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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.
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what a chad


Is wiping ass part of a flight attendants job description? She couldn't just refuse?


She is a succubus. succubi are weak-willed and will do anything that a powerful man demands of them. This obese wiz was obviously a man of great power.


Why do you post this in every news thread.
It hasn't been news in years.


He is doing the same thing to Wizards that the fat man did to the succubus, metaphorically having us wipe the ass of his fetishes


Elon Musk’s Neuralink Shows Off a Monkey Playing Pong With Its Mind

>Scientists have been trying for decades to merge the biological and mechanical with limited success. In between tweeting about exploding rockets and electric cars, Elon Musk aims to change that with a company called Neuralink. The secretive company has just released a new video demonstrating its brain-machine link technology. It features a monkey drinking smoothies and playing Pong with its brain.

>According to the video, the company implanted Pager the macaque with a Neuralink module in both sides of his brain about six weeks before the video was shot. The implants include more than 2,000 electrodes that monitor electrical activity in Pager’s motor cortex — that’s the part of the brain that controls movement.

>Collecting this neuron data is only the first step, though. Neuralink provided Pager with a game controlled via a joystick and rewarded his progress with a tasty smoothie delivered via the metal tube you see throughout the video. Neuralink says it “calibrated” the implants by monitoring what Pager did with the joystick and mapped that to the firing pattern of neurons. Lo and behold, when the joystick is taken away, Pager appears to keep on playing Pong and enjoying his smoothie. Neuralink says it only took a few minutes to calibrate the system to use the brain pattern decoder output to control the game in real-time.

>Usually, a video like this would be accompanied by a study — even if it wasn’t peer-reviewed in advance, such a document would include data that other scientists could evaluate. We don’t have that, so we’ll have to take Neuralink’s word that everything is on the level. Elon Musk tweeted shortly after the video’s release that the company’s first product would allow paralyzed people to use a smartphone more efficiently than they can with their fingers. He even speculates that future versions will be able to communicate with Neuralinks in “body motor/sensory neuron clusters,” allowing paraplegics to walk again. That’s a lofty claim indeed.

>This video is impressive, but most of this has been done before. Scientists have been able to connect neural activity to the machine world in laboratory settings with varying degrees of success. Just several years ago, a team from Caltech used a brain-computer interface to help Erik Sorto drink a beer with a robot hand. However, that project included a lot of external hardware to collect Sorto’s brain activity. Meanwhile, Pager doesn’t have any visible wires or electrodes snaking over to the computer. Instead, it pairs wirelessly with a smartphone. If these implants are entirely internal, that alone could be a major advance in brain-computer interfaces.


In the future we will browse Wizchan telepathically.



File: 1618811232663.png (301.4 KB, 1911x3035, 1911:3035, 9d39b45550f94f3644e72ccb02….png) ImgOps iqdb

>“I hope that I can be with Applejack in the afterlife, my life has no meaning without her,” Hole wrote on his Facebook page at 10:19 p.m. Thursday, less than an hour before his rampage began, the outlet reported.
>The post included a photo of Applejack, a blond pony that is a main character on the show.

Based and wizpilled.


No and fuck off with trying to associate us with retarded pathetic wannabe second rate postal workers.

They call it going postal for a reason.
Probably has more to do with it then anything to do with wizards or even the mlp fandom.

And shame on the fuckwit media for trying to tie the mlp fandom to the alt right and taking the bait of a fucking retarded loser.


>“Brony online culture has displayed elements of far-right and white nationalist extremism,”
So not only do they try to tie the mlp fandom to the shooting, but they also try to connect the mlp fandom to the "far right" and "white nationalists" in a not so subtle attempt to plant the idea that this was a right wing terrorist into the readers minds without outright saying it.

I was very deep into the mlp fandom from 2011 to 2015 and I can tell you the fandom is very left leaning. Mostly liberals with a lot of communists and anarchists, with a good amount of centrists and apolitical people and some libertarians. Traditional conservatives and alt-right types were a very small minority.

