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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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these rat fuckers made such a mess of things there's no way the supreme court can ignore it and not order a complete re-vote with proper monitoring


>rat fuckers
You're not right-wing if you talk like this.


Post the rest of the links you lazy fuck.


File: 1604848459825-0.png (356.4 KB, 1050x800, 21:16, 1604615727482.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604848459825-1.jpg (300.22 KB, 1353x1056, 41:32, 1604619321370.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604848459825-2.gif (158.97 KB, 1758x819, 586:273, 1604705178703.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1604848499097-0.jpg (2.3 MB, 1808x5312, 113:332, 1604706286111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604848499097-1.png (806.69 KB, 1200x1624, 150:203, 1604771788850.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604848499097-2.jpg (831.23 KB, 1989x820, 1989:820, 1604800670859.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The voter turnout stuff isn't too off. The midterms in 2018 has a huge like 10% or 20% increase in turnout and on a graph it shoots up, and this year Tennessee and solid red states had record turnout percentage.



Do you people really think he's going to save Trump?


I think the evidence is going to save Trump.


File: 1604876239891.png (753.65 KB, 970x647, 970:647, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

European Police in Coordinated Raids Against Online Hate Speech

BERLIN (Reuters) - European police launched coordinated raids in seven countries on Tuesday as part of a clampdown on online hatred and incitement to violence, the European Union law enforcement agency Europol and German prosecutors said.

In Germany, police searched 83 apartments and other buildings to seize evidence like smart phones and laptops. Prosecutors said 96 suspects are being questioned about hateful posts they made online.

One of the suspects is accused of making anti-Semitic comments while another insulted a female politician online, prosecutors in the German region of Rheinland Palatinate said in a statement.

The raids are part of an annual drive initiated by German prosecutors, joined this year for the first time by Italy, France, Greece, Norway, Britain and the Czech Republic under the coordination of Europol.

Tuesday's raids are focused on online posts that promote racism and xenophobia, a Europol spokesman said.

Germany has some of the world’s toughest laws on defamation, incitement to commit crimes and threats of violence, with prison sentences for Holocaust denial or inciting hatred against minorities.

A German law in force since 2018 demands that social networks delete or block obviously criminal content within 24 hours of receiving a complaint or face a hefty fine.

The legislation has been closely watched as concerns mount globally about hateful posts, but it has had a limited impact and has not stopped online hate speech in Germany, blamed for helping to fuel a wave of racist attacks in the last year.
(Reporting by Emma Thomasson in Berlin and Toby Sterling in Amsterdam, editing by Ed Osmond)


Will you put your money where your mouth is? Because if you truly believe that then you should put all your money into it.


jarringly pathetic


What is that suppose to even mean in context?


I have been trying to put at least $1000 on Trump but every single US betting site I've found has stopped taking bets on the election. Do you know of one that I can use?


I guess people are okay with tyranny as long as it's to protect the elite from hate speech.


It isn't like they can do anything about it.


If trump loses it isn't because he was less popular but because he lost the PR war with the media.


No, I'm pretty sure he lost because he was less popular and thus gained less votes.


>I'm pretty sure
Then you would be pretty wrong and haven't been paying any attention to anything that has been going on.


>anything that has been going on
You mean trump having a temper tantrum?


How about you use the previous thread to catch up since you have been under a rock for a bit.


>expecting anyone to gather something even remotely from these poor excuses of political discourse on an online image board

No how about you explain what you're even referring to without waving your hands around and being vague about it.


>I'm ignorant and lazy
>Spoon feed me easily available and accessable information to I can continue to be a cunt on a topic I don't even care about

How about no.
Go be aggressively stupid somewhere else.


>makes a statement
>’well can you prove it?’
>cue endless excuses
nice one trumpfags


You were told where you can get the info you requested.
You are just too lazy and stupid to read it.


File: 1604940617158.mp4 (2.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, video.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>please don't destroy my home
Spoke like a true white supremacist. Hopefully queen Kamala will do something to crush these extreme right wingers.


She said in an interview that she got high to pac in her college years she is a disgusting bItch that used Pac name to get Black sympathy and approval. Fuck that whore.


File: 1604941233216.jpg (223.05 KB, 1080x351, 40:13, 1604938923084.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is he right?


"There's my Biden sign"

I was thinking to make a witty or somewhat intelligent response. But after contemplating it for several minutes I came to the conclusion that there is nothing I can post - no, that there is absolute no reaction needed to be post. The very vid speaks for itself. Any commentary on my part is redundant. This post is redundant. I am redundant


Meanwhile she gleefully through thousands of people in prison for doing the same or similar actions.


We will see.
I just know I am pissed off and the ammo shortages. That is all I am going to say about my feelings on the subject.
Take that how you will.


File: 1604944829706.png (238.23 KB, 768x1586, 384:793, 1604879849185.png) ImgOps iqdb


trumpfags don't have a leg to stand on anymore and seeing their ugly leader be taken down is making them squirm in their seats. Don't expect anything of any real substance from a trump supporter for a long, long time except fear mongering and baseless claims.


File: 1604949436940.jpg (118.89 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, ElzEwV8VkAAk4xu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is no grand conspiracy. The ultra normals are exhausted and they want the big media to pat them on the back, tell them they're alright people on the right side of history and that everything is OK now. They just want to grill.
Dem establishment is nihilistic, they want nothing. Passively ruling and getting money for nothing is their endgame in and of itself. They'll just say whatever to get everyone to fuck off while they do their best to do nothing for the next 8+ years.
The leftards/commies/lolberts/anarchists/criminals want the riot culture to continue. These colored apes and their buttbuddies don't want to change anything by it either. They want to keep things exactly how they are: to feel validated and in charge, get to burn and rob shit every now and then for random reasons, and to push Whites around in their daily lives consequence free.
That's it. There's no plan or big goal, their desired state is already achieved.
There will be some revenge lists and public shaming but the reasons are not complicated. They do it because they can and it feels good.


>dems just want to grill burger
>'pubs just want to grill burger
>it took the illumanti 500 years to discover this


I really hope Biden stays healthy and serves out his entire term. I don't agree with Joe on a lot but I don't see him rocking the boat too much. The only thing I fear with Biden is him getting convinced by the people around him to start another war in the middle east. Though if the rumors that Dick Cheney will be advising Biden on foreign policy are true, then that's pretty much a given.

Kamala on the other hand is a wannabe dictator and truly terrifies me.


Biden is a puppet for the globalist elite, and the globalist elite wants america to play world police. I would bet $100 that Biden starts a war.


I mean yeah, but I just think he will be Bush/Obama 2.0. I can live with that. Besides, we've been at war in the middle east for so long that it's just par for the course anyway. And in the off chance there's a draft I'm too old anyway.

Kamala on the other hand wants to be Mao 2.0.



You guys hear that Giuliani says he has strong evidence that 450,000 votes in PA are illegal and invalid.
He is setting up for a lawsuit now.


Seriously, please link to me a site that's willing to take bets on the outcome of this in the US. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to miss this window of opportunity.


You already missed it dude. Like a week ago.
I don't know what other dude was talking about and odds are he didn't know what he was talking about ether.


A lot of European betting sites are still taking bets on the winner of the election, giving Trump something like +15000 odds, which means that you'd get 15,000 if you bet 1,000 on him now. Every US site seems to have closed though.


news said he has 55 eyewitnesses on board and that the number of fraudulent votes is 800,000, not 450k


witnesses with video evidence*


It is a developing story.
At least that is the excuse I am going with.


File: 1605006678074.jpg (98.83 KB, 790x954, 395:477, EmbZxVIWEAIv4Jo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I couldn't care less who wins, but the assholes in the media over here in europe are so jubilant over the results that it makes me wish trump would win, or had won or whatever


they'll change their minds when president harris starts nuclear war with russia



File: 1605020161237.jpg (196.21 KB, 1071x552, 357:184, 1605017955959.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how will biden recover?


Biden's going to be the "moral" winner for the next 4 years. The media always controls the narrative.


File: 1605022199072.jpg (104.08 KB, 1024x832, 16:13, 1604946710985.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1605022356368.png (2.26 MB, 800x1067, 800:1067, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1605022836347.jpg (169.84 KB, 2048x1450, 1024:725, maki.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The very vid speaks for itself. Any commentary on my part is redundant.
It helps to understand the philosophy. By trying to quell racial violence and establish dialogue the gentleman makes himself a subversive agent. "Peace" and "dialogue" aren't neutral terms, they are constructed by processes of power that inform the dominant mode of thought. Those subjugated by such intellectual power are welcome to overthrow it if they can, and rediscover what they know on their own terms. Negotiating with your racial enemies is a form of coercion, and why balkanization is often the mutually agreed result. The right needs to internalize this discourse to take power for itself.


More balkanization brainlets. What's up with this retarded fad?


Given racial balkanization is apparently a fad we should be optimistic, since impotent conservatives have never stopped a fad before. Run riot with this idea, nobody will stop you.


People who hate each other shouldn't be forced to live together.


File: 1605025712414.png (343.13 KB, 588x496, 147:124, niggers.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1605026621308.png (316.37 KB, 657x705, 219:235, bjk.png) ImgOps iqdb


lots of new vote fraud in the article below

"They are claiming that Joe Biden is the most popular person ever in all of human history. Most votes of any candidate ever. Highest ever turnout.

For a dementia candidate that couldn’t ever get 8 people to turn up at his events."


File: 1605032048889.mp4 (15.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, man child.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Trump is a nigger who teamed up with his dad to bully his brother who just wanted to be an aviator and that pressure made his brother into an alcoholic that would later die form a heart attack at age 42.


You can't call the constant low-brow attacks by normalfag media as showcased in the video you replied to anything other than bullying. And when a bully starts making wild claims that his victim is a bad person so he deserves it I'm disinclined to believe it.


Check it up, he even admitted to it. Fred trump was his older brother.


>haha drumpf dumb, drumpf funny!


I wonder why they don't care about the suspect stuff happening with the elections but they are super quick to point out the same shenanigans when it happens in developing countries?


They are all socialists and the ends justify the means to them. This niggery is civilizational cancer.


Your stupidity that you feel the need to add to every post is even more cancer.

Why can't you make a post or say something without adding in superfluous slurs that do nothing but degrade the level of discourse and make your ignorance apparent?



All these redpilled retards questioning the supposed rampant fraud, but not one questioning Louis DeJoy.



You can't possibly expect anyone to take you seriously. We stole the election from you and the best you can do is a Daily Stormer article? Oh yeah that'll change people's minds, lol.


I am convinced voter fraud is why Biden won, but I also do not have enough faith in the system to believe the that Trump will win in court. It'll be nice that the media won't be throwing a temper tantrum 24/7 for once, I guess.

Well, back to ignoring politics until 2022.


>take you seriously
only a retard like you would think everything is an ego competition, I posted that article because of the interesting content documenting the current electoral fraud, it's also not about dailystormer, I would've posted the same article from any other site if they had it up first, who cares what the source is

get off your ego trips you little shit


What is known so far with the shenanigans related to the election.


Democrats Attempted To Legalize Ballot Harvesting Across States: Hans von Spakovsky



I see from this thread the trumptards have turned to the anger stage of grief. That's an improvement, Trump himself is still in full denial mode claiming he is going to go to a second term. He's refusing to give Joe Biden any access and telling his agencies to go along with his plans for a second term and republicans in his administration and in congress are backing him up on it.

