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i thought it was a wizard friendly job that you can just code in peace, and that stem is so in demand that they will hire just about anyone. now im in college and its easy like codings not that hard, they say if you give a bunch of monkeys a bunch of keyboards and a bunch of time they can write programs, but the problem is landing the job. you need internships and they look for gay shit like "campus involvement", so basically if you want a job/internship they need to make sure youre a party-going normalgroid and its basically there to filter out wizards. let me ask you, how the fuck is a wizard supposed to be treasurer of fagcity university party club?

so what the fuck is the secret? its not like i have any references, but being able to do the job isnt good enough. you either have to be some minority or jump through hoops to land a cs job


maybe lower your target to some 50,000 dollar a year indian job?


you can best believe im not being picky, i will take literally any cs job they give me, idc if it pays $15/hr at least its a starting place and will give me experience. but i got a fucking light resume, and you have to be a normalnigger to fill it up. they like to see that social shit on there, maybe even more than they like to see your skills. and it cucks you out of internshits too if you dont have it


You can use sites like fiverr to get references and experience.


dont do computer science it is retarded, there is plenty of other stem careers to choose from, usually 4channers completely gloss over medical work, there is lots of demand for that stuff and for a large amount of the jobs you don't even need very much schooling to get in


technically im doing data science, still took a shit ton of cs classes and know c++, java, sql, etc.


CS wasn't a meme like 10 years ago. Now employers wised up and realized that literally anyone with enough dedication can code. Requirements for jobs now are pretty ridiculous.

I am glad I managed to land a job out of college, but I am terrified of not being able to find a new job if I lose this one.


File: 1605403871505.png (217.57 KB, 549x499, 549:499, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

job requirements are just made up nonsense at this point


Getting an internship is easy, unless you're trying to get into some big tech company. Employers want free labor so its not hard to find someone willing to just keep you around watching people or bringing coffees if you're persistent enough. Occasionally, they might give you a retard-proof task and you should figure out how to do on your own. Personally, nothing impresses me more than giving a task to someone with minimal instruction and having it be done and tested well.

If all else fails, just code a lot in your free time, work on open-source projects, make some crap that demonstrates that you know the technology you're applying for. If you want NodeJS job, make an interesting website with common stacks like MEAN or MERN and post it on github. Ask people to "star" your repo so it seems like you're popular.


Why in fuck would anyone want to be a corporate drone?


Stability, good benefits, relatively low risk once your in, etc.


Because there is no welfare here and if I am too much of a coward to kill myself now then I probably won't kill myself either if my parents kick me out.


sorry but if you chose to pursue a career only for money your life will be 10x worse off once you get it. It's probably better to just be homeless.


>It's probably better to just be homeless
You can go ahead be homeless. I am not going to sleep on the street or eat off a dumpster.


Why do these jobs pay so much anyway? Every time I overhear ebin coderino bros bragging about their careers IRL I get a feeling they're getting paid for doing completely superfluous shit no one really needs. Like it's all a giant LARP where they're spinning gears and pushing papers in some giant offices, powering forward enormous bureaucratic machines which produce nothing much.


I second this. Just make sure you learn useful stuff like php - that's where most work is. You probably won't find so much work in C++.

I work on fiverr doing Javascript projects.


File: 1605492566991.jpg (54.64 KB, 876x719, 876:719, 1581848454316.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's very simple. Do unpaid internship at a company that already employs a relative. If you're from America, knowing someone who already works for the company is the only way to get a job. No exceptions. Nepotism begets employment here. Since they already know how smart your family member is and it's unpaid, the interview will just be a formality w/ super easy questions like your favorite and least favorite courses. From there, just show up on time, be diligent, and be respectful. If you can prove you're not a mong during that Summer and they like you, sit back and enjoy another year of quietly taking notes and playing Kancolle/Azur Lane during lectures. When May comes, find the guy's business card and ask him if he's got any paid openings - even if the company didn't post anything. Ta-dah. That's 2 internships - 1 free, 1 paid. Now you've got a strong relationship w/ the employer and you can apply to them for an actual job upon graduating. Did I mention that the networking meme turned out to be just that - a meme? You don't have to go chadding it up at conferences and meetups. 1 or 2 deep business relationships mean alot more than 60 "we're just using eachother" business card swaps. That's the general advice.

Specifically for CS students, keep in mind that lern2code is a fucking meme and there is so much more you can do w/ a CS degree. The whole IT world will gladly hire competent people from both IT and CS backgrounds. And yes, IT is somewhat wizard friendly. They may not all be unmarried like us, but they often have similar interests. This field tends to attract introverts who enjoy anime, vidya, Marvel/DC stuff, tabletop RPGs, etc. The best part is you're not sitting at a desk all day destroying your eyes and disabling your body. There's lots of walking around to handle tickets, getting on the floor to manage cables, swapping out bad hardware, and you'll probably be on a ladder every once in awhile too. If you can, work at a school. The place is deserted for 2.5 months a year and you'll be working alone 80% of the time. Just be wary of the kids for the other 9.5 months of the year. You won't have to talk to them much except for password resets and "The laptop broke itself", but when you do, you have to be concise and unambiguous. It's a liability. Avoid working for hospitals and banks if you can't handle stress well.

t. been working in school IT for 2 years and it's pretty comfy


op here, my dad is a cio and hes trying to get me an internship but its a big f500 company so there is tons of chinklets and sons of the poos that are way more qualified than me.
how hard are unpaid internships? am i just running coffee to people or am i gonna have to bust my ass doing work for free?


