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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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guiliani and powell are going to win this and when the entitled younger shitlibs start burning the cities down I only hope they get shot this time


File: 1605980863073.png (205.92 KB, 1200x1160, 30:29, trumpwon.png) ImgOps iqdb

Bidenbros I think we lost
Kamalah should have not named the Jew


I wonder when the crazies will stop pretending that Biden didn't win the election already.


File: 1605986796628.mp4 (8.02 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 6Knugm7ex2sxqimr-1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Nick Fuentes is the man

I would die for Nick Fuentes


He literally hasn't though. Biden has not been elected.


What a rodent, pure cringe. I sure hope you're joking.


Seems like a good guy. I'd still rather vote for Tucker in 2024 though.


>good guy
You meant good goy.


File: 1605991242042.jpg (183.96 KB, 1000x645, 200:129, 7e56c9_d347357f4591484cb09….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why did whites end slavery and colonialism anyway?
Shit was shiggity diggity based.


Nick Fuentes is an enigmatic character and it's hard to discern what he actually believes, politically. Either way if he ran for president I think he'd be the best possible choice out of every candidate from the past 12 elections just going by the opinions he's publicly stated. At least he's getting these ideas more exposure.


Capitalism is incompatible with slavery, as Carlyle and the other great Reactionary philosophers pointed out, and colonialism when combined with capitalism undermines the racial stock of the colonial power, as the temptation for Exeter Hall to "increase the supply; bring more blacks into the labor market" applies just as strongly to London as to the West Indies.

[i]Occasional Discourse on the Nigger Question,[i] Thomas Carlyle.


Wow interesting.


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Could we have a Politics Thread: No Fake-ass E-celebs Edition for once?


He's a essentially a natsoc as his entire inner circle. He plays off character gaffes as parody and pandering but you can't go around dropping europa the last battle and this time the world without being sincere about some of it. In fact he's almost a complete cypher for Anglin at this point

But despite my dislike for that crowd, I know he can never live up to the full manifestation. The ongoing public speeches are impressive but the crowd at Georgia was often small and he's just a bit player


File: 1606019261619.png (265.39 KB, 478x359, 478:359, jj88.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Just look at that embarrassing hairy gibbon.


File: 1606021882906.png (42.69 KB, 601x382, 601:382, 66gg3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1606022365706.png (235.29 KB, 517x622, 517:622, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb


Leftists make it very difficult not to hate them. Especially Cenk, he's a human roach.




Interesting thread going on right now. Informed viewers are speculating on the CIA's involvement in the false impeachment proceedings. They think Trump's legal team and cabinet is rife with CIA plants who want to manufacture a second watergate scenario and sabotage the proceedings. Moreover that watergate itself was a CIA operation against Nixon on similar premises.

We all know this is about hard power masquerading behind Due process. It's becoming increasingly clear that Donald has the legitimacy to govern. I can see the writing on the wall but hope he burns it all down in the process anyways. Any country governed by secret police is footfalls away from becoming a hellhole



>by the end of this thread you will be 900 posts into muh ballot counting


File: 1606060529242.png (246.52 KB, 792x533, 792:533, A people without 2chen.png) ImgOps iqdb

American election season is cancer. Red vs blue team mentality, as if Biden or Trump are even that different from each other. Both sides are liberals pretending they aren't.


there is a difference though. Biden wants open borders and total internet censorship. Trump wants to break up big tech. Their policies are shades of the same but the motivations driving each are diametrically opposed


>Trump wants to break up big tech
Not only will he not do this, but even if he did it would have no effect on anything. The liberal capitalist train keeps chugging away
>Open borders
So does Trump, except he wants "legal" and registered open borders.They agree to the same policy, the only difference is semantics.
>Internet censorship
The wild west days of the internet are over, there will never be freedom on the internet again. It only existed before because the people who used the internet were more intelligent and outside of normalfag kingdom. Now that the worker ants are here there is no hope for free thought, anything against the right/left wing liberal ants will be shut down.


I think the will of the people was overturned by fraud in this election (cause it looks suss), so I think we should overturn the will of the people and let Trump win


everything you've said there is completely wrong. Legal immigration is not comparable to blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders. It's very clear republicans do want to fight tech censorship especially after all the election meddling. Only the most broad brush strokes would conclude there is "no difference" between the candidates, when in reality we're at a juncture which leads to either one party socialist dictatorship, balkanization, or a second Sulla.

Some of you faggots are so doped out on blackpills it's as if you're bedridden on IV drip.


File: 1606080586231.jpg (70.29 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-americans-are-th….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>one party socialist dictatorship, balkanization, or a second Sulla.
The state of American delusions.


America was a nation of immigrants who emigrated to a land where they would own nothing but the meager supplies they brought with themselves. They expected to work hard to build something out of nothing, and really they did build their own houses, their own jobs, and even their own nation. Immigrants today are looking for a nation where they can get welfare, subsidized abortion, foodstamps, and first world privilege.
Some people would like to draw parallels with immigrants going to first world countries, but the similarities aren't there. The British going to an uncultivated land without rule or law and building everything from the ground up is leagues different from Abdul going to Germany because he wants to receive German Bux, or Pablo heading to the bluest state he can and receiving nearly everything he needs to survive. Yes, lots of immigrants do work hard, but the original settlers didn't go somewhere that if they failed their fall would be broken by welfare, they went somewhere that if they failed they'd starve and fucking die. They gave up everything for the chance to make something new.


On a lighter note.
For those who make money or hold assets prepare your anus for Biden's tax plan.


this close to dropping out of society altogether. really why give my energy to this system?


Bahahaha! You think you can drop out of industrial society?


Northern Canada exists.


Society will always loom over your head. You can run away, but it will catch up eventually. Progressive mandates to move people into cities to save water or space, taxes to pay the land you own, changes in law, eminent domain, etc. You still have to work for money to pay taxes or rent, and even in the best case scenario you will interact with society every year to pay land tax.
But you'll always feel the effect of society, you'll always be in a little nature enclosure that could disappear the moment people need the land for "economic development".


Trust me lad, you are going to last a looooong time up there without seeing a soul.


