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Are there adblockers for chrome and/or firefox that aren't completely pozzed? Is there any new tech that i'm not aware of to stop all the bs these web 2.0 sites throw out? tia


There is a brand new one called kys that you should look into as soon as you can.
You will never see a ad again.


Install uBlock Origin. It is the only consistently most trusted adblocker out there.


Does that one beat youtube's last few updates?


Is there any addon to block brainfart threads?


you a poz-drinker or something


>that one
ublock is basically the only adblocker you ever need. do you know how many other random adblockers consistently end up being just malware and spyware. youtube doesn't play ads for me


Just use Opera, it has an in built adblocker.


it's not perfect but its the best there is currently. you are correct that recently anti-adblock has gotten more aggressive. i use it and i haven't ever had a youtube ad.


Brave also has a built in adblocker.


Not ad blocker per-se, but breaks most ads


it has a referral injector

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