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File: 1604626460926.png (557.36 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, John-Taylor-Gatto-quote.png) ImgOps iqdb


Pic related is John Taylor Gatto, he was a teacher and then wrote a bunch of books about the history of public education and how awful school is. A lot of people today talk about increasing education, more people going to college, etc, but after studying some of the history of public schooling and thinking about my own experiences I'm starting to think school is mostly a bad thing. We spend most of our youth in these terrible institutions where we learn almost nothing. Almost all kids in school don't want to be there and would learn more useful things and be happier doing things out in the world. The history of schools is also very fucked up and basically they were just created because the wealthy factory owners didn't want a bunch of poor illiterate people causing problems.

If you look at the job market today, most people's job's have nothing to do with what they study in school, and could probably better off be learned by some kind of on the job training or apprenticeship. I think universities should still exist for the sciences, but should be much smaller and not a requirement to get some office job copying things from one database to another.

What do you wizards think about school?


school is necessary to keep producing slaves for the capitalist machine and is a sort of invisible eugenics program that makes undesirables not fit into society


I think public school is shit, most private schools aren't a whole lot better, and thanks to all the information available for free online homeschool and online schooling is the better alternative of the future.

Those are my super broad stroke opinion of school in general.


It’s an indoctrination center unironically. If the point was to value education we would be reading much more works from great scholars instead of common core interpretations of history, and the basics of arithmetic.


Higher education teeters on being a complete joke and the college degree (in America at least) is treated as a certification of adulthood and non-retardation instead of competency in a field.


Again, sub-saharans.


School has done nothing but hinder my education my entire life. It has taught me to be lazy, because lectures expect you to sit there quietly and you don’t have to do anything. I’ve spent my whole life sitting in classrooms waiting for bells to ring. And now that I’m in the real world where they expect you to do work, I can’t. It’s quite ironic.


finally a thread about one of the biggest threats in american society, hell in every society
keep it up!


File: 1604655534977.jpg (69.57 KB, 850x835, 170:167, 1604330677685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Worst thing about school wasn't the learning, it was the mandatory socialization. After a certain age, it becomes evident that you have to conform to a certain personality type, certain values and expectations from the majority, otherwise you're going to be targeted for bullying or become alienated. Most people become indoctrinated into the values of the majority simply as a means of survival.

If person A and B had different values, in real life, they would never associate with each other and would remain separate groups. Yet the true power of public schooling is putting children together from different value systems and molding them into a homogenous mass at the end - through the process of socialization.

There's a popular notion that teenagers are "rebellious", yet at the same time they are the most conformist of age groups. What happens is that children eventually step away from their parents value system and conform to the majority as a means of social survival. Attempts to shelter children from the dominant views of society only delays this problem and eventually the individual finds himself into adulthood with completely socially incompatible values, whether religious or political or moral and the result of that is usually either a nervous breakdown or a rapid assimilation through extreme acting out. You've seen the example of the ultra-religious succubus ending up as a porn star or children of conservative parents becoming hyper progressive. It is considered borderline child abuse to teach your children values that aren't socially accepted by the dominant majority.

Also, whether schools teach mathematics (or any other subject) correctly or not matters very little to how much children will actually learn it. What's actually important is whether the dominant value system considers math to be a worthy pursuit. Should I work harder to get a better grade in math or put in extra practice at basketball? What will get a better reaction from my peers? Naturally, people will go after what is more rewarding and future prospects in terms of education and employment are completely abstract notions that matter very little compared to tangible social benefits in the here and now.

Historically, education was a means of elevating one's social status but these days it's basically just about economics. Dinner parties were filled with intellectual discussions and people read poetry because it actually made the more sophisticated according to the dominant aristocratic value system, compared to today's rampant anti-intellectualism. I'm not trying to be a boomer about it since it was way beyond my time, but simply highlighting how people aren't inherently drawn towards certain values because they're "easier" i.e. promiscuity and anti-intellectualism, but are inherently drawn towards the values of the groups they belong to. Public schools and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


This thread reminded me to check out the works of Ivan Illich. Anyone here read him?


tbh they should.be teaching more history dating further back, mathematics, engineering and law in the upper levels. There is no value in consuming the demagogy of "great scholars".
Lets face the problem: niggers. If it wasnt for this egalitarian nonsense where we put all levels of talents in the same schools, schools could be of much higher quality. No nigger interrupting class, no white trash holding the class back and no shitskin needing special anttention.
We need a class society enforcinf eugenics on the undesiarable, its the solution to problems.