Wrong. I have a plan to abandon my humanity but you wouldn't believe me if I told you how. I've done some small experiments and have proven to myself that it is possible. The society egregore is a puny whelp compared to some of the beings in this universe.


He's just resetting tax rates back to a couple of years ago and even
Keeping a lower rate for corporations.

If you're making literal millions from capital gains it might move to be taxed similarly to income, and a salary bracket of 400k+ might pay double social security. Most people's anuses would be unchanged. Doubt he will get it passed anyway.


There won't be any more Republicans in a few years, they are going to commit suicide by not taking the COVID vaccine so they don't get microchipped, but it's their freedom to do so and I support that.


Yeah, I am sure something with a 99.9 % survival rate and usually so mild that it requires a test to even know you have it will wipe out the Republicans.


Around where I am there are 30 people that I regularly see that were diagnosed with covid-19 and received treatment. Everyone around here laughs about it and calls it the big nothing, even those who were freaking out about it thinking it was the end of the world.
The virus is a nothingburger to push extremely authoritarian laws.


Remember when Dems were fantasizing about how 70+ year old Donald Trump would surely die because he caught the doom virus? Look how that turned out.
Just accept that your preachers lied to you about this.


inb4 my mom works at hospital dis shit be 4 real


uh, thinking is a sufficient but not necessary condition for existing.




Being able to think means that you exist, but not being able to think does not necessarily mean you do not exist.
Cogito ⇒ Sum, not Cogito ⇔ Sum


But it is a necessity to be a human, thus Americans are not human.


This naive assertion of Descartes has been refuted thousands of times. Please read some philosophers from the last 200 years.


I fuckin' lol'd. You mean there does not exist a construct which one can perceive as their self if they can think? The only thing that we're discussing is the axiom that "if you think, you are". All it entails is that if you are thinking right now, there is something that is thinking and that thing is you. If you're talking about brain-in-a-jar or perception-relative philosophies, those do not in any way negate this axiom.


Philosophy is so completely useless.


Then why are you in the political thread?


>"if you think, you are". All it entails is that if you are thinking right now, there is something that is thinking and that thing is you.
It doesn't take much thought to see the flaws in this. There's no such unified "you" to write about. Kant recognized this unity didn't exist with his "transcendental unity of apperception", the self is necessarily a transcendental category because it purports to unify a plurality of sensations, moods, and thoughts, into something greater than the sum of its parts. All this does is take a prejudice of experience for reality, and leaves us with more questions. "I think" is already an interpretative statement, it compares the current state with known prior states to determine what it is: it's neither certain, absolute, or axiomatic, but the kind of relativistic view you're attempting to avoid. The Cartesian self leads to solipsism and entertaining brain-in-a-jar ideas precisely because of these synthetic concepts of thinking and self.


Wrong. Awareness is monad. Meditate on yourself and keep cutting away pieces. Cut away everything, even your personality, even your mind. You will be left with pure Awareness and you will see that it cannot be divided. This is the foundation of existence. Every Point is a potential center of existence, center of the universe. Every Point is perpetuated by Awareness and thus is Aware and thus is Alive. Awareness is filtered down through Points to create Plurality. Lower on the causal pyramid are Points aware only of themselves and those lower in the chain. Higher Points are aware of the lower, and they are active to the lower.
Lower level awarness cannot perceive the higher levels simply by rigorous experimentation. All that accomplishes is deeper understanding of the lower, but if it looks upwards it resembles a housefly constantly running into a pane of glass. You need to back up out of your body and mind to perceive these things.


This isn't a defense of cogito ergo sum. I'm not sure what you're claiming is wrong as my post was a critique, it wasn't making a case for a position. You're directing this at the wrong person.


Because I'm not in the philosophy thread.


political philosophy is philosophy


File: 1606260474308.png (9.23 KB, 490x127, 490:127, zimbabwerica.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are you ready to starve, mutts?


PA just certified the election for Biden despite all the irregularities and refuse to allow additional investigation by Trump's campaign.
The vote to cert fell along party lines with 3 dems voting for certification and the 2 republicans voting against.
With PA's certification Trump has no chance to win unless this goes to the supreme court.


>He's going to let a (((medical professional))) stick a needle in his arm full of God knows what for an overhyped flu strain that has a 99.97% survival rate

Enjoy having brain damage and paralysis.


Biden (Harris) won and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Ameriwhiteys best prepare for at least 8 year long struggle session. To be honest I don't think it'll stop at 8 years, the leftists won so hard on every front it's difficult to comprehend. It's a slaughter, they have secured everything. The media, the institutions, the bureaucracy, the tech industry, the entire service sector, most chains of supply and distribution, the entertainment, the culture. They own it all and they just keep pushing. Honestly it's impressive, shock and awe.
Meanwhile the right, and I mean the whole right combined- GOP, MAGA, alt-right, alt-lite, extremists, dissidents, everything /pol/ and whatever else have you- all of it has been reduced to a powerless whimpering punching bag. It will probably never recover.

This election was the last opportunity righties ever got, unless a literal end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it happening happens they won't win anything in our lifetime. Of course the red party will be kept around as a tightly controlled puppet, an ebil wypipo turrist boogeyman.
You're going to be skinned alive to feed the coming hordes africunts, mudslimes and wetbacks. LOL America is over.

Not like I expect my country to fare any better. In 2 years we'll lose the rightist parliament and in 4 the presidency, and then it's over for whitey here. As in America, we will get 8 years of leftism which will change the country so completely we'll never win again and we'll be treated like fugitives, until we're wiped out.
Of course by that time all of the reproductive aged females in this godforsaken country would have been bred by Ahmed and Mokebe three times over already so the transfer of power to the left will be just a formality.

I had the chinese flu and it was literally just the flu. However the hysterical rioting left is demanding dystopian measures, and since they control the media the general populace is so frightened they'll do anything they're told. The equally scared pussywhipped right government is considering caving in to public opinion and by extension the demands of the left.
What are they demanding? Well, the big brained (((experts))) concluded that if the vaccines are "only" 90% (95%) effective then 10% (5%) will get sick again and then the scary gorona biruz will return to kill us all. Therefore it should be made mandatory for everyone to take both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines, to make sure everyone is super duper vaxxed to the maxx so the 10% (5%) will be reduced to something like 1%. Which is super scary and insanely dangerous anyway, so the gorona restrictions go away never and this is the new normal for eternity.

