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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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The Russians have developed ESP technology that allows them to remotely influence the thoughts of people from million miles away. Google it, it's true. They used this to force the insider to leak the emails.


Damn, that dislike bar.
Like holy shit man.


Aus Aboriginals aren't actually black people though.
It would be like calling south east asians and indians black if they have dark skin.


I mean even if he wins unless they try to pull something to get him out of office Trump will still be president during Christmas.


>we don't have the privilege of doing whatever we want to?
And what is it exactly you can't do in today's society?


Burn Loot and Murder 😉


Ah yes, actual real racism that is allowed to stay on youtube and even sponsored by the media. Imagine if the races were reversed.
>What are black people superior at?
>God it's always the fried chicken!
>Making bland food.
>Smelling funky.
>Being fearful of everything
>Letting their egos control their every move.
>Feeling victimized
>Playing the victim
>Super at being dicks
>Lack of empathy
>Self delusion
>Claiming that they're a separate race when black DNA comes from the white female
>Lying stealing and cheating
>Taking what's not theirs
>Taking other peoples cultures and making people think they invented it(WE WUZ)

>Black people are not superior at anything. Nothing.

This is the new left. They are villains.


At least the vast majority of people see through bullshit like this.
Nearly everybody hates that video, hens the mass dislikes.



These videos are just testing the waters for what they will be able to do in the future. 10 years ago that video would have been 95% dislikes. The media is very effectively molding public perception, especially the perceptions of the younger generation into hatred and disdain for white people. In another decade videos like that will comfortably come around 70% liked.


the frog is getting cooked but at the same time a lot of people have dropped out. For every astroturfed like on that video there's a banned white who radicalized after viewing something equivalent. The influencers can't have free speech or association, but losing that radicalizes those on the margins even further. I don't think they have a win scenario, peak antiwhite inevitably causes white people identity to rise


So what exactly do the nigs mean when they fume about white countries' cuisine?
I'm not American and I avoid the groid so I never observed their feeding habits in the wild. What I see on the internet are only vague assertions that whitey food bland, kang food kang.
I find this sort of "it is known" mentality confusing so I need a more precise explanation of the differences.
What exactly do they do with their food that makes it so different and "magical" and "soulful?"


No, the Seth Rich conspiracy theory was also Russian disinformation. Seth Rich was conscious at the hospital for a couple of hours before he died. He told everyone he was shot by a mugger. His parents have sued the organizations that disseminated that conspiracy theory because it's false defamation. The senate and the special counsel's office both detailed in reports that Podesta was hacked via "spear phishing" from Russia and they indicted the people who were responsible. There's an interesting tale on how they know exactly who was responsible. Basically the Dutch government had pwned the Russians and saw their entire operation go down in real time, logging every keystroke and they let us know. It caused a huge stink because we blew their operation up by letting the information go.


He just retweeted some accounts that were promoting it, he didn't actually say anything about it himself.


All nigger food is junk food. Deep fried, soaked in butter, the works. So when they taste food that isn't junk food, they react in disgust. They aren't used to eating healthy foods.
You see the same effect with any other person who lives on a diet consisting entirely of fast food.


"White" food being bland is a weird myth anyway. It sounds like another white envy "oh yeah? well ur face!" thing. I'm sure the only times they've tried "white" cooking was in school or jail. They've likely never eaten sauerkraut and don't realize hamburger, BBQ, pastry, cheese, all of that are largely european in origin. Also as >>257819 said.


That is an interesting theory about a conspiracy you have.


You are abusing pedantic formalities to make a smoke screen for the villains


>ebil russians
Did you confuse wizchan with reddit?


> I don't think they have a win scenario
There win scenario is global socialism.
The whole anti-white thing is mostly due to holding a grunge over the white western world rejecting communism during the 20th century and succeeding because of it.


Mid western and north eastern food is actually quite bland.
It is also a lesson in contrast. If you grew up with every dish being heavily seasoned and spiced with layers of flavor in each thing, something with only one or two flavor notes is indeed bland in comparison.

