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Can anyone else remember/link to other imageboards that have come and gone or did I imagine them. I genuinely do not know if Mugichan was real or not anymore and I remember there was another liveboard which was only online for 2 hours every 12 hours were everyone posted one anime character that was called something to do with tea.
If anyone else can remember these or has any archives/screencaps or links I would glad appreciate them. The years are a blur and i want to know if they were atleast real or not.


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The only live board I ever enjoyed was chen2, shame it got spam botted to death and admin shut it down


I can't find Mugichan among my boards list. Here is the real time IB though:
Try remembering sometging more specific about Mugichan. How did it looked like? What was the main theme?


Holy shit it actually existed, thank you so much man, I went through my journal and the only detail i have is that it closed in November 2018. I have an entry saying "today was the last day it was going to be online and that it was sad to see a board go even if I didn't really use it".
I have memories of green and blue theme but I remember Chakai being black so my accuracy is limited.


cool recc. thanks anon

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