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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


File: 1606594625069.webm (8.61 MB, 720x480, 3:2, amvpr.webm) ImgOps iqdb

had doritos for breakfast and now im waiting for mom to cook lunch while working on my first AMV just for fun. what do you think of this?, it's just an excerpt but that's how it starts.


It's very good, wiz. What's the anime?


It's Medabots.


Goddamn Medabots? I'm surprised there even exists a single human who cares about them.


Anti-Crawl thread XCII


File: 1606599236166.jpg (96.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snapshot_12.31_[03.11.57].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Put the folder from underneath my laptop. Now it's only on the pillow. I can press keys and touch it with far less black glimmer. Shouldn't forget it. Lately I rediscovered putting mouse to USB port and scrolling/pressing on the wheel would make my occasionally malfunctioning touchpad work again. Nice method when situation is worse than usual.


Looks like mike tyson won


no brawlitics in the crawlitics thread, please


File: 1606628902522.png (147.48 KB, 474x335, 474:335, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Payed the $700.00 internet bill
>Still need to phone in to the toll free pooinloo hotline and haphazardly read out all of my account numbers and beg for reactivation



get a console


Consoles are fucking awful.


enjoy paying comcast through the ass



File: 1606655857451.png (527.71 KB, 1693x972, 1693:972, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i have been subscribed to the mmorpg.com newletter for quite a while, even though i couldn't tell you how many years it's been since i've played an mmo. i still enjoy looking at it each week. this week they just put a straight up advertisement in it though. not even related to mmo or games, just fucking windows licenses. previously i remember certain games being sponsored or paying to have an article written about it/reviewed, but at least those were games. if they do it again next week i'll be disappointed and ubsubscribe finally i guess.


Do you remember when people just liked things? By that I mean, it's a little obnoxious and strange to me how everything is now a "fandom". Kid likes Zelda or whatever, he's not a fan, he's "part of the fandom". Communities always existed for those seeking them, but now you're "part of the _____ community" just by virtue of liking something. And I find it a tinge depressing for the state of things that sense of identity and community is such normalized-fractured idea, that identities people adopt seriously form around consumers items and fetishes.

I probably didn't articulate that very well, some of you might get what I mean. How "I'm in the ______ fandom/community" and "I'm a ________" have replaced "I enjoy _________". Communities and identities based on shallow things, a whole generation growing up with this as normal.


wasnt aware that was a thing. i like tons of stuff but don't really feel like a fan or part of a community around them


Youtubers who strictly made video content mow act out ads for shaving cream and designer wallets
Comic books about alien life have a tampon ad every 3 pages
Nature photography magazines have full page paid promotions for luxury SUVs

There's no end it, 40%+ of all money spent is spent on getting ads in to peoples' faces. Not spent producing the ad, but just on paying sellouts to put it up where it doesn't belong. The day adblockers cease to function is the day many of us go innawoods forever


You mean like "gamer." That obnoxious term didn't exist until ten years ago, by my reckoning. I've been playing games since the 80s and never saw anyone trying to make it a collective identity, the whole "i like X, i am part of Y community" thing is probably an offshoot of the identitarian politics trend (no this isn't a politics post). Personally, I blame the "social media" – another obnoxious term. None of this crap about "fandoms" over every little object of consumption existed until people got their shitphones 10 years ago and went nuts on jewbook.


File: 1606691873901.png (342.47 KB, 532x298, 266:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

> by my reckoning
You recollection is quite wrong then.
And no, the term isn't people making it a collective identity. It is a totally normal noun version of someone who plays games as a hobby. Much like the word golfer or bowler. Much like other such words, the people who share the hobby of playing video games often have shared experiences and the like meaning that they relate to one another on that topic. This is again just like any other hobby activity.

The people that pushed the narrative of it being "a collective identity" were outsiders with a agenda, mainly ignorant journalist/activist that were intentionally trying to stir up negative attention. Once that narrative spread the use of gamer in that way was then taken up ironically by some in the gaming community to make fun of said people trying to make everything about the activist/journalist crusade to make everything fit a identity politics narrative. Much like how metal fans cranked up the amount of demonic imagery despite not actually being devil worshipers when the fundies where coming after them back in the day.

> None of this crap about "fandoms" over every little object of consumption existed until people got their shitphones 10 years ago and went nuts on jewbook.

Pic very much related.
You are just being retarded.


>being retarded.
Are you saying >>258759 is retarded, too? There's no denying what he said, all I did is point out a connection to what he said. Social media is at the root of it and most of the current cult-like thinking that's made people this last decade so much crazier. And no, "gamer" wasn't a term when I grew up, I wasn't a shut-in, I have life experience and can testify that nobody until relatively recent times used it or thought of themselves as part of a wider identity of "gamers." I don't know where you get the idea that millions of video game players are just calling themselves that and their sites and their clubs, etc, "ironically" [sic]. Everything you see makes it pretty clear that people these days sincerely identify with their game playing this much and not for comical reasons.


>b-b-but my memory
Already called your memory shit and thus your personal anidotes or observations worthless.

To nip this shit in the bud.
Prove it.
Prove that the use of the word gamer is in any way a relatively resent invention. Prove it with something other then your shit memory or even more shit observations.

Otherwise you are just another idiot out to waste time and argue just to get the last word in rather then make a rational point.


Shut up, mutt. Go do chores if you're so bored instead of being contrarian just to get an argument going.



>I've been X since the 80's
Alaskan Zoophile tries to ruin yet another thread, fails


I'm not that person you like to hallucinate everywhere. Stop trying to pick fights and manufacture petty arguments.



So was he a just a troll or was he actually this retarded?


What forums have you been using?

I joined a forum that is pro choice for suicide and has a lot of information regarding how to effectively an hero or CTB as it is called there.
I enjoyed the community largely despite it feeling very much like reddit but as I felt they were normal fags I came off as if I was trying to be offensive which no doubt I may have although I never broke a rule nor behaved in an edgy way.
Ended up banned because a group of users thought I was a troll and not suicidal despite already having SN but no cell phone to post a pic of it with.

I am hoping to be unbanned there were some nice discussions to be had.
I do doubt this will happen but have hopes the mods know not to just follow the shitters within their community who get offended over philosophy.

I joined a mental health forum and I posted some thoughts but often a mod will heavily edit them because too negative which I understand but it is very much the big gay.

I like wizchan it is just so slow and I need to avoid shitposting here.


>I joined a mental health forum and I posted some thoughts but often a mod will heavily edit them because too negative which I understand but it is very much the big gay.
Probably because you're edgeposting and it's annoying and cringe.


or because normies have become hyper sensitive and no doubt a "mental health" forum expects you to be nothing but fake smiles around the others, which he won't/can't fake


Mental health forums are to be avoided like the plague. Too many succubi and relatively normal people with mild problems who are only there to blogpost for attention. People with legit problems and who are truly marginalized just don't use these places.


File: 1606737813424.jpg (47.62 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, trigger warning.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can I just comment the abosulye peak stupidity of trigger warnings in mental health places? I have PTSD myself but to think you can go into a self harm forum for example and need to have trigger warnings is retarded.
These people are infants they are not just sensitive they are just faggots

>Probably because you're edgeposting and it's annoying and cringe.
I actually act extremely civil on this one but they censor everything heavily regarding self harm.
I was not edge posting at all.
I posted about not seeing a point in not self harming as my body is so scarred everyone can see and I do not care anyway.
The part that was edited was my mentioning of being fine with self harming whilst warning others not to start but fearing I will give into my more extreme body mutilation urges.

>or because normies have become hyper sensitive and no doubt a "mental health" forum expects you to be nothing but fake smiles around the others, which he won't/can't fake
This, I do not actively be negative but when I see people all telling a man who says he is middle aged and no therapy or meds worked to keep suffering along with them as in literally say "don't giv up keep suffering with us *hugs emote*" I ask why this is and why it is not moral to allow someone who obviously tried to let go of osmething.

Do not even bother with reddit anyone who is legitamately mentally ill gets banned for not buying into the evil optimistic delusion.


>Mental health forums are to be avoided like the plague.

This is something I know yet cannot relate with anyone but then again I felt alienated even in the psychward because of normalfags.
>Too many succubi and relatively normal people with mild problems who are only there to blogpost for attention
I do not personally mind SOME of the succs but 100%.
People thought I was only meming at the suicide site as I did not divulge my situation in detail.
You mention succubi and whilst true I find the crabs equally annoying they want to die because no succubus… I wish I had so little a problem I wanted to die because TFW no GF.
>People with legit problems and who are truly marginalized just don't use these places.
I would tend to agree I guess they get banned everywhere for not being an optimist with serious depression.

normalfag meme depression
>oh im so depressed I played games all day :(
actual serious
>oh my room is full of vomit and piss and I have not left the bed for days holding in a shit because I am literally incapable of moving and if I could I would kill myself


At this point you should already know what you're getting into when you leave anonymous imageboards


People like excuses to be upset, they will literally scout for the places that don't use the shitty warning just to complain about it and feel vindicated. Is not about them being triggered in the first place


File: 1606739102131.jpg (41.31 KB, 1023x723, 341:241, JqgIcJu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>At this point you should already know what you're getting into when you leave anonymous imageboards
True but I value the perspective of others as it helps me construct my own worldview.

>People like excuses to be upset,
This is often the case but I have seen it be real.
I once joiend a mental health community that warned me about using the following words
>dr pepper
Because some anon there had an abusive family member that liked it
because some anon there had an abusive grandma that cooked it
Please note these were the two I got warned for upon 3 minuetes of chatting.
I felt as if I had to learn an entire new language basically newspeak to communicate so I left.
They also said that me providing information about fasting was encouraging self harm and also said it seemed like a 4chan racist troll attempt or some retarded shit.