It's going to fuck up loads of people for life. I wonder where they're going to find enough neurologists to take care of all of us when we get paralyzed.
Oh, right. Those Somalians and Syrians and Ukrainians and Armenians are physicians and engineers after all.
Thank you, globohomo, you are my greatest benefactor.


By the way, do you remember that recent mall shooting breaking news developing story? Of course you don't, it's been memory holed already. It was hyped up at first because every journalist hoped they would finally get their evil hwite supreemeest creepy inkwell domestic turrist attack. Turned out to be just another spic gangster doing spic gangster shit. Move along, nothing to see here.


it's actually 99.98 according to the cdc


Of course. I think everyone here already knows the media is super biased to the left. That's how it always is, the media focuses on every white crime they can, especially shootings. That's why people think whites are more likely to be mass shooters when more than 80% of those who are wanted or convicted of a mass shooting are black or hispanic. I don't blame the media too much though, if they really tried to cover black/hispanic crime as much as they cover white crime the news would just be a 24/7 of Jamaal rapes/Pablo beheads/Jaquarious kills 6/Child dead after Enrique…blah blah. It'd just get boring like it did in the 70's.


The Left dominates the mainstream media but there's more to this society than the mainstream media. You don't get an accurate picture of the state of the nation by looking just at it.



tl;dr: I'm furious my pro-rich people fuck the poor party didn't win


Biden’s Picked Eight Major Administration Members Already – Five are Jewish (62.5% Jewish)


But just try to imagine it:

Jews are 2% of the US population
Jews are 62.5% of the Biden Administration (so far)
The media is not mentioning that they are overrepresented in Biden’s administration picks by a factor of 31

That should be a slogan of the Biden Administration: “Now with 31 times the Jews.


kys tard


How many are married to Jews?


Both parties are pro-rich fuck poor people, and both parties buy votes using entitlement spending. They just do so in slightly different ways.

Don't be a tard and be fooled by ether into playing the tribal partisan politics game. Nether party gives a damn about you nor is pro-wizard interest when you get down to it.
So quit being a sandy cunt trying to pick fights over red team V blue team bullshit.


>8 year long struggle session. To be honest I don't think it'll stop at 8 years, the leftists won so hard on every front it's difficult to comprehend.

In 8 years the republicans won't even be viable in presidential elections.
>8 years of baby boomers dying
>8 years of zoomers coming of legal voting age
>8 years of immigration
Not only will Texas go blue (that alone gives democrats an insurmountable advantage) but you'll probably see some other states flip. In 8 years (2000-2008) immigration made Virginia go from solid red to solid blue, so who knows what states could go blue in 8 years, but Texas is guaranteed. I'd be surprised if the republican nominee in 2028 could even scrape 150 electoral votes.
What gives a better picture? Social media? That's even worse, just look at twitter. Face it, by every metric leftists are won the culture war.


>What gives a better picture?
real life


Everything I observe in real life also confirms the left is winning the culture war. My coworkers are all vocal SJWs and I dont even live in a super liberal city.


Black pillers are really leaning hard into hyperbole lately.
Like it is to the point of delusion and I have to wonder where they get their info from to be this unrealisticly pesimistic about everything whenever something happens that doesn't quite go their way.
It ain't the end of the world, of white people, or of the republican party.
Take a deep breath and a chill pill dude.


The Jewish media backed up by international banking has defined culture since WW2. It's not a modern problem, it's just you remember the last part of the slope so the new part seems worse suddenly.

SJWs aren't even a real problem. They're cheerleadrs for Gen Z, who are majority non-white, from violent ethnicity and being raised to hate white people. The reason the left can stack all these hostile groups (fags+muslims) is because they're all anti-white and see an enemy in front of them. Once they out number whites it's going to turn into south africa 2.0. People need to understand voting numbers aren't important any more. You can't vote your way out of a generation of not-yous who decide you are satan incarnate and they want revenge against you.


Wrong. What will happen is that the """"right""" wing will shift itself more left in order to keep votes roughly equal. Overton window. It has already shifted so far that liberals like Trump are thought of as """"right""" wing.


the op pic really tells the whole story, lol

a fucking 2 stage dementia patient that couldn't attract 5 people at a rally is the most popular person ever in election history


If you have a bone to pick with Jews, you should know that neither party is particularly more shabbos-goyish than the other. You just have to accept that Semitophilia and Jew worship is a core-tenant of american politics. If you want an actual anti-semite in office you should vote for the democratic socialist Ilhan Omar.
Imagine believing that the party supported by George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Baron de Rothschild, the Rockefellers, Bibi, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Time Warner, Comcast, EveryMediaCorpEver, Saudi Arabia, China, every major corporation besides Fucking Goya, Redbull, and MyPillow, is the party of the little guy. Sure, they support "communism" and "socialism" because they're trying to help the little guy… It isn't just a pseudo-communism designed to create a government that will seize the property and rights of the common people, centralize it, shortly collapse, and then hand all the seized property to oligarchs a la the USSR.
The Left controls the narrative and as long as they do they will win for certain. Poor people are always just footsoldiers and sheep for different groups of powerful people. Even the French Revolution was just a different set of moneyed people looking to overthrow the balance of power to their benefit. (The rising middle class traders Vs. the old nobility)
Exactly. I see things going one of three ways:
1. Republicans attempt to rebrand as "the new progressives" and "they're the real racist!!" which they already are positioning themselves for,
2. Republicans become an actual extremist reactionary party(instead of just being called that by the media) and finding some sort of niche with hispanics/whites
3. Republican party dies
Yes we know it was mass fraud. Now it's time to move on because people are either too hooked on the media to think for themselves or they're glad it happened because at least Randolf Drumpfler is out of office.


>an actual anti-semite
criticizing israel, oy vey the anti-semitism


Yep, criticizing an apartheid state that admitted to organ harvesting Palestinian children, deploying chemical weapons on Palestine, and committing forced sterilization of African Jews, and is actively committing real and genuine genocide against Palestinians is "anti-semitic" and allegedly genocide against whites. I'm just using their terminologies wiz.