This type of propaganda is so obvious if you're either aware of the media's tactics or have a bit of actual background knowledge about the subject being mentioned. But naturally most normalfags will read these articles and just think "looks like another right wing terrorist attack!".


I see every single article as some sort of propaganda now. Tell a normie what you read between the lines and they'll tell you that you dropped your tinfoil hat. This society is beyond saving. Ex-commie-block member states are much more suspicious of the news, but the West didn't have their web of corruption collapse yet, so there's no precedence of media manipulation that normies could possibly know of. For them media manipulation like in communist regimes is somehow regionally bound and can only happen in Russia and China.


Please try to remember this isn't the political thread.


I think mass shooters are a symptom of a broken society. Like the growing homeless population. It's just going to get swept under the rug as usual.


I mean the NY Post is owned by the same man as Fox News, so its not going to have liberal bias


File: 1619324308556-0.mp4 (4.01 MB, 480x600, 4:5, ERo7XWT95Pa9TLrf.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619324308556-1.mp4 (1.82 MB, 320x568, 40:71, Gmsf5yaX2rToeCV8.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

DMX takes one last ride through NYC on massive Ruff Ryders monster truck

Today (April 24), famed rapper DMX’s Celebration of Life memorial service is taking place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York at 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT.

Many fans of the now-late MC have been dreading the day, while it hasn’t sunk in yet for others that Dark Man X is truly gone. But, a video clip that was just posted on social media, and has since been spreading, is making his death that much more realistic to those who are still too upset to accept it. Footage of DMX’s casket being taken to the Barclays Center on a massive monster truck is now circulating.

The casket is a fiery red one and has the Ruff Ryders logo on it. The truck that it’s riding on also has the words “Love Live DMX” on its side, as well as the RR logo, too. As viewers of the clip can see, Ruff Ryders members were also riding their bikes alongside the monster truck while decked out in their double R gear, as well.

X’s Celebration of Life will not be open to the public, but instead close friends and family members. Tomorrow (Sunday, April 25), the deceased star’s Homegoing Celebration, which will also be for close ones, will take place, as well.

“Attendance to both the Celebration of Life memorial and the Home-going Celebration will be restricted to close friends and family solely due to health and safety guidelines,” a statement about the funeral services read at the time of their announcement. “New York State currently limits indoor arenas to 10 [percent] capacity. New York State COVID-19 testing guidelines and protocols will be followed.”

Rest in power to DMX the Great! You will live forever through your contributions to the game and, most importantly, to the people!



Dead niggers aren't wizard news.


I assume that wizard who posted that is the rap and 2pac wizzie let him spread the news not all of us are white ass suburban kids soe of us grew up in the ghetto mind you.


DMX would have hated wizards so this is not a good place for that.


that's funny…white ass suburban kids are typically more obsessed with rap than ghetto niggers are


Ode to DMX.Keepin it real.


>DMX would have hated wizards
DMX was a deacon, and desired to be ordained as a pastor. He was going to stop being a rapper to fully serve God as he believed that was his true calling in life. And even as a rapper, from the very beginning of his musical career he always included a gospel song and a prayer in every one of his albums. Based on this and what I read about his traumatic childhood (abused by his mother and the boyfriends she had, absent father), battle with addiction, I can tell Earl would have not only related to wizards but also encouraged and prayed for wizards to keep on being chaste. Knowing his story and what he went through, his death is one of the saddest.

Vid related, DMX reading the book Ecclesiastes. He starts with the first verse of the 4th chapter, a verse that I'm sure every wizard must know from memory at this point:
"And I declared that the dead, who had already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive. But better than both is he who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun."

Next time just call him a nigger like this poster >>266734
it's better than being stupid.