Get this wizkun
>go to therapy for borderlines
>have scars on arms and one trait of borderline is self harm
>someone in the therapy is tweaking insanely hard
>get told by this retarded succubus therapy teacher that I need to cover my arms as it may trigger people there
>people there who slef harm
>people who are there to learn to deal with triggers and regulate their feelings better
>tell her someone is on drugs and that could be triggering to me a past addict
>oh wiz chan we cannot confirm he is on drugs
What did I do?
I went home and wrote a letter to the head of the organization and it got brought up in meetings which ended up meaning the lady was investigated by some group outside of the organization and a few weeks later she says to everyone she is leaving the company.
I got that succ fired lol

Here is some of the letter to show I am not lying also note I tried to appeal to emotion here.names changed obviously

Reflection on our exchange
Succ1 and succ2 claim to be unaware Chris was high on meth “we had no way of affirming this”. This answer alone is problematic, either we conclude They lack the aptitude required to deduce a basic observation a laymen could make regarding the state of Chris exhibiting obvious drug use thus calling into question not only their cognitive abilities or lack thereof but their very ineptitude as persons qualified to be a therapeutic practitioner, or they were feigning ignorance, misrepresenting what they knew to be true thus lying to me. I deduce using common-sense the former is false, what is perplexing to me is the fact during orientation prior to the quoted statement, it is mentioned that being under the influence is permissible verbally plus in General handout section (redacted) we are told not to attend under the influence however in the same section (redacted) it clarifies if however you are under the influence appear sober.
Speculating as to why suc1 and suc2 lied brings me to the conclusion in which I deduce the inference of the lie is implicit of the knowledge that Chris was under the influence and stating otherwise abdicates them from being guilty of not enforcing their rules.
The only other alternative is suc1 and suc2 are philosophers who chose to use our exchange regarding Chris being on drugs to demonstrate facts and accepted truths being transient and in flux as interpersonal effectiveness hand out (redacted) section 3 proposes “meaning and truth evolve over time” >.< =)
end of reflection on our exchange
Analysis of concept of triggers and the safe space
~being forced to dwell within a realm of irrationality results in incessant gnawing of our inner sensibilities, a soul draining experience~

The task of quantifying which stimuli results in inner distress in people outside the near universal is no easy task due to its subjective nature, it is no exaggeration to conclude if one was to transform the world into a safe space free of any triggers the result would be a void for every aspect had been removed in entirety.
in conclusion it is only feasibly possible with a small portion of people to construct a safe space. Due to its subjective nature no assumptions can truly be made, for this results in an artificial safe space.
A real safe space arises organically within a collective being considerate of each other’s triggers…
In fact enforcing of some rules to eliminate presumptive triggers can ironically result in a trigger itself, which in my case it was.

Being told the sight of my body is a source of distress and needs to be hidden on account of purely assumptive grounds and not due to consideration of an actual individual is tantamount to calling me ugly and insisting my presence can only be tolerable if I were to wear a bag over my head to quell the disgust I incite in others, it is a severe affront to my dignity and a crushing blow to my self esteem especially in consideration of my of my past yet relatively recent social anxiety resulting in complete withdrawal of many years.
My hikikomori Arc…

I could write an essay regarding suc1 and suc2 permitting the temporal state of being under the influence of drugs whilst attending class versus chastising me for an intrinsic property of my identity, but instead I respectfully ask I be allowed to exist as I am free from presumptive incitement of triggers pertaining to my arm being visible unless it is confirmed to be a legitimate trigger of someone attending class.
The end


>Can I just comment the abosulye peak stupidity of trigger warnings in mental health places?

From what I have heard and read from trained and practicing psychologist is that trigger warnings aren't grounded in any sort of research, do way more harm then not having them, and are a thing due to ignorant activist rather then anyone actually from relevant fields. It was however picked up by academia because such places are hives of activist.


>mental health forum


File: 1606757847558.png (14.59 KB, 267x223, 267:223, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I agree with this but I will respect triggers on a personal level if friends with someone as courtesy but wont when it concerns randoms and normal talk topics.
you must be newfag we all know it and honestly it is reddit tier.


Not very, i browse wizchan since 2017 or so.
I just have shit memory.


sanctioned suicide it is ran by king crab but he seems like a good guy considering running so many forums at once as cope.
Expect reddit and tons of faggots


File: 1606790133939.mp4 (3.33 MB, 420x746, 210:373, 033323.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>be in an outdoor gym today
>finished my workout and feel the endorphines
>best feeling ever, there's no pain or worries anymore, I am in nirvana
>think about leaving then
>see what it looks like a giant about to enter
>"what the fuck is this guy for real?" He looks like 2 meters tall and has a tattoo that covers his shoulder
>"is this guy a wrestler?"
>he goes to the bar and starts doing chin ups
>he can actually do many and with good form
>think "this guy… I could not beat him no matter how hard I train… but I am glad that men like this exist in this world, he could probably be the protector of innocent wizzies"
>feel good for him and leave

what a fuckin tank of a man


File: 1606794064686.png (17.1 KB, 302x247, 302:247, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Join a debate in mental health forum regarding why cancel culture is good and language needs to be restricted.
>explain analytically how language evolves etc
>make the crime of not saying N word instead of nigger as I needed to show nigger and nugga distinction
>made mistake of presuming I am among adults
whole thred gets nuked by faggot mods.
I put lots of thought into reply to these absolute retards that after having written a rebuttel to reply
>oh you think you are so smart for using fancy words
I am sorry but it I am using ordinary language you use discussing philosophy even to laymens
FUCK I am mentally ill for punishing myself with this shit my god


wizzie did you film the guy?
mayeb the man is nice you are sweet I think it is soo cute how you are saying he may protect wizards thank you


I'm surprised they haven't banned you permanently for being a total sperg.


File: 1606795648847.png (362.8 KB, 640x563, 640:563, 1600646324107.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm surprised they haven't banned you permanently for being a total sperg.
They seem to like my extreme pessimism which I write in an artistic way.
I am surprised myself but I put effort into posting and some users are kinda based and coping hard by trying help others without seeing that letting others die and themselves die is a better way.

Or maybe not..

I am not a total sperg I swear but I could be.


File: 1606811045705.gif (3.34 MB, 498x498, 1:1, chris-benoit-entrance.gif) ImgOps iqdb

why do weights cost so much… Im going to have to spend over 200 dollars on weight plates if I wanna become strong. I've already got the money but I am not used to spend that much money, I wonder if they cost this much because of this stupid virus, since normalfags are buying gym equipment to train at home now that they can't go to the gym.


I stopped caring about getting ripped and just chopped one of my dumbbell weights for project material ….. it uses a surprisingly good low carbon steel, I was expecting cast iron


Phones work a lot better without cases but then you run the risk of damaging them. Phones really shouldn't be so fragile.


Quality weights can last a life time with proper care, so they aren't high value items. And they cost a lot to ship and handle, and they are effected by iron and energy cost.

That said if you want to cheap out you can get vinyl weights, or go full 3rd worlder and make weights out of concrete or sand bags.


i think most people would inmediatly agree with this without being practicing psychologists, its just very self evident and empirically obvious to anyone with a little common sense. is really crazy crackpot ideas can become so dominant only because a few pundits abide by them in very nepotistic echo chambers of academia and politics.


>ideas can become so dominant only because a few pundits abide by them in very nepotistic echo chambers
The story of [thing]


>Phones really shouldn't be so fragile
Well, people still buy them, and another one when the previous one breaks. Manufacturers know this and they're not stupid, like consumers


File: 1606853610076.png (28.81 KB, 494x383, 494:383, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am so fucking done with mental health forums.


>go full 3rd worlder and make weights out of concrete

not a bad idea… not a bad idea at all.


I can hardly breath and I swear my top right tooth is going to fall out. I always feel like my teeth are loose or weak so I push them slightly. Or I guess I sometimes do that when they hurt. I can't breathe. I have to focus on breathing right now.


I hope the mods ban this poltard too


I am not a poltard in that post I even said I am neither right nor left.


I hate making phone calls so much, it's always been this deep fear of mine since childhood. It comes off as unnatural and unsettles me to no end. Any kind of realtime discussion is like this for me, even over text. I'd rather pay bus and train fairs and spend hours of my time physically going to some business to tell or ask them something than phone in. Talking in person is hard enough but when it's over the phone I lock up entirely and if there's sound around me I can't even focus on what the other party is saying. If the covidbux and unemployment insurance hotline wasn't an automated robot I would have starved to death months ago.

Now I have to call my apartment manager sometime before she gets in to tell her that this is the last month I'll be living here, but the rent comes out automatically today around noon and I can't afford it so if it bounces then for some reason the last month is voided and I'll be kicked out + fined for the final month before Christmas. I don't know if the phone number is the office or her house though so I don't want to call in for fear of waking her up. She's pretty nice though and this is a low income neighbourhood so I'm sure she's dealt with worse people than me, but god damn there's such a little chance that I'll actually call in despite knowing the consequences. My instincts aren't pushing me to do it and frankly sleeping is easier so I'll probably just pass out and wake up to find that white envelope stuck sideways in the mailbox telling me to scuz off and pay up again. I lost my last place and my last two jobs because I just didn't feel like making the calls necessary.