Got a source on all that (that isn't a tabloid like dailystormer)?
I generally don't give a shit about Isrial and think whining about jews is generally just a detraction of idiots, I still like to keep up with who is doing crimes against humanity, especially if they cry for handouts or claim to be moral authorities.


Wow based


File: 1606280385989.webm (19.46 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Aljazeeraasset-GAZAPHOSPH….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Chemical weapons
Israel openly admits only to their use of WP in Lebanon, they refuse to acknowledge Gaza, however Wikipedia does and even has a video which I've hopefully embedded. If not here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_phosphorus_munitions go to Arab-Israeli Conflict
Yes the above is an Israeli propaganda source, so if Israeli propaganda is writing about their war crime(even if it's very, very very very biased like the rest of the media's takes on this), it isn't a lie.

>Organ Harvesting of Palestinian Children

Here's a Huffington post article on the illegal Israeli organ harvesting. They do not mention the children, but there were gore videos circulating on 8chan and others of people speaking Hebrew and very obvious dead children with their torsos sown up or gaping open. If you want something like that, you'll have to be willing to look at more shaky sources.
Here's an Israeli take on it
About children specifically I can find it eventually(possible the gore videos too) but it will take a while.

>Forced Sterilization

Here's the Israeli take on it:
Here's a very biased muslim take on it:
I can fish more. Most claim it was simply short term contraceptives, Muslim/Ethiopians claim that simple contraceptives weren't all that were used and pointed to the sharp drops in fertility that, in all honesty, identically mirror the drops in fertility experienced by whites, despite not being industrialized or first world
>Palestine Genocide
The stuff about the genocide of Palestinians is not really rejected by a very large percent of the international world. It's primarily a western phenomenon to deny the genocide. In any case, just what I linked to above is enough for you to say "yeah that looks like genocide."

If you are willing to do independent research or search for the "snuff videos" of the Palestine/Israel conflict I'm sure you will not reject that Israel is a horrible genocidal state committing the worst atrocities of any country in the world right now. It isn't a conspiracy, it's fact. The majority of Africa and the Middle East are unified in this view, and as I said it's a western phenomenon to outright deny Israel any wrongdoing.


You have given me quite a tresure trove of information to read through and even more to research on my own.

While I may not agree with them being the worst of any country in the world right now (that still goes to china I think) if even half this stuff is true they easily make the top 5 list.

Thanks for posting all this. Some of it is pretty eye opening. Probably because I wasn't even paying attention.


The same thing happened with the USSR. It genocided natives of the lands it captured and committed constant war crimes. The Western media defended it and tried to claim every one else was doing it except Russia.


Denial of USSR war crimes continues strongly to this day. (Try getting someone to think about Holodomor or the more than one million non-Nazi Party German succubi raped during the march to Berlin without saying "canard")
It would just be inconvenient if the west were to say "we arbitrarily chose one genocidal nation over another genocidal nation."


I like how some places are under "lockdown" and the people are saying fuck that. Fuck curfews and fuck these unlawful, dangerous "lock downs" stupid goddamm government can fuck off.

Fuck covid 1984 and fuck communism.


What are you gonna do if your government rolls out military checkpoints and makes vaccination mandatory? Are you gonna run and hide in the woods, fight back, or take it?


Trudeau is creating his internment camps for antivaxxers and will soon make it illegal to go outside.

What would happen if the Canadian people decided to uprise against this Fidel Castro wannabe pretty boy?


New Mexico grocery stores have been closed for two weeks, and food lines have already formed. It's happening!


Depends on a few things
>things increasingly get worse, military lockdowns are foretold before implemented
Run to some small rural town where it is easier to evade this type of thing
>things happen before I can react basically overnight
Go to the good doctor with a knife and threaten him to write me a note unironically in minecraft, then use that note to escape to a smaller rural town in minecraft.
>the previous but there is a chip that the military will scan for
That's hard to evade, but also basically impossible to happen. How would they get millions of chips overnight delivered everywhere at once. There should be enough information about the delivery of these chips to leave before the military clamp.
>military locks everything down instantly while chips are delivered, no movement allowed at all
Riot with the others in minecraft, hopefully someone else has a plan how to escape if I can't figure it out.


>canadians rising up


Canadians are pussies. Period.

Even if Justin gets kicked out or something, the country is still fucked.
>Hitler took the guns
>Castro took the guns
>Stalin took the guns
>Trudeau took the guns
Have a bad feeling something fucked up is gonna be going down in Canada pretty soon.


>hitler took the guns
Loosened gun control*.


My bad.

But you get the point. Canada is gonna become hell on earth soon. In Minecraft that is.


File: 1606287097745.jpg (173.03 KB, 1242x1273, 1242:1273, EnpkBl0VgAQQ0J6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is the end result of technology and international capitalism. Firstly the extremities of society are controlled by the good doctor psychologist, then normalization of tracking via technology, any groups of possible rebellion are broken up by the alphabet agencies using technology to find them, larger society as a whole is broken up by ethnic differences and the wholesale of cultures without discrimination, finally it reaches a tipping point where the financial rulers crushes the last bit rebellion possible through total control of every action of every human.


Should I be praying to God?

Feels like the end is coming soon..



Thankful such things are fundamentally super duper illegal so every lawyer in the country will be running in to make a name for themselves by filing lawsuits and the like.
Like I doubt it would make it past the first announcement of the idea before they are indicated with lawyers telling them the 1001 reasons why not only can't they do that, but even saying they want to do it might be grounds for legal action.

So odds are I would nether have nor even get the chance to do shit before it's squashed.


That's literally what every person in every first world country has said about every single unconstitutional and abusive thing governments have managed to pull off since Covid.


Don't know about every country but look how many of those things stuck and "they" weren't forced to stop or scale back after legal challenges.
Things that are minor in comparison and it still brought all the law boys to the yard.


File: 1606306713854.mp4 (6.78 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, i4hqdUHYxu854Qse.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


But why did you post this here?
Was this in a show you watch or something and you want to complain about it? Or did you seek this shit out somewhere?
I mean what to you expect people here to say?
Yeah, it's weird, inauthentic, and dumb. What else is new?




