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Is anyone on drugs? I'm high on weed.

>first drug/how old

>what are you on now

>what drugs do you want to try

>trip report?
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I can't find any ground mhrb online anymore where the fuck did it all go. It was plentiful 2 years ago


lol holy shit no. why would you ever want any of that shit on your permanent medical record in the first place? if you didn't already have brain damage then that's your first step down a stair case you can't walk back up from.


Don't listen to the uneducated posters here who know nothing about medicine. Quetiapine is an excellent medication. If someone does hallucinogens you can give them Quetiapine to instantly end their trip; If someone has dissociation or delusions, Quetiapine will help set them straight. I believe it can also treat bipolar. It's basically a drug that can really help certain people think clearer. People who suffer from hallucinations or delusions are going to be thankful these medications exist. The downside to Quetiapine is it's incredibly sedating. Some doctors use it off-label as a sleeping medication. I've had this prescribed for that reason. But in my own experience I found it far too sedating. I've spoken to doctors who told me their patients were taking massively higher doses of Quetiapine for their illnesses compared to me. I know that there are medications where higher doses actually become stimulating whereas lower doses are sedating. Like Mirtazapine. Or perhaps the side effects of Quetiapine goes away after being on it for a while.

In any case: do not take the advice of people here on medicine. They are not doctors. If you have medical concerns speak to a doctor.


Might as well contribute.

Lads, in my short life-span I've had the pleasure to sample numerous and varied compounds. Yet in such a vast recollection… nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to the magic of that one SYRUPY DELIGHT. How can it be that the compound that is most beautiful, warm, engaging, positive, playful, FUN, is the LEAST respected! DXM, for all its mockery from the simple-minded peasants – is so full of charm that it's bewitching. To sample its delights requires the ritual sacrifice of the taste buds. In return! You will find a hug so warm, so enveloping, that your world is replaced. And all you are left with… is happiness. That's it, that's the fucking pitch. It's happiness… You can't compete with that. DXM is the ultimate drug and the least appreciated. Try it and you'll know I'm right.


I get high to help my ass sleep. Shit in the world continuously keeps me up and I fuckin' hate it. Even got officially diagnosed with sleep apnea.


You can get near 10mg of melatonin and be way far away from any kind of danger. Ultimately, the problem is within and furious excersise to the point of exhaustion and not eating so much that it keeps your metabolism buzzing are both good things to try.

But like anything else in life, you have to want it. Once you have something else you're more focused on, then you won't be so caught up worrying about whether or not you're sleeping. You'll just maybe sleep or maybe not, and you won't care.


How is this a good thing? Why should this be even allowed?


Alcohol is a drug, albeit so socially accepted that even wizzies, often social outcasts, don't recognize it


Try drinking a beer or two before sleep instead. It'll make you sleepy without giving you permanent brain damage like drugs do.


This, but stop after two if it isn't working. Alcohol is GABAergic, meaning that if you keep drinking then your brain will start to become flooded with GABA, one of the main neurotransmitters of concern. It's not as deleterious as getting hooked on dopamine rushes like a lot of drugs cause, but it will be counterproductive because a big GABA dump will act as a stimulant and you won't slide off in to sleep as easily if you drink hard instead of a mild sip or two.

Magnesium supplements can also be helptul. Chronic drinking tends to deplete magnesium levels and then you wind up with twitches and shakes if you don't have a sufficient dietary countermeasure. Twitching, shaking, spasmodic though processes - not condusive to a good night's sleep.


Antipsychotics make me agitated and restless, my doctors never believe me, they just read their book and it says "sedative" or something, but I come and tell them it's keeping me up all night and walking in circles and they say that it's impossible. Antipsychotics are why I can't tell my doctors the truth because they prescribe it to me and it makes me feel worse. At one time I had been given such a high dose of an antipsychotic that I just went in the fetal position on the floor and cried and rocked around until it wore off, that stuff is actual poison.


