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Is anyone on drugs? I'm high on weed.

>first drug/how old

>what are you on now

>what drugs do you want to try

>trip report?


You probably didn't know this but there is a pretty long running thread on /hob/ about this.
You will probably get more positive interactions there.

Posting here will likely just bring out that one hyper anti-weed troll who will just dedicate hours to trying to derail the thread into a anti-drug tyraide.


/thread subject/
why do you do that



Old shitchan habits die hard


I like the idea for this thread, and I’ll let the mods decide if it’s duplicate or not. Anyway, I recently moved back home and weed is legal here so I’ve been enjoying that. It’s the only way I can relax anymore. I’m not currently high or drunk, but I’ll come back and post some rambling when I am I suppose.


very wizardly


I'm high on weed pretty much all the time. I should really take a tolerance break because it costs me so much money.

I want to try most drugs that I haven't already tried that have a reasonable safety profile. I got worried about tor potentially being compromised by the feds owning too many nodes a while back though so I don't think I have any way to get the drugs I want unless I go through legal channels. That means it's basically just ketamine that I might try in the future since they will give you that for depression.


It’s midday and I’m already high. I took a little walk and smoked and now I’m just sitting here reading wizchan. Feeling kinda bittersweet right now.


nothing is legal where i live and the penalties are too severe and high risk for a neet with no income. i dont trust buying stuff online since it still needs to pass through the postal system, and i also dont trust other people or want to buy drugs in person. it makes me sort of butthurt, they sound fun and i wish you all the best with your drugs


I've done pretty much every drug there is. Now I just drink. Do we have an alcohol thread or should I make one?


File: 1608075473575.jpeg (78.43 KB, 400x928, 25:58, Six-Flags-Darien-Lake-Sky….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Best drug I've ever had was pure MDMA, lasts such a long time and the feeling is just fantastic. The best moment of my life was going on a ride like pic related at our amusement park while rolling hard on MDMA. As I leaned forward in my seat, for a split moment thought I had gained the ability to actually fly. A feeling of absolute freedom it was, magical moment honestly.

Otherwise I never got that deep into any drug really, including MDMA despite the fact I enjoyed it so much. The problem with drugs is that they set up a false reality, what is the point from escaping from reality if you can never make it permanent? Even worse is that you are basically incapable of doing anything on them, even posting on imageboards you sound like you lost 50iq points instantly. I know weedfags tend to build such a tolerence that they can function at a basic level anyways, but what is the point then? Might as well just be sober.


There is one on hob unless it fell of page 10.

I don't even drink but learned a few things reading it.


list all the drugs you have done


lol lattermentioned? Making up new words I see


File: 1608360363040.png (104.25 KB, 2560x1619, 2560:1619, dipropyltryptamine.png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here done dipropyltryptamine? The Temple of the True Inner Light uses it as their Eucharist. I have 500 mgs of DPT and tried snorting it, but haven't had much luck. I'm thinking of getting a vape pen or a meth pipe so that I can smoke it.


I never tried MDMA


Weed, meth, benzos, speed, coke, crack, mdma, lsd, nirtous, poppers, shrooms, heroin, fent, a shitton of different opiates, and like 9 or 10 different research chemicals i dont remember the names… hash, dabs, ghb, salvia, im drawing a blank thats close to all of them


Various pharmaceuticals (jewpills) ssri and antipsychotic mostly. Ambien and various sleeping pills. Kratom. Hydrocodone and pretty much every pain paill and opiate you can name. Theres still more i'm sure…


I use too much weed. Besides that, I'd like to find a source for 4-ACO-DMT - I tried 100mg earlier this year and enjoyed it quite a bit, as a shorter alternative to acid at least, but the source went bottoms up right when I went to re-order. Bummer. Where do you all get your RCs outside of the darknet these days? I order to US.


yes i'm a little high right now. it's going away tho, i smoked some cannabis wax earlier.

>marijuana at age 14

>marijuana extract (oil/wax)

>want to try some shrooms. possibly dmt, if i ever feel like it. i have already tried lsd.


>weed 12
>weed, boutta do my bi-hourly(or further apart generally) roll-up
>weed (ultimately being facetious here but) really want to try different strains, as I have been limited to soapbar mostly living in norther europe
>fuck making trip reports, the intellectualization of your experience inherently negates it; at least in my opinion.

weed has become my humble companion, we're together at every wake it seems. whatever separates us; the distance between us and the magnetic force that pulls us back together always seems to create an impact, that creates a profound impact of my opinions of this substance.
would it be gone one day, I would miss it dearly.

on a side note I would like to smoke less. just so I can actually use weed more ceremonially and have increased spiritual benefit, boiling it down, it really is just to get more high.


Ahh drug thread nice to see one. I remember there was one thread on /hob/ but it was pretty dead. Anyways I am functional semi heroin addict. I usually binge for a week then stop, go through withdrawals, use other drugs instead of heroin like amphetamine, psychedelics, benzos to fill in the void, then after a week or two when I feel god go back on heroin again. It kinda sucks doing it that way but hey I am not at least completely addicted and I am not injecting.

Also like doing speed/coke. Like stimulants way more than downers but the lack of sleep just makes my wagelslaving even worse. Wish I had access to internet drugs but there isn't a single vendor here where I live and I won't risk it with international shipping.


Does it have a visible effect on you or do you still look normal?


Excluding pinpoint eyes I look as normal as anybody else on heroin. When I am going through withdrawals I might look fucked up/wasted but I can brush it by just saying I am tired. I live with my parents and my job requires talking with people so I think it's pretty undetectable.


File: 1610854366406.jpg (57.5 KB, 640x594, 320:297, Y4XPLqg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


are you the same improveshit that posted this >>>/wiz/175713

anyway stop posting that kind of facile judgemental garbage please, and i say this as someone who doesnt take drugs.


I thought it was just a silly comic.
t. guy who likes his drugs.


File: 1610925371047.webm (3.69 MB, 550x550, 1:1, justdoit.webm) ImgOps iqdb

There is nothing worse then when retards feel the need to be loudly offended on other people's behalf.


no I'm not, I haven't been to wiz to years and ain't clicking that, and the cartoon says it all


Make a thread without a gay little template and I might participate


Your participation is nether wanted or needed.
Bye bitch.


Holy shit, this entire thread makes me wonder why people even do drugs. Just stick with drinking alcohol.


