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What makes people behave like they're the victim? I just came back from the beach after a day with my mom, aunt, uncle and their kid. In the car my uncle talked about some severe autist that got beaten badly by his father. My cousin then accused his dad of doing the same thing, but to some other random child (He's a teacher). He obviously didn't do it as he'd be fired or in jail, and then the kid admitted he just yelled at him really hard. After that, we got in the beach, we took a dive, had french fries, went for a walk and he played on the dunes. Obviously he got full of sand, so his father wiped him out with a towel. He did it joking that he was now beating a kid. My cousin accused his father of actually doing it, and cried all the way back. Not just him, I had a friend that said he was oppressed by his parents, because he had a nice, well paying job on his field right after graduation on the family's office. Why do some act like they have a shitty live? Attention? Pity?


feminization, playing the victim is the strategy of females, due to their dependency on the group/higher reproductive value (expensive eggs vs cheap sperm, village of 50 men and 1 w o me n vs the inverse) + neoteny, sometimes with the fuckery of heredity males end up with traits more typical of foids. it happens


it's called being melodramatic


Welcome to 2020 (or really the past 10 years) where perceived victimhood gives you power and clout.

If you belong to any group considered "oppressed" (succubi, LGBTQIAYUSHVBIPP+, minority, etc.) just make that the main part of your identity and play identity politics. Bonus points if you're a succubus and claim you were raped, that's the strongest card in the game.

And if you don't belong to any "oppressed" groups (i.e. you're a "cis" straight white male) just say your dad abused you. Bonus points if you claim he was a stereotypical right wing bigot.

I remember when I was growing up it was the opposite. Guys all acted like they were tougher, stronger and generally more macho than they really were. Poorfags would try really hard to act like they had more money than they did. If your parents beat you and you got a bruise, you just said it was from playing sports or that you got into a fight with another kid from a different school and that you won. Of course the succubi did the victimhood thing because it always worked well for them and they're hardwired to act like that and men are hardwired to protect them, but at least the men were men.

Growing up I always thought the pretending to be macho and acting like you had money thing was kinda cheesy, especially when it was really obvious, but what we have now is 1,000,000,000 times worse.


>Welcome to 2020
I did the same thing in early 2000s though, I think I did it so much I ended up getting an abuse fetish


File: 1606611767990.jpg (172.77 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, original_by_caidychen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The oppressor-oppressed dialectic is the current waning zeitgeist because culture is downstream of philosophy. Now normalfags have a vague self-awareness of the structures of power in their interactions with each other, e.g. the student-teacher relationship you mention, so they ineptly attempt to apply it to their own social lives. It's not a systematic or intellectual approach, they are simply experiencing it as an emotional reality. You may have already noticed this is coming to an end, and a new tune of "wellness" is being played on the pipe organ.

In the heroic age virtue was being strong, good, and glorious. In the age of saints virtue was patience, piety, and weakness. In our age virtue is marginal identity, bodies in spaces, and silenced voices.


A lot of completely normal and not oppressed people do it to strip the 'losers' of anything they perceive as undeserved advantage. They play a zero sum game and they feel they lose something whenever the 'leeches' get to catch a break, so they seek to give that power back to themselves. If everyone is oppressed then no one is, this resets the playing field. With that accomplished they can carry on with their great game, never having to feel bad about trampling anyone along the way.
I doubt anyone will admit it but it is how it is. Even if it happens unconsciously this is the mechanism. Nature is war of all against all and society is a direct continuation of that struggle, only accomplished by other means.

Also Sodachi was a good succubus and she was treated like shit by that asshole of an MC. Most of the succubi were. I hated that series because the guy was just an insufferable dick.


>The oppressor-oppressed dialectic is the current waning zeitgeist
>You may have already noticed this is coming to an end

I don't see it waning in the slightest. Identity politics (which is based on the idea of oppressed and oppressor classes based on race/gender/sexuality) has never been more popular. It's everywhere and inescapable. The media is non-stop identity politics, it's the main thing talked about on social media, and I hear people talk about it in real life constantly. It's clearly not going anywhere and it's only going to get more popular, though it's quickly reaching the practical limitations of how popular any one thing can realistically be.


>it's quickly reaching the practical limitations of how popular any one thing can realistically be
Exactly. It's not far from becoming widely accepted as the new baseline, gradually changing from a hotly debated ideology to a universal consensus controversial only to the outliers. It may appear it's on the decline but the mellowing out of the arguments is only a side effect of the thing becoming normalized and embraced as truth. Some other topic will come up and take the spotlight but this ideology, whatever it's called, will always be there in the common consciousness as a basis of all discussion from this point on. Yeah, we're fucked. In 4 years the optics conscious conservatives will be making arguments like "the Democrats are the real transphobes."


read about master-slave morality, I think it gives a pretty good explanation of where this behavior comes from


Good point, the overton window will keep going further and further left. I'm sure in 10 years when reparations are a thing, even the right will support it, they'll just want a lower monthly payout than the left.

Like the far left will want $5000 a month in reparations, mainstream democrats will want to give $3000 in reparations, centrists $2500, republicans $1500, hardcore conservatives $1000 and Nick Fuentes and the groypers will say it should only be $500 a month, and say anyone saying it should be less is a "fed" or "wignat" for the sake of "muh optics".


it's attention and narcissism


That is definitely how it'll go down.

>In ten years

Hopefully i'll be dead by then I ain't paying tha brothas n sists FUCK ALL


people just suck


Wizard's First Rule; people are stupid
- Terry Goodkind


Good place to ask, but a better place is dep, and the best place is the suicide thread

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