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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Still too much to ask to use active I see.


File: 1607844891496.jpg (37.87 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1607657417933.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So who's the President?


Of the US?
Currently still Donald at the moment.


File: 1607845536756.jpg (6.64 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1603429645660.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Biden deserves to be in jail, if not for stealing the election, but for being a disgusting pedophile.


Corona isn't real


there are old niggers dying at the hospital I work at every day but havent seen any young people, even middle age people are out in 3-5 days with just a little medicine


I think corruption chargers would have a better chance of sticking then whining about him being a pedo.
I mean he was accused of full on sexually assaulting some grown succubus and no one gave a shit. A little kid sniffing and weird disregard for personal space is nothing.

But bringing up his some of the shit he pulled for money to his family and friends and controlled media/social media losses their fucking mind.


Shock: The Coronavirus Vaccine has Disastrous Side Effects
Wall Street Journal:

The first rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine in the West hit a stumbling block in the U.K. in recent days: two severe allergic reactions to the shot.

Severe allergic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare, immunization experts say,

San Francisco Chronicle:

Of those who got the vaccine, 59% reported fatigue, 52% reported headache, 37% reported muscle pain and 35% reported chills within seven days of receiving the second dose of the vaccine. About 16% reported a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.

Coronavirus Vaccine Could Turn You Into a Real Wise Guy (Messed Up Face)
During the trial of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine – which was primarily tested in the third world, where this Jewish pharmaceutical company can use people as lab rats without fear of being sued – at least four people developed Bell’s palsy, otherwise known as “Wise Guy syndrome.”


Good, let the stupid Karens take a rushed vaccine.
>"I have irreversible brain damage and paralysis, but I can't get the meme flu now!"


Imagine a vaccine for a 0.003% death rate. I guess they'll argue that it isn't for "them" but for the people around them, but then they should stop driving cars because there's a lot greater chance every time they drive a car for a no fault accident to kill someone.
It's the same concept. The only reason people believe this virus is more serious than the flu is because it's been hyped up, and people likely remember the laughably false accounts of China burning millions of bodies, or New York's mass graves that they always had for temporary storage until the bodies were collected for burial at a permanent site. The amount that people have taken this bait is honestly surprising. Technological industrial society never ceases to amaze.


To die from Covid-19 at my age I'd have to catch the virus nearly 35,000 times to have a theoretical 100% probability of death.



When Trump and Barr are out we are gonna be hearing some interesting stuff from Ghislaine Maxwell (or we would if she didn't kill herself next year

hint it's not gonna be about Biden


The Joe Biden children's book just came out and it is cringy as fuck.


The point is you'd still get infected and spread the virus to people who'd die if you're not immune. The world isn't only about you.


It that was what this was really about we would have locked down the western world every year for flu season to save those poor 80 year olds and sickly cancer patients.


we need to destroy our economy and institute a medical police state so a nursing home patient doesn't die


Then quit driving retard. I guarantee you are creating greater odds of death by accident or pollution effects when you drive.
Apparently all actions that carray a risk of fatality for the other party greater than 0.003 multiplied by whatever the odds of infecting someone(As low as 4% in an open area at 1 foot distance to 90% in a non ventilated room) is enough to mean you absolutely must comply with gross violations of personal liberty and you are EVIL because your selfishness must obviously be mass murder if you refuse these abuses.


We're talking about vaccination here.


Being forced to take medication is a violation of civil liberties that was until now reserved only for the mentally insane. Medication also comes with it's own serious side effects, especially in the case of medications that haven't been extensively tested like thr ol' polio nightmare vaccine that was "supposedly" safe.
People have a right to say no to things entering their body non-consensually no matter what those things are.


And yes it is non-consensual even when you aren't being literally held down and injected. The Government using forceful coercion by withholding rights until you take it or Society holding you on threat of becoming a pariah is obviously a form of strong force.


Republican senators are refusing to sign for Biden being President and it's all up to current vice-president Pence to announce the winner publicly which would kill off his career.

There is still some Democracy.tm shit that can be pulled off although highly unlikely. It's possible for the Republican states to secede and declare their own independence in which case this election will be overturned.


It's already happened before in the same vein with Confederate vs Union. The US Confederates had 7 states secede from the Union and declare their own independence under the Constitution


It's unlikely but you also need to consider that Trump not winning will end the public careers of most of the countries high stakes Republican politicians. It has almost the same narrative of Confederation vs Union. It's been building up to a last stand of sorts where it may very well be one party now. We're talking about 20-30 states worth of votes, Senators, Congressmen, etc all losing their jobs just because they have no chance of ever winning again for being on the losing team with Trump on it.


Wouldn't the elite want Trump to stay since he is the most pro-israel president yet?


>he is the most pro Israel
Every president is pro Israel. Israel doesn’t care who is president, cause they are all pro Israel.


And if they weren't their heads would soon be seen moving violently forward.


Finally someone else who sees it how it is.


File: 1607890415798.jpg (15.02 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1605000736488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can Biden just get arrested already?

I don't wanna see him, or that obnoxious cunt Kamala as President.

Christ, imagine if Pelosi becomes Present default…



>I don't wanna see him, or that obnoxious cunt Kamala as President.

Too bad, Biden will be president, serve for 1 term, then Kamala will win and get 2 terms. After that the demographics of the country will be so bad that no republican will ever be president again. Just Texas alone going blue will be a permanent game over for republicans, and it's guaranteed to happen. Also AOC is probably going to run sometime in the 2030s and he's going to win by landslide.

Before anyone accuses me of being blackpilled" because of the results of this election, I have always been pessimistic about the republicans chances in the coming decades. The last time the republicans won the popular vote in the presidential election was 2004, and it will almost certainly never happen again. There's a small chance (less than 10%) the republicans eke out one last victory (lose popular vote, win electorally narrowly) in 2024 if the things really go to shit during the next 4 years, but that's they're absolute LAST chance. And if things are just moderately bad or better, then those chances drop to literally 0%.


As I see it Judaism as a religion, philosophical ideology, and belief system is corrupt and evil. It's also obvious that radical zionists control a disproportionately large amount of the world for the reasons you stated(nepotism and their shared spititual unity mainly). However, I don't think jews as a race are inherently bad. It's just their poisonous religion.


You will never separate their race from their philosophy and religion. Even the """secular""" Jews are soaked in it head to toe, I also honestly believe it is in their DNA to act the way they do. Jews are the definition of how game theory and in-group bias will crush everything else with ease when only one party acts in such a way. Which is why pre-WW2 there wasn't a place in the world that didn't hate Jews with a a passion. Either way they aren't the main problem, these kinds of financial pillagers should never have been allowed to exist or gain power to begin with.

The problem is how to return to the aristocratic values of Medieval Europe, which I think without religion is impossible. The only solution I can think of is creating a technological "God" to fulfill that role, but then there are so many problems with that. I don't even need to go over all the problems with rampant technological control like that, even just who decides what values it will hold seems like it will be in the hands of our current elites. The other answer is transhumanism, which again holds all the same problems as creation of a God. The future seems so bleak, and yet potentially so much better. It really is a shame we were born in the worst timeframe in history. Too late to live in a world of religious and cultural hegemony, where things were very concrete and "objective" for the average man, and where values of courage and valor were held as the standard. Yet too early to witness and partake in the next step of human kind, either to infinite glory or equal doom. Instead we are left in some halfway point with neither benefits, just a sea of nihilism, sickening comfort, and financial greed.


That's just literal nazi fan-fiction right now. There is proof that Jews are the most nepotistic race when it comes to hiring etc, but there isn't any to prove that they are this way because of genetics. All I'll say is that I hope you don't really hate jews for who they are. Even if people have a propensity to be more evil, or more or less intelligent doesn't mean that they're evil. It's good to acknowledge and counteract but it isn't good to believe someone should suffer or die because they were born incorrectly.
PS. I agree with your second paragraph completely, although I don't think "God is dead" quite yet. Dying, but not yet irrevocably so.


The thing that changed thing is the republicans are facing a exestential threat with this.
Not only is signing off on this giving the ok for the dems to blatently cheat, but the dems have already said they are planing on using this opportunity for straight up revenge by destroying the lives, careers, and even locking up all of their political opponents that pissed them off during Trump's term.
The dems have dramatically changed the stakes of the game.


I am so tired of your constant use of hyperbole.

Are you actually histonic or do you do this for engagement/attention?


So attention whoring it is then.




Wonder how long it took you to come up with that, or where you stole it from.


You do not have a right to unnecessarily endanger others and take actions that if taken collectively will inevitably lead to widespread death. Any "individual rights" approach to public health falls flat in the face of the fact that it is the government that ultimately has the duty to ensure public health, and caprice is not a good excuse to refuse it.


You clearly don't know what the word right means.
You also sound like a fascist or communist authoritarian that justifies total destruction of freedom and individual rights under the cry of the greater good.


You sound like an ivory tower libertarian who thinks that your abstract conceptualization of individual rights should always take priority over collective interest to health and life to the point that you think you have the right to spread disease out of caprice.


It was just revealed that over 2 million Chinese spies have infiltrated the US's various institutions.
What does the media all decide to report on instead.
That's right, Russian hackers.


It’s in the news in the UK. The argument is that everyone with money has to join the communist party, and there’s 100 million people in the party because of that. It is pretty unsettling to see how many are up in leadership positions though.


Oh no, are you telling me that people don't immediately shed their ethnic and national allegiances just because they immigrate? But I thought the magic soil instantly turned every one of them into patriots?

Who cares. America is already barely a nation and more like just a big trade zone at this point. Republicunts will cry about chinese spies while zionists overtly spy and control them. Choose your master, a chink or a jew.



They were people specifically sent, employed, and even trained by the CCP exclusively for the purpose of being spies.
This isn't a race thing. This is a communist operation thing.

Then again demoralization seems to have already worked on you two.


>Westerners snitch on their own spies to prove their moral superiority over their fellow man
Dude, how do you think we know about all these spies?
Partially because of Chinese snitches.
You keep thinking this is a race thing when this is really a communist thing. For fuck sake, the USSR did very similar shit at a somewhat smaller scale when they were around. Are you claiming that they were some sort of ethic hive mind based on race too? I hope not because that would be retarded.

>You have to realize these "spies" are just told to steal technology, plans, and ideas - and to then ship it back to China.

That isn't how intelligence assets works and you clearly just talking out your ass at this point.
Most spies are given carrot and stick propositions, and yes, many of the outed spies do have training and are card carrying members of the CCP and their intelligence agency. They are quite literally agents.
It would be like saying people working for the CIA "are just told" to do their spy shit.
You are underplaying many important factors in order just to be racist, thus missing the point.


It is in everyone's best interest to maintain the sanctity of their God-given rights of self-ownership.


Please post a source showing how the CIA's spies are found out within days of being deployed.



So more talking out your ass about things you don't know about to justify your identity politics narrative as you ignore everything else.