I used to just drink beer whenever I could. It eventually have me gout, so I have it up.

I switched to weed. I prefer it's high over beer inebriation. A little cheaper, too. I have no interest in trying anything harder, nor do I have friends/connections to


File: 1612723956806.png (767.63 KB, 754x734, 377:367, 2cfe2afee06afee1a8cac7b8c8….png) ImgOps iqdb

drugs are for pussies


what man
LSD is awesome


So he eats cereal, smokes cigs, weed and drinks vodka at the same time?


he probably threw all of that into the trash after he was done taking that quirky picture for upvotes.
the 4chan comment is just as stupid to be honest.


Having a twisted neck from looking down upon a tablet is not a twist I would want to get from my chill sessions.


I haven't had fruit loops cereal or any cereal in so many years, I remember I loved eating them and used to finish one box in one sitting, that's how much I loved them. I'm going to buy some tomorrow, just looking at that picture brings good memories I want to experience again. I wonder how many other good things from my childhood I stopped doing.


>the 4chan comment is just as stupid to be honest
A lot of people there love to pretend they're above the usual redditor and that they don't like consuming media and bein generally indulgent. There's actually a huge overlap in reddit-4chan users, I don't know why they keep trying to deny it.


A redditor and a 4tard are basically one and the same



I never understand why people love cereal so much. I was always a Pop tart kid kek.


File: 1617759926219.jpg (158.15 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, osaka-chan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Anyone on drugs
15mg of adderall, my usual dose, relaxing.
>first drug/how old
1650ug of LSD, 18 years old. I was straight edge before, I felt that if something didn't change, I'd kill myself and soon. The LSD helped me see my own life in a unique and not to sound cliche, spiritual way. It was very pleasurable but also insanely terrifying.
>what drugs do you want to try
There's no new drug I want to try. Most research chemical experiences have been bad, though MXE is my favorite drug of all time, it's not around much anymore and DMXE is NOT an MXE replacement.
>trip report
There's a lot of trips I've had. I'll say that a lot of them have been bad, my last real intense psychedelic/dissociated trip was DMT and 2FDCK. It was beautiful and awful but more awful then beautiful. It felt like every cell in my body was being torn out and I was dying and being reborn each second, I was dissociating from the experience on 2FDCK in a unique way, it wasn't a breakthrough experience which made it much worse.

My ego was still there. I was still walking around in my home, experiencing what felt like subjective eternities of incoherent hell, it wasn't DMT by itself that caused this, it was the mixture - but it's made me afraid on a much deeper level to take large doses of psychedelics like I used to. For a little while, I thought I was going insane, I think I ended up getting some degree of PTSD for a good while from that experience. Maybe that sounds laughable to some, I was locked somewhere in my mind, repeating the same actions, dying and being reborn, I felt what could only be described as heaven for a little while but mostly hell. My belief during the experience was heaven and hell DOES exist but it's here and now, in each present moment. I understood that karma was a very simplistic cause and effect relationship, that you can't hide your own karma. I felt that every thing that's happened to me in my life was a result of this.

For anyone that's bothered to read this long writeup, I'd recommend looking into Buddhism and practicing meditation daily. It's a helpful philosophy that has made my life much more fulfilling, even though my life itself hasn't changed too much. There is scientific backing for meditation, which helps you build up parts of your brain that helps you regulate attention and mood. Alan Watts and Thich Nhat Hanh are good introductions to Buddhism, you can find lectures of them speaking on YouTube and they're very relaxing. For reading, I'd recommend as a complete beginner "Zen's Mind, a Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki. Another good book is Ajahn Geoff's Dhammapada: A Translation for a genuine look into Buddha's teachings. You can find these books for free by going to zlibrary.

Yeah, I tried it before. It felt very chaotic and every time I snorted it, I was incredibly horny and would have to masturbate. My head would feel like it was buzzing but simultaneously, no matter the dosage, I always felt like I was in a stupor. There was greater immersion, there was beautiful patterns - but overall, I felt incredibly daft. It wasn't like traditional psychedelics where you typically feel like you should take care of yourself and others, it felt sort-of destructive. I had little self-control and would do anything immediately pleasurable, no matter how degenerate, no matter how disgusting - and I felt like a complete idiot doing it. It was in a sense, like weed.

Ayahuasca, DMT, DPT, LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, 1P-LSD, 25C-NBOME, 25I-NBOME, 2CB, 2CC, 2CE, 2CI, 2CP, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-DIPT, 4-HO-DPT, 4-AcO-MET, 5-MeO-DMT, AL-LSD, DiPT, DOB, DOC, DOM, ETH-LAD, Ibogaine, LSA, MDA, 2FDCK, 3-MeO-PCE, 3-PCP, 4-MeO-PCP, DXM, Diphendine, DCK, ketamine, methoxetamine, O-PCE, Datura, DPH, Amantia muscaria, 2-FA, 4-FA, A-PVP, amps, caffeine, cocaine, hexen, MDMA, MPDV, meth, adderall, mexedrone, NEP, nicotine, alp and flualp, codeine, heroin, etizolam, fent, GBL, GHB, hydrocodeine, kratom, O-DSMT, phenibut, tramadol, zolpidem, choline, armodafinil, flmodafinil, modafinil, colouracetam, creatine, nooglutyl, noopept, oxiracetam, piracetam, cannabis.

Favorite disso: MXE
Favorite psychedelic: LSD
Favorite stimulant: Adderall
Favorite depressant: O-DSMT
Favorite nootropic: Nooglutyl
Favorite delirant: none, delirants suck lol

My favorite drug is MXE, followed by ketamine. I've tried a lot of drugs, I'd say I've had more bad experiences then good ones. Stay safe out there, buy a test kit, don't do anything that's damaging to your brain long-term at least.


im on alcohol (35%) i would like to have nice drugs but am a poorfag without connections


420 soon.


I find it odd you enjoy LSD before all those other amazing psychedelics. To me LSD is always just a sterile head-trip, whereas tryptamines like mushrooms and 4-AcO-DMT in particular are whole body experiences. 4-AcO-DMT is my personal favorite. Waves of ecstasy constantly rolling across the body paired with several dimensions of very crisp and clear visuals extending infinitely throughout the visible universe


So what


weed vaporizer
Sitting feels weird, eyes are somewhat dry, mental functions slightly impaired, can't feel anything else different.