It's honestly embarassing for him and for America. He still has presented zero evidence in court of fraud yet he's acting as if the election was stolen from him. He's baselessly undermining the legitimacy of American democracy. That's extremely dangerous and irresponsible and just threatens to divide the country even further. Trump is still acting like a Russian asset out to destroy America. We're gonna see just how far he takes this shit. He has ignored orders from the Supreme Court before I wouldn't put it past him to ignore all the court decisions and try a coup.


I actually require proof to have an opinion either way.
I can certainly see why trumpers think it has been stolen or rather I should say it could be stolen.
I see trumpers talking about the statistical anomaly of late votes all being for biden but I am yet to see any source and evidence of this.

Any pro trumpers want to help me by showing proof?


File: 1605112722697.jpg (1.21 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, snyp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Big Truck, voting by class, Cubans in Miami, critique of Tucker, and racial revenge.


I see from this thread is mostly name calling and use of buzz words for attention.


File: 1605119399269.jpg (65.54 KB, 900x566, 450:283, Emgfsi2XUAE6jIa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is a screenshot from a transcript from Trump's legal challenge in PA where they admit that they have no evidence of any fraud or improper influence. It's like that in all the cases, they haven't presented any evidence yet. If the Trump campaign can't prove it in court what else do you need to make up your mind?

Full transcript here:https://www.democracydocket.com/cases/montgomery-county-board-of-elections-vote-count/


They have witness testimony and statistical evidence.


all those democrat run states also stopped the vote count when the magic number of biden ballots miraculously appeared to kill trump's lead, stopping the count is an electoral fraud technique that was invented in the 1940s, it's not something they just did for no reason last week

you stop the count so you can figure out how many fake ballots you need to push you candidate just right over the winning edge, and that's what they did


Georgia secretary of state announces hand recount of presidential race

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Wednesday his state will conduct a manual hand recount of all ballots cast in the presidential race in the state, as he faces growing pressure from fellow Georgia Republicans over unsubstantiated accusations of voting irregularities and mismanagement of the state's elections.

"This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvass all at once," Raffensperger said at a press conference. "It will be a heavy lift."

He said the presidential contest will undergo a risk-limiting audit, which requires a full by-hand recount in each of Georgia's 159 counties.

Ninety-seven counties in the state have sent in final numbers to the state, Raffensperger said, and the current margin of votes between President-elect Biden and President Trump is 14,111. He vowed that his office has been investigating, and will continue to investigate, all instances of voting irregularities.

"Every legal vote will count," he said.

Raffensperger was joined at the press conference Wednesday by elections directors from across the state, and he praised them for their work ensuring all legal votes are counted.

"They executed their responsibilities and they did their job." he said. "This is a process. It is a process defined by law."

CBS News still considers the presidential race in the state too close to call. Raffensperger predicted last week that because of the tight vote margins between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump, the race would head to a recount.

Raffensperger's latest announcement comes after the Trump campaign and Georgia Republican Party sent him a letter on Tuesday requesting a manual hand recount of all ballots cast in the state before it certifies its results. In its letter to the secretary of state, the Republicans allege voting discrepancies and statewide errors, though they did not cite specific evidence of such irregularities.

But Raffensperger rejected the suggestion the hand recount was coming because of the demand from the Trump campaign, telling reporters "it's really what makes the most sense with the national significance of this race and the closeness of this race."



Thanks for the post.
Can I view this? where did you see this and how valid is it?
I am not anti trump at all and hope he gets in but I need to know the sources for why you all think there is fraud.
I do not doubt there could be fraud it makes sense after 4 years of orange man bad


looks like they're onto joe
this also reminds me when obama won he immediately started presidential action the same week he was elected…i think it's over for democrats


Joe hasn't even been elected yet, which places him in clear violation of the Logan act when he makes these calls to world leaders acting like he's the president.


No one is going to do shit about it so it doesn't matter.


isn't that what they attacked flynn over?? why is it kosher when this piece of shit thief does it



Politics in a nutshell.


File: 1605153513559.jpg (80.71 KB, 669x594, 223:198, 1603685985638.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

inside sources say it was all a set up by trump to demolish democrats
it's going to be 269-269 after recount and then go to supreme court which will vote trump


>it's going to be 269-269 after recount and then go to supreme court which will vote trump
That's not how it works. In the event of an electoral tie, or if neither candidate otherwise gets a majority (currently 270) of the electoral votes, the house of representatives votes and decides who the president will be, not the supreme court. The current house is democrat controlled as will be the house of the 117th congress. The senate however, picks the VP and that is currently controlled by republicans as will be the senate of the 117th congress unless the democrats win both runoff elections in GA. So in your fantasy scenario of a 269-269 tie, trump (or pence) could end up being Biden's VP.

But this is all just political fanfiction at this point because there is zero chance a recount is going to makeup the margin that Trump lost by. Trump needs PA and he lost by over 53,000 votes. No recount in history ever came remotely close to making that much of a difference.

Fact facts, Trump lost because of demographics, not cheating. 4 years of immigration, 4 years of boomers dying and 4 years worth of gen z coming of voting age. Gen z vote democrat by a 2 to 1 margin and immigrants also overwhelmingly vote democrat whereas boomers largely vote republican. Demographics are destiny, and are why republicans keep winning Texas by a narrower and narrower margin, and why it will go blue by 2028 at the latest, at which point it will be impossible for any republican candidate to ever win the presidency again.


Yeah but those demographics voted more for trump than they did for clinton in 2016. Also these folks don't necessarily vote. I was seeing "go vote" ads on youtube, the walmart fridge, buses, etc. Mexicans also apparently really hate BLM so if the democrats tear their assess on the british flag about how much they support black people they will lose rural and uneducated hispanics at least.

To be honest the democrats have lost most grips on reality. A green new deal which would rely on trillions of printed dollars to buy all of the 'green' hardware from china (we don't have an industrial base to produce this shit from). Dems also support riots and civil disturbance which I though would flip Minnesota red.
I went there for college God damn it. The mobs burnt down whole areas of the city, 60 soldiers defended the university, caravans of homeless wander Minneapolis. The only grocery store near the university that didn't get burnt down was the hipsterish one hidden in an apartment complex. Maybe if they destroy the city a few more times it would finally get through to those dense midwestern skulls.

This is kind of how people legitimately thought the USSR was gonna last forever, but no one was surprised at its dissolution. Wouldn't that be fitting if the USA didn't outlive the USSR by more than a few decades?


File: 1605161326678.jpg (78.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, fox.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>needing to worry about demographics
>appealing to the majority to win
>majority are normalfags
>normalfags do not use reason even if they claim to as edgy atheists
>have to use psychological manipulation to win considering the above
>popular opinion is moulded by the media
>bipartisan and short terms result in policies which are not designed to benefit country best in long term unless they can sell it to voters as a move to get power again within next 4 years
All these problems and you tards still defend the system of government.
>muh D-mockracey
Imagine actually defending this bullshit.


see: "This is kind of how people legitimately thought the USSR was gonna last forever, but no one was surprised at its dissolution. Wouldn't that be fitting if the USA didn't outlive the USSR by more than a few decades?"

I swear you greentext guys dont read the whole post you're replying to


File: 1605170569415.jpg (475.08 KB, 600x650, 12:13, Still love you man see you….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>didn't read the post
>post did not say democracy is retarded
>actually caring about politics beyond gibs


File: 1605185981489.png (1.93 MB, 1154x1200, 577:600, ZasZas_serbposting.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone noticed that a mod deleted the nigger post?


which nigger post?


The one in this thread. It was /pol/ copypasta.


Like every "scandal" the right has, it's not being prosecuted because there is no evidence for it and they just made it up. It's bullshit. World leaders call the US presidential election winner immediately after the win to congratulate them. This is because the US has the most power and everyone wants to get a good word in. This is not illegal. It only becomes illegal if he somehow starts trying to negotiate with them on matters of substance like Flynn did (thus undercutting the current admin). So far there has been zero evidence that Biden has done anything like that. If you have some, post it please, but you don't just like you don't have evidence of voter fraud.


Show me a political system that does not do exactly what you just described.


File: 1605197959901.png (75.89 KB, 2100x1500, 7:5, anarchodarwinianegoism.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anarcho-Darwinian Egoism, aka the best political system.


I spend a lot of time trying to give people more than an illusion of choice whilst having their and without their opinion being one which is misinformed.
I have come up with some theories but they rely on other systems to be failsafe beyond a reasonable doubt so I have not gotten there yet.
One day anon


I also don't like greentext arguments because each greentext meme arrow thing is like half a sentence and half a thought. I can't tell what you are trying to say beyond some mockery of my post.
You did say that democracy is retarded, your greentexts were points about bad things in democracy.


Thing is he hasn't won yet.
The media don't decide the election.


>buy all of the 'green' hardware from china
Buying it isn't even the problem. Getting rid of it when it's worn out is going to be a nightmare. These wondrous things can't just be recycled like combustion engines made of steel and aluminium.


File: 1605199450944.png (62.13 KB, 745x533, 745:533, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1605204039426.jpg (663.49 KB, 2000x1301, 2000:1301, fenmnb22gg251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What do you fags think of spoon clank as a political analysist?
I find him entertaining and find some of his philosophy matches my own.


I can't man. All of your thoughts have an abrupt end, the whitespace after the greentext. Learn to organize your thoughts better fam.


Don't wanna be that guy but is there any evidence of that?


>Don't wanna be that guy but is there any evidence of that
It is not like we are asking to be spoonfed.I hope trump won but need proofs of riging..


There is strong evidence of error and impropriety.
There is relatively weak evidence of fraud as of yet.


File: 1605224455942.png (98.71 KB, 511x185, 511:185, disgusting.png) ImgOps iqdb

Makes me want to puke. Forcing everyone to act as if the LGBwhatever dumbfucks are perfectly fine and equal to us is oppression against autists. Autism is a bullshit detector and I physically can't stand having to pretend that these horse faced LARPers are real females. Same goes for all the other types of rainbow flag retards. Can't stand them.


>part of the transition team


File: 1605232986791.png (1.1 MB, 1494x1184, 747:592, 1572266070915.png) ImgOps iqdb

Most americans voted for this.


I hope something comes out. I'm a brainlet but the numbers don't make any sense to me.
It's all so tiresome


>part of the transition team
I don't believe this is real.


Why do minnesotans put up with this. Are swedish descendant whites different somehow?


I know. I went to college in Minneapolis before this covid buisness (and before they burnt the city down).



Why didn’t Democrat’s rig the senate too? This fraud claims doesn’t pass my bs detector, it feels like 2016 with a supposed russiagate bombshell incoming every week, maybe it will be on hunter Biden’s third laptop with more dick pics


File: 1605264513637-0.png (6.52 KB, 553x85, 553:85, revolutionaries.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1605264513637-1.png (17.17 KB, 577x210, 577:210, MIC.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's going to be a golden age for the establishment elites of privileged colonial powers of China, Russia, western EU. Bad times for anyone too small and poor to be considered a civilized, polite peer by the Democrats.


B-b-but democrats are the party of the people! They help the w-w-w-working class! They aren't a b-b-bunch of elite families with m-m-m-massive hereditary w-wealth using social j-j-justice as an excuse to legitimize their power g-grabbing and decry anyone who tries to stop them as morally evil!