If only we had evidence for race based preference and some races having a higher in group loyalty than others. Then we might understand why China has access to things it shouldn't and maybe even Israel too!


Notice you are trying hard to pull away from the topic at hand and steer it to identity politics.
Why, because you don't know shit about the actual subject. You just want to rehash racist shitchan /pol/ talking points regardless of context because that small scope is your wheelhouse of knowledge or ability when it comes to political discussion.


So your claim is that racial groups all share exactly the same loyalty to themselves and out groups? This is well studied and you're proven wrong at every step of the way. Screaming racist only makes you look like an idiot or someone who knows they benefit from their preference and attempting to disarm others from it. A prime example of the later is the two jews. "I'm a racial Jew" and "I'm a religious Jew". When it suits Jews they can claim they're acting on religious grounds while promoting things which helps them promote their racial interests while others cannot. The reverse is also true when you point out problems with their religion (like mutilating baby dicks) they can claim you're attacking them racially and you're one step from genociding them.

The sad thing here is you yourself prove that different racial groups have different preferences towards race. The majority of races know to keep their mouths shut if it benefits them and not attack others on the same racial path as them. It's why spics, niggers and gooks all hate each other yet band together as Parasites of colour to leech off of richer groups than them.


Well I like seeings spics niggers gooks and jews in a single paragraph.


>So your claim is that racial groups all share exactly the same loyalty to themselves and out groups?
So you can't read or choose to strawman shit not even tangentally related to anything I said or wrote.
Yeah I don't have any tolerance for that kind of dumb shit.
I don't even have to read the rest of you dumbass ramblings. I am done


File: 1608011786869.png (343.18 KB, 664x674, 332:337, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84….png) ImgOps iqdb

The Zürich Interviews - Darren J. Beattie: If Only You Knew How Bad Things Really Are
What does the US Empire do for the average American? Heidegger. Is hawkishness on China a distraction? The problem with elites. Jonah Goldberg is an ugly man. Getting Mel Gibson wrong.

“Combative”, “spirited”, “fierce”, and “highly intelligent”. These are all descriptions that Darren J. Beattie begged me to use in this biographical introduction when I asked him to describe himself as briefly as he possibly could. A former speechwriter in the Trump White House Administration, he was fired for daring to attend a controversial conference in his past that literally no one on Earth remembers. In a redemption arc of epic proportions, he has returned to work in the Administration as a board member for the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.


Why would you want a conversation with a bunch of idiots? Getting rid of them is a net positive because it stops them corrupting people around you.

Like this guy. If he fucks off we can have 1 less dumb prick triggered by evolutionary traits.


You are clearly the main idiot here.
You can't even think for yourself. It's nothing but shitchan /pol/ memes you took too seriously when you were in your edgy teenage phase that you never grew out of.

Which is why you can't talk about complex subjects and try to steer every conversation to one about identity politics.

You are a dumbass with one trick in your tool bag that you try to apply to everything.


I told you trump would loose and all his lawsuits are frivolous and a way to grift money from suckers before leaving office.

He made like 200$ million in donations with the excuse and only like 10$ million is actually being used to battle the election results, he will leave office as a loser but trumptards see him as martyr instead. Is actually very clever of him as a conman but a fucking selfish and morally bankrupt thing to do.


>He made like 200$ million in donations with the excuse and only like 10$ million is actually being used to battle the election results
You going to post your source or what?



I ain't doing shit for you dumbass.
You proven you can't read and just make shit up.


Even with the bias source there doesn't appear to be any impropriety or grifting going on at all.
Just that the campaign has a budget surplus since there just aren't enough things to use that much money on. It isn't like he can even pocket the remaining even if he wanted to.



These libertarians should take things a step further and realise that they should also own the means of production/own the factories they work at, they can't say "it's never worked before" because that is the same argument for no taxes, but I guess it's charitable of me to assume they don't actually just want corporate dick raping their assholes


How very convenient. Just keep telling yourself that. And go givr him more money to "save democracy"

American libertarians are the biggest hipocrites as all those deep red states are wellfare queens whose two source of income are farm aid and the army. Basically 100% on the government doll and they have a negative net impact on gdp. Endless pit of public funding and subsidies so they can pretend to be freedok fighters in the boonies.


A craftsman builds a piece of factory equipment. That craftsman now has legitimate right of ownership over the piece of equipment since he has right of ownership over both the products of his labor and the materials he used.

The craftsman agrees to trade the piece of equipment to a businessman in exchange for some currency. The businessman now has 100% legitimate right of ownership over the equipment since the orginal craftsman's right of ownership included the right of alienation, and this right must be respected if you are to maintain that the craftsman's body is his own.

The businessman asks a townsman if he would operate his equipment in exchange for some currency every day. The townsman agrees. Because the townsman has no right of ownership over the equipment nor the materials utilized by the equipment, and because the townsman consented to trade his labor for currency, the townsman does not own any component of the goods produced by the equipment.


I work in agriculture and most all of the farmers I know are either religious Republicans or Democrats who think that the New Deal was the best thing ever. In my experience very few farmers are actually libertarians, the one libertarian farmer I knew refused to take CRP payments or any other government payments even though he qualified for them.


File: 1608060607574.jpg (121.24 KB, 768x720, 16:15, 1592434115068.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine all the people who bet on Trump winning. Imagine the people who bet on Trump winning AFTER HE LOST THE ELECTION because they overdosed on copium and believed the retards on the internet telling them to trust the plan and that Trump would win in court despite not putting their money where their mouth was.


File: 1608060634693.webm (2.85 MB, 576x700, 144:175, 1608045665051.webm) ImgOps iqdb


You don't understand what commies mean when they say own the means of production. The means of production are worthless without the product they produce, so the workers own a bunch of useless tools because big daddy government takes all their products and leaves the workers to die of starvation. Once you understand how that works you understand commies are a death cult who try to murder the working class and that's why it's never working class people who are commies.

I have no objection to what you state in theory. In practice I don't think it works out too well because the businessman ends up with too much power and self interest where he starts to work against his workers. Merchant classes are bad for everyone but themselves and you need to cut that cancer out ASAP. Same way you can't allow outside forces to control your economy unless you want to be exploited and left penniless afterwards.

>He believes in mainstream politics being anything less than a circus
There is evidence of fraud but there's always fraud. Votes never mattered and never will matter. The big brain question is why cause a shit storm now over it.


Libertarians are just communists who like private property

>no state
>no class
>no cash

>no state
>no class


Anarcho-communism is not opposed to the existence of social classes so long as they are not maintained through violence.


They don't and dude is just trolling by being retarded on purpose.


ancaps would agree with you, they just argue from the premise of free association. There's nothing to mediate class under anarchism, since there's no social coercion. Do you disagree?


A whole lot of people are about to become felons if biden gets his way when it comes to guns.


>American libertarians are the biggest hipocrites as all those deep red states are wellfare queens whose two source of income are farm aid and the army. Basically 100% on the government doll and they have a negative net impact on gdp. Endless pit of public funding and subsidies so they can pretend to be freedok fighters in the boonies.
Looks like you are making shit up again.
>How very convenient. Just keep telling yourself that. And go givr him more money to "save democracy
Cute non-argument.

>he big brain question is why cause a shit storm now over it.
Because the dems upped the stakes and up the scale of the fraud.

Have you ever talked to ancoms?
They are very much against class and all other forms of hierarchy and think use of force to tear down hierarchy is justified.
They are just communist at the end of the day. They just think it is better to try to reach it under different means then other kinds of communist. Being that they don't think trying to take over the state to force communism top down is the best idea, and instead it should be a bottem up revolution into the destruction of all hierarchical systems.


>They are very much against class and all other forms of hierarchy and think use of force to tear down hierarchy is justified.
Where are you getting this information? I have never once seen any anarcho-capitalist writer suggest that it's justified to use force against another person just because they happen to have more power than you.


Anarcho- communism =/= anarcho-capitalism

Dude, you really need to read the the linked post over again because you missread something and are in error.
I clearly was talking about ancoms not ancaps.


What hierarchies would you support being imposed by state power?


I misread your post, sorry.


No one here care about gun rights?


I've mentally prepared myself to go down shooting if they come for my guns.


That's not how things happen. They'll just slowly make it more onerous to have a firearm and chip away your right to own firearms bit by bit when most people are ready to accept the next step. You can kill yourself by resisting the government but no one will follow you and you will be regarded as a lunatic and actually an example of why guns must be taken away.


Why do you think they're doing this? Material power? They already have all the material power they could ever need. They want power over your soul, over your will. Problem is they can't take it by force. They can kill you but all this will give them is a corpse. Fear of death is their #1 weapon for convincing citizens to give consent over their will, to "sell their soul". Fear of pain is #2. 1984 honestly reads like a bible to how these people think, I was extremely surprised how on-the-nose it was when I first read it.


they don't have to take your guns or anyone else's, americans are fat and lazy and guns are only cosplay because they will never rise up or do anything with them except like they constantly shoutd they do, theyll just go shoot at cans in the woods and pretend niggers will get in even though police in their town probably has like tanks and military drones.

A smart government would just leave them larp in their complacent little bubble while you establish your tirany. Its brave new world and they wont ever risk any comfort or safety.


Lol, you will do nothing of the sort. Let's be honest, if the authorities came to your door right now and demanded to search your property and told you they were going to take your firearms, you wouldn't resist at all. You are a modern right wing man, you talk a mean game online but in real life you are neutered and inhibited.

And before you pull the "you don't know me man" card, no, you're not a "crazy white man with nothing to lose" like some badass anti-hero in a movie. The left will gradually erode your freedoms and you will do nothing about it besides whine about it online or pull the same tough guy larp where you claim that next time they encroach on your freedoms you'll totally do something about it. But again, you never will. There is no hill that you would actually die on.

This is nothing specifically personal about you, this is simply the reality of all modern right wingers who talk tough online.
Yeah, they'll boil the frog so to speak on this. I don't think Biden will actually do a gun grab, but he will pass stricter laws. Then Kamala Harris will probably seize certain types of firearms and then each administration after that (all democrats as demographics will soon make it impossible for a republican to ever win the white house again) will incrementally ban more firearms until all firearms are banned and the population is completely disarmed. And despite all of the "FROM MUH COLD DEAD HANDS!" larping, 99.9999% of gun seizures will go down without incident.


True posts.


>No one here care about gun rights?
Not for niggers such as "Lil Wayne" who sing songs about killing people over differing shoe brand choices.

What more is there to be said about gun rights that hasn't been said already in these threads? Gun law is something surface level that can be talked about openly anywhere still without getting the person behind the posts b& from any platform, so likely anyone who has anything to say about it has already done so in a place where dialogue is already happening as opposed to making a literal call to arms in a fringe thread on a fringe board. I don't mean to sound so harsh but the act of just dropping a frontpage Youtube video in with a vague description without offering any overview or even opinions of your own on the matter doesn't really appeal to discussion.


Your attempt at saying there is nothing to discuse would hold more water if there wern't people already actively discussing the subject above you.