So what? You read what he posted. Qualifications mean nothing. You've got connections on your side, the smartass chingchongs can all get wrecked. Your father is the boss you literally couldn't fail if you tried, you privileged fool. I hate all of you kids, you have it so easy.


I am not autistic enough for programming. I have literally never work hard at anything, so I thought that just because I have enough intelligence to understand programming then I am good to go. Little did I know that the real test isn't intelligence, but how much interest you can hold together while trying to build something out of retarded lego blocks. I uninstalled Factorio after playing it for like an hour or two and I don't understand people who said they get sucked into it. Even IT topics that doesn't require programming like sysadmin or whatever is just as boring. I am not fit for this shit but I don't know my other options. Maybe I'll learn a foreign language.


what about my other question, how hard are unpaid internships? also am i gonna have to be a social butterfly or will people leave me alone?


You don’t want people to leave you alone. The point of an internship is to meet people so they can give you a a job. So yes, for it to be worth anything you need to be social.


fuck, this isnt wizardly at all…


Generally the real world isn't wizardly.
But you got to make a living somehow since not everyone has rich family or qualifies for gibs.


whats the bare minimum i can do to skate by and still be a wizard, haruhiposter? im not asking for much just some shit cs job that can pay the bills


The real world is very wizardly. This is because all normalfaggots are basically cattle waiting to be harvested and used by wizards. You can use magic to force normalfags to do basically anything you want and they can't do anything about it.


Be a wiz entrepreneur.


Depends on the company probably. At medium or big places you probably have to do a lot more social stuff to get noticed and you have to pay attention to office politics and not accidentally misgender someone. Getting promoted is all about being the loudest and most confident person in the room and licking the right assholes.

For small teams, it's easier to just let your work speak for itself. We have a couple interns at my job and they mostly just watch or do really basic grunt work (re-installing OS on office PCs, pet projects, getting people's food). The problem with interns isn't that they lack knowledge, it's that they require too much instruction and micro-management to actually be useful. Like, if I give some intern a task, 9/10 times it will take longer and I will have to spoon feed them through all the required knowledge and troubleshooting and in the end they don't learn shit. If you want to impress me and make me tell my boss "hey, that guy was great, keep him on", you should make yourself useful and when you get a task, figure it out by yourself, google what you need to know, watch tutorials, extrapolate the problem, predict pitfalls, and if you have to ask a question, make it a good one (not "uhhh, how do i fix this error message").

We had a guy with a master's degree in CS but was so used to being in class and being spoonfed everything for an exam/test that he was completely useless on his own. Would I recommend him for a job? Even if he was the funniest dude on the team, I don't need someone that's going to be a pain in the ass by not pulling his own weight and adding junk to the codebase that the rest of us have to maintain later.

>You can use magic to force normalfags to do basically anything you want and they can't do anything about it.

Sounds pretty hot. Tell us more about this magic.


Welcome to the real world.


File: 1605575222091.pdf (284.55 KB, 1908mentalinfluence.pdf)

>Tell us more about this magic.
Basically you feel out the metaphysical relationship between you and the norm and then you shift your awareness to the imagined desired relationship and fully subsume your awareness 100% into that feeling so that it fills with Willpower and therefore becomes more real than the previous state.


How about the more practical approach of figuring out what people want and using it as leverage to influence them? It's all about knowing how to read people and noticing how they respond to things. For instance, someone might seem a little bit too happy after a compliment and you can use that personality quirk to easily build rapport and influence them in the future. Other people might be really vocal and emotional about certain beliefs, so you can act like a devil's advocate and agree with them often, "Yeah, man, it's crazy how they're stealing the election from Trump" etc.


That takes too much effort and isn't as effective.


That sounds hilariously awful. I don't even feel sorry for you bugmen.


wageslaves disgust me


not OP but that was cool. thanks, good post wizzie.
-another CS student wiz


just lie on your resume. unless you're another retarded moralfag. if that's so you deserve to be filtered out and ending homeless



Can we study together somehow and stay motivated? I got time to kill…


>i thought it was a wizard friendly job that you can just code in peace, and that stem is so in demand that they will hire just about anyone
that's a meme pushed intentionally in internet communities to get an excess of people into it and as such lower the wages and stuff. I know several people who were smug as fuck when they started their studies in stem fields and now wanna kill themselves since they have no job because a foreigner without a degree or with a meme one will do their job for a piece of bread. the stem shortage and the idea it will make you rich is just a meme only kids and third worlders still buy, in fact there's an excess of people into tech related stuff and it will keep getting worse like in every other field. expect also succubi, tranny, minority quotas and never ending immigration from third world to make it even shittier. hell, I won't be surprised if a "you don't need a degree to work in stem" campaign started outta nowhere to get even more workforce and lower the degree values even more


I'm almost 30, no degree, but at one time studied CS at a local community college. Now I can't even get a job at Walmart. Needless to say, I'm fucked without this degree. It's just something to put on your job applications to show that you're not completely incompetent and can handle complex tasks. It at least puts you at the top of the list when applying to part time jobs.