Pfizer issued a press release on November 9 confirming that this vaccine they’ve produced is an mRNA vaccine


This is something that has never been done before.

Every single expert – that is, the people who promote these vaccines – is saying that this could give you diseases, presumably every one of which would be worse than the coronavirus. It has even been stated that it could cause your entire immune system to collapse, thus giving you AIDS.

Related: Coronavirus Vaccine Might Give You AIDS, Researchers Say

Note that while this is a completely new form of vaccine, it is being rushed through like no other vaccine ever in history, having skipped many of the various trial phases.

Any single person who understands anything about science and the way the human body works is going to be skeptical of this vaccine. Period. That is a matter of fact. This is literally an experiment on the population.


surprise, swedes make swedens wherever they go, just like africans make africas
psychology is racial, every race has its own temperament, "white" isn't a race, there are different white races and swedes are one of them, in their case they are a race of serious cucks


I'm not on the Trump legal team nor do I care enough to track actual documents. Just search for Trump voter fraud affidavits.


Why the fuck should the us care about relations with the EU? The EU need the us, not the other way around.


Trump Bans Investment in Firms Controlled by China’s Military


File: 1605277902572.png (785.16 KB, 1100x880, 5:4, x.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Makes me want to puke. Forcing everyone to act as if the LGBwhatever dumbfucks are perfectly fine and equal to us is oppression against autists. Autism is a bullshit detector and I physically can't stand having to pretend that these horse faced LARPers are real females. Same goes for all the other types of rainbow flag retards. Can't stand them.
The right needs a more coherent critique of deconstruction of gender roles beyond "I DON'T LIKE THING", because that cedes that ideological space to your enemies. Until you enter the fight you've lost by default.

In theory anarchists already oppose identity politics, but the more intellectual ones noted that the post-structuralist philosophy that informs feminist and queer theory leaves open the door for fascism. If it's not obvious why: given postmodernism is the inheritor of "strong man" philosophy in the tradition of Nietzsche and Heidegger, there's nothing stopping those with the political will to revaluate gender roles in light of, say, Sparta. It goes both ways.

The metamodernist reaction to this will seek to mediate between the authenticity sought under postmodernism with the sincerity of modernism. It's already visible in ideas like "the green city". I therefore anticipate increasing "health" rhetoric in the LGBT space. This is where your enemies are currently consolidating power, so attack it.


>dumb anime avatarfag is a left winger who loves not only succubi, but trannies as well
I'm shocked to find this out, not.
>The right needs a more coherent critique of deconstruction of gender roles beyond "I DON'T LIKE THING"
You will never be a succubi. Trannies self-refute themselves, if gender does not exist then why do they spend so much time and effort to attempting (and failing) to become stereotypical versions of the other gender? If they are aiming to be in the middle (androgynous) then they may do as such without needing pronouns and the rest of the tranny filth. Mutilating your genitals is mental illness, that is objective reality. Imagine someone cutting off their own nose and ears for the sake of memes, would you classify that person as mentally stable? Now realize they mutilate their own genitalia and then have to dildo their open and gaping WOUND in order to prevent the body from healing it. These """people""" make actual schizophrenics look perfectly sane in comparison.

The more I'm forced to read your abhorrent posts (since you post on every board multiple times every single day), the more I wish you would just hurry up and end yourself already.


Not him but how would you refute other LGBT members, such as homosexuals or crossdressers?


he already refuted trannies though


He refuted genital mutilation. Things like pronouns or gender identity are conditional. What about people who dress and act like the opposite sex but doesn't care about pronouns or gender theory? I am just curious since despite the common disgust that internet alt-right hold for LGBT they haven't really refuted an inherent problem with being gay or acting like a succubus. I mean I saw someone pose a rhetoric of legalizing gay marriage and I don't know how to refute that other than "I find it disgusting". What your guys opinion on LGBT shit? Obviously deviant things like encouraging children to be trannies or persecuting "hate crimes" is easy to ridicule but what about people who are just faggots?


File: 1605284530959.png (1.02 MB, 705x1166, 705:1166, satsuki.png) ImgOps iqdb

>left winger […] you post on every board every day
I guarantee I'm to your right, and that I'm not whoever you think. Victory means overcoming, and this is part of modern politics to overcome.

>would you classify that person as mentally stable? […] they make actual schizophrenics look perfectly sane in comparison

The issue with appealing to a social consensus on sanity is that consensus has been inverted, even in relatively recent history, so if we were enemies you'd be annihilated on that flank. Another problem for you is the institutional rhetoric on mental illness is in the hands of your enemies. DSM-5, for instance, reclassified gender identity disorders. DSM-6 will go further, what then?


>DSM-6 will go further, what then?
Since the narrative changed from "I was born with a mental disorder" to "I was born in the wrong body", they will have to apply the same logic to similar mental disorders like Xenomelia.


Unlike transgenderism, both of these are not short debates. These are "lets have a talk for the next hour+" type conversations, as the end justifications of them are seated deep in a libertarian/utilitarianism point of view. If you can't argue (or worse, actually agree) against hedonistic arguments then don't bother. If you think "freedom" exists in the modern age as anything besides a way to trick the population into subservience then don't bother. Modern society will break down every convention possible just for the sake of doing so, once you are an autonomous segregated golem separated from others you can never gather together to fight for anything.
Refute themselves in the same way trannies do "if gender does not exist then why do they spend so much time and effort to attempting (and failing) to become stereotypical versions of the other gender? ". Otherwise dress and fashion is a social contract, enforced by shame and social segregating. It is a different position than a transsexual one, yet similar in ways that """pragmatic""" libertarian thinkers will argue against. If you wish to argue against crossdressing then you must come from a standpoint that dress codes in general are good. You must argue against fashion itself, that it is a waste of human talent, a meaningless way for people to identify as unique rather than have their own personalities be unique, and thus must also argue against hedonism. Which is where you will finish your argument, in the debate of utilitarianism and libertarianism.

As for androgynous crossdressing, that already exists with succubi wearing jeans and business suits. It is an irreverent point. Really the full crossdressing (men wearing feminine frilly dresses) is the same as dressing as a construction worker yet not being one, dressing as a knight from medieval times yet living in modern times, or dressing as a clown. You are "free" to do so, but everyone thinks you are a pathetic larper for doing so. There is nothing revolutionary about dressing in drag besides self-deprecation or getting off on humiliation. Which is another hedonist argument.
The only justification for homosexuals is that they are "like everyone else but gay", so just attack that and it falls apart. HIV and the spreading of disease, these people have THOUSANDS of sexual partners. They are so deviant that they get off on "pozzing" each other with HIV. Yes, you heard that right, they made spreading a lethal incurable disease into a sexual fetish. If they were "just regular men but gay" and "kept it in the bedroom" then they would be fine, yet they decided to refute that themselves in gay pride parades and propaganda aimed at children. Not only do they not breed, thus either lowering birth rates or forcing polygamy which breaks family units; but also spread pestilence and homosexuality to the greater population unlike wizards. The other way to defend the above is that they give up the "pragmatic good for society" view with a "not all x" view and focus more on utilitarianism/libertarianism.

As I say, if you give in to hedonism or ideas of American "Freedom" then you have already lost and you must accept the worthless trash that define themselves by a sexual fetish as your fellow man.

>I guarantee I'm to your right
>you'd be annihilated
Whatever you say tranime succ poster.
>social consensus on sanity
I'm not appealing to pseudo-science psychology or authority here. Is bodily mutilation a characteristic of someone who is sane? The only honest answer is no, if they answer yes then they have been refuted in the eyes to the audience regardless of whatever the person whom you argue with thinks. At that point you "throw up your hands" in a normalfag fashion and walk away, you have then won the audience. The only possible counter point (which they all take) is that chopping off your genitalia and then digging a open wound in yourself is not mutilation. Which obviously is an extremely weak position to take, even a child could win an argument against that. As for a "consensus" if you honestly think transgenderism is accepted by even 1/4th the population you spend too much time on twitter. Even the small population of people who say they "accept" it, behind closed doors they hate trannies and will intentionally segregate them. The best treatment these freaks get is being a virtue signal tool of normalfags, as if they are pets and lower than them.


Trumpkins wonder why he lost when one of their slogans was "MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN!!!" basically the deplorables of this election, but Trump shouldn't have let his braindead ugly sons help with his campaigning

Ironically though in trying to make fun of Biden I think the right made him seem more funny and interesting and more votable (usually the more interesting candidate wins and Trump's novelty factor ran out, he seems pretty one note these days and actually smug and annoying) Biden is funny as fuck, granted I don't know if he can pull it off until the next election if he even makes it that far, I can imagine a president Kamala and tbh she annoys the fuck out of me but maybe I've been conditioned to feel that way, but no I think she is just genuinely annoying



Trump needs to pardon Snowden and declassify everything or he can neck himself (if he can, his neck is pretty fat)


The reason we are at this point with COVID is because the Administration allowed the cases to explode beyond the point of Contact Tracing. Following Joe Biden and having a brutal, 5-week, economically sponsored lockdown in addition to a VACCINE would ERADICATE the disease


File: 1605303665521.png (1.13 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Biden is going to become president and then have to deal with the national riots when the cops associated with the George Floyd case are found innocent. Poisoned chalice really.


Why not just the vaccine?


Biden is funny like a dementia patient is funny. It's not something to laugh about. Also a president Kamala is a certainty.


off topic, but I love eating that stuff. It stabilized my protein intake and it tastes nice.


File: 1605306978286.jpg (3.45 MB, 1736x2455, 1736:2455, 1e5a9246c8d443e54c46fe0244….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Even the small population of people who say they "accept" it, behind closed doors they hate trannies
You're demonstrating the point that this is about power. Being disempowered you're compelled to talk in a hushed voice behind closed doors, while your enemies use state power to crush you. How will you assert your will, unless you free yourself from this tyranny?

>is accepted by even 1/4th the population

Mass consensus isn't democratically accepted, it's imposed. The population doesn't create values themselves: it's in the very statement, else there would be nothing to accept or reject.

>I'm not appealing to pseudo-science psychology or authority here. Is bodily mutilation a characteristic of someone who is sane? The only honest answer is no, if they answer yes then they have been refuted in the eyes to the audience

The mistake is privileging the audience over authority. Power doesn't come from the people. You already know that the masses didn't accept Soviet rule, yet lived for 80 years under it. You already know the institution of academia is in enemy hands. It's no different under neoliberal capitalism, and you and your people don't have 80 years to wait.

Examine your presuppositions, they are liberal enlightenment values: democratic consensus, science, truth. This is, frankly, a naive view 200 years out of date. We'll have to table the discourse on gender deconstruction and metamodernism from the right, at least for now, until you destroy all this in yourself and embrace fascist thought.


I'll be honest, I'm not even sure who or what you are arguing against at this point.


He's the anime posting guy, he does that as a form of high effort trolling.


What effort? He just posts newspeak word salads.


He makes perfect sense. You just don't get it because you're still stuck in the surface.


Well then explain it for us.


There's not much to explain, you're just not acquainted with where he's coming from. You could watch some Keith Woods videos if you want some easy and accessible introduction.


It takes effort to write things and that guy writes a lot.


So basically you can't.


No, all I can do is maybe show the way.


You're a troll man.


Bunch of empty drivel.


You're just low IQ.