Your post is nothing more then a transparent attempt to stifle discussion of topics you dislike in favor of pushing /pol/ shit such as screeching about niggers and jews.


Biden is provably the most corrupt person in modern US politics.


File: 1608138955477.png (1.53 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


>random vague bold claim
>random beaniefaggot video with a thumbnail saying basically the same clickbait claim
Yeah, I'm not clicking that shit, either explain yourself or gtfo, shill.


God damnit stop. Bidenbros will never believe he is corrupt. Everything they know comes from reddit, CNN, and TYT. The only times they actually see something for themselves is when it's a curated out of context 30 second clip that they're given by whatever leftist source decides they need to see it. Even if they managed to watch a press conference for themselves at some point they constantly tab to reddit or discord to find out how it could look bad and if they should be amused, outraged, smug, or joyed.
There's no need to post more about Biden and the election fraud. Every leftist that actually has brain cells says "Heh, yeah it was fraud but I'm glad. Trump needed to go but bigot whites, hispanics, and uncle toms just wouldn't let it happen". If they actually believe the narrative that there wasn't any widespread fraud it doesn't matter. Every piece of information is curated 4 times for them, once by the leftist bias of the reddit OP, once by the leftist bias of the mods, once by the leftist algorithm, and finally by the social credit upvote system. These are the people that decry the corporate system and governments yet believe the media is honest. These people are the definition of a normie. Stop posting about the election fraud and corruption. They cannot ever hold beliefs contrary to the narrative. It is just not possible.
Trump lost because no republican wants to be one of the people on the "wrong side of history" when the ruling elites gets past this little "speed bump".


You're just preaching to the choir and it's pretty sad. Who is going to do something about it? The CIA that was run by a supporter of the American Communist Party? The FBI that leaked a fake document to defame Trump and had to apologize? The DoD that is angry that Trump won't start another war? The DoJ run by the same people that Obama appointed? The media? The supreme court that doesn't want to get executed when the democrats come for the "Trump sycophants"?
Sorry but none of these departments are secretly full of Le Based White Guys.
You sound like a kid crying to your bullies and complaining that one of them took your toy. None of them are on your side. Did you really think the globalists, capitalists, and ruling class would lose? To a retard whose only saving grace was "I'm not Hillary/Biden" no less? Trump as usual failed to play 4D chess and managed to actually lose to a dementia patient propped up by the most obvious fraud in american history.


It gives me great joy watching reality dawn on every retard who voted for Biden.
Somehow these people thought the same institution that publicly assfucked Sanders would ever move an inch for the same demands the left wants with the DNC's chosen frontrunner.
It was hilarious how he filled his cabinet up immediately with Obama leftovers, war criminals and other assorted freaks. It's also gonna be hilarious when they realize Biden won't give them anymore covid relief except maybe some sort of tax credit that only helps rich people. Liberals already wanted this shit, but watching the "left" realize how much they fucked up is lol. I didn't vote this election, but I wish I had voted for Trump. Enjoy maximum austerity and 20 more years in the desert you fucking faggots.


This level of delusion is legit impressive. Even schizos are more in touch with reality than this.


>Biden wins
>Fucks the left
>Actually he was muh ebul white man. what we need is kamala
>kamala becomes president
>Fucks the left
>It was all because of those ebul waycissts
Mark my words, leftoids could not get any more pathetic at this point. It's hilarious hearing them call everything they didn't see on reddit a conspiracy.


I was really hoping he'd pick another white guy as his VP. Would've been hilarious if he simultaneously ended Me Too and woke shit at the same time. But it looks like Dems are going to adopt woke as their party religion. He has however snubbed most of BLM which is even funnier. Congrats on being useful idiots and accomplishing nothing by making zero demands and compromising at every turn. If you guys thought you could protest now, watch police budgets increase alongside surveillance.


both sides are neoliberal, the blm antifags and the proud boyos evangelicas are just useful idiots, both sides are going to be liberal and run by corporate lobbys.


Exactly, there's no power to appeal to in American politics. Both sides designated "left" and "right" don't care about you or me. There's plenty of culture war in between to give people a false sense of opposition, but at the end of the day they only serve capital and the market. Trump is a moron and a grifter, and I don't believe he has any coherent ideology. But his presence in politics sent the parties into a frenzy solely because he was an outsider, not based on any perceived actions or ideology he would potentially bring about with his administration. You would think that would remove the veil from enough people, but the culture wars are such a controlling force. Society of the spectacle and all that.


Why does it seem like leftist in the media dislike red headed characters?
Mainly by changing all of them into black females when stuff is made rather then sticking to the source material.


trump wasnt an outsider at all, its part of the very people who already influenced politics, simply cutting the middle man, why as a corporate stooge would you lobby when you can become the candidate yourself? he is the peak establishment taking over, maybe is just the middle men being upset because he is doing their job instead of lobbying them to do it for him but not because he was an outsider.

maybe because the irish are catholic so neither protestants or jews give a shit, italians are also portrated as retarded goombas, jersey shore types or criminals. They simply choose the minority that would give the most token points. They are also starting to throw hate at asians and cubans and saying stupid shit like how they are white supremacist too.


Didn't reddit start a meme about how redheads weren't human or something? Then, they also found it funny that redheads will be the first distinct class of whites to be extinct.
>trump wasnt an outsider at all, its part of the very people who already influenced politics, simply cutting the middle man, why as a corporate stooge would you lobby when you can become the candidate yourself? he is the peak establishment taking over, maybe is just the middle men being upset because he is doing their job instead of lobbying them to do it for him but not because he was an outsider
I'm sorry but you're wrong. I'm not going to go over why because you actually sound smart enough to figure it out anyway.
>They simply choose the minority that would give the most token points. They are also starting to throw hate at asians and cubans and saying stupid shit like how they are white supremacist too.
Hahaha, I've noticed it too. Asian is apparently white enough to be a white supremacist now. They even called Kyle Rittenhouse white when he's half hispanic. White has essential become synonymous with (insert-wrongpolitik) evil boogeyman.


yes. liberal billionaire man from new york and reality tv is the outsider underdog fighting for the little guy in flyover states


Just because Trump's rich doesn't mean he isn't an outsider to the establishment. I'm not arguing that he's some compassionate populist savior of the working man.
Yes, Trump is just another rich pedophile who doesn't care about anyone but himself. However, he didn't go to the right institutions. He is nouveau riche and wasn't groomed for the same level of decorum as expected by the inner circle. He is considered uncouth in their eyes despite the fact that he says exactly what they're all thinking out loud. That has potential to hurt the little game they're playing with all of us, which is why nobody in the establishment would back him. Even people he personally put on the supreme court know not to support him if they want a career.


I think Trump was more of an accident of circumstances than some planned coup by corporations.
People felt so disenfranchised by decades of austerity that anyone who remotely looked different seemed like a better option.
There was also a lot of hate-voting out of spite for the Clintons in 2016 that helped turn favor to Trump.
Corporations already rule outwards from the middle of the power structure in this country. They don't need to issue orders top down to a king.
That's why the truly rich don't run for presidential office, there's not much to be gained that they don't already have.
Most corporations want to move towards faceless capitalism anyways, which goes against the idea of having public figures.


two more people in the news almost died "within minutes" of getting the coronavirus mutage—- vaccine


>Why does it seem like leftist in the media dislike red headed characters?
It's a racial rage that likely has two sources: medieval Europe and ancient Mesopotamia.

The Thracians and Scythians were red headed, and they probably had racial kin in the Hittites, Medians, and Persians surrounding Israel. Edomites being recorded as red headed in the Tanakh is a reflection of the racial reality on the ground. This curiously flips during the middle ages and now Jews are depicted as red headed. During the inquisition people with red hair were persecuted for being Jewish.

There appears to be two things going on at once: a role reversal that disguises an old racial animosity. If it sounds bizarre that this fire could be kept burning for millennia then remember that Purim and the Maccabean Revolt are still celebrated every year.


Passover is a 4000 year old holiday celebrating genocide bro. nobody thinks they don't hold on to arbitrary animosities.


>in the news
>doesn't post links
Come on man.


>The right won't do anything
>they will just sit and take it no mater what happens

I don't know about that.

6 men indicted by federal grand jury in plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer


>in plot
so they didn't do anything


>create group of glowniggers
>arrest your own glowniggers
Classic alphabet agencies with the quality propaganda as always.


You joke but they really do this. They used to withhold the portraits and mugs for their mass produced psyops but I'm sure it's more sophisticated with facial generation tech.



File: 1608266873837.png (923.29 KB, 1080x1299, 360:433, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Can't imagine the type of person who would willingly let themselves get injected with this poison.


The former chair of the NH GOP left the party over their attempt to subvert the election.



Excerpt from her statement:

>For the past five years, however, I have found myself fighting for what I thought were the principles of my party in the face of the ever-deteriorating character and integrity of party representatives. They have revealed their impotence and decrepitude as they have fallen, one by one, at the feet of the most corrupt, destructive and unstable president in the history of our country.

>It seems there is no assault on human dignity too great, no attack on democracy too extreme, to inspire the Republican weaklings in Congress to speak up or stand up to President Donald Trump.

>With very few exceptions, elected Republicans have been silent in the face of this president's most contemptuous and at times barbaric actions. They have defended and excused his impeachable betrayals.

>Worst of all, they have openly supported his attempts to sabotage the Constitution and dismantle democracy as we know it. Trump’s post-election attempts to invalidate millions of legitimate votes through an abuse of the judicial system, culminating in a Texas lawsuit to block Joe Biden wins in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, amount to no less than an attempted coup. And they have been openly encouraged and supported by every level of the Republican Party.

>I have been asked thousands of times how I can continue to call myself a Republican in the face of such dangerous, anti-American actions.

>The truth is, I cannot.

>Those ideals that I have spent so many years fighting for — liberty, conservatism, constitutional leadership — are no longer the principles of the Republican Party. Never did I believe I would see the day when the party of Abraham Lincoln would try to invalidate millions of legitimate ballots and enlist in an effort to overthrow the lawful government of the United States

>Yet, that is where we are today. In the weeks since the election, the GOP has ransacked the Constitution. Republicans have demeaned our republic with their attempts to steal an election as if we were no more than a third-rate banana republic. They have humiliated themselves and disgraced our great nation.

>As I watched the Republican Party and its elected leaders across the country coalesce around the most unpatriotic assault on our elections that I have ever seen, it became clear to me that the party of Lincoln is no more.

>Just as Abraham Lincoln understood that America could not continue to stand with so destructive an institution as slavery, so have I come to understand that America and today’s Republican Party cannot coexist.

>The GOP has become so destructive an institution — by embracing racism, accepting hatred and cruelty as the foundation for policy, and by advocating for and advancing the overthrow of democracy in America — that it has become wholly incompatible with the constitutional pillars of our country.


>you joke
No I was actually being serious. The alphabet boys arrest themselves all the time to dissuade anyone from forming opposition.


Covid's just the flu, we didnt do this for the flu (or the common cold). Not even Ebola was this big.