Season 4
Episode 20
It's a marijuana-themed episode


There is no true reality, our brains are always full of chemicals. Your reality changes based on how depressed you are too. Having a nice and interesting change of reality is incredible regardless of how long it lasts; the memory is real and will stay with you too.


That's why people fought bloody wars and did all sorts of shit in history.

So they could alter their personal circumstances to create a little heaven in the harsh physical reality around them.

A mansion, a castle, with personal chefs, entertainers etc.

People who couldn't, died young or went insane. Enjoying life while sober takes either plenty of money or a lot of social contacts, but usually the latter alone isn't enough as Latin American countries have shown.


Other than (self) medication, my main has been LSD for some time now. It's a great drug, it has some intense mind and eye effects, but what really feels amazing is the day after. Most drugs have a comedown period that leaves you exhausted and or miserable but the day after acid is warm and fuzzy and feels so natural. At this point I prefer the afterglow over the main effect: the high is unpredictable and goes in all sorts of places, but the afterglow is always pleasant and tranquil. There's a calming, balanced sort of feeling in the day afterward that's subtle, low intensity, but also undeniable happiness. Relatively low risk to acquire and I've also heard that it helps with lack of empathy and alcoholism.


I also came to that conclusion years ago. Practically all the wars and conflicts were so that a couple nobles could create sanctuaries for themselves on this planet in the form of manors and castles.
They wanted to make a safety bubble amidst all the mud, chaos and hell.

People who couldn't, compensate with opium, alcohol and all kinds of stimulats to escape the fact they're constantly stuck in hell every morning they wake up and every morning they go to sleep.
Only the very rich and the nobles were able to escape hell and create sanctuaries with bearable realities that necessitate no drugs or stimulants to be bearable.


just because drugs melted you off your nut so bad you can't tell the difference between real and fake doesn't mean there's no objective reality


drug use and booze were common among nobility in every culture, everyone in society viewed a drug habit as a mark of nobility because being able to support a drug addiction evidenced great personal wealth, and they did it to show off, they weren't teetotalers


What makes you think you can see it?
Isn't some insects reality more objective because it doesn't have emotions fogging his mind and it has a wider specter of vision?


Not in the anglosphere. Opium dens became places for the less than working class, the underclasses.

Those addicts were willing to kill for their next fix just like modern drug addicts.
China waged an entire war against Great Britain to stop them from enslaving more Chinese with opium.


Opium is different. Every culture had/has drugs that are socially acceptable and those that are demonized. In the west tobacco and amphetamines were the high class drug of choice.


Prove it.


I wouldn't say tobacco is, or ever was a "drug".

It's a stimulant in the same vein as coffee. Coffee was once so incredibly expensive only nobility could afford it. Doesn't make it a drug though.
Coffee only became affordable to the masses in the early 1900s.


I’m gonna have to ask you what constitutes a drug then, cause I think just about everyone would say tobacco is one. Stimulants are a class of drug.


Show me a single successful person who isn't tweaked out of his mind. There aren't any.
You cannot achieve such feats as they did without substances to block out your fears and increase your stamina.


A huge number of billionaires are teetotallers or barely even drink casually.

Donald Trump for one refuses all alcohol and even insisted on having Coca Cola poured to him in wine glasses at state dinners.


Cocaine, heroin, meth are drugs. Psychoactive drugs include LSD, psilocybins etc.

Coffee and cigarettes are not drugs. Nicotine and caffeine can be addicting but they are stimulants. There are even coffee flavored candies marketed for kids or tweens.


Why make up your own definitions of words? It makes it impossible, or at least extremely difficult, to communicate.


I don't know which country you live in that literally classifies tobacco or coffee as *drugs*.

It surely isn't a known western country. They even sell candy cigarettes here (US).


The top picture on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug is literally a cup of coffee


Something can be a drug and not illegal.


So should we also treat chocolate as a drug since it has theobromine?

Idk, I'm Canadian and I find that notion absurd. Never heard of people using these terms to refer to sweets and candies you can buy off store shelves.


Dark chocolate not only has theobromine but a dark bar can have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.
Though I do agree classifying it as a drug would be insane.

At least in the UK a drug is a substance you have to procure from a pharmacy or a drug dealer. It's not something a six year old buys from a store and eats after school.


>At least in the UK a drug is a substance you have to procure from a pharmacy or a drug dealer.
100% false, that's not what drug means. Even alcohol doesn't fit these weird preconceptions and everyone knows that's a drug. I don't know how you can think this. Say illegal drug or restricted drug if that's what you're talking about.


In everyday language talking about buying a chocolate bar, people aren't think about drugs or chemistry, because drugs are ubiquitous in human life. But there are other conversation contexts… like drug threads


File: 1623972385755.png (42.95 KB, 767x226, 767:226, scr.png) ImgOps iqdb



It's not you druggie fag.


Yeah, alcohol isn't a drug, because otherwise there'd be alcohol addicts and alcohol overdoses.


If you ask 100 random people on the street of all ages and ethnicities, I will bet money not more than 1 or 2 will agree with you that chocolate, coffee etc. count as drugs.


The drug I want to try the most now is 2c-b but can't order anything when I live with my mom.
I almost wish I had friends just so I could ask someone to receive a package for me. Now I can't order it until I move out.


you should, its fun af


>but can't order anything when I live with my mom.
If she opens packages addressed to you, you're living like a slave piece of shit


I will take that bet, want to do 10 BTC and set up an official survey?


nigga, you dont have 10 dollars to your name


you can get a safety deposit box at the post office


Imagine being as low IQ as trying to order drugs off the internet…

Getting a felony for drug possession is not worth getting high for a couple hours.


"progressive" changes to drug laws made it so many substances, especially experimental ones, can be bought with no legal risk to the purchaser, but rather to the seller. The whole "drug users are the victims" thing.


yeah ive been smoking weed a lot for a couple years its pretty chill. i want to just smoke opium like the old school drug addicts but the shit is impossible to find now. anything natural is


Imagine being so low IQ that you can't figure out how to do it safely. It is certainly safer than other ways. And you can be high every day if you want + have life-changing experiences without leaving your home


how come marijuana addicts love to use negro slang


there is basically no smarter way to get it off the deep web. hundreds of reviews on vendors and products. if you have money to throw around you WILL find the most pure and safest products in the world

the problem is USA is cucked and would rather shoot black tar heroin and fentanyl then pay a premium for a cleaner less strong product like pure heroin or opium so everything just gets flooded with shit

i just had a deep web vendor scam me by sending me pgr weed so you gotta be careful if youre buying the cheaper shit


How come you try so hard to be a contrarian in a thread about a topic you don't like?