Both the video and the tranime poster seem to soar into outlooks that want to encapsulate massive viewpoints, and also fail to actually make any cohesive point. Such and such is happening, this person says such and such, past event of such and such happened. Yet there is no actual argument or point being made. Personally I don't really understand why people allow youtube ecelebs shape their world view, but it is very common on imageboards.


I 100% agree.
Not just Snowden but all the heroes of truth that exposed the enemies of the people with leaks.
Break Their Toys
He has no reason not to go scorched-earth on the deep state.


This is a matter of paradigm. It's hard to grasp criticism that comes from a different paradigm when you're not familiar with it, and why you cannot make the connection between different points into a bigger narrative. Someone who has ever only knew politics through the lenses of liberalism would find it exceedingly hard if not impossible to understand Evola, for example.

Nothing that Keith is saying there is original by the way. If anything, he tries to sound less esoteric than the authors he takes from.


I've read Evola and even quoted him multiple times in the previous thread. That doesn't change the fact that both the video and the tranime poster lack any cohesive point.

Examine my post where I answer a single sentence on a "simple" subject like crossdressing or homosexuality. There I introduce a wider viewpoint with a tight focus on utilitarianism and libertarianism, despite the long length it actually isn't even close enough to fully explain. Instead I state why I am introducing a wide viewpoint, and why you need to address those viewpoints in order to tackle the seemingly "simple" subjects. That post is a basic summary where the obvious questions someone would have is on that wider viewpoint I brought up to tackle the smaller conversation.

The video and the tranimefag on the otherhand introduce absolutely galaxy sized viewpoints and lack any reason for doing so. There is no cohesive point being made, just blanket statements with no limiting factor or focus at all. You lack the capacity to explain what this tranimefag (at this point I honest assume you are him acting to defend yourself) is trying to state despite three people agreeing that they have no idea what he's even trying to argue.


What's the mood in America right now? We're on the eve of what might be the turning point for how public opinion stands with trump. Whether they'll stand with self-defense at pro trump rallies I mean

Keith is well meaning but retarded. The problem with all fashy circles is how they'll go off into these wank ideologies which select for autistic book readers over men of action. Nobody should ever read Evola, all it does is bring ideological baggage and confuse the issue of self-determination


>What's the mood in America right now
A nothing will happen mood. Either the courts say Zion Don wins and nothing happens besides some minor chimp outs, or the courts deny Zion Don and nothing happens at all besides migapedes getting dunked online.


How can't you see the million MAGA march could be a huge flashpoint? It is forcing the issue in a way the left can't ignore. They either have to manufacture violence or start media hitpieces, but they have to acknowledge it


Oh, you still think Zion Don is anti establishment despite 4 years proving the opposite. Anyways, there may be some fights and a few people die, afterwards it will end. Americans (and the first world in general) believe their lives have value and cling to it more than anything else, so the second a few people die they will end any sort of real trouble. See the riots in the 60's, same thing will happen. The only western people capable of rioting are those who have suffered enough to know life hold no innate value, so basically just the Balkans possibly. Think of places like America, France, Germany, Scandy, etc as a sort of happy fun time doggy daycare center and you will understand politics more.


America is a big country and a lot of it is in huge poverty.


ADL and bibi have both turned from Trump and he knows it. Even Kushner looks to be on the outs. You're reading from a demoralization script, Tomorrow is going to be big and may even be pivotal.


In America poverty means being a fat fuck living on gibs. Compared to literal war in the Balkans Americans know nothing of suffering.

Ah yes, "Trump was really against the jews!!1!!1 it was all 4d chess, MAGA". Trump married his children to jews, gave billions to Jews, filled his cabinet with jews, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, worshiped the jew wall, made a peace plan to give jews in Israel more land, pardoned jewish criminals, etc,etc. Enough is enough, give up the delusions already. Tomorrow nothing of any importance will happen. At most a few amerifats die and you get a big dopamine rush, run over to /pol/, "ITS HAPOOONING, CIVIL WAR 2020", two weeks later and everyone forgets it even happened.

After this happens come back here and ask to speak with me, we can discuss real politics or something instead of believing in fairy tales such as 4d chess god emperor Zion Don.


Deaths of despair count as poverty and deaths of despair are lowering the US life expectancy.
There's nothing wrong with jews btw. They are a high iq people who reproduce a hell of a lot more than other high iq groups. The difference between blacks and whites is comparable to the difference between whites and jews


paid shill and listening agent. Nobody real or over 100 IQ talks like this


>deaths of despair
Imagine thinking Amerifats killing themselves is equal to families living through war, watching their children and loved ones die in their arms. As if dying is harder than living, classic Amerimutt thought patterns. He never realizes that he kills himself because his life is so easy. The Amerimutt will stop at nothing to attempt to prove he is number 1 at everything, even suffering! Unfortunately no one will ever believe him.

>da joos

Hai hai moshe-kun, you and your fellow jews are all very high iq, that's why you could never innovate anything without Europeans to do everything for you. What exactly have you done anyways, there is the hack Einstein who stole most of his theory from other Europeans without credit and uhh… that stainless steel jew? I suppose you have that psychologist who thought that being angry at something was obviously a sign you wanted to have sex with your grandmother or something. Lets be honest here, your only argument at the end of the day shall end with a "parasite is greater than the host" conclusion. Personally I find parasites rather repulsive, you are free to worship them however.

>anyone who disagrees with me is a paid shill
Classic r/T_D nu-pol.


The problem is that you're obtuse and you constantly makes assumptions. Like assuming I'm him, or he's someone you know. Just reading your exchange again and a good portion of your post is just you misunderstanding him because you're assuming too much, which is the case here. For example, you missed his criticism of your apparent idea that "normalcy" or "sanity" exists as some sort of democratically-discovered reality, even if you don't agree with it being put this way. Your whole point on sexual deviancy is very basic, and that's what he criticized. The fact that your point is based on a fundamentally liberal understanding of democratic consensus that arises from individuals, even though that leads to contradiction.

Most baffling though is that you somehow assumed that he's a tranny, or that he was somehow arguing in defense of transsexualism. If anything, it shows that understanding the "galaxy sized viewpoints" (also known as "narrative") is important. Otherwise, the smaller things just go over your head.


Orange man stabilized relations between Israel and its enemies so now there's lower chance the jews will get themselves into a war big enough to need US intervention. He literally saved your antisemitic ass from having to die for Israel.


>stabilized relations
By giving Israel everything it ever wanted and then some, including his children. Thank you migapede, very cool post!


Jews invented a lot of modern math Paul Edros was a very prolific mathematician and I can bet you that he would have posted on wizchan if he was alive today Perelman is also a jew and is a very wizardly character. That's just mathematicians I know from the top of my head. Jews are about half of all chess grandmasters. Jewish contributions to science are not less than french, german, or russian contributions.


>Like assuming I'm him,
You came to defend his honor and refused to explain anything, I have ever right to accuse you of being "him" since he has fled this thread right as you came to defend "him".
>democratically-discovered reality
Wordsalad is fun, but lets ignore that. That isn't a criticism of what I proposed, that is a "narrative" (wider viewpoint with no actual point) that has nothing to do with refuting transgenderism. If he(you) wished to bring up such a thing as a point he(you) would have to justify it and define what he(you) means by such a thing.
>he's someone you know
Posted the exact same characters that the avatarfag does, and then literally avatarfagged in this very thread.


>Jewish contributions to science are not less than french, german, or russian contributions.
>not less than french, german, or russian contributions.
Delusional Jewish man who is so retarded he forgot people like Leibniz, Poincare, Pascal, Descartes, Riemann, Fermat, and Gauss exist posts on wizchan, more news at 11 folks.


are you a virgin?


IQ not high enough to face a real argument eh moshe? I know it's hard for you to face reality, that besides acting as financial parasites your people are worthless. Bobby Fischer could do it, so maybe you can too.


Why can't you answer my question?


Why can't you address the argument?


You can't say you're a virgin because you're not one. You're not from here


Does your jew god prevent me from lying or something? If you didn't want to concede that you lost this badly you could have just not replied. I suppose this is typical of Jewish behavior though, never admit you were wrong, just pretend it never happened and instead attack your opponent' character. Fallacies be damned, adhom is a logical argument in the jewish culture!


There are a lot of good and famous mathematicians, Paul Erdos and Perelman just struck me as very reclusive, wizardly types. Seriously, read their bios these guys are my heroes.
There's a lot more mathematicians than those famous 1500-1800s guys you posted.


>here's a lot more mathematicians than those famous 1500-1800s guys you posted.
You're the one who dared to compare jewish innovation to Europeans. None of these obscure mathematicians can touch the influence of the ones I listed.

However I will go read the bios of these two you mentioned, while I dislike Jewish culture I still stay true to truth. If someone speaks of a good thing then it must be a good thing regardless of the mouth it came from.


>Paul Erdos
As yes the extroverted drug addict, I actually read of him long ago. Personally I don't see how he is wizardly at all.
Pretty wizardly from the sounds of it I won't lie, a shame there isn't more information on him.


He rejected succubi and acquired mathematical analysis. He did math till the hour he died plus he was funny. He called succubi 'slavemasters' and a man who would be divorced would be 'freed' lots of funny lingo like that. Genuine charisma from a person who if he would have been born in a different place and time other than 20th century europe, would have been a drooling nonvocal autist.


>would have been a drooling nonvocal autist.
>Genuine charisma
Interesting… I suppose he did reject succubi so in that aspect he is the minimum a wizard should be. Paralman to be seems far more wizardly to me than Paul the extroverted druggie ever was. Even Paralman's morals are anti Jewish and obviously seek truth instead of friendship or fame, unlike Paul who spent his entire live being as peak normalfag in every possible fashion except in regards to succubi.


File: 1605362740873.png (5.96 KB, 484x82, 242:41, wot.png) ImgOps iqdb

The War on Terror is back (zoomers won't get this reference). And this time you're the terrorist. No, not the people responsible for an average 40% rise in homicides in 60 largest rioting cities driven by politically inspired violence and destruction of property. You are the terrorist now, whitey.


I do not doubt that it will gloss over BLM etc and target whites more but any proofs?


The deep state strikes again.
Turns out they were lying to Trump and other officials about troop numbers and operations in countries like Syria.
Basically ignoring orders and persisting in endless war within the middle east directly against the will of the president and the American people.


Second second source

And a third

And what the hell how about a fourth

This is literally a act of sedition and no one will be held to account for it.


File: 1605366938324.jpg (57.86 KB, 850x607, 850:607, original_drawn_by_avogado6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>For example, you missed his criticism of your apparent idea that "normalcy" or "sanity" exists as some sort of democratically-discovered reality, even if you don't agree with it being put this way. Your whole point on sexual deviancy is very basic, and that's what he criticized. The fact that your point is based on a fundamentally liberal understanding of democratic consensus that arises from individuals, even though that leads to contradiction.
>Most baffling though is that you somehow assumed that he's a tranny, or that he was somehow arguing in defense of transsexualism. If anything, it shows that understanding the "galaxy sized viewpoints" (also known as "narrative") is important. Otherwise, the smaller things just go over your head.
Well put wiz. To get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride you must become Mr. Bones.


Just a bit of news.


>democratically-discovered reality
What are you two schizos talking about.