It isn't even a argument nor is it making a claim.
It is just a work of fiction that is really cringy.


File: 1606316527275.jpg (370.33 KB, 1600x1357, 1600:1357, EnMkTiJXYAkphBZ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It is a work of fiction presenting a strawman designed to make fun of lgbt people by framing them as ridiculous and highfalutin.


Why do you lump in delusional self-mutilating gender dysphoriacs with people who have a sodomy fetish?


You think they care about law? Look what they just did in Germany. Law is meaningless now. Anyone who tries to question the government now just goes to jail and that's the end of the story.

It's literally the reality you mutts.


Being gay isn't a 'sodomy fetish', and often people who have actual gender dysphoria are gay. Heterosexual clowns like in your video have no business claiming to be a part of lgbt.


In case anyone missed it

>The Great Reset is a creative industry movement to embed the positive environmental shifts that have happened during lockdown as THE new normal.

This movement is being pushed by The World Economic forum, which is a cabal of muti-million dollar corporations

A group of wealthy elite is openly stating that they are pushing to make lockdown rules permanent and MSM is flat-out lying calling this a "conspiracy theory". This isn't a theory, the people involved are freely admitting what they're doing.

Here's more about the 'movement' in the words of the WEF's leader:


oh please tell me more about how getting fucked up the ass is a deep meaningful personality trait


This is some 1984 shit right here.


What environmental shifts exactly? Wearing a mask? Working from home? Not stuffing people into cramped buildings like cattle?


New wizard order.


I assumed the great reset thing was a lot more insidious.

The argument is pretty valid I think, it probably has some of the modern monetary theory people in. Governments were scared of societal and economic collapse if they made radical change, coronavirus has shown that with huge recession and printing money western countries haven’t collapsed. So these people are arguing well you can do something massive about climate change or wealth inequality now ( insert pet theories from different political groups ).

People trying to redesign society from top down can be argued against on solid ground, same with the same anti capitalists jumping on the bandwagon.


Globul werming isn't real.


>coronavirus has shown that with huge recession and printing money western countries haven’t collapsed
Not yet. The "new normal" as these psychos like to call it has been catastrophic for small businesses and the economy in general. I suppose that's why these huge corporations love it so much, it eliminates the competition and pushes more power into their hands. Businesses like this can weather the economic collapse of a few nations.



>Governments were scared of societal and economic collapse

Governments were never scared of that, they just didn't want the elites/wealthy (who they serve) stockerinos and power structures to collapse, these elites have been desperately trying to convince us that lockdowns will destroy civilisation and the economy when it hasn't, this has been the biggest trick for decades or maybe centuries, "no you can't make things better for the average person it will destroy business and society", then eventually people call their bluff and on to the next thing the elites will complain about


The elites aren't trying to convince anyone that the lockdowns will destroy society, they're all singularly unified in their message that it's the only way that society can possibly be saved.



Just the ones that run for office and want to get voted back in, they only do the right thing when it benefits them


Did you miss the part where the World Economic Forum (group of non-elected billionaires and corporations) is openly trying to manipulate governments to strengthen the lockdowns and make them permanent?


Did you miss the part where Bill Gates, George Soros, and Jeff Bezos have all called for strict lockdowns? You're high on crack and CNN dude.


File: 1606340570639.png (221.24 KB, 732x600, 61:50, fascist-elements.png) ImgOps iqdb


why did people dig mark fisher out of his grave just to reaffirm psychiatry?


A FASCIST?! No, of course not.
I'm a nazi.


The best form of government predicates decisions based on the colors of gumballs out of a gumball machine. It is called anusocracy and is well renowned. Look it up.



Billionaires are a different kind of elite and a very tiny tiny miniscule fraction, they have accomplished everything and are bored and often try some kind of philanthropy or doing the right thing, but even then for every Soros you have an Adelson, Koch brother, thousands of shadow billionaires who stay out of the light

The rest of the elites i.e. the ones that wish they were the top ones e.g Trump and his cronies are different


Please just go back to worshiping the rich people that the media tells you to and hating the rich people the media tells you to and do it on reddit or facebook.


>Canada has been testing its emergency broadcasting system quite a bit as of late
Uh Oh…


Chinks are famous for ripping off and appropriating cultures all the time, disgusting people, they remind me off jews so much. I hope Japanese don't act like subhuman chinks in the future with upcoming SJW culture in Japan.



"“The turnout rate was the highest in more than a century” is true, but it was higher than all the centuries combined, because it was the highest ever in history.

That is what they are telling you: Joe Biden is the single most popular person who ever walked the earth."

>upcoming SJW culture in Japan
Won't happen, that shit doesn't work on east asians, they're literally a different species. The whole post-christinsanity theater of shithole western mental diseases of which SJWism is a small part is a white thing, only those dumb fuck crackers can even comprehend it. Literally. Look what feminism in japan is like, it means giving female employees period badges to wear during PMS so people know to be extra courteous to them. They don't know they're supposed to be militant whores, because they can't. Any time whites try exporting their neuroticism there it hits the racial mental barrier,

Reminds me they freaked out at the shield hero anime and the anime studio CEO more or less said "SJW outrage doesn't concern us." Lol, dumbass crackers.


Don't even need to waste time on the test.
I am a proud libertarian.


Do you call people mutt because you like to fuck dogs Alaskan?


It is just another socialistic power grab.

More like making it so that no one owns anything and instead rents, and money is next to worthless due to hyper inflation, and all rights and liberties are restricted in the name of the greater good, and private ownership of capital for small business and individuals will in practical terms be outlawed indirectly.


>Japan is miracle land immune to western influence!
Japan no longer exists. Japan had it's culture erased after WW2 and was used as an American colony. The reason why anime is so easy for the West to accept is because it is Western animation made in Asia. The reason why Japanese conservatives and old age pensioners hate the otaku is because they're the "soy boys" of Japan. What we're seeing in the West now already happened to Japan in the form of hikkikomori, herbivore men and otakus.

You can't even argue Japan is an ethnostate which rejects the west when it's encouraging mass immigration of foreigners to replace it's aging population the same way the west is for the same reason.