>Deep fried, soaked in butter, the works
That isn't a black people thing. That is a deep south thing. White people down south do that shit too. The butter thing actually being because of the french. But unlike the french the proportion size is American so people get super fat when they eat it.


Hillary turns out to be a pretty nasty person behind the scenes, who was shown thought the emails to actively hate most of the people she pretended to like for votes, while also being involved ins shady rigging related bullshit with the DNC to get rid of her opponents which rubbed the Sanders supporters the wrong way.


Are post soviet people culturally speaking 1800s village folk transported into the 21st century?


You have a lot of extremely specific knowledge about this topic


>heavily seasoned and spiced with layers of flavor
See, that's the kind of vague statement I was asking about. Do these things actually mean anything or am I just supposed to accept it unquestioningly because everyone says so?


That isn't vague and this has been a canard you have brought up and had explained to you over a dozen times.

We get it, you are racist or whatever. But talking about the same stale shit using the same lines and never progressing is annoying regardless.


Explain or shut the fuck up.


What would be the point of explaining something to someone too retarded to ever understand no matter how simply it's explained to you.
You don't learn so their is no point.
You are too stupid to function so it is you who needs to shut the fuck up.


Explain or shut the fuck up, nigger.


File: 1605621293899.jpg (66.68 KB, 717x864, 239:288, dab.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Blacks should get the vaccine first. If you disagree then you don't value black lives. If you agree then you just want to use blacks as test subjects. Either way, we're onto you crackas.


Dumb white trash wigger can't understand or communicate in even basic conversation with another human being. Have you ever eaten a piece of candy and then had something less sweet such as a strawberry? It doesn't taste sweet anymore right? It's the similar thing with flavors such as bitterness, heat, saltiness, etc; which is why places like India, China, Indonesia, etc tend to make everything over seasoned. It was an Anglo/protestant value to not spice food since it was thought of as being dishonest, such as to hide off food or cheap cuts of meat: it was also an answer to French decadence. This carried on to WASPs in America, and especially during hard times at war, which is what led to the "bland food" insult from non-Europeans.

If someone calls your food bland and you are an Anglo you should accept that with pride. It is only the modern day cultureless Anglo that speaks of his spiced and garnished gaudy food.


I just read a lot of news from a lot of different sources and I am fairly incredulous as a rule and check out anything that seems odd or that I can't trust by doing more googling. Many people just accept whatever piece of bullshit that comes along and makes them feel a certain way and reinforces their preexisting biases. If it seems right, they accept it, but you have to check it out against reliable sources, aka public documents video recordings, etc. and make sure you know your source isn't lying. After a source lies once you put them on your shit list and if it happens enough times you know not to trust them. You get a sense for who is credible and who is not credible after a while.

Basically after over a decade of this shit I can sum it up by saying conservative media is nothing but pure propaganda that is either not based in fact or distorts facts and omits other facts so much that they completely misinform people about what is actually happening in the world. There are a few conservative leaning sites that actually fact check like the washington examiner but they are the exception not the rule. Conservative media also tries very hard to paint the mainstream media as the bad guys who are lying but these attacks are just never true when you actually go and investigate the details. Conservative media speaks to the id, it gets people's emotions riled up, the talking heads like Limbaugh and Hannity use strong emotional language to tell you how evil and bad everyone on the left is and they mix in authoritative sounding jargon and stuff that sounds like facts to make it sound like they know what they're talking about and to make people care, but it's literally all a sham, a dance put on to pull wool over the eyes of people too dimwitted or priorly indoctrinated to see the truth. They are confidence men and it sickens me to see people eat it up and act like they're somehow the ones with the real knowledge about how things really are and everyone else is being misled. The irony would be funny if it weren't so damn depressing.


>It doesn't taste sweet anymore right?
Wrong you dumb nigger.