That's idiotic, not even the average chinese person likes the government, didnt you see hong kong (and their protests with them waving the american flag and what not). I doubt they even lack the "muh ethics" type of thinking (look at what happened to the man who gave those twin fetuses HIV resistance, he was arrested because cuck UN cried like children)


They're pushing a lot of festivals and stuff like that to only accept people who have been vaccinated, that's how they're planning to give it to the normalcattle. And there's people who consume mainstream media 24/7 that would just risk it because they believe the virus is way worse.


Hong Kong is not China you shit eater. Chinese people love their government. In Hong Kong, which is not China, they know CCP is extremely corrupt because they have their own government.


In the US, hospitals are overwhelmed and 3000 people are dying every day. The morgues are all full and they're using refrigerated trucks to store bodies in. That is not just the flu. How are you this far in denial about this? Face the truth you fucking pansy instead of burying your head up your ass in denial to hide from the fear the truth causes you.


All deaths of people with covid are treated as covid deaths even when covid was not the actual cause of death. The numbers are massively inflated. Total number of deaths from all causes in 2020 did not increase from previous years. Cases of the flu are down over 90%.





No one has done more for Israel than Trump, after Obama basically betrayed them, America's greatest ally and shining beacon of democracy and American values in the shithole that is the Middle East


It's not really a psyop then if they can successfully infiltrate literally any and every political group. Even harmless shit like book clubs at least have 1 glowie in them.


>he fell for the psyop unironically


Beliefs like that are exactly what the psyop is intended to instill.


Will Trump pardon Snowden and Assange or is he really just a deep state little pussy retard? He has every reason to pardon them, we know the man doesn't have any principles (not in a bad way but he won't be beholden to CIA) and the deep state has screwed him over a lot, but if he doesn't do the pardons then it exposes him as a deep state faggot


He's definitely too selfish to do it. He doesn't want his head to be seen moving violently forward.


>Obama basically betrayed them


Can someone else check the date on this patent so I know I'm not losing my mind?


And yes I do know "System and method for using, processing, and displaying biometric data" isn't necessarily directly related, I'm just wondering how many coincidences is "too many". At this point there are a lot.


>Judges refuse to do anything because of riots and violence

Ok, so thats the rules for getting what you want now. Mob violence, cool.

Time to start blockading cities until liberals starve to death.
That is the game now.
To lie cheat and kill until your side gets it's way.

Fuck it, I am fine with it if that is how it's going to be.
Just need to convince consrvacucks that the game has changed and ain't peacefully going back.


Liberal cities produce most of the USA gdp, they can afford to import foods, meanwhile red states depend on Farm aid to be able to produce food and without them and without being able to sell the products to blue states you are the ones starving to death Cletus, sorry.


Yes, it would be this vastly complex theater to trick people rather than just pay some guys to sit in on political organizations and wait for people to get sloppy. Qanoncel cope is wild.


>Hong Kong is not China you shit eater.

It's been part of China since 1997, the people are chinese by blood, I am going to consider them chinese. Also there had been other protests involving mainland chinese people (the Tiananmen square massacre for example)

as the other two said, most likely not covid. Also most Americans (and most people to be exact) are unhealthy/bodily weak as fuck, they're fat, unenergetic, etc. If you have a normal diet (plants, some fish and some meat) and exercise and get your daily vitamins (aka just be normal), you'll be fine


This was true until about 2 months ago. now hong kong is over


>Importing food
>During a blockade
Are you being dense on purpose of did you just not read?
Cities don't produce their own food.
They are 100% dependent on all their resources especially food being trucked in.
Cutting off access to the major highways the city depends on would strangle the city and cause mass death as resources run out.

You also don't seem to know what gdp is or how it isn't even remotely relevant to this scenario.
Investment banking and software engineering doesn't produce physical food when supply is cut off in a blockade.

Then add to that attacks on infrastructure such as power and water and it becomes easy to understand how precarious and dependent cities are on factors they don't control.


my city produces our own food
(not him)


What city?
Is it even in the US?


The guy you're responding to is referencing a reddit meme. The only reason he believes what he does is because he saw a cool picture of a map with numbers on it, a sassy title, lots of uplikes, and most of all the comments with lots of uplikes didn't "debunk" it.
What's worse is that he doesn't know it's nearly just a population map with higher population correlated with higher income tax. The only 3 states to break that near direct correlation are FL, GA, and AZ.


revenue from taxes*


processing food != producing food


i didn't say processes


You also didn't specify a city at all.
You really expect people to just take your word for it?


you always hate to be wrong


You are not even a little funny.


File: 1608472710806.jpg (41.41 KB, 768x472, 96:59, ted.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Agriculture was a mistake.


File: 1608478585700.pdf (169.63 KB, Psionic Terrorism.pdf)

How to use your psychic abilities to commit untraceable and unprosecutable acts of remote terrorism

The guy here uses a radionics machine to symbolize the transmission of his intent but you can develop your own personalized MO


Pipe bombs are both easier and far more effective. Think I would stick with bombs & bullets if I was in any way interested in terrorism.

And for any glowies I have no interest or intent to do anything even remotely terrorism related. I also don't have a dog so ATF can fuck off too.



I've been thinking this myself, this is where all the inequality and hierarchy came from, but actually I'd take a step back and say before humans become meat eaters slaughtering other living beings and were just monke in trees swinging and chilling was ideal


Pipe bombs and bullets are just for killing interesting targets. It might work if you have a large group of insurgents, but I doubt it. If you want to take down the Texhnoindustrial system you have to figure out a way to irreversibly damage the current infrastructure. Likely through intentionally causing Kessler Syndrome.


I would suggest you watch a documentary on chimps.
There is still hierarchy, brutality, meat eating, and oppression if you "go monkey".
Chimps have no chill and they are the closest to humans when you remove the humanity.


Bombs are great for taking out infrastructure too. Just need bigger bombs or incendiary devices.


Turns out Covid-21 is real


blow up whatever you want, you just made some insurance jew's day and it be rebuild back again harder. Maybe someone naive would have thought that blowing up the world trade center was a great idea to bring down the finance system but we know now how that turns out.


People are already talking about going into lock down until 2022, pretty ominous for small businesses owners and blue collar workers. Of course big tech is pushing for this, they made way more money than usual thanks to the virus.


Did you write that? It's pretty funny.


>People are already talking about going into lock down until 2022
Even by the faulty logic of the original lock downs it wouldn't do anything good compared to the massive harm it will cause.
It will just cost lives not save them.
This whole "temperary" lock down nonsense was just to "flatten the curve" so that health services weren't overwhelmed. By now health services are beyond over-prepared and have all the resources they need. When people get treatment and aren't already at death's door they almost always survive even in the worst cases. It simply isn't dangerous to the vast majority of people, we know that from the data and direct experience. Lock downs are dangerous.
Any government official talking about looking down again or looking down even more needs to be shot because they are just tyrants who are killing people.


I'm an Australian NEET who got 600 extra dollars for months for my payments cause of COVID, plus some one time payments

Why is it so hard for Americans to even just get one 600 or more payment? Why do your politicians have to play political football and make these big packages with all this shit in them which they fight over just to get it done? Why can't Trump just make it an executive order and get it over and done with? My understanding is Trump is a very "favours for favours" art of the "deal" guy so maybe he can't do it because he won't get what he wants after his presidency? Same reason I think he won't pardon Snowden or Assange, because it would be bad for his businesses and maybe his health, the intelligence, military and corporate side of the Deep State are mostly (but not all) rich Republicans and hold a lot of influence over Trump. Americans seem like a very docile people and ironically despite their don't tread on me and revolution "badass" attitude I don't see them rising up at least no successfully, I think the powers that be wouldn't want them getting a stimulus package for 'nothing', maybe if Americans demanded it they would do it just to appease them but I don't see that happening


I don't know why people think that printing and handing out this much money isn't going to have any negative consequences.


No. You can find the rest of the author's books for free here http://www.charlescosimano.com/e-books.html


>the intelligence, military and corporate side of the Deep State are mostly (but not all) rich Republicans and hold a lot of influence over Trump.
That isn't true at all. I'm not even sure where that meme started. Bush? Reddit? Who knows.



When Bush was president it was true, and was very true before that, maybe since Obama intelligence has become progressively more Democrat, but the military and everything associated with that including industry is still very Republican controlled


Corporations are making a killing during COVID while Americans suffer


The US government/Fed does blow trillions on welfare, it's just corporate welfare. In terms of the so-called political divide, the right blocks you getting paid because >muh big government, and the left blocks you getting paid because >muh racial inequality


Should the economy serve the people or people serve the economy?


That's a big no. Again, I'm wondering where these memes started. For example, Republicans must have the connections to the military and military-industrial complex, so obviously they've started the most wars amirite?
>WW1 was started by Democrat Woodrow Wilson
>WW2 was started by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt
>Korean War was started by Democrat Harry S. Truman
>Vietnam War was started by Democrat LBJ
There are also many smaller conflicts, started both by Democrats and Republicans. Bay of Pigs by JFK, the Bosnian, Kosovo, Haitian, and operation IR with Sudan and Afghanistan under Bill Clinton which set the stage for the Afghan and Iraq wars.
All of the BIG wars were started by Democrats, possibly even the Civil War depending on who you want to blame. Smaller wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan were started by Republicans, along with some started under Bush Sr. and Dwight D. E. After Bush Jr. left office we should have seen a drop in wars because the big fat meanie republicans were gone, instead under Obama we got Lybia, Syria, fuckin Uganda,
another Iraq war, and a war in Yemen. Trump has yet to start a war it seems.
By numbers alone Democrats have started the most wars(if only by 20% or so), and by total deaths per war by party that started it Democrats win by an unimaginably large margin just by the size of the wars thenselves.

Anyway, you mentioned the military being Republican which is kind of funny but do you actually have proof of that besides bad feelings that reddit gave you by superimposing images of white men over images of war and saying "republicans bad"? Have you ever been given a breakdown of DoD, CIA, and other "deep state" bureaus' employees and directors by party affiliation?


People refuse to serve economy, economy fails:
>People starve
>Crime surges
>People die, join gangs, deal drugs
>Welfare programs unable to keep up
>More starvation and suffering
People serve economy, economy thrives:
>People have money from jobs
>Can afford face masks, medicine
>Crime lower due to increased access to education and economic opportunity
>Welfare programs receive money from taxes so the poorest can at least survive
>Less suffering
Serve the economy so that it can serve you.


This mentality that multinational corporations are raping the country so we may as well join in does absolutely nothing to address the problem. These same people that are getting handouts will be starving in the gutter in a decade when this bubble pops, wheras the globohomo elite can just scoot off to a different host country.


Most people don't like to think ahead and for whatever reason don't think that inflation with effect them.
Even if you can already see the effects of it and it is only going to keep getting worse.



>The long-awaited coronavirus relief bill, purportedly aimed to help Americans and their small businesses as the Chinese coronavirus continues to grip the nation, would make illegal streaming a felony — a special interest gift to the entertainment industry.

