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File: 1607846456821.png (209.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, high.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone on drugs? I'm high on weed.

>first drug/how old

>what are you on now

>what drugs do you want to try

>trip report?


You probably didn't know this but there is a pretty long running thread on /hob/ about this.
You will probably get more positive interactions there.

Posting here will likely just bring out that one hyper anti-weed troll who will just dedicate hours to trying to derail the thread into a anti-drug tyraide.


/thread subject/
why do you do that



Old shitchan habits die hard


I like the idea for this thread, and I’ll let the mods decide if it’s duplicate or not. Anyway, I recently moved back home and weed is legal here so I’ve been enjoying that. It’s the only way I can relax anymore. I’m not currently high or drunk, but I’ll come back and post some rambling when I am I suppose.


very wizardly


I'm high on weed pretty much all the time. I should really take a tolerance break because it costs me so much money.

I want to try most drugs that I haven't already tried that have a reasonable safety profile. I got worried about tor potentially being compromised by the feds owning too many nodes a while back though so I don't think I have any way to get the drugs I want unless I go through legal channels. That means it's basically just ketamine that I might try in the future since they will give you that for depression.


It’s midday and I’m already high. I took a little walk and smoked and now I’m just sitting here reading wizchan. Feeling kinda bittersweet right now.


nothing is legal where i live and the penalties are too severe and high risk for a neet with no income. i dont trust buying stuff online since it still needs to pass through the postal system, and i also dont trust other people or want to buy drugs in person. it makes me sort of butthurt, they sound fun and i wish you all the best with your drugs


I've done pretty much every drug there is. Now I just drink. Do we have an alcohol thread or should I make one?


File: 1608075473575.jpeg (78.43 KB, 400x928, 25:58, Six-Flags-Darien-Lake-Sky….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Best drug I've ever had was pure MDMA, lasts such a long time and the feeling is just fantastic. The best moment of my life was going on a ride like pic related at our amusement park while rolling hard on MDMA. As I leaned forward in my seat, for a split moment thought I had gained the ability to actually fly. A feeling of absolute freedom it was, magical moment honestly.

Otherwise I never got that deep into any drug really, including MDMA despite the fact I enjoyed it so much. The problem with drugs is that they set up a false reality, what is the point from escaping from reality if you can never make it permanent? Even worse is that you are basically incapable of doing anything on them, even posting on imageboards you sound like you lost 50iq points instantly. I know weedfags tend to build such a tolerence that they can function at a basic level anyways, but what is the point then? Might as well just be sober.


There is one on hob unless it fell of page 10.

I don't even drink but learned a few things reading it.


list all the drugs you have done


lol lattermentioned? Making up new words I see


File: 1608360363040.png (104.25 KB, 2560x1619, 2560:1619, dipropyltryptamine.png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here done dipropyltryptamine? The Temple of the True Inner Light uses it as their Eucharist. I have 500 mgs of DPT and tried snorting it, but haven't had much luck. I'm thinking of getting a vape pen or a meth pipe so that I can smoke it.


I never tried MDMA


Weed, meth, benzos, speed, coke, crack, mdma, lsd, nirtous, poppers, shrooms, heroin, fent, a shitton of different opiates, and like 9 or 10 different research chemicals i dont remember the names… hash, dabs, ghb, salvia, im drawing a blank thats close to all of them


Various pharmaceuticals (jewpills) ssri and antipsychotic mostly. Ambien and various sleeping pills. Kratom. Hydrocodone and pretty much every pain paill and opiate you can name. Theres still more i'm sure…


I use too much weed. Besides that, I'd like to find a source for 4-ACO-DMT - I tried 100mg earlier this year and enjoyed it quite a bit, as a shorter alternative to acid at least, but the source went bottoms up right when I went to re-order. Bummer. Where do you all get your RCs outside of the darknet these days? I order to US.


yes i'm a little high right now. it's going away tho, i smoked some cannabis wax earlier.

