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File: 1606865889441.jpg (34.13 KB, 344x344, 1:1, rs-tee-bogt-bk-xl-large-00.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else dislike at how many people there are in this world?
Like you could think of yourself as somewhat unique but there's probably 10+ guys just like you.
I also hate how big cities and there's millions of people living in such a small area.


Nope I do not care.
As long as I can stay in my room and not see them it does not worry me and if I go outside I prefer to be in a crowd.


i don't hate the amount… i hate how many of them are wasting their life. just imagine a world where japan has enslaved the entire world population and uses all gaijin for slave labour to produce anime and video games


>gaijin drawing anime
imagine what that would look like


What kind of thought pattern lead to this??


i read op and asked "why?". why just hate the amount of people? surely they can be put to a good use. i then determined, by myself, the most useful activity for them to be engaged in, slave labour for producing anime


I have been convinced by your flawless logic.


I used to think like that too but then realized the more people that exist, the more media that's created for me to potentially enjoy. So it's not all bad.


Yes it's a little overwhelming.


I don't particularly mind, the more people there are, the more you go unnoticed. I don't like crowded places but I never go to those anyway


File: 1606952088927.jpg (723.31 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 0141-1401908652228.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The world "only" had 2 billion people in it just 100 years ago. I definitely think there too many people, world feels too crowded, noisy and chaotic.

2 Billion sounds like a nice number of people. I like to think of my country with a quarter of the current population, there will be far fewer houses, far less traffic and pollution, etc. I might even be able to see the stars in the sky again.


Doesn't really cross my mind, to be honest. I live in a town of about 20k. Sometimes I visit family in a city of about 100k (and maybe 1.5-2x that including its suburbs). That makes me feel cramped. I can't imagine how I'd feel in Toronto, NYC, Tokyo or some other megacity


I find it extremely horrifying, that not only are there very likely multiple people who are my copies, but also there must be many people who are just better than me in every aspect. Smarter, more independent, stronger, more interesting, faster, more unique, everything. 7 billion people, it's enough to make me start to feel my stomach knot. Just how little you matter, its almost too much to handle. The fact I am not the main character is insanity to me - yet I'm not even in the main cast, I would dream of being a side character, or to have a single episode where I played a part; do I get to be the guy who picks up the hat and returns it to the MC only to never be seen again? Perhaps even being "running guy 5" is too much, not even worth a mention on the credits. As if I would make it in the move at all! Life sucks!

While I am not a huge fan of Haruhi, I always agreed with this monologue.



You are the main character of your own story. If you die, your story ends. If other people die, you can go on. You are the one person you hang out with 24/7 365 day a year and you are the only one who has a truly vested interest in your livelihood and self. It hardly matters if other people exist that are smarter, more independent, stronger, more interesting, faster, more unique, everything since you may never meet or know them.

Who is the main character even? If someone important dies someone will just replace them anyways. It would seem history is more interesting than those typical stories because new arcs are always developing, people are leaving and coming in, and factions are always competing.

I'm okay with so many people existing because as a drop in the ocean I don't have to worry about what people think of me mostly. As long as I don't say anything stupid on social media (which I don't participate in) I should be fine. If some people don't like me, I can find a group of people who don't like them for protection. I can move to other people and blend in like a chameleon. I'm a faceless man in a crowd of other faceless people. This is the life. I can do what I want and focus on the number one most important person: myself.

Go focus on yourself and don't worry about people who you'll never meet. They may be out there, but they'll constantly be coming and going even if you're not looking. Also try not to compare this life to a story since life is much more interesting and complex than that.


normalniggers have to protect themselves from that negativity and avoid thinking about the harsh reality of others that tells them that life isn't oh so great, so they do that by completely ignoring what the other person says and start giving advice. Pretty common.


That is very true, if there is one singular thing I've learned that the eternal normal hates with a fiery passion it is "negativity". Apparently it is all just a "matter of opinion" to them, and while they freely give their opinion of everything - they cannot bear to hear anything that disparages life. Even worse if when they start speaking about some sort of invisible "bad vibes", or whatever sad coping mechanism the normal is using to avoid confronting opposing views. Honestly I can't help but think that these people are actually giving advice to themselves, rather than the person they are """speaking""" with. They cannot imagine a negative viewpoint being correct, and so must speak with you as if they are some wise teacher who has figured it all out. "Oh poor child, you just don't understand!" is the sickening state of these pathetic morons. They are happy, so they must be right and you must be wrong - they must hold the truth and you must hold lies. Disgusting.