>It shall be unlawful for a person to willfully, and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain, offer or provide to the public a digital transmission service that:

>is primarily designed or provided for the purpose of publicly performing works protected under title 17 by means of a digital transmission without the authority of the copyright owner or the law

>has no commercially significant purpose or use other than to publicly perform works protected under title 17 by means of a digital transmission without the authority of the copyright owner or the law; or

>is intentionally marketed by or at the direction of that person to promote its use in publicly performing works protected under title 17 by means of a digital transmission without the authority of the copyright owner or the law


I guess putlocker is getting nuked


Putlocker doesn't fall under US law and they aren't a US company nor do they care about US copyright.


Though not that I think about it a fuck load of anime and cartoon streaming sites are all going to be killed by this if they don't quickly off shore their operations.


>the chinese coronavirus
breitbart is the jewiest trash these days, these diaspora kikes and their idiotic white collaborators really are trying to start WW3



动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门


The west doesn't need a war with China. China is powerful and on the other side of the Earth. Who would gain? Both western nations and China would be devastated economically and the loss of life would be enormous.
The real enemies are the kikestanis in the Middle East, anf to that end I think China is a better ally than enemy.


the west doesn't, its just american jingoism as usual because they are becoming irrelevant in the world stage and are on the process of manage decline. If they don't trigger another cycle of wars Jewmehrica is pretty much done with and will slowly erode into becoming more like South America



File: 1608644437732.jpg (143.3 KB, 850x1098, 425:549, meiling.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>China Inc will recycle used white guys
>NEW YORK (Reuters) - American company men may find a savior in China Inc. As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced – if white and older – males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.
>Some of the largest U.S. companies are moving quickly to rebalance their headcount. At Apple, for example, succubi made up 38% of workers under 30 in 2018 versus just 31% four years earlier. The share of under-represented minorities in that group rose 10 percentage points to 35%. Meantime the employment-to-population ratio of white men fell from 76% in 1972 to 67% in 2018.
>The coming year should be a banner one for diversity. California has rolled out quotas for boards; Nasdaq is considering requirements for listings. Companies from Wells Fargo to Google to Delta Air Lines have diversity hiring goals in place.
>Some of those hitting the streets, resumé in hand, will have value for the right employer. Economic research firm Sonecon put the price of intellectual capital of U.S. companies at $9.2 trillion in 2011. Acquiring that by buying companies will be difficult under President-elect Joe Biden, who is expected to continue the crackdown on Chinese acquisitions. Poaching talent is easier and, in some cases, may be more efficient.
>In the past some technology companies from the People’s Republic had reputations for poaching American experts, extracting trade secrets, then tossing them back. But those with expertise in artificial intelligence or international communications are keepers. And with Chinese retail traders starting to play U.S. stocks, American financial experience is becoming valuable too. Webull Financial, a Chinese-owned trading app that competes with Robinhood Markets, hired a white American dude as chief executive.


so Reuters has been reduced down to race-baiting drollocking now too


They're shooting themselves in the foot. Imagine filling your company with unqualified people simply because they're female or a visible minority.
The white men will regroup elsewhere and be more successful.


That's not happening. White economic position is in freefall and has been for about 20 years. Whites will collectively be on par with hispanics in a decade.
They're not regrouping they're just getting fired, entering poverty, and then passing that poverty onto their white kids who are denied college or employment for not being good for the diversity quotas.


It's kind of obvious what's happening. Whites are the last proletarian group with the property, economic power, and idealistic culture to fight back against the elite. That's why the rich are so interested in dismantling and attacking them. it isn't necessarily some secret social justice warrior white genocide, it's just the obvious removal of a large proletarian power bloc, and in fact the last. Once whites are poor, destitute, and their higher ideals are dismantled and turned into "I wanna be a thug mufucka" like the rest of the races then all propaganda will stop and the elites will look for something else to dismantle until the only hierarchy are the "experts" who save humanity constantly from imagined disasters like climate change, or pandemics, or whatever else.
The proles will just be divided amongst each other fighting between races and sexes, buying product, being employee, and listening to propaganda.


And who's going to take their place? Niggers? Hispanics? Don't make me laugh. Jews are a very small minority, they can't fill the positions that whites occupy. Maybe we'll let the Asians invade? Okay, but expect a lot of bloodshed with that transition.
The institutions that whites have constructed are not being taken over, they're being rotted from the inside-out. The end of this is not a transfer of power, it's a collapse of power. Then we just have to let survival of the fittest take its course, and despite what the propagandists over at bunkerchan would have you believe an extra 30 IQ points is a lot better asset than slightly stringier monkey muscle.


No, the world will transform into a global south africa and a single nation state will probably be the capital of the rich. Everyone leading every other government will be a puppet of that higher power just as the entire continent of Africa is now. Nobody will rise up against their shitty circumstances because they'll just think "It's those damn niggers living down the street that are the problem" or "it's those damn crackas living down the street that are the problem".
It's going to be just like South Africa.


Or Brazil :^)


The decrepit old manipulators who run this circus aren't omnipotent. There's always going to be unknown factors flying about. Maybe they can achieve what you're talking about, maybe. But it's not going to be permanent. The moment their fantasy nigger cattle planet is established it's going to start degrading. Unless they have an actual god at their disposal it's inevitable; everything ends. The best you can do is learn to ride the tides, you try to control them and you'll end up drowning.


What they will succeed in doing is destroying idealistic cultures, or in other words cultures that believe in an ideal higher than "I want mufukas to respect me."
Those cultures take thousands of years to build, and this time they'll have dragnets and mass media to prevent idealism from ever appearing again.


They don't have the power that you assume they do.


Western culture is already nearly dead. Chinese culture is dead. Japanese culture is in life support. There's nothing else.
When you turn on the TV all you hear is how western culture is sexist, racist, imperialistic, evil. It isn't a slow transition, the west is rapidly collapsing as a result of obvious propaganda. People are afraid to associate themselves with "western culture". People are afraid that if they say "western culture is beautiful" then they will be called a colonial misogynist racist. The only power they need is propaganda, because nobody at the top is going to oppose this plan.


>When you turn on the TV
There's your problem. You think they're omnipotent because you're using their own claims as a frame of reference for reality. The real world differs quite a bit from the fantasy that they're pushing through MSM.


Do you believe people do not fear to adsociate themselves with western culture? Do you think kids these days aren't constantly joking about how the west or "white people(even white people themselves)" have no culture? Mass media and the education system made it real.
And no, I don't believe they're omnipotent, just that at this rate they will succeed for sure. Even an unforseen event is just as likely to be co-opted in their favor as it is to harm them.



Tell the people losing their jobs or having their cities burned down that it's just a media narrative ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


There's a big difference between burning down a city and burning down the planet.


>muh white saviour
it's no secret sodomites and gomorrans always volunteer to kill for the zog like cattle.
no sacrifice for the capitalist, no gf. no losing all limbs for master, no honor burial.
father will be ashamed if you don't do your patriotic duty! true cattle for the meat grinder, just too proud to admit they have been cattle.
always invading the poor countries 50 to 1, at least try with your larp.
one juba… (/pol/ cattle like yourself call them shitskins) squared up to (your) armies of zionist shills and filmed it. when people saw those dvd covers with the crosshairs aimed at the cattle they were backing up, dvds of dead cattle were sold out before any other.
cattle tax funds israel and aipac, trumpensteinberg loves the star of david. cope with it


Blackwater Prince family Betsy Devos BIGLY money!! $$$$


those POV vids by that famous iraqi sniper killing the zogbots in baghdad were great shit


File: 1608716489877.png (871.42 KB, 1080x661, 1080:661, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Except the majority of the population does believe the narratives they push.

There are 3 entities that control popular opinion. Mainstream media, big tech, and academia. The cultural left controls all three. They won the culture war and it was a total blowout.

And even out of the minority who don't trust any of those three entities and think they don't buy any of their narratives, most are influenced by them without even realizing it. Why do you think most conservatives are just leftists on a lag?


read this crap
it's no secret the elites are into occultism but apparently there's even more to their "great reset" conspiracy here, trying to manipulate events according to some astrological thing


"When I first heard about it in June 2020, it astonished me how they set the “Great Reset” for January 2021, so close to the Great Mutation at the end of December 2020. I doubt this is a mere coincidence or “synchronicity.” J P Morgan is known to have affirmed that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do.

Possibly aware of this great transition, the Davos crew seem to be actually trying to reset the system they already rule with their own settings and revive the dying system as a cyborg from hell."


"America is doomed" -Joe Biden


>some idiot will watch this and get outraged


Not sure if copypasta or your brain is just melting.


What is with you and tabloids?
It is stuff like this and dailystormer.
Like do you have any clue how to verify information you look at?


If him saying he is proud of his crack smoking, child fucking, corrupt money taking son over and over again doesn't piss people off about him nothing will.


its his son after all, and i thought conservatives were supposed to be about family values



I'm not whoever you think I am


Trump is now endorsing the democrat's original proposal to give everyone 2k instead of $600. It just pisses me off that I will see none of it. Fucking normiebux.


I applied for it once already and never saw anything. I don’t think I’m even listed as a dependent.


File: 1608741773020.jpg (315.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 13.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the officially sanctioned narrative is the only credible narrative
>yes, i just happen to agree with it


Wow, a strawman, missing the point, and smug anime reaction picture.

You really are retarded.


File: 1608742542793.jpg (74.5 KB, 960x862, 480:431, dab.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>months of delay
>trump says he might do something
Burgers should pillory their congressmen and tell them to shut up and pay them. Make it $4,000.



Should rich people be less rich and poor people more comfortable? What about us managerial and educated/expert class who worked hard to be comfortable, why should we bother if we can just be comfortable as a poorfag?



>be me

>work my ass off studying computer science and programming, live off easy noodles and didn't even have a tv or internet, just made me work harder
>now 100k+ salary, dems want to tax the fuck out of it to pay for lazy dumb people


gangster organizations like the government should stop stealing from people. I don't care how wealth is distributed so long as the people who have it acquired it without violating others' right of self-ownership.


File: 1608772173527.jpg (1.37 MB, 3398x1194, 1699:597, bin salman lanza.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>benefit greatly off a society that invested in you and was built by others and by tax dollars
>resent having to give something back to society from the huge salary you get
I hate ghetto niggers too but complaining about paying taxes when you earn 100k+ is some humble brag bullshit.


>society was built on tax dollars


yeah what else pays for roads, powerlines, schools, hospitals, and almost all public infrastructure?


try doing the same thing and end up with a 100k salary in some third world country, maybe then you'd realize that you are only able to achieve things like that because you live in a society that allows you to and you are a parasite nigger not wanting to give anything back. even after taxes you are still more priviledged than you deserve.