>marijuana at age 14

>marijuana extract (oil/wax)

>want to try some shrooms. possibly dmt, if i ever feel like it. i have already tried lsd.


>weed 12
>weed, boutta do my bi-hourly(or further apart generally) roll-up
>weed (ultimately being facetious here but) really want to try different strains, as I have been limited to soapbar mostly living in norther europe
>fuck making trip reports, the intellectualization of your experience inherently negates it; at least in my opinion.

weed has become my humble companion, we're together at every wake it seems. whatever separates us; the distance between us and the magnetic force that pulls us back together always seems to create an impact, that creates a profound impact of my opinions of this substance.
would it be gone one day, I would miss it dearly.

on a side note I would like to smoke less. just so I can actually use weed more ceremonially and have increased spiritual benefit, boiling it down, it really is just to get more high.


Ahh drug thread nice to see one. I remember there was one thread on /hob/ but it was pretty dead. Anyways I am functional semi heroin addict. I usually binge for a week then stop, go through withdrawals, use other drugs instead of heroin like amphetamine, psychedelics, benzos to fill in the void, then after a week or two when I feel god go back on heroin again. It kinda sucks doing it that way but hey I am not at least completely addicted and I am not injecting.

Also like doing speed/coke. Like stimulants way more than downers but the lack of sleep just makes my wagelslaving even worse. Wish I had access to internet drugs but there isn't a single vendor here where I live and I won't risk it with international shipping.


Does it have a visible effect on you or do you still look normal?


Excluding pinpoint eyes I look as normal as anybody else on heroin. When I am going through withdrawals I might look fucked up/wasted but I can brush it by just saying I am tired. I live with my parents and my job requires talking with people so I think it's pretty undetectable.


File: 1610854366406.jpg (57.5 KB, 640x594, 320:297, Y4XPLqg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


are you the same improveshit that posted this >>>/wiz/175713

anyway stop posting that kind of facile judgemental garbage please, and i say this as someone who doesnt take drugs.


I thought it was just a silly comic.
t. guy who likes his drugs.


File: 1610925371047.webm (3.69 MB, 550x550, 1:1, justdoit.webm) ImgOps iqdb

There is nothing worse then when retards feel the need to be loudly offended on other people's behalf.


no I'm not, I haven't been to wiz to years and ain't clicking that, and the cartoon says it all



>my first drug was nicotine, from smoking

>currently on oxycodone

>i want to try ketamine

>buzzy head, euphoric, sleepy. same as always.


Make a thread without a gay little template and I might participate


Your participation is nether wanted or needed.
Bye bitch.


Holy shit, this entire thread makes me wonder why people even do drugs. Just stick with drinking alcohol.


I used to just drink beer whenever I could. It eventually have me gout, so I have it up.

I switched to weed. I prefer it's high over beer inebriation. A little cheaper, too. I have no interest in trying anything harder, nor do I have friends/connections to


File: 1612723956806.png (767.63 KB, 754x734, 377:367, 2cfe2afee06afee1a8cac7b8c8….png) ImgOps iqdb

drugs are for pussies


what man
LSD is awesome


So he eats cereal, smokes cigs, weed and drinks vodka at the same time?


he probably threw all of that into the trash after he was done taking that quirky picture for upvotes.
the 4chan comment is just as stupid to be honest.


Having a twisted neck from looking down upon a tablet is not a twist I would want to get from my chill sessions.


I haven't had fruit loops cereal or any cereal in so many years, I remember I loved eating them and used to finish one box in one sitting, that's how much I loved them. I'm going to buy some tomorrow, just looking at that picture brings good memories I want to experience again. I wonder how many other good things from my childhood I stopped doing.


>the 4chan comment is just as stupid to be honest
A lot of people there love to pretend they're above the usual redditor and that they don't like consuming media and bein generally indulgent. There's actually a huge overlap in reddit-4chan users, I don't know why they keep trying to deny it.


A redditor and a 4tard are basically one and the same

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