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So I am tabulating the yearly costs for being a normie, and it seems like you need to earn at least $100,000 a year.

1200monthly rent
450monthly healthcare bill
100monthly internet bill
450monthly car insurance bill
40daily food cost
150Annual quarterly dentist cost
30monthly cell phone bill
500cost for a new phone
6000annual Roth IRA contribution
2500ideal PC
500replacing all tires
60bi annual oil change cost
300costs for new cloths
300cost for new suit
400eye exam and new glasses
13116yearly taxes

35000cost of a new car

The food costs seem outrageous, but if you are living in an apartment with no kitchen and work a stressful job it is beneficial to eat out every day. Some of these may only be one off costs, but they can accumulate if it happens multiple times. And of course you could probably negotiate lower prices for all these items, but that takes a lot of skill from someone with no social life and no knowledge of each of these things. Anything else here seem out of wack? In 20 years inflation will probably blow up all these values.


some of those stand out as very wrong
>2500ideal PC
normies don't even use PCs anymore, and when they did they weren't buying a $2,500 one every year
>150Annual quarterly dentist cost
what is it, the year 1920
>300costs for new cloths
$300 for fucvking clothes? here's a crazy idea, you don't need to buy clothes at nordstroms
>35000cost of a new car
nobody buys new cars anymore, they lease it for a while until the repo nigger takes it back
>40daily food cost
per day, holy shit
anyone that spends $40 daily on food for just himself is a pig or a complete idiot


What country do you live in where they build apartments without kitchens?


>entire apartment
>fancy clothes
>fancy food


File: 1606323659884.jpg (12.35 KB, 337x450, 337:450, tumblr_mxwvly6Vf91spj6p2o1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>$2500 ideal PC
this is the one thing I'd say is a luxury item on this list. It would be a full gaming PC you could buy without having to go to sketchy websites and downloading illegal shit. Its also important for going to school and having a job, which brings me to my next point
>$300costs for new cloths
okay I'll just stick with the ill fitting clothes my mom bought me when I was 15. Hope you don't get a bed bug infestation.
>$35000cost of a new car
>nobody buys new cars anymore
So you can live affordably near a public transportation stop that doesn't require more than two interchanges? You have any idea how fucking rare this is?
>$40 daily food cost
>for just himself is a pig or a complete idiot
cool I will go back to eating rice with ketchup. If I wasn't an idiot I wouldn't be paying full price for all this shit would I? Hell I'd probably be able to network and HAVE FRIENDS.
not a socialist one
>entire apartment
having parents is a luxury.
>car, phone, pc, fancy clothes
what are you going to go to a job interview in? Sweatpants?


>okay I'll just stick with the ill fitting clothes my mom bought me when I was 15. Hope you don't get a bed bug infestation.
stupid, clothes don't get bed bugs just by getting old. I still wear the clothes I my mom bought me at 15 and I'm fine.
>new car
I bought a used car for $3000 and it works fine, besides, most normalfags get loans on their car. And by the way who pays $1,200 for rent? That's ridiculous. I paid $500. You must live in a big city, in which case yes you need to suck it up and take public transportation. That's part of living in a bugman city.
>cool I will go back to eating rice with ketchup
$40 a day for food is ridiculous. Learn to cook. There are foods other than rice.
>having parents is a luxury.
roommate. Or if you were smart you'd get a mortage on a house so that you'd actually be building equity and rent out part of it to a college student or something.
>what are you going to go to a job interview in? Sweatpants?
I still have a set of formal clothes my parents bought me for a funeral and I bet you do too. It's not an annual cost, one-time $200 max.


>1200monthly rent
Stop living in a big city, move into a middle sized city or even the countryside.
>450monthly healthcare bill
Well I guess if you are american this might be unavoidable.
>100monthly internet bill
Is this an american thing too? I have phone + cable + 100MB for less than 60€.
>450monthly car insurance bill
Why having a car if you live in a city? Unavoidable if you want to move to the countryside tho.
>40daily food cost
Eh I'm not sure about that.
>150Annual quarterly dentist cost
Brush your teeth to avoid the dentist.
>30monthly cell phone bill
Use your cellphone for calls only. Buy a tablet to use at home and install WhatsApp if necessary.
>500cost for a new phone
Why waste so much in a cellphone?
>6000annual Roth IRA contribution
Dunno what this shit means.
>2500ideal PC
You can have a decent or even above average PC for 10000.
>500replacing all tires
No need to do this every year.
>60bi annual oil change cost
Don't use the car if not necessary.
>300costs for new cloths
Once every 2 years at max if yoy're not a literal faggot or a succubus.
>300cost for new suit
This is correct but you don't need that many suits anyway.
>400eye exam and new glasses
Murica again.
>13116yearly taxes
>35000cost of a new car
Only if you want to pretend to be rich or something. There are more than good cars for 15000.


>having parents is a luxury.
It's not parents you dimwit. You rent a bed.
No, not a room you privileged bastard.
A bed.
You rend a bed in a room with 4 other people, in an apartment where 16 workers live.

>what are you going to go to a job interview in? Sweatpants?

Literally, yes. Also there are no "job interviews." You report to where you're told and you just do the fucking job. If you suck you're told not to come back tomorrow.


File: 1606343449046.jpg (150.51 KB, 900x675, 4:3, bhgt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You rend a bed


Do you live in the US? Your prices are way out of whack. You also don't do shit like buy a new car, new tires, a new suit, and a new phone every year.

The average income in the US is around $60k. Normies obviously live just fine while earning that amount.


>2500ideal PC
Anything above 1000$ for a pc and you are wasting your money, at some point you are paying for nothing and are getting nothing out of the extra cost that is tangible.

Changing pcs and phones yearly is even dumber, something only a 50 iq american would do, same with cars and suits.

>40daily food cost

yeah, american piggie, why are burguers this bad with money? None of this is even remotely normal, is all bloated and terribly conceived.

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