File: 1625310897171.jpg (127.88 KB, 872x540, 218:135, Screenshot_20210703-131421….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Time to learn about xUnit testing


weed makes you gay


is that pecorino-romano?


Yes. It really wakes me up


how come you never learned what contrarian means


File: 1625355787427.jpg (974.55 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1247355846953.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Had some months or even a year in-between where I didn't get a hold of weed, but otherwise I pretty much smoked on a daily basis since university (around 2010). Only occasionally smoked it before, also I drink zero alcohol at home, only in the rare cases where I'm being forced to attend social events and use it more like a drug to relax (always tasted like shit to me).
I'm mixing my weed with tobacco and smoke it through a glass bong since it's much quicker to do while consooming vidya/movies and efficient on your weed. Also never had it affect my work life so far, I obviously just smoke at home since it's illegal here and I don't have any big withdrawal effects other than being in a sour mood, which I am mostly anways. I might die from lung cancer sooner or later but who fucking cares at this point.


File: 1625356277518.jpg (4.97 KB, 210x158, 105:79, 210px-Tan_MDMA_Crystals.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Also samefagging to agree on MDMA being an absolute blast. I only got to try it on a few occasions since a friend got a hold of it like 10 years ago (maybe for the better, since I probably would take it too often if I had access). One new year's eve we went to the city and he brought MDMA crystals. I don't even really remember what I did that night but we just got crazy drunk in different bars and just vibed so hard, it just feels so good, I'm really glad I never tried anything harder since I probably would become addicted to feeling so free of my sorrows. If you ever get the chance to try it I can only recommend it, there are basically zero risks on a physical dependency as long as you don't take it more often than every 2 months or something.


That's funny coming from you.


you aren't as smart as you try to sound


I did MDMA. It's the best any chemical can make you feel. I listened to this song during the peak.


You are simply not smart.


Last night I took MDMA and just sat in my chair with loud electronic music for hours.
It was great. The only problem is that my mom is nearly always home so I don't dare to order more.


>no u
and they say marijuana doesn't lower your IQ


File: 1625623850093.jpeg (21.29 KB, 288x216, 4:3, paxil.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here have experience with antidepressants? Pic related is supposedly good for social anxiety. I heard someone on plebbit say that it turned him into a fearless sociopath. I want to get rid of all these gay emotions.


File: 1625625865804.jpg (126.51 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 1584361779338.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I take 50 mg of one of them (and to preface all this, everyone is different so your experience will necessarily differ from mine). I used to be incredibly anxious in public and when speaking to others was so tense that my body would ache as if it had been put through a strenuous workout; on top of that, I suffered from paranoid delusions. The medication seems to have relieved me of these, or at least taken the edge off (although not entirely–I habitually begin to tense up in the presence of others but unlike before, I can notice and "drive" my emotional state back to the baseline). To paraphrase an anon, "instead of feeling whatever emotions I normally would, I get a 404 'error not found'".

The medication isn't a magic wand that will clear away your problems instantly, since you likely lack the proper habits/regulatory mechanisms which a healthy person has. So, it wouldn't hurt to research mindfulness techniques and work on developing a positive internal monologue.


I have severe anxiety and it didnt help at all, just gave me insomnia and made me not able to feel sad, I dont know how to explain it but its like knowing you are sad but not being able to feel it, very jarring, theres definitely better antidepressants, duloxetine was better to me because I only needed to sleep 4 hours a night on it(used a sleeping pill cause it also gave me insomnia) and I felt much more focused and motivated


She doesn't open them but if she starts suspecting that I do drugs, I'll have to stop drugs completely to avoid her finding out.


They don't have that in my country. They have something similar but from what I read, the police pay closer attention to them than normal mail.


/420/ everyday


File: 1632811146332.jpg (54.88 KB, 840x600, 7:5, 20211003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is sugar a drug? If so, yes.


It's not, but it is behaviorally addictive so some compare it to a drug.
Sort of like gambling or compulsive masturbation.


fat fucking gluttons say it is more addictive than cocaine as a way to cope with being a lard ass.


I don’t understand why people are so hostile to fat people here, or if it’s just your faggot ass goin off about them every thread.


>It's not, but it is behaviorally addictive so some compare it to a drug.

it makes the user fat, sick and ugly and when they consume it, they feel good and when they don't they don't feel good and they want it. clearly that alone is enough to call it a drug.

why do you deny it is a drug, because it is legal and some paid soyentist didn't classify it as such?


File: 1632942780680.jpg (293.38 KB, 1920x1984, 30:31, 197736580_1100951090310557….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you live in the US for the time being in most states you can legally buy delta-8 thc online and have it shipped directly to your house. I recommend getting the high potency distillates that are ridiculously cheap and are much easier to ship.

You can also find the stuff at almost any head shop or even non-franchise corner stores.


not a great idea to use THC without even a small amount of CBD


Feel free to explain that stance more thoroughly but just so you know they sell a version mixed with other legal cannabinoids (like cbd) as well.


THC gets you high but is also responsible for the negative effects like psychosis. The other cannabinoids allegedly help prevent this and also are therapeutic on their own.

That said I have never had a problem with straight THC.


File: 1633761756227.jpg (2.42 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, biglou.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

growing ur own magical herbs is a nice hobby for a wizard


how much bud do you end up getting out of two plants? can you smoke or use as much weed as you want growing just this many?




It depends on how long you grow it for. Weed plants will keep growing and growing as long as the wavelength of the light doesn't change so you can make them pretty much any size. Over a pound per plant is doable but more typical is about 4 ounces.


most plants will either die during flowering or can get covered in mold in a single day, the two plants that survived for me gave me about 50g of weak bud
if i wasn't a euro poorfag i would just buy it instead of growing it myself, outdoor grown weed is some weak stuff


I live in a state where traditional THC weed is illegal so I tend to grab some Delta 8 THC from a shop in my town and get a euphoric high from there. I live in an apartment complex with no porch so I've been resulting to gummies. The ones I've gotten are delicious.


don't fall for the d8 scam


File: 1634141350960.jpg (87.01 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 1600078511476.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fuck you wizza


Not much of a weed guy because it often gives me anxiety but I've come to realize alcohol+weed is pretty great and I don't think I've ever had such restful sleeps


Decided to try kratom for the first time.
Started with a 3 gram dose in capsule form.
honestly it's pretty underwhelming recreationally speaking but it's a alright pain killer and sleep aid.
Aches and pains are totally gone while in effect, which could be useful I guess. But it is only marginally stronger then stuff like ibuprofen when it comes to pain relief while not having the same anti-inflammatory properties and being much more expensive.
I also felt no mood elevation or other noticeable effects it has for some people at similar doses.

