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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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Are people there even going to school/college? We are still in lockdown


It is a state by state and country by country thing on how far things are locked down.

Most places do online classes. In less restricted areas they have in person classes, usually with some safe guards in place like distancing, mask, and disinfection of all surfaces.

That said since reaction to wu flu is more political then based on science, and most schools lean far left, even in areas that have low restriction still prefer online only classes for anything that doesn't have labs.


>That said since reaction to wu flu is more political then based on science, and most schools lean far left, even in areas that have low restriction still prefer online only classes for anything that doesn't have labs.
Even though I would never because I can't stand to be in public, if I were ever to go to college I'd need to do it in person. Labs and other facilities are essential for practical learning, and what would be the point of going to college if not to learn? Get a worthless degree to be an eternal wagie?


Most college classes don't have labs or even practical parts to them that need to be done in person.

>and what would be the point of going to college if not to learn? Get a worthless degree to be an eternal wagie?

Pretty much.


>Most college classes don't have labs or even practical parts to them that need to be done in person.
Probably if you're going in for math or social studies. There's no way in hell chemistry, engineering, CS, and physics wouldn't have labs unless it's some kind of community college.


>physics labs
>for undergrads
You are just doing math in physics as a undergrad. There is no requirement of in person labs for physics on that level.
Most CS stuff can also be done online including labs as well.


Yeah, I got carried away.


I took physics in undergrad and there were plenty of labs.


Were any of the labs even remotely necessary or were they just a way to break up the boring math heavy lectures?


Did they let you play with spectrometers?




They were mostly just for fun, but they did help with some of the less intuitive properties or magnetism and electricity. I’m sure that same class is completely virtual at the moment.

No, spectrometry wasn’t really related to the class.


My feet are cold but I am too lazy to put on socks.



I got socks and my feet are no longer cold.

Thank you for listening to my tale.


Wish my feet were cold


The ground on my General Electric 2.5mm stereo extension cord died, upon peeling it open to diagnose the fault the braided ground wire was literally crumbling to dust, followed by the other wires. The whole freaking length of the cable. I'm like, motherfucker… I haven't even used it since 2018. My cheap as dirt skullcandy earphones I wore literally 24/7 for 6 YEARS did not even work harden in one their equally thin braided wires, let alone crumble.

It's like whoever is making copper wire for GE is told to alloy it with sulphur or some crap so it disintegrates in a few years. That's just taking designed obsolescence to an obnoxious extreme. What a trashy wanker brand GE has become. I paid six whole bucks for this cord and had to go through Best Buy where they treat you like a shoplifter. But that's another rant.

I'll transplant the male/female plugs onto one of my real copper wire scrap cords that are 30 years old and not turned into mummy dust.


You've been targeted at Best Buy too? Last time I went there in my wizgarb to get some power adapters they had 4 obvious plainclothes security guys surround me and pretend to browse while I tried to compare different brands. Same thing happened when I went to Lowes to get a power drill recently but they only sent 3. They really profile people based on their clothes and grooming.


had to dig up an old twitter account to ask an online retailer for details about a product but the account name is somewhat… offensive. i hope they don't notice or don't mind

the assholes don't even bother replying to emails nowadays, it's social media or go fuck yourself


Stop victimizing yourselves. Employees at retail office and consumer electronic chains get paid commission, or at the very least brownie points when they help a sale. They hover over anyone looking to buy something.


actually I was referring to their practice of demanding your receipt at the exit after they were staring at you the whole time you were buying the shit at the cashier stand


Same thing happens to me. They follow me around shops at a high rate and I'm not particularly ill groomed, just ugly. Male shopping environments do it less.


Employees who want to sell you shit dont wear plainclothes and actually try to engage you beyond lurking in your periphery, pretending to browse. I'm not claiming to be a victim of anything. I observed a phenomenon and found it interesting.


You can change your name, you know


File: 1609419665912.jpg (5.13 KB, 228x221, 228:221, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Edged for 12 hours straight


File: 1609426516272.jpg (2.86 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20201231_095206598.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ton of these are on sell so I am going to load up.

They are better than Pocky. Come at me weebs you know it's true.


pocky are overrated and overpriced weeb garbage so I don't doubt you wiz, they look tasty


Those are good, and indeed superior. Drink chocolate milk through them.

I am finding it obnoxious how much I see people everywhere, even content creators I like, doing the "can't wait for 2020 to be over, 2020 bad year amirite?" routine. I guess it's bonding over babbys first depressive isolation and I'm just some out of touch asshole; it's still obnoxious.