File: 1608811378612.png (772.46 KB, 929x720, 929:720, Sin título.png) ImgOps iqdb

He practiced on a keyboard made of cardboard


File: 1608824074503.jpg (684.88 KB, 2000x1653, 2000:1653, cash money.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In nations that have full control over their own fiat currency (after FDR, in the case of the US) the government doesn't finance public spending through taxation or borrowing, they spend money into existence through legislative decree. The government sets fiscal policy, and the treasury spends the money by instructing the central bank to mark up the relevant public accounts.

It follows that if a government issues money it must first create that money in order to spend it. Only after that money is in circulation can it be taxed. What gives that money value is everyone has to pay tax to the government.

Taxation, i.e. taking money out of circulation, serves no actual purpose. It should only be used to control inflation. If everyone was taxed to pay off the national debt (the sum of all deficits and surpluses since the inception of the government) there would be no money in the economy.

It's true that inflation is caused by surplus currency, but only where the demand generated by it can't be met through production. The two most cited cases of hyperinflation, Zimbabwe and Weimar, were caused by printing money without that productive supply. After Zimbabwe expelled white farmers agriculture production plummeted, printing money resulted in hyperinflation. Weimar had no productive supply left to service the war debt so hyperinflation was the result of printing money. Nations like the US, Japan, and Britain all spend vastly more than the value of their entire economies every year yet counterintuitively struggle with deflation, that's why they have all cut their interest rates to near-zero. None of them experienced runaway inflation after printing trillions during 2008, and they aren't experiencing inflation now, since they can match the generated demand from surplus capital with products and services.

Given this, there's no reason why governments who issue their own currency can't simply increase public spending until there's full employment and supply and demand are in equilibrium. It's a political decision that some level of unemployment exists, instead of making the private sector compete for minimum wage labor with the government. The government should finance and mobilize labor in areas that aren't privately competitive, like infrastructure and research.


Fiat currency scam dollars. The value is within people, not taxes. If we used what we inflate currency with currently (bonds and Quantitative easing) for public infrastructure/government, we would be much better off.


Also, yea, taxes are currently used to control inflation. Creating things that people value is
on our ancestors; not on the current living population. Taxation is extortion considering fiat
currency exists.


>shits out a article reacting to twater
>the state of urnalism


You guys here two senators want to break the internet in order to effectively ban porn?


I don't want them to institute RealID in the west but I hope they go all the way and ban porn, at least 3d porn. It's just nasty weasel pronographers taking advantage of young succubi while damaging coomer brains. There's no benefit to porn.


As I've gotten older, I've become more and more disappointed in the American Government. We were lied to about WMDs in Iraq. The war was an arbitrary media creation. The rise in violent crime is a direct result of troops being sent there. The war in Afghanistan is an unwinnable guerilla war that can't be won and is being fueled by the presence of troops.
The list goes on…
I'm done with this country. It's run by greedy idiots who are more concerned with keeping their jobs than they are with the well-being of the citizens. I'm at the point now that I'm going to move to Canada, where I can at least be happy about having a semi-decent paying job, health care, free education, and not having to pay taxes.
Canada's not perfect either, but I've got to live somewhere.


>Not having to pay taxes

Should I tell him?


Canadian income taxes are record high, especially for single white males in particular
tax returns are record low and now adjusted for inflation since ever
pay 11-15% tax upfront on every purchase (except some grocery products)
electricity, internet, phone prices highest in world, and you pay taxes on them too
libs introducing new tax on natural gas that some say will raise the price for the consumer by 20%
neetbux is a pain in the ass to get, again especially for singl white males

Canadian economy is a fucking crater where a stable system used to be. the country may have more appeal to wizards than others, but if you can't buy a house in Canada while still living where you are now, then you're not going to ever be able to afford one if you just move to Canada and plan to work until you can.

Look for rent-to-own units in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but know that work in those areas is incredibly sparse unless you want a multi-hour commute or can get on good enough terms with a local business to work for them. That's your best hope.


not adjusted*


File: 1608904656918.jpg (361.23 KB, 785x586, 785:586, money.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Also, yea, taxes are currently used to control inflation.
They aren't currently used that way since the tax system isn't flexible enough, but that's effectively what happens. This is all within the paradigm of capitalism, but it's one way of injecting more national socialism into capitalist economies.

>Creating things that people value is on our ancestors; not on the current living population.

Monumental achievements like cathedrals were funded by the church and its patrons, now that role is for the state. You want your guys holding state power so what gets created are public works of value.


You forgot to mention that as a American he is going to get double taxed no matter where he goes unless he pays up to renounce his citizenship and pay some other country to become a citizen.


>Canadian income taxes are record high
Yeah the wagies need to work hard to pay for me.

>neetbux is a pain in the ass to get, again especially for singl white males

No it's not. I'm a white guy in Ontario (Canada) and I got on welfare without any hassle. You apply online and say you're unemployed and they accept everyone. It was like this before COVID and now it's even easier.




>free education
Post-secondary education in Canada is NOT free for anyone except Aboriginals. Some colleges and universities are partially subsidized though.
It's more like the USA: you can go to free public schools until grade 12.
There's tons of loans and bursaries available especially for those with good grades. I knew a couple people that got full scholarships to university (roughly $44,000 worth for a bachelor's degree).
But otherwise you pay everything yourself. Even if you go on welfare the government would hook you up with a loan rather than pay the full costs.


Millenial expectations destroyed


You do know they won't even let you past the border if you have no way to support yourself right?
They aren't going to allow a neet to immigrate and immediately hop on the dole. Especially if that person is white.


I guess not but once you're a citizen you're in the clear.


>No it's not. I'm a white guy in Ontario
But do you have any mental illness on record? When did you get on it exactly? Are you a "visible minority"? Did your parents immigrate here?

I have my own experience with Ontario Welfare and I recall it being incredibly biased against my demographic despite myself being in an incredibly troubled situation and having a clean background. When applying for it, a job, or any other kind of financial aid, the question of "what minority or underprivileged group do you identify as" always comes up, and every option is there besides "White male". The liberals have made it less likely to lose the free money flow if you have it but they've also barred entry for the white males who are dying of homelessness, drug addiction, and murder magnitudes more than any other group is.



That sucks that it's stacked against white males but remember if the right was in charge no groups would get anything, white males far less


Here's a le epic upvote, don't forget your special ed class


So what happened? They denied you financial assistance?


>white males who are dying of …. murder magnitudes more than any other group is
Where do you come up with these statistics?
White people are much less likely to be killed in Canada compared to blacks and aboriginals.


He's wrong but he probably means that the rate that whites, especially white men, are dying due to homelessness, addiction, and murder is the fastest growing of any ethnicity. Do the numbers are lower but the numbers are growing very rapidly.


I think that white males in power have had their time in the sun, and now it's time to give people of other races and genders a chance to shine. I don't think that white males are intrinsically bad, the problem is that they've had their time in the limelight and it's time to give others a chance.
There's a lot of people out there that are intelligent, hard working, and just waiting to show the world what they're capable of. I think that's one of the biggest problems with the modern world, is that people of other races and genders are held back by the views and stereotypes that the media gives them. If given a chance, they'll show the world what they're really capable of.


File: 1608988542369.jpg (89.45 KB, 450x488, 225:244, dsdsdsf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Antisemitism is horrible. It's disgusting. It's ignorant. It's hateful. It's a scourge on humanity.
I'm a Jew and I'm saying this not just because I'm a Jew, but because it's correct. Antisemitism is wrong. There is no justification whatsoever for it. None. Where this hatred comes from I have no idea. The Holocaust happened and now we're seeing a rise in it again. There's a really simple answer to this problem: education. Teach people. Show them. Make them see. If people actually knew what the holocaust was and why it happened they wouldn't think twice about making antisemitic comments. Teach people about the holocaust and they'll learn that all people are created equal, including Jews.
I'm not telling you this to make you feel guilty. I'm telling you this so you can fulfill your duty as a human being. You have a duty to educate. Teach people. Save people. Be the person who stops the next Adolf from happening. You have the ability to make a difference in this world and it's up to you whether you will make the difference for good or for ill.


This guy is bored out of his mind right now. I can tell.


I'm jewish, too. Don't lecture me.


File: 1608991515566.png (138.14 KB, 336x326, 168:163, .png) ImgOps iqdb

>all that shit
Great bait. Even a casual distruster-of-Jews could spend hours listing out the near endless reasons why those who follow the Jewish faith are harmful to civilization and the well being of non-jews.

>I'm a jew

So you had the blood sucked out of your freshly mutilated penis as a baby while you were writhing in pain as your family watched and laughed from the sidelines? Can you even call yourself a virgin?

Educate us. What good have Jews done?


Hey there, Antisemite.
I just want to tell you that you're wrong. Antisemitism is a horrible, hateful ideology that leads to nothing but misery and death for everyone involved. It's based on lies and hatred.


Would you consider those who dislike Islam to be "antisemitic?


File: 1608997165859.png (596.47 KB, 793x514, 793:514, __negev_girls_frontline_dr….png) ImgOps iqdb

>antisemitism is hateful and racist
>arabs are subhumans though
*bombs palestinians with white phosphorus*


>Where this hatred comes from I have no idea.
>Most privileged in every country they inhabit, quickest to talk about others needing to stoo being privileged
I'm not even exaggerating, look up singaporean jews. That's jews in an asian country. And of course in all white countried they have the greatest affluence and power of all races. Even in the 18th and 19th centuries this was a thing, jewish privilege was a driving factor for Nazi hatred of jews.
>Most nepotistic of all races, yet quickest to blame others for being biased and prejudiced
>Always a victim yet perpetrators of their own fair share of atrocities
Even in the modern day they're the only group of people legally allowed to commit at least ONE genocide.
Posts like these >>260131
Yes I know you're larping out of boredom. :D


can't tell if this is bait or a legit jew


What's going on in Palestine is a constant fucking tragedy. The whole situation disgusts me. If I could do anything to help, I would. As a Jew, I feel especially bad about it all. If I could take the place of any Palestinian in this scenario, I would I would. I don't want to hear anymore about how the Palestinians are victims or how the Jews are the bad guys. This is both sides' fault for letting it get this far.
Just in case you were wondering, absolutely none of what you've heard about Jews is true. We aren't a bunch of money grubbing bastards who control everything. Well, except at your local 7/11. But if we were, we sure don't show it.
We're not even that powerful. We don't have some secret control over world events. In fact we're not even involved in most world events to any great extent. (Although that doesn't stop conspiracy theories from thriving in the minds of the ignorant and/or misinformed).
What we ARE however is loyal. We believe in the United States more than any other nation and that's why we're here. We believe in freedom and liberty and those are the principles on which this country was founded. And we believe in a strong defense of that from those who would destroy it.
I can't believe that people still have such animosity towards my people, or any Jew for that matter. Antisemitism is a problem in this world and it's only going to get worse unless we all do something about it. Let's try to alleviate some of it, okay?


