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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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At the weights you described you were ether a succubus, anorexic/bulimic, or a midget.



Not sure why my image didn't upload. I was trying to post a body composition readout.
But the gist of it is that I'm 5'7 and 105 lbs. My fat percentage is 4.5% and my BMI is 16.8.


So you are indeed anorexic.


wasting your time on those absolute retards, they think everyone's body works precisely the same, according to some moronic pap they learned during "science" class


Don't people know that some people's bodies are made of magic and don't abide by the laws of physics.
Have to have respect for people full of dragon energy and unicorn farts.


yes, the "laws" of physics that prescribe that everyone who eats a big mac magically becomes obese


>a big mac
Oh, so you can't count ether.
Good to know.


I ate a large loaf of bread and a whole 2 pint chocolate ice cream last week in during lunch, I drank soda and smoked the rest of the night and weighed the same as always the next day

still waiting for the "laws" of physics to make me obese, any day now…


Sure you did kid.
That is very nice
Now run along scamp.


not even gonna mumble something about muh outliers?


No need.
You aren't a outlier.
You are just a liar.


your iq is as small as the rest of you


Says the person who thinks science is some sort of scam and can't spell weekend and instead calls it "week in".
Being a contrarian doesn't make you smart or some sort of free thinker.
It just gives you more opportunities to act like a jackass while being wrong.


I just ate 3 McGangbangs just to spite the hypochondriac nutrition sperg. Mmmmm, so good. You hate us cause you ain't us.
Also I'm not fat and I beat the china coof in 3 days with no meds so get bent freak.


Did you not read what was said about fucking burgers?
There is to be no fucking involving burgers here. Keep your dick in your pants.


I went out today and ordered an extra large pizza for myself and ate it in one sitting, it was pretty hard to eat those last two slices but I managed to do it. Are you proud of me burgerbro?


It is a thing. It's when you put a whole McChicken in the middle of a McDouble.


Dead giveaway. You're the one they call martial arts mutt. I see you still haven't corrected your chronic misuse of that word after that /b/ thread with that guy. It's so ironic, all you ever do is be a bastard picking fights with people on trivial points for the sake of "proving" someone wrong, including contradicting your previous positions, and then you call them contrarians. Dumb. Crazy and dumb.


Only one dumbass tries to force that non-meme
Why do you try so hard to pretend to be someone else when you can't help but act like a particular jackass known for saying they are from a certain northern state?

It's cute that you are so triggered by a normal word though.
You are as aggressively stupid and willfully ignorant as always. It is like you go out of your way to be wrong about nearly everything you ever say, then keep doubling down whenever someone points out your retardation.

In fact you regularly just go out of your way to pick fights if/when someone leaves you then lose your shit trying to bait them back into a even longer argument because you thrive on negative attention.

I mean if we are pretending to know people in order to get personal then lets get personal.
You are a loser who has nothing and is no one but a retard that only has the negative attention you garner on a relatively obscure image board.
Nothing you say is interesting or will ever be remembered. Nothing you do matters.
The only thing left for you is distract yourself until you die because you are too much of a pussy to kill yourself.

How is that for you?
Did all that attention make you feel good?

Just remember
nothing personal kid


Recognizing a known troll does not make someone an alaskan.
>butthurt spiel
You don't know as much as you pretend to.


Oh, so short.
Don't tell me your feelings are hurt.
Isn't this what you want?
That moment of attention that makes you feel something for once?

Oh, look not only a embedded video but one with martial arts stuff.
I know how much you like to complain about those.

Or are you done?
Will have you had enough and don't want to play anymore?


take your schizo meds


File: 1606295010562.png (90.15 KB, 696x333, 232:111, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Seems you are done for tonight.

See you later polar bear.


it's only 6pm here in perth


get banned


Your bf sounds like a psycho. Good on you for leaving him. Live your truth!


Delete, repost without the date stuff, be ok and non-bullied. Also move it over to /dep/ maybe.


even without the date stuff his post is pure normalfaggotry
enough of friendfags


Is this what goes on in the mind of a normalfag? No wonder they enjoy shitty soap operas and reality tv.


sounds like an interesting insight, what was the gist of it?


I don't even remember. I think he's mad that his friends get a gf before him and they got into fight when they're out together so he deleted his steam profile and now feels bad about it.


wow the backlash, at least I gave you an excuse to gang up on someone right? But my fault for not knowing what to get into on this site I admit, well time to move on


you cannot make tfwnogf posts


File: 1606303759201.png (417.92 KB, 601x495, 601:495, 1606113512277.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lurk more, newfag.


File: 1606304374748.jpg (149.38 KB, 1280x563, 1280:563, vfdsvdvdsv.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


POV: you are a TERF


Get the fuck out you piece of shit. Kill yourself.


TERFs are the most based people on the planet. Sex negative, pro-banning porn, pro-banning sexualized characters in fiction, and anti-tranny. What's not to like? In cel or tranny if you don't like them.


I think one of the best things about TERFs is that they acknowledge succubi are biologically inferior in many ways and that's how they explain patriarchy: If men on average are stronger, more aggressive, and more competitive they always have a latent advantage over succubi. TERFs think that it's wrong that society should be controlled by men because of something succubi cannot help, and that's why they believe in radical laws to "limit" men.


why is it that I cum more when I do it inside a fleshlight than when it's outside? When I do it inside i feel that im suffocating my dick but feels so much better…


Normalniggers have such easy lives, that they are very wasteful and decadent, easy come, easy go as they say.


Stop being a normalnigger, weird that you hate "crabs" but love a violent normalnigger that beats people up and makes more than 30 000 an hour doing worthless photoshoots. Wichan 2020.


>phone says "You did not wake up today to be mediocre!"

No… I am pretty okay with being mediocre.


I think I an entering a sub-manic phase. I lie down and just think for hours, thoughts racing forever. I do crazy things sometimes. I feel crazy.


Same here, I don't care if I never "progress", I just want to be left alone.


File: 1606450106783.jpeg (1.21 MB, 8688x2266, 4344:1133, shotgun.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to buy a gun, but going to the gun store makes me nervous as fuck. How do I stop being nervous?


it's just like any time you gotta go someplace that makes you nervous, steel yourself with a little resolve and walk in there, after you bust through that part of it the rest isn't so bad


Can't you buy guns online?


Someone create a new thread already.

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