If you're looking to have some chocolate dipped biscuits then yes, there are many, many better alternatives, including just getting actually decent chocolate and dip the biscuits yourself. Now one should go for Pocky for the other flavors, my favorite being the green tea one.

I though this was common sense. Perhaps I just don't realize how much of a fatass I am. I do put a lot of thought on junk food, so maybe this wisdom is not so common after all.


I find that stuff obnoxious too. 2020 was actually a GREAT year for me. In fact 2020 was one of the best years of my life. Normies having mental problems cuz they can't go clubbing LMFAO


I can't believe that boring gook candy is still popular, everyone in school in the 90s was obsessed with it.


File: 1609441831396.png (205.67 KB, 621x577, 621:577, 4793incie4396170.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stay safe wizzies


>tfw going to sleep at 5pm and will use the niggers fireworks and noise for an alarm clock and wake up on 2021
>tfw the first thing you will do is leave the fuck out, away of those them niggers and their noise for a new year where they will be just as niggerish as before or maybe even more, and ride to a park where you know there will be nobody to exercise there

My wizplan is perfect.


The Doomflu is an overhyped excuse to ramp up government tyranny and face masks do nothing regardless of how they're worn.


my fruit roll up had two inside it… crazy. i filmed opening it so i can always remember. lady luck must be lusting after my RNG right now


Wish you all a good beginning of this new year, that's probably going to be more of the same but one can hope.


Entries in my bucket list:
>Watch NHK ni Youkoso and Texhnolyze
>Find another anime at least almost as good as Haibane Renmei
>Rewatch Chobits
>Complete Minish Cap and Majora's Mask
>Read The Sea of Fertility Tetrology


File: 1609509118965.jpg (37.32 KB, 640x640, 1:1, batsrbackS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've become addicted to cannabis and I'm willing to admit it. That's what it is, has all the traits, I'd be a lying douchebag if I tried to play it off like it's "just something I like". I barely even get high any more and can go through 3.5 grams in a day like it's nothing. I can't exactly easily afford the sheer amount I go through.
I smoked the last bit I had early this morning before the sun, and I'm going to actively try to not consume any more this year. The last three years or so are a blur to me; they would melt together a little anyway, but part of that sensation is certainly due to how I haven't gone more than maybe 5 or 6 days straight without smoking for that whole time-almost always more than a gram a day. Punctuating my days. I feel like a degenerate and it's time to stop fucking around with it. I have a little bit of confidence in ability to do it, I got off cigarettes after 15 years of smoking. There is a withdrawl and it sucks a bit and makes other things suck, but it fades with time and is not life-threatening like certain drug withdrawls. But I also lack discipline. Preparing for the sensation of slower time now, that I always acutely notice when I go without.
Between years of cigarettes and heavy weed smoking (with some overlap) I have probably damaged my lungs.

Another year Wizzes.


>NHK ni Youkoso
That's just anti-hikki propaganda. The entire point of the anime is telling you "man it's so nice to be a normalfag", I'd skip.
>Complete Minish Cap and Majora's Mask
You can beat Minish cap in a couple of days easily, Majora's Mask on the other hand might take a while if you're planning on getting all the masks.


I have read the novel already. It didn't seem like anti-hikki neet propaganda, it just seemed to make really ridiculous stereotypes.


The author was (still is?) a hikki, at worse it's self loathing


this is what most anime are about, pep talk for depressed youth. frankly i don't comprehend how anyone here can stomach it.


Oh alright, I had no idea about the author, I don't know… the ending just really felt like lmao why are you depressed just go outside, like get a job lol to me.


previous year went by really fast


Felt the same speed as last year to me.
Guess I didn't have more fun


Yeah I just watched 10 minutes of the first episode and this really seems like it's going to be trash. At least the novel's only problem was having a ridiculous MC. I guess I'll move on to Texhnolyze


I am going to have a true white wizard's mane within 5 years.


I've been dreaming more than being awake, now it takes me longer to differentiate reality from dreaming


Discovered a game I'd like to play today. I'll probably get it even though I have many games and struggle to find motive to play them. I don't know why. It's like procrastinating from enjoyable hobby


Well wizbros, I can no longer consider myself a Hikki anymore. I just went to a gas station and bought a soda. That means I've gone outside nearly 3 times in the past month, and once unnecessarily.


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