You are so ignorant. There's no reason to discuss anything with you because I can tell you're so propagandized you are completely unrecoverable.
>Conservative media speaks to the id, it gets people's emotions riled up, the talking heads like Limbaugh and Hannity use strong emotional language to tell you how evil and bad everyone on the left is and they mix in authoritative sounding jargon and stuff that sounds like facts to make it sound like they know what they're talking about and to make people care, but it's literally all a sham, a dance put on to pull wool over the eyes of people too dimwitted or priorly indoctrinated to see the truth.
This is what I will use for all other people who read your post. If you hop on any left leaning media, even mainstream like CNN, BBC, or NPR you will see charged language about "authoritarian", "fascist", "racist", and you will see emotional and moral arguments on why it's important to combat "system-etc-ism". Every day that CNN runs the anchors talk about how violent "Trump voters" are, how they "tear the nation apart".
Here are articles on left leaning websites:
And look at this one, where CNN just says whites are "showing who they are"
This isn't even the worst. Just hop anywhere and see if they use charged language in the body or title. There are also AI tools you can use to assess if a text or article is loaded with biased positive or negative language and I assure you that the left will lead.

The left isn't just "as bad" as the right in propaganda, they are far worse by huge margins. The reason you don't see it or care is simply because you agree. You are so ignorant, so socialized, and so propagandized if you reached the point where you can so confidently say something like what you did that you are entirely unrecoverable.


The first thing you're going to respond with is "But they use true facts and conservative media is just opinion!" Then I will ask you to tell me why you think that, I will ask you to show me how the "left" uses more fact than the "right". Is it because the companies that own CNN also own the "independent fact checker" that they use? Are "fact checkers" somehow not biased when the journalists that work for them are the same ones that write the articles they're fact checking?
I'll give you facts. 13% is 52%. The wealthiest 1% of that 13% commit more crime than the poorest of the 40%. Do those facts sound biased to you? They're facts that you can check yourself. You will still argue against them, you will still believe "your" facts are more true because, quite simply, you like them and agree with them.
Isn't it also opinion when CNN says white voters hold the nation back? Isn't it opinion when they say Biden will be necessary to heal the nation? Get off your high horse.


File: 1605637583713.png (654.39 KB, 684x958, 342:479, defund_farming.png) ImgOps iqdb

defund farming #AFAB


just man up, bitches


File: 1605646221865.jpg (61.97 KB, 612x611, 612:611, 1578101484644.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nazi wizzes get in here


I have yet to see a nigger who doesn't talk like a fucking monkey animal that he is


I have yet to see a retard that doesn't make a fool of themselves whenever they give a opinion.
You being a prime example.


>There's no reason to discuss anything with you because I can tell you're so propagandized you are completely unrecoverable.

Right back at you buddy.


>The left isn't just "as bad" as the right in propaganda, they are far worse by huge margins.
All that means is the right is worse at propaganda by huge margins. Imagine complaining that your opponent is better at something than you. For a while the media was in decline and the narrative space was much more dynamic, and now people have permitted the media to take over that space again after they were energized by Blumpf. Yes, many of those people have been deplatformed, but they still exist. They didn't disappear into nothingness. Just by entering into a dialectic about which side of the media is better or worse you've granted the premise and have further disempowered yourself.


We got ourselves a niggy here, boys.


The right is held to a higher level of scrutiny because the current elite sides with the left. Whereas the left can get away with saying literally anything and just deplatform, cancel, or in countries like Canada and the UK just imprison, the right has to keep their back to the wall at all times. The corporate elite, political elite, and "intellectual" elite are all leftist. Take your pick of any corporation, university, or major political family/NGO and I guarantee you it will be left leaning. This power and influence allows them to control information to paint anything they say as fact, and anything their opponents say as conspiracy or propaganda.
The fact is that the left has the liberty to use propaganda entirely unimpeded and so they do it a lot more blatantly and a lot more often. The right would do exactly the same if they had the same corporate and political backing.


We got ourselves a tard here, boys.


You will all hang, niggers.


Not worried since tards have trouble with knots.


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin


The worlds only randomized clinical trial on mask use for covid has just been performed. It found that there is a .3% lower chance to catch covid from masking up. Which isn't even statistically significant



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