PA Democrats accidentally submit affidavits that they violated the law by opening ballots before election day



It's the MIGAcaust for real


It's nonsense, that's my point. You mention "sanity" or "mental illness" as an objective metric that exists within the individual outside of any social input, only to appeal to a consensus which you believe arises from pre-socialized individuals that only then come together to form a society. It's absolutely the opposite of how people actually think and exist. There is no pre-socialized individual and sanity is a measure that comes from society and is applied to the individual. "Consensus" is also not formed in a democratic manner, but rather this process of consensus-making works its way down from the top.


File: 1605385577323.mp4 (10.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2msgwklqlM5wVk-k.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



Christianity is a mental illness.


>You mention "sanity" or "mental illness" as an objective metric
Originally I had written a reply denying I said this, which I did not; but instead I shall ask you; is body mutilation the characteristic of someone sane or not?


to be fair body mutilation is probably the one thing faggots and christcucks have in common as they love to cut theirs or their kids dicks


File: 1605391561470.mp4 (5.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Z_SEg9zWzwzAG2t6.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I love Nick Fuentes


You mean faggots, jews, and amerimutts. No Christians outside of amuttica mutilate their children.


Why? He's unintelligent and embarrassing.


amen brother. His initial march was nothing special but this speech really is. America First is inevitable


30% to 40% of men in the world are circumcised. You tell me.


Had to actually look that up, muslim circumcision how could I forget. Either way circumcision is non comparible to what trannies go through, and far more importantly is certainly not accepted in Europe and other non muslim countries (besides amuttica). In fact recently there have been ideas from liberals themselves to ban all circumcision in European countries. Bodily mutilation has never and will never be accepted, it is the easiest and fastest method of gaining an audience to your side to refute transgenders.


Circumcision is socially acceptable mutilation and you're now engaging in mental gymnastics.


it isn't socially acceptable.


But what the hell do I know about social acceptability. Africans put metal discs in the mouths, and Chinese used to foot bind. None of this should be acceptable and neither should transgenderism.


File: 1605407964764.jpg (315.6 KB, 850x1208, 425:604, f.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>apparent idea that "normalcy" or "sanity" exists as some sort of democratically-discovered reality
>What are you two schizos talking about
The underlying assumption we're critiquing is that the natural state of man is an individual roaming the plains, when the reality is everyone is born into a tribe who socializes them.

You use the term sanity as though it were neutral term, but where did that idea come from? Initially, insanity was simply experienced, we were "inside" madness. Madness was a type of knowledge, which is reflected in art and prophecy prior to the Enlightenment. The insane lived on the periphery inside their madness.

Later, Christians understood human reason as madness compared to God, and divine reason appearing as madness to us. This is a change in perspective from inside madness to "outside" madness: the limits of reason were thought of as a type of wisdom.

In the age of rationalism madness became unreason in contradiction to reason. Reason is natural, therefore unreason is unnatural. Insanity becomes a natural object to be imprisoned and studied, and later cured. It's an interesting question why the mad became the focus of medical science, while criminals became subjects of sociology. Now an institution exists that can sidestep the judiciary, a place of legal exception. This has a number of consequences, especially as the mercantile class gain power. Not only can those unreasonable people in bourgeois society be committed to asylums, it's even philanthropic to give them menial jobs on farms and in workhouses without pay.

The primary fallacy in modern mental science is it takes as natural what itself has produced. We flatter ourselves that what we've inherited was a product of progressive reason, when it was largely constructed by religious, economic, and social forces.


Loved reading this.
any books that delve into this subject?


>yours truly, an amerimutt


Blah blah blah, all of your nonsensical buzzword talk goes out the window the moment a nigger punches you in the face.


So essentially you just posted a pseudo-intellectual wordsalad to simply state the incredibly generic and elementary thought of asking if the sane are really sane or if they are truly the insane ones. You come across this on /x/ tier posts all the time and it certainly isn't anything of intellectual interest. Regardless, it doesn't have anything to do with refuting transgenderism, if anything you are actively arguing for them by attempting to break down the idea of sane and insane. Which I'm sure is your point, except leftists don't take this angle at all and in fact they cannot since they believe in psychology and it's ideas of mental illness.


You are quite disparaging when I felt he was just trying to explain himself better


I would more inclined to be appreciative of his posts if he spoke in a concise and clear manner. As it stands I am forced to read every post multiple times before I can even begin to understand what it is he's trying to speak of. It is very flowery, but I don't care that it is as such; language is for communication. It's hard enough for two people to truly understand each other as it is, that's without such a pretentious writing style. I do call it pretentious because it is attempting to sound more than it is, the argument and thoughts itself are not very interesting or new yet uses such grandiose language. I will even admit myself that I sometimes enjoy writing in certain fun styles that aren't straight to the point, but not once has anyone ever accused me of being nearly or completely obscure to the point three people cannot even understand what I write.

If you are writing a novel or a blog post for your site, by all means be as pretentious as you wish, however if you on a site to communicate with others then do so in a legible fashion.


>all of your nonsensical buzzword talk goes out the window the moment a nigger punches you in the face
If we understand the genealogy of received ideas as a product of power relations, a new racial politics as per >>257069 is possible where we are free to punch first.


The only social acceptability you should care about is your own people, culture, and country. People often argue on forums from an America point of view, yet America is a third world country larping as a world power because it was the merchant of ww2, it then held something like 80% of the worlds wealth afterwards. Which it managed to lose in less than a century to a bunch of Chinamen by shipping over all it's production to them. It is a clown country filled with clowns that will be laughed at for its incompetence.

If you live in America, then just take after whatever your heritage is. Don't get caught up in the American circus and do not get into the clown car when they ask you too.


I actually dislike verbose text style but I felt it was fine but it may just be me.
I do not think he was trying to give off airs of an intellectual.


>I do not think he was trying to give off airs of an intellectual.
Wow, you are far more tolerant of this than I am certainly. What about his newest post? Here:
"the genealogy of received ideas as a product of power relations, a new racial politics"
Comon, you have to read that as pretentious pseudo-intellectualism. The genealogy of received ideas? Product of power relations? This is just ridiculous.


That is as you would say it is.
no need to say anything in any less than a clear way.
I wonder if he is Enid


Whatever both of you are arguing about can be said in much quicker and clearer manner. I snapped at you because honestly I think you two are doing it on purpose.


The first world is defined by it's relationship with America. The first world is the American or American-ized world.


No, it is British culture that spread across the world since that is where all of old American culture came from - WASPs. The only modern culture that exists in America now is a lack of, that is to say multiculturalism. Maybe you could arguing loving Israel and having guns is a culture, I wouldn't. Surprisingly the only real impact America has had on the world outside of military and economic pressures is spreading negro music to other countries, and it's love of diversity. However the diversity thing is just a cover for international capitalists who need more wageslaves, since after Womens rights the birth rates plummeted. Really they would have done so regardless of what America did or said.


USA still has immense with and will continue to generate more than enough. It all just goes to the rich while the serfs rot away. I honestly think most people that have children in this country are insane and mind fucked to think they will have a future. especially if they are poor or even lower middle class. Upward mobility is dead.


File: 1605452029424.png (2.27 MB, 900x1300, 9:13, mokou.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's no snapping, it's a valid question. I respect you more for it.

The three primary prejudices I've encountered ITT are racism, sanity, and anti-intellectualism. Racism holds back the right: blacks are violent, so I'm not violent. My enemies are insane, so I'm sane. My enemies claim this intellectual space, so I retreat from it. Dare to think the opposite: I'm more violent, I'm unbound from sanity, and I advance into enemy intellectual territory. The path to victory is exciting, adventurous, nightmarish, stylish, and with an unconquerable will to power.


>where we are free to punch first.
Never going to happen. Right now it's the opposite, black rioters and antifa thugs can hit you first and there is a 0% chance they will get convicted of a crime. Meanwhile, if you fight back and win there is a good chance you'll catch criminal charges. You're delusional if you think this will change for the better. Even expecting it to just not get worse is naive.

Dark times ahead. If you want to be safe and be allowed to defend yourself and your property, get the hell out of the cities and out of blue states in general. Move to a small conservative town, in a conservative county in a red state. NOT Texas (a.k.a the new California) either. Even if you do this you'll be living on borrowed time as gen z is ultra left wing even in ultra conservative small towns, but at least it will buy you a couple decades.


America is a poorfag country compared to how wealthy they were directly after WW2 profiteering. You have to realize that America after WW2 probably had the largest lead over every other country ever seen in AD (or CE if you are younger) times. Being the nation of immigrants and nation deserters, when times get tough it will have the greatest wealth and brain drain ever seen in human history. I can't remember where it's posted, but the US government themselves estimated almost 1/3rd of their population leaving if their economy collapses and stays weak.

Again I just want to state how quickly it came up in power, only to (in history terms) lose every single advantage it held. America essentially soaked up all the power of Europe and their advantage of being the first countries to industrialize; only to hand it all to the European's only equal, the Chinaman. I cannot think of a greater blunder, even Mao's idea of killing every sparrow in china seems galaxy brained compared to what the Americans have done. They handed what was suppose to be the destiny of European greatness over to the only other people capable of holding such a destiny. As if they had never read Chinese history and had forgotten that these people are possible of great things. It is incomprehensible, just idiotic beyond all thought. There really is nothing that could compare to this.


How can anyone take this guy and his buttbuddies seriously?


Because a cucked civic nationalist is better than neo-conservative globalist or neo-liberal globalist.


But better at what exactly? Being an irrelevant internet clown?


People have to start somewhere. Even if he's going to remain politically irrelevant he's still a factor in the attempted revival of nationalism. If your question is "why is Civic Nationalism better than mainstream western politics" then you're asking too much.



America could simply stop giving its rich so many tax cuts plus actually taxing them instead, instead Trump just gives tax cuts to literally everyone, I feel bad for what Biden is gonna inherit but it can't be worse than what Obama inherited off Bush and made something better out of


Million Miga March turned out to be a nothingburger. Classic amerimutt politics.


My point is I can't see it as a start to anything. He and others like him are going nowhere. What do they have to offer? Only cheap laughs for clueless normie kids who still find novelty in basic /pol/ humor.


File: 1605471212584.jpg (334.98 KB, 1456x1051, 1456:1051, uzumaki_vol03_ch19_complet….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nick's approach is working. He had a viewership of 50k on election night that is growing, whereas typical nationalist personalities have overlapping fanbases of around 10. He spoke to a crowd of hundreds at the maga march and wasn't tossed out. Later in the night they even had a chance to heckle con inc. People in the Trump admin and big players in alt media and entertainment are also backing him, for example Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin. I would suspect based on statements he either has a mainstream media gig or the launch of a new political party lined up.

Let's compare this will "radical" elements who our friend suggests we support. There is probably a viewership of 10k. Of these maybe 1000 are serious people. Of those the majority come from NS movements that already existed and pretty much everyone is under some form of passive surveillance. Leadership figures who rose to prominence have basically all been doxxed, have lost their hosting, and live off tenuous donations like t-shirt sales which only serve to dox supporters. Whereas TRS & co rose to prominence though fun popular appeals, today they only talk about a handful of esoteric subjects that scare off normies and could even throw listeners in prison.

