaming men and encourage them to talk and share more advice between them to counter succubi's tricks and traps.


>implying that there are more than 2 genders


It's really telling how the different the life experience of these females are from their male counterparts.
Their male equivalent are crabs suicidal depressed, while the crabs looksmatch are…talking about their multiple relationships, ex boyfriends, and dating standards.


Cause its funny.


>complains on a board with cartoons of anal penetration

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