>"just take mind-control drugs" followed by femposting


iktf wiz, I hate phones and microphones, my mom calls literally everyone for me otherwise I don’t do it


I know that feel, I too hate talking on the phone. What I would do sometimes is write down whatever I had to say or ask and read it. Now of course you can't do that all the time for every kind of phone call, but it helps to start the conversation without stuttering, especially with the simple stuff like medical appointments and so on. Anyhow I am sure they can tell I am socially awkward since I am not articulate at all. It amazes me that normal people have very little trouble with all that, it makes me feel like a complete retard honestly.


Same here, and I hate it when people send me voice messages. My father forgot how to write as soon as he got a smartphone

>it makes me feel like a complete retard honestly
Getting a random call that I wasn't expecting throws me completely off, sometimes I can't say a single word


same, can't talk on phones and haven't used one since 2004 iirc, I called the best buy to see if a game was in

even that was daunting


File: 1606918812188.jpg (392.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1480440186386.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to love winter and Christmas so much when I was younger. I'd go out for long walks in the cold just so I could take a hot shower when I got in and feel that comforting rush of warmth. Years before that, it was a relief just to get away from school for 3 weeks while staying inside and playing video games all day.

Now, Christmas annoys me and I feel indifferent towards winter. Still beats summer, I guess, which I hate more with every passing year. Traditionally, my anxiety subsides in winter and I feel more at ease, but it's still pretty high so far this year.


File: 1606919587155.jpeg (262.87 KB, 2319x1546, 3:2, .jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

She wasn't there. Phoned, It went to voicemail, froze up, voice broke, I lied and said I had work and could receive calls between n and n. i said i'd leave a note on the way out but i don't even have any paper and if I go to gert some then lord knows by the time I get back she'll be thjere and know that I actually don't work. fuuuuuuckk

nvm she called back halfway through typing this. She's still very kind, I explained my situation and she sympathized with me (it's actually not my fault the rent wasn't paid), and she's coming over tomorrow to take pictures to put an ad up. She said this month rent will probably go in to collections and as I predicted there was no 60 day notice from me so now I'm in hot water for gettin outta here. I anticipated homelessness but I hoped to have at least until January to actually gear up proper for winter weather

i got a lot of cleaning to do


>have about a three months supply of allopurinol
>have to phone doctor to get prescription, just before it runs out
>get anxious about phoning him, despite having to do it in about three months
I wish I never had phone anxiety. Not because I want to be a normgroid who talks on his phone 24/7, but so I can do menial shit like phone for prescriptions without months of dwelling on it.


So you're complaining about being banned for insulting other people over politics on a forum for mental health?



Another one of the big box stores in town has, apparently, installed self checkouts. My parents were complaining about it (and how it's going to cost jobs) earlier.

I'm happy. Sure, the potential loss in jobs sucks. However, I'm glad I can shop and deal with one less person


It doesn't actually cost any jobs.
1. it still requires one to two people to constantly monitor those things and help customers.

Require even more when they are just starting out.
Plus you still need cashiers because of restricted items like cigs and stubborn people.
The people who were cashieres are assigned to other useful task.
Most people who are/were cashieres are able to do other stuff in store. It isn't some kind of highly specialized job nor is the other in store work too complicated to learn in a week or two at most.


File: 1607041518023.png (43.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 37e280e1-679d-47b9-95cc-74….png) ImgOps iqdb

I ate like 4 of these in the past two days and Im not gonna slow down. Im gonna order 5 tomorrow and pass out in a McRib coma.


That shit gives me a rash if it comes in contact with my skin. While for whatever reason I don't have trouble digesting them, I don't trust them if they cause that kind of skin reaction.
Apparently it is some sort of chemical they use to melt the meat into paste that causes the reaction.


Whenever I cook eggs myself it gives me horrible indigestion. This is odd because I don't get any problems when I buy egg sandwich or egg pizza from fast food places. Only when I cook the eggs myself. It's almost crippling, shifts between feeling like I'm about to vomit and having a heart attack. I noticed that I actually started having heartburn when I was cooking the eggs, before I ate any, just from smelling them. So it's almost definitely psychological. Maybe I have a repressed memory of some sort of scrambled egg abuse? Sucks because eggs are so cheap.


I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I became a vegetarian about half a year ago and I also grew my hair out to about the middle of my neck. My hair is starting to fall out a little bit. Am I losing my hair because of poor nutrition or does hair come out easier when its long? It was obvious how my grandfather lost his hair, from radiation, he served in the soviet rocket forces. It would suck if I lost my hair because I didn't know how to cook a proper vegetarian meal.


I have a similar thing with soda, I can chug a gallon of it if I'm at home no problem, but if I'm walking or riding my bicycle in public I get explosive diarrhea if I drink faster than a little tiny sip at a time. It started years ago when I convinced myself of it after it happened once or twice. There's some sort of meta-programming thing involved, probably beyond physical placebo-effect explanation. I know the solution is to reprogram it out of myself and I know how but I never bother to. I should be drinking soda faster than that anyway.


shouldn't be*


do you have noticeable thinning? I can pull out like 15 hairs a day and thats completely normal but looks like a lot of your hair is long


it just comes out easier when it's long, mine's been long since the 90s and I only cut it short twice in the last 23 years, can confirm


>It was obvious how my grandfather lost his hair, from radiation
Yeah right.
No, he lost his hair because he was fucking old and all men go bald.


I don't know of anything specifically related to a vegetarian diet that would cause hair to fall out.
If you cot clumps or it is overall thinning in male pattern areas then it is just genes.

If it is just you notice a little more hair compared to when it was short that is because you have longer hair and is not really a huge problem.

Could also be stress.
Overall not enough info to diagnose over the net so you are kind of on your own.


I dont have noticeable thinning I think you guys are right, that it just falls out more often if its long. I'm probably worrying over nothing.


i installed a chrome extension that limits the amount of time i can spend on imageboards to 1 hour. hopefully this will get me to spend time on more productive things but i am so unmotivated i will most likely waste the time away and then take the restriction off because it is impractical. imageboards are my only socialization, so cutting myself off means i am completely alone too.


I've been a vegetarian for about half a year now, the texture of food matters a lot more because not many vegetarian foods are fatty or savory


If you're really serious about becoming a vegetarian you need to learn how to cook and specially know what's available to you. There's a wide variety of nice tasting fruits, vegetables and dairy products out there, and I mean a lot. I particularly find avocado based dishes to be very tasty. The worst thing people going vegetarian can do is eating those wreched meat replacemente products like vegan burgers or whatever the shit they put on the shelves for people that don't know any better. Might as well eat the real thing instead of that garbage.


Veganism is for fags. You know what else is for fags? Pederasty and bestiality. You know what else is for fags? Homosexuality. Fags are a lot of things. Not only are they queer, but they make you unhappy. You can tell just by looking at them. Their eyes are like a female cat's. And their voices, man, they just ain't right. You know why we never let them run things in the old days?


>Their eyes are like a female cat's
lol, mine are


>Their eyes are like a female cat's.
That doesn't sound like such a bad thing, cats have amazing eyesight.


They see all things without exception.

Is that why they are so wary of everything?

It is said that they can see in every direction at once.

That is because they are not distracted by the things and events of the world as we are.


>The worst thing people going vegetarian can do is eating those wreched meat replacement
really? I looked at the ingredients and its either soy protein or isolated protein from things like mung beans, peas, and rice with plant oils and the whole thing is held up by emulsifiers and chemistry.

If you look at food, most of it is something people have been eating for a long time. Meat, cheese, grains, vegetables, alcohol, fish. Foods such as spices, bubbling wine, canned food, frozen food have made acceptably safe contributions to modern diets if you view these in narrow cases, like canned food for soldiers, freezing food for saving perishable vegetables from your garden for the winter, things like that. Synthetic protein may be the next step of food development, and it may have use for some people as the "meat" in meat and potatoes, or synthetic protein chopped up and put into spaghetti with vegetables and beans. I eat synthetic protein but not every meal and I try to get exotic plants like avocados or chia seeds to eat.

>master-slave morality


First of all, you're not a fucking slave. Second of all, you're not a master. You want to be a master, but you can't. You sound like one sometimes. But you do know how to carry on a civil conversation. You know how to get along with people. You ain't no fool. You ain't one of them cheap square jumpers that thinks he can do things with other people's lives. You are a realist. You see everything with a clear eye and a cold brain, and you don
t let the little things bother you. You talk to people because you have to. You see them treated like dogs and animals. You see them put in fucking crates and shipped to places where they ain't wanted. You see them treated like things that are better dead. You see young people with their throats cut and their bodies thrown in the woods like bundles of old rotten meat. You see old people with their heads cut off and their bodies thrown in the woods like so much fucking trash. And all because they were white and had some education. You think the world is pretty mixed up, but you ain't the man to do nothing about it.


Take your anti-psychotics.


File: 1607321910616.png (40.93 KB, 533x388, 533:388, homestar.png) ImgOps iqdb

>usually go out to smoke weed on my days off
>as it's Sunday night/Monday morning, I went out about an hour ago (about 1:30am)
>just chilling, browsing random articles on my phone
>notice movement between the two sets of welfare housing across the street
>it's a succubus in PJs. kind of looks like someone who lives in one, but can't get a good look at her to confirm/see who it was
>plus, she was holding a flashlight or something, pointing it at the forest on the other side of the property
>pretty sure I heard a zap, but nothing was burned/electrocuted or otherwise disturbed
>she did that all while walking between the two sets of apartments
>no noise for the couple minutes I was outside
It was too early for the wrestling have kicked in. Shit's weird


>usually go out to smoke weed
post discarded


Why do bostile?