There is no concept how to run a political strategy. In fact they don't think they even should and have created fake political organizations like the NJP to sike listeners into support despite openly admitting these are for show. Because they recognize it is impossible to act offline, they don't think anyone should. Instead they tell people to arm themselves, behave like deep cover terrorists, destroy every other successful movement more moderate than their own, and wait for a violent revolution all the while entrapping themselves in a place where they can literally never perform effective political action. Obviously these practices will never draw sufficient numbers of converts to offset the constant number being doxed and straight out leaving. What's left is basically a cult in every respect, where members intentionally try to bully others into conformity (it's a practice known as "bullycide"), isolate themselves from any healthy influence, and pay tithes.

It should be obvious that it doesn't matter whether the "wignats" actually are sincere, in practice they're a decaying black hole whose ongoing purpose is to ruin lives and destroy right wing political organizations from ever gaining public traction. And like all radical movements of this type throughout history, In the end they'll run out human material to burn and collapse inwardly on themselves into nothing. The Militants you see along the road to this conclusion are damned men, like characters in an Ito comic predestined to be made into spirals

No wonder the powers that be have kept them around so long, wignats do everything a government operation would desire anyway


>No wonder the powers that be have kept them around so long, wignats do everything a government operation would desire anyway
Bingo. They're also kept around the same reason islamic terror is kept around. It's a convenient boogeyman. See France. Once they need a boogeyman, they tap into it.


It isn't working. They achieved nothing, they do nothing, their politics are as shallow as their fans' investment in their supposed cause. And now they lost miserably. It's pathetic.


Look at the atmosphere of society now compared to 5 years ago. There has been a massive change, even if you don't want to admit it.


File: 1605473295133.jpg (38.28 KB, 736x414, 16:9, matthew-heimbach.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just find it really sad. Look at the story of Matt Heimbach, who started out as an awkward autist like everyone else and stepped down an elevator shaft without a future.

In older times eccentrics like this might have been recognized for what they are, harmless dorks to be left in peace. Now he's a internet lolcow they'll drag out and whip whenever the need arises, destined never to hold a job or live an normal life. Really the whole thing is like an insane parody where the socially maladjusted are tortured by normies forever for being misaligned with contemporary mores


more evidence coming out


>A few thousand show up
>Media calls them far right extremists
>Use the least flattering photo they can find to put in every article
>Antifa ambushes them when most of them already left, beat the shit out of them
>They get away with it like they always do.
>Accomplish nothing.

What did they honestly expect? For the elites to go "Yeah, we cheated, but we're very sorry, enjoy 4 more years of Trump"? And really the above outcome was the absolute best they could have realistically hoped for. There was a good chance someone could have been forced to use lethal force to defend their own life like Rittenhouse and the incident would have just ended up being painted as another example of right wing terrorism.

The best marches/rallies/protests can do is alter public perception, but that only works in your favor if the media supports it, and we all know the media will do nothing but demonize Trump supporters.


>America could simply stop giving its rich so many tax cuts plus actually taxing them instead
You have no idea how economics works if you think that is even remotely a good idea.


>America is a poorfag country compared to how wealthy they were directly after WW2 profiteering.

By every objective measure that isn't true.
Your hatred of America blinds you to the ability to take a step back and look at cold hard facts and data to base your views on.


By every objective measure I am correct, American is not even the most wealthy country in the world anymore. To go from holding 80% of the entire world's total wealth to such a poor state within less than 80 years is pathetic. The extreme downward trend they are following is clear to everyone else except for Americans themselves.


File: 1605484086689.jpg (112.41 KB, 680x587, 680:587, Emzj0zvW8AAUzFd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

flipping the narrative but still wrong. This is the moment when Americans either accept their future in a totalitarian dictatorship where votes and the media are fake, or they prove it all wrong by refusing to play along like sheep to the slaughterhouse

We are reaching a level of distrust in the system which clearly was never foreseen and threatens to expose all of the lies. When the average American goes out to rallies to protest for a duly elected president and gets assaulted by communist terrorists, the frame shifts. Just like electoral fraud the stories of left wing violence will spread through social media. If censorship tightens it'll only cause more people to know. This wasn't a nothingburger, not by far. Many thousands participated and many thousands more indirectly have. It's quite ironic that the colour revolution to depose populism might actually lead to the exact opposite. The nationalist right can never lead this, they're just a participant expressing popular will just like everyone else


>By every objective measure I am correct
How do you think wealth is measured?
>American is not even the most wealthy country in the world anymore.
Debatable and irrelevant. What makes you think wealth is somehow a net zero thing? Do you not know that wealth isn't finite and indeed can be created and destroyed?
>The extreme downward trend
America not holding 80% of the worlds wealth isn't because America is on some sort of downward trend as you put it, but because the rest of the world slowly rebuilt and developed since that time.


It wasn't supposed to accomplish anything concrete, it's just grift. Lead hecklers are exploiting the desperate grieving right to keep themselves afloat a little longer.
The fact they were willing to organize a pointless publicity stunt which put their fans in real danger tells you all you need to know about these "God fearing nationalists."
They're con artists. They don't give a shit, they only want those clicks and donations.


File: 1605484645002.jpg (77.15 KB, 640x524, 160:131, 1596084123367.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wealth is measured
Relatively to others, anything else and you might as well just be measuring technological progress instead of wealth. I know what point you are making, and it's a worthless Ben Shapiro tier argument. "oh ya but overall wealth has gone up haha i win now haha", very nice Ben, I'm sure all the low iq retards are very impressed with such statement.
Poor Ben now no longer believes in objective measures, unfortunate.
>isn't because America is on some sort of downward trend
If everyone else goes up that means America is going down in overall power and wealth. I know what you plan on saying Ben, "its not LITERALLY going down though!!!!!", I'm not impressed by such arguments Mr. Shapiro .


>If censorship tightens it'll only cause more people to know.
You vastly underestimate the efficiency of technological society.


Imagine still thinking Trump is on your "side". He literally drove by to go play golf while his supporters protested and fought. Afterwards he tweeted, as usual. You really have to wake up to reality. The media attacks Trump as their job and Trumps job is to play the part of the right wing villain while never actually doing anything. He is a liberal larping as right wing, and you have eaten it up while asking for seconds.


Everyone ready for the second round of lockdowns if/when Biden takes control?

Hope you have money saved up and lots of food stored up for this artificial collapse.

Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on the great reset?


there is no grift. There's a political organization working to win Donald Trump his reelection and it doesn't matter how many CTR talking points you have in a clipboard. None of them make sense after scrutiny

>AF isn't hard right enough!

>Nick is ruining kid's lives!
This is a popular protest
>Nick is a grift!
Which would be characterized by podcasts and a token showing but nothing else. Guy just gave a 30 minute speech by megaphone

>Nick isn't white!
Don't care
>Nick a civnat!
Don't care his approach is working
>Trump is MIGA!
He literally got burned by the ADL & Bibi this election
>*flip script back to the first talking points in a circle again*

This method is something psychologists use when talking to patients they want to brainwash. It's called being a broken record. Maybe It's time to consider that by pushing against economic nationalism you're fighting against your own economic interests :)


Okay, now denounce antifa.


I used to be more scared of the great reset than when I am today. It's clearly real but it's also nowhere near happening. The population is split 50:50 on vaccines in most places and forcing the issue will only intensify the wedge. Elites are at a point where they can't win using politics, every move they play weakens public trust and failing to act allows antisystem actors to grow even further.

Even if they win and turn everyone into a serf, give everybody vaccines that turn into social credit, and impose the 1984 world they clearly want it's not going to last. Human societies are just too complex for even our technology. The only way a totalitarian dictatorship can consolidate is by simplifying people into stupid drones like what happened under communism. Furthermore this is a neverending process, every iterative increase in technology increases the potential for dissolution as well as consolidation as it becomes more wildly distributed.

Quite honestly, a world of serfdom without property under total surveillance might even be better than the future we'll live in. At least that world tries to be consistent. instead I suspect we'll live in a much more arbitrary serfdom of competing nation-states having constant civil wars to own the seat of government.


>Relatively to others
Then you are quite simply wrong.
That isn't how wealth is measured and is a worthless nonfunctional method of assessing wealth since you aren't actually measuring wealth at all. Again, wealth isn't a zero sum game. Someone having more wealth somewhere doesn't mean someone else must have less wealth somewhere else as a result.
Your misconception is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what wealth is and how it works.

> now no longer believes in objective measures, unfortunate.

You are welcome to post objective evidence to prove America isn't the most wealthy country. It would be far more productive then name calling and baseless accusations.

>If everyone else goes up that means America is going down in overall power and wealth

You are 180° from correct. In other words you couldn't be more wrong.
I will explain it yet again. Wealth doesn't work like some sort of cosmic pie with a finite number of slices. Where if someone takes 5 pieces of pie there is less for everyone else.
Instead it works like experience points in a RPG. Someone leveling up doesn't cause other people's levels to go down when they level up, and experience points can be created whenever relevant activity is accomplished.

Here is a video explaining in very simple terms how wealth is created. It seems you need to brush up on the fundamentals. Look it is even a cartoon so it isn't boring or scary.


Interesting take on things.
I tend to be so focused on things at the ground level that perspectives on the wider view of things such as yours really help put things into context.
It feels so much like a wait and see kind of thing. It's just so abstract that it is hard to think of anything that can be done on a individual level. So I wait for details to develop and feel more reactive rather then proactive.
If that makes any sense.


File: 1605486933109.png (515.75 KB, 589x538, 589:538, 1534092697961.png) ImgOps iqdb

>you are wrong
Very nice Ben, the rest of your post is exactly what I said you were going to argue for. "The graph lines aren't LITERALLY going downwards", truly an Ebin btfo from the master debate artist.

As for the proof of America not being the leader anymore, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)


File: 1605487399782.gif (899.03 KB, 500x600, 5:6, afp.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>totally ignores the point
>strawmans and name calls instead

You can lead a ass to water but you can't make it drink.


>There's a political organization working to win Donald Trump his reelection
Completely delusional. You got scammed by some midwitted sniveling kid. You're going to look back at your awkward Murica Furst phase with embarrassment.


>just a string of inflammatory insults
This isn't shitchan.
Can you act like a adult please.


File: 1605487995358.jpg (6.69 KB, 299x169, 23:13, 1536143381862.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know exactly what you argued Ben, as much as you pretend that I don't, post cartoon succubi, and cry about a strawman. You say all wealth overall has increased, which means America is more wealthy and thus you win, see when I wrote "oh ya but overall wealth has gone up haha i win now haha". You entire argue has already been summed up by me in a post before you could even reply, since I already know what angle you wanted to reach for. "its not LITERALLY going down though!!!!!" isn't impressive to anyone except you Ben.

Also you seemed to just ignored my source, the least a pro ebin debate master like yourself could do is admit you lost that front. Since apparently basic google searches in order to find out America is not the world leader in wealth anymore are too hard for you.


Actually read what I posted rather then asssume.
You have totally missed the big fundamental point (probably intentionally).

Wealth isn't zero sum
Until you get that idea through your head it is utterly pointless to continue.

Your retarded /pol/ memes only make a clown out of yourself.


No, gullible e-celeb groupies like you deserve no respect.