>You are the main character of your own story.
It's a shitty story then. I don't want it.

>You are the one person you hang out with 24/7 365 day

Yeah and I fucking hate that guy.

>you are the only one who has a truly vested interest in your livelihood and self.

So I'm hopelessly stuck with the person I hate the most and no one else will ever care, no matter what. Can there be anything more depressing?


based schizo bro


What's a lot and what's a little? Everything is finite and it's interesting to me things could be classified by an intelligence with the capability. I can't read a dozen books in a year but there are only so many in truth. I wish the weight of a turbo rich or powerful persons singular decisions really uproot from the bottom. It all seems natural but in a world where everybody else is like you, through generations you'll probably be swindled into slavery.
I wish I could look a man in the eye to regain my independence from making anime I can smell it's sour


yeah overpopulation is bad, cramped human areas are awful, they breed conformism and cities resemble bug colonies


Tell me about it. I was growing up with 10+ people in the same fucking house. Now i'm one of the beautiful like in overcrowded japan.
one of us, one of us
But seriously what did my parents even breed that much for, i still fail to see the answer


I mean, most of that 7 billion arent exactly in areas with gold genetics. Most humans are poor, starving and are in third world countries, the places with chads are usually the west (Germany, Australia, white parts of USA, Netherlands and Bosnia to be more specific) which dont have THAT much people compared to other nations, so the chances are a bit slim, although I dont know who you are exactly so there's probably a high chance you're right given you're on this forum


*mostly in the west, Bosnia's not part of the west


I think about it a lot, but it honestly dosen't matter I'm the only me, someone can be exactly me in tons of ways but they aren't me, only I can be that. That fact is in some odd way a big whitepill.


if anything the most conformist places i've been are all rural towns, those people live from subsidies, nothing for miles except army bases, wallmarts and endless parking lots and shit food franchises. NPC living


That sounds like suburbs not rural.


I haven't met anyone remotely like me, they probably exist out there but it's hard to imagine, like aliens.

I think things are comfier with less people though, I've always thought high density population is a mentally bad thing for people, all the idyllic utopia like fantasy kids tv shows are set in small communities, except maybe Sesame street actually but that is probably why you've got people living in fucking trash and being addicted to cookies


File: 1608582038513.jpeg (74.11 KB, 1280x1001, 1280:1001, model-breeders-win.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It's only going to get worse. The world might eventually have a population of 100 billion, and most of them will be retarded.



Unlikely. Trends show that the rate of population growth is slowing down or dropping for most nations.


When nations develop, people have less kids and the country slowly decreases in population.
As for the 3rd world, there's no way they will be able to produce enough food to feed all those people.
The max I see the global population getting to is like 20 billion. But I'm hoping TPTB will genocide most of us before then.


I can't imagine growing up in a big city like tokyo or new york, always having to see that same shit densely packed urban landscape, must be hell


the problem most developed nations have is not overpopulation but an inverted demographic piramid, they simply have too many old people so the wellfate system would collapse. Millenials are already taking the blunt of having to support boomers excesive lifestyles and its only going to get worse for younger people that have to carry the weight of fiscal deficit and have their quality of life decreased.

food scarcity is a meme, countries that can't feed themselves are unable to do so because political reasons or are socialist shitholes. Any country even third world with even non totally retarded leadership should be more than capable to produce food in surplus. Africans are literally sitting on a breadbasket and still don't produce shit because they are ruled by retarded commies , incompetent niggers and wellfare queens that simply rather live from foreign aid than invest a cent nationaly to get their shit together.

Same as venezuela, hunger is completely manufactured by socialist planning and state control. That country could be a net exporter of food, very few places in the world are as gifted with agricultural potential as venezuela as the country is fertiles, lush and have many different climates that allow for many products but now they rely on measly imports because commies fucked it all up and don't produce a thing.


>I haven't met anyone remotely like me
Neither have I, but how could I? I barely go outside. It would be a huge coincidence if two guys like me went outside at the same time and to the same place.


i could have been surrounded by guys like me many times, i would never know, thats the catch, because guys like me would not open up or approach each other.

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