Also to clarify I didn't finish the CS degree


File: 1613963776493.jpg (429.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, average wiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I never participated in any extracurricular shit during uni and still got 2 decently paid internships before going on to graduate and get a job at the start of this year. The trick for me was just to apply to tons of places and hope one responded. I applied to like 50+ places before getting my first internship a few years ago and just under 100 places before getting the remote programming job I have now.

>i got a fucking light resume

Fill it out with a couple of the most complex school coding projects you've done and technologies you know. Maybe add some bullshit about volunteering at animal shelters at the bottom. My resume was only like 3/4 of a page or less before landing my first internship.

>i thought it was a wizard friendly job that you can just code in peace

This really depends on who you work for, but you're probably never going to completely get away from human interaction even in tech jobs. You'd probably be better off working as a night shift security guard or janitor for that. A lot of places have cancerous open office layouts these days, and if you work as a software engineer or something similar you're pretty much guaranteed to have at least 1 meeting a day to give a status update and possibly more meetings for design sessions, etc. Luckily COVID has shown people that remote work is viable, so there a lot more remote internships than were like 2 years ago when I was applying.

Anyways bottom line is that you can probably land something if you apply to enough places and can fill out your resume enough with technologies you've worked with and projects you've done, even if they were for school and not personal projects. A lot of this thread is just doom and gloom and people making up imaginary scenarios in their heads about how the whole system is against them, IMO you should just send out tons of applications and see what you get rather than worrying about it.


>I won't be surprised if a "you don't need a degree to work in stem" campaign started outta nowhere to get even more workforce and lower the degree values even more

I think we're close, the sentiment that college is worthless is more accepted now than it was 10 years ago. Now we have "coding bootcamps" and the like, not long before other areas get the same treatment. A note about the STEM shortage is that like many problems it's really multiple things wrapped up under that banner. At it's most basic as four or so different things.

1. There are shortages in certain sectors from time to time that require a demand for a specific subset. If nuclear reactors were started being built tomorrow you can be inactive nuclear engineering programs would be restarted and H1B's imported for the raw need of such engineers. However, if we're honest there are other engineering types that could probably fill in a pinch.

2. Probably the most misunderstood, there is a need/want for this magical baseline workforce made up of high school graduates equivalent to that of the top high schools in the country that has an intuitive understanding of STEM topics that would be inexpensive, readily available, young and yet be essentially a technician level employee. The truth is, however, that high school education for most of america is pretty shit and overall varies a lot. The variation ironically is what really makes the high school diploma worthless as it can't be used as any measure of quality. This leads to what would be a technician level job to be marketed as an "engineer" type position which makes this feedback loop that high school doesn't teach anything at all and that there is an engineer shortage when really there isn't.

3. This one is the more ominous but there is this dream that one day if they push enough kids into the STEM areas they will magically come up with the next invention that will usher in the new technological revolution and that will bring about the next industrial revolution that will cause market growth for everyone involved and make us all richer.

4. The easiest one of all, companies just don't want to pay as much for engineers and want to have a ready made replaceable force to keep costs down.

Covid has pretty much exposed that for a lot of college students what they really cared about was the parties and social aspects of college not so much the education which itself has gotten a reality check that they need to modernize or die.


> The trick for me was just to apply to tons of places and hope one responded

You gambled and won lol, it's like saying there's a certain way to press the button on the slot machine.


I graduated with a masters over 2 years ago. 0 work experience, 0 internships, 0 references, now live in a country where I don't even know the language, forgot most of what i studied, lots of study debt. University lol.


Hey, at least you didn't fall for the "just study medicine" meme:
>He did not earn a formal degree and began working part-time jobs in retail before attending the for-profit Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, finishing in 2010 and passing all the medical board exams. However, over the next five years, Koeut was unable to secure a residency placement.


Forgot to add this part before the quoted paragraph:
>His family "lived in extreme poverty," the filing stated, "collecting cans from the trash to supplement the family income." Koeut did well in school and earned a bachelor’s in marine biology and Spanish from Duke University in 2002 before moving to Bangkok to study clinical tropical medicine.



Well, maybe his problem was more going to medical school in fucking Puerto Rico, and without a decent undergrad (??) at that. "Ayyy I'm your doctor or whatevers" not exactly Harvard Med.


It's actually a legit school if you bothered to read the wiki article on it:
He also passed the required exams and was still unable to secure a residency, so he resorted to being a wage slave instead. This shows that not even med students have guaranteed employment prospects.

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