File: 1605489451722.jpg (57.03 KB, 680x743, 680:743, 1439610227842.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My dear Ben, you keep proving what I say is the truth. You say it isn't a zero sum game yet what point are you bringing up when you do, why it is exactly what I accuse you of "oh ya but overall wealth has gone up haha i win now haha". For why else would you bring it up? Let us run down this argument since you are either being obtuse as a final damage control, simply non-intelligent, or both (most likely). We were speaking of if America has become more poor correct? You say this is not a zero sum game as a way to state all countries are becoming richer and does not effect American wealth. This argument's point is that the cap of total wealth grows infinitely (or at least the cap has not been reached as of now), which is to say overall wealth is increasing. Thus America is not more poor and the line on the graph is not going down, but rather it is going up and they are richer than previously. Which means you have in fact done exactly what I accused you of "oh ya but overall wealth has gone up haha i win now haha" and "its not LITERALLY going down though!!!!!" . Face it Ben, I knew what you were arguing for before you even had a chance to say it.

Also I'm still waiting for an admittance on my being right on America losing its position as the leader of wealth. You could always attempt some sad damage control where you use per capita gdp or raw held cash, that seems more fitting for someone like you Mr. Shapiro.


Imagine working for the FBI right now, trying to groom crabs into becoming terrorists so you can get a news cycle of coverage re-framing the election of Donald Trump as a victory for white supremacist groups that largely don't exist. Imagine what kind of disgusting person tries to do that. Actually, the more perspective I get on this the more obvious the whole thing was a sting to neuter Trump's populism from the start.

I know in many places there's talk of mandatory vaccination which has been linked to ID2020 stuff. I also know the middle class has been destroyed thanks to lockdowns and offshoring. The monied 1% knows time is running out on the fake economy and want to offer a new deal which the great reset clearly is.

My feeling is there are just too many people outside conventional news for business as usual to continue. That's why they want to run a soft dictatorship and start killing or silencing opponents, the old tricks just increasingly don't work and all they have left is disinformation. The mask is so clearly off when Biden tells people to accept false results and "come together". Just look at the proven track record of these people, it's ballot-stuffing, d/c identity politics, scapegoats and disinformation. All very real signs of a coming dictatorship


Only the most schizophrenic Trumpers cling to their ragged idols, hope and tinfoil. Sad!


File: 1605491950340.png (910.98 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1605302492452.png) ImgOps iqdb

Let's see:
>the same people who framed wizchan with the Zoe Quinn grift want to do it again
>why not write a piece about "white supremacism on wizchan" based on a spurious documentary we already commissioned?
>after all, these people are perfect. White crab neets that play off all the narratives

And thus we get a retard trolling around as "one of us" writing exclusive shitposts he'll then use to try and pay next month's rent. Or maybe you are FBI grooming or some antifa tranny who seriously thinks this is the hub. I don't even know, I do know it's fucking pathetic to do this on wizchan of all places.


Biden's win really broke you.


it ain't over till it's over you election thieves


“We’ve identified mathematically the algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that switched votes to Biden, Powell remarked.


File: 1605535018441.png (5.22 MB, 2400x1598, 1200:799, mokou_kaguya_ouka_musci.png) ImgOps iqdb

>never going to happen
>you're delusional if you think this will change for the better
>even expecting it to just not get worse is naive
>allowed to defend yourself
>borrowed time
If you can't even bring yourself to think differently you've already lost. You must face this despair and overcome it. Demographics don't matter: you are already the racial majority, and were an even greater majority when you lost grip on power. The struggle you're in is with regard to power relations, read the previous posts and permit yourself to turn back from this endless retreat into obliteration.


You are just a shitposter out to waste time by acting like a retard while repeatedly posting outsider memes from shitchan's /pol/.
I ain't even reading your post anymore.
Fuck off back to where you belong, which is the same cesspool you got your nonsensical memes from.


And what is this algorithm?


return vote;


Gay. The vote should be an enum.


File: 1605543303940.png (405.99 KB, 503x542, 503:542, 1392446588232.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ben couldn't handle a real debate, who knew? Ignore the entire post because really you have no answer to it. Should have stuck to "owning da libs" instead of challenging anyone who knows how to answer your sophist rhetoric style. You have proven to me and everyone else that you are too petty to even accept the objective measures you claimed to hold true, nevermind acting in good enough faith for a proper debate. I shall claim my victory over you Ben, in dominating fashion I might add.



Spouting memes isn't debate, it is idiocy.
Fuck off back to shitchan retard.


>ma ma look im using a lot of badwords im badass ma!



Do Trump's supporters not realize how delusional Trump is or do they just not care? He has lost 24 court cases so far because he didn't have any evidence of fraud and the only court case he did win was just some minor procedural technicality that didn't affect the vote totals at all and yet he's still claiming that he won the election and democrats stole it with fraud. He's just delusional and pretending that he won when he didn't. How are you not embarrassed by this sort of shit?


Kinda explains how they see things.
I mean you got voting machines that are running programs that can dump votes if they choice a person you don't want to win among other things.
You got the dems violating just about every election integrity law.
You got indisputable impropriety going on all over the place.
When you step out side of the mainstream anti-trump bubble you can easily see there is a fuck load of messed up shit going on with the election.


from an unbiased point of view I think trump acts like a moron a lot of the time, so it's no surprise he ended up losing, I'm guessing all the complainers are just straight-ticket republicans, the kind of people who would vehemently defend and rationalize whatever trump says


The funny thing is, it doesn't matter what side wins, you always have plenty of bratty adult children yelling 'cheater!' at every election, they never progress past playground tier logic.


The plain is to degrade everyone's trust in US elections in general.
It is just to set up the totalitarian socialist and globalist new world order.


I mean you have dead people voting and election turn out numbers well over 100% among dozen of other things that is suspicious as fuck.
But hey, maybe it is zombies that returned from the dead to make sure trump doesn't become president. Dead lives matter.


No really.
Is none of this shit suspicious at all to you people?
Do you not think that maybe just maybe someone is behind all these "glitches" and "anomalies" that just happen to always favor Biden?


it's literally 'russian hackers' all over again, just a bunch of bullshit cope for the losers


It isn't "literally" russian hackers all over again and you are just baiting while sticking your head in the sand.

I don't vote and I ain't a trump supporter but I don't think you comprehend how bad things are going to get if "the people" no longer feel like voting does anything anymore.
The impropriety is blatant and staggering.


The thing about "russians hacked the election" was that it was supported by major institutions like the media and universities.
I don't think we will ever know how the Democrats pulled this caper off, but there are many suspect things from the high voter turnout to how they counted 80% of the ballots in one evening and then waited a week to count the rest.


>before election democrats say the election is impossible to hack
>after election, thry say russian bots swayed the election with pro-trump spam
>eventually the news morphs it into russian hackers without any proof or circumstantial evidence
>after losing every court case to this end, they invent the "russian dossier" and say it has proof of the election hacks
>nobody has ever seen it
>all people questioned in court say its a hoax
>eventually they just settle on "it was collusion after election" and never mention the election hacks again
>even flynn who was going to jail anyway and had nothing to lose said there was no collusion
This time is a lot different.


File: 1605553771495.jpg (77.14 KB, 680x1139, 40:67, 1438735572883.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There was plenty more than just memes said Ben, but if that is what you want to use as a excuse to give up, that's fine. A suitable end for a poor creature such as the sophist rhetorician. Good luck next time Mr. Shapiro.


File: 1605554895951.png (433.79 KB, 850x501, 850:501, joe.png) ImgOps iqdb

accuse your enemy of what you shall do.

>poll watchers kicked out

>swing states "close" for the night which is almost unprecedented
>mysterious vote ratios for Biden come in which make no statistical sense
>dominion voter software, which was used in all the swing states, "mysteriously" found to have errors giving biden tens of thousands of votes
>over 100% of the electorate voted in some cities
>and thousands of the dead
>in some places windows were boarded up and "coolers" rolled in
>plenty of video footage of counters invalidating ballots
>biden underperformed abnormally in safe blue states but overperformed in swing states
>in fact, he's more popular than obama?

I mean there's fake news and then there's viral media. The case is very solid and getting clearer every day


Well, CNN just canceled Christmas due to the doom virus.
If Biden actually wins and tries to push through these ridiculous lockdowns again I don't think people will just shut up and obey like he thinks they will.


>You got the dems violating just about every election integrity law.

"we know democrats broke the law but we just can't find any evidence to prove it" is not a very strong argument. That's exactly what a sore loser would say. It's easy to make allegations and smear people but if you don't have any evidence to back it up in a court of law no one will take you seriously.


That's what the court proceedings are for. The public doesn't immediately get access to every single piece of evidence that the prosecution is using.
And there is a lot of evidence that is publicly available that indicates impropriety. It's already been posted in this thread and the previous thread.


The Russians hacked Clinton's campaign manager's email and also the DNC and DCCC and gave it to the republicans. Trump also publicly asked Russia to hack Hillary which they then attempted but failed. That's where the "hacking" part of it comes from. No one is claiming the votes themselves were hacked although the Russians accessed pretty much every state's voter systems somehow. The worst they could have done is fucked with voter rolls which would have become apparent on election day.

There's much more evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Trump's campaign too. Trump was in contact with Roger Stone who was in contact with Julian Assange and the Russian hacker collective known as guccifer 2.0 and the campaign learned about what was going to be released before it was released. Manafort was also giving regular briefings on the campaign's progress including internal polling data to a Russian intelligence officer as part of an attempt to settle some of his tens of millions of dollars in debt to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian Oligarch. Trump also obstructed the investigation as did multiple people around him.


so foreigners with no influence in america can swing the election, but it is ridiculous to think that machine politics could ever strike at our dear democracy? You are a paid shill or a liberal.


Bad troll, no cookie.


It's not ridiculous to think it could happen but if you have no evidence of it happening then it is ridiculous to say it happened. What about this are you not getting?


Why would leaking the Clinton and DNC emails hurt Hillary though?


The public gets access to every piece of evidence the lawyers have once they have presented it because court records are public documents. Trump's lawyers have yet to present any evidence. If you think otherwise, show me the court record. I'll wait.


The leak of Podesta's emails was only harmful because it was combined with a Russian disinformation campaign called pizzagate designed to convince people that democrats were using coded messages to talk about sexually abusing children. They took some random emails he sent about pizza and hotdogs and claimed Hillary was some sort of satanic pedophile from it. Trump's campaign amplified these messages along with many other disinformation that was ultimately sourced from Russia. The DNC and DCCC didn't just have their emails hacked, it was literally their entire operation including internal polling, voter info databases, internal plans and messaging strategies, etc. It was very useful to the campaigns for a number of reasons.


1) the court proceedings have just started so it makes sense that not all the evidence has been presented yet
2) there are official court documents showing that the Democrats opened mail-in ballots before election day, which is illegal. >>257549
3) there is a lot of evidence that suggests that there was impropriety but is not solid enough to be considered legal proof. This means that further investigation is warranted and may be granted.


Could you please link me to the 2016 Trump campaign press releases regarding pizzagate? I don't remember it being much of a talking point outside of /pol/.


fuck off retard.


their don spice dey fud


>The Russians hacked Clinton's campaign manager's email
Wasn't it directly proven that the "hack" was really a leak from a insider in the campaign?


can't wait for these apes to starve to death after the collapse



The Russians have developed ESP technology that allows them to remotely influence the thoughts of people from million miles away. Google it, it's true. They used this to force the insider to leak the emails.


Damn, that dislike bar.
Like holy shit man.


Aus Aboriginals aren't actually black people though.
It would be like calling south east asians and indians black if they have dark skin.


I mean even if he wins unless they try to pull something to get him out of office Trump will still be president during Christmas.