File: 1604664602059.jpg (36.22 KB, 306x561, 6:11, 81105891a667905e9e47cdaed1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>We need a class society enforcing eugenics on the undesiarable, its the solution to problems.

RIP wizards.


File: 1604669219886.gif (1.72 MB, 220x220, 1:1, 1604188744111.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've never understood why shitlibs love the Prussian military model of education so much.


We are fucked either way, so why not live in a nicer society in the meantime?


File: 1604676037759.jpg (194.48 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1604099292584.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The public schooling system, especially in America, exists solely to give the commoners a basic level of literacy and get them ready for a life of slaving 8+ hours a day at some shitty job. The system has no interest in the actual growth of the students despite what the government and "educators" will tell you.

The truth is that the staff at public schools is entirely concerned with securing more funding by reaching whatever performance benchmarks the government has set up. I remember one of my teachers outright telling us that the entire curriculum is built around having the students score well on the state's evaluation test. This was at one of the supposed best public schools in the state.

The way the public schools deal with "problematic" students is incredibly cold and pragmatic. This is something I am acquainted with from personal experience. The school will try its absolute hardest to get rid of you while also absolving itself of any blame or fault for what may have happened to you while in school. They care little about their students unless that student happens to be good for their scores or their image.

It's a despicable system where the schools are obsessed with securing more funding and only "care" about their students when those students benefit their numbers. There are many, many other issues with the system, but this is the one I've had the most personal experience with and don't see discussed often.


>What do you wizards think about school?
I'll tell you what I fucking think, just what the man wrote about it: state propaganda camps of the prussian model to mold joe dipshit into a mindless peon of the industry captains and the [strike]Kaiser[/strike] state, with some added mind control techniques developed by weirdo illuminati founder and jew adam weishaupt

death to the jewish propaganda camps and the german race as far as I'm concerned, they stole what should have been the best years of my life


I liked school, and I only wish I could have attended a better one. A good school makes a huge difference. Making good grades as a game is much more fun than getting paid. I don't like the Prussian high school or German research university. Schooling beyond basic literacy and cultural competency is really not for everyone and should be oriented towards the liberal arts. Public schools are child abuse.


Here is a 5 hour interview, in which John Taylor Gatto explains the history of schooling and how it became the corrupt indoctrination centers that we are subjected to today.
There is also another interview of Norman Dod conducted by G. Edward Griffin(famous for his Yuri Bezmenov interview )which explains how tax exempt foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation,ford foundation, groups setup by Cecil John Rhodes etc took over the education system.


>school… is a sort of invisible eugenics program that makes undesirables not fit into society
I don't understand how school can enable eugenics.
If anything, the least educated and poorest people have the most children.
And the people with most education (PhDs) are statistically less likely to have kids and have fewer kids on average.
Yeah school is definitely a social filter but failure in school rarely seems to have an impact on an individuals ability to reproduce.


File: 1604751602839.png (3.7 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's eugenics in the sense that school selects the most desirable traits for the ruling elite. They don't want well educated people that are able to form their own opinions and live independently. They want highly specialised (to the point they can't do much by themselves), moderately intelligent, obedient and conformist people, which is what school and university trains you to become.


Eugenics was the wrong word, but school is used to crush any genuinely independent children


School is a waste because in the end your performance doesen't even matter, the jobs will just be given to someone's buddy or family member. 12 years in school + a few more years in college, just to find out that everything is a scam. Then you end up in a shitty retail job or something that you wouldn't even need 1 day in school for.


I feel like school has benefited me personally in more ways than not. Being able to explore my interests, access to libraries and resources (such as Jstor and a career center) that I otherwise wouldn't be able to use has been seriously helpful in exploring what it is I want to do when I leave.
I agree, though, that how much of a requirement it has become (at least in America) to have a decent standard of living is insane. Don't have a degree? Chances are you won't find a good job, unless you get really lucky. I know some fields are different than others (like IT) but in fields like mine (ecological/environmental studies) you can't really do shit without a degree.
And sure, all this stuff is available online, but lets be honest, most of us don't have the drive to teach ourselves all the information required just to get an associates. Plus, being able to ask a teacher for assistance when learning harder concepts is immeasurably helpful.