>I was (stinking up my whole neighborhood by) smoking weed in public
>Just "chilling"
>On my iPhone
>I give a random pajama-clad succubus all of my attention from here on out
>"Shit's X"

You are a normalfag and probably black.


Why do plant eaters insist on making their nasty fucking food into fake meat? Can't they invent and prepare any appetizing original dishes from the available ingredients without mutilating them into vomit inducing monstrosities? All treehugger food I had to suffer through was either a sad variation of a real meal castrated of its meat or an attempt at imitating real food with processed plant matter, with the most horrifyingly disgusting results.


Vegan food can be nice but I think the market for making fake meat comes from vegans who want to try prove you can eat "meat" without hurting animals and also because a lot of vegans are only meme vegans that wish they could eat meat without feeling bad.
I love veggies I just ate some lovely veggies today which is rare lol.
Meat is nice though.


Nigwizzies are cool


sounds like your average wigger


I think they're trying to convince people who eat meat you can eat a burger without killing a cow. Which most of the times ends up in a absolute failure, of course.


My skin is white as snow. Smoking weed and saying "shit's x" is the only way i "act black." I'm in my 30s and live at home, have no friends, still have my virginity, and work a deadend job, so how am I normal? Weed is legal in Canada, so I can just pop into a store to buy it.

I just gave the succubus attention because I heard a buzzing and saw a light, which was weird given the time of day


Does the existence of vegetarian meat replacements offend your sensibilities? If you dont like it, then fine, you can just totally ignore it. No one is forcing you to eat it.


I'm not who you're replying to. I think that began meat replacements are weird. I tried a vegan sausage a few years ago, out of curiosity. The texture was weird. Kind of hard to describe beyond "veggies pretending to be meat." It was weird.

I'm not opposed to that kind of thing existing, but it doesn't really remind me of meat


Interesting, I didn't know pressing CTRL+SHIFT+W brought up the web browser's text-to-speech. Now I know how text-to-speech wizards cast their text-to-speech magic.


doesn't that just close the browser


If I remember correctly yeah, but it's a command that most don't use unless they are using porn on a family computer or something.


I'm just saying why I think they exist, you don't have to get so defensive


I hear vancouver just legalized all hard drugs, or all of canada did, don't recall…

you should try some heroin or crack


I'm subscribed to an old man that does food reviews and recently he uploaded a video of the mcrib. Sadly, I don't think they sell them in my country.


File: 1607432560728-0.png (Spoiler Image, 564.88 KB, 861x598, 861:598, wtf2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607432560728-1.png (Spoiler Image, 403.4 KB, 937x451, 937:451, wtf4.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607432560728-2.png (Spoiler Image, 405.68 KB, 938x600, 469:300, wtf3.png) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards that know about psychology disorders, what is this called?
This guy is an adult who makes posts about a succubus on his instagram and youtube, he has so many posts mentioning her name and praising her and telling things about her that is scary and now says that she went missing. He also has a 7 minute video on his youtube about her where he shares drawings dedicated to her along words about how much he loves her and she means in his life.

Is it plain autism? Fuck, it reminds me of Chris Chan but was Chris Chan like this in his 20s?


She could be his autistic special interest. Most of the time it's harmless.


File: 1607433932302.png (Spoiler Image, 355.16 KB, 935x606, 935:606, lol1.png) ImgOps iqdb

he is looking for that succubus and asking people about her and still angry about events that happened a long time ago. He mentions them on his instagram like this. Apparently Maya was with Chad in high school so he got this Chad's number or instagram to ask him about her whereabouts lol.

>Ok Asshole ,first you say you don t know maya & i. i d know cause i had your wrist in my hand, cause you punched maya for hugging a friend & i. i was going to snap your wrist for it. that was highschool 06 _07)

cause i despites succubi beaters & succubi abusers. with a passion.
its like the one tick off button that really sets me off.
>i hate when assholes like you lie, you hurt maya alot thru the years. you think i feel bad for you cause she left. no i don t , i wish i had a magical forget everything bad i ever done or anyone feelings i hurt.
>unlike you i have a heart, so my mistakes & peoples feelings i hurt, bothers me.
>you don t feel bad at all about it, i didn t even wanna talk you, but i did to try to move closer to finding my beloved maya.
>either way tyler why the fuck do you care, your the reason this mess is happening. if you had just treated maya right, maybe this shit wouldn t be this way.
>That being said its no difference to me, you always been my problem. its the way you treat succubi dude, especially maya
>just saying , you & i are always enemies never friends. you know why, you punched maya in school,that may be our teen life memories. i never forgave you, in actually i wanna punch you back for maya. your just lucky maya means the world to me, taking her to the nurse was more important than whipping your ass tyler. you can spot your mouth all you want , you were scared as fucked when i grabbed your arm from hitting maya a second time. should have never happened she just hugged me, holy shit dude, im her childhood friend shes always at least hugged me since we were kids, if shes not in a relationship its usally a hug & kiss on the cheek. thats just maya being maya im literally the only one she did that on a normal basis. for you to get jealous over a hug an strike her, thats bullshit. you have no trust in her, NO Trust no love plain in simple. your just a dick thats all, maybe you should just leave maya alone you did enough bullshit to her, if shes not happy with me, i hope she finds someone who does,that is nothing like you. im not standing by anymore. i knew all along this shit was happening thats why you always caused bullshit when her & i hung out. even disagreements between us, your a man child if he doesn t get his way you throw a fit like a baby. your no better than my ex my sons mom. peeiod

is it autism? What is this shit called? It's like he believed he was an anime character. How is this possible?


File: 1607435414743.png (870.93 KB, 810x539, 810:539, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



It doesn't "offend" me, soy boy. Your pretend meat is retarded and I'm shoving this fact in your face.


I live in Newfoundland. The only recreational drugs legalized in my province is weed and booze. I have little interest in anyway harder than weed, plus I don't know how to get any. Don't trust the dark web


>soy boy
Go back


File: 1607479252711.jpg (101.79 KB, 700x592, 175:148, 1561869318306.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Politics is the last thing people should be debating on a mental health forum, is kinda like promoting mental cancer, really weird , you'd think people go to a place like that to get away from the usual grind of politics and those types of public debates about le controversial social issues


a really really fat american wrote this


when i want to reverse image search, i go to my address bar, type sdsfdsfds or something to get to a google search, then i click 'images' and then the little camera thing to search by an image

i've done this for so long. i know i could just a bookmark tag. part of it i think is the random results it produces, there is a lot of stuff on the internet that shows up

i wonder what the equivalent ASFsdgsd would be in chinese or some other language. not knowing the language, im sure i wouldn't even be able to tell it was gibberish


You said you 'had to suffer' through eating it. Was this suffering self inflicted?



>left pointer finger gets hurt
>tore a ligament or something
>chronically hurts
>still abusing it with work and projects ever since
>suddenly stops hurting overnight on the 1 year anniversary of the injury
>still fine after 3 months
this fucking world man
this sort of thing doesn't just happen naturally


reminds me when i was a kid, a shrimp's horn/barb got stuck in between my finger joint and broke off. so it was a crunchy painful feeling for a few months until randomly one day it was perfectly fine


When something suddenly changes about your physicality, it's how how can confirm if you've shifted timelines.


>you've shifted timelines
uh huh
it's not like I grew a fox tail or some shit, I'm just talking about something minor, that actually happens a lot to me, in my world, things tend to happen on year anniversaries, usually it's the events of a date repeating themselves, usually a day that was ruined so badly I bitterly resent it and try to redo it the next year, only to have the very same thing(s) happening again to ruin it

I call those the cursed days, and I just had another one on tuesday, one in particular, the original one, has been a perennial failure since 2005, it's absolutely insane how it keep repeating itself in the same way and I remember it whenever some genius remarks that nothing supernatural or "unscientific" exists in this world

the way it really works is more akin to a nightmare than the "scientific" world model


Can I shift timelines with some reality in which I won the lottery or something?


i suspect my info was used to submit fraudulent unemployment insurance claims, because someone created a weird gobank account with ym email address in october. i already reported it with the ftc and nothing from my bank account has been affected so im not worried. plus it seems people are suing gobank/greendot because of this so i could probably EARN money from it

but it got me thinking, is it legal to commit fraud like this if you're in another country? is there no international agreement to prevent this shit? is it legal for me to scam the chiense government and get money? or scam businesses in china?


cat window op, cat window video


File: 1607843520573.jpg (316.76 KB, 720x540, 4:3, A new Musical.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1607898391294.png (2.19 MB, 1440x1966, 720:983, 20201213_172448.png) ImgOps iqdb

wageslavery and the cult of productivity makes me sick


Yeah same here, getting a job was the biggest mistake of my life.


What the fuck am I going to do with the rest of my life?


That depends. Are you rich? Handsome? Tall or short?


If you have money, anything you want. If you don't have money, survive.


bout to relocate back to my desktop after two years, seeing all my old shit and stuff I forgot about is gonna be such a nostalgia trip

I just might get lost in it for a few days

I should probably install a new linux while I'm at it, it's still on lucid….or not, screw those faggy new OSs


Just finished painting my room, feeling accomplished.


What color did you paint it, wiz?


I'm not rich, may be handsome if I lost weight, average height.


File: 1607985219353.png (1.52 MB, 1020x1530, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Grey (like pic related) it's a very soothing and calm color


I hope the 3DS port of star fox 64 doesn't suck.