Yeah, just greatly reduced any aches and pains I was feeling with the side effect of making me drowsy is nether a pleasant or unpleasant way.
Might try it again next week at a lower dose and see if it's stimulating effects are more interesting. Because this first experience could have been replicated by taking a benadryl and some Advil in normal amounts. If the stimulating effects are indeed similar to adhd medication then it could be very useful at it's price point for certain task, while also providing mild pain relief at the same time.
Don't think I will try a higher does as I am pretty sure it would ether just put me to sleep, which is boring and not particularly useful since it takes so long to take effect. Also the higher the does the more likely it is to cause bad nausea and in general not be a good time.

So yeah, kratom is pretty meh.


Methamphetamine mixed with benzos seems to be a great option for managing social anxiety for those of us who lack the motivation to be social when needed.


that is a horrible idea unless you are brainfried and have no forethought


I really enjoyed this combo for being functional. It is more a functional thing and not so much recreational.


True. I was surprised when I tried meth because it is demonized. It actually makes me feel more relaxed and eases social anxiety; nothing like what i expected. Caffeine gives me anxiety and is more difficult to cope with, so I erroneously attributed those qualities to the stimulant category


You may be ADHD like myself. Meth just makes me feel normal. I cannot handle caffeine at all it is just pure bad side effects of meth IMO but worse aside from the paranoia.

Waiting to get my medical meth prescription and have hopes it will increase productivity and motivation as well as my mood. The thing I dislike about meth is how flat it can make me feel as if I am detached in a new way a bit like disassociation.

what a shame that meth and other drugs are not legal for us to use and enhance our lives with.


That is a bad idea both in the long term and short term.
But if you are who I think you are then you fully deserve the bad that is coming your way.


For people that rarely socialise I dont see the issue with taking even the most damaging drugs on those rare occasions


>Doing critical damage to your mind and body are fine because those things only have value in relation to other people
Are you sure you're a wizard and not just a failed extrovert?


I was not talking about going to parties. I was talking about required, torturous social events. You can larp and say you havent seen another human irl for years, but we all know this isn't reality. My social anxiety is so bad that it helps a lot to take drugs if i need to talk to my landlord or do a neetbux interview


I thought I was slick and asked my psychiatrist if i could go to my doctor for prescriptions. I asked for some Xanax but the doctor refused saying she doesn't change my prescriptions. Fuck me.


>first drug
Does a cigarette when I was 14 count? I hated it.
First time doing anything harder was weed, I was 18. Basically used it for years after that but I've considerably slowed down as I've aged

>High right now?

I'm sober but I am considering taking some mushrooms to pass the day away

>What do you want to try?

I'd like to try ahyuhasca (sp?) And when I'm like 80 I'll do heroin

>Trip report

I've been doing DMT a lot lately and recently I had an interesting experience.
I vaped maybe 30-40mg and I guess I did it really well because I sort of blacked out for a second, and then when I came to I was laying on my bed and I had the impression I was about to listen to one of my professors give a lecture. I strangely felt sober, but I remember thinking that if I'm going to listen to a lecture I might as well get comfy so I got really nice and cozy on my bed.
Again, I felt sober. But it was like I was in a dream and following a different timeline.

Usually when I do DMT I get completely incapacitated and don't come to for like 15 mins. Like, no concept of reality or who I am. I'm completely gone.

Ive yet to meet aliens or elves or whatever people talk about. Sometimes I get the impression that there's someone there but I've yet to be "spoken to" by any "higher being". It's kind of disappointing because I'd like to experience it, and I suppose I've come close, but usually it's just complete blackout for a while until I sober up.


I was drinking for awhile then decided it was bad for me so I got a medical marijuana card. I took way too much of it accidentally two times and had extremely bad anxiety attacks and heart palpitations for which I went to the hospital both times because I was freaking out. I think my highest heart rate was around 140. One incident was from smoke so it went away in about an hour. The other was from tinctures so that took a few hours to go away. I also had this thing where I felt like I fainted in place so I thought I was having a stroke or something. Will never touch it again and will probably stick to alcohol since my tolerance went back down. I would also like to get benzos but none of the doctors I've seen will prescribe it to me.


I wouldn't be surprised if you have some sort of pots syndrome type thing going on. Weed can bring orthostatic issues to light.


im high


I did ketamin and smoked raw opium when I was 23-24 but they both weren’t for me. Both made my mental state worse than it already was. I also used to smoke a lot of hash mixed with tobacco, which I kind of enjoyed when I was alone at night, but I no longer have the connections to score hash since it’s illegal where I live.
However, I’ve been smoking tobacco (cigarettes, pipe, cigars) like a chimney since I was 16 and never managed to quit, and it’s my drug of choice, I think. Sometime last year I was getting chest pain frequently and considerably cut back on the amount of cigarettes that I smoked, and nowadays it’s no longer a daily habit for me.
I sometimes wonder if it’s actually enjoyable or if I’m just addicted to nicotine. Is tobacco really that dangerous when it’s not abused? Do other wizzies find it appealing or are daily smokers with no plans of quitting anytime soon?


>(cigarettes, pipe, cigars)
Hey wiz. I just made a pipe smoking thread if you want to contribute.


I don't


lol, love the honesty



File: 1643129246944.jpg (5.56 KB, 200x113, 200:113, pst.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here have experience with pic related (poppy seed tea)? I'm considering ordering some Bird Blue seeds soon



I've tried multiple times with seeds that were supposed to work, but it didn't. I even looked up comments to assure myself it would and it never ended up working for me. I also looked up how to make it a few times, but maybe I just did it wrong.


Poppy seeds are just food

Green poppy is source of raw morphine, used to make heroine. Why the fuck anybody would look into that?

If you want to kill yourself with opioids, US pharama produces and prescribes them plenty


If it doesn't work at least it will make for good bird seed as well as something to sprinkle in/on your favorite baked goods.
So it wouldn't be a total loss if you don't get high.


