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Have you tried to escape/change your reality through subliminals?
What's your opinions on these topics? There is plenty of yt channels with all kinds of subliminals claiming all kind of fantastical stuff can happen if you listen to them

Also there is a new trend with "shifting reality" videos. People claim that using certain technics (scripting+auto-hypnosis I guess) you can transport your consciousness to any kind of reality you want

Is it simply a scam? Do you have some experiences with those things?


isekai with this one weird trick


I love sissy hypnosis vids.


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of course it's a scam, but for you to even consider that this shit is real, you are probably mentally ill enough that it might affect you somehow. no offense


It's just "magic" applied in very mundane and normalgroid ways.
I'd recommend looking into 8kun's /fringe/ for more information.
>People claim that using certain technics (scripting+auto-hypnosis I guess) you can transport your consciousness to any kind of reality you want
>Is it simply a scam?
The videos are, the idea isn't. Regardless of whether you are a materialist or whatnot, your "reality" is filtered through your conscious experience, and training your mind to perceive things differently will in effect change reality for yourself. If you aren't a materialist, there opens a lot of different possible interpretations and applications of that idea. Personally, I believe the universe is mostly mental in nature (the universe is a or possibly one of many conscious dreams of "God") and your mental state does affect the outside world to a degree.


thanks for pointing out the existence of this /fringe board
So, you think all those claiming that they shifted to Hogwarts (it's the most popular direction) are just making it up or maybe some have lucid dreams?


based and deletepilled


>those claiming that they shifted to Hogwarts (it's the most popular direction) are just making it up or maybe some have lucid dreams?
Both probably, leaning towards making it up. I say that because lucid dreaming on a regular basis in such a fashion to visit a fictional setting that is persistent is difficult. It isn't impossible, mind you, just incredibly unlikely that the type of normalfag who makes those videos would know how to do it.


Yes, multiple times a week. The key is really just consistent dream journaling and reality checking. With that you are basically guaranteed a lucid dream semi-frequently. If you want to have more then you will have employ certain techniques like MILD or WILD, meditation, or certain substances (drugs are not needed but does help, I don't use any so I'm not familiar with all there is but I do know nicotine is one of them that help with lucidity). There is nothing stopping someone from having multiple lucid dreams every night besides their own motivation, which comes easily when you get a couple of good lucid dreams. The hardest part really is the dream journal, as it can be hard to do in the morning right as you get up, and writing down up to 5 or 6 30 min-1 hour dreams can be time consuming if you are a slow writer like me. You just have to come up with some sort of shorthand system or tough it out.
The best resources out there on lucid dreaming is the book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, and the dreamviews forum.
One final thing to note is that if you are into autohypnosis/suggestion and "magick", lucid dreaming makes them a lot more effective in a shorter amount of time.


thanks, I really like dreaming and rececntly I started to remember a lot of dreams, if anything subliminals/reality shitfting vids seem to be have this effect on my mind. I like writing, too


>gaining 13 inches in height


it is bullshit placebo made for people with unfixable problems, it's pure delusion for hope


I looked into this "shifting reality' thing and it's literally just dreaming… They're just dreaming about happy events, how is that "shifting reality" when I heard that word I think of making your life change (for example, you can 'shift' reality to make everyone like you so much that you can walk into a job/uni interview, read diary of a wimpy kid and still get the job/allowed into the uni), not falling asleep and having a dream about hogwarts


yeah that seems like the most reasonable explanation, although some of the "reality shifters" claim that there is clean distinction between dreaming and reality shifting, like it feels real and you can do new things that you had no knowledge about or experience rather, while in the dream you only work with your own mind etc.
Then again, those people can all just lie I guess. After all, how can you test it? You can't disprove it by just saying it is not true, just like you can't prove that God doesn't exist by not believing in him


Sounds like a way to trick yourself into being delusional so that you can be happier and achieve your goals. Same thing as religion basically. Some states of delusion are beneficial to the individual, most of them really.


File: 1607724121978-0.pdf (44.11 KB, universe hopping.pdf)

File: 1607724121978-1.pdf (108.39 KB, Astral Projection Guide.pdf)

File: 1607724121978-2.pdf (215 KB, Going to Other Realities.pdf)


yes… it all starts with imaginary friends then… and there is "science" behing it, as people in angry yt comments said


The only way this bitch grew over a foot was by wearing stilts everywhere she went.

Fake as fuck.


File: 1607856338766.jpg (340.3 KB, 1280x964, 320:241, 1581873811911.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>People actually fall for this stupid shit


File: 1607856561411.jpg (47.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, donthrtme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


please don't hurt the subliminal copers


another consequence of legalizing marijuana


File: 1608009980290.jpg (725.13 KB, 1200x766, 600:383, 1603509674882.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


They're trying to make a profit from desperate suckers.
It's like just see the comments under videos about beauty. Pure delusions. They are quoting "No one is ugly", said a handsome performer who takes extreme care of his appearance, to his fans in a music genre that's best known for its aesthetic, slavery, and suicide caused by fans bullying.


They're annoying as hell. Just fast moving porn with text on top.
"haha suck that peepee sissy."

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