You don't understand Japanese dating and how succubi are treated much better than men are in social gatherings directly due to the form of feminism Japan has. Western feminists wish they had the Japanese set up where the male hands all his money to his wife who then gives him a little back to spend on himself. To have bars give you free drinks all night just to be there.

If you want to dig deep you can just go straight Jewish tactics where Japan will take foreign money from places like Netflix and Steam and adapt to them. Sony went full poz. Nintendo are doing the same and every dev worth a damn wants the Steam market sales and will apply western values to get them (like Capcom).


File: 1606370389473.jpg (74.56 KB, 640x1386, 320:693, 1606369930149.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No idea if this is true or not


File: 1606371072158.jpg (143.05 KB, 850x537, 850:537, 1606363156481.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh boy…


Hoax, but soon it won't be


ever since I turned "hate speech" to free speech in my browser's word filter, the news makes perfect sense


I'm pretty sure the Covid-21 thing was a leak.


So apparently the Kraken has finally been released. What was it?


Waiting for qoomers to finish reading it for me.


Was Jimmy Carter a good president?


Just another lawsuit. I've kinda skimmed it and there's nothing particularly damning in there, just a lot of reasonable evidence that there was enough fraud to affect the results in Georgia.

I think they hyped it a little too much but I'm not a lawyer so I don't know if this can be considered "biblical" by any means. The whole "Release the Kraken" and waiting until midnight exactly was cringe as fuck.

The media narrative is that throwing out any votes is "racist" and disenfranchises voters, never mind that the law wasn't followed. All they can probably show is that there's some amount of "technically illegal" votes, but no one cares that procedures weren't followed or that some schmuck Republican didn't get to see the process. It's going to take video proof showing Joe Biden himself printing ballots and filling them out while Kamala watches the door for this thing to get any attention outside of the /pol/ Internet sphere.


File: 1606375515572.jpg (36.42 KB, 300x384, 25:32, Enm8EQYUYAIdb40.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Japanese Foreign Minister Announces Plan to “Transform Japan Into a Diverse Multiethnic Society”
Toshimitsu Motegi is a politician for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and has served as the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs since September 2019.

During a Q and A session, Motegi said his “national vision” meant “transforming Japan in the 21st century into a “diversified multiethnic society” by way of mass immigration from all over the world.

This would also be achieved by codifying English as the country’s second language and giving “suffrage to resident foreigners.”


Japan is gonna get cucked hard.


What is stopping you from looking him up and making up your own mind?

Most here don't have a strong opinion on him because he wasn't president when they were alive.


I don't trust it.
Seems like the person is misframing their activity and why they are there for attention.


This is true in many european countries. I've walked past policemen many times without a mask on and they never bothered me though. I believe a lot of people do know that it's pointless outside, but still wear it out of habit, conformity or fear of getting fined by an overzealous cop.
It's absurd seeing people walk their dog in the middle of nowhere with a diaper on their face, like, what are you afraid of? There's no police around and they will leave you alone anyway, and the chances of getting infected outside by some stranger walking by are close to null.


Never gonna happen. Japan is one of the most nationalistic and xenophobic countries on the planet. They don't even like other asians so you can imagine how much they hate muslims and blacks. They'll make exceptions for celebrities and athletes but open borders is a nonstarter in japan and always will be.

Above all else, Japanese aren't white. They aren't hardwired with the same suicidal altruism that whites are. There is no Asian equivalent of white guilt.


so they should just age and die?


Japan is an American colony. They will act Western and accept it.

Do you really think the average white person likes multicutural society and all the bullshit that comes with it? They hate it, they never got asked if they wanted it (they didn't) and they've never been asked if they want to get rid of it (they do). The average white doesn't have white guilty, they have a corrupt elite they have no way of removing and see no group they can join to oppose it. When a fake group appears such as Trump's MAGA, BNP or UKIP in the UK they get a lot of support despite being luke warm on most of the issues people care about.

If you need an analogy it's like saying that Slaves love working 18 hours a day in the baking sun because they do it. Where as the whip and slave masters force it on them and they see no way to oppose it and any time the slaves try to organize a rebellion it's broken apart by the slave masters.


>How can there possibly be an existence outside of occidental liberal democratic capitalist cult of the exponential debt-exponential growth feedback cycle?
It is truly a mystery, my fellow white.


It can always happen and it will happen. Their xenophobic society will be transformed through the media and public school system until the herd believes it's the right thing to do, and their politicians will be paid off to do it against the interests of the people.


File: 1606413659117.png (460.09 KB, 666x633, 222:211, negro_coding.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ayo cracka jus learn 2 code nigga.
LMAO jus fukin wit chu chile, wypipo can't code, fool.


File: 1606415345743.png (37.04 KB, 660x465, 44:31, export.png) ImgOps iqdb

>director of software engineering
what is that code monstrosity? is it satire?


It's real.



It's strange to me that the left are called the "free stuff" party when you have Trump giving radical tax cuts to everyone while corporations and wall street are making more of a killing than ever, and people fall for it


Generally speaking the left prefer to take other people's stuff and give it to someone else, and the right people just keeping a larger portion of their stuff in the first place.


Not stealing from someone is much different then giving them free stuff.


You ever heard of wage theft?



A part of becoming an adult is knowing how a society functions and how taxes are necessary since ancient times, not least to support us NEETs, I'm tired of this anti-neet sentiment


Did you also oppose the Black Lives Matter curfews and law and order then?



I've heard of wage theft where workers don't get paid enough for the value of their work and the people above make a killing, it's been happening since the dawn of civilisation, with one group of elites brainwashing the rest


>Did you also oppose the Black Lives Matter curfews and law and order then?
What does this mean? What's a BLM curfew?


A declining population isn't even necessarily a bad thing. It means less competition for jobs, employers being forced to offer higher wages, and housing becoming more affordable. Not to mention Japan is overcrowded as it is.

Sure, it comes with drawbacks. Some schools and businesses will close down. Some industries will take a big hit. Some parts of japan will become abandoned and return to nature. None of this is the end of the world and it's all a hell of a lot better than the alternative of opening up their borders and ending up with much higher crime rates, race riots, increased taxes to pay for welfare programs, affirmative action laws, and losing their culture.