Wasn't trying to kill myself. These poppy seeds should have had traces of morphine from the flower but didn't since they were unwashed. If poppy seed tea doesn't work, poppy pods could work. I think they're harder to get though.


did u use water bottle method? I take around 30ml but rectally. No taste and way more potent


>Stuffing seed goop up your butt for pleasure
Sounds pretty gay dude.


>implying wizchan isn't full of closet homos
the main advantage of rectal is it also allows u to use unwashed seeds>>283458


>I've been doing DMT a lot lately and recently I had an interesting experience.

do more


>I've been doing DMT a lot lately and recently I had an interesting experience.

do more dmt, lol



File: 1644515832002.jpg (11.21 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 276082fab109d13de20b5975d7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how much does it cost you to buy an ounce of weed in your country?


The financial cost is negligible but you pay very much with your soul.




It varies a ton from state and shop. Cheapest I’ve seen is like $30, most expensive was $80. Supposed differences in quality not withstanding.


File: 1649071468580.gif (775.17 KB, 700x764, 175:191, 1594293820644.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Probably going to drop my last 2 tabs of LSD tonight. Don't know what to expect.

Was thinking of attempting to create a tulpa while on them.


>He thinks the problem is just with morality


anyone ever get hppd from shrooms or lsd?


I have minor LSD visuals like the ground rippling when im very tired or in a highly emotional state. It's been about 10 years since i last took any psychedelics. It doesnt bother me though, I kind of enjoy it. Not sure if it's even a result of the LSD


I think that’s normal, whenever I get up to pee late at night the floor tiles in the bathroom warp around


druggies thinking this shit is normal


coffee is a mind altering drug and im high rn


gonna write a coffee trip report


File: 1649469763784.jpg (150.66 KB, 780x1041, 260:347, peak enlightenment.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lately I've been dreaming of cocaine. I know it probably wouldn't end well yet I want it.


I want do drugs but am worried about long term damage to my mind. It seems that I have already put a crack in my mind from fiending and taking too much DXM with a little DPH. I have only done it once, but the trip was intense. Nothing like acid since I kept forgetting everything besides who I was every minute. The whole thing was uncomfortable and I lost my ability to form sentences or really even talk. This lasted hours and I had no idea what was going on and I was completely confused, too confused to even be afraid. I wanted to figure out where I was even though I was in my living room, but I couldn't until I came done. At least I was smart enough to know that I shouldn't do anything if I don't know if I'm awake, dreaming, or in another dimension. Ever since the trip being alone makes me feel like I am on a empty movie set. This gives me a melancholy feeling. Its a very slight feeling but its there.

If you want an opioid high then you should just get some Kratom and Benadryl. Before fentanyl, and probably still, Benadryl was used to cut heroin. The reason for this is that it potentiates it and makes it stronger. I hear this works with kratom as well since it is an opioid. If you want to be really reckless you could throw some alcohol into the mix.


1) weed 15
2) nothing i get too fucked up
3) bigger doses of shrooms
4) sure if i do it


DXM, love it. Weed–from my experience–is for normalfaggots (no offense, it just seems that marijuana lovers tend to be gregarious and insufferable 9 times out of 10).


>it just seems that marijuana lovers tend to be gregarious and insufferable 9 times out of 10).
I feel like weed brings out the inner normalfag, like alcohol tends to do.


Very relatable post, fellow wizard.


forgot to say it was all inside GTA Online my fellow wizzies. yea these days you dont need connections or street smarts, just an internet connection *snorts cocaina off a brazilian hookers ass* heyy gimme another brick from that wall bish yea thats the styff


Based wizard


Disgusting, awful, the most horrible thing i have ever seen today. Im truly worried about the future of humanity, things like this make me drop all human feelings i could have for these things, i just don't consider them humans. Nuke central america, south america and the whole african continent.


File: 1650728749792.jpg (58.48 KB, 543x458, 543:458, 1646854944134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Buying illegal street magic is just like buying anything else if you live in a law-less enough hellhole.


File: 1650731449902.jpg (52.98 KB, 439x519, 439:519, 54545454545454545454545454….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Naw its all good, some people get by using the dynamic range function of the brain to trigger "natural" highs by being around succubi, and others plug a substance into their nostril/lungs/stomach/blood supply.


I was talking about the video, but it may apply to you as well.


Kyle Odom's lizard gangstalker was able to survive multiple point-blank gunshots with his magic. Gun is weak magic compared to more advanced spells.


File: 1650732862519.jpg (89.56 KB, 602x376, 301:188, 3213213.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's the most powerful low effort close range spell that doesn't require a team to cast. Noobs with bad accuracy does not change the effectiveness of a head/heart shot.


Does anyone dabble in RC benzos? There are so many to choose from at varying price levels that I don't know what to buy. I really just want something with an anxiolytic, euphoria inducing effect and not something that is such a strong hypnotic.
I had kind of settled on Diclazepam, but I can't seem to find any for a reasonable price compared to what I can find Clonazolam or Flualprazolam for, which are strong hypnotics and I don't really want that.
Etizolam seems like it's kind of hard to come by these days as well, I guess after that surge of popularity the gov must have really cracked down on it.

I really want to do ald-52 again, especially since I've been feeling ppretty depressed. For some reason that always seemed to lift me up fairly well, but after seemingly having a psychotic episode after taking SSRI's I feel incredibly apprehensive about it.


Been a wizchan wizuser for 10 wizyears and somehow had no idea RC had a line of benzos



Probably used a .22 gun. That or the dude got really lucky.
I dont believe animals (yes reptilians by definition would be animals) are pretending to be human, especially considering how they somehow speak human-languages (No lizard has the same vocal chords as a human)


He used a 45.
>No lizard has the same vocal chords as a human
They use magic. All these entities know magic. People think the fermi paradox somehow disproves alien life but they are assuming that these aliens use the same primitive lever-and-pulley physical tools that humans do. They don't, they know how to utilize the astral and transcend physicality. Any time you see an attempted assassination thwarted by insane 'luck' like this you can be sure that the target had metaphysical protection. There was another case where an attempted assassination of a politician was foiled because the assailants gun jammed when he ran up to the politician to execute him point-blank.


