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What other sites are you using for anonymous socialization? A subforum is fine too. Prefer it slow.


Anyone know I am curious?

Omegle can be ok but shit


isn't omegle full of normies, dunno why you'd want to talk to people on there


>isn't omegle full of normies, dunno why you'd want to talk to people on there
when you cannot read cannot watch anything and need distraction.
It is shit but you can meet interesting people on there sometimes I say how I feel to stranger and makes me feel better


>Omegle can be ok but shit
Can it? Every time I tried it it's just horny teenagers asking for pics.


Omegle is full of people with severe mentally ill problems and pedofiles.
And this.


>Omegle is full of people with severe mentally ill problems and pedofiles.
Is this meant to be bad?
I do nt mind what others do if it is not harming myself or anyone


i just use other imageboards. i dont like making accounts for stuff. thought about trying irc,telegram or discord, not sure if there's anything interesting on there.


I've been using discord for about 6 months now. I've found a few good hiki and neet channels out there but they're mostly dead. Active servers are full of retards larping as neets and talking about uni life, so I quit those.
I feel like my honeymoon with discord is mostly over at this point. I did try to talk about anime and games in some of those channels but ultimately failed to find a place I feel like checking every day. Oh well


>thought about trying irc,telegram or discord, not sure if there's anything interesting on there.
You find faggots and trannies and furries interesting? if not discord is not for you.
It is only good for talking one on one with others you like.
Forget servers as >>258925 said.


File: 1606871635146.png (71.41 KB, 174x174, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>What other sites are you using for anonymous socialization?

i have no interest in meeting people

anything with private messaging, usernames, groups, emojis, albums, profiles, etc is a huge fucking red flag for me and i dont use that website/service


ive wanted to try irc but id probably just end up watching the other people talk and never join in


I stick to imageaboards and imageboards only. Every place that has user names or even worse a score system (like reddit) is filled with idiots trying to get notoriety and going out of their way to get karma or whatever the fuck, and there's always popular users that get away with posting whatever the fuck they want because there's always a bunch of idiots willing to defend them.
In imageboards the only thing that matters is your post, if you post something dumb, then you're dumb, no matter how long you've been browsing or how much you've been posting.


despite saying that theyre not in the business of selling your information, they do an awful lot of going through it. everything you post on discord is read by a bot, every link you send on discord is clicked by a bot, and i can prove it.

i found this image a while back proving that the majority of top posters on reddit were bots and i adapted that strategy to discord. so you go to an ip logger site and get a link that when clicked it shows you who clicked it, go to the log of who clicked it and you will see its clear, as it should be. now go onto discord and post the ip logger link somewhere where its not going to be clicked and when you f5 you will notice that within a nanosecond of posting it in discord, the ip logger will show that someone clicked it.

the scary part is that when you look at where the ip leads to, its straight to a fucking american police station. its a big building and doubles as the town hall, im sure they could fit a lot of computers in there. i also wouldnt doubt that literally every other messaging service on the planet is doing something like this, so just be aware.


That's the discord link preview. It needs to fetch the website in order to show how it looks like.



>its a big building and doubles as the town hall,
Town halls are the default "owner" of any given IP if the ISP doesn't want to disclose the current assignee's real location. It's so if anyone in that town connects to some sort of online shopping website, the site will know which town they're in to give them appropriate listings etc, but the exact address will be withheld for safety.

It's true Discord has become a honeypot though. Any "gamer chats" eventually do.


I still use deviantart, flickr and other Imageboards like 8chan.moe


File: 1619829909718.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 158x280, 79:140, 20210000.gif) ImgOps iqdb

irc still a thing?


Anything that requires an account is off limits past the fucking line


I find it funny how on the surface gaming finally became acceptable socially after around 2010 or so in the mainstream, yet secretly deep down companies and authorities still see gamers as a threat to society and track them intensively.

Gamers' money is fine though and they'll gladly collect it.

Reminds me of all those cam-succubi online. Pretending to be nice to a bunch of people (men) they in reality find very repulsive or dangerous just to get access to their money.

An industry where those who collect the payoffs actually despise the customer base.


File: 1619927452038.png (43.87 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rotate.php.png) ImgOps iqdb

The only other website I post on is 4chon.me. Originally wizardchan was created by 4chon users and back in the day (2012 or so) 4chon was huge. However these days there's only a handful of users left and the website is very comfy. It's a nice counterpart to my browsing wizardchan

Typically I make large and serious posts here, and casual shitposting there


Had to check it out of curiosity. What a nest of retarded normies and unfiltered teenage mindflow.