Declining population isn't a problem, it's a solution to the problem.


Having different ideas relating to tax and spending isn't fucking anti-neet.
Stop trying to use rule 4 to push your political opinions when it has nothing to do with what is being talked about.
The fact of the matter is someone can flatly state that they are totally against taxation and all forms of state welfare programs and that in no way violates rule 4 and is not necessarily anti-neet.

Fuck off with that bullshit. You pull that shit way too often to push your socialist world view.


There is the legal term relating to actual laws and regulations that is strictly defined and already a crime and then the way that socialist use the term that isn't strictly defined and totally useless when discussing real world matters.


>Not to mention Japan is overcrowded as it is
Japan the country isn't overcrowded.
It's city centers are arguably overcrowded.

As far as declining population not being a bad thing, I would have to disagree.
The country would be economically devastated with vast contractions as quality of life likely would fall. It would have negative effects for all levels of society especially the old and the very young.

That said I will agree that open boarders and mass immigration aren't the solution. It has been tried, it has failed. It really should be stopped being pushed.
There are other solutions but it is unlikely they would take those options.
So that only leaves a managed decline or trying shit that doesn't work and hope for a different result.


File: 1606489318694.jpg (162.92 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, w.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>So that only leaves a managed decline or trying shit that doesn't work and hope for a different result.
A sign of totalitarian thinking is it being easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of that ideology.


What a uninteresting nonresponce and totally irrelevant and unrelated image you got there.
Wake me when you actually have something to say, as currently your words are empty.


It's the female avatarfag, just report her.


So true.



what a bewitching qt


Twatter is now banning people for using the word Kraken or mentioning the trump lawsuit apparently.


Why kraken?


Iranian minister Javad Zarif alleges ‘Israeli role’ in killing of nuclear scientist


>Israel and Iran
Pot and Kettle.


Doesn't Israel already have nukes though?
They just don't want other middle eastern countries to have them.


It's likely Israel did this now because Trump may leave office and they know Kamala will back them up when things get hot.


Jesus Christ, somebody got cbs news channel on and it has been nothing but a solid hour of racial grievous mongering and radical identity politics.
If this is how bad mainstream media has become then it is no wonder why their are ongoing riots.


Worst thing is there's no way of escaping it anymore because their doctrine requires that every follower be an activist. You can't just turn off the TV and mind your own business away from all that shit because they're going to hassle you anyway.


I don't think they cared. Trump is pro-Israel and would likely stay out of it regardless.
It is most likely that they saw their chance and acted on it without regard to the current US political situation.


That's true, what I think is just that Trump is anti-interventionist and that Israel would feel safer assassinating civilians if their strongest ally had an interventionist president to actively back them up.


Yeah, "silence is violence" is something I commonly hear these days.

And yeah, there's no escape. My co-workers are all SJWs who talk about identity politics everyday. I pretend to agree with them while also trying to do as little talking as possible. I know if I'm completely silent on the issues they constantly talk about I'll be viewed with suspicion but at the same time I larp as a stoic who agrees with them on everything but isn't talkative or emotional. Of course from time to time I have to feign emotion, usually outrage. I wonder if they're all buying it or if they secretly know or suspect I'm disingenuous.


I can see you point.
With interventionist support from the US they wouldn't hesitate to become bolder in their "extra legal" activities.



Fucking nanny state

This and drivers license are two unpopular things that really grind my gears, I was driving since I was 10 because I was born in a rural place back in a time before the PC police and state controllers hatched out of their eggs


File: 1606550420823.mp4 (1.38 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 853eb19fdcc776ab0fd09447c4….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

the godless european progressive fears the chechen traditionalist

how many heads will have to be separated from their bodies before you learn to not mess with men that actually believe in something?


Did something happen in Chechen recently or is this a random shitpost?


Last month might as well be last century, right?


Couldn't even find it in the news.



John Hopkins Pulls Article Admitting That Coronavirus has Not Raised Total US Death Toll


guy who beheaded the teacher in france was chechen. i guess that's what he's talking about.


File: 1606575454444.png (1.08 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, darj_kouyou.png) ImgOps iqdb

>mark esper fired from pentagon over proposed us troop withdrawal from afghanistan
>israeli deals with uae and bahrain which just happen to be tied to military aid
>janet yellen, ron klain, alejandro mayorkas, and antony blinken appointed top positions in biden cabinet
>pompeo visits saudi arabia
>"secret" meeting between netanyahu and salman in neom
>iranian nuclear physicist gets whacked
Makes you think.


If they actually pass any of this bullshit I won't comply with a single line of it.
Biden can eat a bullet.



I think there is a balance of fears for legitimate rightwing NEETs. On one hand they want more bux, on the other, they fear the whole system collapsing or there's fear about crime and threats to their safety from a degenerating culture. Better to be poor in rural America than have some extra bux in inner city gang warfare.

A lot more people feel like society is legitimately about to collapse any second now so just being a NEET who votes for more bux seems illogical. Everyone is consuming media that tells them society is about to collapse and the other guy is going to do it.

For some reason though… a lot of them are obsessed with trannies. Voting against neetbux because of trannies seems insane.


I don't like the groups of normalfags stealing from me. I don't like the groups of normalfags forcing me to wear a muzzle. I don't like the groups of normalfags taking away my means of self-defense. I don't like groups of normalfags starting overseas wars and kidnapping me and forcing me to fight for them. I don't like groups of normalfags persecuting me for wrongthink.


One third of "people" under 20 identify as some flavour of transvestite.
The libs want to take some more of your meager wage and spend it to sponsor attention whoring crossdressers getting retarded cosmetic surgeries, 100k a pop.
You're never getting any bux.
None, one way or the other.
They hate you. You're a creeper therefore a nazi and you will be punched in the face because that's what happens to all nazis these days.


File: 1606622819606.png (653.19 KB, 924x545, 924:545, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


The criminal complaint against Rittenhouse describes the man on the left as "jumping at and over" him. The man on the right is described as "reaching for the defendants gun with his left hand as the skateboard makes contact with the defendants left shoulder".

Last few months I've let myself research these culture war stories and election stories, and, everyone is a liar from all sides. Fuck this world!