Probably around $250 in Sweden but I've never bought that much
No one sells ounces though so you'd have to choose 25 or 30 grams


I think he was talking about weed, which has a much lower risk for permanent brain damage than alcohol


I didn't used to think weed affected me that much, but when I started working a few weeks ago it's really obvious just how bad it is. It's hard to concentrate on one thing and I'm going cold turkey off of it. Even maintaining my thought processes to type coherently was affected. It surprised me just how oblivious to the effects I was when I was NEETing.


if weed is le degenerate then why did I make heavy use of it during my transformation into a God fearing Christian zealot?


Just how much truth is there to warnings about benzo addiction? I want to relax a bit


its very accurate if not understated. more addictive than heroin


The consequences are worse than heroin IF you get addicted. However i think the chance of addiction is lower. Ive used both and never felt at risk of addiction so it really depends on your personality. Particularly if you're anxious and paranoid about addiction, then there's no reason you cant just use anything at a rate that seems ok and be mindful of whether your drug use is good for you or not. The whole concept of addiction confuses me because ive never had a problem with it. I suppose you need to try and find out about yourself


>first drug/how old
cigarrettes, 16.

>what are you on now

Antidepressants and cigs. Sometimes alcohol.

Have done weed. Weed made me paranoid, didnt like it.

>what drugs do you want to try

Many, but i fear bad trips so much, like i said, i had bad experience with weed, some minor auditive hallucinations. I probably should stay away from psychedelics.


Hate the smell of cigs but love the smell of weed. Getting paranoid was not a problem for me since I'm not a mental midget.


Pregabalin is a literal happy pill for me. Seems like I didn't develop tolerance to it for some reason and I'm on it for a long time


I have been smoking copious amounts of our homegrown, greenhouse marijuana and combining it with beer. It keeps me numb to the way of the world. I feel okay. The drugs numb it up just right.


You sound like a huge junkie in denial


Drugs are for atheists and niggers


i always see other druggies talking about how taking lsd and shrooms and dmt is a spiritual experience. rarely some say the same about pot. just sounds like they have shame about chasing pleasure so they make the act of taking drugs seem like it has more gravity.


Drugs can change your mind.


[drugs can destroy your mind to make you more susceptable to percieving imaginations as reality]


It's no skin off my back if you don't like them.


I’m atheist but I never use drugs or even alcohol, fuck you religitard.


You argued in favor of drugs because you value other users' opinions of them. Acting like you don't care when they turn out to be unreceptive to your ideas is childlike. You need to trim your dirty hippie toenails.


smartest religious """""human"""""


this is what drug addicted nihilist think an own is


they dont just provide immediate pleasure, they can provide pain. I've had painful experiences where I thought about my life, even things I usually try to not think about. It forced me to process it and so I felt mentally healthier afterwards. I havent taken it again for years and would be somewhat afraid to do so - i cant even explain why. Spiritual is the only appropriate word to use for something so intense, different from everyday life and beyond words


What did the post say?


File: 1669508876973.jpg (72.62 KB, 549x767, 549:767, 90b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why are so many posts in this thread deleted?


very pleased to see the big boys are getting in this thread to shit over drug addicts. There's going to be a book coming out in 2030 showing how weed turned whites into groids


There’s no end of straight forward brain scans showing drugs doing funky zaza whizz with the brain dawg
I seen dudes in a brain scan saying “I love god and big white cock” and yeah the brain do funky but not the same kind of funky
Do some research dude


The Second Prohibition is coming


absolutely is not


if you haven't done drugs you're the same as a normalfaggot


Uber Uber based. Singapore has one of the lowest use rates in the world and they regularly classify drug addicts as dealers just to kill them


> drug addicts as dealers just to kill them

God I wish that were me.


exit bag


nearly forgot where I was. Used to get real shock value on leddit


some randie I bought a shitton off this weekend is now demanding I pay him lots of my NEETBux because you should never buy this shit IRL
on a sidenote I'm going to do a long-ass break from drugs. They build me up and break me down. They save my life they ruin my life.
Just gotta be clean that makes sense.


shut the fuck up wiz, God is dead and we killed Him. That is both a staple in newer western philosophy and a fact. We literally put him up on a cross and watched Him die.





religiosity is either stable or growing worldwide depending on the faith we're talking about. Atheism is in decline because of negative birth rates


>we killed god
>god is dead
>now the redemption of gods death can take place
just because you are mad doesn't make you right. Try praying for forgiveness.

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