IIRC Sam Hyde used to shill his content on 4chon.


looks like club penguin is posted there or something but says no porn spam so? is this site full of material that is against the law or what because I do not want to get V& I just want to comfy post


I have no idea what club penguin is. Sounds like CP. Porn is allowed on all of the boards except /nice/, however CP is a permaban


Club penguin is a game that got shut down a while ago. I never actually noticed that it could be abbreviated as CP, but yeah that's probably what he means.


desuchan. Not that active but comfy.


There's one I check everyday even though it's almost completely abandoned at this point and only gets a couple posts a week. But I would never under any circumstances post it on here.

And I suggest if anyone finds a small, slow moving, comfy place, they don't share it on here. The problem with this site is there is a small handful of exceptionally dedicated shitposters that could very easily completely ruin it.

The site I like no longer even has active moderators besides the owner, who a few months ago said he only checks the site on weekends. So sapphire snack-bar or XY-neonate posters could just flood it and it would just stay up for days. Or the same CP spammer who got us kicked off our old host could get it shut down.

Point is, if you find a good place or know of one, do NOT share it on here.


True all the good servers end up getting nuked.

Also if I'm not here I'm either on 4chan or 420chan


Wizchan isn't enough for you?



Why do people pretend that anywhere but instant message places/discord/chan and the few well known imageboards are even active enough to use or have anything of value posted?

You check the small places and it is just people calling each other nigger months apart. Everyone just uses reddit and if they don't use reddit they use 4chan and they also use discord nowadays sadly. I knwow a place that is small and slow but active however as others menioned it is best not to share it because if you fit in you will find it.


File: 1630883790470.jpg (10.73 KB, 255x216, 85:72, 1415342616774.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

someone remade 4chon? i was a user way back when that site was new. ah, the good old days. our local personalities, the shameless gay guy chemfag and the oddball christian christfag. shit, do you remember when they sold stickers with stee on them? pretty sure i have some still stuffed in a drawer somewhere. what a trip seeing a new one. no hidden /h/ or /duck/ board though. that's pretty weak. though i did see a butthurt meme pic. still makes me chuckle remembering the day that one guy posted that stupid shit like 500 times all over the board to try and make it a meme… and succeeded.


>I knwow a place that is small and slow but active however as others menioned it is best not to share it because if you fit in you will find it.

just tell me what it is


When was 4chon a new and active board? Something about defunct boards really interests me.

I used to use arisuchan before it got V& by whoever ran it because it got flooded with cheese pizza. And there was something called dragonchan (I think?) that suffered the same fate.

I do use discord for some slow chats. Mostly drug related.

Nowadays I mostly cycle through slashdot, nature.com, sci-techdaily and scientificamerican because I like to feel smarter than I actually am. Plus I like visiting sites that make me feel like I leave with something and I'm not just wasting time.


if I told you what it was then people would join who don't belong and make it shit. people from here who are nasty people have already joined some nice places I use and made them worse so I won't risk it.


i don't remember exact dates. moot axed /r9k/ and /pol/ from 4chan which lead to the birth of 4chon. originally its purpose was to host these boards which had been cut out of 4chan, but it sort of took off and developed its own culture and unique boards (though not many). considering the userbase was mostly a mix of robots and poltards it was full of the cancer you would expect from those people, but i called it home for quite a while. even after moot brought back those boards to 4chan, 4chon powered on. miss it sometimes


yeah, telling the like 20 people who use wizardchan is a risk. you wouldn't want a handful of wizards like yourself? to move over to it.

seriously tell me what it is


It is the only way to ensure the culture remains as it is meant to be. It is not too obscure and can be found if you know where to look anyway.


File: 1630923955560.jpg (73.34 KB, 780x780, 1:1, 12208487_414170442114854_5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Then why even bring it up here, you're playing us like a damn fiddle


sorry I'm not interested in feminist websites





wow all these failed normals


It's a false divide. A necessary divide? Sure because of the shit that went down in 2014 but it's still a false divide.


Archived versions of imageboards. Serious answer is tohno-chan, dvach, and kohlchan. The last 2 have good /int/ boards


It's something we're not meant to talk about.

I think it may be coming close to 10 years since I've seen (m)any of a certain kind of post. Those depressing but comfy in a painful way posts? Like a textual analogue to those sad birthday pics? What happened to those?



Omegle aside from some boards posted here already I use that shithole.
if you can wade throug the horny crabs you can come across some ok chats.

Talked to some normie last time that said omegle is now very popular with normies as they use it to find parties and hook up instead of using tinder or something. not sure if true but hope they go away.


i miss those threads

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