If you discover a cool new name to call people who you do not like, please use it sparingly to avoid building an identity for yourself


Schizenu BTFO. Again.


File: 1606667682037.webm (79.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, deepfakesmile.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Why are they deepfaking Joe Biden appearances?


File: 1606668138013.mp4 (3.35 MB, 256x208, 16:13, trump cum blast me.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I was expecting your webm to be one of these


I really don't understand how this became a political thing. Why are republicans now pro-murder as long as you're white and republican and killing someone who isn't? The way people on the right have just gone to bat for this kid is bizarre. It's as if they want carte blanche to just murder anyone they don't like and have twisted it around in their minds to somehow this being a case where they're the victims somehow for not being allowed to just murder indiscriminately. It's just one more reminder of how broken the right wing has become in the US I guess.


The mob was attacking him, he has a right to defend himself. Self-defense is not murder.


File: 1606673655255.jpg (20.43 KB, 625x626, 625:626, thisisbait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Yes, "the acceptability of violence for political reasons" is high, even across both sides of the aisle and growing with time. It's a trend and things like this dictate the political reality.
A media guy and his bodyguard also "self defended" against a trump supporter a few months back, is that acceptable? It's based on what side you affiliate with.


No one attacked him, they were just following him at which point someone near him fired a shot into the air and he unloaded on the people who were following him. You can't just shoot people because you were spooked. You can only use deadly force in response to deadly force. The people who attacked him only did so after he unloaded into them and killed a guy which makes the self defense case for shooting those people moot.


Why are you lying? The video is up online for anyone to see.
They are not "following" him, they are trying to attack him. At the very beginning you can hear people yelling "get him". At 0:04 a man runs up and punches Kyle after someone yells "bust him". Kyle falls down at 0:12 and someone clearly yells "get his ass". At which point at least 3 people begin mobbing him, two jumping right on top of him. He does not shoot anyone who is not attacking him. You can even see at 0:17 he has the guy dead to rights, he does not shoot. The guy stops with his hands up, Kyle doesn't shoot. Then the guy charges Kyle with a gun and gets shot in the arm. The guy who was standing behind him puts his hands up, Kyle doesn't shoot him. Your post is almost completely false.


Why are you acting like the reason people think that case is okay and rittenhouse's wasn't is because the guy who did the shooting was working for media which is perceived by the right to be an agent of the left and not the fact that in that case the guy who got shot was actually using a weapon against the guy who shot him unlike the guy who Kyle killed? Seems very disingenuous to me.


Why are you lying? The video clearly shows they were just chasing him before he unloaded. They were saying to "get him" because they were trying to take his gun which he had used to threaten people. No one ever attacked him, they were just chasing him trying to take his gun. You can't just murder people for chasing you.


If he didn't shoot them he would suffer the same fate as many other whites during those "protests".


File: 1606675830224.webm (1.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1597740243444.webm) ImgOps iqdb

example given


Jumping on top of someone while yelling "get his ass" is attacking. You don't get to retroactively assign intent to these people to fit your narrative. The fact is that everyone who was shot by Kyle attacked him. We have video evidence of that. Tackling someone is attacking them, charging at someone while moving a gun to point at them is attacking them. You have a right to defend yourself against that.


He drove to a different state and intentionally provoked a confrontation while armed with a gun and then shot some people when they ran towards him. That's murder, plain and simple. You can't just provoke people and then say "oh well they were planning to attack me so I killed them first." None of them even landed a single shot before he opened fire. It's worse then the Treyvon Martin killing.


You keep saying "shot some people when they ran towards him" but this is untrue. He did not shoot the people who were running towards him, he shot the people who were attacking him. Watch the video.
>drove to a different state
Is this relevant? Crossing state lights doesn't revoke your right to protect your body.
>provoked a confrontation
How, by holding a differing political view? You're being ridiculous.


Because you're subhumans and you deserve to die xDDD


Stream your suicide please.


You're just mad that a lolbertarian kiddo protesting against gun laws and police state shot two of your communist rioters. A kiddo that was recorded beside about 6 other members and the organizer of their little libertarian protest saying to a BLM livestreamer saying "We are on your side and support you". When I saw that recording during the time that this blew up my attitude toward Rittenhouse soured a bit. But it still shows, along with the videos of him offering first aid to random protestors, that he wasn't trying to provoke people and was there to offer aid and protection to people being targeted by riot attacks. Strangely most of the recordings are available on bitchute but the one with Rittenhouse and the other libertarians isn't anywhere to be found, but once I find it I'll post it.





File: 1606689387641.gif (51.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, yes.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>hundreds murdered and attacked: no critique, left unexamined
>one guy shot another guy: we need to have a conversation, let's critically examine what happened in this particular instance, it's very important we highlight this




#MeToo just got exposed as being a total scam for money.
They spend 90% on paying themselves or going to luxury resorts.


This has always been obvious unless your IQ is close to room temperature.


>MeToo just got exposed as being a total scam for money.
what isnt? literally is all american politics is right now. Tumps entire fraud campaign is also a grift for donations so people pay his campaign costs, evangelicals are having a field day asking for money to save muh christian nation. Its all about getting money from plebs and if they can create panic and rile up the tardbase all the better money wise.


dim pool once again telling us the facts we knew but needed to know again, thank you my savior


>Tumps entire fraud campaign is also a grift for donations
Prove it.


Hi Alaskan


He is literally asking for donations atm


Biden is literally asking for donations even after he's been "nominated".


exactly, that what all politics is about, grifting bucks from useful idiots. This election is specially funny since nothing of value is being decided, both are neoliberal old mummies




If a post comes up in the politics thread that's a jab at someone not from before the 90s, is sarcastic, or is just plain bad, it's most likely the Alaskan being butthurt that his animal porn was deleted again. He doesn't try to hide who he is and always finds a way to soil a thread with his impotent, flamboyant rage. That post reeks of him (or sorry, xim, as the Alaskan identifies as some nonbinary otherkin gender of some sort)


That in no way is proof that his entire fraud campaign is a grift.


remind me of how much money he's spent on the fraud investigation and recount? no way grassroots post-election donations can put him in the black with that.

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