File: 1609004127727-0.png (423.32 KB, 800x4017, 800:4017, f8c024c75efee00c1b47c64c31….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609004127727-1.png (701.93 KB, 826x569, 826:569, 1608216282031.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609004127727-2.png (955.25 KB, 1021x729, 1021:729, 1608221046160.png) ImgOps iqdb

Jews used to be a somewhat successful tribe of sorcerers. Ever since you guys decided to fabricate the holocaust story for victim points you've fallen into an apparently inescapable mire of victim-worship. Most Jews would be more offended if you told them the holocaust didn't exist than if you told them that YHVH is a blind idiot god. Judaism has become nothing more than worship of the myth of the holocaust. It's pretty sad.


Jews dominate the teen Porn industry. This is proven fact the Jews boast about
Jews dominate the Hollywood and MSM scene. This is proven fact the Jews boast about
Jews dominate the questionably ethical pharmaceuticals industry. This is proven fact the Jews boast about

All 3 industries serve the goal of destroying the established and proven Western culture, an objective the Jews boast about.

Jews are the most xenophobic race as per survey, testimonies from influential Jews.
Jews made it only illegal to openly dislike Jews.

Jews made it only illegal to question what the MSM says about the supposed WWII Holocaust
(Jews also made it illegal to refer to any other Holocaust as a Holocaust)

Jews practice infant sexual torture without hesitation.
Jews have made it illegal to question the ethics of the act.

Jews are actively pushing critical race theory and gender studies on children as young as 5
Jews are making it illegal to question the ethics of such.


>In the 50s Palestine is a free country and not at war with the west
>Suddenly invaded and forcibly occupied by jews
>West offers support until a large area is totally stolen and annexed
>Begin war without throwing any of your own punches, that's the US and UKs job
>Continuously expand borders by literally colonizing and stealing more and more palestinian land
>Kill, sterilize, and organ harvest palestinians and palestinian children
>Ilegally obtain nuclear weapons
>Threaten all countries in the middle east with nuclear strike and US retaliation if they refuse israeli demands
>Regularly use chemical weapons on palestinian schools, hospitals, and daycares
>Deny palestinians water and food
>Build blockade around palestine and threaten to shoot down airplanes and reporters trying to enter palestine if they don't receive israeli consent
>Actually kill reporters and supply vehicles entering palestine
Yes, it's both side's fault. It isn't like palestine is just defending itself against a violent and maniacal, truly villainous apartheid state.


Israel is the only one of two countries in this world that really is truly and undeniably evil. Israel has no right to exist. Israel did not obtain what it has with its own hands like other colonizers. It relied and still relies on billions it receives each year from Germany, the UK, the US, France, and Australia. Israel is a true force of racism, genocide, and evil, and worst of all it plays itself as the victim with no hesitation.


Look, I know what you're saying. What you're telling me is that the actions of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in this recent conflict are inexcusable. The IDF has killed innocent civilians, destroyed property and terrorized the population of the Gaza Strip. But is that really so different from what the United States has done in Iraq? What about the random bombings carried out by the American military in Pakistan? I mean, those are on a smaller scale, but they happen. In fact, I'd make the argument that the United States is worse than the IDF. At least the IDF targets specific buildings and people and does it in a more selective fashion.


This is gold




File: 1609033199707.jpg (68.96 KB, 1080x665, 216:133, FB_IMG_1608547298975.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's just true, the right loves to promise big to regular people but give nothing, I'm not a left wing party supporter either but they do screw the poor a little less. I'm more of a people vs parties person and think people need to group up to get what they deserve, but its hard when both parties (but mostly the right e.g. Reagan) destroy all the unions and any real democracy


It's not about "giving big" to people, it's about not stealing from them. None of the mainstream parties today seem to want to take this position, however.


>it's about not stealing from them
"not stealing " just means tax breaks for the mega rich, bootstraps to everyone else that is getting fucked by corporatist cartels protected by the state. Thats really the right wing stance, get fucked and don't ever complain.

The left has degenerated so much they are not offering anything else but the same corporatism but "we'll give you some extra scraps, so be nice and don't complain too much"


File: 1609081607520.jpg (145.59 KB, 1200x990, 40:33, mp40.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That conception of left and right are just two different flavors of neoliberal. That's the dialectic in America: you get wars and no healthcare under Democrats, and you get mass immigration and no social conservation under Republicans.

Right wing statists agree with trade unions and welfare programs. The People's Welfare was the second biggest organization after the Labor Front in Germany. The aim was the complete elimination of homelessness and hunger. Rent assistance, care for the elderly, health insurance, rehabilitation for addicts, unemployment benefits, funds for new families, and social provisions for the deaf and blind were all People's Welfare (Volkswohlfahrt) initiatives.

The demands should be much more radical than wealth redistribution. The state should guarantee you a job and better conditions, including more public holidays, and seize the assets and property of exploitative capitalists like landlords and international bankers through force, to be turned over to the people.


nazism is just communism with chauvinism, what is fucked in america is not muh neoliberalism but that it turned into statism and corporatism, the same shit nazis support as an economic system.

Statism doesn't so much as guarantee you a job but forces you to be slave labor and forbids everyone to rise above slave labor living unless of course they are born into an apparatik familiy, your dream is stalinist soviet russia.


Even the CNT had to impose its will on Catalonia through force of arms, at the point of organizing against a state army they became an army themselves. Revolutionary praxis necessitates a period of state socialism before communism or anarchy, to defend the revolution.

>it turned into statism and corporatism, the same shit nazis support

The national socialists weren't corporatist, they nationalized private industry and formed worker co-operatives. The firms that remained, like Henkel, had production directed by the state. If they were just going to continue the usurious capitalism of the Weimar Republic, then they wouldn't have overthrown it.


>The national socialists weren't corporatist
>Proceeds to describe corporatism
You provbed my point, nazism is just chauvinistic communism and the only private things are subsidized and protected as monopolies by the state.That shit fucking sucks, if anyhting the USA needs to get away from socialism and state protectiong megacorpo


Japan knows Trump won


File: 1609168278222.jpg (350.36 KB, 697x1000, 697:1000, a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Generally corporatism means the state is directed by corporate interests, your definition includes the state directing former corporate bodies. I'm not claiming your definition is necessarily wrong, but you will encounter contradictions when you attempt to apply it. Even a stateless society where local democratic committees direct labor and production could be corporatist under your definition. You can't step back from this definition now, but fascists know that "fascism is corporatism" or "fascism is capitalism in decline" is historically illiterate and has been a cope for decades.

>if anyhting the USA needs to get away from socialism

While the American people live under capitalist exploitation they deserve free healthcare and housing at a minimum, and they should begin to organize their labor with the aim of taking state power.


We can afford to pay for our own god damn healthcare and housing if the government stops fucking with the market and taking our hard earned money.

Hell, I already do afford those things despite being technically under the poverty line by US standards even with the market fuckery and stolen money. Mostly because the government didn't demand my job be destroyed on the sacrificial altar of Covid. At least not yet.

Every intervention of the government in the economy by the government only makes shit significantly worse.
Socialism ends in failure every single time it is tried.
Fuck socialism and fuck putting the government in charge of anything that should be handled by free markets.


>We can afford to pay for our own god damn healthcare and housing if the government stops fucking with the market and taking our hard earned money.
This is what the retards that go on about "muh free healthcare" don't get, what they should be asking for is less taxes, if they ever ever get free health care they're going to get a tax raise as well. Nothing is free.


Now apply that same reasoning to other public services like roads:
>we can afford to pay for our own roads individually if we were taxed less


File: 1609175951462.jpg (82.74 KB, 1200x715, 240:143, EkWQwcvWAAE7LYV.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Neoliberalism has failed everywhere it has been tried. It's so bad it consumes peoples and cultures and eventually leads to countries replacing their own native populations just to increase the bottom line of corporations, an inevitability in a system predicated by infinite exponential growth. Not even full blown marxist socialism managed to tear their own people apart so efficiently. Every single generation is more despoiled than the one before, yet US is "richer" than ever. And yet the people who should be the most upset are completely pacified by consumption. The consumers are themselves being consumed by the inhumanly efficient neoliberal machine. It's not a surprise that government intervention in a neoliberal society usually makes things worse, as it is designed ultimately to work towards the preservation of that system, but there is no humane form of liberal capitalism. And yet there are people who believe that we should give in to the Kochtopus and their demands for infinite number of immigrants, complete deregulation, the destruction of any safety net, because the arguments produced in the think-tanks that they fund goes that the more power you take out of the government, the better. What a tragedy. We will live to see the day where people defend the super rich while paying rent even for the clothes they wear.


You do know private roads and paved surfaces are a absurdly common thing right?

Do you know how easy it is once the paperwork is cleared to contract out a road network in building developments?
It is actually a lot more easy then wiring up the place or getting the fucking cable guys to install their shit on time. Probably getting off topic.

Like who do you think builds all the roads in private communities?
Who do you think builds parking lots and roads in business parks and shopping centers?
Who built nearly all the roads in those suburban housing developments made in the 40s and 50s?
Or who builds the roads in privately made housing developments in general?

The only reason the government has a virtual monopoly on major thoroughfares and the like is due to bureaucratic reasons not practical ones.
Turns out that the free market already builds roads just fine when you let it.


No it doesn't


>We can afford to pay for our own god damn healthcare and housing if the government stops fucking with the market and taking our hard earned money.
Speak for yourself. I am a master race NEET and prefer to suckle on the teet of the government.
If it wasn't for handouts I'd have nothing at all.
Thank god normies and wagies are taxed heavily to pay for me.



Yes, many of the major roads in France for example are private toll roads. The problem you have, like all libertarians before you, is at the point where a private company is buying out property holders to build national infrastructure, and imposing tolls and fines (through private police contractors and debt collectors), there's no effective difference between that company and the government. If you're a minarchist, then it's still the government and judiciary that ultimately upholds contracts between that company and its clients. No libertarian thinker has been able to reconcile this contradiction, because it's irreconcilable.

The real reason you shrink from public healthcare is because you don't want to pay for other's health, but you're careful not to engage on that front, because it contradicts the central idea that everyone is an individual rational agent in a free market.

The government doesn't finance spending through taxation, see >>260024


Taxes and social programs were implemented to address the shortcomings of an unlimited capitalism. I don't think socialism as it is conceived in the minds of anyone today is an acceptable alternative to capitalism, but some socialization is not bad.
>The problem you have, like all libertarians before you, is at the point where a private company is buying out property holders to build national infrastructure, and imposing tolls and fines (through private police contractors and debt collectors), there's no effective difference between that company and the government. If you're a minarchist, then it's still the government and judiciary that ultimately upholds contracts between that company and its clients.
Well said.


>The government doesn't finance spending through taxation
They do in Canada.

A big thank you to all Canadian wagies in this thread. Thanks for paying for my neetbux. My legal weed that I buy with my hard earned tax dollars doesn't grow on trees after all.


>If it wasn't for handouts I'd have nothing at all.
Odds are you would be sucking off your family or sucking off the local pastor instead.

Contrary to what the few communist and the mod thinks, being anti welfare isn't necessarily anti-neet since there are still many other people they can keep sucking off for their livelyhood.