>we don't have the privilege of doing whatever we want to?
And what is it exactly you can't do in today's society?


Burn Loot and Murder 😉


Ah yes, actual real racism that is allowed to stay on youtube and even sponsored by the media. Imagine if the races were reversed.
>What are black people superior at?
>God it's always the fried chicken!
>Making bland food.
>Smelling funky.
>Being fearful of everything
>Letting their egos control their every move.
>Feeling victimized
>Playing the victim
>Super at being dicks
>Lack of empathy
>Self delusion
>Claiming that they're a separate race when black DNA comes from the white female
>Lying stealing and cheating
>Taking what's not theirs
>Taking other peoples cultures and making people think they invented it(WE WUZ)

>Black people are not superior at anything. Nothing.

This is the new left. They are villains.


At least the vast majority of people see through bullshit like this.
Nearly everybody hates that video, hens the mass dislikes.



These videos are just testing the waters for what they will be able to do in the future. 10 years ago that video would have been 95% dislikes. The media is very effectively molding public perception, especially the perceptions of the younger generation into hatred and disdain for white people. In another decade videos like that will comfortably come around 70% liked.


the frog is getting cooked but at the same time a lot of people have dropped out. For every astroturfed like on that video there's a banned white who radicalized after viewing something equivalent. The influencers can't have free speech or association, but losing that radicalizes those on the margins even further. I don't think they have a win scenario, peak antiwhite inevitably causes white people identity to rise


So what exactly do the nigs mean when they fume about white countries' cuisine?
I'm not American and I avoid the groid so I never observed their feeding habits in the wild. What I see on the internet are only vague assertions that whitey food bland, kang food kang.
I find this sort of "it is known" mentality confusing so I need a more precise explanation of the differences.
What exactly do they do with their food that makes it so different and "magical" and "soulful?"


No, the Seth Rich conspiracy theory was also Russian disinformation. Seth Rich was conscious at the hospital for a couple of hours before he died. He told everyone he was shot by a mugger. His parents have sued the organizations that disseminated that conspiracy theory because it's false defamation. The senate and the special counsel's office both detailed in reports that Podesta was hacked via "spear phishing" from Russia and they indicted the people who were responsible. There's an interesting tale on how they know exactly who was responsible. Basically the Dutch government had pwned the Russians and saw their entire operation go down in real time, logging every keystroke and they let us know. It caused a huge stink because we blew their operation up by letting the information go.


He just retweeted some accounts that were promoting it, he didn't actually say anything about it himself.


All nigger food is junk food. Deep fried, soaked in butter, the works. So when they taste food that isn't junk food, they react in disgust. They aren't used to eating healthy foods.
You see the same effect with any other person who lives on a diet consisting entirely of fast food.


"White" food being bland is a weird myth anyway. It sounds like another white envy "oh yeah? well ur face!" thing. I'm sure the only times they've tried "white" cooking was in school or jail. They've likely never eaten sauerkraut and don't realize hamburger, BBQ, pastry, cheese, all of that are largely european in origin. Also as >>257819 said.


That is an interesting theory about a conspiracy you have.


You are abusing pedantic formalities to make a smoke screen for the villains


>ebil russians
Did you confuse wizchan with reddit?


> I don't think they have a win scenario
There win scenario is global socialism.
The whole anti-white thing is mostly due to holding a grunge over the white western world rejecting communism during the 20th century and succeeding because of it.


Mid western and north eastern food is actually quite bland.
It is also a lesson in contrast. If you grew up with every dish being heavily seasoned and spiced with layers of flavor in each thing, something with only one or two flavor notes is indeed bland in comparison.

>Deep fried, soaked in butter, the works
That isn't a black people thing. That is a deep south thing. White people down south do that shit too. The butter thing actually being because of the french. But unlike the french the proportion size is American so people get super fat when they eat it.


Hillary turns out to be a pretty nasty person behind the scenes, who was shown thought the emails to actively hate most of the people she pretended to like for votes, while also being involved ins shady rigging related bullshit with the DNC to get rid of her opponents which rubbed the Sanders supporters the wrong way.


Are post soviet people culturally speaking 1800s village folk transported into the 21st century?


You have a lot of extremely specific knowledge about this topic


>heavily seasoned and spiced with layers of flavor
See, that's the kind of vague statement I was asking about. Do these things actually mean anything or am I just supposed to accept it unquestioningly because everyone says so?


That isn't vague and this has been a canard you have brought up and had explained to you over a dozen times.

We get it, you are racist or whatever. But talking about the same stale shit using the same lines and never progressing is annoying regardless.


Explain or shut the fuck up.


What would be the point of explaining something to someone too retarded to ever understand no matter how simply it's explained to you.
You don't learn so their is no point.
You are too stupid to function so it is you who needs to shut the fuck up.


Explain or shut the fuck up, nigger.


File: 1605621293899.jpg (66.68 KB, 717x864, 239:288, dab.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Blacks should get the vaccine first. If you disagree then you don't value black lives. If you agree then you just want to use blacks as test subjects. Either way, we're onto you crackas.


Dumb white trash wigger can't understand or communicate in even basic conversation with another human being. Have you ever eaten a piece of candy and then had something less sweet such as a strawberry? It doesn't taste sweet anymore right? It's the similar thing with flavors such as bitterness, heat, saltiness, etc; which is why places like India, China, Indonesia, etc tend to make everything over seasoned. It was an Anglo/protestant value to not spice food since it was thought of as being dishonest, such as to hide off food or cheap cuts of meat: it was also an answer to French decadence. This carried on to WASPs in America, and especially during hard times at war, which is what led to the "bland food" insult from non-Europeans.

If someone calls your food bland and you are an Anglo you should accept that with pride. It is only the modern day cultureless Anglo that speaks of his spiced and garnished gaudy food.


I just read a lot of news from a lot of different sources and I am fairly incredulous as a rule and check out anything that seems odd or that I can't trust by doing more googling. Many people just accept whatever piece of bullshit that comes along and makes them feel a certain way and reinforces their preexisting biases. If it seems right, they accept it, but you have to check it out against reliable sources, aka public documents video recordings, etc. and make sure you know your source isn't lying. After a source lies once you put them on your shit list and if it happens enough times you know not to trust them. You get a sense for who is credible and who is not credible after a while.

Basically after over a decade of this shit I can sum it up by saying conservative media is nothing but pure propaganda that is either not based in fact or distorts facts and omits other facts so much that they completely misinform people about what is actually happening in the world. There are a few conservative leaning sites that actually fact check like the washington examiner but they are the exception not the rule. Conservative media also tries very hard to paint the mainstream media as the bad guys who are lying but these attacks are just never true when you actually go and investigate the details. Conservative media speaks to the id, it gets people's emotions riled up, the talking heads like Limbaugh and Hannity use strong emotional language to tell you how evil and bad everyone on the left is and they mix in authoritative sounding jargon and stuff that sounds like facts to make it sound like they know what they're talking about and to make people care, but it's literally all a sham, a dance put on to pull wool over the eyes of people too dimwitted or priorly indoctrinated to see the truth. They are confidence men and it sickens me to see people eat it up and act like they're somehow the ones with the real knowledge about how things really are and everyone else is being misled. The irony would be funny if it weren't so damn depressing.


>It doesn't taste sweet anymore right?
Wrong you dumb nigger.


You are so ignorant. There's no reason to discuss anything with you because I can tell you're so propagandized you are completely unrecoverable.
>Conservative media speaks to the id, it gets people's emotions riled up, the talking heads like Limbaugh and Hannity use strong emotional language to tell you how evil and bad everyone on the left is and they mix in authoritative sounding jargon and stuff that sounds like facts to make it sound like they know what they're talking about and to make people care, but it's literally all a sham, a dance put on to pull wool over the eyes of people too dimwitted or priorly indoctrinated to see the truth.
This is what I will use for all other people who read your post. If you hop on any left leaning media, even mainstream like CNN, BBC, or NPR you will see charged language about "authoritarian", "fascist", "racist", and you will see emotional and moral arguments on why it's important to combat "system-etc-ism". Every day that CNN runs the anchors talk about how violent "Trump voters" are, how they "tear the nation apart".
Here are articles on left leaning websites:
And look at this one, where CNN just says whites are "showing who they are"
This isn't even the worst. Just hop anywhere and see if they use charged language in the body or title. There are also AI tools you can use to assess if a text or article is loaded with biased positive or negative language and I assure you that the left will lead.

The left isn't just "as bad" as the right in propaganda, they are far worse by huge margins. The reason you don't see it or care is simply because you agree. You are so ignorant, so socialized, and so propagandized if you reached the point where you can so confidently say something like what you did that you are entirely unrecoverable.


The first thing you're going to respond with is "But they use true facts and conservative media is just opinion!" Then I will ask you to tell me why you think that, I will ask you to show me how the "left" uses more fact than the "right". Is it because the companies that own CNN also own the "independent fact checker" that they use? Are "fact checkers" somehow not biased when the journalists that work for them are the same ones that write the articles they're fact checking?
I'll give you facts. 13% is 52%. The wealthiest 1% of that 13% commit more crime than the poorest of the 40%. Do those facts sound biased to you? They're facts that you can check yourself. You will still argue against them, you will still believe "your" facts are more true because, quite simply, you like them and agree with them.
Isn't it also opinion when CNN says white voters hold the nation back? Isn't it opinion when they say Biden will be necessary to heal the nation? Get off your high horse.


File: 1605637583713.png (654.39 KB, 684x958, 342:479, defund_farming.png) ImgOps iqdb

defund farming #AFAB


just man up, bitches


File: 1605646221865.jpg (61.97 KB, 612x611, 612:611, 1578101484644.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nazi wizzes get in here


I have yet to see a nigger who doesn't talk like a fucking monkey animal that he is


I have yet to see a retard that doesn't make a fool of themselves whenever they give a opinion.
You being a prime example.


>There's no reason to discuss anything with you because I can tell you're so propagandized you are completely unrecoverable.

Right back at you buddy.


>The left isn't just "as bad" as the right in propaganda, they are far worse by huge margins.
All that means is the right is worse at propaganda by huge margins. Imagine complaining that your opponent is better at something than you. For a while the media was in decline and the narrative space was much more dynamic, and now people have permitted the media to take over that space again after they were energized by Blumpf. Yes, many of those people have been deplatformed, but they still exist. They didn't disappear into nothingness. Just by entering into a dialectic about which side of the media is better or worse you've granted the premise and have further disempowered yourself.


We got ourselves a niggy here, boys.


The right is held to a higher level of scrutiny because the current elite sides with the left. Whereas the left can get away with saying literally anything and just deplatform, cancel, or in countries like Canada and the UK just imprison, the right has to keep their back to the wall at all times. The corporate elite, political elite, and "intellectual" elite are all leftist. Take your pick of any corporation, university, or major political family/NGO and I guarantee you it will be left leaning. This power and influence allows them to control information to paint anything they say as fact, and anything their opponents say as conspiracy or propaganda.
The fact is that the left has the liberty to use propaganda entirely unimpeded and so they do it a lot more blatantly and a lot more often. The right would do exactly the same if they had the same corporate and political backing.


We got ourselves a tard here, boys.


You will all hang, niggers.


Not worried since tards have trouble with knots.


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin


The worlds only randomized clinical trial on mask use for covid has just been performed. It found that there is a .3% lower chance to catch covid from masking up. Which isn't even statistically significant



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