The graphics and 3D effects were pretty good, but it's still just Starfox 64


thats good. I haven't played it since its original release and I randomly fancied it


when people here say the simpsons went bad, what is the basis of the complaint? the comedy? I haven't seen any simpsons since early 2000s but what I last saw was hilarious, the writing had evolved to a similar level of bizarre and dry humor as seinfeld, a show I loved


Watch the epi with lady Gaga.
It is a excellent study of all the things that have gone wrong with modern Simpsons in a neat little package that can give insight into why people don't like Simpsons anymore.

Though if you somehow like that ep then I guess modern Simpsons probably won't bother you, so enjoy I guess.


All of the characters became shallow one notes. Homer is just dumb and doing random stuff. Lisa is the genius mouth piece of the writers etc. They lost their depth.

Like wise they care more about celebrity references than their own stories now. It started close to married with children and ended up closer to family guy.


>It started close to married with children and ended up closer to family guy.
oh, I understand now

that's terrible


the current simpsons is like a bootleg family guy but sjw. Ironically they are the poor mans versions of a show that was created as a simpsons rip off.

90s simpsons is probably the best written comedy show ever. Most people wether they are righties or lefties could get a laugh out of the delivery and social commentary was on point rather than preachy smug nonsense. Characters felt believable and springfield felt like an exageration of a real lived in place rather than le random wacky cartoon land where grandpa simpsons suddenly becomes a spanish matador rather than a relatable old man that reminds you of someone you probably knew irl


its great if you were born and brought up into the class of people that can just live off assets, speculation and passive income and royalties. For everyone else is a zero sum game, ironically the more competitive and productive the people are the prices come down the most and the more their own wages decrease, if everyone is maximixing productive then no one can get ahead by being extra productive, they just raised the bar on what is the bare minimum that is expected from the average wageslave bee.


I like to scratch my back with my bottle opener. Feels good.


File: 1608075483837.mp4 (10.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 16 - Dancing In The Car, E….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

RIP Elliot


I smell seafood


Nothing is ever as good as I imagine it will be.


waiting forever for a package

i hate when people print the shipping label to trigger an update marking it as 'shipped' even when for example they didnt shop it for like 4 days. jesus christ on a log how does this happen so often i buy maybe 10 things total per year


Let me guess, aliexpress.


Ill abstain from porn and masturbation for 100 days. It's gonna be awesome!


Holy shit it feels like it took forever to get my new computer set up.
Bulk of that time was spent just setting up the email client because I forgot the password and the recovery acount was a univisrcity account that I hadn't even thought about in years. Had to find my old school ID in a box somewhere, use that to get the log ins, then once logged in reset the password to the account that I was actually interested in, then finally I could proceed to finishing setting up the email application. Only for the internet to go out for a few minutes for no good reason.

Everything else was relatively straight forward. Though I did have to rearrange a lot of my room since I didn't do measurements and both the screen and tower are much bigger then expected.
Shit has RGB everything so I had spent more then a little time messing around with setting of that too, only to settle on faint light for the keyboard and turn off the case lights.

All that done and I don't even feel like doing much of anything anymore.


I've spent 9 hours so far stripping/cleaning/reassembling my desktop and the peripherals, I can't believe how long it takes just to clean a damn computer, and there's still a few more things to do

figured out a very efficient way to dry out keyboard keys though after they're washed and still full of water


Wow, talk about a deep clean.
Usually I just give mine a quick once over with the vacuum and rub a few things down with alcohol then call it a day.

Well, I wish you the best in your cleaning.


I killed this desktop's first motherboard that way, I never believed the static electricity stuff but it turned out to be true


Guess I have been lucky.
Been doing it for years without problem but in the back of my mind I know there is a small risk.


Curious to know how a vacuum produced static electricity


iirc something about dust carrying a positive charge and then discharging it from swirling around under vacuum forces, mine was extremely dusty btw


what cpu/gpu?


I use an air compressor, which is kinda like a reverse vacuum I guess. It can probably have the same effect, I had no idea.


File: 1608125818346.jpg (29.18 KB, 447x396, 149:132, kagami.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A mark of the early 2000s will definitely be gaudy LEDs over everything. No diffusers, just blinding light in your eyes. The first thing I do is cover them or remove/replace them.

What's unforgivable is this has extended to car headlamps and streetlights. Cars used to have yellow filters as it scatters less in fog, but now cars have piercing blue LEDs and streetlights are bright white, making fog an impenetrable haze and everyone collectively dazzles each other. If the reason modern cars have filtered mirrors and windscreens is because of the lights this is peak retardation.


amd ryzen 7 3700x
nvidia geforce rtx 2060 6gb

My first AMD computer so far.


did you build it yourself?


No, It was a prebuilt but I had a deep discount for the retailer to the point where I couldn't build a similar system for less.
Hens the lights all over everything.


File: 1608158903381.png (645.41 KB, 636x532, 159:133, this fucking mad.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Cars used to have yellow filters as it scatters less in fog, but now cars have piercing blue LEDs
Glad someone else notices this, I am so fucking sick of these bright LEDs blinding me as I drive around at night. Thought I must be going insane since the normalfags don't even seem to mind having the light of a thousand suns pointed at them for some reason. Even my fucking CPU is was blinding me when I first installed it for fucks sake. WHY DOES MY CPU EVEN HAVE LIGHTS ON IT?


Because if you slap a few LEDs on a computer part and call it "gamer" kids will pay twice its value, more if you get a famous youtuber to promote it


Don't succumb to the suc.


How you holding up?


File: 1608206965844.jpg (160.14 KB, 1200x1285, 240:257, rgb-lighting-24-100719491-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

those christmas tree "gamer" PCs are so gaudy, it's like people would rather be staring at their tower than whatever is on the monitor, I don't get the point of pimping out a computer like that, I guess it might feel really cool to own one if I were still 12


Wouldn't it be annoying as well? I mean having all those lights to one side, especially if you're in a dark room.


no, it's actually nice when it's not a "rainbow puke" but rather one color.
that pic above is horrendous.


good, it's been just 1 day. It's at the 7th day that I always have problems, last time I felt I had a fever and needed to masturbate because it was impossible to sleep otherwise.


normalshits and their children and pets making noise outside

it's a war against silence and peace
and they are winning
noise they need to make
they need to create
my tranquility and mental health at risk
whenever a normshit is not asleep
therefore I realized
death is what I should give


>death is what I should give


No looks like this wizza gon' off some normies


I know how you feel, believe me. Things were no where near this bad when I was growing up and I know it isn't just nostalgia goggles. Parents and dog owners (let's face it, when it comes to pets disturbing the peace with noise it's pretty much always dogs) back in the day were more likely to actually enforce discipline and punishment to incentivize their children and dogs to behave, ie not run around screaming or barking all fucking day.

One of the problems is that the parents of most young children these days are millennials and millennials idea of good parenting is being the "cool" parents that lets their child do whatever they want. Millennials are also more likely to own a dog, and they're even worse dog owners than they are parents. They see no problem letting their dog bark for 13 hours a day and using any effective negative reinforcement to stop said barking is unthinkable. Dogs can easily be more disruptive than children as they can easily bark for 10 hours straight without a letup whereas children at least get tired much more easily.

Another issue is that normalfag millennials have zero concept of personal responsibility. They don't care if they, their dog, or their children are disturbing the peace or sleep of others. Bring up the issue with them and they will just lash out on you and not only will the issue go unresolved, but you will also potentially make an enemy, who might even end up making your life more difficult out of sheer spite.

And don't expect any authority to actually do anything to stop the noise either. Noise complaints to authorities is just yelling into the void. You can wear earplugs all day, but they only do so much and wearing earplugs and still hearing the noise is in some ways even worse than not wearing them at all.
I'm sure he understood what that poster meant. More than likely this was his way of passive-aggressively insulting him because he is a noisy asshole (or possibly the owner of a noisy dog) himself and he felt personally attacked by that post.


>Another issue is that normalfag millennials have zero concept of personal responsibility. They don't care if they, their dog, or their children are disturbing the peace or sleep of others. Bring up the issue with them and they will just lash out on you and not only will the issue go unresolved, but you will also potentially make an enemy, who might even end up making your life more difficult out of sheer spite.

This. They live off of spite, they live off of hypocrisy, they live off of "uhh mind your own business why do you care" unless the same is happening to them or their friends. It's always different when they do it and "having compassion for others and how they feel and what they experience" is only important when peers are watching them pay lip-service so they can maintain that sweet social currency. Contemptible.


Feels good knowing people are still making AMVs, thought it was a long lost craft


I always feel like the dumbest person in the room, I read what other people are saying and think I could never come up with something like that, even if they're just normal conversations


they are labeled as sakuga compilations now, same thing, animation and music but no one labels them AMV anymore because even weebs on youtube like to pretend like they are curators now.