I have seen a lot of videos of USA police shooting people 5 times and they dont die, they arent rich or elites but random crack addicts. A .45 pistol isnt that deadly, it might immobilise someone but it wont be guaranteed to kill them, the human body (especially the human male) is very resiliant and far from weak.
and let's just say you are right and these humans are just animals wearing 'costumes', with this magic they do, can I make an alligator speak chinese, hindu and english? Because the reptilian aliens talked about in conspiracy theories have the same biology as Earth animals so they'd be very similar to Earth lizard


I am not denying magic being a thing and practiced by the elite, there's a good chance that might be the case. I just don't believe animals are the true rulers of this planet, it gives an excuse to the asshole elite because you'd just say "oh they're just animals, no wonder they're mean, should we jail a dog for biting a man?"
I think the elite are human just like you and I, they are just disgusting perverts who worship satan or some pagan god and do all these evil acts for it


Benadryl causes brain damage though


I've tripped on benadryl a lot. This definitely explains some things


File: 1656242820470.jpg (117.53 KB, 586x712, 293:356, 4homet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do I measure 10mg from this? Aside from eyeballing it, I don't know another way. Don't want to buy a $40 scale as I'm broke AF. There are these micro scoops on amazon, anyone tried them before?


if you don't have a scale and you can't make one then just keep splitting the total in half until you're at the desired number, you can't eyeball weight


File: 1656245771703-0.png (27.22 KB, 486x460, 243:230, 2022-06-26.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1656245771703-1.jpg (31.65 KB, 353x353, 1:1, genios.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if you can find 7 mosquitos or 3 snowflakes you're set
no need to thank me


Dissolve the entire amount in water then pour out the amount that you need. It's easy math.


Having an addiction to coca-cola is like having an actual drug addiction.

Withdrawal from coca-cola will make you have a headache for 2 days straight and make you feel sick.


Repeated intake of large amounts of sugar causes the same sort of changes to the pleasure centers of the brain that are associated with addiction to hard drugs, often at an even greater magnitude than the drugs themselves. These changes are associated with reduced executive functioning including decreased impulse control and decision-making ability. Sugar is highly addictive and highly deleterious to one's health. It's sad to see the addiction has become normalized when it is so destructive.


just normal drinking coca cola makes me feel sick, and after drinking coca cola my entire mouth feels disgusting for a few days

idk how people drink it regularly


They ignore it reduces iron in blood while also harming teeth. It could also be the aspartame in it, which keeps them caught.


they probably brush their teeth

but i agree it feels like poison. I used to drink it when i was kid and enjoyed it, but now i cant. Similar for all these sugary carbonated drinks. Seems like it's an addiction that you need to sustain to enjoy it


Just drank 2 coca-colas and now I'm feeling much better, euphoric even.

Some of the darkest times in my life were when I quit soda and drank just water. I was severely depressed, but once I start drinking coca-cola again, I feel invigorated and euphoric. Pure bliss.

I love it in a nice big glass with a lot of ice cubes.


Too fine you can't make it sound as if you were not the one who adresses to such statement.

It is about just having them? Or finding the right people?

It is quite demotivating to see how many of you have delivered yourselves into toxin intakes. Jeez


I had a greenhouse put in when marijuana became legal to grow in my state. Grow nation baby, money do grow on trees!. Now we get high year-round, have more money to spend from less dispensary trips, and it gives us a hobby and a place to smoke too. We got raided and they let us keep everything. We think it's great and I like to drink with the extra money and get high on spliffs like a ye olde englishman. hoo-ray


I wish I could smoke weed and enjoy it like I used to when I first started out. I get way too in my mind and fall into thought loops, paranoia & fear. I'm still curious as to why my brain suddenly decided to stop reacting positively to it.


Sounds awesome, what’s with the “we” shit though?


I wish there were a commercially available cannabinoid antagonist available. I am trying to T break and the worst part about it is how long it takes. Taking an antagonist with a tolerance to weed would probably be hell, but at least it would be brief.


Caught 2 DWIs in the span of a month. My only 2 copes in life are drugs and alcohol and now I won't have either for at least the next few years. feelsshittyman.


File: 1662209680525.jpg (90.58 KB, 546x896, 39:64, 1600543337972.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally found a decent dealer after a year of just buying shitty mystery drugs off the street vendors. Now I can have heroin straight from the brick as much as I want at much lower price as well but all that unfortunately led me developing full time addiction since before I had problems with supply and ran out of drugs after couple of days and was forced to sober up.
Anyways it's nice to have unlimited supply. Hopefully I don't get kicked out of my parents house and become one of the street junkies myself. I'd probably learn how to IV and just overdose before that happens.


Anyone here take any antipsychotic? Olanzapine? Quetiapine?


Recreational drugs don't usually play nice with prescription drugs. In fact most prescription drugs don't go well with other prescription drugs.


I can't find any ground mhrb online anymore where the fuck did it all go. It was plentiful 2 years ago


lol holy shit no. why would you ever want any of that shit on your permanent medical record in the first place? if you didn't already have brain damage then that's your first step down a stair case you can't walk back up from.


Don't listen to the uneducated posters here who know nothing about medicine. Quetiapine is an excellent medication. If someone does hallucinogens you can give them Quetiapine to instantly end their trip; If someone has dissociation or delusions, Quetiapine will help set them straight. I believe it can also treat bipolar. It's basically a drug that can really help certain people think clearer. People who suffer from hallucinations or delusions are going to be thankful these medications exist. The downside to Quetiapine is it's incredibly sedating. Some doctors use it off-label as a sleeping medication. I've had this prescribed for that reason. But in my own experience I found it far too sedating. I've spoken to doctors who told me their patients were taking massively higher doses of Quetiapine for their illnesses compared to me. I know that there are medications where higher doses actually become stimulating whereas lower doses are sedating. Like Mirtazapine. Or perhaps the side effects of Quetiapine goes away after being on it for a while.

In any case: do not take the advice of people here on medicine. They are not doctors. If you have medical concerns speak to a doctor.


Might as well contribute.

Lads, in my short life-span I've had the pleasure to sample numerous and varied compounds. Yet in such a vast recollection… nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to the magic of that one SYRUPY DELIGHT. How can it be that the compound that is most beautiful, warm, engaging, positive, playful, FUN, is the LEAST respected! DXM, for all its mockery from the simple-minded peasants – is so full of charm that it's bewitching. To sample its delights requires the ritual sacrifice of the taste buds. In return! You will find a hug so warm, so enveloping, that your world is replaced. And all you are left with… is happiness. That's it, that's the fucking pitch. It's happiness… You can't compete with that. DXM is the ultimate drug and the least appreciated. Try it and you'll know I'm right.