>it followed a religion that encourages courtship and procreation, then projewcers used the notoriety of a monkey being faithful to sell more music
>this somehow makes you believe that it would have had compassion for wizards
explain how another loud, violent, sex-addicted drugmonkey dying of GRIDS is wizard news.


To play devil's advocate, DMX undoubtedly would have hated a lot of posters (especially the mods) here given how much he hated gays. It went well beyond just using "faggot" and "gay" as insults, he explicitly hated gays.

♫Man, cats don't know what it's gonna be
Fuckin with a nigga like me, D-to-the-M-to-the-X
Last I heard, y'all niggas was havin sex, with the same sex
I show no love, to homo thugs
Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
How you gonna explain fucking a man?
Even if we squashed the beef, I ain't touching ya hand
I don't bunk with chumps, for those who been to jail
That's the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don't fuck with niggas that think they broads
Only know how to be one way, that's the dog♫

A rapper like DMX wouldn't be allowed to get anywhere near the mainstream these days. DMX sort of got "grandfathered in" given his age but if he were a young rapper trying to make it in this day and age he would have gotten cancelled so fast. They wouldn't play his songs on the radio and he'd probably end up getting banned from social media.

Whenever someone dies, it's cliché to say "there will never be another" but in DMX's case that statement wouldn't be more true.


I already proved why he would not have hated wizards, which is, in and of itself, a ludicrous idea that you have yet to present one single argument to support.
>projewcers used him
>dying of GRIDS
>followed a religion that encourages courtship and procreation
Senseless speculations and your thoughts on religion which also promote chastity and virginity are irrelevant because they don't address the main question, which is whether he would have hated wizards or not.
>explain how his death is wizard news
Indeed, how the death of one the greatest and most successful rappers of all time that I'm sure many wizards grew up listening to can be relevant to wizards and therefore wizard news?
Next time post he is nigger and call it a day so you don't make an ass of yourself.
Kek. Yes, but I refuted the idea that DMX would have hated WIZARDS, him being officially a deacon that aspired to be a pastor and preached wizardly bible passages from the book of Ecclesiastes, those posters you make mention of-flaming homosexuals-are clearly not wizards but rather intruders, so I'm right when I say DMX would have related, encouraged, supported, and prayed for wizards and their decision for a chaste life.

DMX was a GOAT and will never be forgotten. I feel his death still.


Why are shooters becoming wackier and wackier? Ever since 2012 we keep getting evermore bizarrely out-of-touch shooters.


I can think of two reasons, both involve the internet.

1. Shooters back in the 2000s and earlier generally had little to no digital footprint to analyze. These days every shooter has years and years of posts across multiple platforms so there's a lot more to analyze, and naturally people are going to highlight either whatever they can to politicize, or whatever is the most wacky.
2. Shooters are mostly young (17-23) people and most people in that age demographic these days have used the internet extensively from early childhood, which has potentially made them crazier.


I just wish they weren't lazy and didn't randomly kill bystanders and instead targeted criminals.


There is no possible purpose in targeting criminals, since law enforcement already targets criminals. Supporting society as an act of outrage at society is less rational than killing random members of society.


What I meant by that post is that shooters should pick as an outlet for their outrage people they personally know are bad or hate. I understand their indignation and rage against society, and killing indiscriminately sends the perfect message, but to me it seems fruitless.


I've heard rumours that there have been attempts by mass shooters to target rich places like gated communities and expensive offices but stopped early on and reports of these attempts are usually supressed.


You guys ever heard of this dude named Charles Manson?


Yes, but Manson was not a shooter, he was a midget cult nigger charged with being the mastermind behind the murders of some hollywood stars.


File: 1619720689730.gif (1.35 MB, 800x330, 80:33, 5e9.gif) ImgOps iqdb

California succubus on date killed by wizard who jumped from parking garage

Taylor Kahle was killed after a suicidal wizard who fell from a parking garage landed on top of her, authorities said.