No, the name change from amv is almost totally because of the bot scanning for that tag and blacklisting such videos automatically. Mostly because they violate DMCA in at least two different ways as far as most corporations are concerned.


it just hit me how fucked i am in this world. im going to have to get a job. theres no way out. fuck


one of my spare hard drives is fucked maybe, it was viewable on my system and I rebooted to plug another drive in to backup the stuff on it, now nothing I do gets it to show, it still shows in the bios screen though

there goes all my shit then, what a rotten day


Hard power down (unplug system, wait ~20 sec, plug and power on) then try. Some motherboards cache drive info for fast booting and if the drive info is mismatched it might fail to detect or instead tell your OS incorrect info about what's in the port. Probably won't work but it's 20 seconds of hope


didn't work, it's a lost cause


File: 1608399768621.webm (90.37 KB, 350x250, 7:5, 1111551515.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Enter my house after hanging the laundry that I left yesterday. Mom is in the living room.
-Where's that barbecue smell coming from? uhh?
-talk to me, son. I asked you a question
-you know this another form of abuse, when someone stays silent or mute!
-I want peace!! Peace in my house… Peace, peace, peace.

lol succmom btfo


Some people were downstairs fixing the bathroom and I was too afraid to go ask if I could use it, so I just shit in a garbage bag and wiped with paper towel.



yeah it works surprisngly well, especially if you moisten the paper towel. many times i have to shit but it's too late and i don't want to wake other people up by using the bathroom, i also dont like the idea that people can hear me shit. i end up doing that once every month at a minimum


I live with 5 other people so the bathroom is always blocked up. Especially since two of my roommates are fatasses who take 2 hour shits like 3-4 times a day. I have a nice system where I just take a 5 gallon bucket with a bag and some toilet paper outside into the woods. There's a huge compost dumpster nearby, I just chuck it straight into. It honestly feels 100% cleaner than using the toilet in my house.


>It honestly feels 100% cleaner
I'm sure it does, starting with the fact your ass doesn't touch a filthy toilet rim where some sweaty fat fuck's ham is pressed for 8 hours a day breeding a swine flu.


>5 roommates
Jesus, how is your living situation this bad? You living in an overcrowded third world shithole?


Man, they're giving people another $600 but I'm not gonna get any again this time because I'm listed as a dependent on my parents taxes. Fucking faggots gimme my neetbux reeeeeee


landlord asked for rent to be e-transferred
>i sent it
they says it didn't go throug
>i check bank, everything went fine
>tell them to wait it out
they tell me to cancel and try again
>e-transfers can't be cancelled
they send a phone screencap of the etransfer website
its just blank
>try to open website on phone
>try to open on pc
>get down bcuz failed to redirect to secure version error
>change http to https
>take picture and send
>explain to landlord how to do

come on i need to go to sleep and if i have to make a phonecall to the bank to confirm what i already know i'm going to be restless beyond reason and will never get a nap in


I sympathize.
Shit like that is annoying as fuck.


I fucking hate this time of the year, the street is full of groids screaming like chimps. Had some hope the lock down would calm these apes down but it's the same as always.


Happy winter solstice. It's gonna get lighter from here on out.


we need more viruses, wiz. Something that can really kill them if they leave their house.


We need something that kills loud people, like in that movie with the guy from the office.
Thankfully I live on southern hemisphere so the days are only going to get darker.


Just got a phonecall from what I assumed was my dad but it was some guy selling a "corona" duct cleaning scam. I cracked up though and humored him before hanging up because the first thing he said was that his name was Osama Bin laden so I though it was a prank.


every now and then i find a term that leads to interesting search results, 'maquette'. it seems to mean like a miniature sketch or unfinished model of buildings. english results for miniatures are dominated by rpg figures, and miniature house just shows doll houses. this seems like a word used by architects or something which is nice to know


rewatching thor ragnarok after two years, it's as funny as I remember it, good ol' movie, great comedy


File: 1608752222891.jpg (208.29 KB, 1500x1140, 25:19, 881118gg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fuck, so im doing this nofap shit and it's been I don't know how many days, I think 7 or 5. I don't know, but today I had a sex dream where I did it with my mom. She was not my mom exactly, she was like an enhanced version of her. Thirty years younger, thinner, bigger tits, wider hips, etc. A young, healthy and beautiful succubus, so beautiful any man would go crazy for her. She was so attractive the real sin would have been not to do it with her. I don't remember exactly how it happened, I think I was looking for my real mom, and so I ended in her room and that's where I saw 'her' lying in bed. I realized then it was a dream, and ashamed as I was she didn't mind. I guess she didn't know I was her son because at that age she had no children, and thanks to that I could pretend she wasn't my mom, that, and knowing I was dreaming.
The sex was strange at the beginning, I'm a virgin after all, even in my dreams. And I blame this on me trying to start with a hard difficult position, then I gave up and went from missionary to other variations of the missionary position. I won't lie, I was in heaven and I didn't want to leave, I wanted to be chained to her in that bed. Anyways, after having sex with her for like two hours, I heard the door of my house open and for some reason, I knew that was my real mom who had arrived, and for those seconds, I had the certainty that once she opened the door to her room, she'd see me dreaming this, so her door was a window into the dream I was having at that moment, while I was asleep in my room. Therefore, if she opened that door and saw me naked and having sex with 'her', she'd make a fuss and never forgive me and I'd be embarrassed for the rest of my life in real life, that's this life. I got scared and didn't know what to do, but at the end, my salvation came and I woke up. Now I don't even feel like masturbating.


Oedipus complex is quite common. Freud was definitely onto something.


File: 1608758377703.jpg (9.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, evil moon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Did you tried no-fap srsly or just tried to no fap?

You still had some libido there, so you didn't follow the rules:

-Eat less, and no dairies or meat at all.
-Do strenuous execise, tiring yourself PHYSICALLY and never mentally.
-Use COLD water, sleep without sleeves if you can stand.
-Control your gaze completely, do not let any visual stimuli enter it.

Now, the dream is also interesting, you should really analyze your fears there, also your unskilled willpower:

>I wanted to be chained in that bed.

If I were you I'd be worried about two things:
-I have a potential of feeling embarrased for whatever (I consider it a mental disease)
-I did leave myself into that succubus instead of taunting and provoking her.

I do not like to take lightly my nearby "wizard" title. You must the beautiful, the healthy, the taunter. Power lack is so dangerous…


I'm not touching my dick except to pee, and not watching porn if you don't count what's posted in here.
I do have libido but right now is manageable. To give you an example, today I was sweeping the entrance of my house as I always do, when I detected a perfume for succubi, and that's when I saw this beautiful succubus walking along, right in front of my house. There was eye contact, and I looked at her more than what was necessary or acceptable, you know. I stopped sweeping juts to look until she walked away. Then I thought about what I'd just done, and didn't feel bad, because I always compare myself to how I was before, and before I'd never had a problem avoiding looking at succubi on the streets. It's just that right now, it makes no sense to deny yourself of such a silly and small pleasure. I do not want to go full monk or ascetic on this, I found it purposeless, I'm just a virgin, I don't have priesthood planned for me. Abstaining from masturbation is enough at the moment and I wanna reach at least 100 days mark.

I do not want to fuck my mom though…



the larping level is still as high as ever here


Finally remembered to buy some pumpernickel bread when I was shopping today, I've been meaning to for months but it always slips my mind. I love pumpernickel, just on its own it's great.


I watched Chinatown (1974) recently. It was a fairly good movie.


Forget it wiz, it's Chinatown

it is a great movie


I think it has been literally 10 years since I last had pumpernickel bread.
I don't even remember if I like it or not. Maybe the next time I am at a dinner or breakfast place I will have some but I ain't paying $4 bucks for a god damn single loaf of bread.


It's just rye and tastes like rye.
>I ain't paying $4 bucks for a god damn single loaf of bread.
I loved olive bread the local store sells but haven't ate it in…10 years, and that's why


being creative is exhausting. people eely on positive comments and stuff to stay motivated. it is dificult when you dont do that and dont make stuff to impress other people. i hate that some random person online can provide validation. i want my own mind to be able to provide the validation for its own effort. i guess you have to compare to your past work and take snapshots along the way to be able to grasp the changes and work involved. someone that actually enjoys their own creations might not have this oroblem. i dont really know what im trying to say


iktf but when I got older I stopped caring and since then make stuff for my own gratification, showing off and getting comments is still fun but not the motivation any longer, praise is hollow, people don't really care, and you shouldn't care about them


parents just stuck a card in my door with $500 inside, a present, I guess … I threw away their stupid santa card and placed the cash on their table to find in the morning, I don't know what they think I'll do with $500, it's not like I wanna buy anything, who fucking cares about buying things

I'd happily trade it for the last ten years of my life they completely ruined, but you can't buy the past, it's over, we're all gonna be dead soon anyway


>the threads on /b/ were true


Would you like to talk about how your parents ruined your life at all wiz? I do not think we should let the bad people ruin our past and our future I know that life is bleak it is over for myself but I have hopes you are younger and maybe you could work towards squeezing some joy out of this unfortunate situation we have found ourselves in being alive.

You seem to be quiet angry I think it is important to note that anger is just sadness projected and we can learn to enjoy our misery but anger will only cause us to become bitter and taint our perspective plus the world around us as the blackish tentacles slimly with bile reach out of our hearts poisoning anything by leeching the joy from it before we can grasp it ourselves.

We can talk here in the thread and express why you feel how you do we can try to get past this problem you have erected a monument to trauma before your feet restricting your path froward.


he is just larping for attention, pretty sure last year he claimed his parents bought him a ps4 and that he threw it in a dumpster after


what threads


We had manbaby cals it shitmas and is ungrateful threads in >>>/b/


File: 1609086568457.gif (663.12 KB, 498x280, 249:140, 1602697049734.gif) ImgOps iqdb

These kinds of posts make feel really bad for some reason. The way you worded "a present, I guess…" as if you are astonished that they put together such a thing in some misguided belief that it would make you happy, all the while, you are nothing but a stranger to them and your father rarely comes into your room except to pester you about trivialities, asking you if you're winning in your computer games, completely unaware of the dark pit of suffering you inhabit since the day he chose to impregnate your mother and give you another supposed gift you never asked for.


now type that without crying.