I mean, I think school is far from perfect. I have literally zero friends here and having to jump through all these hoops is exhausting. I just want a fucking bachelors already, but alas, I have to play this game. Not everyone does, tho, and trade schools are a great option for a lot of people, or no school at all (if you like making min wage).
But overall, I really like what I study and it feels great being able to access whatever info I want whenever I want.


Funny how here everything has undergone lockdown except schools and colleges (which is where this covid crap is supposedly spreading the most)


modern public education is just a glorified free babysitting service that enables parents to both work jobs and be more productive members of society


That captures it pretty nicely. School exists to break people down, it indoctrinates them with desirable views while conditioning against independence or agency. Almost everything you learn is useless, this is internalized as normal which helps people work useless jobs later on in life too. I firmly believe schools are evil on the whole.

That being said I plan to return to college in a few years, since our lives and societies are thoroughly demented.


File: 1605981464319.jpg (80.45 KB, 540x960, 9:16, d7675bf3f30796655aa4aaa19e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just want to stress, really consider how much it fucks with a person to have them sit and do something 8 hours a day that has no meaning in the end, and to do this for like 15 years when they are at their most impressionable. You just jump through the hoops you're told to jump through, you get a piece of paper, you throw it away, and move on to the next hoops and paper. This instills a reactive dependence on the system and acceptance of useless labor, the kind of shit Dante used to describe a circle of Hell.


The vast majority of useful stuff I know was either self-taught or learned through my company's internal education system.

Regular formal education is basically useless.


File: 1605983061175.jpg (92.3 KB, 640x445, 128:89, theodore-kaczynski-369346.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>sit and do something 8 hours a day that has no meaning in the end, and to do this for like 15 years when they are at their most impressionable.
99% of people have no problem with this what so ever, they will do everything told of them with a sense of pleasure. These people are born with a subservient attitude, if it was socially expected to go down on their knees and suck the cock of the teacher they would do so in a heartbeat, then they would shame you for not also doing so. Normalfags have no sense of pride, no sense of being themselves as separate people. They are a collective of hive minded worker ants that never question anything, if they are lucky they question themselves after 50 years of existence leading to the "mid life crisis". Most don't even accomplish that, from birth to death they are slave people designed to do the bidding of others.

In school I was probably the only person who actively fought school and the officials, other people would be so pathetic as to apologize to their masters for minor nothings like tardiness. Even attempting to explain to people that teachers just regurgitate whats written in textbook was too much for them to understand. Every year I would compare with others and I massively topped the list of absent days off, missed classes, late appearances, 0% in "participation" marks, criticized in report cards for disrupting class, criticized for throwing away homework I was given right in front of the teacher, criticized for questioning the work and tests handed to me, skipping the detention given to me, insulting teachers, basically anything one could be reported on. Despite all this I would pass every class because I got 90-100% on every test even though I did no homework or studying.

School is the same as wageslavery, normalfags are unthinking drones who enjoy this slavery to other people. They were born with the innate instinct to be cowering boot-lickers, they cannot physically or mentally "rock the boat", they are incapable of any sort of rebellion. That is beyond their ability, since it requires a sense of self which they lack. The only way to have them "rebel" is to take away their food, like a starved dog they lash out and attack the one who feeds them for not feeding them enough. You see this play out in the past with peasant riots and such.


>be more productive members of society
Literal npc, no trace of humanity.


How can they even believe they're productive? They're not doing anything real. They're sitting in their offices doing what amounts to collectively performing circus tricks for 8 hours a day because it makes the fake numbers at the stock markets go up. It's all a cargo cult.


Your desires are real and they work to capitalize on those. Stop using the internet or pc which is a luxury before whining about fake jobs.


>Stop using the internet or pc which is a luxury
They're basic technology that everybody in world uses except isolated tribes and committed luddites


schools are just there to teach kids to be subservient to the system, it's a slavery camp


About half the globe still does not have access to internet, faggot.


Nope. I could, and I do for extended periods of time. That wasn't the gotcha you thought it was, you tard.


wrong, it's not 1995 anymore


They're not essential for survival, if that's what you're whining about fake jobs for.


And yeah, african kids are still starving.


Your fake jerb isn't going to get any more real no matter how butthurt you get, wagie magie.


No you fkin idiot, I'm a wealthy neet and enjoying all of what those fake jobs provide.


did you mean me or the parents that get to work longer/easier because of school(babysitting)


Wizchan 2020
Go back.


I wish I could type as well as you.

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