A California succubus out on a date was fatally crushed by a man who jumped to his death from a parking garage, police said

>“She had just met someone that she kind of liked – it was new, just starting out – and she was just excited that there was someone she was having a connection with,” her friend and colleague, Laurel McFarlane, told the outlet.

>Around 7:30 p.m., the pair left the restaurant and head elsewhere, the outlet reported.

As they were walking down the street, a suicidal man jumped from the nearby parking garage and landed on top of Kahle, police said.

She was killed on impact, while her date was unharmed, police said.

The man who jumped from the garage was brought to the hospital, where he later died, news station KSWB reported. His identity has not been released.

Shocked friends of Kahle said she was just days away from her 30th birthday on May 2 — and had planned to go wine tasting in Temecula to celebrate.

She was “just so excited about this party,” McFarlane said.

McFarlane described Kahle as someone who “you could always count on.”

“Just this beautiful person, who had this incredible life ahead of them, is gone – in such a tragic way,” McFarlane told KNSD. “She had so much more to give.”



Funny thing is he did shoot a guy and thought he killed him (over drugs of cource) but the dude he shot survived.
So technically he was a shooter. Just a shit one.




Not a mass shooter…


I didn't claim he was.
I just like trivia on cult stuff.



>The whole ordeal began when a St. Petersburg court district ruled on an ongoing anime case this week. It was there the court's Telegram page confirmed a new ruling made in regards to five isekai anime. The court chose to place a limited ban on the shows because of their irresponsible depiction of reincarnation.


>irresponsible depiction of reincarnation
Can you imagine being so stupid to the point of saying something like this with a straight face?


>The ruling states that isekai series tell audiences that "after death, there can be a more full and interesting life [that's] free from the control of one's parents." This idea is seen time and time again in the series as protagonists die just to be revived during a safer time. The courts believe the magical worlds shown in series like KonoSuba may push some audience members to kill themselves just so they can reincarnate in a better place. So until these warnings are given, the shows will be soft banned.
Lawmakers are so disconnected.


I mean, there was that one russian kid who killed himself because his waifu died in his favorite anime.

It's still laughably retarded.


Suicide is a leading cause in Russia, a lot of people kill themselves in the hopes of a better life next round.

Life is pure hell there if you're in poverty.


Why was nekopara banned it was just cute cat succubi no reincarnation at all.


You said it. Poverty, suicide. Not fiction. What ridiculous twisting and retardation people will resort to to hide the actual problem.

Maybe because it was an irresponsible depiction of catgirls. Fucking lol


politicians have 0 interest in fixing most problems their countrymen have. What does some oligarch in russia care that people are killing themselves cause they're poor? All this banning of anime and censorship serves two purposes, one it placates the puritan retards, and two it shows that the government is still in control and is able to dictate the media. They want you to remember they have that power.


the most dangerous politicians tend to be the ones who genuinely want to help, they make things worse by forcing their utopian and often crazy ideas that don't work in reality


The only thing oligarchs want to do and have wanted to do since human societies first emerged is to make sure life is an amusement park for them.

The first Mesopotamian king, or the Egyptian pharaohs, or Roman emperors, or Louis XIV and his nobility, or Kim Jong-un, it's all the same.

The only thing they care about is that they get to live in palaces and the champagne and wine keeps flowing.

Anything threatening that order is to be suppressed with violence or ignoring. They are sociopaths whose main objective in life is to get through it as easily and luxuriously as possible.

They don't give two shits about some random peasant or depressed poor person. To even entertain that thought is humorous.

Oligarchies have never disappeared in western countries that either have no monarchy left or only figurehead monarchs.
Billionaires are now the oligarchs. They are the nobility but without titles so you don't even know who some of them are.

They are anonymous and own 90% of all wealth on Earth despite consisting of a couple thousand people at most.



File: 1620549670800.gif (5.24 KB, 284x284, 1:1, 20210000.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>events in the mundane.
Why would you want to know such trivia?

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