Really cute gif do you know the anime it is from I would like to watch it.
Wiz I am unsure what you mean exactly here as I am tired but bear with me.
1. You think that he is just ungrateful and he does come off like that I even tried to help him through the anger
2. you are talking about antinatlaist ideas here I do realte to what you said about this
Have you read any antinatalist books at all?
what did you think of David Benetar i you did read his works because I found his reasoning to be quite poor regarding the asymmetrical pleasure and pain scale as subjectivity renders that argument moot.
I think he badly represents the entire philosophy and we really do not have a whole lot of good works that are well made abut the argument against living and creating others to suffer.
Sarah Perry wrote every cradle is a grave and it was a great read yet i found it had many flaws when it came to mental health as she clearly did not understand it comprehensively enough as I could pick apart a lot of what she claimed.
How was your christmas?


why do you talk like a retard


Your perspective interests me I will take a wizard slumber and I am looking forward to hopefully hearing from you and a reply to >>260201

How long do you wizards sleep for?


I believe it's from "Toradora!"

I don't think he's ungrateful because I recognize this theme of having parents that are borderline neglectful in all the important, yet subtle ways. They never forget to feed you, have you clothed, maybe even give you generous gifts, yet beneath all that, you are a stranger to them, they rarely question why you are spending months in your room never talking to anyone, why you dropped out of college, don't have friends, why you never have anything to say to them. "Are you winning son?" seems to be relatable meme to many that grew up on the Internet. It's like the only thing your dad really knows about you is that you used to get excited about video games when you were a kid, but now you're in your twenties and he's still giving you money to buy a "nintendo" or whatever the fuck.

I'm not an anti-natalist, but I recognize that parenthood is not always something good because many fail to recognize the responsibility of bringing someone into a world full of suffering. In a lot ways, children are legal slaves, forced to submit to their parents will (or whatever government-sponsored shithole will have them) until legal age.


Thanks for sharing source.

When I first replied to the poster I felt I shant be too quick to judge as we can never get the full story from a single post and I related as my family had been awful to me as well.
>They never forget to feed you, have you clothed, maybe even give you generous gifts, yet beneath all that, you are a stranger to them
I personally had been straight abandoned by a parent after abuse and shifted to another that only used me as an ATM while my mental health which was already frail went to complete shit while being gaslit and psychologically abused until getting abandoned yet again to the street.

I mentioned this not to trying to do some pity contest but am trying to say I feel you are overreacting to a boomer being disconnected with the child and if the NEET is allowed to be a NEET that is good enough whilst sad it is not as bad as you make it out to be and who can blame the parents when there is a huge generational divide between father and son culturrally.

Children are just slaves you are not wrong you remind me of that shitty suicide book ever deeper hoensty.
come chat on >>>/b/


If the child is disconnected from his parents, then is it any mystery why the child grows up to be disconnected from society? You could say that allowing someone to be a NEET is quite generous, yet it's really just another avenue of neglect. Failing to really care and ask yourself why the soul you brought into this world has so much trouble adjusting to existence? It is one thing for the boomer to be disconnected from the child's culture, but quite another to fail to realize when the child is suffering. In such a state, are you surprised that someone would react as OP did? Would you rather him smile through another meaningless symbolic exchange while his soul is completely starved? Thank you mother and father, 500 dollars! Perhaps this will afford me a couple sessions of much needed therapy, or perhaps a handgun, I haven't decided quite yet.

Is it possible that the original poster would have preferred if his parents actually took the effort to connect, rather than meaningless monetary gifts brought on by a yearly consumer holiday? Suddenly, they have remembered that they have a son when their TV box started playing advertisements with family related themes. Here you go son, I do not know why you are so sad all the time, but it is surely because you have not CONSUMED enough.


Oh I agree social withdrawal is a symptom of societal decay and if we all had better families we would not likely be on wizchan posting as we cannot connect with regular normal people at all.
Do you post here often?


File: 1609095280821.jpg (8.57 KB, 254x199, 254:199, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This one time when I was 13, I was home all alone, so I decided to be a lust demon and do a deep dive into the Tor CP scene (remember when CP links were available on the Hidden Wiki list on the clear not?). So there I was, beating my little underage meat to some real prime stuff, when all of a sudden, I hear the doorbell ring.

I was taken off guard, so I didn't even x out of the Tor browser and I answered the door with just my boxers on. Right when I propped the door open, it was a police succubus. She said that they received a 911 call from my house, despite nobody being home except me and I explained that to her. She then promptly left because I was basically naked and she was grossed out.

So that was the time I almost got canned for being a lust demon.


Watching films about jesus, so cheesy and ridiculous it's comical


>underage boy watches cp
i'm confused, what's the law's take on this? what does this makes you? and are you still into that stuff? if yes r.i.p, i can't think of something worse than being a pedo, ruins your life and the life of your surroundings, must suck.
lord have mercy for this poor soul


File: 1609098186056.png (124.51 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb


lol, I too remember looking up child porn when I was like 11 or 12, downloaded some virus off limewire and then my pc broke with all the files being renamed into 'gay fetish porno' then I had to tell my parents I broke the pc and it was embarrassing


I tried downloading some bestiality from this website, but it was a virus and it black screened the family computer.


File: 1609102400068.jpeg (33.87 KB, 253x233, 253:233, 1FB0F770-750E-4F6E-B36F-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>those tabs and bookmarks
Well done


Not bad. I used to seed CP like mad with a static IP and would browse Tor video sites (there were almost 100% Youtube clones but with CP, one of them even had a prank on April 1st that allowed you to share links to vids over social media). After weeks of this I went to grab a coffee one day and there was a police cruiser parked right outside the house, almost partially on the lawn, and the officer was doing something on his dashboard/laptop. I stopped seeding shortly after and made sure to take precautions since. That was a long time ago now. I haven't fapped to CP in days and 2D is much better. Hopefully 3DCG picks up and producers stop charging an arm and a leg for something decent.


File: 1609109583919.gif (8.18 MB, 500x275, 20:11, banderas.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Is this really suitable for the anti-crawl thread?


I just had the most beautiful dream I've had in years. So beautiful that once I woke up I tried to fall asleep again to resume the dream but sadly it did not work. It was a romantic dream and it's weird because I never think about that since there are no succubi in my life. Usually when I dream about people, it's people that I've known, and most of them are people from high school that I haven't seen in years.
So that's why the succubus from my dream doesn't exist but I think that I've seen her eyes before, somewhere…. The dream consisted of me spending afternoons and sometimes entire days in her bedroom, looking at each other, playing videogames, watching tv shows, talking, cuddling, resting in bed, etc. It felt so real that I felt really sad when I woke up from it because I wanted to go back and experience that comforting feeling. It was just too good being with her, it was so calming and invigorating. It was like being drunk in love.
What came later made me forget about it, and I am grateful for it. It was a dream where I was trapped in hell and trying to escape, so I had to team up with a group of tv characters. In the beginning, I was alone in a haunted house and had to sacrifice animals to solve a puzzle, and then after getting out of the house I realized that I was in hell. At the end, we needed the help of the gate guardian that was in a secret area located in a bar or brothel, and although I was afraid I managed to convince him to help us get out, but it did not work, we needed like 8 or 9 keys and each of us had they key that was its soul or something I don't fucking remember but it rocked. It was a dream filled with action, like John Carpenter's Vampires and Tarantino's Dusk Till Dawn, but all set in hell.


File: 1609113222219.gif (2.49 MB, 1014x686, 507:343, 159643651216.gif) ImgOps iqdb

this makes 2 times wizchan has been tipped to the FBI.


When that one wiz said he would offer to kill other depressed wizzies, I felt that. It's not like I hadn't thought of mercy killing some people here. I'm actually glad he said it since I was thinking the same thing.


doesnt /dep/ have it's own crawl thread or something god damnit



it's not depressing though?


They think they own the whole site and will attack positivity and happiness anywhere on the site.
Between them and the shit mods I find myself using this site less and less and just spending more time on my media consumption hobbies.
On most subjects it's better not to talk to anyone then try and talk about it on wizchan.
Wasn't always like this but it's the way this site is now.
A cloud of enforced negativity and willful stupidity.


So much this. I really wish they would all actually kill themselves. Being a depressed loser antinatalist misanthrope (or even worse, just misogynist) neckbeard coomer basement dweller isn't the same as being a wizard. It is anything but wizardly. Neckbeards are failed normies and are antithetical to wizardy, much like crabs who they have a lot in common with.




>Wasn't always like this but it's the way this site is now.
I disagree. Negativity and depression are the foundations wizardchan was built on and calling out normalfags is a staple of our community.
I am sorry you no longer feel like you fit in. Hopefully some interesting threads will pop up and pique your interest or maybe you'll find a better website to browse if you despise wizchan so much.

Personally I hate reddit but I don't go on there to tell everyone on reddit I hate the website and community and don't want to be there. I simply don't visit and that's that.
I leave it alone and don't look back.


This 100% except disparaging /dep/ posters is silly. You are so right about failed normies and how true wiz choose to live isolated like schizoids.


Kill yourself CC pisser


>So much this.
>basement dweller
Go back to reddit.

Also anti-natalism and misanthropy were always a part of the culture here. It's just in recent years you faggots have been trying to redefine being a truwiz as someone who is a complete normalfag in every possible way except for virginity.


Found a cool youtube channel named "hobo NEET", where it's just a very wizardly guy with social anxiety that was kicked out by his mother.