> there's no effective difference

One is totally voluntary and operates on market principles with incentivizes a customer focused approach and the other is totally involuntary and operates on principles of force/coercion.


>being anti welfare isn't necessarily anti-neet
Ok sure thing buddy.


Government welfare is not necessary for neetdom
Banana Republic


yeah but not everyone will have family to support them or local resources like private charities. So government handouts may be their only way to survive, especially so if they are mentally and/or physically disabled.
And it wouldn't be possible without the hard work of men such as yourself. Thanks for paying taxes wagie.


Mugging passersby is the only way that I can survive without working therefore if you're anti-mugging you're anti-neet.


The process of jumping through government hoops to obtain welfare takes time and effort. Therefore being a welfare recipient can be said to be as much as an occupation as being a criminal is an occupation.


File: 1609205442777.png (868.11 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Banana Republic
Snazzy cloths for low prices.
How wonderful the market is.


File: 1609208656560.jpg (249.9 KB, 1080x1300, 54:65, innovation.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's one of the problems with libertarians of the ancap kind. They're focused on their abstract theories about the ethics of individual ownership of property and just don't care about any other dimensions of society.


Nice non-response to the post you are replying to.


Once you begin trying to assert that obtaining a certain material result is more important that behaving ethically you have left the realm of political philosophy in favor of base strategic scheming. A gangster trying to seize as much territory as possible so that he may enjoy the luxuries of wealth. If you want to do that fine, but don't pretend that your behavior is moral just because you're 'winning'.


The funny thing is I am not sure if you are talking too the socialist or the capitalist of the thread since your criticism applies to both in most situtations.


That's why I said you have a one-dimensional track thinking. I know exactly how it is because I was also a libertarian like that. Presented by some dilemma, I'd try to analyse it through a systematic ethical libertarian framework. I don't criticize that from an outsider perspective but from the perspective of someone who was exactly very into that.


You haven't really criticized it, you just said that it exists and that it's a 'problem' for some undefined reason. I don't see why adherence to moral standards is a problem.


It's not. I called libertarianism one-dimensional.


Imagine a future where people live under lockdown their entire lives.
Most people will go to classes online, work online(although a good amount will work out in highly controlled environments with little socialization), socialize online, and all their food and groceries will arrive by self-driving delivery. There will be no communities and living in rural areas away from megacities will be illegal for "environmental" reasons. Because nearly nobody will have friends in the real world, nobody will actually know what any other person really thinks or acts like. Nobody will know what is happening in the world, and nobody will know what the world is like.

The only reality that people will know will be the representation of reality that the social media networks give them. In the past the media could only go so far to control fact or to create fiction. If the media wanted to spin some lie that something did or did not happen in a part of the country or world, there would always be a chance that someone from or near that place could verify for themselves what happened, and perhaps, with immense luck, dispel the lie and discredit the media. In the future, the media will have control over all information.

If someone breaks lockdown procedure and attempts to illegally spread information, any person attempting to verify their account would have to use the curated internet free of information that could ever contradict the media. In fact, the person attempting to spread the truth would be regarded as a madman, a criminal, or some sort of extremist for putting the population at risk and breaking so many procedures. Their "conspiracies" would be debunked by every website, video, source, news center, content creator, etc.

Take again, for instance, in this world that information is spread exclusively through a highly controlled internet, a scenario in which there is a city A and a city B an arbitrary distance away. If the media decides to spin a lie told only to the people in city A and do not want those from city B(or any city) to know, all they have to do is disconnect the individuals from city A from much of the internet. They wouldn't do this obviously, those people would simply be undetectably shadow banned from communication. Highly advanced bots posing as non-existent people from city A could even post as usual to prevent any and all suspicious discrepancies.

In this future there will be very little real interaction over social media. In the future, people will not communicate with each other in the same way. Most people will unknowingly communicate with bots, and that even then the majority of internet usage would be consuming media. Social media will change from being "friend based" to being content creator based. (This sort of shift is already happening, as in the past there was a far greater distribution of connections between single users on websites) People will go to Twitter, or Instagram, or YouTube to see "content creators" instead of keep up with people they know(they won't know any), and the comments they see will be from bots or possibly people exclusively from their own city or any cities that information will be generally shared between.

Content creators would be Neural Network bots(as vTubers or with generated faces) and highly complicit individuals with high social credit scores. In the case of the bots, nobody would be able to verify that they don't exist because they will "live" in a city that is in perpetual lockdown, their lack of replies to comments is typical for a popular person, and anyone who attempts to say something will be shadowbanned immediately and possibly have their social credit scores lowered for "abusive comments."

People will not see real "likes" and "dislikes" from comments or other things. A neural network will distribute likes and dislikes based on what behaviors it is programmed to encourage. When someone says something the neural network registers as "good" it will award them with likes, and bots posing as real people might reply positively.

In this way, behavior will be perfectly modeled through the use of total control over who a person has social or physical contact with, total control over information, shadowbans that are distributed across most or all of the internet to prevent the spread of information from "bad" people, social credit score that a person will fear hurting, and control over the narrative with bots.
Every level of a persons psyche will be tapped into.
A person will obey because they want to receive social approval in the form of likes and positivity.
They will obey because they fear social disapproval from their "peers."
They will obey because they fear damage to their social credit which will be tied to their basic ability to obtain food, internet, and anything necessary for survival.
They will obey because they fear retribution from the government for saying "abusive" or "harmful" things.
They will obey because if they do have opinions contrary from the narrative, they will believe that they and THEY ALONE are different, regardless of if millions are also suspicious. Because their entire conception of the world will be from bots and a select few highly complicit individuals, they will never see another dissenting person. It would not be worth it in their mind to speak up or resist because they could do nothing alone.
They will obey because it is simply much work to resist and all of their most basic needs will be provided to them if they just let it be. (Until the government/corporatocracy decides they are not useful)

All of the lockdowns will be justified as measures against some sort of "bio-weapons" attack or air-raid precaution. There will be a perpetual war that isn't happening, millions of artificially generated human faces will role by on the news as "1000 dead from quarantine break!", "14,000 soldiers killed in confrontation on the coast of Washington".
Finally to clarify, the internet will not be the same one we use now at all. Facebook and a few other corporations were/are attempting to set up a new form of internet(and they tested it too). This new internet will be entirely centralized and no person from any part of the world will be able to "make a website" or do anything without being tracked.

If humans get the eternal corporatocratic "socialism" bad end, anyway. It's 40-100 years away if it does happen, although something similar and almost as bad will be here in about 10 years for sure. /unedited autismpost


>They will obey because it is simply much work to resist and all of their most basic needs will be provided to them if they just let it be. (Until the government/corporatocracy decides they are not useful)
And in this case they would be another casualty of the "pandemic"


File: 1609255785357.jpg (51.22 KB, 668x668, 1:1, reich and chill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When the Minister of Finance in the Canadian parliament sets a budget the Treasury Board instructs the Bank of Canada (a Crown corporation which has sole issuing authority over Canadian dollars) to mark up public accounts, and that money is then spent by government departments. Taxation isn't present in this scheme because it's a matter of parliamentary policy whether to run a so-called balanced budget, it's not a financial reality. Your pie chart shows the relationship between taxation and spending but there's no causal link between them. When the Canadian parliament wants it can, and does, simply grant itself money through government fiat. Now that you know this is a matter of policy, it should be used for the betterment of the Canadian people (except Toronto).

>One is totally voluntary and operates on market principles with incentivizes a customer focused approach and the other is totally involuntary and operates on principles of force/coercion.
If someone uses a private road without paying a toll, the company must dispatch either a debt collector or private police contractor to collect the fee using force. If you don't believe companies can employ coercive force, then you must defer to a state which exercises a monopoly on the use of force: no contracts can ultimately be upheld otherwise.

If private companies effectively replace all public services and infrastructure, the use of force persists in the collection of fines and fees, upheld by the state with the threat of imprisonment if those fees aren't paid. Your only out is "build your own roads" which underlines the absurdity of the libertarian position. National socialism on the other hand built the autobahn.


>When the Canadian parliament wants it can, and does, simply grant itself money through government fiat. Now that you know this is a matter of policy, it should be used for the betterment of the Canadian people (except Toronto).
Yeah but the Nazis printed money to fund public projects and the Nazis are bad.


Your hypothetical scenario bears little resemblance to anything that was being discussed and is indeed just a strawman and red herring.
Most private roads that exist are payed for up front and don't have tolls.
The few that do have tolls don't allow access to those roads unless the toll is payed.
If someone uses force to break through the toll gate in order to use the toll road then they have violated the non aggression principle and it is totally reasonable to use defensive force against such a individual.
Then it is reasonable to exclude that person for being a violent criminal who doesn't respect private property.


Holy shit you're retarded.
>Private citizens pool money together to pay for a road, set rules that people must follow while on the road, pool money together to pay people to enforce those rules, and those that break the rules have violated the non-aggression principle and so defensive force is totally reasonable.
>We call this road which private entities pooled together to develop a "public road"
And don't say that you are forced to pay for these things, you are in a contract with the private organization known as the USA as a citizen and a person who is living on the land owned by that organization.


Governments are not meaningfully different from private organizations such as a non-profit or even a for-profit corporation.
Citizens in most cases are either the private property owned by that organization in the case of a tyrant government, employees in the case of a government without meaningful voting systems, or partial shareholders in the case of a government with meaningful voting systems.
When you were born, you were either property of an organization or the people that created you. In the most likely case, your parents signed a contract with a private organization of which they were an employee or private shareholder at the time of your birth. This contract is usually a birth certificate.
Even if you do not want to be a part of this private contract, you are living on land owned by this private organization known as a government and are beholden to the rules that the shareholders or owners come up with. In most cases, the shareholders vote for a CEO and board members, and these individuals will pass regulations for the employees and shareholders to follow when using property owned by that organization.
Corporations and other organizations are also renters of the private organization known as a government, and because they rent land from and reside on the land owned by that government, they must follow its rules.
Whether the organization you were born into a contract with is called France, the U.N., or Wal-Mart, you will be living on property owned by an orgaization and must follow its rules.


File: 1609626153109.jpg (463.37 KB, 788x639, 788:639, huxleyvsorwell.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who was right?



tonight tonight, my plans I make, tomorrow tomorrow, the palestinian baby I take. The cattle will never win the game, for trumpelstiltforeskin is my name


File: 1609630004306.webm (766.69 KB, 576x804, 48:67, 1598014040668.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Neither, we're getting a Huxwellian Technocracy.


I'm still waiting for a doujin of negev being attempting to eliminate a nazi brigade solo until she is eventually wounded captured, beaten, repeatedly raped by thousands of nazis for a few years until she manages to escape and finish the job.


File: 1610850008899.jpg (134.57 KB, 500x334, 250:167, You have to go back.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Those island monkeys are nothing more than whites useful guard dogs for east asia nowadays. Hopefully China does something to unite East Asia from the west and the white barbarians.

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