I get high to help my ass sleep. Shit in the world continuously keeps me up and I fuckin' hate it. Even got officially diagnosed with sleep apnea.


You can get near 10mg of melatonin and be way far away from any kind of danger. Ultimately, the problem is within and furious excersise to the point of exhaustion and not eating so much that it keeps your metabolism buzzing are both good things to try.

But like anything else in life, you have to want it. Once you have something else you're more focused on, then you won't be so caught up worrying about whether or not you're sleeping. You'll just maybe sleep or maybe not, and you won't care.


How is this a good thing? Why should this be even allowed?


Alcohol is a drug, albeit so socially accepted that even wizzies, often social outcasts, don't recognize it


Try drinking a beer or two before sleep instead. It'll make you sleepy without giving you permanent brain damage like drugs do.


This, but stop after two if it isn't working. Alcohol is GABAergic, meaning that if you keep drinking then your brain will start to become flooded with GABA, one of the main neurotransmitters of concern. It's not as deleterious as getting hooked on dopamine rushes like a lot of drugs cause, but it will be counterproductive because a big GABA dump will act as a stimulant and you won't slide off in to sleep as easily if you drink hard instead of a mild sip or two.

Magnesium supplements can also be helptul. Chronic drinking tends to deplete magnesium levels and then you wind up with twitches and shakes if you don't have a sufficient dietary countermeasure. Twitching, shaking, spasmodic though processes - not condusive to a good night's sleep.


Antipsychotics make me agitated and restless, my doctors never believe me, they just read their book and it says "sedative" or something, but I come and tell them it's keeping me up all night and walking in circles and they say that it's impossible. Antipsychotics are why I can't tell my doctors the truth because they prescribe it to me and it makes me feel worse. At one time I had been given such a high dose of an antipsychotic that I just went in the fetal position on the floor and cried and rocked around until it wore off, that stuff is actual poison.


Probably around $250 in Sweden but I've never bought that much
No one sells ounces though so you'd have to choose 25 or 30 grams


I think he was talking about weed, which has a much lower risk for permanent brain damage than alcohol


I didn't used to think weed affected me that much, but when I started working a few weeks ago it's really obvious just how bad it is. It's hard to concentrate on one thing and I'm going cold turkey off of it. Even maintaining my thought processes to type coherently was affected. It surprised me just how oblivious to the effects I was when I was NEETing.


if weed is le degenerate then why did I make heavy use of it during my transformation into a God fearing Christian zealot?


Just how much truth is there to warnings about benzo addiction? I want to relax a bit


its very accurate if not understated. more addictive than heroin


The consequences are worse than heroin IF you get addicted. However i think the chance of addiction is lower. Ive used both and never felt at risk of addiction so it really depends on your personality. Particularly if you're anxious and paranoid about addiction, then there's no reason you cant just use anything at a rate that seems ok and be mindful of whether your drug use is good for you or not. The whole concept of addiction confuses me because ive never had a problem with it. I suppose you need to try and find out about yourself


>first drug/how old
cigarrettes, 16.

>what are you on now

Antidepressants and cigs. Sometimes alcohol.

Have done weed. Weed made me paranoid, didnt like it.

>what drugs do you want to try

Many, but i fear bad trips so much, like i said, i had bad experience with weed, some minor auditive hallucinations. I probably should stay away from psychedelics.


Hate the smell of cigs but love the smell of weed. Getting paranoid was not a problem for me since I'm not a mental midget.


Pregabalin is a literal happy pill for me. Seems like I didn't develop tolerance to it for some reason and I'm on it for a long time


I have been smoking copious amounts of our homegrown, greenhouse marijuana and combining it with beer. It keeps me numb to the way of the world. I feel okay. The drugs numb it up just right.


You sound like a huge junkie in denial


Drugs are for atheists and niggers


i always see other druggies talking about how taking lsd and shrooms and dmt is a spiritual experience. rarely some say the same about pot. just sounds like they have shame about chasing pleasure so they make the act of taking drugs seem like it has more gravity.


Drugs can change your mind.


[drugs can destroy your mind to make you more susceptable to percieving imaginations as reality]


It's no skin off my back if you don't like them.


I’m atheist but I never use drugs or even alcohol, fuck you religitard.


You argued in favor of drugs because you value other users' opinions of them. Acting like you don't care when they turn out to be unreceptive to your ideas is childlike. You need to trim your dirty hippie toenails.


smartest religious """""human"""""


this is what drug addicted nihilist think an own is


they dont just provide immediate pleasure, they can provide pain. I've had painful experiences where I thought about my life, even things I usually try to not think about. It forced me to process it and so I felt mentally healthier afterwards. I havent taken it again for years and would be somewhat afraid to do so - i cant even explain why. Spiritual is the only appropriate word to use for something so intense, different from everyday life and beyond words


What did the post say?


File: 1669508876973.jpg (72.62 KB, 549x767, 549:767, 90b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why are so many posts in this thread deleted?


very pleased to see the big boys are getting in this thread to shit over drug addicts. There's going to be a book coming out in 2030 showing how weed turned whites into groids


There’s no end of straight forward brain scans showing drugs doing funky zaza whizz with the brain dawg
I seen dudes in a brain scan saying “I love god and big white cock” and yeah the brain do funky but not the same kind of funky
Do some research dude


The Second Prohibition is coming


absolutely is not


if you haven't done drugs you're the same as a normalfaggot


Uber Uber based. Singapore has one of the lowest use rates in the world and they regularly classify drug addicts as dealers just to kill them


> drug addicts as dealers just to kill them

God I wish that were me.


exit bag


nearly forgot where I was. Used to get real shock value on leddit


some randie I bought a shitton off this weekend is now demanding I pay him lots of my NEETBux because you should never buy this shit IRL
on a sidenote I'm going to do a long-ass break from drugs. They build me up and break me down. They save my life they ruin my life.
Just gotta be clean that makes sense.


shut the fuck up wiz, God is dead and we killed Him. That is both a staple in newer western philosophy and a fact. We literally put him up on a cross and watched Him die.





religiosity is either stable or growing worldwide depending on the faith we're talking about. Atheism is in decline because of negative birth rates


>we killed god
>god is dead
>now the redemption of gods death can take place
just because you are mad doesn't make you right. Try praying for forgiveness.

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