He's now living in the woods in a tent.



already breaking in wizchan 2021 I see


coomer consoomer zoomer crab
tired of idiots trying to feel better about themselves by spamming these moronic buzzwords


You know talking like 16 year olds on reddit is not really helping your case


File: 1609158400052.jpg (234.52 KB, 1126x749, 1126:749, 1573776291895.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just when I thought I was going to have a semi-comfy new year's eve my father decided to invite home a bunch of people, my family is big enough already, why do people do things like that.


Wiz is this you?


why cant you like hang in your hovel instead of celebrate or whatever it is you will be doing with family
>why do anything


Our house isn't very big and there'll be about 10 people at the house for three days. I won't be alone even if I stay in my room all day because they'll shove people in here too.


I just realized all of the wizkids are on winter break. Posting frequency should increase.


do people in college+ even leave the house more than 2-3 days a week? when I was in college I never had class more than two days a week and usually it was just like 3~ hours away, the rest of the time I was on wizchan


Depends on how many credits you take and what classes and lab combos you have.


Are people there even going to school/college? We are still in lockdown


It is a state by state and country by country thing on how far things are locked down.

Most places do online classes. In less restricted areas they have in person classes, usually with some safe guards in place like distancing, mask, and disinfection of all surfaces.

That said since reaction to wu flu is more political then based on science, and most schools lean far left, even in areas that have low restriction still prefer online only classes for anything that doesn't have labs.


>That said since reaction to wu flu is more political then based on science, and most schools lean far left, even in areas that have low restriction still prefer online only classes for anything that doesn't have labs.
Even though I would never because I can't stand to be in public, if I were ever to go to college I'd need to do it in person. Labs and other facilities are essential for practical learning, and what would be the point of going to college if not to learn? Get a worthless degree to be an eternal wagie?


Most college classes don't have labs or even practical parts to them that need to be done in person.

>and what would be the point of going to college if not to learn? Get a worthless degree to be an eternal wagie?

Pretty much.


>Most college classes don't have labs or even practical parts to them that need to be done in person.
Probably if you're going in for math or social studies. There's no way in hell chemistry, engineering, CS, and physics wouldn't have labs unless it's some kind of community college.


>physics labs
>for undergrads
You are just doing math in physics as a undergrad. There is no requirement of in person labs for physics on that level.
Most CS stuff can also be done online including labs as well.


Yeah, I got carried away.


I took physics in undergrad and there were plenty of labs.


Were any of the labs even remotely necessary or were they just a way to break up the boring math heavy lectures?


Did they let you play with spectrometers?




They were mostly just for fun, but they did help with some of the less intuitive properties or magnetism and electricity. I’m sure that same class is completely virtual at the moment.

No, spectrometry wasn’t really related to the class.


My feet are cold but I am too lazy to put on socks.



I got socks and my feet are no longer cold.

Thank you for listening to my tale.


Wish my feet were cold


The ground on my General Electric 2.5mm stereo extension cord died, upon peeling it open to diagnose the fault the braided ground wire was literally crumbling to dust, followed by the other wires. The whole freaking length of the cable. I'm like, motherfucker… I haven't even used it since 2018. My cheap as dirt skullcandy earphones I wore literally 24/7 for 6 YEARS did not even work harden in one their equally thin braided wires, let alone crumble.

It's like whoever is making copper wire for GE is told to alloy it with sulphur or some crap so it disintegrates in a few years. That's just taking designed obsolescence to an obnoxious extreme. What a trashy wanker brand GE has become. I paid six whole bucks for this cord and had to go through Best Buy where they treat you like a shoplifter. But that's another rant.

I'll transplant the male/female plugs onto one of my real copper wire scrap cords that are 30 years old and not turned into mummy dust.


You've been targeted at Best Buy too? Last time I went there in my wizgarb to get some power adapters they had 4 obvious plainclothes security guys surround me and pretend to browse while I tried to compare different brands. Same thing happened when I went to Lowes to get a power drill recently but they only sent 3. They really profile people based on their clothes and grooming.


had to dig up an old twitter account to ask an online retailer for details about a product but the account name is somewhat… offensive. i hope they don't notice or don't mind

the assholes don't even bother replying to emails nowadays, it's social media or go fuck yourself


Stop victimizing yourselves. Employees at retail office and consumer electronic chains get paid commission, or at the very least brownie points when they help a sale. They hover over anyone looking to buy something.


actually I was referring to their practice of demanding your receipt at the exit after they were staring at you the whole time you were buying the shit at the cashier stand


Same thing happens to me. They follow me around shops at a high rate and I'm not particularly ill groomed, just ugly. Male shopping environments do it less.


Employees who want to sell you shit dont wear plainclothes and actually try to engage you beyond lurking in your periphery, pretending to browse. I'm not claiming to be a victim of anything. I observed a phenomenon and found it interesting.


You can change your name, you know


File: 1609419665912.jpg (5.13 KB, 228x221, 228:221, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Edged for 12 hours straight


File: 1609426516272.jpg (2.86 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20201231_095206598.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ton of these are on sell so I am going to load up.

They are better than Pocky. Come at me weebs you know it's true.


pocky are overrated and overpriced weeb garbage so I don't doubt you wiz, they look tasty


Those are good, and indeed superior. Drink chocolate milk through them.

I am finding it obnoxious how much I see people everywhere, even content creators I like, doing the "can't wait for 2020 to be over, 2020 bad year amirite?" routine. I guess it's bonding over babbys first depressive isolation and I'm just some out of touch asshole; it's still obnoxious.


If you're looking to have some chocolate dipped biscuits then yes, there are many, many better alternatives, including just getting actually decent chocolate and dip the biscuits yourself. Now one should go for Pocky for the other flavors, my favorite being the green tea one.

I though this was common sense. Perhaps I just don't realize how much of a fatass I am. I do put a lot of thought on junk food, so maybe this wisdom is not so common after all.


I find that stuff obnoxious too. 2020 was actually a GREAT year for me. In fact 2020 was one of the best years of my life. Normies having mental problems cuz they can't go clubbing LMFAO


I can't believe that boring gook candy is still popular, everyone in school in the 90s was obsessed with it.


File: 1609441831396.png (205.67 KB, 621x577, 621:577, 4793incie4396170.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stay safe wizzies


>tfw going to sleep at 5pm and will use the niggers fireworks and noise for an alarm clock and wake up on 2021
>tfw the first thing you will do is leave the fuck out, away of those them niggers and their noise for a new year where they will be just as niggerish as before or maybe even more, and ride to a park where you know there will be nobody to exercise there

My wizplan is perfect.


The Doomflu is an overhyped excuse to ramp up government tyranny and face masks do nothing regardless of how they're worn.


my fruit roll up had two inside it… crazy. i filmed opening it so i can always remember. lady luck must be lusting after my RNG right now


Wish you all a good beginning of this new year, that's probably going to be more of the same but one can hope.


Entries in my bucket list:
>Watch NHK ni Youkoso and Texhnolyze
>Find another anime at least almost as good as Haibane Renmei
>Rewatch Chobits
>Complete Minish Cap and Majora's Mask
>Read The Sea of Fertility Tetrology


File: 1609509118965.jpg (37.32 KB, 640x640, 1:1, batsrbackS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've become addicted to cannabis and I'm willing to admit it. That's what it is, has all the traits, I'd be a lying douchebag if I tried to play it off like it's "just something I like". I barely even get high any more and can go through 3.5 grams in a day like it's nothing. I can't exactly easily afford the sheer amount I go through.
I smoked the last bit I had early this morning before the sun, and I'm going to actively try to not consume any more this year. The last three years or so are a blur to me; they would melt together a little anyway, but part of that sensation is certainly due to how I haven't gone more than maybe 5 or 6 days straight without smoking for that whole time-almost always more than a gram a day. Punctuating my days. I feel like a degenerate and it's time to stop fucking around with it. I have a little bit of confidence in ability to do it, I got off cigarettes after 15 years of smoking. There is a withdrawl and it sucks a bit and makes other things suck, but it fades with time and is not life-threatening like certain drug withdrawls. But I also lack discipline. Preparing for the sensation of slower time now, that I always acutely notice when I go without.
Between years of cigarettes and heavy weed smoking (with some overlap) I have probably damaged my lungs.

Another year Wizzes.


>NHK ni Youkoso
That's just anti-hikki propaganda. The entire point of the anime is telling you "man it's so nice to be a normalfag", I'd skip.
>Complete Minish Cap and Majora's Mask
You can beat Minish cap in a couple of days easily, Majora's Mask on the other hand might take a while if you're planning on getting all the masks.


I have read the novel already. It didn't seem like anti-hikki neet propaganda, it just seemed to make really ridiculous stereotypes.


The author was (still is?) a hikki, at worse it's self loathing


this is what most anime are about, pep talk for depressed youth. frankly i don't comprehend how anyone here can stomach it.


Oh alright, I had no idea about the author, I don't know… the ending just really felt like lmao why are you depressed just go outside, like get a job lol to me.


previous year went by really fast


Felt the same speed as last year to me.
Guess I didn't have more fun


Yeah I just watched 10 minutes of the first episode and this really seems like it's going to be trash. At least the novel's only problem was having a ridiculous MC. I guess I'll move on to Texhnolyze


I am going to have a true white wizard's mane within 5 years.


I've been dreaming more than being awake, now it takes me longer to differentiate reality from dreaming


Discovered a game I'd like to play today. I'll probably get it even though I have many games and struggle to find motive to play them. I don't know why. It's like procrastinating from enjoyable hobby


Well wizbros, I can no longer consider myself a Hikki anymore. I just went to a gas station and bought a soda. That means I've gone outside nearly 3 times in the past month, and once unnecessarily.


Past 30 days*

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