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Does anybody work online, or have in the past? Could you point something that may hire me? I've become interested on this kind of work because it usually pays in dollars and I don't have to leave the house, so really any international job will pay more than the $1 an hour that I currently make on 3rd world slavery.


amazon mturk possibly



Data entry, social media promotion, even things like liking & commenting someone's Instagram from different accounts for money. There is money to be made in this but you have to be perseverant and cope with bossy employers.


>There is money to be made

how much money we are talking though?


Can't say for sure because I don't work in that field, but I use those websites a lot and see many freelancers from India/Bangladesh. My guess would be $2-$3 per hour for basic work.

If you were industrious and took the effort to make your own business and say offer Instagram promotion, you could earn lots.

I made programs for one guy who was cheating on these pay per youtube view websites. That's another thing that you can do.

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